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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  September 1, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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efforts the store could not be saved. david henery live in roxboro with the story, david. >> this is newman's ford dealership and for 45 years it will be award custom dry cleaners family owned institution that will be missed especially by those that work here. >> that place is family. a piece of me is burst up. >> lamar has been the. it ailor here. he was stunned. the business wentz newspaper flames this morning and gutted the building. they were concerned that a spark could ignite volatile chemicals stored inside. they kept an eye on this oil tank outside the building. as word got out around the neighborhood loyal customers and friends came by to see the damage firsthand. so terrible. there's a lot of women that worked in there and guys that i
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known over the years that lost their job. it's a shame. >> the owner of the business harvey rustcof took it over from his parents when they retired. he's currently in the hospital for scheduled heart surgery. kim zimmerman is a former employee that worked here ten years. >> it's heartbreaking. harvey was more than a boss he was a friend. >> they did especially things here once doing a gown once owned by princess diana. >> powder blue silk with hand blown glass beads. >> it was almost ruined he saved today. >> he got the water marks out of it. >> and every day clothes of generations in this neighborhood. >> the fellow that ran the place was great he hired a lot of people from the area you know pressers and cleaning people and they did a fantastic job. >> reporter: customers and
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employees are hoping the owner rebuilds this business. in the meantime fire investigators say it may be days before they're able to pinpoint the cause. live in roxboro, david henery, "channel 6 action news." >> all right, david, thank you. in lynwood, atlantic county a young soccer player remains on life support after she and several inmates were injured in a car crash. 14-year-old aceland cook and four other reginal high school students were on their way to a charity tournament saturday morning. a pickup truck cross nod traffic and hit their car cook was returned to the hospital with serious injuries. four other girls were treated and released main land regional high will hold an assembly tomorrow morning 9:00 in main auditorium. constitutes and parents are urged to attend to get information on support services. the new school year starts thursday. >> search continues for a man that gunned down a killer in north philadelphia.
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>> a map had several gun shots wounds to the chest. police have not repleased details of a motive. philadelphia police are asking for your help finding this man, 51-year-old victor smith of strawberry mansion last seen yesterday at noon. his family believes he was headed towards 3 and york. smith suffer from schizophrenia and he's not taken his medication though. he stands 5'", 150 pounds, brown eyes, black curly hair and last seen wearing a black hat, white jacket. blue pants and blue tee shirt. if you have seen victor smith contact police immediately. and slippery conditions on the lincoln drive 2 a.m. investigators say the driver of gray car lost control going around a curve and flipped. the driver had to be pulled ft. car and treated for injuries. traffic was backed up for more
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than an hour for that investigation. well those strong storms that brought heavy rain and winds to the region last night are being blamed for young boy's death in plan castser county. the boy and friend were swimming in a conawingo creek in fullton township when struck by lightning. the boy was rushed to the hospital and did not survive. a and another boy is being treated for his injuries. >> other parts of the country were hammered by severe weather over the holiday weekend. thunderstorms and lightning swept across iowa, kansas and nebraska. heavy rain flooded streets and sure taken force winds knocked over trees in the northeast residents say a tornado swept through the town of warster massachusetts. >> within a matter of second the windows were shaking and rattling. >> i thought it was hail, and boom, boom, boom, boom, i hear, crack, crack, crack, crack, this destroyed two of my cars. >> authorities confirmed it was
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ef 0 tornado that touched down last night. luckily no one was hurt. so hollywood's biggest stars are in damage control mode tonight after hackers leaked dozens of nude photos of them on-line. academy award winning actress jennifer lawrence and kate upton are among the vick thames and not sure how many others were exposed. it is believed they broke into on-line storage system. kurt hawkins live in la tonight with details, kirk. >> reporter: monica the fbi released a statement saying it's sorting out allegations and addressing the matter. it's two high profile victims are calling for action against the hacker. >> jennifer you look great. >> actress jennifer lawrence and super model kate upton and victory justice are among those that private, sexually explicit and nude photos were stolen and posted on-line.
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a user 4 chen posted risky photographs in various states of unrest. the alleged hacker may have accessed some from apple icloud service on internet storage program supposed to keep users information and media private. >> when you delete them from the phone they continue to exist. >> lawrence's rep say the pictures posted on the site are real. this is flagrant violation of policy. after one selfie of kate upton posing nude with her boyfriend surfaced on-line her attorney said they intend to pursue charges to the fullest extent possible. not everyone says the picks are le get. victor why justice saying they are not real saying they're fake, people. >> it's one great big duh. >> entertainment journalist say celebrities are more vulnerable
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to privacy issues. after profile hacking in 2012 revealed photos of scarlett johansson and mela counselas people are clear. >> it's less sympathetic because it happens too often. >> and police here in los angeles say they're working on the next steps of their investigation and could make an announcement sometime tomorrow. live in loss ankle less. kirk hawkins "channel 6 action news" rick back to you. >> kirk, thank you, world news tonight with david muir will have more on celebrity follow hacking and what subjects may face if caught. you can watch that following "action news" at 6. >> matt pellman and the "action news" traffic. >> labor day monday has it been labor day for you, matt, probably not. >> you know there's been a little labor involved seeing how i am here. definitely could have been worse rick and monica. weaver cleaning up from made in america this weekend and have restrictions in the parkway and
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adjoining streets. watch for that. those restrictions scheduled until tomorrow morning. they'll lift them as the cleanup continues and they get things accomplished. also restrictions in roxboro around the fire this morning award custom cleaners david was telling us about. ridge avenue blocked near sheers lane and magiano auto repairs. stay on henrey or main as alternates. >> fun is over. time to come back from the beach. overall the ride could be much worse. on the westbound ac expressway feeds in the 50s 60s now. i expect a little congestion at the egg harbor tolls and overall the ride could be worse. this is 42 as you continue the journey through bellmar to 259. no major delays at this point. if you come back from delaware beaches hopefully you filled up on grotto pizza and thrashers french fries. a few slow speeds north between 40 and highway one up towards 95 by christianne mall. a lot in 50s. could be worse. also don't forget today we're on
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holiday schedule on mass transit in many cases that means sunday schedule. still detours on a lot of septa bus routes because of made in america cleanup and we're getting new schedules on a lot of septa bus routes, trolley routes and subways. they go into effect over the course of the next few days. rick and monica back to you. >> when i ate that food it was never a pleasant ride. >> we don't want to know that. >> phew. >> that's not what i said. >> three americans being held in north korea are allowed to talk about cases for the first time. we'll hear from them. >> surfers waiting to catch waves off the coast of florida have no idea what's lurking beneath the water. what a drone captured on camera, adam. >> high temperature today 89 on tropical side and you can see many 90s to the south. 90s make a come back. we'll let you know when in accuweather. >> and no hitter against the braves in atlanta today
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bay were awe loued interviews with foreign reporters. they expect to go on trial in a month and don't know what the specific charges are. bay says his health is deteriorating where he is at the service camp for hard labor when he was trying to spread christianity. >> i do ask u.s. government to send enjoy as soon as possible. >> bay has been held nearly two years. administration officials say this he are working are for release of trio. some say north korea allowed interviews to draw attention away from other world hot spots. a drone aircraft may have captured footage of sharks among swimmers and surfers at a florida beach yesterday not long after a girl was bin nearby. as the drone flew above the beach you can occasionally see dark shadow there's under the water. it's not clear what the shadows are. elsewhere in the county a girl
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was bitten on the call of while body surfing. it was sixth attack in that county alone. >> temperatures are going up in northern california making a fight against a three week old wildfire harder. this fire charred 98 square miles and it's 58% contained. fire crews are focusing on creating defense i believe space on homes threatened. 250 houses are under mandatory evacuation orders. turning to sports tonight phillies get it done against braves and very impressive fashion. combined no hitter. >> how about that? jamie apody live in the sports september were details. hi, jamie. >> hey there guys it's an awful season and something to celebrate. today the phillies pitching well it was working on labor day and they combined for first ever combined no hitter. take a look at. it cole hamels not typical no-no
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type of performance for him. he got help from z. marlin bird catching third. and unlike usual hamels got a lot of support at the plate. in the sixth, hamels on second, jimmy rollings triples him home. that gavz phillies-0 lead. hamels pulled after bottom half despite he didn't allow a single hit his control was off and he threw 108 pitches struck out 7 walked five and hit a batter. other hero of the game ben revere. he had a three run triple in the 7th, five rbis today and 15 coming into this game. phils with 5-0 lead. to the bullpen we go. in comes jake deakman and he score a scoreless 7th and ken giles for the 8th and he struck out the side. so it was up to jonathan papelbon to close this thing out and here he comes and here he does it. first ever combined no hitter in
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the 132 year history of the phillies. twelfth no-no overall for franchise. last place team with rare reason to celebrate today. phils win it 7-0. you. >> know i was able to get away with six innings and you know i didn't have as much control and guys come in and shut the door in the fashion we d i would say it's probably pretty impressive sort of day just to kind of see that. it took a whole team to do that. >> i think it's really special. it's a little awkward. but overall it's a great experience. >> i have no idea what to do right now. >> i knew what was at stake and i wanted to be a part of this they called down there and asked mefy wanted to go back out there after they scored a few runny said for sure. i was walking out of the bullpen and i think i told a fan i'll try not to blow it. i love how they say it was awkward. congrats to the phillies pitching staff today. tomorrow it begins for the eagles they hit the practice
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field to begin. the guys are excited. now it's time to take it up a notch. >> training camp is over with now. everybody is focused on jacksonville and whoever is lining up first to play we'll play. >> it's been a long time for myself. but, more importantly, i'm ready to get out with my teammates and get out there and get this real things started. eagles one more to complete practice squad fourth quarterback gj kinney and it gives them an extra toorm run drills. looked good in the preseason. it's nice they kept him. all right. how about phillies today, guys, back to you in the studio. >> pretty sweet, thank you, jamie. >> impressive. >> in other news two high school baseball teams in japan today completed incredible feat of 50 inning game. one team scored three runs to get the victory. the teams had to play until
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steaks that sizzle. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania. meteorologist adam joseph is
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here now for unofficial sending of summer. >> boy it was hot. >> hot out there. >> steam badge out there and you know it will be pretty much the name of the game the first week. get used to the numbers. as we look at double scan live out there. couple of downpours. one norm of atlantic city about to slide off the coast of surf city and long beach eye land. rest of us clouds, sunshine and very warm temperatures. in fact, we hit 89 degrees in philadelphia today. one degree shy of 09. low very mild this morning it was 47. normal is 65. and records 49 degrees and 97 and now sunseting near 7:30 in the evening. seabreezes kicked in. upper 70s along the shore. 86 millville and 86 wilmington and 86 lehigh valley. most areas in the middle 80s. exception philadelphia. warmest spot this afternoon. as we look at dew points. that is also very humid on the verge of oppressive in many
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areas. 70 reading and 74 wilmington and 73 atlantic city. the atmosphere now some id with moisture. it's soping wet and heavy and any of those downpours that have popped in a couple locations have been on the torrential side. again most of us quiet now. there's a cold front. it's way west. that will push through late tomorrow. but energy with this front will be confined to northern and western pennsylvania and new york state. is that the where we'll see most of the thunderstorms tomorrow. for us, it is extremely humid. it's hot, 92 feeling like a steam bath with isolated storm and as the front pushes south there will be a brief, little slight relief so to speak wednesday with drier winds north with high pressure and sunshine, 88 degrees with lower humidity. but 88 still above average. the severe weather tomorrow will be anywhere from williamsport to pittsburgh and parkersburg west virginia and mainly north and west with the front.
5:53 pm
for us scattered tomorrow and where they hit isolated locations like today there could be a little on the strong side. tonight, stray evening downpour or thunderstorm everyone warm and muggy. 69 to 73 for overnight low and your day planner for tuesday as many kids are back to school, 76 muggy in morning at pbg and quickly jumping to 86 at 11 and 91 at 2:00 and 92 at 5:00 again with isolated thunderstorm in spots. the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast is back into the 90s tomorrow with heat indexes jumping to around 96 tomorrow afternoon. we'll see a little bit of relief on wednesday. lowering humidity dry day of 8. still warm this time of year. sunny, 88 thursday with low humidity and oppressive humidity comes back friday along with heat. up to 90 again. saturday, some sun. oppressively humid late day storm of 88 and front may stall sunday. sunday is questionable right now and it's very important because
5:54 pm
eagles in town, 84 with possibility of left your honor shower before cooler more fall like area comes in monday of 78. many kids back to school. dress lightly. >> air conditioning. >> warm. >> stay on top of changing weather situation with you can visit for stormtracker 6 radar both hourly and 7 day forecast and latest video from our "action news" meteorologists and also our collection of weather related photos and videos. >> japan's government is uming folks to stock up on toilet paper. september 1 is national prevention day more than 40% of toilet paper happens to come from high risk earthquake zone and officials say folks remember food and water and don't always make thur they have enough toilet paper. deadly quake and tsunami in 2011 created critical shortages
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>> kids showed off accessories they'll be sporting on first day of classes next week in germantown. james ache an d's hoeinged a supply drive. kids received choice of backpack and plenty of supplies to go inside and no one was sent away hungry. grills were churning out food all day long. >> uh-huh. all right. right now the "action news" team standing by with these stories and more at 6. operations are coming to close at revel casino. we have latest from atlantic city as resort counts down to final hours. plus bucks county students grieve loss of three classmates a day before school starts. >> union workers celebrate a day off with a parade through center city philadelphia. that and more coming up next at 6. for meteorologist adam joseph, cecily tynan, jamie apody, month monica malpass, the entire "action news"
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>> monday night jim off i'm rick williams. in the news, family flocked to the shore to mark the unofficial end of summer and fire forces evacuations at a montgomery county apartment complex. the big story on "action news" is end of the road for atlantic city most expensive casino. revel resort and casino is in the process of shutting down and hotel closed today and the casino will be tomorrow morning. thousands of people are out of
6:00 pm
work after this labor day holiday. sharee williams has the full story tonight from ac. revel was thought by some to be the future of atlantic city. but that turned out to be a bad bet. as fascinating and eye catching as blue glass tower may be it's also bankrupt. >> i'm laid off. that's all right. one door closes and another opens up. mr. hart is working his last shift at the revel hotel and casino closing down only after two years in business. vacationers looked on in disbelief as the name nature was removed from the building. it's hitting home for those from atlantic city and hart is one of the 3,000 revel employees now out of a job. >> i used to run the boardwalk with my grandmother before it was built. >> revel faced a financial cat osfy before the doors opened. while in construction owners needed an additional $1 billion to f