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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 5, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." the runaway plane. the fighter pilots could see the pilot unconscious before it goes down. and the hurricane on the move. chicago and the midwest on alert tonight for severe storms. and the new ebola patient. dr. besser is right here. and joan rivers and the investigation now under way. the famous face inside the hospital room to say good-bye. what she wants answered, tonight.
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good evening, and it is great to end the week with you. we begin with the fast-moving developments. the mystery in the sky. american fighter pilots trying to race to the rescue. the flight path, from rochester, new york, heading over the sea to cuba and jamaica. tonight, the tapes, the air traffic controllers trying to reach the pilot. david kerley leading us off. >> reporter: drama in the skies. the desperate calls to a private plane. similar to this one. >> reporter: the call sign of this nearly new plane, carrying rochester, new york, real estate developer larry glazer and his wife. the socato 900, which can carry seven people, took off from rochester this morning at 8:45
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a.m. a little more than an hour in, a problem. >> we need to descend to 180. we have an indication that is not correct in plane. >> stand by. >> reporter: the controller responds, but there was traffic below the plane. moments later, the plane is turned away from traffic. and then -- >> direct taylor. 900 kilo. >> reporter: the last words, the controllers tell the plane to descend repeatedly. but there is no response. it is now a ghost plane, tracked by radar. at 10:40, two fighter jets are scrambled and get close. one pilot can see inside the cockpit. >> i can see his chest rising and falling. right before i left, i could see that he was actually breathing. >> reporter: breathing, but unconscious. windows foggy. then icy. signs that the plane has lost pressurization. >> you're not going to have
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enough oxygen. >> reporter: the plane continues. so far, the fighter pilots are forced to peel off as the plane crosses over cuba. then, at 2:15 this afternoon, just 14 miles off the coast of jamaica, the plane falls into the caribbean. three sources tell abc news the pilot was asked if he wanted to declare an emergency. he said no, but don't forget, with the lack of oxygen, there's a sense of euphoria. and another drama in the skies, in iran, involving american passengers. a charter aircraft, carrying at least 100 americans. officials questioned their flight plan.
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it's a bureaucratic issue that appears to be solved. now, to severe weather. look at the weather wall. hurricane norbert on the march. spawning monster waves, and monsoo monsoons. the forecast in a moment. but first, cecilia vega, bracing for norbert. >> reporter: waves crashing on the beach of los cabos, mexico. winds whipping palm trees, drenching vacations. >> i wouldn't go out there now. >> reporter: that's hurricane norbert bruising the baja california penninsula. and now it's heading straight for the pacific coast. its strong winds already giving surfers in long beach a wild ride. today in southern california, warnings of strong rip currents and dangerous waves. a reminder of the powerful punch norbert could pack. just last week, hurricane marie kicked up dangerously high
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swells on the los angeles coast. you see the beach, and it looks so inviting. >> in between the sets of waves, it looks small. >> reporter: so far this year there have been more than 12,000 los angeles county beach rescues. that's the highest in over 15 years. we just witnessed a lifeguard jump in for a rescue. he told me they plan to be in and out of these waters all day long with the waves as high as they are. the lifeguards say they are doing everything they can, david, to keep this beach safe. >> thank you. and we want to welcome rob marciano, joining ginger and the weather team here. >> glad to be here. we're going to continue to track the coastline. no hurricane in los angeles.
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some rain in so cal, but some flooding and up to four inches of rain. >> and you were telling me about chicago and the northwest. >> a strong cold front. risk for severe storms, illinois, ohio, strong hail, damaging winds. new york to boston, tomorrow will be affected with the same thing. >> thank you. we can't wait to watch you this weekend on "gma." and joan rivers, tributes from all over. and now, a famous face in the hospital there to say good-bye. what she now wants answered. ron claiborne tonight.
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>> reporter: family and friends of joan rivers tell abc news she had complained of a raspy voice and went to a clinic where, they say, she underwent a diagnostic procedure on her vocal cords under a general anesthetic. the 81-year-old comedian suffered cardiac arrest and by the time she arrived at the hospital, she was "near death." deborah norville, host of "inside edition" and a close family friend, visited rivers at the hospital. >> a diagnostic procedure. this wasn't even fixing anything. this was just to look in there and see why her voice had gotten raspy. shouldn't have happened. shouldn't have happened. >> reporter: the state health department is looking into the circumstances of her death. investigators have visited this endoscopy clinic where she was treated and are questioning the doctors and staff. the clinic declined comment, citing privacy laws but said they have an exceptional safety record. earlier today, her daughter melissa was seen leaving rivers' fifth avenue apartment. >> what's the outpouring been
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like? >> unbelievable. >> reporter: this, as tributes pour in for this groundbreaking comedienne. as she told david muir, even the painful subject of her husband's death provided material for her biting, irreverent humor. >> husband left me all the money on the condition i have to visit him every single day. so i had him cremated and sprinkled at neiman marcus. and now sometimes i visit him twice a day. >> reporter: news of her death made headlines. just the way friends say she would have wanted it. >> joan was the first 15 minutes in all the morning programs today. joan would love this. >> reporter: joan rivers said she wanted her funeral to be a huge showbiz affair. it will not be. it will take place at a temple just a few blocks from here. it will be a private service. and i hope you'll join me for a special edition of "20/20." joan rivers, tonight at 10:00
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p.m., 9 central, right here. and you're about to see what could be a u.s. drone flying over a key drone in syria. ryan ross, with the image of that drone and the new scrutiny tonight. an american from michigan, are his videos inspiring some to join the enemy? >> reporter: today, over the isis stronghold of raqqah, syria, a sign of the battle that could be coming. activists in syria posted this photo of what they said was an unarmed u.s. drone. isis posted its own photos of the surveillance craft circling the city. the u.s. is urgently seeking intelligence on potential military targets and on any sign of the two american hostages still held by isis. >> where are they? and are there any rescue attempts that are possible? >> reporter: the u.s. is also searching for some other americans in syria, those like this former college student from boston, who have turned on their country to join isis.
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the jihadist recruitment pipeline to syria from the u.s. and europe is of huge concern to law enforcement authorities. >> why did this happen to us? >> reporter: and now, they are closely monitoring the preaching of this charismatic muslim cleric now living in dearborn, michigan, ahmad jibril. >> i want you to know that these were real men who were there to give their jugular veins for the sake of allah. >> reporter: jibril's internet videos are credited with inspiring an estimated 60% of the western recruits in syria according to a study done at kings college in london. >> they were regularly listening to his sermons, and they were clearly influenced by him. >> reporter: jibril, who spent five years in prison on federal fraud charges, does not specifically urge his followers to violence, but says the u.s. wants muslims to die. >> they are waiting for the maximum amount of sunni deaths, yes. to pleasure and delight their
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hearts. >> he is feeding the narrative without making an open call to violence, and then when it's time to convince them to fight, you're already halfway there. >> reporter: we tried to find jibril at a relative's home in dearborn, michigan, but no one would come out to talk with us. his lawyer said she had no comment. >> thank you. and tonight, there's a developing news headline about another top terrorist. the mastermind behind the attacks on a mall, he was killed in a strike. and news of another american coming down with the deadly oboe la virus. but he was working in a maternity ward in liberia. here's dr. richard besser. >> reporter: a caravan snaking through the heartland before dawn.
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the third american patient to come down with ebola, dr. rick sacra. their destination, the university of nebraska medical center, the largest isolation ward in the u.s. >> the transfer went very, very smoothly. our patient is sick but stable. >> reporter: stable, after a 6,000-mile journey from liberia, when i traveled there, i saw firsthand how doctors treating ebola patients protect themselves. this is where they try to sort out what they're patients have. he contracted the deadly disease not in an ebola clinic, but in a normal maternity ward, where he was delivering babies. monday, he e-mailed his missionary organization, apologizing for getting sick. worried that he would distract them from their work fighting the epidemic. he was blunt, saying, "with or without evacuation, i could well die from this disease." still, the decision was made to bring him home. >> rick is clearly sick, but that he was in very good spirits. and he walked onto the plane. >> reporter: a team of 35
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doctors and nurses will now care for him in the specialized isolation ward seen in this training video. >> you can have a patient and start an iv. >> reporter: but sacra won't be receiving the experimental drug given to the other american missionaries with ebola. the supply has run out. >> everyone pulling for him. and he wasn't there to treat ebola patients. >> that raises the question of whether or not to wear more protective gear. now, to the images from hawaii. the lava from a volcano moving near to a community.
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no evacuation orders yet. and hundreds of thousands of syrian children are working in fields. as young as 7, now supporting their entire family. all of them syrian refugees. this week, with help from so many of you, supplies for more than 3,500 classrooms. we love hearing that. if you have ever felt trapped by your cell phone company, the real money team is here to help. and the close call in the sky coming this weekend. the asteroid. why are we just hearing about this now? and james bond fighting the enemy. he's helping us celebrate our
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next tonight, have you ever felt trapped in our cell phone plan? well, the "real money" team has answers. here's gio benitez. >> reporter: this family loves talking on the phone. but three phone contracts with three different companies, that costs them $300 a month. so you need some help with your contracts? let's save you some money. like millions of other americans with cell plans, they found it easy to sign up. >> we have three different plans. so, it would be nice to get to one plan. >> reporter: but they would be faced with early termination fees. up to $350 each.
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so we phoned a friend to take a look. cell phone expert john polgin. tip number one, look for changichange ichanges in the contract that you haven't signed up for. look for differences in the fine print. so, you may be able to cancel without the big fee. >> just over 50% savings. >> i love it. >> reporter: tip number two, sell or swap your plan. websites let you post your contract online to allow others to take it over. or, switch to carrier that will pay your fees when you become their kcustomer. by consolidating their plans,
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calling all coffee addicts tonight. starbucks opening express stores. you can use your phone to order and pay. and jennifer lawrence, making news tonight. the highest-grossing movie heroine in movie history. and an asteroid is heading our way, only discovered last sunday. emma stone made us laugh, but she's serious tonight.
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place tonight, standing up to cancer on abc and 30 other n networks. tonight, they're checking in with us, and helping to celebrate our 11-year-old person of the week. >> stand up. >> reporter: from kerry washington to emma stone. >> seriously, it's like you're photoshopped. >> reporter: samuel l. jackson with his own take. and sarah silverman. so many famous faces, ready to take on the enemy. tonight's stand up to cancer. the telethon. he makes us laugh every week,
6:57 pm
but tonight eric stonestreet is fighting for every family. >> i stand up for my mom. i stand up for you. >> and we stand up for you, ashley burnett, a survivor. diagnosed a day before starting second grade. battling two years of intensive treatment. she and her mother turning it somehow into an adventuradventu. and tonight, ashley telling us why she made that video. >> i didn't want to make it all sad and gloomy. i wanted to make it happy. >> and the best one of all, her
6:58 pm
scans showing she is cancer-free. and tonight, that little spy that made the video in a hospital, getting help from pierce brosnan. james bond. >> stand up and fight cancer. >> standing up for millions tonight, including the beautiful little redhead that never stopped smiling. >> stand up for cancer, tonight on abc. >> one week down. i hope to see you next week. good night.
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this is the "jeopardy!" battle of the decades. let's meet today's former champions -- he used his winnings from the 2012 teachers tournament and the 2013 tournament of champions to buy his mother a house. please welcome our final representative from the 2000s, from chicago, illinois... our last contestant from the 1990s not only won the tournament of champions,


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