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tv   Action News  ABC  August 31, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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. >> good afternoon, it is
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sunday, august 31 i'm nydia han along with eva pilgrim. >> here's some of the stories we're following on "action news." a violent home invasion sent two men to the hospital after they were attacked with hammers. >> new at noon, a man is sentenced after a bizaar murder case out of central pennsylvania. >> the party on the parkway continues today as some of the biggest names in music take to the stage in the made in america festival. >> reporter: hopefully those folks are ready to sweat it out, chris. >> reporter: it's all right awful out there. le we're seeing a combination of sun and clouds and breeze for the folks on the short front. you can see it looks like a decent day, we have the folks with the beach umbrellas up, enjoying themselves, soaking in the sun which is better than what they were doing yesterday, yesterday we had all the cloud cover and it prevented it from being an overall nice beach day. temperatures are soaring.
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yesterday we topped out in the upper 70s low 80s. we're already at 88 in trenton. wilmington, dover, closing in on 90. philadelphia 86 and 80 is the number for sea isle city and atlantic city. feels like 96 in wilmington, 99 approaching the century mark in dover. it's not just the heat, it's humidity, as well. we have a series of frontal systems approaching from the northwest each one producing good downpours. we have our lightning counter on, but it's not picking too much up in the way of lightning. this is a complex of very heavy showers and occasionally you get a couple of rumbles of thunder. as this progresses east and marches into that unstable environment that soupy area in place, this will activate, we'll see the showers and thunderstorms develop later this afternoon and push into the evening hours and first part of the overnight. when i come back in just a bit, i'll show you just how strong
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this could be and have the rest of what to expect in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. guys. >> chris, thank you. our big story is out of lower merion, two victims are in the hospital after they were beaten with a hammer. it happened at 4:30 on edge hill road. and is live at the scene. >> reporter: eva, nydia, lower merion police are releasing few details at this time. it's not clear if they were targeted or it was a random act. lower merion police at the scene of a violent home invasion on the 200 block of edge hill rooted. according to officers at the scene, two men inside the home were attacked with hammers. next-door neighbor sam miller heard a commotion that woke him up. very shouting, anger angry, afraid at the same time, i couldn't hear what they were
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saying, but it was coming through the wall clearly. >> lower merion police spent the morning bust dusting for fingers and at this point there are no description of any vehicles they may be looking for. later police returned and left with a woman inside the home and took her to the police station to get more information as they piece this together. >> we're upset about it, but we're concerned about them. >> neighbors waiting to hear more information as we are from lower merion police wandering if the family was targeted. this neighborhood even though it's off busy city avenue they rarely see any crimes at all. reporting live in lower merion township, annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> very scary, thank you. another story we're watching closely is in northeast
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philadelphia. police are looking for the driver who appears to have intentionally hit four men early this morning. investigators say the victims just walked out of the red bar in the shopping center when a dark-colored suv drove out parking lot and raced around the block and sped back into the parking lot hitting the four victims before driving off. friends took the victim to area hospitals. one is in serious condition, the others were treated and released. >> three people were killed in a rollover accident in wane county, pennsylvania. "action news" confirmed that two of the victims were teenage boys from bucks county, one 15, the other 16. there names have not been released. 6 young people were in the suv when it rolled over. one died at the scene, two others died at the hospital. three others are hospitalized. state police are investigating what caused this tragedy. 21-year-old benjamin
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clinger has learned his fate for suffocating his girlfriend. he took her life in his car when he crashed intentionally 100 miles in lancaster county. he'll serve 28 to 56 years in prison. investigators say he was physically and verbally abusive. he crashed the car into a guardrail and salt on her head -- sat on her head so she could not breathe. the judge called him a cowrld. we have new developments in the effort to stop the isis onslaught. american fighter jets have been pounding isis positions outside the town. u.s. planes dropped food and water into the town. 15,000 shiite turkmen have been
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trapped. they are one of several groups isis is killing because of their religious belief. senator gram and john mccain have been critical of the handling of isis so far. >> the president has not laid out a specific plan for military action in syria. the reason for that, the pentagon is developing that plan. >> reporter: for now, u.s. will continue pounding isis targets from the air. >> watching a developing story at the new jersey shore a fire rips through a condominium complex in egg harbor township. the action cam was on long port boulevard early this morning after the fire broke out. it took an hour for the crews to get the fired under control. one person was taken to the hospital. we have no word on that person's condition. the red cross is helping 8 adults and one child who have been displaced. investigators are looking into the cause of this fire.
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atlantic city showboat casino closes its doors for good this afternoon at 4:00 p.m. the revel and trump plaza are behind it. some said the atmosphere was like a funeral. they said employees carried out their duties in professional manner. >> it's a little sad, but they have they are trying to to go out with the party at. you can see people are sad. >> reporter: the reserve is set to close on tuesday, the trump plaza shutting down on september 16. the closings will cost 6,000 people their jobs. digging deeper into the free fall of gambling atlantic city's long time heartbeat, in november 2006 casino revenue in ac $5.2 billion. 45,000 people worked in the
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casino industry in atlantic city. this year it brought in 1. 5 billion. a tax pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into programs for seniors and the disabled. >> the made in america festival continues today on the benjamin franklin parkway. ♪ that is kanye west on stage. the headliner of festival oagzed by hip -- organized by hip hop mogul jie -- jay-z. we have a full list of the road closures at, you can view a slide show of the acts made in america festival, plus the upcoming performance times. >> much more to come on "action news" sunday afternoon. a grayhound bus driver is
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hot water after police say he was driving a bus full of people while he was high on drugs. it was caught on camera. >> college debt is on the rise, one expert explains how this could cause your kid to drop out of school. >> we have temperatures approaching 100 degrees if parts of the area. i'll let you know how long the misserrably hot weather sticks around in the accuweather
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>> millions of people in the south spent labor day weekend bailing out their flooded homes or dodging lighting bolt. heavy rain turned roads into rushing rivers. in gainsville, florida, torrential rains drenched gator fans open night there.
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when lightning was added to the mix, they called off the game. a whole new meaning to welcome to the swamp. >> reporter: my brother and i were going to watch that game and we waited and waited and waited. let's go live on sky 6. opening weekend of college football, that's what happens this time of year it's technically summer and you get weather like that every now and then. there's the view of the philadelphia international airport. we have clouds dancing around from time to time. it's brighter than yesterday at this time. therefore the temperatures have responded. 86 degrees right now, dewpoint was has soared. 73. it's just about the same as what's going on in new orleanss. winds out of the southwest at 11 miles per hour. pressure reading 30.06 inches. trenton, 88. we're at 86. wilmington, 88. dover nearly 90. low to mid 80s north and west.
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it's this strip in the middle, the i-95 corridor that's starting to feel the heat. you factor in the humidity feels like 96 in wilmington. 93 in philadelphia. close to 100 in dover. here's satellite and radar we started out with clouds this morning. clouds broke during the late morning hours and now we're seeing a decent amount of sunshine, at least south and east, north and west we're picking up the high to mid level clouds and there's showers and thunderstorm activity through northern portions of pennsylvania. all this will push east over the next five or six hours. that will bring us the showers and thunderstorms throughout the afternoon. here's future tracker 6 let's say up to 5:00, 6:00. it will be quiet out there. western suburbs will get in the on the act first. you'll seal the showers and thunderstorms approach here and that's when we'll see them turning heavy. we have the possibility of severe weather, strong gusty winds, maybe 40, 50 miles per
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hour. we'll see drenching downpours that could produce one to would inches of rain during a short period of time. that could produce flooding. first partly of the day is fine, that's when the skies turn threaten, 3, to 4:00, we'll get into labor day we'll get clouds and wield have pop up or hit or miss showers late. what to expect with the thunderstorms. high risk for downpours and moderate risk for flash flooding and high risk for strong winds. at least 45 miles per hour. large hail, isolated tornados on the low side, but i can't completely rule them out. the biggest threats are the strong, gusty winds and torrential downpours. jersey shore, mostly sunny skies, winds out of the south, breezy, but comfortable. temperatures, 80 degrees, warm and humid, your thunderstorm comes tonight.
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humid for labor day a couple of thunderstorms around 85 degrees. philadelphia, 90 degrees, it will feel like 95 or 96. hazy humid, heavy late thunderstorm possible. winds out of the southwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. overnight tonight, cloudy, there could thunderstorms around especially early, it's going to be muggy. 68 degrees outlying suburbs, 74 center city. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, each and everyday temperatures will be above average. 90 degrees today, 87 labor day. could be a pop-up shower or thunderstorm throughout the afternoon. 93 tuesday, feels like 96, 97. wednesday, 88. thursday, more sunshine, 88 degrees, less humid, friday, 90 degrees, assuming we hit 90 degrees, we may hit 90 degrees more times in september than august. >> funny is one word for it, chris. stay on top of the changing
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weather situation with the new visit slash weather for storm tracker 6 live radar and the hourly and seven-day forecast. president obama and his family are back in washington after attending the new york wedding of white house chef sam kass. they left for new york state. he married at a well-known farm to table restaurant. >> debt from student loans continues to climb. according to research, it has doubled since 2007. undergrads owe $25,000. grad student $85,000. >> final issues are one of the top reasons why students drop out of college. 30% of students who have student
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loans drop out of college this is is an alarming percentage. very few college students ever had a class in financial literacy. they don't have basic money management skills or understand how debt accumulates. >> police have released the frantic of a 911 call of a grayhound passenger in florida saying the bus driver was high on something behind the wheel. >> the driver is reckless driving. he almost ran a car off the road. his eyes were nearly opened, they closed. >> police arrested 59-year-old richard campbell. 20 people were on the bus, including two children. else charged with dui and children and child neglect. >> why parents you may need to think twice about getting your kids contact lenses.
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>> a new feature in your 2015 oveimported from fourn million pouncontinents every year.n is and many food labels don't even mention where it's from. one way to get a fresher chicken that hasn't crossed an ocean is
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to look for the label with my name on it. perdue is the only company that has the usda go beyond their standard inspection to verify that all our chickens are raised on farms, right here in the usa. because we believe that's what it takes to bring your family a fresher-tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken.
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>> on "healthcheck" today the number of gluten free products has exploded, but a known ingredient in some of them may cause a problem of its own. the bean is similar to so i bean. the people with peanut allergies could have a reaction to lupin. the food and drug administration has a warning for parents. kids and contact lenses are not the best fit. a study done in 2010 looked at cases for children taken to the er for medical devices. the most tip i canal problems were infection and eye aabrasion
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caused by lack of hygiene. >> if my child wants contact lenses and they are responsible, he gets them. there should be more thought into that and more caution about this. >> doctors say it's best to talk to your child's eye doctor about all options. >> for years, the chevrolet corvett has been the most popular american sports car. now a feet in the 2015 model may have more people in the showroom. it let's drivers spy on their vehicle. >> reporter: a beautiful day for a shiny yellow corvett all 255 horses purring. so character motoring along and you want to parking, but then you think about that movie,
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that's ferris biewler's day off. we met rich peppy. as this "g.m.a." video shows it using an existing system that records driving. it locks up the glove box and shut off the road and records every movement outside. >> if there was a joyride it record it. >> it would record it, as well give you speed and throttle on the joyride. >> peppy showed us it's easy to set up and play back. valets that have a need for speed would be discouraged. recording audio in pennsylvania, is illegal.
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you should advise anybody driving the vehicle that all the io and video are recording. >> this is the latest technology in cars that insurance companies use to monitor young drivers. for now, the ferris buehler only available on the 2015
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>> sports now, the eagles announce their cuts and the phillies bounce back in the big apple. here's jeff skeverski. >> the eagles kick alex henery to the curb. so it's codey parky the
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undrafted rookie. henny missed the field gold in the playoff loss. he missed two of the three field goal attempts. his field gold percentage was worst in the league. eagles like parky and his consistency in college. >> he has a strong leg. for him he had an approach to it where he looked very comfortable and we had watched him and he came in here and did a good job not only in the game, but in practices, great opportunity for him we're excited to see him. all of us would thank alex for his three years here. else a tremendous mendsous guy, we owe him thanks for the way he handled everything and what he has done in the last three years. >> the other surprising decision at running back, matt that you tucker and henry josie were released among the best
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backs in favor of chris pulk who who's been injured all camp. curtis marsh is cut, too, the eagles can sign ten guys to the practice squad later today. they open the regular season one week from today gains jacksonville. colon trying to become the first mets pitcher in 1 years to beat the phillies -- 13 years, to beat the phillies 4 times in the same year. phillies figure out out the starter, and return the favor. marlin brird gone a solo homer. phils take 1-0 lead. they are not done in the 6th. ryan howard 2-run single. 3-0 phils. later in in the 6th. how about carlos ruiz, phils
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score 5 times in the inning. they beat up bartollo. phils win 7-2. aj burnett on the mound later today in the new york. that's sports, i'm jeff skeverski have a good day! >> the saint louis rams have cut michael sam the first openly gay player in the nfl. he was fighting for a spot on a team with a lot of the tall he meanted defensive linemen. >> it was a football decision it's no different than any other decision we make. it was a football decision back in may to draft mike. it's been all about football. >> sam was gracious about the decision an hour after the consult, he tweeted the most worthwhile things in life rarely come leader. rams coach plans to meet with michael sams tod
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the wonder of summer is that i never know what kind of adventure awaits. the days are longer, and the breeze feels a little sweeter. and, thanks to volvo, i'll pay nothing for repairs or maintenance for 5 years, nothing. they even cover my first month's payment. so, i'll be happy wherever the summer takes me. the wonder of summer event. the 2015 volvo s60 sedan with complimentary first month's payment. starting at $319 a month.
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your windows don't need a facelift. just a new wardrobe. take them shopping during blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale going on now. buy one get second at half price. blinds to go is 60. boy, time goes fast. and so will this sale. blinds to go blinds for life. >> happening right now on "action news," the show is almost over at showboat. the first of three casinos closing in atlantic city. it was no ordinary robbery at a convenience store in west oak lane, the robber wore a mask and wielding a samurai sword. >> two people have to go to the hospital after a hammer attack during a home invasion on the
12:32 pm
main line. >> more on those stories in a moment, but first a check of the accuweather forecast meteorologist chris sowers get ready to sweat out there. >> reporter: oh, korea, it's hot and humid, i'll tell you if there wasn't any humidity out here, today would rank a top ten. it's nice, you have the sun in and out of the clouds, it's dry, we don't see anything threatening on the horizon. you feel the humidity as soon as you step outside. we're at 86 degrees, wilmington, 88. dover, 89 degrees. reading, 84 and allentown sitting at 82. the 24 hour temperature change is impressive. we're anywhere from 10 to 13 degrees warmer at this hour than yesterday. that's not taking into account what it feels like with the humidity. when you factor in the humidity it feels like almost 100 degrees down in dover. feels like 94 right now here in philadelphia. yesterday we had the warm front off to our southwest.
12:33 pm
it felt pretty good, we had cloud cover, we're dealing with an onshore breeze, temperatures in the upper 70s today that warm front is punched through it's up into new england the winds have shifted out of the south and here comes the heat and humidity. if you're not a fan of the heat and humidity, this is the first of several consecutive days in the seven-day forecast are going to be comfortable. 90 degrees in the city, hazy, hot and humid, thunderstorms erupting after 4:00 for the western suburbs. le pushing into the city at 6:00. jersey shore, the thunderstorm threat is tonight, warm and humid on the sand, 85 degrees, the poconos clouds, thunderstorms, 77 degrees, the thunderstorms will be hit or miss after 4:00, turning severe with winds up to 50 miles per hour. there will be drenching downpours, when i come back inside we'll talk about that and show you how long the heat last
12:34 pm
in the seven seven-day forecastn minutes. >> the search is on for whoever attacked two men with a hammer during a home invasion in lower merion township. annie mccormick is live at the scene with an update. annie? >> reporter: eva, neighbors are trying to wrap their heads around this, even though they are right by bills city avenue, in this neighborhood they don't see violent crimes like this. we are waiting to hear information from lower merion police specifically if the family was targeted or if this was a random crime. simm miller heard a commotion at his next-door's neighbor's home sunday. >> shouting, angry, afraid, i couldn't hear what they were saying, but it was coming through the wall very clearly. >> reporter: lower merion police responded to what's described as a violent home invasion that happened around 4:30 a.m. on edge hill road. him two men inside the home were
12:35 pm
attacked with hammers, both taken to the hospital. lower merion police spent most of the morning dusting for fingerprints and gathering evidence. later this morning, police returned and left with a woman from inside the home and took her to the police station where they are getting statements as they piece this together. neighbors say they are close to busy city avenue, crimes this violent don't happen here. >> i'm wondering, why and where is this going and you know, why it happened to them. >> the two men who were attacked by hammers were taken to nearby hospital. we're waiting to hear an update on their conditions, as well. annie mccormick channel 6 "action news." >> police say a masked robber
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used a samurai sword to hold up a 7-eleven. he burst into the 7-eleven in east oak lane around 5:00 a.m. the robber got money, no word on how much or if surveillance cameras are providing clues. a delaware county restaurant is shut down after a small fire on baltimore pike in springfield. when firefighters arrived they discovered fire in the exhaust vent. nobody was hurt. this is a sad holiday weekend in atlantic city, five thousand workers are about to lose their job. the resort town will say goodbye to the showboat casino which is closing its doors today. the reserve shut down tomorrow, the trump plaza shut down september 16. >> for many people this is the last big summer weekend at the jersey shore. ocean was packed with families
12:37 pm
soaking up summer fun. despite the clouds it was a perfect day for a friendly paddle ball competition or boogie boarding lesson. weather on the boardwalk or beach, people were happy to enjoy the final taste of summer. >> it's sad to see the summer go, it's beautiful weather, we're so happy we got a good weekend. >> it provided one final push for business owners along the boardwalk hoping to cap off a successful summer vacation season. remember you can take with you criewp find update -- you'll find updated radar and traffic conditions before you hit the road, find it all at >> here at the big board if you have a consumer issue, our "action news" trouble shooters want to help. we've been darkling a wide variety of issues for viewers this summer. >> this tells me i have five
12:38 pm
outstanding tickets. >> reporter: doory was getting tickets for a car she traded in three years ago. >> the ppa has removed all the violations from your name. >> i can't believe they did that. you guys are great! of. >> reporter: diane told me her refrigerator kept breaking down. i helped her get a refund for a new one. i see something new in your kitchen. can i see it? >> brand new. >> reporter: it works. >> it works. >> reporter: the troubleshooters came to the rescue of more than two dozen newlywed couples, they were having trouble getting their wedding videos from a individual -- videographer who was going out of business.
12:39 pm
they got the raw footage from the videographer. >> thank you so much. you're happy? >> i'm absolutely happy. >> reporter: and we have an all new update on this couple who asked for help getting their hardwood floors repaired. >> just before -- this was a big sore spot. >> reporter: that is fixed. >> i thank you for getting involved, because i was at my wits end. it looks better now, than it did before. so i'm so grateful for that. i'm very grateful for that. >> we we would l we would love to help you, if you need the "action news" trouble shooters you can reach me at >> peco crews were busy last night taking huns -- hundreds of calls about a gas odor.
12:40 pm
the company said it does not appear to have originated from a problem within its system as they are working to pinpoint the source. >> we're receiving gas or -- odor across the our territory, as we receive it, we investigate it. still much more to come on "action news" this sunday. gabriel union is officially off the market. we continue to follow the condition of joan rivers. >> looking live on sky6 hd we're looking i believe that's in the city there. it is 1:40. 84 degrees, meteorologist chris sowers has the a check of your very soupy accuweather forecast when we come right back.
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>> authorities have raised the aviation code after a volcano in iceland. it prompted authorities to raise the aviation warning code. no ash has been detected. all icelandic be airports remain open. >> heat and humidity erupting here. >> reporter: we could use a little ice around here. let's go live on sky 6 we're down in atlantic city, folks are enjoying themselves they have more sunshine today than yesterday, the sea breeze is making it nice and comfortable down there. le it's stifling inland it's beautiful down the shore. if you have a chance the head down the shore. 86 degrees in philadelphia. which isn't too terribly warm, the normal is 83. it's three degrees above average, when you factory in
12:44 pm
this. it's oppressive. dewpoint, 73. the winds out of the southwest at 11. pressure 30.06. sea isle and boardwalk in atlantic city, 81. him if you in fact in the humidity, feels like 87 in allentown. feels great in dover, 99. obviously i'm being sarcastic about that. 890 in reading. this is one of the more uncomfortable days we've had around here in threas 2 1/2 weeks -- in at least 2 1/2 weeks. we're seeing a heat pump high hitting the eastern seaboard. that's allowing the winds to shift out of the of the south. we'll see this cluster of showers and thunderstorms sweep through late this afternoon as it runs into that warm and soupy air it will ignite showers and thunderstorms. we're seeing it across western portions of pennsylvania. we have a couple of lightning strikes, but for the most part these are heavy downpours, as it
12:45 pm
continues on its journey east and crosses over the appalachian mountains it will become more intense. this is 5:30, we have stuff going across the western suburbs according to the model. western suburbs getting pounded, nothing going on across south jersey. that model is between 8 and 9:00 p.m. and into south jersey by 10:00 p.m. and moving out to sea by 11:00 p.m. overnight tonight it's cloudy and muggy. first thing tomorrow morning, cloudy skies and dewpoints in the 70s. tomorrow afternoon we start out with the clouds, we'll decrease the clouds as the day wears on. we'll see more in the way of sun, because it remains so unstable out there, there could pop-up showers or thunderstorms developing. rainfall totals now through monday afternoon, again, these are going to be hit or miss, not everyone sees them, it has lancaster at 3 inches of rain, what's impressive with this if
12:46 pm
we were to hit this, it would be more rain from one thunderstorm than we've seen in the last few months. we haven't much rain in the last 16 days, we need the rain, but this is a little bit too much if the rain bucket. jersey shore, imidges of sun and -- combination of sun and clouds, warm and humid today, 85 degrees. labor day humidity thunderstorms possible, 835 degrees. philadelphia, 90 degrees, thunderstorms late, overnight tonight, thunderstorms around tomorrow especially early. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast shows a very summer-like pattern through saturday. every single day we're above average. 90 degrees today, 87 tomorrow, back up to 92 tuesday, wednesday and thursday feels a little more comfortable with lower humidity levels, but warm.
12:47 pm
friday we're back in the 90s, nydia? >> thanks chris. a shakespeare classic moves on to the princeton campus, anthony and kellie patrick is about a -- and kellie -- cleopatra tore buyers apart. >> reporter: they love led to war and change the the history of the world. >> this is last love, it's highly politicized because it is a love affair between two of the most powerful people on earth. >> reporter: the product has star power with movie actress with nicole arie parker playing cleopatra. >> she can go anywhere
12:48 pm
emotionally and make a man lose his mind. >> this character is pushing me to the limit. she is relentless. nicole and emily worked on a broadway production in 2012. >> emily's direction is raising the play to another level, the stakes are higher. >> reporter: they are thrilled to have brought such a cast together for one of shakespeare's greatest love story. >> i wanted people to have the experience of the intimacy of the production, you get the heat, the passion and the play right in your lap. >> reporter: for be -- tickets and show times go to or go to click on the
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>> sky6 live hd taking a live look for us on a sunday afternoon at the center city skyline. it is a muggy day, as you head outside. get ready to put on extra deodor ant because you'll need it tote. lawmakers have passed a bill that would make california the first to prohibit single use plastic bags at grocery stores and large pharmacies. i meant let's grocers charge ten cents each for paper and reusable bags. app based ride share posted it has launched in 24 new markets 22 in the united states and one in strahle and another
12:52 pm
in new zealand. that ameans the service which allows drivers to connect with people is in cities. dwayne wade and gabriel union we had after four years together. joan rivers remains unconscious report thely on life support. she was placed in a -- reportly on life support. she placed on millionly induced comma after a heart
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>> recapping our top stories on "action news," there's no word on the conditions of two men attacked during a home invasion in lower merion, montgomery county. police say the suspects beat their victims with hammers. atlantic city showboat casino closes for good. the revel shut its doors on tuesday, and the trump plaza goes out of business september 16. it will put 6,000 people out of work. the second and final day of made in america festival takes place on the benjamin franklin parkway. the first act is on stage at
12:56 pm
2:00 p.m. kanye west was the headliner. pharell and the kings of leon perform today. >> reporter: you'll need cold water. here's the heat indices, feels likes 100 in dover. 97 in wilmington. 93 in philadelphia. trenton, 92. reading, 90 degrees, it's hot and humid, take it easy if you're outside for an extended period of time. u6 to remember we've lincoln -- you have to remember we've been used to 70s. 87 tomorrow, 92 on tuesday, wednesday and thursday, warm, but at least the humidity pulls back a little bit, 88 degrees both days, friday the 90s, saturday, sun and clouds, pop-up thunderstorm, 87 degrees, the pattern has reversed looks like it will stick around even beyond the seven day. it's going to be warm and sticky.
12:57 pm
>> a woman in minneapolis hopes to reach her goal today eating the last of the 100 food on a stick stem sold at a minnesota state fair. she has been downing 15 items a day. yesterday she started with a breakfast sausage wrapped in pancake batter. it's all for a good cause, she also raising money for the make a wish foundation. >> that's a lot of bad food. >> what a way to do that. >> vision is next on channel 6. "action news" continues at 6:00 p.m. tonight. now for eva pilgrim, chris sowers and the entire "action news" team, i'm nydia han, make it a great rest of the labor day weekend. we'll see you next weekend!
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i'm shirleen allicott and i'm walter perez. tonight on visions 2014.. we've got you covered from authentic mexican top of the line tequila.. because its good stuff. we'll meet an inspiring artist and some aspiring entrepreneurs.. "i love being the boss. (laugh)" plus a local initiative that is helping with the child immigration epidemic. "i mean they are kids" hello and welcome to visions 2014.our annual celebration of hispanic history and culture. we are here at the national constitution center where they are celebrating hispanic heritage month with some new display items.. and they have some great events planned during the special event which runs from september 15th to october 15th. we'll show you more on that later.but first we head to a neighborhood that has been the centerpiece for hispanic culture in philadelphia since the 1950's.


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