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tv   Action News  ABC  August 25, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> we're following a developing story on august 25. the cleanup continues in california sinners a bay area earthquake the large since 1929. philadelphia's favorite little leaguers, the taney dragons receive a hero's welcome complete with police escorts and screaming fans. i'm matt o'donnell, tamala edwards is off, erin o'hern
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joins us. >> northern california is cleaning up from the strong earthquake. >> taman bradley has more. >> reporter: 20 seconds of terror waking up residents from their sleep. everyone here we talked to said this is the worse earthquake they can remember. the 6.0 earthquake hit in the heart of california's wine country, the strongest quake to hit northern california in 20 years, it jolted thousands from their beds. >> there was explosions, it was burning and everybody was out in the street. >> the tremors were so powerful, they ruptured gas lines and sparked fires in this mobile home park. four homes were destroyed as firefighters struggling to put out the blaze. >> we had a major water main break outside the mobile home park which complicated the fire
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fight. >> reporter: roads buckled. business owners are assessing the damage as after shocks continue. napa is best known as wine country, one winery managed to escape unscathe, but their entire 2014 vintage is in these tanks and without power it could be a total loss. governor jerry brown declared a state of emergency as hundreds spent the night without power or water. officials say the impact could have been so much worse. so far 200 people have been treated for minor injuries and two people are in serious condition. reporting live in napa, california, taman bradley abc news. >> turn to for continuing coverage.
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earthquake. you can see photos from reports and others on the scene. now for a check on the accuweather forecast as some children are back to school this monday morning. >> reporter: it's that time of year, guys. we have no significant cloud cover, the clouds are out to the west. temperatures are cool, 64 in philadelphia. still the upper 50s in allentown and trenton and millville. 62 in wilmington, 63 readings at sea isle and on the the boardwalk in atlantic city. 71 degrees by 9:00 a.m., 80 by noon. 83 by 3:00 p.m. with a high of 84 probably around 3:30 or 4:00 by the time we are back to 82 degrees at 6:00 p.m. tonight. when i come back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we'll let you know how long the nice weather lasts and the humidity returns. >> a crash in montgomery county killed one and injured another.
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police in hatfield say a driver lost control and slammed into a utility pole. the impact of the crash broke the car in half. this happened around midnight in the 1600 block of north broad street. crews closed down the road so police could investigate. philadelphia detectives need your help in tracking down an armed robber. this is brand newspaper surveillance from the holdup. the men walked behind the counter of the dunkin' donuts on west lehigh avenue. he threatened the worker with an handgun and ran away with cash. >> homicide detectives are trying to figure out who murdered two women inside the city's mayfair section. the well cared gardens gives no hint to the violence that happened inside the house on vista street. relatives identified the victims as the homeowner, dolly evans
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and house guest. evan's brother is understandably heart broken and so are her neighbors who considered evans like family. >> she was a good women. >> my sister never hurt a person in her life. it's so sad, ruby, i love you. >> the women had been shot in the head, detectives are saying little about what leads they may be following. we'll have a live report coming up in the next half-hour. >> out of our delaware newsroom, a train killed a woman along the tracks in claymont the victim was in the path of train at 8:00 p.m. last night. police are trying to figure out what the woman was doing on the tracks. her identity has not been released. opening statements begin in the case of a child abduction from a west philadelphia school.
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christina rugusta disguised herself and took the child from the school last year, the child was also raped. the victim is expected to testify at the trial. police say christopher murray confessed to strangling connie murray. christopher murray has been charged with murder and is behind bars without bail. this will be the last weekend to try your luck at the showboat casino. the resort in atlantic city closes on sunday. showboat is one of four casinos folding in ac in this calendar year. revel closes labor day. trump plaza closes september 16. the atlantic club closed in february. >> if your iphone battery is dieing quickly you may be
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eligible in a replacement from apple. in a post on its website they will announced they will replace the battery pack for free if bought between certain dates. social security benefits are paying for student loans that were not paid before. the numbers have tripled since the recession. average stock averages continue higher back on friday. dow and s&p 500 was down, only the nasdaq was in the green. futures suggest a higher open. finally a new report of vivid seats of eagles games have the highest average in the
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league. the most expensive game at this point and kind of makes sentence when the 49ers come to town next month. the average is 315 per ticket right now. we'll be talking about that preseason game coming up later in the week later on "action news." erin back to you. >> philadelphia's favorite little leaguers, the taney dragons arrived home to a huge homecoming. they were welcomed by screaming fans in love park. the city rolled out the red carpet for the team. up next, a two day media blitz, star pitcher, mo'ne davis hopes all this attention will change the face of baseball in the future. >> it's actually cool. hopefully it changes a lot, it won't be all the media on one girl, it will be like the whole team. >> mayor nutter has announced the city will hold a pread for
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the dragons on wednesday. if you can't wait to see the dragons, "good morning america" will have the team on live this morning, you can watch that following "action news" at 7:00 a.m. 4:39 an investigation is underway into whether a police shooting outside kansas left an 18-year-old dead. >> a lease you'rely mid -- leez stroll on a bridge got a man thrown into jail.
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>> 4:42, monday morning, it's been a while since a lot of us have used the air-conditioning. it's so nice, you open up the windows and let the outside air in, it's great sleeping weather. david murphy is coming over to give us the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast this week. >> reporter: it was beautiful, the first part of the weekend was a little showery. i want to the phillies game yesterday. >> i did, too. >> reporter: it was a good game. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you all the unsettled
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weather from saturday departed on sunday is still long gone and we're off to a good start. as we look at sky 6 we have tranquil conditions, cool and comfortable. ful as you can see from the view of the water there's not much wind. 64 degrees currently is the temperature. as i mentioned it's cool and comfortable this morning. 59 degrees is the dewpoint. the winds are north/northwest at 5 miles per hour. pressure is up over 30 inches of we have no rain out to the west of us, and we are seeing clouds pop up. as we look at conditions it's going to be a good one. 68 degrees by 8 a.m., it will be warm and comfortable. 77 by 11:00 a.m., 82 by 2, 84 is
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the high, we'll be on 84 around 5:00 p.m. until the numbers dip back down toward sundown. 84 degrees is the high in al be town, 85 in reading, wilmington and trenton. everybody in the 80 outside of southern points. on the peninsula in cape may, 77. if you're heading to the phillies, 79 for the first pitch and 71 in the 9th inning. tomorrow we have high pressure in control. we're expecting another sunny day. while the winds may trigger out of the south we'll have to wait for a frontal boundary to come in from the west before we start to feel that humidity begin to rise again. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, mostly sunny today, high of 84 not too bad. another nice one on tuesday, lots of sunshine and a high of 85. on wednesday, it gets a little
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higher. it's been a while since we'ven up close to 90 degrees, we'll be flirting with 90 on wednesday. that's when the humidity comes in, as well. if the front gets here fast enough we could see shower or thunderstorm. it clears out on thursday, 86. the eagles with their preseason contest on 6abc. friday we're down to 81 and partly sunny skies, some sun on saturday, but the humidity rises with the arrival of another front. sunday we could look at unsettled weather the way things are looking now, there's a chance of shower or thunderstorm on sunday. >> an investigation is underway after an 18-year-old was fatally shot during an altercation with police. it happened in a hardware store in kansas. they responded to a call with a mantua gun and arrived to find a man in the parking lot.
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the police shot himh when she told them she had a babysitter is behind bars stomped and kicked a toddler in her care killing him. athen in a skeeter told them she threw the boy on his floor and stepped on his stomach during a wrestling water, and to try to wree vierve him, she put him in a tub of ice cold water. the 20-month-old died from the blows. the boy's father said he had come home with other injuries. >> he had little lumps and bumps, here and there, it started to make me question this. >> authorities say skeeter is a licensed day care worker. she is charged with manslaughter. >> 4:46. chaos broke out at a prevma party hosted by chris brown as shots were fired in a west hollywood nightclub. >> a zookeeper's error leads to
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>> almost 4:50 time for a look
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at traffic. this is king of prussia, the ramp from 202 to the schuylkill expressway eastbound. overnight construction is gone, all lanes reopened. traffic coming in from malvern, paoli anticipate -- and definite definite -- deafen is moving well. -- devon is moving well. we'll be watching a new construction project getting underway here more details in a half-hour. >> 4:50, monday morning, good morning everyone, talking about your travel forecast, we're watching cristobol that's the tropical storm well off the coast of florida. it's something we're watching this week. as for florida itself. looking out for thundershowers breaking out, unrelated to the tropical storm that could cause delays in the flights going down to the state of florida. houston could see
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thundershowers, as well as palestinian appear -- minneapolis and detroit. denver and salt lake city could see thundershowers. lax could have cloud cover this morning. san francisco which is dealing with aftershocks from the earthquakes from early yesterday morning, could see cloud cover, depending on what's happening with the earthquake aftermath math you could see delays. him we'll have more coming up. >> an american hostage held for two years linked to a group in syria has been released. he was held by a group, a different terrorist group from isis that killed jim foley. the u.s. worked with more than 2 dozen countries to secure curtis' freedom. a zookeeper in dallas
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remains hospitalized after being attacked by a lion. officials say the wild animal pounced when the worker didn't secure the cage. >> it comes down to human and humans make mistakes and things happen, the pepper spray is there as a safeguard and in this case it was a life saver. >> the pepper spray was enough to get the lion to losen her group. she was sedated. the zookeeper is recovering from her injuries. a look at the winners highlights, memorable moments from last night's
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>> new on "action news," a 24-year-old man managed to climb the brooklyn bridge despite added security. the russian tourist reached the top of one of the towers to take a picture. additional security had been added after someone took american flags atop the bridges'
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two towers and replaced them with white flags. 400 swimmers were stung by jelly fish in daytona, florida. lifeguards flew pest flags to warn people about the jelly fish. jerry philips was standing in the ocean next to his daughter when he felt the palin. >> this time the tentacles wrapped around my leg and stung me. lifeguards carry vinegar by applying it to the sting. it was the second time this month that jelly fish invaded beaches during a hot weekend. rap mogul shug knight was shot. the gunfire erupted early yesterday morning by a party hosted by singer chris brown. another man and woman were wounded in the shooting. the police are looking for the
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shooter. he was shot at a party in miami. beyounce was the reigning queen at the mtv award. she closed the 20 where a number that took 20 minutes. milely cyrus won the for wrecking boy. she sent a 22-year-old man who is homeless in her place. we'll break it down in the morning buzz in the next half-hour. >> 4:57. still to come, superstitious soccer fans hope this uninvited player isn't an
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>> good morning everyone, it is 5:00 a.m. monday, august 25. tam is off, erin o'hern joins us, we have news you didn't see last night. >> including a close call for a driver in south jersey whose out of control minivan went up in flames. >> two women are found with gunshot wounds to their heads inside a philadelphia home. >> residents in northern california are assessing the daniel after getting jolted by a major earthquake. >> some kids around here, and teachers and administrators are returning to school. let's get the weather and traffic. >> reporter: it's that time of year, looks like you'll need the shades driving into school this morning. we have cloud cover, and high pressure in control and lots of


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