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tv   Action News  ABC  August 26, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news," delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6 o'clock on this tuesday, august 26th. here's what's happening. >> a stray bullet flies through a delaware county home barely missing a toddler in a crib. we'll have a live update as police search for two gunmen. >> philadelphia police may be close to a possible break in the murder of two women in their home. >> and the mercury is looking to get a little closer to the 90's today and higher humidity returns to the accuweather forecast. >> speak of accuweather beef got david out there. david we can't complain, it's been a great august. a little humidity okay and we've got map money in for karen. good morning guys. >> a lovely picture of the ben franklin bridge on sky 6 and pretty good looking morning as the sun is getting ready to come up over the horizon nice and bright. satellite shows you how a
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little bit of cloud cover tried to pop through in the overnight hours but it's gone for the most part because of low humidity air that's still in place. 69 degrees in philadelphia, we've dipped a little bit out of the 70's in the city. 59 in allentown, 71 in reading and trenton, 71 down at the boardwalks and feeling pretty good this morning. 74 by 9 o'clock. the sun is going to be bright dan the temperatures are going to zoom today. today's high about 87 at 3 o'clock and it might feel a little bit humid at times this afternoon. particularly the later we go through the day. 83 by 6 o'clock. but not oppressive and still basically a nice summer afternoon. of course if you have the day off maybe and you're planning on going out at the linc as some friends of mine like to do it will be a nice day. 3 o'clock that's actually wrong it's going to be more like 87 degrees by 3 o'clock this afternoon. when i step inside we are going to talk about higher heat and humidity for tomorrow for sure and maybe a late day or evening thunderstorm. details ahead in the seven day, matt. >> all right, we're teague up
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up -- teague up for a tricky route to work. 95 southbound side by 320 providence avenue, you see a number of emergency crews on the scene attending to the victims. just the left lane is squeezing by so check out the sea of headlights waiting to come down from the area around ridley park through this point at 320 we're dealing with stopped traffic at this point ew 95 southbound th ealsobe bck lanrlos like we' roade rgerwiy byvr igbe ccounoa getreasatnotoiswn o te count main bseaiv trthb by gter raffed bat mn
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he95 f highwayo is ,s fountboou cing ainth tghrhdlo inftot is mtlotgrdhi bor oortessi bt it waticetk eighteae rbof tvebld aal ihest'10t. tion quakaprn rai
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akceav eusse heuakelengndleas s oe nt to ty aevnd etheabuhal jed win ndsmusds of wine i thy cost of wine. locaa coulln dol manoundedh valley residents >>three hou arca thery eaof t ir- g-oerne ds sth a nar-oldit waw d.eediofity ou t m cortookargestelphia dve u
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eq torst to t c yea'st ofny cit.l this is according toa ranking from allstate. the insurer says that fort collins colorado drivers go the longest between collisions, 14.2 years. all right. ford is racing to rebuild its dearborn truck plant. the automaker retooling the facility in order to produce its f-150 trucks with an aluminum body. ford has eight weeks to start production. time is of the essence considering that ford sells more than 60,000 trucks a month. another record day on wall street. the s & p closed at an all time high. nasdaq also rose. millennials are leaving mcdonald's for chipotle five guys and other restaurant chains. the younger diners are looking for fresher healthier food chains with menu items they can customize.
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the trend has been one of the reasons for the weak sales at mcdonald's. customers in their 20's and 30's have long been a main stay of the chain. tam k-we say carnitas. >> we'll get to you in a moment, mr. matt. the parade will start at 2:00 in the afternoon and winder its way around city hall to broad street. the team will make two symptoms. first at the kimmel center and then at broad and washington where they will be greeted by the mummers. the party in the streets will ends with a rally at fdr park. afterwards they'll head to citizens bank park where the phillies host a pregame tribute. stay with "action news" for continuing coverage of the excitement surrounding the taney dragons. getting everything that they deserve. >> yup. >> i don't have anything to
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say. >> no, you don't really. so it's warm again, sunny. going to be a nice one, matt. get those golf clubs ready to go. storm tracker 6 live double scan, we have no precipitation. lots of sun up over the horizon right now on sky 6. really pretty picture out there. the sun, rays of sunshine are up over the horizon anyway. the sun isn't going to be up for another 10 minutes or so but it is a good looking morning out there and feeling pretty good, too. as we take look at temperatures across the region, we're at 69 degrees in philadelphia, justine allentown, 63 in trenton, 60 in lancaster. low 70's from beach haven all the way down to sea isle city along the south jersey shore. satellite shows you a couple clouds overhead in the overnight hours falling apart because of high pressure and dry heir in place. get those sunglasses ready as you head out on the highways. allentown going for at a warm high of 87 today, mainly sunny, very warm out there. might feel a little more humid as the day goes on than it did yesterday but not too bad. down the shore another nice day. ocean temperature in the mid 70's. 74 at noon on the beach and 80
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by 3 o'clock. lots of sun, pleasant. the only thing i'll caution you about is the possibility of some rip currents because we have a hurricane off the coast. i'll talk more about that in a moment and in philadelphia a high of 87, mostly sunny. very warm out there. just a tad humid at times but not too bad. winds out of the southwest at six to 12 miles per hour. here's how we're going get there today. 71 degrees by 8 o'clock, 79 by 11 o'clock, so if you have errands to run or something like that you can get them done in the 70's in the morning. same thing with an exercise walk. but in the afternoon we'll be in the 80's the whole way. 86 by 2 o'clock and your high 87 degrees at 3 o'clock this afternoon. for the phillies tonight another nice night for baseball at citizens bank park. 79 for the first pitch, 71 in the ninth, phillies trying to beat the nationals for the second straight night and i believe it's cole hamels on the mound tonight. tomorrow more humid and that's because a front will be coming in from the west. we'll get a stronger flow out of the southwest with that humid air and there could be a late day or more particularly an evening shower or thunderstorm, at least in a couple of spots. spaghetti plots are slowing
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that you hurricane cristobal which did become a category one hurricane last evening still looks to be well off our coast over the next couple days but there's a high risk of rip currents as that storm passes by and shoots that flow in off the ocean horizon there. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, sunny, very warm today, 87. it's going to be a good one. tomorrow the change with that southerly flow ahead of the front is an up tick in heat. we'll get up to 91 for a high and it will feel much more humid out there. there's that chance of a late thunderstorm as i described. now it looks like that system gets out of here fast enough where on thursday we're breezy and dry, 82 is the high. nice night for eagles football at lincoln financial field. 6abc game the final preseason tune-up for the eagles and then friday looks good but the holiday weekend unfortunately the humidity comes back and each and every day, saturday, sunday and monday there's the chance of a thunderstorm, okay. >> okay. >> we'll look out for it. thanks, david. >> ya'. >> up next more stories you didn't see last night including the wild ride for bus passengers who were washed away by raging rapids
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overseas. >> high fashion with a digital twist. we'll tell you about it next in tech bites. matt. >> high travel times already this morning, tam, here along 95 in delco because of this crash near 320 in the southbound lanes. we'll talk more about this, an accident on the northeast extension, one on 309. the list goes on after the break. >> a great white shark gets a little too close to a crowded beach in new england. we have the video. that's later on "action news." >> ♪ you need blinds. you know it. your neighbours know it. complete strangers passing by your house know it. don't be that house. do something about it. during blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale going on now. buy one, get a second at half price. blinds to go blinds for life.
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>> welcome back. taking a live look here on the traffic cameras taking a look at 95 southbound at delaware county and you can see all the flashing lights there of emergency responders. car trouble there is and only that one lane is getting by. looking pretty slow. >> matt pelman has the latest on the big traffic problem of the morning. >> anybody ready to move to fort collins colorado where apparently they have substantially fewer traffic problems according to that story. not much need for traffic reporters there. the biggy is on 95 in delco. southbound direction by 320 providence avenue just the left lane squeezing by as you come away from the blue route because of this accident. you see all the emergency crews on the scene. still a fire truck, an ambulance, penndot, some tow trucks and police and with just that left lane getting by it is a very slow go as you come away from ridley park through this points at 320 and head down toward the delaware
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state line. we'll keep our eyes on this. we're also keeping our eyes of course on the big picture this morning. elsewhere on 95 speeds are dropping southbound by girard avenue, just 23 miles per hour. don't forget about the construction on the ben franklin bridge headed into center city, just three lanes available instead of the normal four. most of the mornings this week and mlk drive was closed overnight for construction. it's opened again for your morning commute but will close again tonight at 9 o'clock. no major issues so far this morning on the schuylkill and starting at 8:00 a.m., going until 5:00 p.m., you might want to stick with the schuylkill or else lancaster avenue and don't use conshohocken state road, route 23. the new paving project started there yesterday going weekdays through mid september and they're blocking most of the lanes when they do that paving. so, 23 to be avoided during the mid days. you also may want to avoid the northeast extension southbound this morning. still have this crash just south of lansdale blocking both lanes. traffic is getting by on the shoulder but i think if you
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use sumneytown pike over to 309 southbound that's going to be a better bet but north of there we still have the crash that's blocking the southbound side of 309 in colmar between line lexington and trewigtown roads. that happened during the overnight. maybe use county line road to get around that particular blockage. tamly. >> okay, thank you, matt. take a look at this. surging rainwaters swept away an entire bus. look at it go down in south korea. three passengers managed to be rescued but one woman was killed. she's one of several victims believed to have died during torrential rains that fell yesterday. the storm set off landslides suspended rail services and temporarily stopped production at a nuclear power plant. >> amazon makes history with a near billion dollars deal. abc's dan cefler has tech bites. amazon's billion dollar purchase. it is buying twitch a popular web site where 15 million people a month watch people play video games.
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its a big day for football fans as madden 15 goes on sale. it features more camera views for defense teams. the game retails for $60 and it's available for xbox and play station. there is a new tivo for those who don't subscribe to cable. it records over the air tv programs. the 50-dollar units will go on sale $15 a month and will require $15 per month subscription. the polo tech shirts monitors the wearer's heartbeat and stress level. it will be seen on some of the ball boys at this year's u.s. open tennis tournament. those are your tech bites. >> 6:19 now. more than just a souvenir a 10 year old tourist makes a rare find at the jersey shore. david. >> some kids are back at school already and we're dressing them in shorts and t's on their way out to classes today. it's going to be a warm one. we'll be back with your yo
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>> a shark sighting off the massachusetts coastline sends swimmers rushing for dry sand. state police spotted this great white yesterday estimated at 12 to 14 feet about 100 yards away from the packed ducks bury beach. they closed the beach for an hour as they tracked the shark from air and boat. the shark eventually swam off to deeper waters. >> yikes. >> i got to tell you the traffic sort of bites this morning. >> ooh. >> christiana, we got some problems. let's start with those trolleys. shuttle busing on portions of the route 10 and the entirety of the route 15 trolley all week. otherwise mass transit looks pretty good this morning. got a couple new accidents in montgomery county. one in plymouth meeting is along germantown pike at plymouth road and one in norristown, main street at markley but traffic can get by. that you're not getting by the overturned vehicle crash in christiana. still blocking the ramp from
6:20 am
highway 1 northbound to 95 and 495. that's one of those flyover ramp. the flyover ramp to 95 and 295 is opened as an alternate. david. >> all right, matt, we have temperatures in the 60's in most areas, 69 in philadelphia. but we're going to turn those numbers around and shoot them up pretty quick. 74 degrees by 9 o'clock, by noon we'll be in the low 80's so if you have outside exercising to do, morning hours okay. the afternoon, though, is going to be a lot warmer. your high today, 87 degrees at 3 o'clock and it might feel just a tad more humid out there today than it did yesterday. not too bad humidity -wise though and on the big board at the airport still looking at all green airplanes so no major delays in any of our most frequently traveled destinations. matt and tam. >> thank you david. the cdc says one in five american children are obese but parents might not know childhood obesity when they see it even in their own children. researchers found today's parents are 24 percent less likely to recognize their children as overweight or obese compared to parents in the late 1980's and early
6:21 am
1990's. one reason may be that parents compare their children's weight to peers or friends who may also be large rather than relying on growth charts or on what their pediatricians are telling them. >> time right now is 6:23 and next and new at 6:00, a high tech ride helping police in berks county. >> also, new this morning a beach side resort investigates a deadly attack on a father more on that is coming up at ♪
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>> 6:42. bright sunshine that we would
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expect on an august morning like this. 68 degrees on city avenue, getting up into the high 80's today in the delaware and lehigh valleys. >> let's led to matt pelman. we've seen a little trouble on 95. >> we have a dark cloud hanging over the traffic situation this morning matt and tam a.m. number of problems but luckily there is some light at the end of the tunnel here on 95 in delco. the crash southbound by 320 has cleared. all three southbound lanes are reopened as you head down toward the delaware state line and even as we're watching right now, you see the traffic headed southbound here by ridley park starting to pick up the pace. so, coming away from 420 down to 320 there was a substantial delay. it's starting to dissipate and things are looking better for your travels through delco along 95. elsewhere, though, the volume is getting worse on 95. southbound side in the normal slow spots from the betsy ross bridge into girard. speaking of bridges don't forget about our bridge work on the ben franklin bridge this week, just three westbound lanes available instead of the normal four
6:33 am
head need center city so that did cause delays yesterday went expect them again today. delays on the schuylkill of course are popping up westbound by city avenue just 19 miles per hour. and we have been watching for delays on the northeast extension southbound because of a crash near lansdale and chopper 6 hd has arrived on the scene. this is the southbound side of 476, the northeast extension. had an accident involving that vehicle. luckily no one injured in this one and at this point everything is off to the side. you see the southbound traffic on 476 starting to move a little bit better. tow trucks on the on the scene to hall away the vehicle hopefully soon so an improving situation on the northeast extension but on 309 in colmar those southbound lanes are still blocked. not getting better there yet between line lexington road by the burger king and trewigtown road by bergey chevrolet. very locally you can use county line road to get around that and watch out for a crash in towamencin along forty foot road at welsh road by's corner shopping center. tam. >> thank you matt.
6:34 am
commuter scientists have come up with a composite of the killer who beheaded an american overseas. facial recognition specialists base the image on the eyes not covered up by black cloth. its the latest effort to identify the isis member who killed james foal low. one analyst believes he was headed near syria near the failed rescue mission for american hostages that was launched back in july. >> prosecutors offered explicit details as they deliver their opening statements in the trial of a woman charged with abducting a little girl from her school. christina regusters is accused of kidnapping a then five-year-old girl from brian elementary in west philadelphia last year. the child was missing for six hours before the family knew she was gone. the assault was so severe she had to endure several surgeries. the defense claims regusters does not match the description of the school intruder. authorities are calling him the drunk uncle saying he
6:35 am
put his young nephew behind the wheel to help him drive back to his delaware county home while intoxicated. 58-year-old clarence hairston is charged with dui. police in upper darby say they spotted his car acting erratically on saturday, followed him back to his home and noticed the child hairston's eight-year-old nephew sitting in his lap steering and noticed hairston with a beer can in his hand. a flynn-year-old child was unbuckled in the back seat. >> the guy's a total moron is the best way to describe him. puts them in harm's way but then who else in the neighborhood? i mean, he almost hit a parked car at highly residential area. >> hairston's bail has been set at $15,000. neither of the boys were hurt. a west virginia man has his dog to thank for saving him from a black bear. it happened in george washington national forest last week. the man says he was out for a hike with his dog when he spotted two cubs playing and then that's when the protective mama bear seemed to come out of nowhere. >> she charged down the bank
6:36 am
and bit my thigh and knocked me to the ground. >> lucky for the man his dog was also protective. the dog sprang into action attacking the bear. that brought the man -- bought the man time to grab a rock and fight the bare off. he suffered claw wounds to his legs, arms and torso. experts say black bear attacks are extremely rare but we all know about momma bears. >> stay away from them. 6:46. a live preview of "gma" is next. david. >> we are dressing the kids in shorts and t's. time for some school districts. it's going to be very warm this afternoon. we'll be back with your daypart forecast and area (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. >> 6:49. time to take a look at "gma." >> lot of news coming up. amy robach is here to give us a preview of what's going to be seen on "gma." hello amy. >> reporter: hello, matt, good morning tam. great to see you both on this tuesday morning. coming up next on "good morning america" we now know a third american hostage has been abducted by isis. she's been identified by her family this morning, she's been identified by her was kidnapped a year ago in syria and her family says isis has threatened to execute her unless they pay. brian ross is here with all of those details. and then late summer heat wave scorching much of the country with the hottest temperatures of the season. the heat building in the midwest and it's moving eastward. and then severe rip currents
6:40 am
hitting both coasts. ginger is tracking it all. all the excitement from tv's biggest night. backstage at the emmys with all the fashion fun, winners of the night all coming up next on "good morning america." matt and tam, now back to you. >> all right, amy, matt thought sophia's dress was just excellent, beautiful. i'm sure -- >> reporter: i think she can wear anything. >> i think she could, yes. >> she's a very good actress. >> very good, matt. >> she is. >> it has been a challenging morning for us on the roadways but things are starting to look up as we head to christiana, the crash that was blocking the ramp from highway 1 northbound to 95 and 495 now out of the way. that ramp has reopened. also our crash in colmar that had 309 southbound shut down for quite awhile has been cleared as has the one in towamencin along forty foot road so things are looking up reopening in a lot of spots. camera time along 422 it's a slow go past 29 eastbound into 23. and 42 is very dark this morning. but if you could see the shot,
6:41 am
you would see some sluggish northbound traffic like normal, david. >> okay, i'm envisioning that. very good. i got the pictures. temperatures in 60's, 60 in pottstown. some 50 in the northern and western suburbs. up to about 69 at the airport in philadelphia. 63 in buena. if you have errands to run the morning looks good. 74 degrees with sun, 82 by noon. it is going to get warmer and perhaps a little bit on the humid side later today. a high of 87 degrees. we'll hit that at 3 o'clock before we go back down to 83 by 6 o'clock. matt and tam gleek oh, thank you, david. one actor made a huge splash on social media. leonardo was late to accept the challenge. he donate add whopping $100,000 to the als association and he challenged the canadian prime minister,
6:42 am
steven harper to take the challenge next. the 39-year-old is currently working in canada on his documentary carbon about of carbon emissions. we'l
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6:44 am
>> top stories at 6:55. a man from the lehigh valley died at a popular beach resort
6:45 am
in ocean city, maryland, over the weekend. police say justin cancelliere was assaulted early sunday morning. they're awaiting results from his autopsy. several top lawmakers of an ocean county town will give us an update this morning about the efforts to find a local student who disappeared in israel. 23-year-old aron sofer of lakewood new jersey was last seen on friday leaving for a hike in jerusalem. a bus driver in wilmington delaware dropped off elementary school students four hours late on their first day of school. the school, the academia antonio alonzo center says there was a mix-up on the bus. >> look at the bottom of your screen. 95 northbound traffic parked from 452 up to past the commodore barry bridge. a crash there is on the shoulder. that's northbound. remember earlier we had the southbound one by 320. that's completely gone but still heavy from past 420 down to 320. and in clayton gloucester county still have that water main break this morning along delsea drive near high street
6:46 am
so there's a traffic shift in effect there. david. >> get those sunglasses ready and hope your ac is working today. 74 degrees by 9 o'clock. by noon, 82. your high today is going to be 87 around 3 o'clock. lots of sun. might be a little bit more humid than it was yesterday but not too bad. basically it's just warm and bright. >> okay, depending on when you get out the door you may be looking at that backup on 95 going when will it be safe? keep an eye here on that matt pelman. we'll be back every 30 minutes to give you the very latest on what's going on. david will have accuweather. for karen rogers, matt pelman, matt o'donnell, missed you, i missed you all. >> i'm back. >> hope you have a great tuesday. i'm tamala edwards. have a great tuesday. your windows don't need a facelift. just a new wardrobe. take them shopping
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good morning, america. break now we learn overnight that president obama has now approved surveillance flights over isis terror strongholds in syria. what could be the next step to a military strike. and brian ross reports on a brand-new american hostage revealed this morning. triple whammy. scorching heat across the middle of the country as hurricanes in both the atlantic and pacific are set to bring big waves and huge swells to both coasts. some as large as 20 feet in southern california. >> hi, my infant son is locked
6:50 am
in the car. >> hot car 911. a frantic mother realizes her 10-month-old son is locked in the backseat holding the keys calling emergency services in a panic with time running out and temperatures rising, why 911 refused to respond. sealed with a kiss. the most nominated actress in emmy history
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