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tv   Action News  ABC  August 26, 2014 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon and sara is off and rick will be along later. i'm alicia vitarelli, in the news a cease fire deal has appeared to be been reached between israel and hamas. we have details on this new development overseas.
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and the police department mourns one of its own after this motorcycle crash. but the massive search for a student in israel from ocean county. he is an ultra orthodox student that has been in israel studying there. nora muchanic joins us live in lakewood, ocean county, where friends of teen spoke a short while ago. >> this student's disappearance has rocked this community, his family say large one and well known in lakewood. he graduated here and was in israel doing post graduate work when he disappeared. he was expected to return to class tomorrow. tomorrow in a news conference, community leaders and politicians are calling on israel and the united states to do everything they can to find
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this young man. >> do everything to bring back my brother, and bring him back in good health. he was among those pleading with officials to do all they can to locate aaron, of lakewood that went missing in israel on friday. >> i want to say to the israeli government, treat aaron as if he was an israeli soldier is missing. we know what the government does when an israeli soldier goes missing. >> we know the concerns of the possibility of an abduction, no claims have been made and that is a good sign. >> he was last seen hiking with a friend in the jerusalem forest when his companion lost sight of him. there are fears that the ultra orthodox student may have been kidnapped by militants. >> not seeing or hearing
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anything is kind of scary, people are talking about the possibility of kidnapping. >> his parents have flown to israel where an extensive search including volunteers has been underway and there is no trace of him so far. >> if they provide the resources it will be easier to find him assuming he is still there in the woods. >> congressman christman's office is in touch with officials in both countries, the push is on and they say that aaron soefer would not go out on his own, he is not that kind of young man, the search is on to continue into israel. i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." >> nora, thank you. now to developing news about the growing conflict in the middle east. a senior hamas officials says an open cease fire is reached with israel. it was announced on egyptian
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state television just minutes ago, following a night of strikes on several apartment buildings in gaza. more than 25 people were hurt in the barrage of rocket fire, the united states has begun surveillance flights over syria. the information gathered could pave the way for strikes in the clearer picture of islamic state officials operating in syria. until now president barack obama has resisted military action in syria but it may shift after the execution of james foley. the trial continues for the woman accused of kidnapping a girl from her classroom. they spoke of their panic once they realized the girl was gone. she was kidnapped by a woman in muslim garb. she is expected to testify in
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the case. atlantic police officer was killed when his motorcycle collided with a suv in franklin township, gloucester county, chopper 6 was above the crash on tuckahoe road yesterday afternoon. sergeant charles adams, a 20-year veteran was killed in the crash. a lehigh county man was killed when he was assaulted on a trip to ocean city, maryland, police say they found justin candlery was found in the parking lot. he had gone to ocean city to take his mind off of his grandmother's recent funeral. so far no arrests made in connection with his death. a small 3.9 aftershock rattled napa, california, just
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days after the magnitude 6.2 earthquake on sunday. meanwhile thousands remain without tap water and crews are checking for gas leaks, the damage to the care could top a billion dollars, thousands of homes and businesses are damaged and some are deemed unsafe to enter. there are two critical injuries including a boy hit by debris. it's feeling like summer with temperatures creeping close tore 90 degrees, sky 6 hd taking a live look down at cape may, we are enjoying warmth and sunny skies, people are packing the beach, it's a good day for that and get ready for heat and humidity to move into the lehigh and delaware valleys. david murphy is live now with
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more. >> reporter: its pretty comfortable out here if you don't mind the warm temperatures, humidity remaining on the low side and that changes tomorrow. it's a wall-to-wall sun kind of day, high pressure is in control and a bit a breeze but not much of one, the center of that high pressure is high. 86 in philadelphia, at the noon hour. kind of leading the pack there, 85 in wilmington and 82 in allentown, as promised we are getting ready for a warm afternoon is there as well. at the shore in the mid-70s, probably staying cooler by the water. if you are headed to the pool today, a good one, 87 by 1:00 and by 4:00, 86 and 88, 89 and some urban centers could hit 90, sunscreen is important today. if are you thinking about grilling burgers after work,
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bring along a cool bottle of water if you are standing next to the hot grill, we'll be at 85 degrees which we have a chance of slipping back into the 70s in the suburbs and it is going to be warm. hot and humid conditioned tomorrow and maybe thunderstorms by night fall, i'll have the details in the accuweather seven day. >> you can stay on top of the weather situation by visiting, get the hourly and seven-day forecast, the latest video from the "action news" meteorologist, and our collection of weather-related photos and videos. the city of philadelphia is getting pumped up to celebrate the taney dragons, preparations are underway for the parade for the little leaguers, who made it to the world series, while they did not win the championship, they won our hearts. katherine scott has the latest. >> reporter: we are at the camel
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center, one stop along tomorrow's parade route, the philly pops will serenade the taney dragons, part of a big celebration for the little leaguers. the celebrations continue and the team made it all the way to the u.s. championship semi final round of the little league world series, making them the third best little league team in the nation. and the pride of city. >> it's good for the city, we are cheering for them. >> it gives us good light in the city after all the bad stuff that happens. >> they will head east on market and go south on broad, the parade culminates at broad and ends with a rally. fans hope to catch some of the festivityize. >> i look forward to looking out o we'll ow to see them. be out there cheering them on. there are stops at the camel
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center and at broad and washington where the mummers will perform. sylvester stallone impersonator, will be there. >> we need to pray for them and they will inspire people. everybody has a rocky inside of them, don't ever quitd. >> they will head to citizens bank park where there will be a tribute and all the fans there will get a taney t-shirt. >> great stuff. young xatders will show off their moves in center city, the action cam was on the schuylkill river trail where members of the police athletic league competed in a skateboarding competition. no matter who wins it looks like they had a lot of fun out there. look at those fancy moves there. still to come, fbi director,
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willy freed is hospitalized after an accident in vermont. a woman comes face-to-face with a black bear and her cubs and lives to tell about it. and our call to action volunteers are standing by and ready to help you with any consumer issue you may have. give them a call.
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former fbi director, louie freed suffered injuries after an doesn't in vermont. his suv struck a mailbox, a row of shrubs and then hit a tree. he was taken to the hospital by helicopter. he was the only one in the vehicle at the time and police say that free broke at least one of his legs and required surgery. in 2012 free penned the scathing report against the jerry sandusky sex scandal at penn state. heavy rain over the weekend caused a small pennsylvania road to wash away. it happened in perry township north of pittsburgh, you can see the massive hole left behind after flash flooding. a 79-year-old man died after his
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car plummeted 27 feet into the culvert. people are now stranded there until crews can repair the roadway. a west virginia man says he has his dog to thank after saving him from a black bear. it happened in george washington, national forest, the man says he was out for a hike with his dogs when he spotted two cubs playing and that is when the protective mama bear came out charging. >> she charged down the bank and bit my thigh and knocked me to the ground. >> and luckily that man's dog was also protective and he came charging, he suffered claw wounds to his legs and arms and torso, expert say that black bear attacks are extremely rare. welcome home! woah, this kitchen is beautiful! give him the tour. let me show you!
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and suspending service from tampa from october 25th to december 15th and those that bought flights can get a refund or rebook through the airport in wors u.s. cdty brotherly love are in a collision every 6.2 years. ft. collins, colorado, ranks the safest city in the nation with collisions, at 4.2 years, in health check, the u.s. has air-lifted 16 tons of supplies to west africa to fight the ebola outbreak. workers are running short and having to wash and reuse protective gear and health workers have died and more are sick with what the world organization is calling unprecedented. the disease continues to spread
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through a liberian slum and in sierra leone, they say more cases are cropping up in places. one in five american kids are obese, and parents may n childhood obesity when they seeg overr obo e 80s theypare their weightohei relying on growth charts. day dreaming again?
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it was a good night for abc's hit modand family at last night's emmy awards. it won best comedy series for the sixth year in a row. and took the title for best directing, tye burrell took best supporting actor. "breaking bad" won for best drama. and taking a look at the accuweather forecast it's tuesday and looking nice, and feeling more like summer, which it is. >> some kids are back at school and we are finally get tlg. stormtracker 6 live double scan shows you we are dry and as we take a ride aboard chopper 6 with our hd camera, you can see it's warm and sunny and hazy out there. and generally speaking though, not bad as humidity is still behaving itself for the most part. your temperature is 86 degrees right now. and a long time since we got this warm this fast.
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the dew point is above the 60 degree threshold for humidity and the winds southeast at 6 miles per hour. 82 in allentown and 83 in trenton and 85 in wilmington and at the shore are you getting your expected break, in atlantic city 82 and along the beaches, running in the upper 70s in most spots, we show you the lack of cloud cover and plans to be out and about in the local highways or by ways, it's sun glass weather, up in allentown, a warm one with a high of 87, and warm and on the humid side and down the shore another great day on the beach, ocean temperatures in the mid-70s and on the beach itself, you get up to 80 this afternoon, sunny and nice conditions and not all that humid and nice in the water and nice on the sand in both places, your call for philadelphia, we'll go for a high of 88, and some urban centers get up to 90
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this afternoon and sunny and warm and winds out of the southwest at 6 to 12 miles per hour, a little bit of a breeze kicks around but not much. philadelphia 67 and suburbs dip closer to 62 degrees, cool and comfortable overnight. and in terms of the evening commute, not too bad, 84 by 5:30 and 89 by 7:00, a bit humid and lots of sun and no weather related issues to prevent you from getting home in time. 7:05 is the phillies start, washington nationals who the phillies beat last night. cole hamels on the mound and 71 in the ninth inning and a tad on the humid side. the frontal boundary is coming closer to us and probably hotter, we'll get to 90 or better across the region, there could be at nighttime a thunderstorm ahead of that stuff, in the meantime hurricane
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cristobal has become a hurricane, a category 1, that storm will split the difference between bermuda and rip currents but that is a big deal for us. 88 degrees is today's high and the seven day from accuweather sunny and warm and tomorrow hot and humidity and a high of 81, behind the system we get nice e saursundandaytemhpe 80s and e of those days there is a chance of a spotty thunderstorm, the best chance is on labor day and we'll keep our eyes out. >> a little chance. thank you. >> the action news team is working on news stories, a
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surprising new story, with a sleep disorder, plus two pieces of plastic and one a pretty big confrontation in the air, a fight that forced an emerency landng and details on a revolutionary nail polish that promised to keep women safe from predators. for david murphy, rick williams and the entire "action news" team. i'm alicia vitarelli have yourself a great afternoon.
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