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tv   Action News  ABC  August 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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>> homicide detectives are on the scene of a double murder in mayfair tonightch the victims are two women each shot once in the head. officers are serving for a person that pulled the trigger and trying to figure our out the motive. the motive. saturday night , one of the womend and oo le ae on the 5700 block vista street with the full details. kenneth. reporter: sarah, homice investigators are trying to find
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the killer and motive. police cleared the scene 15 minutes ago and they're taking statements and talking with family members. saturday night philadelphia crime scene investigators brought in light and more after brutal murders of two women inside a mayor fair home an vista street. one victim was discovered in the living room and another in a second floor bedroom both so the in the head. >> what's wrong with the world? that's what went through my head. >> 67-year-old dolly evans. they just made a grocery store run and he dropped her off and 30 minutes later 5:30 p.m. he got the call. >> could have been me you you know, i know i'm still around. i noticed something and left. >> this block knew her as grandma. her brother says she recently received death threats but didn't know why.
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>> she liked to cook and a lot of people come around to eat m the homeless, whatever. >> she helped the second victim's family ruby thomas, joey thomas says she'd only been staying with evans for a few months. >> my sister never only forerred a soul. she would clean your house do anything in the world just to get by. >> as investigators worked to piece the scene together to find the killer those who knew these women are pleading for information. >> i hope they find them or find out what happened or anything positive. if you all know something, say something, that could have been your mom or grandmom. >> the homeowner's family toll us her grandson living here survived a shooting on this block last month. they say no arrest. they don't know if the incident is connected. police confirm that shooting and they say everything is under investigation. reporting live in mayfair, ken, "channel 6 action news."
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>> kenneth, thank you. philadelphia police are settinging a murder in northeast philadelphia. officers say the victim was first hit by a car in the 4700 block of ramona street and somebody shot him in the chest and stomach. he was found dead in front of a nearby cemetery the honda civic hit the man asbury and shell born. the victim's name was not released. investigators in trenton, new jersey are searching for a man that posed as a police officer and sexually assaulted a woman working in a store. and around 1:00 this afternoon police say this man walked into a store on the 800 block of north broad street. and the female employee was alone in the store at the time and he identified himself as an officer and took her into the bathroom and slix assaulted her. >> at this time we believe the individual passed himself off as a police officer and he showed a badge or what appeared he to be a badge, armed with a hand gun and had a radio in his hand.
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>> the suspect walked out of the store and flagged done a tan toyota corolla and took off. if anyone has any information call trenton police. traffic is moving in both directions i-495 wilmington again. department of transportation opened the northbound side of the bridge crossing the christina river today. kilt tilting support columns forced officials to close the span in early june and that created traffic headaches for tens of thousands of drivers. crews were able to repair and reopen the southbound side of the bridge on jewel 31 and driver could not be happier now that the entire bridge is back open to traffic again. >> i think it's great. i drove to philadelphia this morning and got stuck on 95 and going home now on 45. >> i was on 95 unreal. this will be great. naamans road.
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she'll be happy my niece, i'll have to tell her that. >> owners of the land around that bridge have been issued violations for dumping a large amount of dirt next to the support columns. >> if you check the calendar it still says august but feels like autumn outside. meteorologist melissa magee over at the big board with a first look at what's been a cool forecast tonight, melissa. >> sarah, definitely a cool start to the weekend yet the clouds and moisture overhead which definitely made temperature more reflective of september rather than august you look at stormtracker 6 double scan radar a lot of activity we had starting to die open down and dip south. as you go in tighter on stormtracker 6 you can see activity across northern and western suburbs and moving closer to reading and light scattered rain showers for the region and as you move east ward to doylestown. you little also notice across the norm west suburbs is patchy fog developing. some reports north and west of
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town down to half a mile as far as visibility is concerned. something to track north and west of the city. the bigger story if you are not tracking precipitation these cool numbers in philadelphia, 65. trenton 63. along the coast ina aisle city 70. if you look at the temperature change 8 degrees cooler in reading and 4 cooler in wilmington. we'll talk about what is ahead as we look forward the precipitation dips to the south. lots of clouds for tonight. here's good news on the way. turning sunny and brighter for the second half of the weekend. also a check open tropics because we have tropical depression four to tell you about. that's only asking up in the full and exclusive accuweather forecast, sarah. >> thank you, melissa. stay on top of the changing weather situation with the new and stormtracker 6 radar and hourly and 7 day forecast as well as video from the "action news" meteorologist. it's all available now at
11:07 pm >> and a 45-year-old man is charged with aggravated assault after he was shot by his own mother. investigators say the man showed up at 78-year-old mother's house on the 5700 block of mcmahon avenue in germantown last night. she told authorities he appeared drunk and she barricaded herself in the bed room and he pushed his way in and threatened her with a gun. she picked up another gun and shot himself times hitting him in the stomach. he fired back. she was not hit by bullets. nobody was hurt when a step ta train hit a car in willow grove. the collision happened 5:00 at the railroad crossing on davisville road. the train was bound for war mipster and train service was suspended an hour. >> good news for people traveling this upcoming labor day they may see the lowest prices at the bump since 2010. aaa says the average price dropped again this week almost a
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dime below this time last year and gallon of regular lar in philadelphia costs $3.48 today. in delaware it's down to $3.31 and south jersey is lowest with a gallon costing on average $3.17 and an estimated 35 million americans will hit the roads next weekend. >> it with won't be long before school bells are ringing and today students across the delaware valley started getting ready. kids lined up for back packs stuffed with supplies. they were also able to get new clothes, shoes and air cuts and a group of business owners has the same idea and handed out supplies in camden aat sneaker villa. they were excited about gearing up for school and organizeers were happy to help them. >> we are from here and know what the kids need. it's a lot of kids are not fortunate 'and want to learn and excited about learning and make sure they're equipped to do so.
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>> rain didn't keep students away from yet another backpack giveaway. this in germantown. 6300 block community group invited kits to concord schoolhouse to get back to school essentials. >> it will be a hero's homecoming in center city tomorrow for taney dragons. mayor nutter announced city of philadelphia will welcome the team home love park starting at noon. we don't have all the details as to what exactly the city is planning but we know everybody is invited. dragones ended historic run for little week world series championship thursday night and they're still winners in our eyes. more to come tonight on "action news" a texas woman pulled out of her car and handcuffed in front of her children and police are defending their actions admitting it was all a mistake and high hopes people flock to the jersey show to learn how to grow marijuana. plus the sixers finally pull the trigger on big trade. plus the sixers finally pull the trigger on big trade. jeff skversky has that coming up
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out of of a car window. they realized they made the wrong arrest when the four children came out of the car with hands up. the car does not match the description but did get off the highway as the same exit as the suspect. >> i need you to make sure you have all the facts because it deposit -- you can't say okay i'm sorry -- i can't. >> barbre was of course let go. foreigny police let by the action saying they had to respond quickly to the weapons call. >> israeli missiles toppled a 1 story building in gaza today. it was targeting a hamas operation that was housed there. and the 7 weeks of fighting, israel launched 5,000 air strikes into gaza. today's hit was the first time annen tire highrise collapsed.
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palestinians were injured. >> they're using voice recognition technology to match the british ak sentenced voice on the video of foley being beheaded to match with a database of nationals with terrorist ties and isis is as well founded as any group the government as ever encountered. they're holding two more americans. hear more about the effort to stop them coming up tonight 11:30. >> investigators say a teenagers crutches may have cussed a girl and her brother to fall from a ferris wheel. they dropped 15 neat michigan. the 16-year-old's crutch may have gotten lonled in a way that made the cab tip-over. have gotten lonled in a way that made the cab tip-over. she's still hospitalized what's up, george? massage chair. my little indulgence.
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start to improve as the frontal boundary is to the south and drier air returns for sunday. we'll show you the picture outside. sky6 live in hd looking at penns landing on saturday night. you can see a lot of people out and about. if you are outside you probably want to grab and extra layer because temperatures are cooler than normal tonight as we look at the lineup we'll talk about the temperatures and see how high they did not go today and it's been cloudy and damp the past two days. in and out of these on and off showers high of 74. average this time of year is 5. we're 9 below that and temperatures rebound as we get into tomorrow. outside tonight in philadelphia just 65 degrees. allentown 63 trenton 64. here's what's going on in the
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big picture. scattered showers across the region earlier today and mostly cloudy sky thanks to a frontal boundary that dips south. you can see in the wake of the precipitation leaving our region it's cloudy aacross the area and throughout much of the day we're tapping into a easterly whipped and that east wind kept the temperatures below average. as we get into the day on sunday however some improvement on the way. high pressure north. dive southward. northeasterly we wind suppresses moisture south and west and north east wind helps dry things out as well. high temperature, 8 1. solar radiation. these temperatures warm up nicely by the afternoon. down the shore the ocean temperature in 76 degrees range and as you head inland on the beach clouds giving way to sunshine it's better looking beach day and high temperature of 77. taking you to the tropics because we're keeping you
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tropical depression number four. cluster of showers and storms over the what ham asen and tonight and move north and west. winds sustained 35 miles an hour moving northwest 12 miles an hour. hard to detect the center here and there is not a center but this will more than likely strengthen over the next 24 to 48 hours into a tropical storm. showers moved out tonight and otherwise the state is cloud hi, 63. the accuweather 7-day showing you it's sunny and warmer tomorrow. drier too, high of 1. low ludety and nice monday high of 84 degrees. us with, mostly sunny 8 and turning more humid midweek high of 89. thursday late in the day tracking a possibility of thunderstorm and the threat continues thursday, friday, saturday, tomorrow we dry out, sarah. >> i like it. thanks, melissa.
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atlantic city is hosting a grow your own mar marijuana seminar going on at bally's casino. medical marijuana is legal in until energy and growing your own is not. and instructors discussed the business and legal aspects of the injury and up next on "action news" jeff joined us with sports. "action news" jeff joined us with sports. first pow you areer ball
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uncle craig, what's the deal? oh... you can't record that many shows at once. why? you can't save every single cartoon. why? you know you can't pause the tv here and play it in another room. why? it's time for fios quantum tv. store up to 200 hours in hd. record up to 12 shows at once. pause and play live tv, room to room. redefining what tv can be. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v >> it was hard work and few in
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yaden, delaware county today all for a good cause. volunteers for schools joined forces to build the school a new playground in time for first day of classes and the design was actually inspired by student drawings and project liters hope the new colorful and place to play will inspire kids toy adopt active lifestyles. time now 11:25 p.m. and phillies are still playing. >> still trying to win this game. they fought back last night to beat the cardinals. they're forced to fight back and come from behind yet again tonight because of messy sixth in the field. phils fap may want to each this and govern their kiz. come to bron brown, throws it by cody ashe. run scores, taff aries gets all the way to third. broun is later taken out of the
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game. shelby miller down the line, arby doesn't let it go foul. he plays it and throws it away. uh. >> many errors. let's get taney in there. phils get one back bottom of 6. ryan howard, phils within. to the 8th. no outs, bases loaded, marlin bird into right-1 store and we could go to extra innings and that's where we stabbed now phillies cardinals in bottom half of the 11th. >> all right. eagles fans were crossing their fingers when lesean went down thursday night with the thumb injury a and eagles running back gave a thumbs up when returning to practice. mccoy is in a little bait and a leader rusher can take time to
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heal because starters will not play here on 6abc. in fact matt become -- as far as nick foles he's not going on vacation he starts todd study for regular season opener in two weeks against jk sonville. working on the field in game time situations, definitely got a lot of good work and great work out here and we have since the spring weaver been really getting after it. it will be nice to get ready and peep for a game. >> if you want to hear back. mack has gotten in there. >> we feel very, very comfortable with our one and two start quarter back. now before practice the eagles released 14 players today including army ranger that september the last fourers under army and tours of duty fighting
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in afghanistan. they will so trim to 53 by next saturday. >> a sad young packing and
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