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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  August 27, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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the faa is already investigating. the two people have already been rushed to the hospital. again a plane crash at 3:30 this afternoon and to people are injured and they are hospitalized this afternoon. the ntsb is trying to determine the probable cause, it happened at amity township. two bodies were pulled from the water after a third victim managed to escape and call for help. police say this could be part of a large drug operation. >> this investigation began when the lone survivor managed to get out of river and call for help in the 2300 block of kelly drive. walter perez is live in northern liberties tonight where police say that one of victims lived. walter? >> reporter: well, that surviving victim lives here on
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the 7200 block of northwest liberties, they have not said where the abduction took place, he was dressed only in his underwear with his feet and hands bound and bleeding profusely, iten adu as schuylkill river. all three victims were tortured. >> it's pretty brutal, all three victims, their hands and feet were bound and their eyes were covered and they were stabbed multiple times. the victim was described only as a 23-year-old asian man remained hospitalized in critical conditthe two others were found their remains in the water tied up with some type of anchor tied to their feet. they are looking to see if this case is tied to local asian gang
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activity. >> through our investigation we believe it's some type of drug nextous. >> we spoke to people nearby. >> i had a break-in in my apartment just this year and i think everyone is on edge around here because of break-in and now this. it's a little bit crazy. while others say this does not seem to be a random attack. >> it reminds me three years ago the incident at the piazza, a targeted crime, it doesn't necessarily have negative implications for the neighborhood. >> the survivor does have a rap sheet and he is known to police, but his name is not released at this time. and the two victims that died have not been identified yet. walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. police are investigating a shooting at a south jersey hospital, found a third victim to the crime. it was just after 10:00 a.m.,
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when he shot his wife denise at the hop in strad ford. he later shot himself and survived. police went to his home in glendora and found another person shot as well. john rawlins will have more on this story coming up in a live report at 6:00. >> the young girl abducted from her west philadelphia classroom testified into a center city courtroom today. vernon odom is live with more on what turned out to be a very emotional day in court. >> reporter: emotional and dramatic. the child's mother first testified about all the fear and panic she felt during the day and hours her daughter was missing and now the 7-year-old, now a second grader recounting the horrific experience she had at the hands of christina
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regusters. the little girl was only 5 and is 7 years old now. she calmly took the stand, her testimony punctuated with a lot of "i don't remembers," she left the classroom with a woman that was in full muslim garb and was placed in a bag and carried into a house. >> she was mostly kept under a bed and she does not know how she sustained the severe injuries that was a sexual assault by a sharp object. and the kidnapper walked her to a playground in upper darby to "escape" her injuries required extensive surgery. christina regusters lawyer decided he would not cross examine the victim as she retold her story, it's consistent with
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what she told police and prosecutors and her own mother in the past. regusters will take the stand eventually in her own defense. vernon odom, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. philadelphia school officials want parents to know they have options when it comes to early childhood education. superintendant william hite, spoke and encouraged parents to use the website, for the programs available. >> the programs are linked to higher graduation rates and linked to higher and college and career readiness rates and lower dependance on social services and lower incidents of crime. the city of philadelphia pulled out all of the stops today to honor our home town
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heroes, the taney dragons, the mid atlantic champions when down broad street to celebrate them and show they were loved. the team enjoyed it and relaxed and enjoyed some fun in the sun. lets go to eva pilgram who spent the day live along the parade route. >> earlier today the sidewalk outside of the kimmel center as fans watched. >> young and old and tall and short, all kinds of people came out to see theaney dragons as they made stops along the parade. >> there is a lot to see. >> there is so many grownups here it's hard to see. >> the first stop, here at the kimmel center, the phillies pop brass quartet serenaded the team and little ones lined up to get
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a look at them. >> it was very exciting. i want to see mo'ne davis. >> everyone has their favorite player and their standout moment. >> i like how she can read all the batter's swing, if they swing high or low or inside or outside. >> but for betty foster, her nephew, ky cummings. >> he did better than good, he did darn good. >>nd then the next stop, the mummers showed them some love and then arrived at fdr park. what this team inspired has just begun. >> third base and pitcher. >> they are kids, they are playing like the phillies, but they are still kids. >> those kids have to get ready to go back to school next week. the fun is not quite over for
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them just yet, they are honored tonight at the phillies game. >> they make us so proud. thank you eva. you can visit for the complete coverage of the taney dragons parade. see a slideshow of players and fans, as well as videos of the dragons celebrating all the way down broad street. the stage is set for this weekend's made in america music festival. the action cam was on the ben franklin parkway, and the set times were announced. kanye west saturday night at 10:30 and kings of leon closes the show on sunday, and we have a complete list at check it out. busy weekend coming up. time for te "action news" traffic report, on a wednesday. >> never boring. >> why not make it busy this afternoon. they are getting ready for the made in america festival.
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right there in front of the art museum and those lanes are only going to increase the blockages of them as the festival nears this weekend. getting word of traffic light troubles on lancaster avenue, a local outage is causing lights to be dark. this is southbound, by girard avenue by the phils game. and the northbound travel times are worse with the normal afternoon volume out of the city and a crash at quakertown by broad street and in salem county, we are without route 49 by pecks corner, close to marty's crabs. stay on jericho to get around that scene. and on the garden state parkway approaching north wildwood look for a truck fire taking out the right lane. >> matt thank you. still more to come on "action news" tonight. new concerns about the outbreak
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of ebola in west africa, officials say it will get much worse before it gets better. >> that summer feeling is back and it will take off the seven-day forecast. >> thank you. a look forward to that. and if you are sending your kids back to school, ali gorman shows us how to stay fit and manage your kid's busy schedule. >> i can do that and then take a nap.
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a third doctor in sierra leone has died. the outbreak is worse than he feared. dr. thomas friedman says the outbreak will get worse before it gets better. the priority is to get good care to those that are sick and protective gear to health care workers trying to save them. a worker was flown back to the u.s. after getting within a few feet of a patient without gear on. now it's 6 abc get to be fit. >> health reporter, and registered nurse, ali gorman is
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at the big board with tips. >> parents are gung ho getting into shape over the summer, for some it goes to a screeching halt now that summer is back in session. you can see in fitness and you don't have to do it all at once. connie collins is busy, she has two kids and works full-time. once her kids go back to school, the family schedule is hectic, so when it comes to fitness. >> i try to grab time wherever i can. >> karen richards says that is the right idea, she is the chairman of the university of sciences. >> ten minutes a day is all you need. >> she recommends power walking, short trips throughout the day for working parents or -- >> if you are standing at the park watching the kids practice soccer, you can do laps around the field. >> there are simple moves can
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you do almost anywhere. >> it's perfect. >> just hold that for 30 seconds at a time. such as a plank or squat or lungs and mix in cardio. and strive for 30 minutes total throughout the day. if you have more time to spare all at once, richards says make an appointment with yourself to workout. >> keep it on your schedule. that is one thing you need to do throughout the day. the benefits are contagious. >> i want to be a good role model for the kids, i want them to see that fitness is important and we are all active and staying healthy and keep moving. >> there are easy things to do to keep moving, take the stairs instead of elevator and bring flats instead of shoes and instead of a coffee break, take
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a walking break that will happen you wake up. pennsylvania state police are preparing to step up their presence on the roads this labor day weekend. they were joined by the mothers against drunk driving today. all part of the drive sober or get pulled over effort. police plan to increase efforts on friday through mon's holiday, they are on the lookout for impaired drivers as well as folks texting and driving. >> the city of philadelphia's backpack challenge wrapped up with quite a flourish. this brought various groups together and they distributed backpacks to groups throughout the city, scores of local companies provided the money and resources, many collection sites are stayling up and running through next week. >> still ahead on "action news,"
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atlantic city showboat
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casino is moving forward with plans to close this weekend. a representative says that the casino will close on sunday at 4:00 p.m.ntative says that the the closure plans will happen despite recent interest from purchasers. they will consider them after sunday's closure. >> spiders have sparked suzuki to recall thousands of cars. they say it could cause holes in hoses, and that could cut off air flow or cause fuel leaks or fires. there are seven reports of the problem, suzuki centers are prepared to fix the issue if necessary. chick-fil-a are checking out breakfast options, including chicken and waffles. chick-fil-a will try the items out in georgia and california, and if successful, the breakfast dishes could be available
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nationwide. >> much more to come on "action news" tonight. we are looking live from the jersey shore from sky 6, atlantic city is crowded there on the beach, why not, temperatures are in the 90s today and meteorologist, adam joseph has your accuweather forecast for the
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time for accuweather at the "action news" big board. adam joseph is here and thery climbed near 90 as promised. >> we are at 89 degrees, northeast philadelphia has hit 91 so far and 80 in allentown and 86 in millville going to work at the shore in the lower 80s and down there it's more on the muggy side as it has been the last few days. you factor in the dew points, with the higher humidity and 92 in philadelphia and 89 in trenton, this is true summer heat that we have been lacking the last couple of months. we look at double scan live and we have slight humidity and we are tracking a cold front to the north and west. you can see most of the energy with this front is in southern new england to the north, an isolate the downpour or thunderstorm could happen from the lehigh valley to the poconos
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during the evening hours, as you can see on future tracker 6 it's minimal to the north and west and it's a dry evening, it's warm and muggy and at midnight just a few clouds passing through as the cold front arrives. we look at hurricane cristobal, just to the east of the carolinas, it's a category 1 hurricane, it has weakened a little bit. winds 75 miles per hour moving to the north-northeast at 15 miles per hour and it's 8500 miles due west of bermuda, it's a fish storm and won't affect land and it continues to pull out to sea and it will be off to the east thursday afternoon as a category 1 and that sends cuff surf our way. it's so far on friday in the north atlantic, we won't have to worry btd rip currents in upcoming weekend but the risk
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peaks tonight and during the day today as well. stay out of the water when the lifeguards are off duty and it will truly improve here as we get into the end of the week on friday. tonight it's a muggy night and 62 in allentown and millville 64 degrees and your five-day at 5:00, refreshing air comes in and the next two days we go back below normal and low humidity and beautiful tomorrow and 81 and the muggies return on friday at 86 and it's hot and humid sunday into labor day, either side of 90 degrees and late sunday into monday with a chance of thunderstorms and downpours because of that extreme humidity. when we come back we'll talk about the heat and humidity continuing guys in the seven-day forecast. >> thank you adam. there is much more to come in the next half hour at 5:00, a pop super star is making sure that hundreds of philadelphia school children are ready to hit the books. the man held hostage by terrorists for two years is back
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on american soil. what peter
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hello again, here is what is happening on "action news" tonight. danger off the waters of the jersey shore all because of strong rip currents, we have the details. it's taney dragon day in philadelphia. how the city showed its love for the little league stars and draft day for the students getting their education. lisa thomas-laury shows us how it works. hurricane cristobal will not make landfall near the east coast, but it is still creating dangerous conditions in new jersey, there are red flags posted up and down the state, officials are not taking chances with visitors. nora muchanic is live with the details. >> reporter: that hurricane is causing powerful rip currents from central jersey to the
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delaware shore. they are limited swimming for safety reasons. >> it's scary, i think the lifeguards have their jobs kutd out for them today. >> indeed they did. they called swimmers back all day because of the restrictions because of high surf and dangerous rip currentses, they are being churned up by hurricane cristobal, even though it's off the coast. >> it's rough, five minutes in, i hear dad, it's pulling me out and it's an eye opener. they are being pulled out. ankle deep aep


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