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tv   Action News  ABC  August 27, 2014 12:00pm-12:31pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy. good afternoon, we begin
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with breaking news this noon, police are vest gating a deadly shooting inside of kennedy hospital in stratford, new jersey, it appears that a man killed his wife inside of a hospital room and turned the gun on himself. john rawlins is outside of the hospital and joins us with the latest. >> reporter: it was shortly after 9:00 when calls went out that there was a possible shooting at the kennedy hospital. now authorities allege that a man inside of a second floor room shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself. prosecutors office says that the wife has died and the husband is flown to the trauma center in camden and his condition is unknown. we talked to another gentlemen at the time this happened. he was here to visit his wife, also on the second floor. he was ushered out and told the
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hospital was on lockdown and subsequent he talked to his wife on the phone and heard several gun shots on the second floor and there were screams and sounds of panic and it was quiet quickly. sometime after that, a woman named megan lucas who was dropping her mom off for elective surgery. >> they didn't tell me much just a shooting. and that the situation was under control. >> it was calm? >> yes, it seemed cool, calm and collected. nobody was running around or screaming and hollering. >> you were at registration? >> no, we just pulled up. >> where is your mom? >> she is getting checked in now. >> you can tell the situation is quieting down considerably and the patients are coming in at
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this period in time. it's shortly after 10:00, he shot and wound his wife here and now is survived that attempt to try to take his life apparently and is taken to cooper medical hospital, and the authorities are expected to brief the media on the situation in the next hour or so. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> now, to the discovery of two bodies that were dumped into the schuylkill river at fairmont park. >> the gruesome scene on kelly drive, it appears that the men were abducted. bound and stabbed and thrown into the water. now authorities are speaking to a third man that survived. katherine scott is following the investigation all morning, she joins us live along kelly drive. >> reporter: eva, one man was taken to the hospital with multiple stab wounds and he is in stable condition and the bodies of the other two victims
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are not far from where we are standing. they were about 50 feet apart and now they are looking into what connects these victims. >> the bodies of two men were pulled out of the schuylkill river, they were bound and stabbed and duct tape on their face. the police were called to the 2300 block of kelly drive and fairmount park for a report of a person screaming in the road. the man was soaking wet and was partially clothed and had been stabbed multiple times. >> he was bound by his wrist by his back and his ankles were bound. he told police four to five men abducted him at 4:00 or 5:00 a.m. and was blindfolded and stabbed. all three were driven to the
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river branch and thrown into the water, but the 20-year-old man was able to free himself and call to shore. the other two were not as lucky, police say both of their bodies were weighed down. >> and tied and tethered to some type of debris, some sort of weight used as an anchor. >> members of the crime scene unit walked the bank looking for tire tracks and other evidence. people out for their runs were surprised to see a kchaotic scene. >> i live down the street and i never seen anything like this. it makes you wonder what the world is coming to. >> and now they are wondering how much money was robbed from that victim. that pertains to that surviving victim because they were able to talk to him. if and how all of these victims were connected and it all remains under investigation.
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we are live on kelly drive, channel 6 "action news." >> thanks katherine. from the delaware newsroom, state police are investigating a serious accident, that closed part of route 202 in wilmington, as she walked around the run on the parkway, no word on her condition or the driver, the northbound lanes of route 202 are shut down at this hour. and drivers are being asked to avoid the area, the search continues for two men behind a $100,000 heist in fishtown, the suspects were posing at police officers when they robbed the distribution center on tuesday nitd. they were preparing to open the business when the thieves knocked on the door pretending to be police, they made off with cash from a safe in a dark colored suv. the police think the robbery may have been an inside job. the kindergartner that was
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kidnapped from her school will be called to testify against her attacker this afternoon. christina regusters was accuse charged with taking the girl from her elementary school and molesting her. a doctor told the court that the injuries were so severe the girl required surgery. investigators are calling a fire suspicious after flames engulfed a home in camden overnight. it started in a vacant house just after 2:30 a.m. crews got the fire under control in 30 minutes and no one was hurt. right now the city of philadelphia is preparing for a taney takeover, in just two hours, the little leaguers will be honored with a parade along a three mile stretch along broad street to fdr park. chad pradelli is live now in center city with a preview of the celebration. >> reporter: hey eva, we are still a couple hours away from
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the beginning of is this parade and not a lot of people out here, and it's unclear how many people will show up. another celebration of the taney dragons that finished third in the united states for the little league world series, here are the spots you should go to, it starts at 20th and market at 2:00 and proceeds down market and goes around city hall, and a couple of stops down broad street at the kimmel center where the philly pops will perform and then at washington where the mummers will strut their stuff and it ends at 4:00 at fdr park and the phillies will also honor the taney dragons. this team has really garnered our attention and national attention and they were honor as they came back from williamsport. we expect a few more than that during this parade. this team took us on a ride over those two weeks and one more down the streets of
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philadelphia. the parade starts at 2:00 and we'll have the coverage for you all right here on 6 abc. for now live in center city, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." >> thanks chad. we'll have complete coverage of the taney dragons parade on 6 abc and online at parade watchers will be taking in the action on what is suppose to be the hottest and most humid day of the week, the perfect time to be sitting on the beach as we look live from atlantic city from sky 6 hd, plenty of sunshine out there as temperatures climb into the 90s throughout the region this afternoon. for the latest from accuweather lets head outside to meteorologist, david murphy. >> reporter: it's getting pretty toasty out here right now. currently in philadelphia, we have already at the noon hour hit 83 degrees and 81 in allentown, and up over 80 in millville and close to the 80 degree mark at the shore in atlantic city and sea isle city,
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anything over 60 is humid air and philadelphia 63, and wilmington it's a little worse. its not oppressive but more evident than it has been over the last several days. 92 is today's high, that is 8 degrees above the average high of 84. above average today, we'll get down close to above average and things get more manageable tomorrow and an issue of air quality tomorrow and sensitive groups like senior citizens and young kids. if you are in those groups, you'll want to limit your outdoor exposure. when i step inside. the current humidity may not last that long but there is a longer stretch on the way. hurricane marie is causing massive wave as long the california coastline and the storm is making its way across the pacific ocean, swells of 30
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feet off newport beach. swimmers of surfers about the dangerous waves and strong rip currents. isis continues their deadly fight in iraq and syria. they just released photos from taking over an air base in syria. the soldiers there have been surviving on air dropped supplies, it shows the soldiers captures, lined up and shot, this takeover gives access to more weapons. >> the american journalist freed by militants spoke out today. this morning he spoke to reporters and thanked all of those that helped to bring him home. >> i remember how good the american people are and what kindness they have in their hearts, and to all of those people i say thank you from the
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bottom of my heart. >> curtis was held for 22 months by fighters believed to be al qaeda, this came days after militants executed fellow journalist, james foley. coming up a new coffee trend has people adding something unexpected to their cup of joe, the unusual mixture helps you lose weight coming up late under health check. david murphy will be back with the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. welcome home! woah, this kitchen is beautiful!
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where's my room? we had to take just a little bit for the kitchen. ranked highest in customer satisfaction. ikea kitchens. police are investigating after a 9-year-old girl accidentally kill aid shootding instructor at a gun range. he was showing her how to use an automatic uzi, the recoil sent the gun over her head. she was at the range with her parents, possibly for safety class. a large sinkhole opened up in one napa valley neighborhood. more than 400 people remain in the area, while crews remain to
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fix the break, nicholas dillon was there when a chimney collapsed and told his story of survival. >> i was screaming my mom's name, and she tried to get to me. i was there 30 mines to an hour and then the firemen and paramedics showed up. >> schools were reopened after the earthquake hit for the first time today. a woman arrested several times for trespassing at airports out west. tried it again. marilyn tried to stow away on a plane in phoenix this morning. after the 63-year-old was told to stay away from the airport after getting stopped at a check point on august 14th. hartmann was arrested seven times at san francisco hartmann was arrested seven times at san francisco internati denturthan real teeth.erent
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the head of the international monetary fund is facing charges in a corruption case today she faces charges for a payment given to a businessman during her time as a finance minister in france, during the botched sale of sports equipment
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with adidas. turning to health check, the verdict is out with a new trend gaining popularity with coffee drinkers, people are blending butter with their "morning joe." it is suppose to cut cravings throughout the day. the idea is to add grass fed butter and coconut oil. some are praising it and others are casting doubt. the "action news" team is working on tour storys for today at 4:00. >> i think i'll just take my coffee straight, the made in america musikfest is breaking down today at 4:00. plus, labor day of course, the unofficial end of summer, as we say good-bye to all of this time
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off. we'll break down the best deals on this holiday weekend with saving with 6 abc, you can take us on the go, with the 6 abc news app, watch our newscast live streaming on your tablet or smart phone. accuweather is coming up.
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better throw on extra deoderant. >> it's hot, but plenty of sunshine out there, including
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sky 6 hd at the ben franklin bridge, it's toasty if you head out there and start moving around a little bit. a couple of high lights, perhaps it's a low light. low 90s in much of the region, and it's stickier than this week. the other story is that it gets better tomorrow. 83 in philadelphia, your dew point an important number today up over 60, any time you get one it's starting to feel humid. winds southwest at 15 miles per hour and some spots could get above that in the afternoon. 82 is the current temperature in trenton, 82 in wilmington and similar numbers in allentown and millville and dover, and down the shore a little bit a break and that break continues through the afternoon, you'll stop at 5 or 6 degrees of our highs inland down the shore. we are looking at sunshine and a few sweeps of clouds possible and we'll keep eyes on the areas
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north, the poconos and maybe the lehigh valley. the model has not been real aggressive with this stuff all day. we really don't think it's going to be anything but a stray this neighborhood or that neighborhood. a small thing that pops up. 90 is the high in allentown and on the humid side and mid-70s down the shore and nice on the beach, a bit humid and 86 degrees, the only thing about the shore is, if you dip your feet in you don't want to go far because of rip currents. mostly sunny and on the humid side and light winds, not much of a wind. 68 is the overnight low, a spotty thunderstorm possible and that is really spotty. and really way far north, i'd say the lehigh valley maybe has a chance of that. for the phillies it looks like it stays dry and cloudy and muggy and 74 in the ninth inning and the phillies trying to sweep
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the nationals, i love the phillies and even i don't think there is a possibility of that happening. the humid air gets shoved out of the picture and we get sunshine and lower temperatures and human, it gets comfortable. out in the atlantic we are tracking hurricane cristobal, outside of bermuda, it will split the distance to the east coast, we have a high risk of rip currents today and tomorrow. today hot and on the humid side, 92 is the high and tomorrow big change, sunny and nicer and a high of only 84 and great for the eagles for lincoln financial field. if you have tickets you have nice weather. partly sunny on friday, 81 and nice, and as we head into the weekend, the humidity starts to creep back up and sun on saturday and a chance of a stray thunderstorm, and the same story on sunday, getting up to 91 and
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a stray thunderstorm possible. and monday 89 and thunderstorms may pop up as well. none of those days look like washouts,ut we have to keep our eyes to the skies. >> thanks david. >> school bells were ringing this morning as elementary schools started in camden, the first day for schools run by the mastery schools of camden, they will aten the cramer hill elementary school. it will serve students in the north camden and cramer hill neighborhood. that is it for "action news" at noon, don't forget "action news" at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. for david murphy, rick williams, sara bloomquist, and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgram, have a nice after nan. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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