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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  August 29, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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the "action news" team covering it all and david henry live along the ben franklin parkway for the big concert. and annie mccormick in ventnor, new jersey. and starting with adam joseph outside as we say good-bye to summer. >> we may unofficially say good-bye, but here to stay, especially the second half of the weekend. looking at the numbers now, extremely pleasant to begin your holiday weekend. 78 in allentown, low humidity same for philadelphia. 74 millville. a little sea breeze at the shore, the temperature in the lower 70s. the heat will be arriving. 91 in hot-lanta. and jackson, mississippi 93 degrees. as we progress through the weekend the dewpoints, how it feels when you step out, will are jumping how the as well. fairly comfortable tomorrow. a little more humid, but sunday and monday the humidity will hit the tropical oppressive levels. and pretty much say there into
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tuesday and then trails back off into the middle of next week. the evening planner. by 10:00, 71 under a generally clear sky. a few clouds out there. as we rank the weekend days, the number one day will be tomorrow. with the lack of humidity and pleasant temperatures. it turns hot and oppressively humid sunday, monday with a few thunderstorms around. especially on and off during the day on monday of the pick of the weekend is saturday, all three days not terrible. monica, when we come back talking about the exact numbers over the weekend and the hot temperatures lasting through the beginning of september as well in the seven-day. >> thanks. "action news" reporter annie mccormick live down the shore in ventnor. and the weekend shaping up to be a great weekend for beach-goers. >> the cool possession breeze adam is talking about, it is perfect in ventnor. people are taking it in.
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getting strolls in, the afternoon strolls and bike rides and the afternoon runs. and on the beach a lot of people soaking it in. as a new jersey girl i can tell you it is hard to let go of our jersey shore summers. >> my friend lynn said let's go to the beach more and i said i am ready. we heard it would be a nice day, here we are. >> fabulous. beautiful weather. we came down to sit on the beach and talk. >> and day one of labor day weekend did not disappoint. sunday the group of friends celebrating with an end-of-summer barbecue. and nancy isn't saying good-bye yet. >> i love the fall on the beach. it is my favorite month. >> do you still come out to the beach? >> absolutely, with my book and my towel and chair and i am happy. >> in ventnor city they helped to pack the beaches, so did these twins who had every last minute of the summer weekend planned, even though their cousin jacob has school on the
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brain. >> i am going to the boardwalk on saturday. and i am also going to leave the beachouse and on saturday i'm going to go to sugar. >> we still have work to do. >> you have work to do, you are like 8, right? >> 10. >> what work do you have to do? >> school work. >> and jacob is not the only one with the reality check. in ocean city, today's perfect beach day made let going a little easier. >> the last thing we are doing for the summer as a family, i guess. enjoy the beach. we are both educators, so we are looking forward to school starting as well. >> i had to make it to the beach win more time. so it was a must. we talked about it earlier in the week and we're here. >> take a look at the family there on the beach on newport avenue soaking it in. we still have three days left
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for the rest of the weekend. we will all hold on for dear life and enjoy every moment of it. for now live in ventnor city, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. >> and live on the ben franklin parkway. and the stage is set for tomorrow's made in america music festival. that of course means detours for drivers in the areas. >> that's right. the gates open in 18 hours. and you can see the main gate is right behind me right here. the next two days the parkway here will be rocking with head-pounding music. today the only pounding heads belong drivers trying to negotiate the street closures and workers racing the clock. for days an army of technologies crawling over four massive stages rigging up lights and speakers and laying out miles of cable. there is a lot left to do to launch this massive block party. the blocks around the parkway are blocked off leading to
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traffic headaches throughout the neighborhood. no let's than a dozen closures. it's a big increase, but made in america is a big homoney-maker r the city. the third year it is on the parkway and will again be seen around the world. it is a melting pot of music and culture with some of the biggest names in the business. >> kings of leon, and pherrell. and >> electronic music. what the kids love today. >> did i mention head been pounding? and staged with one in los angeles and they can see the events in both locations on video screens. in the past the organizer of the event, jay-z and his wife
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beyonce have performed here, but it doesn't rule out an appearance. >> what time is jay-z going to be here? [laughter] good question. >> i thought it was a good question and a question that a lot are folks coming are asking. and it hasn't been officially ruled out. when you come down here when kahne west is performing you may see something special. >>you never know. and take the new with you this labor day weekend. we have constantly updated radar images from stormtracker 6 and the latest accuweather forecast from our "action news" meteorologists. and don't forget to check the traffic situation as you hit the roads at other news, police released surveillance video they hope will lead them to the suspects who shot and robbed a
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philadelphia businessman. cameras captured the 37-year-old man driving in and a white van pulls up. and one jumps out, break the driver's window and shoots him in the arm. the gunmen grab a cash deposit bag with $70,000 and drive off. 149 new troopers added to the new jersey state police force. the 154th state police recruit class graduated this morning at a ceremony in toms river. proud family and friends on hand as troopers received new badges. a fire at a commercial building in wildwood. on west oak avenue, the firefighters got a handle on the two-alarmer about an hour later. and a picture of the flames shooting through the roof of the building. they have not yet determined how it started.
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the showboat casino closes its doors for good this weekend in atlantic city. declining revenue and increased competition are to blame, but now the pain is hitting the employee whose were counting on the paycheck. here is john rawlins with more. >> come sunday night there will be no show at showboat. next week no revelry at revel. and the trump plaza and more than 6,000 people, a quarter of the current casino work force will be jobless. wrecks at showboat are upset about what is happening to the workers. >> where are these people going to go? jobs are scares. >> howard is losing his casino job. at 60 something he hopes a seasonal job and severance play getting him to social security. >> and a lot of bills, family, cars, wives, houses, children. a lot of people don't know what they are going to do. some people can't get job. >> economic pain coming to the laidoff workers. the number one salesman, the
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mayor don guardian says they looking for way informs cushion the blow. one way is that the state is looking as a possible up to one-year mortgage payment extension for laidoff casino workers. something that might minimize foreclosures. >> the government is bringing down a program through the state of new jersey that has forgiveness of mortgages. it is a holiday. adding up to 12 months of nonpayment to the end of the mortgage. you get the credit now, don't pay the mortgage until you get some time. >> time is what atlantic city needs. guardian says with the gambling monopoly gone it must reinvent itself. play up the boardba boardback -- boardwalk and beach. >> and there are things to do in this city that you can't do in your hometown. there are venues here that you can't find anywhere else in the united states. we will diversify our market.
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coming up on "action news" tonight simple new jersey counties make the list of the most dangerous in the country for natural disasters. plus, a runner is revived after collapsing on the schuylkill river trail. the good fortune and reaction by others that saved his life. after rip currents this week the ocean calmed down. live in cape may and phoenix getting last late rays of sunshine. we have the forecast for the entire viewing area in accuweather. and ducis rodgers with sports when "action news" continues in a moment.
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>> self new jersey counties deemed the most dangerous in the country due to the frequency of natural disasters like hurricane sandy. ocean city with the distinction of the most dangerous of the analysis publish the by "time" magazine figured or damages caused by earthquakes, tornados, wildfires and hurricanes. and cape may, burlington, monmouth and atlantic county in the top. and no in pennsylvania or delaware made the list. >> an athlete thanks his lucky stars tonight after he went into cardiac arrest during a run along the schuylkill river. the quick work of a good samaritan who just happened to be a doctor and other passersby meant this 27-year-old grad student is still alive. >> i am lucky to shall alive i think. >> at the hospital of the university of pennsylvania since monday when he collapsed on the
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schuylkill river trail while running. >> first we thought that he was seizing. but it quickly became apparent that he actually had lost his pulse. >> dr. aaron is a third-year resident and his wife an e.r. doctor. someone called todd's phone and called the last number he dialed. >> the phone rang and it was todd. i said what did you forget? someone said we have an emergency situation does very heart issues? >> the group on the trail administered c.p.r. for about 11 minutes. and one ran to the playground asking the staff for help. >> someone came in and asking for fan a.e.d. and the summer staff came out and brought it out for them. >> in this case i don't know if he would have survived without the defibrillator. >> i am so grateful aaron and
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the other people were there. >> we owe a lot to them. >> anyone trained in c.p.r. could have done what we did. it doesn't have to necessarily be if a nurse or physician. >> saying a common virus probably led the stress on the heart leading to the cardiac distress and the c.p.r. saved his life. >> and the fact that he will go home and plain taken a normal life is a miracle. >> i will have to learn c.p.r. so i can help somebody else. >> it is important to know there are defibrillators with all of the city's
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have you seen tom corbett's negative ad with this actress. it's just not true. and more of the same from corbett.
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tom wolf's company is headquartered and files taxes right here in pennsylvania. and it's tom wolf who'll be the governor we need. he'll make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. build a 21st century infrastructure. and restore manufacturing for the jobs we need today. take a look at his plan for yourself. tom wolf. a fresh start for pennsylvania. >> ducis here with sports. to kick or not to kick. >> that is the question. which player to kick off the team. two kickers, one job. the eagles must decide by 4:00 tomorrow which kicker they want to keep >> this is a 63-yard attempt. if he makes it you can put him
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on the roster. >> cody parkey. >> hitting three field goals. and including the one that he thought henry was to kick. >> when did you know you weren't kicking that. >> seconds before it happened. >> when i hit it they thought i have a solid leg. and coach kelly might have wanted to see what i have. >> both of parkey kicks were longer than henery's long one. and last week he left one short. >> i have to make a field goal like that. and you have to make it. >> we wait for the coach's decision, expected to come saturday. would you say what you needed to do to maybe wrap up the job? >> you never know. i don't know, it's up to the coaches and the g.m. and the eagl eagles's organization.
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i did a good job. there is obviously room for improvement. >> they make the decisions and it is out of my control. what happens happens. everything happens for a reason and that's how you have to approach it. and not getting back to philadelphia until about 7:30 this morning, beating an sec school makes it worth it. and the opener at vanderbilt beginning more than 90 minutes late. and i wouldn't go out there either. and opening the scoring late in the first quarter, and temple never trails in the game of the defense on point forcing seven turnovers. and ellis with the fumble. and robinson 55 yards for the t.d. and temple won 37-7. and jeff skversky caught up with the coach. >> can this be contagious where you beat them by 30. the defense played well, quarterback played well and you can get this season going here? >> that's what we are hoping for. the lesson for the kids, why did
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you win? they won because they prepared and worked hard. they have to do the same exact thing this week. can't just go we won last week, we will win this week. i think they have the right mindset. and penn state hours away from the overseas opener. and the lyons are in ireland. >> i am a nervous wreck before games in terms of preparation. sunday through basically the game. but once the game comes, you know, i am pretty confident because i know we have done everything that we can possibly do to be prepared for the game. the phillies are back in action. and buchanan getting the ball winning six of the last seven. and high school football, strawberry mansion against roxborough. 20 yards down for the score and they win 43-7. much more of this action
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coming up tonight on the season debut of "high school huddle." jeff skversky will join you after "action news" at 11:00. >> we will look forward to that.
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>> the all-important holiday weekend, let's see how mother nature is treating us. >> the unofficial end to the summer season, but you look at the seven-day, it looks like summer has just begun. everything backwards this year. a lot ever sunshine, low humidity. we golden right now and the
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action cam in delaware, battery park, a perfect shot here. this gentlemen taking in the scene in the shade with the low humidity. even if were you in the sun, it still felt pretty nice. the highlights as we go over the upcoming weekend. it turns oppressive here by sunday. and the threat of thunderstorms will arrive over the holiday weekend. as we look at futuretracker sunday afternoon, the heat index, how it's going to feel. by 3:00, 89 in allentown. 95 in philadelphia. 96 in wilmington. and between 78 and wildwood, and it feels hot and humid even with the sea breeze. and the threat of thunderstorms by sunday afternoon at 5:30. this is the line north and west. if you are at the shore, looks dry through sunday afternoon. a good beach day. but again north and west of town, especially the poconos, watch for the skies to open up
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by sunday afternoon. as we look at the temperatures right now, we're anything but near 90 degrees. 78 in allentown and philadelphia, 74 millville. with the see breeze only in the lower 70s at the shore. the high pressure has been no control and just a small ribbon of high clouds passed through this afternoon. all in all a nice way to round out the workweek. tomorrow the high pressure to the east and southwesterly wind kicks in. a warm front pulls through. slightly humid tomorrow, and seasonal temperatures at 83. the warm front excels to the north. hot and humid sunday. and feeling like 95. with the cold front near us at the end of the day in the western suburbs, watching for a chance of a few thunderstorms. 75 the ocean temperature this upcoming weekend. it has been in the middle 70s the last couple of weeks. very pleasant to hit the water. 78 the air temperature tomorrow. humid with sunshine sunday, 84. and also very humid monday, 84 with a chance of a few pop-ups
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during the day on monday at the shore. up in the poconos, those thunderstorms come a day early, sunday afternoon at 79 degrees. a beautiful day tomorrow before that at 74. and monday, mucky and 80 degrees with a few thunderstorms in the morning or afternoon. tonight stays very comfortable. patchy clouds. 50s in the suburbs, 63 for center city. and your exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast those temperatures excelling this weekend. not bad tomorrow, 83. very uncomfortable sunday. and pop-ups late in the day, 90. most of the day dry. monday in the summer soup. the thunderstorm and downpour can occur any time monday with a front nearby of 89 degrees. tuesday feels like the upper 90s with the air temperature of 92, the most uncomfortable of the seven. and backing it off thursday and friday, less humidity and upper 80s, way above normal. right now not going for an
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official heat wave, but very close as we enter the first week of september. on that seven-day we have barely had that all season, it happens when the kids go back to school. >> thank you. a group of former high school drop-outs now have diplomas. part of the charter school in north philadelphia. today, a year of achievements of academics and community service. most planning to attend college or trade school after graduation. how about that. abc's "world news" is next. and "action news" continuing tonight on phl 17 at 10:00. and join us for "action news" at 11:00 on channel 6. for jim gardner, cecily tynan, adam joseph, ducis rodgers, the entire "action news" team, i'm monica malpass. have a great night. ♪ ms. harris: camden students face a lot of challenges
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but they meet them with determination and drive. chanelle: teachers like ms. harris made me feel like i'm part of a team. not just on the basketball court. but in the classroom. ms. harris: chanelle is not just a star athlete. she is a star student. chanelle: i headed to clemson university where i can combine my love of sports and learning- and maybe even win a championship. ms. harris: i wouldn't bet against her. or any of my students reaching for their dreams.
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this is "world news" tonight. terror threats. isis on the march. a major american ally saying threats are coming. > ginger zee is here with severe weather. and joan rivers, what her family is saying tonight. good evening on this friday night. david muir will be here