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tv   Action News  ABC  August 21, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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tameheay drihe t over into the southbound lanes and slammed into the ambulance. the driver of the car was taken to the hospital in critical condition. you can see how crumbled the vecl is. the ambulance was taking the patient to the hospital at the time of the crash. the patient is in stable condition and no medics were seriously hurt. good morning, i'm tamala edwards along with eva pilgrim. matt o'donnell is off, first up, let's get a sense of accuweather and go over to david murphy good
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morning. , good morning, ladies we have sunshine getting ready to pop up over the horizon, we have clouds pushing toward the shore. we'll start out with sun mixing with clouds. eventually this instability you see to the west is going to wrap through with a frontal boundary that will trigger spotty, but potentially drenching thunderstorms later on today. 70 in allentown and reading and wilmington. that's a popular number. 67 in trenton, 66 in millville. over the 70-degree mark down the shore. sun and clouds a little bit later on. 67 degrees by 6:00. 71 by 8:00. sun coming upund 6:15 or so. art faioy as we rl rough the day, it's warm and sticky, 74 degrees by 9:00 a.m., 84 by noon, 84 by 3:00 p.m. with the high of 85 probably hitting around 4:00 and spottno ie uptick bit moreeezing going ong
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kstntovideonalthe w. students we spoke to believe the urcident as an is a it'sen unfortunate event.
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hopefully the perpetrator is found. >> reporter: the school is asking anyone with information about the attack to contact campus safety services, temple university police is investigating. we're live in north philadelphia, katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> new tisooilad fe of the 1500 block of south 21st street of point breeze. witnesses gave officers a vague description of the suspected shooter. there are police cameras in the area that could provi additional clues. aed shootg a t h mnti. michath bro willthg rorutt d dr
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considered. the police union said it's too soon t juddifoffered i poi'sinhs edat giveonngdernnt. ags'en p ne 7:00 a.m. r-das wasndng c>ragons don'e nagerlvis.anlofro00rn frago
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y mtcohititledig.scherdelli wilb ur gav upar oenatriot hampvelet 6c a>> igay on cameran reatedly in the face. >> ups store is the latestchaia breach losing customer's cards, david. >> reporter: we have spotty storms coming in, i'll have the the
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>> time to take a look at your accuweather forecast, what to expect today. >> reporter: it will be warm and humid began and eventually we'll be on the look out of pop-up thunderstorms. storm tracker 6 live double scan showing nothing going on, that green up near new york, that's ground clutter, you won't have to worry about that. as we look outside we have the ben franklin bridge. we are expecting sunshine up over the horizon early morning. we'll see a sun and clouds mix overall before the storm starts to pop in. 70 degrees, the dewpoint is 64. winds fairly light out of the southeast at 6 miles per hour. future tracker 6 shows you how through the morning we're probably looking at basically dry conditions, there could something popping through, just briefly, but i think the bigger issue will be later this afternoon after about 2,
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3:00 p.m. as the model starts to push a shower or thunderstorm into the region. as you look at this, you can tell it's not a washout. those of you down south may not see anything until the evening. this could produce a downpour, but it looks like spotty stuff and not everybody sees it. 71 degrees by 8, 79 by 1:00 a.m., 2:00 p.m., 83 degrees, 81 in allentown, 82 in wilmington and trenton. similar numbers in through here, only about 80 down the shore, later down the shore, it will be later this evening, if a pop-up storm hits. there's a possibility of a thundershower for those of you
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heading to lincoln financial field. 79 degrees is at the kickoff, 73 in the 4th quarter, hopefully we stay dry and avoid any lightning. taint tape are at it -- taney dragons are at it tonight. possibility of a storm is in williamsport for and 73 degrees. through the day looks fairly cloudy and maybe sunny breaks and there's a chance of a shower or thunderstorm in the afternoon or evening. we'll go with the high of 85. warm and humid, sun and clouds as the day goes on. mainly in the afternoon and evening we'll be on the look out for a spotty shower or thunderstorm. tomorrow mostly cloudy and 80, there could showers around at times, we are looking at improvement for the weekend. saturday we may have a struggle kicking out the clouds, and pleasant high for august 77 degrees and 78, partly sunny on sunday. the rest of the forecast for the
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first part of next week's workweek looks good. getting warmer back to 84 on wednesday. that's a nice stretch of weather starting saturday. new on "action news," a california highway patrol officer caught on camera repeatedly punch a woman in the face could if i say criminal charges. he is accused of assaulting the 51-year-old. he was put on desk assignment and now he has been placed on paid administrative leave. emergency responders had to use a bask and crane to hoist a worker who was had the by a pipe. he was 100 feet below the ground when want accident happened. he was cleaning a concrete chute between tunnels when the equipment broke, a pipe fell on his leg. he is expected to be okay. him. time for a look at business
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we have another credit card data breach to tell you about. this time it's it involves ups, credit card data and addresses may have been exposed. people in new jersey and pennsylvania have been affected from april 29th to august 11th. the eagles are worth $1.75 billion. the birds rank #th on the list of all 32 nfl teams. for the 8th straight year it's the cowboys who are worth the most. stocks are mixed on wednesday, where the dow closed shy of 17,000, futures are pointing to a mixed open. i don't think there's anything special about this t-shirt, i don't think i would buy it, but the designer wants an expensive amount.
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he said it would look good in selfies, he is selling them for $166 notice the graphic at the neck an shoulder areas, that would be perfect for a selfie. >> go with a solid t-shirt. a student down south claims a common courtesy lands her with a in-school suspension. don't forget you can take the new 6
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>> welcome back let's take a live look at some of your traffic spots here, first up, the boulevard at broad street. stay right as you come north of wissahickon because of paving. broad street, all lanes are blocked at tioga and have a vano because of the accident involve
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the ambulance here, matt pellman is telling us that is starting to clear out. karen will have that in a few minutes. construction crews are in the process of clearing out the northbound lanes, as you come away from the blue route and head toward the airport, stay to your left. david. >> reporter: on the big board, tam, flight tracker shows 1300 flights in the air across the united states. fairly tranquil weather up and down the east coast. a little showers and thunderstorms in north-central pennsylvania. nose that the close to any airports. the one area we have of a concern with is minnesota, if you have plans to fly to the twin cities you're likely to see delays there. nebraska, not too much going on the gulf coast, the west coast is clear. later in the afternoon there could pop-up showers or thunderstorms that could cause
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delays, today's high, 85 and on the humid side. minutes before 79-year-old nancy white from ohio was set to be buried by her late husband, a driver hit the hearse. crews were able to get the casket into another hearse. a student said bless you, the teacher told her what the term was for church. when she defended her action she was told to go to the office. she had to spend an inschool suspension. >> it's all right to defend god it's our constitutional right
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because we have freedom of religion and speech. >> some of turner's classmates supported her by wearing handmade bless you t-shirts. >> a man was computed while sitting in his car in the grays fur request section of philadelphia. we have video and details. >> a new chair could allow people who work on their feet to
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. >> imagine a chair that isn't there, but appears whenever you need it. it's called the chairless chair for anyone working on production lines, you wear it on your legs, when you're ready to sit you push a button it locks into place. here in the u.s., most of us would do a double take if we spotted someone wearing a mask like this on the beach, but not in china, this is the trendy face mask. it was created to perfect against offshore sea crabs. rooben williams -- robin williams will be hopped by fellow comedian, billy crystal.
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no word if that's the song that she is going to sing. williams was found dead in his home earlier this month after an apparent suicide. we're following the investigation of an attack on a student on temple's campus that appears to be racially motivated. >> high school students have a class starting this year, we'll tell you
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>> a nasty crash involving an ambulance and a car leaves one critically injured. >> a temple university student is assaulted while walking
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through campus, find out what police are saying about his attacker. taney dragons get a chance to redeem themselves at the little league world series. let's get that in a second, but let's go over to david murphy with weather and traffic. >> reporter: there are clouds over parts of the region, particularly by the shore. there's going to be sun and that will get the temperatures into the 80s, as we head into the afternoon, we'll have scattered instability that will creep through, we'll
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