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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  August 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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6:00 a.m. on this saturday august 30. here some of the stories we're following on "action news." summer unofficially winds down at the jersey shore. "action news" is there for families making memories. the eagles make their final cuts later today, the regular season starts in a week. i know this guy right here is excited about that, meteorologist chris sowers joins us talking about your fantacy team already. >> reporter: who doesn't like football. >> doesn't feel like the summer is coming to an end. >> reporter: let's start you out with cape may, we have the clouds hugging the coastline. it's another comfortable morning around the delaware valley. so comfortable, wait until you see these numbers. there's couple of location locations sitting above the
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50-degree mark. warrington, 57. tanersville, 53. saint davids 58. interior sections of south jersey, in the 50s, hammonton, 53. buena, 54. smyrna in delaware, 58. no cloud cover this morning, it's another crystal clear morning around the region. we have high pressure continuing to dominate the weather pattern for the afternoon. they will slowly drift off the coast as we progress along throughout the weekend. that will allow the temperatures to soar and the humidity numbers to increase, as well. here's the day planner, 72 degrees, by lunchtime you'll notice the gradual increase in humidity. that will make the 83 feel warmer than perhaps what it felt yesterday. not a bad day, it will be comfortable not as refreshing as yesterday's weather. as we ranked the three days, today by far is going to be the prize winner. tomorrow and monday is not that
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bad. but it turns humid and hotter and we'll have downpours with the thunderstorms we're expecting. when i come back i'll talk about that in just a bit. >> going to the shore, it's the final few days of fun in the sun before school opens. >> reporter: kids are flying high on the first day of labor day weekend on rides. >> i'm bringing my son who is 6 for one last harrah on the beach. >> and with kites. >> i call it fire star. >> reporter: the sun set on what was a beautiful day from ocean city to haven't ventnor, the perfect weather drew beach clouds. >> beautiful weather we came down to sit on the beach and talk. >> reporter: friday night the ocean city boardwalk was the hot spot for food, fun and family
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time. >> i love being here with my little sister she loves to ride. >> reporter: little isabel loved every minute. like so many other shore lovers are taking it all in as we all say goodbye to summer. >> we're not looking forward to the end of it. but there's next year, too. >> reporter: we have our favorite things we want to eat for summertime, mr. taffy is one of them, and we have ice cream. we have three days left to do it, labor day isn't until monday. for now, and channel 6 "action news." >> the made in america labor day weekend concert opens at noon today. residents living near the benjamin franklin parkway say they have had anything but music for days. it's tough to get in and around the parkway. dozens of streets are blocked,
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the inconvenience for residents produces a payoff for music fans and the city. >> kanye and pherrell a lot of people are excited about seeing. >> that's electronic dance music. that's what the kids love these days. >> oh, david henry, for the first time a similar concert will takes place in los angeles, concert goers here will be able to see it on a big screen tv. made in america is a big money maker for local businesses last year, they took in $10 million. remember, "action news" can travel with you wherever you go this labor day weekend. abc has live reports around the clock and details on made in
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america and the detours at two cars slammed into a septa trolley on a southwest philadelphia street. the action cam was on the 600 block of limb burger boulevard. a car rear ended the trolley while the trolley was stopped at a red light, and then another car hit the first car county trolley. the drivers of the cars are in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, there are no other injuries to report. other news this morning, britain raises the terror threat level to severe. british prime minister david cameron said the move stems from the threat of isis which is more dangerous than al qaeda. the move is made with abundance
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of caution. meanwhile, the white house said it does not expect to bump up the terrorism level in the u.s. the pentagon has spent a half billion dollars since mid jiewnl. they carried out 110 airstrikes and continuing surveillance strike. secretary of state john kerry called isis a cancer that must be stamped out. he said an international coalition is needed to take on isis. "good morning america" weekend will take a closer look at isis and it's recruiting that's ahead at 8:00 after "action news." comedian joan rivers remains in serious condition at a new york city hospital. abc news has learned she has been unconscious since going into cardiac arrest since a procedure. she is being sedated until
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doctors are more comfortable with her condition. her daughter said she is receiving the best care possible. surveillance video shows how the masked bandits pulled up the man, they ambush him, one shoots him in the arm, the other steals his bag full of cash. the businessman was taking it to the deposit at the bank inside the path mark at large and bly in northeast philadelphia. he is is referring from the gunshot. the suspects fled in a white minivan thought to be a damage caravan. the law firm hired to defend governor christie in the bridgegate scandal was billed the taxpayers of new jersey. the firm of gibson did you know know -- dunn and crusher is
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representing christy's office in the federal and state investigation. so far it has cost the state $7 million. dozens of minors were working in a mine when it collapsed. it was a tough night to be a nova fallen and the phillies fans. two hard losses. >> reporter: we have a gorgeous weekend coming up. we round out the month of august, turning more hotter and humid and maybe thunderstorms,
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>> let's get a check of our fabulous weekend forecast. it's an important weekend. >> reporter: it's going to be good, we could haveeekend. thunderstorms tomorrow and labor day itself, today looks pretty nice. let's go live on sky 6. we'll get you the view of the ben franklin bridge. the sun is starting to climb. it's crystal clear, those clear skies have allowed the radiational cooling to develop. get a load of numbers right now. millville, 54 degrees, same thing for trenton. 53 in the poconos. 55 in allentown, reading 59. lancaster, another morning we have to close the windows.
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57. wilmington, 63 an philadelphia, 62. dewpoints these numbers will be changing in a big way. right now it's completely dry, nice and comfortable, dewpoints in the 50s, anytime you're honoring out under 60 degrees in the dewpoint department it's refreshing. watch how the numbers change. as we get into monday and tuesday, this is awful. we're in the steam bath category. we'll be 70, that's new orleans, get ready for it. not much to talk about in terms of thunderstorms or downpours or anything like that. we have a froments system that will be -- frontal system that will be dropping through later tomorrow. the surface maps look like this, this is the cool canadian high one more day.
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once again this front sneaks through, it will be noticeably hotter with temperatures around the 0 degrees, feeling like 95 or 96. tomorrow is an uncomfortable day. cruel see a decent amount of sun and thunderstorms late in the afternoon. we get into labored, the whole thing pushes to the north, the southerly winds strengthen and it's hot with temperatures close to 90 degrees and tuesday this frontal system is going to push along at a snails pace even tuesday and wednesday, the front is to our west and the winds remain out of the south and temperatures are on the hot side. future tracker 6 of, we'll get into tomorrow evening, tomorrow for the most part is dry, we get into the evening and the first front washes out over the delaware valley. that means showers and thunderstorms are possible. you see the reds and purpleish color, that means downpours, labor day we're expecting
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thundershowers throughout the day. labor day is not a wash, but there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms at any point in time. we're picking up the oranges and reds so we can expect heavy downpours. today is best day today. jersey shore, 78 degrees. nice and comfortable. humid sunday, 84. labor day itself, humid sun and clouds and pop-up thunderstorms. on the beach, winds out of the south at 10 to 20 miles per hour, that's the sea breeze. waves 2 to 3 feet. these are much calmer as cristobol ran up the coastline earlier this week. the water is calmer. uv index is on the high side. apply the sunscreen. 83 in philadelphia, sun and clouds, nice, winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles per hour. the daybreaks down like this. 80 degrees by lunchtime.
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3:00 p.m., 83 and 6:00 p.m. we're back down to 81. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 90 degrees for sunday, afternoon thunderstorms a good bet mainly west of the city. from the city east looks like you're dry throughout the day. labor day itself that changes everybody fair game, thunderstorms developing 89. extremely humid, tuesday, hot and humid, 92. wednesday mostly sunny, high of 90. sunday through wednesday, each and everyday feels-like temperatures will be close to 95. thursday and friday, 88 degrees most days, one thing you'll notice is a decrease in humidity always the cold front pushes through. le that will 88 will be better than what we experience sunday and monday. >> new overnight, 11 of 24 minors trapped in a gold mine shaft in nicaragua have been
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rescued. miles per hour say the miners are dehydrated, but in good shape. rescue workers trying to reach the other missing minors. a family's move to colorado will cost more than they expected. check out what happened to the suv. grand judges say the family was -- grand junction police say they were toeing the suv, when the gps told them to take a
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>> a center city bank bandit didn't get far with his loot. he dropped most of the cash when the dye pack exploded outside the m and t bank on 1th and sansom. the mask robber remains on the loose. google is trying to build a fleet of package carrying drones. the company said test flights in australia were successful. google expects it to take several more years before the fleet is fully operational. is experimenting with a fleet of self flying vehicles. you can wear them on your
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wrist on your neck and 0 on your face, they can help you check your e-mails, check your pulse or direction. they are wearable technology and gaining in popularity. are they the next big thing or passing a trend. >> it's new, but we think it's going to take off. a lot of big companies are jumping into the game. >> reporter: smart watches are one of the fastest growing categories, users can get e-mails and texts and cell phone notifications all on their wrist. >> it tells me at a glance if it's something to stop and pay attention to it. >> reporter: there are activity trackers that count steps and count calories. the fit bit 1 is accurate and allows users to see their progress in real time without
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connecting to a computer. wearable tech continues to evolve. >> the first devices we saw were clunky, but that's changing. this tracker you can wear around your wrist or your ankle. >> reporter: popular fashion designers are getting in on the act. google glass $1,800 is still a novelty. we'll see hitech socks that track your speed and running technique and the ring that can make a phone call or
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>> good saturday morning, doesn't this make you feel nice, look at the sunrise coming up over camden. the subpoena is coming up later, but look how beautiful it looks. here's the sun coming up in atlantic city. another beautiful morning there. some clouds in the sky, though, chris. >> reporter: doesn't the saying go, red in the morning, sailor take warning. if that's the case, we're in trouble. accuweather promise a nice day around the delaware valley. here's satellite and radar, we have an area of low pressure pushing through the heartland of the nation. it's moving quickly but moving to the north. we have a trailing cold front slicing through the ohio and warm front pushing through the great lakes. there's the cold front right there. this warm front i know it looks like a snake that's the game changer, that will change the
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pattern. the air is very soupy in through here, and that is pushing east pretty rapidly. as a matter of fact it arrives later tonight into tomorrow and we'll go from this to down right stifling weather, it will turn hotter and more humid, and down right uncomfortable, sunday, monday and tuesday. i'll have the details in just a bit. >> the penn state's football season starts this morning. the nittany lions kicks off at 8:30 this morning. the game is being played in ireland. nova down one in double overtime, nova goes for the two point conversion. 27-26 win, ouch. ducis rogers has the rest of sports. >> reporter: good morning, the phillies have the day off thursday, they parentally took an extra night off last night.
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phils and melts in new york, david buchanan none allows one run in 6 innings of work. 7th inning phils down 1-zip. byrd beats the throw in, game tied at 1. two outs, this pop up should end threat, but drops it. 2-run scores, the phils lose 4-1. the phils have not recorded a single extra base hit. cut down day is here, the easily must get down 53 players by 4:00 p.m. codey parky has made the team. if the report is accurate. alex hennery is likely done. either way, the cuts will not be easy. >> we have difficult conditions, that's a positive
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for us as an organization that there are so many battles we have to harsh out tomorrow and saturday it's tough, because you have to tell people they didn't make the team. >> that's a look at sports, i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. introducing nexium 24hr
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finally, the purple pill, the #1 prescribed acid blocking brand, comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™ everyday thousands of people choose nexium twenty-four hour for frequent heartburn. i'd always wanted the protection of the purple pill® now, i have it. get nexium level protection ™ for a limited time save six dollars at >> made in america gyps today by the art museum in
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philadelphia. it's a hassle for drivers, but a jolt for merchants. the jersey shore is packed for the unofficial end of the summer. the weather is beautiful for the beach, boardwalk and barbecues. chris sowers has a look at how wonderful the weather will be for your holiday weekend. >> reporter: speaking of wonderful, have you seen the sunrise this morning? look at these images, i believe that's the girard point bridge. those clouds you're seeing, they are so high in the sky, they are about 20, 25,000 feet they are made of ice crystals. always the sun is rising, we're getting the rays reflecting off the ice. it's a beautiful morning around the delaware valley. it's comfortable and the temperatures in the 50s, there's no humidity out there. the feels like september, maybe the beginning of october.
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boy is this going to change. we'll see an oppressive amount of humidity steam roll in the delaware valley over the next 72 hours. enjoy these numbers now, while we have them. allentown, 55. him poconos, 53. millville, 54. here's satellite and radar we'll set it in motion for you, what we have is an area of low pressure pushing through the great lake states. what you can't see here is a warm front off to our west. as that pushes through we have all the heat and humidity. this guy is pushing to the north. we have to wait for a secondary cold front which is off the screen that won't arrive until wednesday of next week of we have a pretty oppressive air mass that will stick around for a while. that's in the foreseeable future. here's the golf forecast,
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gorgeous morning, comfortable conditions, slightly humid throughout the day, 73 by 9:00 a.m., high of 83 degrees is where we top thing out this afternoon. we're getting into a july-like pattern. temperatures in the 90s, noticeably more humid, it will feel disgusting tomorrow and monday, i promise you that. along with the humidity we have the pop-up thunderstorms in the forecast, i'll have the details in just a bit. >> the made in america music festival gets in under way, kanye west and kings of leon will headline the show. for some it brings headaches, for others, cash. chad perdelli has both sides weigh in. >> reporter: made in america is billed as the biggest holiday party in the nation. >> we've got rock bands, hip hop bands, edm bands. it's a variety of music from all
6:32 am
over the world. >> reporter: but for those living near the parkway, this is what people are experiencing, gridlock and it's been going on for days. this woman who didn't want to be named is fed up. >> we were held prisoner for july 4th weekend every year and we have to adapt to that and now the same thing is happening every year over the labor day weekend. >> reporter: the event is big business. city estimates it pumps $10 million into the philadelphia economy last year and some residents and business owners love it. >> i'm going in on sunday, check it out, i was there last year i had a good time. >> a lot of people walking around, we get a lot of walk ins and a lot of slices and cheese steaks. >> reporter: you like it. >> of course. >> reporter: a sister concert is being staged in loss los angeled organizers are saying they will
6:33 am
compliment each other. >> we'll have a big screen over there, and you can see what's going on there, and vice versa those people will see what's going on in philadelphia. >> reporter: city officials urge you to use public transportation and it will help with congestion and allow those who live around here a parking space. chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> is your source for the cristian made in america fe. log on for a slide show of the performers and we have road closures listed as well. while thousands of people will be partying at the huge made in america festival this weekend, thousands more are flocking to the shore. the action cam was out in ventnor city as the visitors celebrated the unofficial end of the summer on the beach. down the the shore, the nice
6:34 am
weather made letting go of the summer easier. >> we're both educators, so we're looking for the start of school, as well. >> i had to make it to the beach one more time. it was a must, we talked about it earlier in the week and now we're here. >> if you can't get to the beach this weekend stay with "action news" for the next best thing, our shore reports continue throughout the long holiday weekend. a dark cloud lingers over the atlantic city casino business this labor day weekend. three casinos are closing, thousands face no jobs. john rawlins looks at the efforts to help out the casino workers staring at unemployment. >> reporter: come sunday night there will be no show at showboat. next week, no revelry at revel. add the trump plaza, a quarter of the workforce will be jobless. >> where are these people going
6:35 am
to go? jobs are so scarce, your putting 6,000 people out of work. >> reporter: gary howard is losing his casino job, at 60 something he hopeses a seasonable job and severance pay will get him to social security. >> a lot of bills, family, house children, some people scanty get jobs. >> reporter: the city's number one salesman, mayor don guardian said authorities are looking for ways to cushion the blow. one idea, the state is looking at a possible up to one year mortgage payment and he thinks for laid off casino workers, something that might minimize foreclosure you yous. >> the governor is bringing down a program for the state of new jersey, it forgiveness for mortgage. you add 12 months of payment to the end of your mortgage. you get the credit you don't pay
6:36 am
the mortgage until you get sometime. >> reporter: time is what atlantic city needs. with the gambling monopoly gone they must reinvent itself. play up the boardwalk and beach. in five years, he hopes this will be ac's reputation. >> we have thinks to do in this city you can't do in your hometown. there will be venues you can't find anywheres in the united states and we're going to diversify our market. john rawlins channel 6 "action news." >> school district teachers and parents will spend participant of their labor day protesting budget cuts. today they will spend time outside governor correspond belts philadelphia's office on broad street. corbett sports the measure of cigarette tax, william hite said it could prevent more layoffs. lawmakers will not return to
6:37 am
harrisburg until after the school year begins. new this morning, a man is fighting for his life after being shot in west philadelphia. police say his family knew the gunman, the man was shot in the leg around 11:00 p.m. on the unit block of north edge wood street. police say they tracked down the 21-year-old shooter driving this suv at 61st and market. detectives are talking to him, no word on charges or a motive. the 39-year-old victim is listed in critical condition at hup. firefighters knocked down the late night blaze on the 1200 block of wallace street in north philadelphia. investigator say the fire started in the u-haul truck and spread to the exterior of little world learning center. as to how badly damaged the learning center is unclear, investigators are working on the cause of fire. september marks one year
6:38 am
since the fire that put ladder 2 out of commission. now the firehouse is rebuilt and operating. vernon odem got a look. >> reporter: it's a landmark in old city. ladder 2 firehouse back in operation after 12 months hiatus us. >> we're happy to be back. we know the members of the community are happy we're back. >> reporter: last september, the fire house was itself a scene of a major fire, there was expensive damage, fortunately no injuries. now, after major improvements were made the commissioner showed off the updraidz including a state of the -- upgrades including a state-of-the-art exhaust system. during the shut down, there was never a higher risk threat level for the community. >> where we located, we were a mile away, it was a mile further
6:39 am
for them to respond, but there were companies closer than that. >> the day we were looking at the unit, the fire house was on fire, and we watched the fire from the unit we ended up buying. we're very glad to see it reopened, we watched the reconstruction and we're glad they are back. >> reporter: the immediate neighborhood mixes big buildings and hotel and residents housing and apartments and condos. >> knowing they are around the corner if something bad were to happen is a good feeling. >> reporter: ladder 2 is back online now and ready to spring into action when needed. in old city, vernon odem channel 6 "action news." >> there's much more to come on "action news," including a spy thriller. matt o'donnell has our sneak peek at what's at the movies. chris sowers has the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, no need
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>> sky6 live hd looking live over atlantic city, the sun decided to wake up this morning. we were waiting on it there for a little while. finally popping up over the clouds this morning. 64 degrees outside. >> reporter: korea, i will tell you there are some areas in the 50s this morning. i closed the windows when i got out of bed, i had the fan blowing that cool air in.
6:43 am
>> i had panels and a jacket on. >> reporter: let's go live on sky 6. remember what it feels like out there right now, because we'll all be begging for it by labor day as the humidity begins to increase and temperatures will get close to 90,ing if not higher. there's a look at the camden waterfront. another shot of the sun rising. a beautiful sunrise this morning. we're seeing bright oranges and yellows and reds. makes for a nice, tranquil picture. temperatures, 62 degrees. trenton, 54. millville at 54. allen up town, 55 degrees. poconos, 53. le on the boardwalk in atlantic city, you're warmer because the ocean temperature is sitting at 74. you're feeling the ocean influence, everybody inland is down in the 50s and 60s. okay, dewpoints this is the way we measure the amount of moisture in the air, anything less than 60 is refreshing. you get into the low to mid
6:44 am
60s it becomes slightly humid. you get above 70 it's awful out there. the watch what happens over the next couple of days. today you'll notice a slight increase in the humidity. that's nice, not too bad. later this evening, you're up to 66. maybe some of you have to turn the air-conditiner on at that point. overnight tonight, look it starts to climb, and look at the first thing in the morning. new orleans which is widely known or regarded as the most humid place in the country is 72 presently. that's where we'll be tomorrow morning in philadelphia. running this through, mid 70s that's extremely oppressive and that continues through labor day. feels great out there right now. once the warm front punches through in the evening and overnight that's when the numbers start to increase and it feels down right awful you out there. satellite and radar composite even though we're crystal clear
6:45 am
right now, we'll see the threats for showers and thunderstorms tomorrow evening and labor day itself. once the warm front pushes through it's like opening a door, winds shift out of the south, turns hotter, temperatures close to 90 degrees and we get a pop-up thunderstorm on sunday. we get into labor day thing these frontal systems washout, there will be the threat of showers and thunderstorms. this is the heat buster full, unfortunately it's moving so slowlily, even though you see it in the picture here, it doesn't arrive until wednesday night. looks like we'll seal the muggies through wednesday afternoon with temperatures close to 90 degrees, future tracker 6, today looks good, we'll go into sunday, sunday is a dry day. sunday is a perfect day in terms of sky conditions, in the afternoon early hours we see the first front approach the area and thunderstorms developing. by 9:00 p.m. they are producing the heavy, drenching downpours, and labor day the front sits
6:46 am
over the delaware valley and washes itself out. we'll see the threat of showers and thunderstorms as a result. look how impressive the downpours will be, again, it's not a wash. the on sunday, maybe the entire day is dry, you get an hour or two of downpours, it could produce over two inches of rain. we'll keep a closer eye on the radars over the next couple of days these storms will pop up out of nowhere once we get into sunday afternoon and sunday night. the poconos sun and clouds, 74 degrees, very comfortable very sticky. tomorrow, thunderstorms are a good bet, 79. the muggies continue labored good bet of thunderstorms and -- labor day good bet of thunderstorms and 80 degrees. poconos, humid -- down the shore, today, 78 degrees, humid tomorrow, and chance of
6:47 am
thunderstorms, 84. monday, humid and 84 degrees thunderstorms. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, 83 today, 90 tomorrow, 89 monday, tuesday, 92. wednesday, 90 degrees, each and everyday from sunders -- sunday to wednesday we're close to 90. what you're not seeing there, is how high the humidity will be, it will feel like 95, 96 each and everyday. we'll have the return of sunshine, this is the weather we wanted in july we're getting in september. >> summer's last stand. thanks chris. she only weighed 87 pounds, but that is not stopping one teen girl from making football history in iowa. this is the first girl ever to play varsity football at her high school. she serveses as the lead trumpet player, the boys treat her as part of the family, the only
6:48 am
difference. i'm not doing something because i am a girl and something new, i'm doing it because it's fun. >> in addition to being a trail i'm doing it because it's fun. >> in addition to being a trail blazer, she maybe a trendsetter, to prove a point about internet speeds, we slowed down an up escalator this is crazy like i don't get it, this one is working ladies, shouldn't up be as fast as down? yeah. shouldn't internet speeds match as well? yes. do your socks match? my socks match. do your eyeballs match? yes. cable does not match the speeds. makes you want to go mad. erggggh. only verizon fios comes with speed match. upload speeds as fast as your download speeds. join now at verizon.
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>> for many children school is about to start, this is the last weekend to head to the movies, matt o'donnell shows you what's knew on the big screen. >> reporter: it is the last weekend of august, and what else at the box office. november man. it is movie based on the spy novel. there are no spies. >> how many potentials? >> too many. >> i don't like it. >> reporter: pierce brosnon
6:51 am
stars as an ex-cia agent who is called out of retirement to protect a witness. he realizes this assignment marks him as a target of his former friend david and gets caught in the middle of a cia coverup involving russian war crimes and the deaths of thousands of innocent people and more, with growing suspicion of a mole in the agency, he trusts no one. sober up -- as back and forth, so below is a horror film. >> if they carve that on the increasingly there's got to be a door on the floor. >> reporter: miles of twisting catacombs and the etern --
6:52 am
eternal home of countless souls. they uncover a dark secret that lies in the city of the dead. the keen comes face-to-face with personal demons that sooner or later haunt us all. in the congress, robin right plays a version of herself. this is about an aging actress who goes to great lengths to save her career. >> what situation are you in. >> the situation of offering the last contract you'll have ever. >> wright agrees to preserve her digital likeness for hollywood. her alice will be controlled by the studio and star in any film they want without restrictions.
6:53 am
in return she gets a healthy compensation so they can care for her ailing son. the sequences of her decision affect her in ways she never ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> reporter: welcome back everyone, 63:55 saturday morning, taking a look at the tropics, we'll use our tropical satellite. we've had a couple of flare ups over the last few days, as a whole the tropics are quiet. every now and then you seem the heavy cloud tops which you need for tropical activity. we have sheering winds from the north that may inhibit it's growth. once it gets beyond cuba it's favorable or development right
6:56 am
there. look at how quiet the gulf county carribean are. looks like it will stay that way. >> the designers for the show knock it off, will show you things you usually find in the closet for a dining room piece. check this out. >> reporter: mid industry furniture is all the rage. but popular styles equal higher price tags. we used shoe racks for a mid industry dining room buffet. normally i wouldn't put a shoe rack in the dining room, but these clean lines will help us build a buffet. we'll pair it with pine wood and it will have sturdiness and lots of style. >> reporter: we're using a nail gun and then getting precut wood
6:57 am
for a finished furniture look. i want to the home improvement store and found these cute legs. they are cute, aren't they? >> reporter: wow. >> isn't it cool? >> it is. >> reporter: it's higher than normal height, but we're making a server. so shoe rackings in the dining room not too shabby. after a coat of paint this piece is finished. what usually run a few thousand dollars at an up scale store cost 75 bucks to make. for budget friendly project ideas go to live well and be sure to tune in to knock it off on the live well network. next week they show you how to create your own mirrored coffee table and save you big bucks at the same time. we have another hour of
6:58 am
"action news" coming up, here's some of the stories we're working on for you alicia vitarelli has labor day deals. the stage is set for the made in america bash in philadelphia. it's a big deal for the city, but a big racquet f
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>> good morning, it is 7:00 a.m. on this saturday, august 30th. here are some of the stories we're following on for you on "action news." summer unofficially winds down at the jersey shore. the eagles make their file cuts later today. the regular season starts in less than a week. meteorologist chris sowers is outside with a look ahead at the accuweather forecast, chris, nice and sunny already. >> reporter: i'm laughing because it feels so good out here and and i know in the back of my mind how awful it will feel tomorrow. we have a dramatic front heading our way. we'll get into the dixie heat. it will feel like the mid 90s. quakertown 51. you look closely you see the shades of before you. we have communities in and around the quakertown area that are down in the 40s this morning, 5 in mar


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