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tv   Action News at 4pm  ABC  August 28, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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aaron sofer. >> his glasses were found 100 to 150 yard as way from his body. the student disappeared on friday while hiking with his friends. his parents made a plea for help in this home video. through to israel and are identifying his body. unless there is a compelling reason, there will be no autopsy to determine the cause of death. >> if there was a knife cut or something. >> they were hoping and praying for a different outcome. >> we are extremely sad about what happened, we were praying for the boy and hoped we would find him alive. he had called his mother and asked permission to go on a hike, a trip that cost him his life. >> hopefully, we can comfort
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each other in the community, a tremendous loss. >> friends here are trying to arrange for an audio hookup to listen to aaron's service in israel, is he one of 10 children and his parents will return to new jersey after the funeral in israel and begin shiva, a religion ceremony. one man is dead after he was shot in his car, police say that a car collapsed on top of him, it happened just before midnight on the 1600 block in north philadelphia. he tried to back away from the shooter but hit a vacant house that then collapsed. police are checking surveillance cameras for clue. >> as people pack the jersey shore for the end of summer, lifeguards are getting the word out for rip currents.
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those rip currents are an issue now and the good news is they might be gone for the holiday weekend. >> that is right brian, as the weekend wears on the threat for rip currents will start to wane as we get close to the holiday weekend, this is the official end to the summer season that means people are flocking to the beaches and have a good time. if your weekend starts early as of today, there is a bit concern with the water and people heading into the water. we have lifeguards on duty and red flags up. the red flags are up in ocean city indicating a high risk for rip currents, lifeguards reported 3 to 7 feet this afternoon so definitely a big concern. large swells and rough surf is expected today as hurricane cristobal move as way from our shore line and moves into the atlantic. there were safety measures put in place for beach goers in
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ocean city as the waves crash and piles on shore. >> we are not allowing floatation or boogie boards or rafts and keeping the bathers in to waist or knee deep water. >> this is what you should do if you get caught the rip current, there are large swells that pile up on shore, and that water has nowhere to go and that rushes back out to sea, you should not fight the rip current, resist the urge, and swim parallel to shore. then swim back to shore. the rip current will start to decrease after today. we have waves of 4 to 6 feet today, tomorrow the waves from 1 to 3 feet, so a moderate to low risk and the good news as we get
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into the holiday weekend, saturday, sunday and monday the threat starts to wane. the good news is that lifeguards will be on dutdy manning the lifeguard stations and 13 to 14 lifeguards will be manning the stations on labor day. if you are in the water, there is a lot of found take place, we have all the details and hot happenings down at the shore in ocean city or wherever your shore destination takes you. reporting from ocean city, melissa magee, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a lot of hot happenings and a lot of sunny days this holiday weekend. whether you are heading to the shore or heading home. it's sunny out there right now, adam joseph is outside enjoying it. another nice day. >> anything but hot out here, but that will change, a beautiful breeze and a bright, blue sky, here are the numbers right now, only upper 70s to the
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north and west. 80 in philadelphia, 81 in millville and at the shore with a northwesterly wind, no sea breeze today, 80 at the boardwalk in sea isle city and along long beach island, you probably felt the winds clocking in at 18 miles per hour. sustained in philadelphia, 12 in allentown and 12 in millville. that drives in the cooler air for august with high pressure to the north and the clouds are to the north and east in new england and clouds to the west near chicago and the high will be pulling over our region tonight. and that will relax the wind and create comfortable temperatures for some football, very fall-like weather, this evening at the linc, kickoff is at 7:00 p.m. and the temperature will be 71 as the winds ease. we'll talk about the holiday weekend with a big turn around and the chance for storms i'll vtd details in full accuweather
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forecast. >> thank you adam. the eagles welcome the new york jet tods town tonight for the final game of the preseason. michael vick will make his return to south philadelphia. but chip kelly will have his eyes on his own quarterbacks tonight. ducis rogers and jaime apody are live at the linc. with more on the players fighting for roster spots. >> reporter: hey there, it's the final dress rehearsal for the philadelphia eagles, don't expect to see the starters take a rest with the first game just a week away. lets talk about the guy that is starting tonight. his name is matt barkley, he is the number three guy, it will be hard for him to play in this game. he usually gets a week notice and have you to prepare the way you did in college as a starting quarterback. i asked him how that will affect his play tonight. >> it's comforting and it feels
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like it has been a while since that time, but it is nothing foreign to me, and i have a good week of preparation so far with the guys that are playing on thursday and a lot of good looks at what the jets will be doing. it's a good feeling what you are getting into and i'm exciting for thursday night. >> the qb on the other side, is a familiar face, michael vick makes his return to the linc. he is the jet's backup quarterback but starts tonight as the jets are resting their starters as well. of course, we'll have the game for you coming up on 6 abc and the earlier kickoff here, the jets and the eagles. >> he will not play vick long but it will be wreerd to see him in a different shade of green here at the linc. back to you guys. >> an interesting game to watch. thank you. still ahead, is it the
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luckiest place in new jersey, the deli that just made another millionaire in the garden state. plus, workers are putting the finishing touches on the made in america setup from the road closures to the details you need to know coming u
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we bring you live to the white house, president obama has just stepped to is the podium, issues, a ground invasion in ukraine and the growing threat of isis. >> it poses an immediate threat to iraq and the people of the region, that is why our military reaction has to be part of a broader comprehensive strategy to protect our people and support our partners that take the fight to isis. that starts with iraq's leaders
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building on the progress so far and forming a concludsive government. any successful strategy has to have strong regional partners, i am encouraged so far that countries in the region, countries that don't always agree on many things, increasingly recognize the threat that isis poses to all of them. i have asked secretary kerry to travel to the region to build the coalition to meet this threat. as i said rooting out a cancer like isis is not easy but i believe we can and we will working with our partners and allies. our joint chiefs of staff will prepare a range of options and i'll meet with my security council to continue developing that strategy. i have been consulting with members of congress and will continue to do so in the days
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ahead. i just spoke with chancellor merkel of germany, we agreed, if there was any doubt that russia is responsible for the vie license in eastern ukraine. the violence is encouraged by russia and the separatists are trained and armed by russia and funded by russia. russia has deliberately and repeatedly violated the sovereignty of ukraine and that make its plain for the world to see. this comes as ukrainian forces are making progress against the separatists. as a result of the actions that russia has taken and the sanctions that we have taken, russia is more isolated than at any time since the cold war. the economy is in decline and this ongoing russia into ukraine
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will only bring more costs and consequences for russia. next week i'll be in new york to coordinate with our closest allies and partners and at the nato submit in the you needed kingdom, we'll talk about the additional steps to make sure the alliance remains for any challenge and another opportunity for our alliance to continue our partnership with the ukraine and our unwaiving commitment to the ukraine and its people. so, with that i'm going to take a few questions and i'm going to start with somebody i guess is now a big cheese, he has moved on but i understand this is his last chance to ask me a question
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in the press room. i want to congratulate chuck todd. >> lets me start with syria, the decision that have you to make between, first of all is it an if or when situation about going after isis. can you defeat isis without -- and how do you prioritize assad, and defeating isis could help assad keep power, talk about how you prioritize those two pieces of your foreign policy. >> first after you will i want to make sure that everybody is clear what we are doing now. because it is limited. the focus is to protect the personnel on the ground, our embassy and our conlate to make sure that critical infrastructure that could adversely affect our personnel
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is protected. where we see an opportunity that allows us with very modest risk to help the humanitarian situation where we did in sinjar mountain, we take the opportunities after consulting with congress but the core priority is to headache sure our folks are safe and to do an affective assessment of iraqi and kurdish capabilities. as i said i think in the last press conference, in order for us to be successful we have to have an iraqi government that is unified and inclusive. we continue to push them to get that job done. as soon as we have an iraqi government in place, the likelihood of the iraqi security forces being more affective in taking the fight to isis significantly increases. and the options that i am asking
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for from the joint chiefs focuses primarily on making sure that isis is not overrunning iraq. what is true though is the violence taking place in syria has given isis a safe haven there in ungoverned spaces. and in order for us to degrade isis over the long-term we'll have to build a regional strategy, we are not going to do that alone. we have to do that with other partners, in particular sunni partners because part of the goal here is to make sure that sunni is both in syria and iraq, feel as if they have an investment in a government that actually functions and a government that can protect them and a goemts that makes sure that they are safe from the barbaric acts we have seen.
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and right now, those structures are not in place. and that is why the issue with respect to syria is not simply a military issue but a political issue, an issue that involves all the sunni states in the region and the sunni leadership recognizing that this cancer that has developed is one that they have to be just as invested in defeating as we are. and so -- to cut to the chase in terms of what may be your specific concerns chuck, my priority at this point is to make sure that the games that isis made in iraq will roll black and iraq has an tun opportunity to governor itself. when we look at a broader strategy, it's consistent with
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what i said, clearly isis has come to represent the very worst elements in the region that we have to deal with collectively. and that is going to be a long-term project, it's going to require us to stabilize syria in some fashion and that means we have got to get moderate sunnis, who are able to govern and -- last point, with respect to assad. it's not just my opinion, that assad lost legit -- dropping bombs on families and killing tens of thousands of people. right now we see areas in iraq
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isis is occupying are not controlled by assad any way. and frankly assad doesn't seem to have the capability or reach to get into those areas, so i don't think this is a situation where we have to choose between assad or the kinds of people that carry on the incredible violence we have been seeing there. we'll continue to support a moderate opposition inside of syria in part because we have to give people insides of syria a choice other than isis or assad. i don't see any scenario in which assad is some how able to bring peace and stability to a region that is majority sunni. and has not so far shown any
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willingness to share power with them or in a significant way deal with the long standing grievances they have there. >> okay you have been listening to president obama at the white house today. talking about a couple of issues including increasing national importance, the ukraine and the apparent ground invasion there today by russia and the growing threat by isis, the white house referring to that as isil. and in training separatists there. the president has asked for a range of options from the defense secretary and congress and he is considering a change of tactic when it comes to dealing with this growing trend. we'll keep an eye on that.
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all right time for the accuweather forecast, adam joseph is live at the big board.
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>> it's been an absolutely beautiful day out there for august. we have a lot of sunshine and low humidity and 77 in allentown and reading and lancaster and 80 in philadelphia and 80 in millville ain northwesterly wind, and nice at the shore temperatures between 80 in sea isle city and beach haven at 80 degrees, dew points in the low 50s, wilmington 55 and millville 56, that means it feels extremely pleasant and not much moisture in the air but that will change big time for the upcoming weekend. one more day with dew points in the 50s, then we jump into the 50s on saturday and we get to tropical levels for the holiday weekend for the beginning of next week, a big time change coming where we haven't felt it extremely uncomfortable out. satellite and radar, a void of clouds and high pressure remains
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in control and overnight tonight, the winds relax and only 51 in allentown and 52 in lancaster and 55 in millville. and chilly for august, and enjoy it again, the overnights are extremely unpleasant for the next few days. the get away forecast for the city, 80 degrees and sunny and pleasant and bright and beautiful at the shore, and sunny and refreshing low humidity in the poconos at 72, coming up we'll have the full accuweather forecast along with the seven day guys, to show you how high the temperatures get over the weekend.
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it is time now for the buzz, nine years and six kids later, the couple that met filming mr. and mrs. smith have wed. angelina jolie and brad pitt
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have marriemarried. sons maddox and pax walked jolie down the aisle and shiloh and knox served as ring bearers. >> people are sending their prayers and thoughts for comedy legend joan rivers, she is in the hospital now after she went into cardiac arrest during surgery. rivers was having a procedure on her throat in new york when she stopped breathing she is listed in critical condition, she has several standup shows in november, one in bethlehem and two in atlantic city. no word on the status of those shows. we'll be right back.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, alicia vitarelli, shirleen allicot, and brian taff. it is 4:30 and "action news" continues with our final down at the shore report. this one is all about reporting on the unofficial end of summer. >> the creator of that iconic cartoon revealed something that is shaking the internet to its core. the famous feline is not a katd. did your world just crumble. >> it sure has for many people. real cops and robbers, shows two men stealing nearly $90,000 from
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a fishtown warehouse., shows two lets begin with the latest on a murder mystery that spands from philadelphia to fairmount park, it's been 24 hours since three men were tied up and thrown into the schuylkill river, one is alive and the evidence may lie in the buckets you see there. david henry is live now with the details. >> reporter: police are close to issuing an arrest warrant, they know who they are looking for and now it's a matter of finding them and investigators appear to be making good progress in building the case against the alleged ring leader. crime scene investigators carried away two buckets of roofing cement this morning, found in the back of the house on 32nd street owned by the suspects, they are identical to the ones tied to the two men
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thrown into the schuylkill river. the two men were brought to a garage where they were tortured and repeatedly stabs. sources say they were given $100,000 to buy drugs instead lost it at the gaming tables in chester. and they were allowed to call a friend that could come up with $100,000 and that friend only came up with $40,000. he was also tortured and stabbed all men were duct tapes and stabbed and thrown into the river, two were anchored with buckets and tied at the feet. the other man was not anchored and managed to escape. the evidence may have been caught on the owner's own cameras. and police searched another house across the street owned by the same family. the man that lives here left in
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a grown van yesterday morning, followed by his wife and five children in a white mercedes hours later, investigators also recovered duct tape and water bottles that will be processed for dna samples. >> dna sources say that marijuana was found on the property. they are all members to an asian drug gang according to sources. live at police headquarters, david henry, channel 6 "action news." philadelphia police have now released bran new surveillance video of two fake cops robbing a warehouse, they captured the men knocking on the door of the cowa distribution center at 2:00 in the morning, once inside the workers with forced into the back office and one man stole $87,000 in cash from a safe,
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both robbers were wearing fake police caps and one of them had a badge, if you see either suspect please call 911. police are also investigating a motorcycle accident that claimed the life in the city's port richmond section, at elk heart and frankford avenue. a 39-year-old man collided with a van just afternoon today. medics tried to revive him but it was too late, he was pronounced dead at the scene. police have not released details on how the crash happened or if charges will be filed. philadelphia police are looking for two men that robbed a fraternity at the university of science this morning. on the 400 block of south second street at 2:30 this morning, they forced the fraternity president upstairs and made him hand over about $1,000 in money meant for dues, no one was injured here.
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>> the only survivor of a boating accident often the susquehanna river, is now blamed for the tragedy, brandon allen -- sending everyone overboard, his two friends drowned and allen was able to swim to safety, he is now charged with homicide by water craft, and that the boat's weight was twice the safe operating capacity and there were no life jackets on board. a man that posed as a cab driver and attacking a woman and her children. the woman and her three young kids hail aid dark sedan thinking it was a taxi, they wanted a ride to the homeless shelter, he took the family to a parking lot where he tried to sexually assault the woman while shoving the children out of the car. now new details in the
4:35 pm
search formal asian airlines flight 370, they are concentrating their efforts farther south after data from a satellite made from the plane, they agreed for a year long search starting again in a few weeks, they revealed more on their financial losses in the wake of two air disasters, they lost $97.4 million in three months along and many flights have been almost empty. today the six flags theme park in jackson announced plans to build the looping dragon, it will rocket 24 people forward and backward pen lum style. riders are suspended upside down and the ride reverses direction and then look for this coaster
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this coming spring. le. they were collecting donations in center city and lucy's human mom says every dollar counts. >> no doubt. time to head back to the beach one final time this summer. >> a little sad, melissa magee is live in ocean city with our last down at the shore report of the season. melissa? >> yes, that is right shirleen and brian, a lot of people are saying gosh i can't believe
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summer is over, but because it is the official end doesn't mean the fun has to stop. are you guys having a fun time? >> yes! >> who is ready to go back to school? >> no! >> every thursday they have family nights and right now we have the bay crooners. ♪ sounds great can you watch them every night if you want to on thursday night up and down the boardwalk, and someone that is 7'7" tall, this is our stilt walker and he is zoro, and if you are not in ocean city attending family night it goes on between 7:30 and 9:30 this evening, check out what is going on this weekend down at the shore. start the holiday weekend off
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right with the fireworks spectacular. the fireworks will light up the night sky from pine avenue, but are visible from almost anywhere in the wildwoods. the show starts at 10:00 p.m. the summer is winding down but you can keep that beach body in shape with a run, the ocean city labor day race gets underway on monday and you can participate on a beach run with a mile run and a mile walk, $20 is required for preregistration and $25 for the day of the event. >> and it wouldn't be labor day weekend without barbecue, in ventnor can you fire up the gorilla long the beach for the holiday weekend, just grab your ribs and hot dogs and buggers and head to the beach on this
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saturday, sunday and monday only. no fire pits are allowed only grills. hope to see you this weekend down at the shore. ♪ >> and make it a good one down at the shore because there is a lot of fun, not only do we have the crooners but magicians here on the boardwalk, this is rick. >> this is what magic looks like. >> you'll have a lot of fun magic or not. this weekend down the shore. you guys are having good times and wave hello. >> a trip down the shore would not be complete without candy shirleen, coming up in the next half hour. >> try to get out of his web. >> he is reeling you in. still ahead, what is better than buying back to school clothes at deep discounts, making money off last year's clothes, can you do both, ufo or
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uf no. the mysterious lights that have people saying we are not alone. and later the six simple words that set the internet on fire, hello kitty is not a cat. details on this one coming up. >> and meteorologist, adam joseph back with the full accuweather forecast.
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every saturday, mrs. tanner connects with her free transit ride at 10am which takes her to storytime at the library across town, where she connects with some of her biggest fans. when older pennsylvanians make the most of programs supported by the pennsylvania lottery, like free and reduced-fare shared rides, we all benefit. learn more at the pennsylvania lottery benefits older pennsylvanians every day.
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there is something of an inter gal accic mystery unfolding in central pennsylvania. >> look at that. >> she if i am manied unexplainable lights in week. she watched as they hovered and changed colors many time. she called a neighbor and then they called police and even the cops were dumbfounded. >> he saw them too and he called
4:43 pm
his sergeant and corporal to come to verify what they were seeing. >> they couldn't verify it and the police called the national guard or local airport. neither could account for any activity in the area. >> wilkerson is convinced it was a ufo and so far nobody has come forward to offer a different explanation. >> now the big up roar over a big concession that has fans of hello kitty scratching their whiskers. now the japanese company announces this, she is not a cat, but a girl in the motif of a cat. this is kitty white and she lives in london with her twin sister himmy and she is a scorpio and loves apple pie and making pancakes and the color red and her blood type is a.
4:44 pm
an anthropologist studying the phenomenon broke the news, she is a cartoon, a girl a friend, but she is not a cat exactly. she is not depicted on all fours and has her own pet cat, sharmy kitty. big shock and awe on social media, which girls you know that look like cats and finally loving this video, a washington state mom breaks big news to her two kids and gets a big reaction from her oldest who is outraged when she announces -- >> what are you thinking, why do you just get another baby, have you two, this is exaspirationing, this makes no sense. >> little sister sits quiet and little brother tray can't stop expressing his content. he asked her what kind of baby
4:45 pm
is that and if it's a boy he wants her to buy air plugs because they are too noisy. >> this has been viewed 4,000 times, not the reaction that mom is expecting. >> do you think he would be upset if he found out about hello kitty. >> i don't know. it's exaspirationing. >> i'm not kiting, i stole that from rick williams. we have a crash that is pushed off to the side, you are dealing with bumper to bumper traffic west of there and eastbound is busy as people head to the linc for the eagles preseason game, heavier than normal traffic on
4:46 pm
the schuylkill and 31 miles per hour as you head northbound along the girard point bridge, and speeds are just in the teens as you travel towards the work zone at cotman avenue, we have disabled vehicles this afternoon, several earlier problems on 202, there is still northbound slowing around route 29 because of the earlier disabled vehicle ahead. in west town, a bad crash near stetson road. and speeds are in the teens. route 41 is closed near the route 1 oxford bypass and head for newark road instead. and camden county, by 561, a crash on the shoulder and speeds in the teens there as well. we'll check it again brian and shirleen. i am getting acclimated to the news about the kitty. >> take it one day at a
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now the accuweather forecast, the day was a perfect day i think. for august standards, it doesn't get better today except for tomorrow. another beautiful day tomorrow and then it changes over the weekend of course. double scan live, it's beautiful out there, not a cloud in the sky, we look at double scan we keep ongoing, nothing to show you there. upper 70s to the north, and northwest. the poconos just 69 degrees right now and right along the shore, no sea breeze, a land breeze there upper 70s to near 80. a quiet looking satellite and radar with strong high pressure in control to the westd and the high continues to migrate through the region tonight and tomorrow. the high is over new england and a blockbuster high bringing low
4:50 pm
humidity and wall-to-wall sunshine and temperatures below average of 80 degrees, the same high that supplies the beautiful weather tomorrow will slip to the east and allows a southwesterly wind to arrive on saturday and a mix of sun and clouds and turning more humid, with a high temperature of 82 degrees. we are all extremely jealous that melissa magee is down the shore in ocean city. we are all jealous, do me one favor before you leave there tonight. >> you need to go to thrive shrivers and get some caramel corn. >> last night when you were not looking u. i took some dollars out of your wallet and it's on the way. we have fantastic weather too by the way, it would not be
4:51 pm
complete without a trip down the shore or a trip to the candy shop. on friday, sunny and pleasant with a high temperature of 76 degrees, no issues for the start of the holiday weekend on saturday, a nice mixture of clouds and sun and a warm front moves on in with a high temperature of 78, the changes come by sunday, dew points in the upper 60s, you'll notice it, we have some sun and clouds are around and a high temperature of 82 degrees, definitely a good start to the holiday weekend, we'll have all the hot happening in the next half hour, we may make good on the pretty please question of yours, shrivers is right next door. >> i know it is, and i'll give you a tip for delivering it. >> i accounted for that within i took the money. >> we'll see you in the next half hour, if you are heading to
4:52 pm
the poconos, refreshing and sunny, 72 tomorrow and sun and cloud and saturday and 75 and sunday 80 degrees and an increase in the humidity. especially the second half of the weekend. tonight chilly for august though, 51 in the suburbs, 61 for center city. and the chill in the air, not lasting long, that seven day exclusive accuweather forecast, august beauty tomorrow and 82 and we jump to 90 with tropical humidity on sunday, and a late day downpour and thunderstorm, still extremely humid and hot and 89 for monand with a few downpours and thunderstorms and the pop-ups are there and steamy and 92 and stays hot and 90 and upper 80s on thursday and summer is here even after the holiday weekend, the kids are sweating next week for school. >> thank you adam.
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time to save with 6 abc, we are talking about back to school savings, amy buckman shows us a consignment shop for clothing.ol an $82 top for just $30, and a $36 top for just $13. those are just a few of the deals on kids, clothing and schools, that you can find on >> this is a great way for moms to sell their baby and kids clothes that are gently used. upscale retail but all done online. >> sellers send their generally used clothing to moxy jean and
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put on the site for 70% off retail. we check for stains and excessive wash wear. >> things start to fade. >> that is the biggest thing, things get nuby. >> items that don't make the cut are donated to charity and sellers get one-third of the perfect price and buyers save big. >> this is hanna anderson a high quality bran, this is $60 new and this would be about $15 at moxy jean. snyder says the site is great for back to school shopping especially when you don't want to drag your kids to the mall. it's justice and lands end and hanna anderson and 75% off
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retail because it's generally used. you don't have to sign up to search the site, you get 20% off your purchase. i'm amy buckman, channel 6 "action news." >> that will do it for "action news" at 4:00, for shirleen allicot and adam joseph, i'm brian taff. "action
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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with jaime apody, meteorologist, cecily tynan, rick williams and monica malpass. it is thursday night and the big story on "action news" is the dangerous rip currents down at the jersey shore. this was the scene earlier today in ocean city where pretty big waves crashed on the beaches, hurricane cristobal is to blame and it's keeping lifeguards very busy. >> looking live at sky 6 hd in atlantic city, the beaches are crowded still because of the nice weather, but as we said swimmers have to be extra careful when they hit the water. lets go to adam joseph at the big board with the latest from accuweather. >> those waves continue to decrease in size and the risk for rip currents continue to wane and that is the good news with hurricane cristobal, as it
5:00 pm
rocks its way to the east-northeast at 36 miles per hour. so soon it will be way into the northern atlantic, and it will not bring affects of rain to the east coast, winds susztained at 80 miles per hour and it continues to be a fish storm and it continues to upon the open waters of the atlantic. we look at the wave heights of double scan live, the center of the storm is 634 miles away. the brighter colors are the wave heights and they are already decreasing from the outer banks of north carolina to virginia and that will continue its journey of 5 to 7 waves, tonight and throughout the day tomorrow in new england, until then if you get caught the rip current, it's at large swells that piles up along the sand and what piles up must come back out. rip currents tend to form and the rushing


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