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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 1, 2014 3:30am-4:01am EDT

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now, a mess across the midwest. heavy rain leaves flooding across the southeast. what you can expect for today's unofficial end of summer. >> chaos in libya. wild scenes, the u.s. government building, militants celebrating, diving into the pool. the nation on the brink, a few short years after gaining its freedom. >> here at home. a pilot is overcome in the cockpit of his small plane. unconscious as he flies off course, just miles from washington. causing such concern, fighter jets were scrambled. a midair mystery coming up. >> in "the skinny" a big weekend for celebrity weddings. wait until you hear who wasn't there to see his brother get hitched. it's labor day, monday, september 1st.
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>> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." good morning, happy labor day, i'm brandi hitt. >> i'm dan kloeffler. >> did you have a nice weekend? >> i did. did you enjoy yours at the beach, huh? >> i did. we had a lovely time with friend at the beach. now back to reality. >> you got a little sun there. you look good. >> you know, i cause chaos in the makeup department. why don't you put sun block on. because the sun is out. you know? >> easy to forget when you are having fun. >> completely forgetful. uh-huh. >> we begin this half-hour with the millions of americans, cleaning up this labor day after taking a beating from a weekend of severe storms. >> everywhere east of the mississippi, concerts. sporting events washed out. dozens of flights, delayed or canceled, and entire neighborhoods flooded. >> in the midwest, ominous clouds, high winds, torrential rains. this is dennison, iowa, one person struck by lightning. severe storms, hammering the nation's midsection right now as well. and it is not over yet. here's abc's linzie janis.
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>> reporter: millions of americans in the southeast are cleaning up. after devastating floods damaged homes and cars. in alabama, mississippi, and louisiana, heavy rains triggering flash flooding. neighbors wading through streets to help each other. this man in the process of fixing his lake charles louisiana home from a flood earlier this summer must now start all over again. everything inside this man's garage, now saturated. >> we have got, i mean, enough damage here, where you can't have anything in your garage. >> reporter: these children are the only ones smiling here. splashing around in the flooded streets. but in florida, gators' fans trying to make the most of torrential rains as they wait 2:40, before lightning forced officials to postpone the saturday night game. the sky, lighting up over
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auburn's opening night. the stadium evacuated. from kansas city to minneapolis, from d.c. to nyc. severe storms expected to pack damaging winds and heavy rains as the extreme weather moves north. here in new york city, a severe storm already passing through. with more on the way. the rain bringing relief from the heat, temperatures flirting with 90 degrees today. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> what a mess. the weather system has already largely moved off to sea. another lined up behind it. >> that's right. more severe weather for parts of the midwest and plain states. accuweather meteorologist jim dickey has the latest. jim? >> good morning and happy labor day, dan, brandi. heavy thunderstorms here across portions of the midwest. the plains. the cold front is tracking ahead of that. keeping it hot. many spots, easily in the triple digits. across texas. hot, humid to the eastern seaboard. into the northeast. these storms again will be quite strong. watching from detroit all the way back towards topeka, not quite tornado threat today as what we saw yesterday. storms capable of producing
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damaging wind. large hail, flooding rainfall. dan, brandi, back to you. >> jim, thank you for that. this morning, president obama's facing criticism and second guessing about his plan for syria. among his critics senator john mccain of arizona who says isis fighters need to be defeated because they represent a direct threat to the u.s. and california senator dianne feinstein says the president's approach may be too cautious. >> this is really the first group that has the wherewithal, financing, the fighting machine in terms of a structure, a heavy equipment, heavy explosives, the ability to move quickly, i mean they cross the border into iraq before we even knew it happened. >> the growing crisis in iraq and syria expected to remain front and center, as president obama travels to nato summit this week in wales.
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>> see so many lawmakers stepping up right now. the main concern is the u.s. or western europe could be the next target here. >> germany sending more weaponry to the kurds in the area. clearly an international concern. right here at home there is no agreement on how we should be handling it and approached. >> have to wait. see what unfold in the coming days. i have a feeling, if congress is talking and speaking out. we'll be seeing more action from the white house. >> now to unfolding chaos in libya. dramatic new video shows islamic militants celebrating on the grounds of the u.s. embassy compound. here's abc's alex marquardt. he has more. >> reporter: a swan dive, diving into the pool at the u.s. embassy compound. the acrobatics a celebration for this group of libyan militants who in their was have secured this american residential annex in tripoli. empty ever since american diplomats evacuated end of july as libya descended farther into chaos. on twitter, the u.s. ambassador said it appears the embassy building itself is still guarded and has not been ransacked.
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this comes almost two years after ambassador chris stevens and three other americans were killed when islamist militants stormed a u.s. consulate annex in benghazi, a reminder of the lawless that that reigns. libya on the brink of becoming a failed state. with militant groups fighting each other for control as the the government looks on helplessly. it was just over three years ago that moammar gaddafi was ousted. there is no sign of the peaceful democracy the u.s. had hoped would follow. alex marquardt, abc news, beirut. >> russian president vladamir putin is calling on the ukraine to start talks for a solution to the crisis. putin said the talks should not be about technical issues but what he called political organization of society. ukrainian forces have faced several tough battles recently against newly strengthened rebels. >> a federal judge temporarily
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blocked a restrictive new abortion law set to take effect today in louisiana. the new law requires doctors who perform abortions to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital. right now only one doctor in that state has such privileges. abortion rights activists say the judge's order will give the rest of the doctors more time to apply for for their admitting privileges. >> a family vacation on amelia island in florida has been ruined after a raccoon sank its teeth into a little boy's foot. the family was heading down a narrow pathway to the beach when they met up with the raccoon. the boy says it looked him straight in the eye. then it went for his foot. he has been given a set of rabies shots and will have to get three more over the next two weeks. across the country, off the coast of san diego, five people had to be rescued from their pleasure boat. the boat started taking on water and lost power 15 miles from shore. so the coast guard dispatched a chopper, a cutter, and a response boat. four adults and one teen, they're all okay. but that boat had to be towed back. >> nascar champion tony stewart did not get the victorious
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return to the track he was likely hoping for. stewart hit the wall early in the race yesterday, at atlanta motor speedway. following a collision with kyle bush. but what ended his night was hitting the wall a second time after his right front tire blew out on lap 172. stewart returned to the track three weeks ago after his car struck and killed 20-year-old kevin ward jr. no decision has been made about whether stewart will face charges. >> to an incredibly impressive leap of faith for a family in utah. >> talking about four generations of women from one family. they went skydiving together in hopes of breaking a world record. 91-year-old marie kimmey came up with the idea to do the jump with her children, grand kids and her great grand kids. >> so kimmey said she thought it would be a fun thing to do after seeing, former president george h.w. bush skydive for his 90th birthday. >> why not? >> the inspiration. right there. apparently one of the
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granddaughters afraid of heights. i guess if grandma is going to do it. you have to step up to the plate. >> if you are tandem, once you are up in the plane there ain't no going back. that's the only way i would do it. >> have you done it? >> i want to. i have to be tandem. if you look out. i can't do it. if somebody is forcing you out the door, that is another thing. >> i would have to be under the influence of some kind of -- something. >> congratulations to them. that's awesome. >> nicely done. there is madonna, beyonce, cher, prince. we have word that someone else wants to go by one name, is it brandi? >> no. >> we'll find out. in "the skinny." >> already a singer, brandi. i couldn't do it if i wanted to. >> brandi 2, if you want. >> mysterious case of a pilot going unconscious in the cockpit. his flight, and the feared it touched off. it's here on "world news now." >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by just for men air active. by just for men air active.
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welcome back on this labor day. a mystery what happened in the skies that caused a real scare over the nation's capital. a small plane passing over restricted air space lost communication with the pilot. >> it's believed the pilot may have lost consciousness before crashing into the ocean. >> reporter: the coast guard is suspending the search for a small plane that took off from wisconsin flying to manassas, virginia, but instead of landing
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it continued on through restricted airspace around washington, d.c. when the pilot no longer respond to radio calls, two f-16 fighters scramble. they can see the pilot appears unconscious. about 50 miles over the ocean, the plane runs out of fuel and goes down. >> what a horrible feeling for these, for these air force pilots to watch this, this airplane, obviously flying out to its demise out to sea. and not being able to do anything to help. >> reporter: the pilot identified as ronald hutchinson. it is not clear why he passed out. >> there are all sorts of things that could go wrong. you could have problems with the airplane, you fly too high, don't have oxygen on, where you become hypoxic, your brain runs out of oxygen and sees to function. >> reporter: that happened in 2008 to the crew flying a small jet. >> unable to control -- altitude.
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>> we think he has hypoxia. >> reporter: this latest crash comes at a time that the federal government and pilots who fly general aviation planes like these are dealing with a safety record that is far more dangerous than flying commercial. last year, nearly 450 people died in small plane crashes. in eerie, colorado, another crash, three people did not survive. adding to a deadly total that pilots and the federal government agree is flying far too high. clayton sandell, abc news, centennial, colorado. >> really eye opening. >> absolutely. ntsb is saying, flying in smaller noncommercial aircraft is riskier than taking a regular commercial plane. in something like this you have more flights happening throughout the day. >> obviously people who have different training levels too, flying a small plane. i get nervous if there is two, three people in the plane to begin with. but when it comes to noncommercial small plane accidents. nearly one every day in the u.s. in the summertime. shows you how often they're happening.
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>> the thing is you obviously gain a lot of convenience in being able to schedule a flight when you want to and flexible in your destination. don't think this is going to be hindering people from booking small private planes. at the same time makes you stop and give pause for your next scheduling. coming up next in "the skinny," it was a pretty big weekend for celebrity weddings. but for a pair of famous brothers one was a no-show, to the other's ceremony. >> also, which member of the kardashian clan now wants to go by her first name only? find out next
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♪ skinny so skinny >> a jam packed skinny for you on this labor day. topping our headlines this morning, a couple of celebrity weddings. >> two celebrity couples tying the knot on this holiday weekend. actress gabrielle union, she sealed her own happy ending on saturday, marrying long-time boyfriend, miami heat star dwayne wade in front of an intimate crowd of family and friend in miami. >> in a quiet ceremony in saint charles, illinois, yes, lasted 20 minutes. there is jenny mccarthy and her new kids on the block alum and blue bloods actor husband, donnie wahlberg, they married yesterday. >> here's the deal. noticeably absent, brother mark wahlberg. he tweeted and, he posted this on instagram.
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mark and his wife have some issues with some comments jenny has made. >> boy, by the way jenny said she fell in love with donnie. when she was in the 8th grade. why? she saw new kids on mtv and thought donnie was the hottest one out of them all. >> childhood love. right there. >> kim kardashian's sister, joining cher, madonna, beyonce. >> do you know who kendall jenner is? if you don't, there she is on the left. she is dropping her famous last name. from now on -- the 18-year-old daughter of bruce and kris jenner is going by kendall. kendall. >> kendall. only kendall. >> yes, kendall. the change apparently an attempt to be independent as she advances her modeling career or trying to get rid of the jenner name to distance herself from mommy and daddy. maybe? >> why would you want to do that? when the gravy train is rolling you don't put a road block in front of it. kendall said she has been going for a single name for months. her parents not offended by her decision. >> who knew? >> whew.
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proof that celebrities go through a lot to get glammed up before red carpet events. in real life many of them are pretty much just like us. especially when we get up in the morning. >> case in point. here it is. lena dunham. posting this first thing in the morning. selfie. from venice film festival. after a full day of press appearances. this its what she said -- >> is this what beyonce was singing abut referring to the song "flawless." >> some may say her selfie look isn't that much different from her slightly ruffled, fluffy gown. that she wore. she described it as looking maybe like a cake, sweat pants. i don't know. i think she looks -- you know what? everyone has their own style. as long as she is happy. looks like she had fun the night before in that selfie. >> to her own tune she dances. well it may soon get very cold on the hit abc show, "once upon a time." check out the promo from season four. "frozen's else -- "frozen's"
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elsa walking through the town. >> buy, haven't seen "let it go, let it go." ♪ can't hold it back anymore >> we don't know the word. are you kidding? >> this clip suggesting her rival will be a shake-up on the fairy tale. frozen is getting major presence with a flurry of familiar characters. picking up after events of disney's oscar winning movie. >> how many times have you seen frozen? >> twice. already the song is going to get stuck in my head rest of the day. i apologize. i know it will get stuck in your head now that we have given you our own lovely rendition of it. >> don't bother collecting royalties on that. don't sing it again. >> never. >> time for a look at your celebrity birthdays. >> let's look at who is celebrating -- celebrity birthdays. >> let's look at who is celebrating -- emppy birthday to all of you happy birthday to all of you september babies out there. happy labor day. celebrating your birthday on a three day week end. >> starting friday, you eventually, monday, tuesday,
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blow out the candles at some point. coming up the stay at home mom whose dressmaking went from a hobby to a booming business. king went from a hobby to a booming business. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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trust vagisil. the number one wipe for itch. ♪ dress you up in ♪ dress you up in my love >> obviously now this makes sense. madonna song to be playing. a mystery. we thought "material girl." >> that could have worked. here's why -- because on this labor day one mom whose dresses are getting lots of love. she turned her sewing machine during tough times by making dresses. >> stitch by stitch turned it into a multimillion dollar business. brandy temple is helping others in her community get back on their feet as well. here is abc's rebecca jarvis with her inspiring story. >> here is where the creations come to life. >> reporter: for stay at home mom brandy temple it was this mother's day gift from her husband that changed everything. >> he is like if i buy you this are you really going to use it. he said it is the best
3:56 am
investment he ever made, of course. >> reporter: first, making dresses for her daughters. then the great recession hit. her husband's work dries up. but brandy has an idea. why not sell those little creations on facebook. >> it was that, ah-ha moment of almost hitting the jackpot. >> reporter: in 30 seconds they're completely sold out. lolly waddle doodle is born. in 18 months moving from brandy's garage to this. now, $11 million in sales a year. landing brandy on the cover of inc. magazine. but it's not just her life changed. where do you think you would be if not for this job? >> probably a homeless shelter. >> she is my guardian angel. she helped me. >> reporter: her employees her neighbors in lexington, north carolina, a textile town ravaged by unemployment, hitting 14% during the recession.
3:57 am
lolly waddle doodle one of the biggest employers in town. from brandy, some advice to anyone else with a dream. >> when you lay your head down at night, be able to do that, knowing you did everything you could. >> reporter: a business and a community built one dress at a time. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> i love this. >> a great story. right now her sales primarily generated by facebook. about 60%. the power. bypass, high marketing and all the other stuff. >> great to see women who are taking an entrepreneurial role, something at home, huge business like "shark tank." you know what i mean? fantastic. >> absolutely. now everyone is dressed to the nines right there. don't miss our updates on facebook, >> come upg -- coming up, more news right here from abc. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. ( bell rings ) they remind me so much of my grandkids.
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. making news in america this morning, severe weather. a holiday storm streaking across the country, dangerous lightning, rain, and heavy flooding. where it's headeding. tracking i.s.i.s. still on the move while washington debates what to do. we're live with the warning from lawmakers. and the american embassy now seize, a group held a pool party. and passengers on a carnival ride, thrown to the ground from several feet in the air. pictures just in, and new details from witnesses. and celebrity scandal. a hacker is claiming to have posted explicit pictures of hollywood a-listers. who's admitting they are real and who isn't?


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