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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  August 23, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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ten g oou o >> > lluwthgu 2esn't it fo on to the cool 2esn't it fo the highs will top out in the low to mid 70s the reason is because of that batch of moisture right there. as this pushes through, the clouds will continue to hang over us throughout the day and pick up an easterly breeze. it will keep thing unseasonable cool for this time of year. the bark is worse than the by the. we're seeing mostly light rains, we're zoomed into berks county, north of birdsboro. this is an area that's seeing heavier rains, but a lot of this is on the lighter side. this area of shower activity is pushing off to the southeast
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quickly. it should be in the city by 7:30, 7:45. after that passes through. the remainder of the afternoon is mainly cloudy with the occasional spritz or sprinkle. here's the day planner, 74 at 9:00 a.m., noon, 74. the high is 77. we're ten degrees below average. we're calling it a 50/50 weekend. tomorrow by far looks like the better of the two weekend days. if you're vacationing in the bahamas over the next couple of days, pay attention to the forecast right through tuesday, as a huge system is starting to develop and pushing toward the northwest into that island chain. when i come back in just a little bit i'll show you that and show you where it's heading. i'll have warmer numbers in the seven-day forecast. >> a bucks county teenager could spend more than 80 years in prison after being convicted of the rape and sexual assault of ten young girls.
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it took the jury 3 1/2 hours torched 19-year-old joshua benson guilty. wendy saltzman has the details. >> reporter: joshua benson's trial that began on monday came to a quick close with all ten victims testifying they told him to stop, but his aggressive attacks precised. >> the jury believed these ten girls and found the defendant guilty on all charges and understander that the public would be safe from him and called him what he called himself a rapest. >> reporter: initially he was charged as a juvenile for assaulting five girls as a teenager, but then he was charged as an adult when more victims stepped forward describing a crime spree. >> reporter: you don't think he raped these women. >> i don't think he thought he
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was. >> reporter: back in november, his mother gave this exclusive interview to 6abc. she defends her son saying he was a victim of sexual assault and suffered from depression and other mental issues. >> he had this happen to him, i want people to know that he had stuff happen to him, too. >> reporter: prosecutors say everyone is safer now with benson behind bars. >> someone who was preying upon teenage girls is where he needs to be. >> reporter: benson attended bensalem high school when he moved here from utah three years ago. >> the girls who testified all ten of them were extremely courageous. >> reporter: benson never took the stand in his own defense, he'll be back in front of the court in 90 days for sentencing.
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wednesday wednesday channel 6 "action -- wendy saltzman. chopper 6 was over an accident old york road in cheltenham. a truck driver collided with a septa bus. the accident is under investigation. from you're a delaware newsroom a taxi driver stands accused of raping a rider who fell asleep in his cab. state troops said he picked you mean a woman at -- up a woman in dewey beach and sexually assaulted her after she fell say leap in the taxi. he is hind bars.
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a police officer is on administrative leave after saying he was a killer. dan page released a comment he earlier this career. he made inflammatory comments about gays, and president obama and he said this, but i'm also a killer, i've killed a lot, if i need to, i'll kill a whole bunch more. if you don't want to get killed don't show up in front of me. >> we expect our police officers to hold himself to a higher standards. he didn't do that here, his topics were wide raging, they are patently offensive to everybody, frankly bizarre. when he talked about the killing that's out of bounds in my world. >> reporter: ferguson was relatively quiet last night. there were seven arrests including five for failing to
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disburses. there have been arrests since the killing of michael brown. iraq is keeping the pressure on isis striking targets near mosul dam. the white house raised question of a broader campaign against the military group. the obama administration is under increased pressure to hit isis harder since the beheading of scrapes foley. ietsz -- isis threatens to kill other marriage hostages. moscow rolled into ukraine, calling it a humane mission of aid.
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ukraine called it an invasion. the trucks are returning to russia. the delaware valley is mourning the loss of don cannon. the dean of morning radio passed away at the hospital. he retired from 981-ogl. his radio show provided the sound track to the raw egg breakfast scene. don cannon was 74 years old. someone is waking up in california. $180 million richer. that's because a single ticket sold in the golden state matched all six numbers in the drawing. the jackpot was worth $180 million. don't tear up your tickets just yet. a ticket sold in pennsylvania matched the first five numbers drawn and it is worth million dollars.
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5, 31, 34, 41 and 74, plus the mega ball of 3. you can see the drawing each tuesday and friday night on "action news" at 11:00 p.m. still on "action news" saturday morning, a brother and sister are hurt after falling from a ferris wheel at a michigan fair. parts of the midwest are inundated with floodwaters. >> reporter: keep the umbrella handy this morning, we have a band of showers pushing through the region. we'll look at storm tracker 6 live, and well vo a warp build in softness.
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and these little angels build in strength. and that little angel says, "weeeeeeeee!" 60% more sheets than charmin. everything you want and the value you love. angel soft.
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is. >> two children were hurt when they fell at least 15 feet from a ferris wheel in michigan. the cab litly dumped the 16-year-old dwirl ---year-old girl and 8-year-old brother on to the ground.irl ---year-old mechanical failure has been ruled out an explanation for the accident. a chinese fighter jet
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buzzed an american surveillance plane. these photos show what officials call deeply provocation and intercept of a navy poseidon oaf the coast of china. it's the 4th such incident since march. it was a marsupal rescue. they performed cp. r on the little guy. they breathed objection gone into his lungs. he is a recovering at an animal hospital. they have named him sir chops allot. part areas are under water after severe storms moved through the midwest.
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the water is beginning to recede in some areas, but many are dealing with flooded basements and cars that have been flooded out. it is now, 7:12, we're are not seeing rain, but we're not seeing sunshine. >> reporter: the coast is seeing sun. we're seeing clouds throughout the area and showers. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows the wet weather starting to approach the region from the northwest. there's the view we're looking at the camden waterfront. if you look east we have clear skies, or partly cloudy skies, we're seeing mostly cloudy skies in the other direction north and west. as we flip over the radar. there's the moisture approaching the philadelphia area now. most of it is on the lighter side, but every now and then we pick up a heavier shower. looking at berks county, some of the heavier weather is indicated by the yellows and oranges, that's the only places that are seeing the heavy rain, a lot of
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it is on the lighter side, boyertown and pottstown reporting lighter rain. temperatures will be cooler for this time of year, what's happening a back door cold front is in the process of pushing through all the way down into the washington, d.c. area. the winds have shifted out of the east/northeast. because ocean temperatures are in the mid 70s, it will keep air temperatures in the mid 70s, as well. which is ten degrees below average. philadelphia, 68. millville, 64. sea isle on the boardwalk, atlantic city, beach haven 71. not going to climb much higher than that. highs on the sand, 74, 75. that's about it. satellite and radar, there's that broad pocket of shower activity starting to approach the area from the northwest. heavier weather on the southern side of this, most of it is on the light side. allentown, reading report of reporting a little bit of light
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rain. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, this afternoon, mostly cloudy skies, you could see a few peeks of sunshine and pop-up shower or spritz or sprinkle, as well. as the frontal system continues to push to the south and west, skies will clear. part li cloudy tonight. mostly sunny tomorrow. today a lot gray, a little bit of sunshine, again, a passing shower, it will be breezy, winds out of the east/northeast 10 to 20 miles per hour. for tomorrow, high pressure takes over, that means more in the way of sunshine. with that sun temperatures will climb a little bit, today's high, 77. tomorrow, 81 or 82. as we get into monday, warmer still as the warm front approaches. tuesday, once this punches through the winds shifts out of the southwest that will get us into the mid to upper the -- 90s. as we look at the tropics, we have huge areas of showers
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and gusty winds. we're seeing winds 40 to 50 miles per hour across the dominican republic. san juan reporting 3 to 4 inches of rain. there's the bahamas right there. it's moving in this direction, the question is even though it's over the dominican republic right now. once it hits the water, the question is how quickly does this intensify and where does it head. a lot of models have it taking it a right hand turn and moving out to sea. there's a couple of forecast models that takes it into the southern tip of florida. if you're vacationing over the next couple of days watch that closely and we'll see how that pans out. jersey shore, lots of cloud cover, ocean temperature, 77. we'll see the sea breeze kicking in 10 to 20 miles per hour. today, # 5. clouds and sun tomorrow, 76 degrees. philadelphia, clouds and sun,
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passing shower, winds out northeast 10 to 20 miles per hour. overnights tonight, 58 in the suburbs, 63 in center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 77 today, 80 degrees tomorrow. monday, tuesday, wednesday, lots of sunshine each day, increasing humidity each each each day. temperatures start to skyrocket, wednesday and thursday, 89 and 87. somehow we hit 90-degree on wednesday, that will be the second time all month we've hit 90-degree or higher. we've been in the 70s this month, it's crazy. the weather we do see a lot of ere. me ay ys, bre our a lay
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>> here's what's happening in and around the delaware and lehigh valleys this weekend. car enthusiasts will enjoy the annual car and cycle show at arbor square in montgomery the county. various cars and motorcycles will be on display. prizes will be awarded to the most antique car and music from an elvis impersonator from 11 to
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2:00 p.m. 300 volunteers are needed to clean up penns landing. volunteers meet at 201 south christopher columbus boulevard at 8:30. the cleanup continues until 1:00 p.m. a celebration will follow the cleanup. skate into action at the roller derby tournament at thetn ok[ ys ] -- gsquse
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>> a bizarre shooting in philadelphia leaves a man fighting for his life, his mother pulled the trigger. an elderly man walks out of a harrisburg prison free after two decades of winning convicted of killing his daughter. -- after being convicted of killing his daughter. mayor nutter reaches a deal with the largest blue collar union. is it raining out there.
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>> reporter: it's just started. if you're heading to the jersey shore, we're expecting the clouds to increase, with the east/northeasterly breeze we'll see temperatures in the 70s. ship bottom, 71. beach haven, 71. you're seeing the flag in the left-hand side of the screen. small craft advisory in effect, waves build 3 to 5 feet with the strengthening easterly winds. ocean city, 71 degrees, sea isle, 72. avalon, 72. cape may, 66. but the ocean temperature is nearly at 80. it's nice and comfortable in the water. sea breeze later on, look at the numbers, 4:00 p.m., 75 degrees in philadelphia. hard to believe it's the middle of august we're talking about highs in the mid 70s. look at atlantic city on the beach, 71. wildwood, 73 and lakehurst, 72. lots of clouds rolling in there could spritzes or sprinkles
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developing this afternoon after a few passing showers this morning. if you're staying in the city, 77 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, for the jersey shore, you'll pick up a cool breeze high of 75. for the poconos after the morning fog you'll see sunshine, it will be limited a very cool high of 68. it's a coo cool start to the weekend, tomorrow looks nice, big warmup in the seven-day forecast. we could reach 90 degrees which will be the second time so far this month. that arrives by wednesday. i'll have the details in the seven-day forecast, eva, when i step back inside in just a bit. >> a 78-year-old woman turned the tables on her son when he tried to shoot her inside her germantown home. the action cam was on the scene of mcmahon avenue. the 47-year-old opened fire on his mother, but the mother picked up a gun and returned fire wounding the man in the stomach. else in critical condition. there's no word on why the son
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tried to shoot his mother. philadelphia is investigating a deadly shooting in the juniata park section. police say a man in his 30s was hit twice in the head. he was pronounced at temperature university hospital. so far police have no suspects or motives for the shooting him. a bensalem teen could spend more than 80 years in price an after being convicted in the rape and sexual assaults of ten young girls over a two year period. joshua benson's trial came to a close with all ten victims testimonialing. they told him to stop, but his his -- defense tried to stay these were consensual sexual acts but the jury disagreed. >> the jury clearly believed the testimony of the girls, found the defendant guilty on
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all charges and nrkd that -- ind that the public would be safe from him and called him what he called himself, a rapist. benson never took the stand in his own defense. he'll be back in front of the court in 90 days for sentencing. a federal judge has overturned the arson murder conviction of a 79-year-old man, lee walked out of a harrisburg courtroom yesterday a free man after spending 24 years in prison. he was convicted in 1990 of starting a fire that killed his daughter. yesterday, a judge ruled that the arson science that led to his conviction was seriously flawed. lee's lawyer said many others in prison may benefit from the ruling. >> this case is one of a handful so far, there will be an avalanche soon of cases where the same junk science was cruised to convict innocent people of arson. >> now, lee has always
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maintained his innocence saying the fire was an accident. prosecutors say other evidence points to his guilt. they have 120 days to retry him. a blue collar workers union have agreed on a new labor deal five years after the last contract expired. annie mccormick has the details. >> the members will overwhelming vote for this contract. >> reporter: pete matthews and mayor nutter both signed the seven year tentative agreement that's retroactive from july 2009 and expires in 2016. it includes two wage increases and bonus for workers and police will contribute more into the pension and the city will give a $20 million boost into their healthcare. the union will agree to temporary layoffs in an economic crisis. >> one of the contracts that was fair to our public employees and fair to the taxpayers at the
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same time. >> reporter: the plan will cost the city 127 million over five careers. last january, the city gave their final offer and threatened to sue the union if they did not comply. the battle began in 2009 when the recession hit. since then the largest municipal union of about ten thousand has had no contract and they put up a very vocal fight. >> i feel good, it was a battle that our members stood up for. i mean, they have been working everyday not going on strike through the blizzard through the snow. >> reporter: matthews confirmed the bid for the democratic national convention played role. they did not get everything they wanted, but in 22 months they can begin negotiations on a new contract with a new mayor. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> the second phrase of track outages are in effect on the ben franklin bridge. patco implemented the changes yesterday. trains will shuttle back and forth on a single track 24/7 so
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crews can work on both sides of the bridge. this phase was moved up, it wasn't scheduled to start until after labor day. it is expected to run through october 21. three men hailed heros honored last night for their life saving efforts. a woman suffered a heart attack and drove into cobbs creek earlier this week. >> you're in our hearts indefinitely, you can feel the room in the room. >> reporter: it turns out that cheryl allison seen in the youtube video is the heart and soul of the parkside line dancing community and big part of this convention. but in an unexpected twist this
7:32 am
weekend allison suffered a heart attack and lost control of her suv that plunged into the murky waters of cobbs creek. the vehicle landed upside down, three men who passed on by, quickly jumped into action pulling allison who was unconscious out of the wreckage. >> i don't know if she was alive or had an air pocket. i don't know, i just flipped into rescue mode. >> reporter: the men had no idea to perform cpr. to no avail. they gave up, about you then decided to give it another try and she came too. >> just to see folk help one of our own it touched us a lot. just to say thank you. just to say thank you. >> reporter: although allison is in stable, but critical condition at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania, she is expected to pull through and for the men who saved her life,
7:33 am
that's wordsful news. >> i'm overwhelmed by the situation, yight no sleep -- i didn't get no sleep, i haven't eaten right. >> reporter: instead of mourning the loss of allison, they are celebrating her life and the men who saved her. >> coming up next on saturday morning, the latest innovation that helps you keep track of the calories in your drink. the homes that were destroyed by mudslides in washington state, chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, "action news" saturday morning continues in just a moment.
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>> flash flooding in north/central washington state unleashed massive mudslides that destroyed ten homes. some homes that managed to stand their ground had a foot of mud inside them. a stretch of the highway remains closed. the mudslides happened because recent wildfires stripped the mountains of the trees and other vegetation and the rain comes and the mud comes and slides right down. >> reporter: that's interesting. >> we have appear interesting forecast for our weekend. >> reporter: it's not that bad except for berks county. we have a pocket of rain sitting
7:37 am
over berks county. it's not moving. it's been there for an hour and a half. or two hours. there's the view down in cape may. we had sunshine this morning now the clouds are rolling on in. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows the moisture off to the northwest it's moving quickly, but some areas it's kind of sitting, and this one of them right in berks county over 422 north of birdsboro, pottstown to reading. looking at the estimated rainfall totals they are quickly approaching one inch in the area. we don't have any flood advisories up, you get the idea. we're seeing one heavier cell after the next riding over the same areas. where everything else is mosing along. everybody else is reporting light, patchy drizzle. there's the broad area of moisture we're seeing. you can see the yellows on the southern side of that.
7:38 am
for everyone else we're seeing the light, scattered sour hack activity. we have a back-door cold front sitting in place stretching northward through harrisburg and williams williamsport. the low level atmosphere is coming in off the ocean. it will not be a wash, but if you have outdoor plans be on the look out for the pop-up shower from time to time. here's future tracker 6, mostly cloudy skies, every now and then it tries to show a passing shower. cloudy skies, maybe a few peeks of sunshine, other locations there could be a passing shower, overnight tonight, the clouds decrease, tomorrow looks great. not a cloud in the sky, maybe a few cumulus buildings by afternoon. it should be most sunny for sunday. allentown, 64. 67 in millville. low 70sen 0 the water.
7:39 am
dover, 70 degrees, lancaster, 66. wilmington, 69. as the easterly winds increase, the dewpoints will increase. most of the numbers will climb into the low to mid 60s. even though temperatures will be held down with all the moisture in the air it will feel warm out there. 68 degrees in the poconos. that's it for the high. morning fog followed by sunshine this afternoon. otherwise it's a cooler day, sun and clouds for sunday, high of 74. today is not a good beach day. it's no the a bad day down the shore, it's a bad day if you soak in the sun. a lot of cloud cover, breezy and cool, 75 degrees is the forecasted high this afternoon. clouds and sun tomorrow, 76 cruel see more in the way of sunshine tomorrow, it will be choppy on the water, as well if you're doing boating keep that in the back of your minds. philadelphia, 77 degrees, clouds and limited sun, there could passing showers, winds out of the northeast at 10 to 15 miles per hour.
7:40 am
you should approach the high of 77 around 3:00, 4:00. lots of gray, a few morning showers or shower during the afternoon. it will be very, very light. decreasing clouds late in the day. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 80 degrees for sunday, sunday is a better looking day, still on the cool side. the normal is 85. 84 monday, 84 tuesday, both days sunny comfortable. wednesday the humidity starts to increase again. high temperatures close in on 90. thursday, warm, 87. quiet for the eagles-jets game. friday, 83 turning muggy again. that takes us into the next week clear toward the second half of the weekend. >> i told you i did the ice bucket challenge and i challenge the the chief of septa police he said he is going to do it this weekend. he is one of my favorite people
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