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tv   Action News Weekend  ABC  August 30, 2014 9:00am-10:01am EDT

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take the tums first. >> reporter: it's going to be a little more humid, but more humid sunday and monday. as we look down in cape may, as chris billion came up the coast earlier this week, we had high rip current risk all week. now it has dropped down to low risk. ocean temperatures are refreshing in the mid 70s, looking at that image, you can see it quieter. 68 in philadelphia. trenton, 68. allentown, 64. millville, 67, sea i'll -- sea isle city, 74 degrees. the muggies return, as you look toward the west, pittsburgh that is the warm front trailing northwest to southeast. that will punch through during
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the overnight hours, once that slides in, the humidity goes through the roof. we'll see documents easily in the 70s. we'll go from comfortable and pleasant to down right stifling tomorrow afternoon. sun and clouds today, slight increase in humidity, i stress the word slight. 83 degrees. the only reason i'm mentioning this, yesterday it was so refreshing you'll notice the slight increase. the july-like pattern arrives tomorrow. it turns more humid and hotter with temperatures in the upper 80s, some areas top out at 90 degrees. those two combined produce feels-like temperatures in the mid 90s. when i come back we'll talk about the possibility of drenching downpours for sunday and monday that's coming up in just a bit. eva? >> thanks, chris. we'll get to the shore in just a moment, but we're starting the biggest party on the parkway made in america festival set to begin in just a few hours. chad perdelli has a preview.
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♪ >> reporter: made in america is billed as the biggest holiday party in the nation. >> we've got rock bands, we've got hip hop bands, we've got edm bands. it's a variety of music from all over the world. >> reporter: but for those living mere the parkway, this is what people are experiencing, gridlock and it's been going on for days. this woman who didn't want to be named is if he would up. >> we're held prison for july 4th weekend every year. we sort of had to adapt to that, and now the same thing is happening over labor day weekend. >> reporter: the event is big business. city estimates it pumps $10 million into the philadelphia economy last year and some residents and business owners love it. >> it's a party, i like it. i'm going in on sunday, check it out, i was there last year, i had a good time. >> a lot of people walking around, we get a lot of walk
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ins, a lot of cheese steaks and slices. >> reporter: you like it. >> of course. >> reporter: a sister concert is being staged in los angeles and organizers say they will compliment each other. >> you can watch the la event and there will be a big screen over there, and vice versa,s those people can see how philadelphia does it in los angeles. >> reporter: if you're coming here, use public transportation it will help with the congestion and allow those who live around here to have a parking space. chad perdelli channel 6 "action news." >> the new is your source for the made in america festival log onto find a slide show of the performers and list of set times for both days lineups. we have road closures listed as well. thousands will be partying at the made in america festival.
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thousands more are flocking to the shore. the action cam was in ventnor as visits and locals celebrated the end of summer on the beach. same thing down in ocean city. the perfect weather made it easier for a couple to end summer. >> we're both educators, we're looking for school to start, as well. >> i had to make it to the beach one more time, it was a must. we tucked about it earlier in the week, and we're here. >> if you can't get to the beach this weekend, stay with "action news" for the next best thing, our short reports continue throughout the long holiday weekend. >> there's nothing to celebrate this labor day weekend for 6,000 casino workers they are losing their jobs. le showboat is closing tomorrow, revel closes on tuesday, the
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trump shut down september 16. the mayor said the state is considering a one year mortgage payment and he thinks for the laid off workers. new this morning, a man is in surgery after being stabbed repeatedly on the street in the cobbs creek section of philadelphia. the police found the man at 6:30 on south 56th street. the victim in his 30s is in critical condition at the hospital of university of pennsylvania. they are looking for motive and suspects. police are looking for systems who has an -- suspect who targeted the dunkin donuts in olney. surveillance captured the man robbing the restaurant on north 5th street. the same man held up a the 7-eleven on the 6600 block of
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rising sun avenue in lawndale. the next day the gunman robbed another 7-eleven this one on the 1100 block of east luzerne street in juniata park. the crime spree ended when he held up a dunkin donuts on west lehigh veaf. if you see the suspect call 911. a 39-year-old west philadelphia man is in critical an after he was shot in the leg. it happened on the unit block of north edge wood street on -- at 11:00 p.m. officials have tracked down the man who is responsible for the shooting, he has not been charged. a talking bird helped
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investigators arrest christiana rugusters. the victim who was five at the time of the abduction had been blindfolded, but told police she heard a talking bird during the ordeal. the trial resumes next week. radnor police say a man allegedly taking pictures you ua woman's skirt may have targeted others. brian bailey has been charged with invasion of privacy and harassment. he used his camera to take pictures under a customer's skirt. investigators are asking any other potential victims to come forward. a new jersey family says there needs to be better protection for fans at the ballpark after their own scale. their daughter got a black eye at a blue claws game in
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lakewood, ocean county. new jersey correspondent nora muchanic has more on the new mission. >> i remember seeing a white blur a foot away from my face and it hit me. >> reporter: it is 10-years-old is nursing a concussion and broken bones in her nose and skull after a baseball slammed into her heard, her brain was exposed to air. it happened while the family was snacking at this table. >> i saw her grab her face and go to the ground. the ball hit her face in the ambulance they say to me this happened several times the last couple of weeks here, we are terrified. the nurse at the hospital said when is someone going to do something about this, i see so many children with injuries from that ballpark.
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>> reporter: they started a facebook about fan safety calling for increased netting at the park to stop balls. others injured by stray balls are posting their stories there. >> there was another child who was hit in the back of the head which we found on facebook. it's becoming a common occurrence. >> reporter: the blue claws will not release the number of people hit by balls, but say fan safety is important. there are warnings posted at the park and on the back of every ticket. they said we are deeply saddened by the injuries suffered and wish her the best for her recovery. >> they need to put extra netting up, or someone will be killed. >> reporter: the blue claw game with as to be the start of a week long vacation, instead alexis is recovering and trying to prevent this from happening
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to other children. >> jifer -- joan rivers remains unconscious in a new york hospital. the 81-year-old entertainer is sedated until doctors are more comfortable about her condition. the law firm hired to defend governor chris christie's administration billed another $784,000. the investigation is related to the bridge lane closures. the firm representing christy's office in the state and federal investigation on the stam. so far the firm has -- investigation on the -- so far
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the firm has charged $7 million. the story behind the super luxury car crash ahead. it protects your skin from the sun, does it protect your pride, inside the strangest summer accessory. >> reporter: maybe it can help us out with this. these are feel like numbers for tomorrow. i'll tell you how long it will stick day dreaming again?
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>> if you're hitting the beach this holiday weekend you'll want to slather on sunscreen before hitting the sand, but if you want to protect yourself from the sun, full coverage, consider this, the face kini. i meant comes from china where apparently it is huge. the sun statement piece which promises to block out the uv rays will set you back 18 bucks. >> looks like you're going to rob the fudgywudyy guy. >> reporter: what happened sitting underneath a beach umbrella if you didn't want the sun. always worked for me. i'm just saying. let's go live on sky 6.
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it's going to be a beach day today. the humidity levels increase slightly, but highs are below average for this time of year. that's the view t center city -e center city skyline. 69 degrees in philadelphia. wind out of the north, northeast 5 miles per hour. the pressure is starting to fall. this morning, quakertown was down to 49 degrees, now 59. members of the jury creek 62. warrington, 64. chester, 70. cinnaminson, 66. buena and gandys beach 67. satellite and radar all the activity is actually pushing on by to the north, because the jet stream is all the way up into the great lake states. high pressure is sitting over top of us. as long as the high is there, we'll have quiet whether in our neck of the woods. unfortunately, however, the high is pushing off the coast rapidly
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it will alowp the warm front to pull through. it will feel like new orleans as the front crosses the region. it will do so overnight tonight. tomorrow it will feel down right awful out there with dewpoints in the 70s and temperatures close to 90 degrees, combine the 2 it will make it feel like 95 or 96. we'll get into labor day itself, combination of sun and clouds, could be hit or miss thunderstorms another hot one, feels-like temperatures, 95, 969. this afternoon, 83 that's the forecasted high, so we're not looking at too much of a difference from the air temperature versus what the heat index will do. tomorrow, the forecast is 90 degrees, it will feel like 97. labor day we're forecasting a high of 89 it will like 95. a tremendous amount of humidity is on the way over the next 48
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hours or so. ful with that increase in humidity comes the threat of showers and thunderstorms. not today, today is nice and quiet. tonight is nice and quite. tomorrow morning is quiet, as well. in the afternoon hours here comes the showers and thunderstorms mainly we also. city. that will shift east during the overnight hours. forecast models indicating 1 to 2 1/2 inches of rain. same thing for labor day. it's not going to be a wash, a lot of dry stretches in between. if you're in the area for downpours, you could pick up 2 inches of rape. jersey shore -- inches of rain. jersey shore, 78 degrees, sunday, humid, 84 degrees, labor day, thunderstorms possible, 84 degrees. philadelphia, slightly humid, winds are light sowft south. overnight -- out of the south. overnight tonight, 68 degrees,
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north and west, 72 in center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, we have the threat for showers and thunderstorms from sunday right through tuesday, but neither one of these days is going to be a wash. don't expect to have to bring the outdoor activity inside it's not going to be like that. 90 tomorrow, 89 labor day. 92 tuesday, 90 for wednesday, from sunday through wednesday, the feels-like temperatures will hovedder around 95 or 96 degrees. it turns oppressive. 88 thursday and friday. even though the cold front pushes through, humidity drops off, temperatures are warm for this time of year. it's a july-like pattern as we move into september. >> holding on to summertime. >> a florida neighborhood is trying to stand behind a young boy who is making money with his own lemonade stand. a neighbor called it a nuisance and complained. other neighbors rallied behind
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him who believe he is doing something good for his family. >> i'm showing that i work hard for my money and i am not just taking it from my parents. >> i think a lot of parents can appreciate that. a local radio station heard about the neighbor's complaint and encouraged people to support his people. people showed up in droves, including the town mayor.
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>> we're getting new view of the massive earthquake that rumbled through northern california's wine company. the video was taken from cameras at the comer sear buildings -- commissary buildings at the train line. it injured 200 people and caused damage to buildings and roads and knocked out power to 70,000 homes and businesses. we know now the rest of the story behind a 5-year-old viral
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video. this is a cellular phone video of a guy crashing into a marsh in galveston texas. he accidentally crashed, after trying to avoid a low flying pelican. about the fact that a video of the incident exists -- >> there if there was a mount rushmore of bad luck, andy house's face would be on it. house was trying to collect on $2.2 million insurance policy he took on the car. he has been convicted a fraud. >> she may weigh 87 pounds, but that's not stopping one teen girl from making football history in iowa.
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she is the first girl to ever play varsity football. the kicker who is the lead trumpet player for the marching band. she is treated like the family. >> i'm not doing football because i'm a girl, i'm doing it because it's fun. she may be a trendsetter, a girl was added to the f
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>> penn state's football season got underway this morning, the nittany lion also kicked off against central florida less than an hour ago in ireland. they are leading 7-3.
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villanova lost a heartbreaker at syracuse. the kicker missed what she would have what should have been a chip shot field goal. it didn't happen. it was a 27-26 win. ducis rogers has sports. >> reporter: the phillies had off thursday, but the bats took a day off last night. marlin byrd diving grab in right. phils down 1-zip. codey, over the short stop glove. tied 1-1. this pop up fielded threat, drops it. 2 runs score.
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the phils did not record a single extra base hit. cut down day is here, the eagles must get down to 53 players by 4:00 p.m. is reporting codey parky made the team. if the report is accurate, alex henery is likely done. >> we have difficult decisions that's a positive for us as an organization, that there are so many battles that we have to hash out tomorrow and saturday. but it's still tough because you have to tell some people they didn't make the team. >> that's a look at sports, i'm ducis rogers you have yourself a wonderful and safe holiday weekend. >> aatlantic -- an alarm and equally alarming message blader over the loud speaker created a
9:28 am
deafening sound, but it did not prevent the tv analyst from making his point. >> by the time he gets there, he is a missing the tackle on the outside. >> fans were told to leave the stadium, they were told to walk out, the ref told them that the message was a false alarm. western kentucky went on to beat bowling green at-31. there's much more to come on "action news," including "shelter me rescue of the week." >> coming up on "shelter me rescue of the week," you know that old saying, he likes it, hey mikey. this is mikey and you'll meet him and a bunch of of his friends coming up on "shelter me rescue of the week" on "action news." >> plus a check of the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, meteorologist chris sowers when "action news" satu
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we'll trace the origin of the cheese steak donut burger ahead. first up, chris sowers and the the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. it's the perfect combination of breakfast and lunch. >> reporter: that's a way to look at it, i look at it like a stomach ache. speaking of a different twist, what a cool morning around the delaware valley, that's the way it's been all month so far. quakertown was down to 49 degrees, now they are up to 62. several locations north and west continue to see the cooler than normal air. we had several locations in the 50s, trenton, 68. philadelphia, 69. dover, 72 and sea isle 73. we have a few clouds building to the west, but accuweather expects a lot of sunshine today with just a few clouds from time to time. it promises to be a nice day, at least a nice start to the holiday weekend. we'll see highs around 82,
9:32 am
83 degrees depending on your location, the jersey shore will stay cooler thanks to a sea breeze, but where precipitation free, that will change tomorrow evening and labor day itself. if we rank the holiday, today is the best by far. we'll see sunshine, clouds, comfortable temperatures, tomorrow, the muggies return, feels-like temperatures soar into the mid 90s. that holding on through labor day itself. both days there's a chance of pop-up showers and thunderstorms late in the day. both days the thunderstorms could feature drenching downpours. we're not talking about a sunday or monday, there's a chance of showers and thunderstorms. if you have outdoor activity planned today would be the best day to do and sunday and monday. we'll talk about that in the seven-day forecast when i step back inside in just a bit. >> now the summer's last harrah with the unofficial end of the summer on the horizon, people are squeezing in those final
9:33 am
vacations down the shore, annie mccormick joined in on the labor day tradition. >> reporter: kids are flying high in ocean city on the first night of labor day weekend on rides. >> i'm bringing my son who is 6 down here for one last harrah on the beach. >> reporter: and kites. the sun set on beautiful day from ocean city to ventnor. >> fabulous, beautiful weather we came down to sit on the beach and talk. >> reporter: friday night, the ocean city boardwalk was the hot spot for food, fun and family time. >> i'm just excited to be here with my little sister, she loves the rides she is a little scared, but i help her on the way. >> reporter: like so many other shore lovers they are taking it all in as we say goodbye to summer. >> we're not looking forward to
9:34 am
the end of it, but there's next year, too. >> reporter: we all have our favorite thing we want to eat for summertime and mr. taffy is one of them with shrivers we have ice cream, too, and we have three days left to do it, labor day sfnt until monday, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> the third animal made in america concert starts today. residents living near the benjamin franklin parkway, all week it's been tough going in and around the parkway while hundreds of workers set up two stages and miles of cable for the huge event. now a dozen streets are blocked in the area. but the inconvenience for the residents in the area produces a big payoff for music fans and the city. dozens of the biggest names in pop music perform during the next two days. >> easily, kanye and pherell
9:35 am
are excited they are the biggest things people are excited about. >> for the first time, a similar concert will takes place in los angeles, concert goers here will see it on the big screen tv. last year they took in $10 million. remember, "action news" can travel with you wherever you go this labor day weekend. has the latest from accuweather around the clock, plus live traffic reports for your trip and get the details on made in america festival. the set times and the detours are at new at 9:00 a.m., police are investigating an accident that left one person dead and may have knocked out power to a section of south philadelphia. the action cam was on the scene near the intersection of columbus boulevard an oregon avenue. that's where a car hit a utility
9:36 am
pole after 7:00 a.m. bringing the pole an wires crashing down. one person was pronounced by medics. peco remains at the scene. no further details have been released. many philadelphia school district students and teachers and parents will spend part of their labor day protesting school budget cuts. they will gather outside governor corbett's philadelphia office. the legislature will close the short fall bypassing a secret taxing. revenue could prevent more layoffs, lawmakers will not return to harrisburg until after the school year begins. two cars slammed into a septa trolley on a southwest philadelphia street. the action cam was at the scene on lindbergh boulevard. a car rear ended the trolley
9:37 am
while the trolley was stopped at a red light. then another car hit both the first car and the trolley. the drivers of the cars, a 47-year-old man and 24-year-old woman are in the hospital with non-life threating injuries. september will mark one year since flames ripped through a landmark old city firehouse, a house that is back in business. the fire department unveiled the reramped -- revamped ladder 2. last september's fire and dproation -- explosion caught on cell phone video caused expensive damage. bacon lovers rejoyce. today is your day. the first saturday before labor day is international bacon day. it appears many of us will celebrate. americans ate 1.1 billion servings of bacon last year,
9:38 am
that's 6% more than the previous year. it's not bacon, but burgers that have people talking about a northern liberties restaurant. especially the newest creation with a philly twist. alicia vitarelli explains why it's going viral worldwide. >> reporter: it's cheese steak donut burger. it's a extreme eats and it's getting global attention. >> one of our managers did an interview. we start with the glazed donut and throw on a 5 oz beef stake and it's going to be a wit whiz. and then the cheese steak.
9:39 am
it is not the only offering that will have you loosening your belt a lot, they have the pickle back burger and the gluttony goes beyond the eats with a drink vanilla ice cream, and cake flavored vodka. >> everybody has their weakness and they are willing to go off the diet for it, pyt is the place to do it. >> reporter: for channel 6 "action news" i'm alicia vitarelli. >> that cheese steak will set you back 1500-calories, they have a green godess. veggie burger. >> reporter: it's a perfect, if
9:40 am
you want breakfast and lunch, you just combine the
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♪ check out these moves, if you have to work this labor day weekend, have fun like this roofer did. andy wilcox couldn't help but shake his booty.
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he couldn't get the attention of his could worker who is not impressed. check out the rest of the this video another distraction at >> he is lucky he didn't fall off the roof. >> where are we getting these stories this morning? i would like to see your dance moves. no, no, no, i'll stick to the weather. let's go live on sky 6. show you what's going on. there's the view, the atlantic city skyline. it's comfortable out there this morning. we have comfortable temperatures and low humidity levels. that will check over the next couple of days. cruel notice the increase in humidity sunday and labor day. le sea isle city, 74. philadelphia, 689. trenton, 68. allentown, 66 and reading
9:44 am
67 degrees. dewpoint continue to sit roughly at 60 degrees, here's the warm front if you can follow these clouds drifting to the south. that's the warm front that will be punching through during the late afternoon and early evening hours that's when everything feems -- feels like summer. wider view, it's pushing in from the great lakes. we won't see that that's going into canada. the trailing cold front will push east, as we get into tomorrow afternoon, it will trigger thunderstorms. across the heartland, ease in the 90s, memphis sitting at 79. new orleans, 82 a pair of 7s for dallas. atlanta, 77 and chicago, 74 degrees. bismarck on the other side of the front, 47 degrees, we won't see anything like that at least for the next week or ten days.
9:45 am
all that cool weather will sit on the west. the pattern is starting to switch. we'll see the cool weather on the west coast. it turns hotter and more humid over the next seferredz in the delaware valley -- several days in the delaware valley. dew points we're in the 50s everything is fine today. maybe you'll notice a slight increase in humidity as the afternoon wears on. overnight hours, mid 60s. first thing tomorrow morning it will feel completely different than what we're feeling this morning. tomorrow at this time we're in the low 70s, this is comparable to what they see in houston and new orleans. tomorrow afternoon, low to mid 70s. tuesday and wednesday, dewpoints in the 70s, with temperatures close to 90 degrees and dewpoints to tie, we'll see heat indices or feels-like temperatures in the mid 90s or
9:46 am
higher. future tracker 6, not much going on, sun fighting the clouds from time to time. sunday afternoon, here comes the first front it's moving slowly. it will be close enough to provide showers and thunderstorms late in the day after 5:00 p.m. for our western suburbs. we'll get a small line developing that will swing through the delaware valley during the overnight hours, the day is dry. it's the nighttime where we see showers and storms, heavy, drenching downpours, and labor day morning we'll wake up to clouds and see pop-up showers, labor day will be the worse of the three days this weekend, but not a wash. poconos, 74 degrees, 79 tomorrow, good chance for thunderstorms. monday, muggy, 80 degrees. jersey shore, 75, air temperature, 78 degrees,
9:47 am
tomorrow, humid, some sun, 84 degrees, monday, humid, 84. overnight tonight, 68 degrees, outlying suburbs, 72 for center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows 90 degrees for tomorrow, 89 degrees monday, tuesday and wednesday we stay in the 90s and then thursday and friday high temperatures cool off a little bit, 88 degrees both days, but the big change will be in the humidity, once the cold front pulls through it will feel better by the end. week. feeling like july out there, not quite like august or september. >> this week's "shelter me rescue of the week" feature the animal rescue shelter of southeastern pennsylvania a group saving cats and dogs. matt o'donnell has there story. >> reporter: the animal rescue foundation has saved 3,000 animals since it's inception in
9:48 am
2005. every single dog is like meect a new person every single time. >> reporter: each personality has a different approach. >> it's great to see dogs who come from bad situations and put into a foster home and they totally different dogs. >> this is an 8-year-old boxer mix, she is laid back. >> reporter: bonnie is a 4 month old fox hound mix. >> she was found in the field in north carolina she had a severe infection and broken right leg. >> this this is sandy, 2-yeard terrier mix. >> sandy would be great for an adult family with room for one dog. >> this is booker. he books when he runs. you won't have a hard time keeping up with this little
9:49 am
fellow. >> this is lenny. >> reporter: lenny has a great personality and is house trained and enjoying his exercise routine to lose a little weight. this is a chug, a chihuahua and pug mixed. he is an older guy and crate trained and likes to go out on a leash and likes to sit on your lap. if you're interested in mikey or the other dogs you've seen go to the animal rescue foundation of southeastern pennsylvania website. you can add a shelter or rescue group to the list by going to the "shelter me rescue of the week" of the "action news" facebook page we'll feature the best vot .
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>> it's a discovery even indiana jones would be excited about, archeologists found unknown cities in the jungle.
9:52 am
it was discovered and lost. the head of team discovered another city is in the same area last year. the city as were abandoned about 1,000 years ago for reasons that are still unknown. you can called them swinging seniors because four senior citizens in maine decided to take the plunge, they took 100-foot plunge at sea coast fun park. 86-year-old said she thought it would be fun. the group of seniors included a former marine and world war ii pilot. le. a canadian woman may make you feel a little lazy, she is 101 years old, she is still in a throwing competition.
9:53 am
the 55 plus games are going on right now in canada. next, meteorologist chris sowers will take a final look at the accuweather forecast, stay with us, we'll be right back.
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9:55 am
>> one final check of weather this morning. >> reporter: we have a nice one today, comfortable temperatures, highs in the low 80s, you'll see a decent amount of sunshine, tomorrow, hot, humid, temperatures in the 90s, feels-like temperatures 95 or 9 of that continues through labor day. chance of a pop-up thunderstorm late sunday and again on labor day. the muggies hang around right through wednesday. funny we have, one, two, three, four days of 90 plus heat. him we only had two this entire
9:56 am
months and we're moving into september. >> have you ever been so astonished by your good looks, you don't recognize your reflex. the cat in this video has? watch what happens? # just ennammerred, can't stop looking as himself. time stops and everything disappearance and all that exists is a cat and his amazing reflection. so cute. jack hanna's wild countdown is next on channel 6. "action news" continues tonight at 7:00 p.m. we'll be back tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m.
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saving with 6abc shows you the virtual consignment shop, amy buckman has the low down on the mark down, for chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm eva pilgrim. have a great saturday and wonderful holiday weekend! we'll see you back here tomorrow morning! latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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>> "jack hanna's wild countdown" is sponsored by nationwide insurance. >> hi, everyone, i'm jack hanna, coming to you from my base camp here at the columbus zoo, and welcome to "wild countdown." boy, she's camouflaged good or something. hold it, there she is. people ask me all the time how i find all those incredible animals. today i'm going to show you. >> there it is. >> it's hidden right behind the mom. i couldn't even see it. >> yes. >> look at this. sometimes it takes high-tech gear... or good ole fashion know-how. >> you hear that chirp? that was the otter. >> yeah, sounds like a bird. >> it sounds like a bird chirp, yeah. >> and a little luck always helps. >> all right, along that line there. >> yeah, i think i hear


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