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tv   Action News  ABC  August 20, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon, rick is off and in the news this noon, two
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doctors with ebola are improving after getting doses of an experimental drug. and police storm a home in chicago ending a 20-hour hostage standoff. and the class of 2018 moves into temple university. and the big story this noon is still developing, an ambulance crash in east mt. airy sent three people to the hospital. chopper 6 hd was at scene at chu lane. a total of three vehicles were involved in the crash, for more details lets go live to "action news" reporter, david henry, at the scene. >> reporter: the ambulance was coming down chu from that direction and traffic was coming out in this direction and it went around the car and was broadsided by the ambulance and they ended up slamming into the laundry mat across the street.
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the two people this live up over the laundry mat were stunned by the impact. >> i heard a boom and heard the shaking and i came out on the roof and saw all of this. >> the ambulance and suv ended up on the sidewalk and into the side of the building. witnesses say that the ambulances had its lights and siren on when it approaches the intersection and the suv pulled around the car that was stopped and into the ambulance, witnesses say that the patient was pretty banged up when he was taken out of ambulance, six patients were rushed to the hospital, including the ambulance driver and paramedic, and the woman and passenger in the red chevy, her son says he was taking his younger brother to orientation when they were hit. >> she is not used to this, my
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little brother doesn't talk much but i think they will be lrtd. >> police say that none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening, the laundry mat and the building are condemned by nli, the support beam is badly damaged, that means the two people that live upstairs cannot return until it's repaired. >> what do you do now call my family and see if i can stay with my family. >> lni says that the red cross will have a place for us to go. >> the accident scene investigators left a few minutes ago but it will be some time before they determine if anyone is facing charges in connections with this accident. live in east mt. airy, david henry, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> at this hour, attorney general, eric holder, is due in
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ferguson, missouri, for the investigation of michael brown, after a quiet night in the suburbs. marcy gonzales has the latest now. >> officers say that last night was a turning point and now a case that sparked the turmoil here is about to move forward. >> today a grand jury will start hearing evidence in the shooting of michael brown, the prosecutor telling us that it could take until mid-october to decide if officer darren wilson shown in this video will be charged for killing the teen over a week ago. >> he is vilified by the media and politicians, we felt it was necessary to come out and ask for due process for darren wilson. >> today attorney general, eric holder, arrived to talk to
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investigators, about the situation that sparked the outrage here. >> last night was tense, but less chaotic than last week. no tear gas, despite police recovering three loaded guns and having bottles thrown at them. >> immediately disperse and immediately stop throwing objects! >> they said this made a difference, people standing between the officers and the protesters. >> i believe there was a turning point made. >> 47 people were arrested. that is fewer than the night before and it's quiet here so far today. >> in ferguson, missouri, marcy gonzal gonzales, channel 6 "action news." >> stay with for the latest developments from ferguson, missouri, and iraq. we expect president obama to
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hold a news conference in less than an hour, we'll have the latest on 6 abc and then on "action news." speaking of iraq, president obama again is expected to comment today on the horrifying act of revenge for the u.s. air strikes in iraq. the extremist group, isis posted a video of the killing online and threatened to kill another american captive, authorities are trying to identify the executioner that spoke with a british accent. >> philadelphia is looking for a suspect that rob aid taxi driver, it happened on the 2700 block of wharton street in the grays ferry neighborhood. the subject was armed and demanded cash before running off. they hope that fingerprints will lead them to the person responsible. >> change is on the way weather wise, sky 6 hd checking out the
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center city skyline, it looks blue out there now, nice and warm and humid and accuweather is tracking the possibility of rain in the hours ahead. lets go live to david murphy over at the "action news" big board for more. >> lets start with the temperatures, we are similar to yesterday, philadelphia suppose to 81 degrees, and as you look at these numbers, add 4 or 5 degrees for the high. 79 in wilmington and 79 in allentown. and the high today and the low right on target. 85 is exactly the average high and 68 is the low, exactly the average low. out to the west of us, there is a frontal boundary that is getting closer, if you look at stormtracker 6 live double scan we are dry across the region but well on the other side of harrisburg, they are beginning to pop moving towards the northeast, eventually that line of precipitation will get here and can you see it on stormtracker 6 live double scan with that wide view, this is the frontal boundary to the west and
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it's pushing towards the east, this active rain likely will not enter our neck of the woods. of course ahead of that, we had the big world series game, with the taney dragons from philadelphia, the question becomes are we able to get that game in tonight. if you look at future tracker 6 up until 10:00 tonight. there will be showers coming in and then they will fall apart. right here is when that game will be played. there is a chance of showers and a thunderstorm, but it's not a certainty. here is the call, out in williams port, mostly cloudy skies and 74 at game time and the chance of thunderstorm exists but not a sure thing, they may get that game in. when we step back we'll talk about the phillies forecast at the ballpark. we look at future tracker 6 with the potential for storms coming into the northwestern suburbs
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this evening. >> thank you. stay on top of the ever changing weather situation by going to, for storm tracker 6 radar and the seven-day forecast and our collection of weather related photos and videos. david was talking about them, the taney dragons take on a team tonight from las vegas, their star pitcher mo'ne davis is on the cover of "sports illustrated" now and dragons fans are headed to williamsport to watch the game. katherine scott was there as they left this morning. >> there is a pep rally at 6:30 this evening with a viewing party after. this game will be exciting, there are bus loads of fans heading to williamsport then want to see a victory in person. >> the bus is packed and the and guy high, vans left grays ferry for williamsport for game three
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of the little league world series. as the fans pulled out. the taney faithful had a win over las vegas on their mind. >> i think they will do pretty good against this nevada team even though they are really good. >> i want taney to do well and i want them to at least win the usa title. tonight's competition could be tough, they proved to be a team of strong hitters, other players from the taney league are confident their team has the tools to win. >> they are great in the clutch, they have not lost any strides and the kids are pumped and ready to go. >> the dragons have become a crowd favorite with pitcher, mo'ne davis, becoming the first little leaguer to make the cover of "sports illustrated." >> i played softball in college and it's nice to see this young lady get a lot of attention. but all the players are working
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hard and working together and for many that is what make themselves so fun to watch. >> the biggest thing is that they gel as a tam, they love each other and have each other's back. >> there is a viewing party after the pep rally and game time is 7:30 p.m., go dragons, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." >> of course the "action news" team is continuing to follow the taney dragon in their quest for the little league world series trophy. chad pradelli will be light later today. the class of 2018 at temple university is moving in. the action cam was at morgan hall on broad street as incoming freshman moved in with the help of parents and residential staff. morgan hall opend this year, and this year it's a home away from home, for more than 1200 temple students. still to come on "action news"
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at noon, an organic food company recalls peanut butter and other nut butters over contamination scares. and meteorologist, david murphy will return with your exclusive accuweather forecast. and our call to action volunteers are standing by to help you with any consumer issue you may have. day dreaming again?
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heavily armed officers stormed a home in the chicago suburb of harvey this morning freeing four people held hostage this morning in a 20-hour standoff. it began yesterday afternoon when police responded to a burglary report at the home. four children that were being held were freed overnight. >> three african doctors affected with ebola appear to be making remarkable improvement after getting the experimental drug z map. they received the last doses last week. meantime the liberian government is trying to quarantine a slum in the capita city where it is spreading. just in time for a mother in
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health check this noon, an organic company is recalling several lots of peanut butter and other nut butters because of a chance of salmonella contamination, after routine testing showed a link between the products and four cases of salmonella. it's the arrow head mills and marnatha brands. people should throw away the products and get a refund. now the "action news" team is working on stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. here is alicia vitarelli with a look ahead. >> reporter: there is a n study that fine a link between the number of guests you have at your wedding and the length of your marriage, find out the ideal guest link length, coming up at 4:00 and the new product
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that saves you from ever having to go to the dry-cleaner, how you can clean your dress clothes at home. and you want to get in a workout but don't interest the time? we'll tell you how to live stream everything, from biking to ballet right into your home and you can take us with you on the go if you have not download the the 6 abc news app, you can watch us live on your smart phone or tablet. >> thank you alicia. accuweather is coming up.
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halle berry and reece weather spoon want to talk about cancer. they are among the stars stand up to cancer, being broad kastd on abc and other networks. will ferrell and keifer south land will also be there and connect with viewers. can you sign up starting today since the first telethon in 2008, more than $260 million is pledged for cancer research. >> meteorologist, david murphy is here now with accuweather. we see the blue skies outside now, that could change. >> we'll see more cumulous clouds pop up as the afternoon goes on and eventually we'll see rain tonight. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows precipitation out to the west of harrisburg and rumbles of thunder where they will try to play the world series game tonight with our taney dragons. outs side we have the action cam and chopper 6 hd, there is
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little wind in play as the schuylkill river looks like a sheet of glass down there. waez look at conditions right now, it's warm with a temperature of 81, dew point of 60 and boarder line humid in philadelphia, and some areas feeling more humid here in the city. winds are light out of the southeast at 15 miles per hour. 80 in trenton and 79 in allentown and wilmington and 79 in wildwood and atlantic city. this is about where the temperatures will stop down the shore but we'll add 4 or 5 degrees to the north numbers this afternoon. there is the band of cloud cover and thunderstorms beginning to kick into southern pennsylvania and then enter our north and western areas in the evening and nighttime hours and a lot of this will fall apart as it enters philadelphia. if we are lucky it will get past western pennsylvania before the start of tonight's game. but they will be watching the skies up in williamsport for the
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little league world siries game tonight. in terms of sky coverage, not a lot going on today here, clouds mix with sun and there is the line of showers that by 6:00 could be barrelling to our north and western suburbs, kind of falling apart. in allentown today, we'll go for a mix of clouds and sun and a late day or evening thunderstorm cannot be ruled out. at the shore it looks dry, 75 in the water and on the beach getting up to 80 degrees under a mix of clouds and sun and right now you have a lot of sunshine and a few more clouds as we go on. the citizens bank park the phillies, start their game at 1:05 against the mayorners, philadelphia 85 is your high and humid and similar to yesterday and winds are not quite as strong and a spotty shower is
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possible. the thunderstorm possibility i believe is well to the north and west of philadelphia. thursday a high of 82 and that system comes right in on top of us than could produce occasional showers or thunderstorms tomorrow and future tracker 6 shows later in the day we'll see some of this stuff popping through and it's on the spotty side and some drenchers could be included in that tomorrow. in your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 89 is your high with increasing clouds and rain possible later tonight and showers off and on tomorrow, 82 is the high and mostly cloudy on friday and 78, and after that it looks good for the weekend with highs in the upper 70s and looking degree for the early part of next week too. >> okay david. there you go. a supermarket is toasting the fact that it's the supermarket to offer beer for
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sale, the shop-rite of fairless hills on south oxford valley road unveiled their new beer garden and chefs market this morning, it's part of grand reopening. and they will also make a $10,000 donation for a local nonprofit. it will be selected by customers through a voting process. that will do it for "action news" at noon, don't forget "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. now for rick williams and the entire "action news" team, i'm sara bloomquist have a great afternoon.
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