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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 28, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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j.p. morgan chase is the stolen. were r hehfeea o owngbu trewh s wn andmer showed up on"jernd good morn it the presidweeg ien accountnd goverentorord tsheheo sh tin te,it is seat thulim, >> rorter: good morning, and hra appealing is. iv ilias orist gup
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cied at targets and have captured a wide aeos toy'rhead intelligence on range of advanced military equipment and munitions, much of it left behin by the u.s. officials sa isis is now much more than the ragtag terror group it was just a few years ago. and this morning u.s. officials tell abc news they are working to confirm new reports out of syria that yet another american has been killed fighting for isis, george. >> we know that so many westerners and americans have gone over there to fight and the concern not only will they fight there but try to bring an attack back home. >> what they call the clean skin, be able to get in this country with their documents. 100 americans thought to have r>> nd up to fight for thisdiof. acaouer good mo w breakg ob adminco u i ab irny.ingis m ukrai areusrces raine. as you can see i this new video
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coming in, the explosion es ac o h wspesconf fighting andel ukrain days. now, ukraine's president has ju called an urgent meetingf his security council to decide how to respond. e,newnearlyte plheally pt tma hasced bly o tw thlirece inbole can put ayou. c> a camera stealing this suv with a baby girl inside. the father had left the engine running while he stopped at the store. he saw what was happening, ran outside and tried to disable the suv with his remote key even trying a foot chase but the thief got away. it took about an hour but police finally caught the suspect and that little girl is okay.
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thankfully. well, a new lawsuit is aimed at protecting youth and pro soccer players from head injuries. a group of parents and players phiing suit against organizations that oversee the sport. they're demanding rules be changed to limit head butting and require more medical test g testing. finally, think you're having a bad hair day. take a look at what happened to tennis star caroline wozniacki at the u.s. open. she tries to return a shot and her hair actually gets caught in the racket. >> oh, no. she didn't give up on the play, though. she still tried to hit the ball. she said if felt like her head was about to come off. she went on to win in straight sets and later she said, it was just one of those things, we women, we keep it interesting. it's one way to look at it. i love she still tried to hit it. forget about the braid. >> they swing so fast. >> everything is so much harder for you guys. >> isn't it, though? >> thank you, george.
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>> thank you, george. >> and thank you, amy. we do want to turn to the latest on usc football star josh shaw. earlier he claimed he sprained his ankles trying to save his nephew from drowning. now he admits he made that story up. abc's linsey davis is here with the latest on it, good morning, linsey. >> reporter: earlier this week he was hailed a hero. this morning he is being called a liar and says the elaborate and daring rescue of his nephew was a complete fabrication. >> and josh shaw. >> reporter: this morning usc cornerback and team captain josh shaw is suspended indefinitely from the team after admitting he lied about how he ended up with two sprained ankles over the weekend. >> it was so out of character for him. he was the kid who always did everything right. >> reporter: on monday, the 22-year-old football player was praised as a hero after telling the school he jumped from a second story apartment saturday to rescue his 7-year-old nephew from drowning. but the very next day,
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>>e've gotten a few phone calls contradicting what josh said occurred saturday night so we're going to continue to vet it. >> reporter: but when shaw's sister spoke to us she jumped to his defense saying she wasn't there at thesh no a apaisesibksorte a sawas oshott l i sta sf theirhet.reed >> chiefsrssa heid yy. toavbeaad d oshawnt balcony so now we know forget all the business about his nephew and a swimming pool, et cetera. even his own lawyer is now admitting that the fall occurred at an apartment complex where there had been some sort of incident that night. >> so what kind of legal exposure does he have now, breaking and entering. >>? >> we have to be careful. you can lie about the police, but you get in trouble if you lie to the police.
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right? big difference there. so if he just lied about what happened and, you know, he was declared a hero by usc and by the media, that's just incredibly embarrassing and an issue that comes up with usc. he's being suspended from the team, et cetera. the problem for him would occur if he was questioned by the police. >> well, so that's the question. if he went out and told the story it's not a legal matter but if the police came and questioned him -- s >>ltanethan noseshio i fheredestructn.n py . ll>> stcor as t, an ts noed toinfoandoni'
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>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, 7:26 now, thursday, august 28. we've been watching the gas main break on easton road, matt, what else the latest?
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>> reporter: it's still giving us headaches, that's for sure. willow grove, easton road is closed through noontime. all lanes block between wine dot and fidz -- wyandotte and fitzwater town. if you're coming off the turnpike and heading south toward the city, use 309 by fort washington or route 1 interchange. speeds in the teens coming down from 422. on i-95 it's heavy all morning, now there's a fluid spill on the ramp from the southbound side to girard avenue giving us extra heavy conditions. by the morris town mall there's a disabled truck and fluid spill on 38 eastbound. at lenola road. >> let's head outside to david,
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how does it feel? >> reporter: it's a gorgeous morning. 72 degrees in philadelphia. we're off to a warm start in and around the city, but feeling nice, 82 is the high, sunny nice, lower humidity than yesterday, a bit of a breeze. nice for the eagles tonight, too. nice tomorrow, 81. saturday, humid and 84. and sunday, hot and humid and thunderstorms at night. >> don't forget you can watch the eagles game tonight on 6abc, kickoff why am i saying it. ow you
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>> because i wrote the script and there is no joey anymore. that's why. >> there they are, the women of "friends" back together and jimmy kimmel having a lot of fun.
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jennifer aniston, lisa kudrow and courteney cox. so many sharing it. jimmy played ross. >> yes. >> but one of the big questions is why joey and chandler weren't there. we're get into that. >> so good to see them together. they are like old friends. also coming up, the texas father on trial for murdering the drunk driver who killed his sons, acquitted by a jury wednesday. now his emotional response to that verdict. >> plus, some frightening video heavily armed police looking for an active shooter busting in on an unsuspecting gamer and it was all a prank. have s.w.a.t.' hoaxes gone too far. >> yes. >> that's the answer. then there's deejay d-nice here to spin records for the final showdown in our epic dance-off daddy/daughter edition. look at them they're warping up getting their groove on. the last two teams standing of the you're right, they do got it. >> you can't pick one. >> that's coming up. we'll begin with that tragic
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accident during a filming of the popular reality show "cops." a crew member caught in the cross fire killed during a police shootout and abc's mara schiavocampo here with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. police work is dangerous and that can sometimes put the crew of the show "cops" at risk. and now for the first time in the show's more than two decades on the air a crew men has been killed. ♪ bad boys what you gonna do >> reporter: for 25 years the television show "cops" has given viewers a gritty firsthand look at crime on the streets. but that danger all too real this morning after "cops" crew member bryce deion was killed during filming of a police shootout for an upcoming episode of the show in omaha, nebraska. police frantically calling for help moments after the 38-year-old audio technician is shot. >> one of the "cops" guys has been hit by gunfire. we need a squad here now. >> reporter: it all started with
7:16 am
a reported armed robbery in this wendy's restaurant tuesday night. police say these images show 32-year-old cortez washington holding a gun. >> he just kept telling me hurry up, hurry hup, hurry up the whole time having the gun pointed at me. >> reporter: when police arrive deion and another "cops" crew member are with them filming every tense moment. police say washington fired first but when officers shot back, they say deion got caught in the cross fire. deion trapped inside this glass doorway struck by a single bullet. >> it came in the left arm and slipped in between the vest where there is an open area. >> reporter: this video reveals the hectic moments just after the shooting. emergency crews sadoris airtolller d
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ccedso.arsofm sti mfore guif n da thoc. tohe dve ri,"stttcomb i jure t w a evidence. it's those two things together, i think, that made this a relatively easy call. three hours of deliberation. >> the prosecution was calling it vigilante justice. what was their strongest evidence. >> he was seen leaving -- his home was a hundred yards away. he's seen leaving the scene and then coming back. he said he didn't own a gun and yet they found a holster and ammunition at his home that was potentially consistent with the weapon that was used here. that was the most important piece of evidence in this case. but without more and the sympathy for the defendant, this was a really hard -- this is one of these cases where that beyond a reasonable doubt standard really means a lot because i bet you if you asked all these jurors do you think he did it, probably all of them would say probably but that's not enough
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to vick him. >> sad all around. >> horrible, horrible. >> dan abrams, thank you so much. we want to turn now to ginger with the latest on the weather. ginger, you are a busy woman this morning. >> yes, indeed. air quality alert is where we start in atlanta. the they'll go to 92. look at this live shot. looks pretty but if you're one of those people that have some sort of -- any sensitivity to those ozone qualities watch out today. you're around 70. you'll go to 92. a little bit of that oppressive heat, the steamy stuff staying to the south of that front we were talking about before. slightly rain cooled right along the coast from new orleans to corpus christi. 94 for birmingham 96 for memphis. a quick check of the southwest, though, heating up and staying relatively dry as we go through at least the first part of this weekend. look at the numbers. 110 in palm springs getting a little extra august in there. >> reporter: thanks, gerng, david murphy on the terrace. lots of sun and comfortable, temperatures in time 70s.
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we're coming up on 7:43 back with that scene caught on camera. police bursting through the doors on a man playing video games looking for an active shooter. what they found was s.w.a.t.'ing. abc's clayton sandell has the story. >> i think you're getting s.w.a.t.'d. >> reporter: they're searching for the 911 caller who brought s.w.a.t. teams on this unsuspecting gamer. bursting into this littleton, colorado, video game company wednesday guns drawn as the whole thing streams live online. >> the caller stated that he had just shot multiple people. >> reporter: officers thinking they had an active shooter set up a perimeter evacuating businesses, locking down nearby schools, but police now believe it was all a hoax, a disturbing prank called s.w.a.t.'ing.
7:24 am
take this fake 911 call a couple years ago. >> i'm going to shoot someone else soon. >> reporter: that one sending cops to miley cyrus' front door. now police say video gamers are making the phony calls to get s.w.a.t. teams racing to the homes of their opponents. >> this is not a game. it's not an online game. we have real guns with real bullets and there's a potential for tragedy. >> reporter: it's becoming so common that jordan matthhewsonm the s.w.a.t.-ee told other players he knew exactly what was happening. >> i think we're getting s.w.a.t.'d. >> reporter: his fellow players watching the incident unfold on twitch, a site where anonymous spectators can watch video games played realtime. >> could have been any one of the thousands watching. they like the anonymity of being online and being able to get away with stuff and they like to test that sometimes. >> reporter: the real caller's identity is still unknown but police are promising when they find them, it's game over.
7:25 am
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♪ starships
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we want to get to this. a miysterious sight. they saw a strange object flying overhead and managed to catch it on tape and brandi hitt is here to explain. >> still a big mystery this morning. good morning. residents in harrisburg are still trying to figure out exactly what those flashing lights are. aliens, a drone maybe? well, even a local police department does not have an answer. >> oh, i am scared to death now. >> reporter: it's the video that is sparking rumors of extraterrestrial life all shot on stephanie wilkerson's cell phone. >> oh, did you see that. >> reporter: wilkerson says she was relaxing on her porch monday night when the unidentified flying object caught her eye. >> i thought it was a plane until i realized it wasn't moving and i watched it for about 20 minutes and i started noticing it changing colors. >> reporter: that's when she ran for her phone and called over a neighbor. >> he went and got his
7:30 am
binoculars because he first thought it was a planet and then he said, no, its changed yellow. that is not a planet. >> reporter: so she called 911. >> look at that. look at that. >> reporter: but even police were dumbfounded. >> he went there and apparently he saw them too so he called his sergeant and his corporal to come to verify what he was seeing. >> reporter: so police called the national guard training center and the local airports to find out if they could account for any aircraft activity in the area. they couldn't. >> this is unbelievable. >> reporter: this isn't the first ufo sighting in recent weeks. in july, this questionable object was spotted as firefighters battle a wildfire in canada and just two weeks ago these photos were posted all over twitter convincing many that the illuminated round disk was something extraterrestrial while some just don't buy it. one photo suggesting it was a reflection of this lamppost. back in pennsylvania wilkerson says she says these lights prove we are not alone.
7:31 am
>> i'm now a believer in ufos. >> the whole neighborhood getting involved here. listen to this. stephanie says this is not a fluke, she saw the light again last night and frankly is now a little freaked out. another neighbor also saw it last week. so any guesses? >> well, it's definitely a ufo. it's an unidentified flying object. >> some of the stuff -- >> i'm with her. >> i do think it's strange. no flight activity from the airport. >> even the police sergeant is like, we have no idea. >> we'll stay on top of it. >> yeah. meantime, you stay on top of this. "deals & steals." it's delicious, it's a bargain and then jimmy kimmel, it's funny. >> here's a great improve this! summer tip from lowe's. what can you do with your old milk container? how about stwaning your deck or fence. cut it, pour in the stain and go. to see more go to on yahoo! get 10-30% off major appliances $399 or more plus 18 months special financing at lowe's.
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>> goodni morng, i'm tamala edwards, 7 can 56:00 now, thurs, august 28. let's go over to upper moreland. >> reporter: we have a gas main break shutting down easton road between wyandotte and fitz
7:37 am
fitzwatertown road. this is unfolding south of the pennsylvania turnpike. locally you can use welsh, if you're coming off the turnpike, heading southbound use bensalem or fort washington interchanges. a crash on the southbound side of 202 has jammed solid from this point to valley town road. getting ready for a burlington bristol bridge opening momentarily and the septa trenton line inbound has 20 minute delays. >> let's look outside, this time looking at the airport, nice and clear on beautiful on this thursday, david murphy what will it feel like as the day goes on? >> reporter: it feels pretty nice, tam, 89 temperatures are warm, but not bad.
7:38 am
accuweather as he is as we go into the afternoon it will feel more comfortable than yesterday, 82 degrees, sunny and nice, lower humidity not as warm, a little bit of a breeze, nice for the eagles tonight, too. still great friday, humid saturday, although no chance of rain the way things look. hot and humid on sunday, thunderstorm is spotty at night. and monday, chance of afternoon thunderstorms. >> speaking of the eagles you can watch their final preseason game tonight on 6abc, kickoff is can watch their final preseason game tonight on 6abc, kickoff is set for 7 approxima you need blinds. you know it. your neighbours know it. complete strangers passing by your house know it. don't be that house. do something about it. during blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale going on now. buy one, get a second at half price. blinds to go blinds for life.
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dancing superstar tony dovolani as we say -- >> good morning, america. ♪ baby you're so classic ♪ baby you're so classic our good friend tony dovolani out there with the finalists for the daddy/daughter dance-off. getting warmed up and getting some last-minute tips. all of you voting for these final two. so many entries came in from all across the country. they were terrific but these are the ones you voted for dancing to that trophy right there here in morning on "good morning america." >> yeah, eye on the prize, people. you got a little music, deejay d-nice spinning for you this hour. and then you see tony dovolani will offer up his expertise to the contenders. we will see that later. this big reunion on jimmy kimmel.
7:42 am
all the women from friends there. he's going to explain. we'll hear his explanation for why he did not invite the men. >> he was playing the rol of ross. thisas the friend i coming up. news first from amy. >> we begin with breaking news overseas. russia accused of launching a full-scale invasion of ukraine. sending troops across the border in two locations as fighting intensified overnight. ukraine's government right now calling an emergency security council meeting calling this a major escalation of the months-long conflict. the obama administration wednesday accused russia of orchestratingny new military campaign to help rebel forces but no comment yet from the white house on today's fighting. also breaking overnight concerns about national security after a massive breach at one of the nation's biggest banks. the fbi and secret service are investigating whether russian hackers are behind reports of
7:43 am
widespread cyberattacks at j.p. morgan chase and at least one other major financial institution. huge amounts of data may have been compromised including customer account information. well, now to the alert along the southern california coast. look at that. waves upo 20ing toapaci from the '50s was seen here ocean. collapsing the storm surge tossing boats out of the water. even buryinghis it's the --and up ainst eoast is om cth death oleast one a sury ight fromtsmledairport. drsuk,rette, locked threats. acthek at
7:44 am
the airport and those two women are now in custody. well, the ing s an idiot." at his recent parole hearing mark david chapman expressing remorse saying he's found jesus but the board was apparently not convinced and denied him parole for the eighthth time. will, finally call it a real grand slam. denny's is opening its first ever restaurant in manhattan and it's going to go big. instead of offering its typical breakfast fare like moo overat. >> it's a good one. it's oerin this for$300 brdey'ea denny's. 50 or bak>>ehole >> that's the joy. >>ids eat for free on tuesdays. >> you're supposed to be recovering from the dom. >> with theoy,. e'n tracy morganorrificac in early .
7:45 am
a memberf his inner circle test "people" the road to recovery has been tough and abbie boudreau has the story. >> the emmy goes to -- >> reporter: monday's emmy show could not go on. >> reporter: shout-out to t morgan. without a nod to tv's funniest. >> the entire community is rallying around him. >> reporter: it's been aost three months since that tragic multivehicle accident on the new jersey turnpike that left tracy morgan in critical condition. and claimed the life of his friend and fellow comedian james jimmy mac mcnair. now morgan's lawyer speaking to "people" telling the magazine morgan's recovery is slow. >> tracy is having incremental progress but that he really is struggling in having a hard time. >> reporter: nearly one month ago morgan outside his new jersey home in a walker appearing thin but flashing the peace sign. >> i'm okay. >> reporter: tracy suffered a traumatic brain injury, broken leg and several fractures to his face in the accident.
7:46 am
>> reporter: the 45-year-old comedian spending five weeks in the hospital after a walmart truck driver allegedly fell asleep at the wheel crashing into t comedian's limousine van. >> also gehring up for a legal battle with walmart and walmart spokespeople tell "people" magazine they are fully cooperating with the investigation under way. >> reporter: for "good morning america," abbie boudreau, abc news, los angeles. >> i wish him the best. >> sure do. "pop news" and weather coming up. gio is over in the social square with the "morning menu." >> here's a look at what's ahead on your "gma morning menu." how jimmy kimmel got rachel, monica and phoebe together again for an epic "friends" reunion. plus the new high-tech shirt that could make your workout smarter tracking your heartrate, calories burned and more. and tory johnson is here with mouthwatering "deals & steals," all that plus the big finale of our "gma" dans daddy/daughter coming up live here on "gma" here in times square. ♪ "gma's morning menu" is brought to you by nexium.
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7:52 am
so popular it's gotten 49 million views on youtube and hit number one on the billboard charts. this behind-the-scenes clip shows taylor learning how to do a basket toss with some cheerleaders and having a lot of fun and also reveals why that message shake off the haters is so important to her. listen. >> one thing i learned in this whole process is you can get everything you want in life without ever feeling like you fit in. you know, selling millions of records doesn't make me feel cool. >> lara is nodding here. always so classy. we can't wait to have taylor in october shaking it off on "gma." >> a great song with a great message. again, she says have more fun than your haters. >> outtakes, not always perfect. >> tee days it took. >> pretty cool. bottom line. >> so far you're off to a great start. >> all right. not always perfect live. you hear that. i ain't afraid of no ghosts.
7:53 am
you know why because it's national ghostbusters day. that's right. the original fighters are back in honor of the 30th anniversary of the cult classic it's being re-released in theaters starting friday just in time to kick off your labor day weekend. if there's something strange in your neighborhood, who are you going to call -- >> gio. >> oh, all right. that's not those ghostbusting proton packs. everyone just gets so excited whenever we talk about "ghostbusters". >> bringing back also doing a new one. >> yeah. >> that's going -- >> with women. >> the first is a classic. but if they did women it's just -- we're both auditioning. >> yes. >> and you all know how much i love jiff, the pomeranian but this morning breaking news, it turns out he's a record setter. the guinness world records, in fact, guinnessrowning the pint-sized pup as the fastest dog on two paws. >> wo >> he took the title wednesday in races on both his hind and
7:54 am
front legs and we're big fans of jiff on "gma." i first met him sitting right here at this desk there if iing in for lara and ever since we just haven't stopped taking selfies. just a few. just a few. >> was he bored with you? he was yawning. >> i don't -- >> cutes. i >>ndex"up g reooboasig abe.e f .a onrt hcae love the>> t>> v know youl. tho eaifahead. the sunshine and cooler condition,rier too h rouo t southeast, the conditions improve today because that thing is moving away from the coast. but you could see waves even up to ten feet in long island as we go through tonight and into tomorrow. the water temperature is going through the weekend, some of the warmest we've seen this summer. 90s. .
7:55 am
>> reporter: thanks, ginger, david murphy on the terrace, man, what a nice morning, low humidity, sunshine and comfortable breeze. 82 is the high today. it will stay nice this afternoon. tomorrow, 81 is the high, warm on saturday anticipate sunday, monday, cold front comes through, the afternoon and evening there feature spotty thunderstorms, hot tuesday. >> straight from milwaukee, wisconsin, it's on her bucket list. p of t "heat index" new ike relationship research trending big in "the new york times" now. it reveries that cups who are deliberate about making big decisions like defining their relationship deciding to live together have stronger marriages than couples who slide through the big dig. >> makes sense. >> makes a lot of sense.
7:56 am
many cups who live together didn't sit down and talk about that decision beforehand and when couples let those big events happen without having real conversations it can lead to a weaker marriage. all about communication. >> what was also interesting people, young people today don't know what counts as a date. are we dating, are we not? there are very unclear lines. i think it's only going to get worse with our texting world and all of that social media. no one is having real conversations. >> and nobody wants to have them because they're tough, right? >> they're obviously helpful. >> so and i think once you dive in, you really it syria it really that tough? well, yeah. yeah it is sometimes but you got to do it. >> scary. >> also in the "heat index" this morning, a lot of people talking about this. "the sopranos," seven years after it went off the air david chase the creator of the hit show speaking out about tony soprano's fate following that iconic series finale. remember that. it left us all wondering if an interview with vox chase says
7:57 am
tony's not dead. i always wondered. he's just sitting there. that music and just wondered was a gunman coming in. >> wonder if your tv was still working. >> yeah. whether or not he lived or died is not exactly the point. in a new statement released overnight a rep for chase said the statement was actually taken out of context. he says "the final scenes of "the sopranos" raises a spiritual question that has no right or wrong answer. it's an enigma wrapped in a riddle, everybody." >> he didn't want that out there and got upset when the question was asked. >> a true artist. >> it was a great ending. >> it was. >> hey, seven years later and we're still talking about it. yeah. so we want to know are you still talking about it? or are we crazy? no, let us know what you think happened to tony in the finale of "the sopranos." all you need to do is tweet us at #socialsquare. >> also, what we're talking about, that big reunion trending
7:58 am
everywhere overnight lapping on our friend jimmy kimmel's show, the cast of "friends" surprising fans with a little reenactment. take a look. >> so good to see you. ♪ >> yeah, that. >> what? >> this is -- [ cheers and applause ] >> what is this? what is this? >> an exact replica of the kitchen from the show. i actually spent $80,000 making it -- >> ross, you look sad today. what's the matter? >> rachel, we haven't made love in months. [ laughter ] how about we make love right now? >> let's meet our friends but not until we have made love several times because you are very good at it. [ laughter ] >> thank you. [ cheers and applause ] kidding? now you drag court into this. >> that's not court. that's monica. >> oh, my god. you're said to be so good at it
7:59 am
that sometimes i wish you would make love to me. [ laughter ] >> but, monica, i can't make love to you, you're my sister. >> darn. [ cheers and applause ] >> good to see you, ross. but more importantly, how you doing? [ laughter ] wait, that's joey's catchphrase. why am i saying? >> i don't know. >> because i wrote the script and there is no joey anymore. that's why. >> what happened to joey? >> where's chandler? they're not in the script. >> they're dead. >> we come back and we all make out. >> okay. all right. good night, everybody. good night. >> wait, wait, wait. hold on a second. there's no exit. there's no exit. we have 22 more pages here and the lovemaking scene. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> going to be jimmy kimmel, your fantasies. >> right. >> so funny, i think at one point jennifer aniston said this is stupid. he said no more stupid than
8:00 am
people working in a coffee shop and live in this huge apartment in new york city. >> so good to see them all. they look fantastic. >> they do. >> that was fun. >> all right, next up on the "heat index," high-tech sportswear and new smart clothing making its debut at this year's u.s. open, shirs that track heart rate, calories burned and even stress levels. abc's linzie janis checked it out. >> reporter: had it comes to fashion at this year's u.s. open, don't look at the players. check out the ball boys. their tight black tops might just be the technologically advanced t-shirts on the planet. >> designed to make you live healthier more informed lives. >> reporter: capable of tracking heart rate, calories burned, your breathing and stress levels, even coaching you through your workout. >> your breathe something shallow. breathe deeper. >> reporter: the polo tech shirt by ralph lauren packed with high-tech sensors embedded in the fabric.
8:01 am
no need for wristbands or clunky heartrate monitors. >> this is the only hardware on the shirt. >> that's it. nothing else, no other wires here. >> reporter: state of the art. >> yes. >> hard-working ball boys like eric testing the tees expected to hit stores next year. >> let's see how fast i can get eric's heart rate up. ♪ giving this guy a workout. all right. well done. how do you feel? >> i feel great. >> you're sweating. >> yes, a lot. >> do you think you'll be a lot more fit at the end of this tournament. >> i sure hope so. >> reporter: polo and other sportswear and tech companies trying to cash in on a wearable technology craze that already has hundreds of thousands of americans monitoring their activity on fitness wristbands. >> it's not just small tech companies talking about this anymore. it's, you know, a giant apparel brand. >> reporter: but for all that tech, it's the simple things that keep this ball boy happy. can i test to see if your shirt
8:02 am
is still dry? >> yes. >> reporter: and it is. for "good morning america," linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> i got to check that out. but right now i want you to check this out. deliciously decadent "deals & steals" and today every single thing you'll see is half off. go right away to on yahoo! to get the links and codes before these goodies get gobbled up thanks to this gal, tory johnson, let's get started. >> we have gio to help us out. >> the reveries here. first up, here we go. >> an amazing company called divino that make handcrafted artisans the most delicious fruit gelatgelato. all natural and stick it into the skin of the fruit. five different flavors to choose from, lemon, plum, tangerine, peach. how delicious is that? >> normally -- >> normally a pack of 12 with this. normally 12, $99 slashed in half, $49.50 so it's about $4
8:03 am
each or and incredibly deck depth dessert. >> still decadent but if you were having a dinner party wouldn't that be the most gorgeous dessert. >>nn qui popcorn. they make microwave organic popcorn. six different flavor, parmesan and rosemary happens to be my favorite. so delicious, smoked hickory cheddar pretty good too. normally $0 for a box of six slashed in half, 15 bucks for six. each has two packages. >> okay. >> ready. >> here we go. >> from superseedz. gourmet pumpkin seeds that taste like cocoa chris i ps. peanut-free, unbelievably delicious. you get -- doesn't that taste like cocoa chris i pis? >> seriously. >> you know it does. >> eight different bags. variety of flavors, big variety of flavors normally $40 for eight bags slashed in half, 20 bucks. what a great snack.
8:04 am
>> dang, when you taste it you'll say dang it's so named after -- >> hold on. >> that's knacking -- >> hold on, dang. >> that snack is a fancy food show a couple months ago, how delicious is that. >> really good. >> dang, that's good. >> from the meat of the coconut. 12 packages of this size of them. you're going to get a lot. normally for the 12-pack $36 slashed in half, 18 bucks. >> people put them on >>yo bet n your purse because you love healthy snacks. dang, their good. >> excited about this one. >> last one, okay. this is a company called -- woo, good job. these are cookie chips and so they are crunchy like a chip but taste like a cookie and there are six different flavors for you to choose from. big variety.
8:05 am
how good is that? which kind did you get? >> i like it. >> sea salt peanut butter is one of the favors, all kinds of chocolate. normally $24 to $26 slashed in half, 12 bucks. all the deals, on yahoo! i know you're chewing. >> thank you to the companies for providing those. go to our website on yahoo! coming up, we're dancing. "good morning america's" "deals & steals" is brought to you by bank of america. use your bank amer card cash rewards credit card to earn cash back.
8:06 am
>> good morning we have new information on our morning. peco said the problem was caused but it has made for a messy morning for everybody for quite a while. >> reporter: you've got that right, tam. we've been on the brakes around willow grove because of the gas main break. closing easton road in both
8:07 am
directions this is causing gridlock in the area. as we go to the maps use welsh or york road to get around the blockage. coming off the turnpike heading south exit at fort washington or bensalem instead of willow grove. a trashy morning on the schuylkill expressway, there's trash all over the eastbound lanes near broad street. eastbound is jammed from city avenue on in. there's a crash in camden county of 295 near the white horse pike, speeds 1 miles per hour coming down from 73. >> let's head outside to david murphy with the latest in accuweather. good morning. >> reporter: all smies on the terrace -- smiles on the terrace, 72 degrees in philadelphia. allentown, 66 most of us us in the low 70s. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a gorgeous afternoon, less humid than yesterday, a breeze, 82.
8:08 am
not bad today and not bad for the eagles tonight. another nice day tomorrow, humid saturday. sunday night we could see a scattered thunderstorm and i could see those on monday afternoon and evening unfortunately, tam. >> don't forget you can watch the final preseason game tonight on 6abc at 7:00 p.m. i'm tamala edwards,
8:09 am
♪ we got an inner tube we got a trailer hitch ♪ ♪ we're near the river [ cheers and applause ] brand-new music video from brad paisley "riverbank" the lead single off "moonshine in the trunk." boy, i hope tomorrow is like this. he will be here for our party in the park concert. "gma" right there. tomorrow morning, right here, brad paisley is going to be our star. >> he is such a star and he's always bringing the party so hopefully you'll come too and right now coming up we've got improve this! we have some great diy projects
8:10 am
this morning. we're going to show you -- there's one of them. we'll show you how to do that. really cool stuff using surprising tears that you can find at lowe's or your local home improvement store and very unexpected. i hope you like them. >> very cool. then we have a look at chef joel gamoran from sur le table. he's here to demonstrate tips and tricks that make any cook's life easier and a lot more fun. i can't wait to see what he has. >> ooh. >> we need to -- i think we need to investigate. >> we do. first we need to have this "gma" daddy/daughter dance-off. it is time finally so great to have our friend tony dovolani here. take in all the action with us. tons of amazing entries for this competition. all of you selected our final two teams before they hit the dance floor, take a look at the contenders. ♪ >> they are the daddy/daughter dance duos who stole america's
8:11 am
heart set to that classic beat. from new york to california entries poured in coast to coast. and while many of the dads admitted to having limited dance skills, it was their limitless love tore their daughters that made them game for the challenge. thousands of you voted online for the two finalists. ♪ i want to thrill you like michael ♪ >> jason and lilly denney from missouri. >> we're incorporating a little old school. a little new school. some middle school and a little bit of preschool too. ♪ in the wrong time >> on kennedy lee from pikeville, north carolina. >> the love i have for this young lady will shine through this dance because i love you. >> and i love you. >> and we'll show you what we do. >> both pairs ready to take on times square for the ultimate "gma" dans daddy/daughter edition live right now. [ cheers and applae ] >> and that moment here.
8:12 am
the music is all cued up. tony, are you ready? >> i'm ready. looking forward to some good moves right there. >> are you ready. take your spots let's go. jason and lilly. ♪ baby this world might's gone crazy the way you save me who can blame me when i just wanna make you smile ♪ ♪ i wanna thrill you like michael i wanna kiss you like prince let's get it on like marvin gayee like hathaway ♪ ♪ write a song for you like this you're over high med i'm out of my mind thinking i was born in the wrong time one of a kind living in a world gone plastic baby you're so classic ♪ >> all right, great start. it is not over yet. that was fantastic, guys. well done but y know you'r yet. time now for the deejay pick from d-nice. he has a surprise song. do it freestyle. give it to them. ♪ just dance
8:13 am
♪ just dance [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. these guys not thrown at all. well done guys. okay, mr. expert what, do you think? >> i thought it was very inventive. the corps ag i might steal a couple of the moves, i have to say. >> all right, guy, that was great. first the votes will start right now but we have to get to our next couple right now, that was great. now see, what do we have, aron and kennedy. you guys ready to go? let's do it. ♪ whoo baby baby this world might have gone crazy the way you save me who can blame me when i just wanna make you smile ♪ ♪ i wanna thrill you like
8:14 am
michael i wanna kiss you like prince let's get it on like marvin gaye like hathaway write a song for you like this you're over my head ♪ ♪ i'm out of my mind thinking i was born in the wrong time one of a kind living in a world gone plastic ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. great stuff. deejay, let's do it again. ♪ playing my song fly away my hands in the air like yeah moving my hips like yeah ♪ ♪ playing my favorite song it'll be okay ♪ ♪ rocking in the usa >> yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> dad is excited. >> yes. >> that was very exciting. no lack of energy. that's for sure. very inventive, nice break dance moves. nice running man. that was really good.
8:15 am
i like the way you reacted to like the surprise song, i thought you guys did fantastic. >> you guys are great too. come back out here. we have a little surprise for both cups right now. danced to the mtko song "classic." malcolm kelly has something to say to both teams. >> this is malcolm from mkto. you guys rock. thank you guys for jamming to "classic." we appreciate it. [ cheers and applause ] >> all right. time for all of you to get in on the action. which team cops in first place. head to our website, on yahoo! to cast your vote. we'll reveal the results later in the show. don't wait. vote right now and, tony, we cannot wait for next week. you are going to be back again and announce the new cast. >> it's a great cast. i got to tell you there's a lot of twists and turns, it's going to be a very entertaining season. >> i wish we could get it out of you right now. we'll have to hold on for another week. you'll be back. >> keep trying to get that out of him. i want to know. also want to wish a very happy
8:16 am
birthday to this young lady from athens, georgia. your name. >> go dogs, crystal. >> i thought your name was going to be go dogs. how about we check the forecast and talk about rain? there will be heavy rain in parts of the great lakes, northern plain, yellow, 3 to 4-inch range, rainy couple of days along the gulf coast from corpus christi and houston, that tropical low trying to shove up on top of there. anyway in the west coast, still surf high. that high surf advisory through friday. the waves could still top ten feet today. some of the biggest swells were ending as of last night but still the threat is still there. you want to be extra careful if going in the waters. . >> reporter: thanks ginger, what an amazing morning on the terrace. david murphaccuweather update. 70 now. 82 later, sunny and nice, nice tomorrow, humid over the weekend. [ cheers and applause ]
8:17 am
>> all that weather brought to you by daisy sour cream. guess what, we have one more forecast. mr. and mrs. met are here and the forecast for tonight for the mets game, i just wanted to mention this is a comfortable mid-70s or so to cooling off so you'll want to have a jacket. especially if you're going to the game. my "gma" sunshine moment making somebody's day today. includes these folks right here. that's right. because with the metropolitan -- well, first of all you'll be getting met tickets, both of you. they had no idea. take those. brought to you by the metropolitan hospital suite playing the atlanta braves. you guys pumped? >> yes, absolutely. whoo-hoo! >> let's go. >> you come to times square, you get prizes, #gmasunshinemoments. >> doesn't often happen but we have a little news to report right now. we found out that angelina jolie and brad pitt were married
8:18 am
saturday in france. the couple sharing that big news through a spokeswoman, we say congratulations to them and much more on that all day on on yahoo! congratulations to the happy couple and coming up here, "improve this committ
8:19 am
8:20 am
8:21 am
welcome back. it's time for improve this! and this morning we have some fun do it yourself projects that can transform your home using common everyday items you can get at lowe's in a very surprising and create taif way thanks to this gal sabrina soto is here with us creator of casa company and here to show us how to do it, so you have some extra tile. you were doing a diy project, it's in your garage. a lot of people have those. you have a fun way to use it. >> i don't care how well you plan you'll always have leftover tile. two super easy project, the first one is a frame. if you have a plain frame you want to jazz up you could cover it with tile or make our own like a big one like this use particle board. >> frames can be expensive
8:22 am
especially custom framing and tie in the tile on your backsplash. >> exactly. >> for less than ten bucks. easy way, cut it and use this adhesive tile mat. hike a sticker for towel. you could grout it but i didn't. you stick it on the frame and you're done. >> to the shape of the frame. like a sticker then this goes on and can grout if you want. if not -- easy breezy. i love that. up-cycling. recycling. another great use for that tile is jazz up an old piece of furniture using the same -- what is this called? >> the adhesive tile mat. it's really a sticker for tile. >> all the instructions on our website. it is a cute idea and ups the value. on yahoo! for step-by-step directions. now, copper piping. i would never have thought of this. i love how industrial chic this is. you can buy the piping for next to nothing and create your own
8:23 am
little side table, cocktail table. >> make it as tall or short as you want. you keep scoring around and around because the big copper pipe comes pretty large. >> get the copper piping. not that expensive at lowe's. make sure you get this then you simply whatever side you want. want it to be a cocktail table. i love the lucite top and see the industrial -- it's mod but you could use a piece of mirror, a piece of wood. >> marble. if you want to jazz it up. >> your own industrial chic look. i love that idea. >> amazing project. >> okay, so go to your garage. you might have old rope, maybe an old tire. >> i'm going to blow your mind. >> i made an ottoman out of a tire, look at this. >> that is phenomenon. >> how hard is that. >> it takes a while to put the rope on so you have to have patience but i think this looks so cute, indoor, outdoor. a perfect little ottoman.
8:24 am
>> a lot of hot glue gun. >> you can see under here particle board. >> screw it right on to the tire. >> many beneficiaries, two tires and make a coffee table. i'm getting all wild. i get excited about this. >> look how cute that is, nautical. >> all about recycling. another great idea if you have extra -- sorry. that almost just rolled away. i love live tv. the directions to create this hanging shelf. fill it with plants. >> for your window in the kitchen. >> directions on our website as well, and it's rope, people. rope and it's a glue gun and good fun and do it with your kids. >> why buy when you can diy. >> one other thing, make sure you go to our website, did i say it? i've said it five types. i love you so much. and thank you, sabrina, we love this. we love lowe's. great ideas. coming up, chef joel gamoran will show us some delicious easy
8:25 am
cooking and he's rocking. look at him shake that salad. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> "gma's" improve this! brought to you by lowe's. lowe's, never stop improving.
8:26 am
to prove a point about internet speeds, we slowed down an up escalator this is crazy like i don't get it, this one is working ladies, shouldn't up be as fast as down? yeah. shouldn't internet speeds match as well? yes. do your socks match? my socks match. do your eyeballs match? yes. cable does not match the speeds. makes you want to go mad. erggggh. only verizon fios comes with speed match. upload speeds as fast as your download speeds. join now at
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[ cheers and applause ] i'm excited about this. we have some secret shortcuts that help make cooking your favorite foods quicker and easier and have a pro. >> i'm here, baby. >> this is joel gamoran, he's the senior resident chef at sur la table and here with these five tricks and the first one, these are all from sur la table. >> our classes, we show these trick as cross the board.
8:28 am
this makes cooking so much easier and fun. >> and making it healthy. homemade pasta with a trick. >> i'm trying to shave the carbs. so if you love pasta, guilt-free pasta, drop the remote. this is your segment right here. so you're going to grab this and you'll take it into here. like a pencil sharpener and you crank it through like this. check that out. look at that right there. come on, baby. isn't that awesome? >> pasta. >> what is great about this pasta, it emulates noodles. >> doing great. >> you don't have to boil it. put it right into the sauce, finish it -- >> let me taste it. i'm very excited. this is research right here. oh, god, this would be really -- >> got to hook you up. >> i'm going to look like an idiot. >> you're looking awesome. >> see, it eats like pasta. >> you dig? >> that is so good. >> 1 for 1. >> i love that. from pasta to cake. you show us how to slice a cake. >> you know what it's like when you have like a work party and
8:29 am
everyone has that big cutter that gets messy. totally get rid of that. dental floss. you love that. that's what's up. so don't use the mint dental floss unless you have a mint cake. unscented and look how beautiful that is. >> you want a slice. >> i'll give you a big slice. my type of slice. >> i like that slice. >> then you go like this. >> i got underneath. >> there you go. look at that clean cut. >> all right. >> get in there. research here. i'm sorry. i have to do this. cheers. >> that's an amazing cake. this is something i have trouble with. peeling garlic. all in your fingernails. >> you get smelly like the thing everyone avoids of the put it in a bowl with the paper on it, put a little bowl on top of it. now you got to shake like your life depends on it. >> whoo! >> okay. >> if you open it up you'll
8:30 am
see -- >> look at that. >> it kind of cops out. you got to shake a little harder. that's cool. ready to go. you shake hard. >> you can dice and slice. >> speaking of dicing and slicing. another thing that's a pain in the kitchen when you're trying to slice peppers. >> we're starting with the tomatoes. both a pain so basically when you have little round things like grapes or tomatoes or olives. >> individually. >> so what we do is grab a lid, a small plate. put it on top and i'm literally going to go through it. >> oh, my gosh. so smart. >> all in one. >> fantastic. ready for your salad. now show me how you're doing the peppers. >> okay, i'm obsessed with this. rolling the pepper. you so you have the seeds and little white thing you want to get rid of so we cut off the bottom. you cut off the top then you sneak your knife in and roll it out like that. >> how smart are you. >> that takes like --
8:31 am
>> give it up for the pepper. i love it >> that's incredible. i love that, joel. thank you so much. >> thank you for having me. >> i'll have to start cooking. go to on yahoo! to find other creative food hacks and tell us your food hacks. tweet us with the #social squaresquare. right back to give you the winner of daddy/daughter dance-off. [ cheers and applause (vo) ours is a world of passengers. the red-eyes. (daughter) i'm really tired. (vo) the transfers.
8:32 am
well, that's kid number three. (vo) the co-pilots. all sitting... ...trusting... ...waiting... ...for a safe arrival. introducing the all-new subaru legacy. designed to help the driver in you... for the passenger in them. the subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru.
8:33 am
8:34 am
>> okay, there they are, our finalists in the "gma" daddy/daughter dance-off. both teams did so well there's jason and lilly. there are aron and kennedy but now it is time. all of you voted at home. let's have a drum roll. and after a very close vote, the winners of our "gma" dans daddy/daughter edition are aron and kennedy. [ cheers and applause ] >> first place trophy right there and ginger, you're here for the honors, second place. you guys did so great. [ applause ] >> that was such a fun contest for all of us. >> really fun to watch. both teams much there is more that we want you to head home and have more fun together. "gma's" going to treat you and your family to dinner at your favorite restaurants back home and big thank you to mr. tony d. >> these guys have a future. >> stick to dancing because that's a bright future for you
8:35 am
guys. >> that's right. of course, you'll be back here next week to reveal the new cast of "dancing with the stars," giving us a tease how great it's going to be? a little bit for everybody. so it'll be fun. >> that will be fun. thank you, deejay d-nice, that was fantastic. love those surprises, as well. ♪ >> so great. what a nice day. thank you, congratulations to all our team, thanks to tony and thanks for watching. tomorrow, huge party in the park with brad paisley so come on out. have a great day, everybody. >> so long, everyone. [ cheers and applause ]
8:36 am
>> good morning, detectives are waiting to receive a search warrant for a home along the 7200 morocco of elm wood in southwest philadelphia. the investigation could be connected to yesterday's kidnapping and double murder along the schuylkill river. police believe the brutal crime may be related though an asian drug gang. we'll have a live report coming up on "action news" at noon. 8:56, i'm tamala edwards. let's get traffic with matt pellman. >> reporter: i'll tell you, tam, it turned into a busy thursday on the roads. it's busy on i-95 southbound past cottman into girard. the earlier issues cleared out. the overnight gas main break on 611 south of the turnpike, if you're heading southbound exit via the bensalem or fort
8:37 am
washington interchangeses. there's a crash in collingswood and septa's trenton line inbound seeing significant delays because of equipment problems. >> now let's head out to david murphy, david looks like a great day to be outdoors. >> reporter: very comfortable on the terrace, tam. take a look, 72 degrees, the humidity has eased back from yesterday, we have a nice breeze blowing, so very comfortable and refreshing. this afternoon, sunny and nice, high of 82. good for the easily tonight, nice tomorrow, humid on saturday, sunday night humid maybe a thunderstorm building back in sunday night. >> we'll keep an eye on that. coming coming up today on "action news" at noon, dangerous swimming conditions at the shore, we're tracking the effects of hurricane cristobol always it passes off the coast. "live" with kelly and michael is up next. i'm tamala edwards. have a great thursday!
8:38 am
have you seen tom corbett's ads attacking me... get real. it's tom corbett who's been sticking it to the middle class on taxes. corbett cut a billion dollars from education... almost 80% of school districts plan to raise property taxes. meanwhile, we're the only state that doesn't charge oil and gas companies an extraction tax. but corbett raised your gas taxes through the roof. i'm tom wolf, i'll be a governor who stands up for the middle class for a change.
8:39 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, one of our favorite leading ladies, cameron diaz. and "the walking dead" star steven yeun stops by. plus, michael strahan gives us a glimpse of his morning behind the scenes. and tune in to win a new tablet or a vacation get away. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan. [cheers and applause]
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