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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  September 8, 2014 3:05am-4:01am EDT

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firestorm suggesting he had no strategy. does he have one now? abc's martha raddatz has the story. >> reporter: day after day the brutality of isis stuns the world. images of the horrific execution of a second american reporter and over the weekend a mass grave discovered, 15 body, each shot in the head, and vows from the terrorist group in iraq and syria that america should be on guard. >> americans should be very concerned. this in many respects rim ra cents the most significant threat this country has seen since september 11th. >> reporter: a threat by a jihadist group the president says cannot be merely contain it must be destroyed. >> we are going to degrade and ultimately defeat isil the same way we have gone after al qaeda. >> reporter: meaning hunting
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down isis leaders with drones and manned aircraft and relentlessly pounding isis fighters seeking to take territory, expanded air strikes were announced in iraq to help the iraqi security forces hold on to the hadifa dam, all while the president helps build an international coalition to help the with the fight. mate your question, will the u.s. and that coalition launch air strikes into syria? the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff said last month. you can't just focus on iraq. >> can they be defeated without addressing that part of the organization which resides in syria? the answer is no. that will have to be addressed on, on both sides of what is essentially at this point a nonexistent border. >> reporter: the u.s. flying surveillance missions over syria looking for possible targets. images of a predator drone spotted by syrian rebels in the northern part of the country hit the internet friday.
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the president is not expected to announce any further action in syria in his speech this week. but he will certainly be laying the ground work and the reasons it may be necessary. martha raddatz, abc news, washington. >> entering the stretch of her race for texas governor, wendy davis reignited the abortion debate by discussing her own abortion. davis made headlines last week after her fill buster against an anti-abortion bill. in an exclusive interview with our own robin roberts, davis discussed how she ended a difficult pregnancy in the 90s that drew sympathy from top democrats and republicans you. can see that interview later this morning coming up on "good morning america." >> well now to the grand send-off for joan rivers. some of the most famous faces in show business, filled a sin going to pay respects as she famously requested the rabbi did not ramble. abc's mara schiavocampo has more. >> reporter: bagpipers in the
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street, hundreds of fans, one of the world's largest houses of worship, filled with some of the biggest names in entertainment including sarah jessica parker, kathy griffin, and whoopi goldberg. all to remember a comedic legend. >> unbelievable. they cleosed 5th avenue. >> inside hugh jackman and audra mcdonald performed both nods to river's love of broadway. howard stern delivered the eulogy. some of rivers' closest friends gave tributes including deborah norville. >> all of us should be so blessed to be able to part this world in exactly the style that we hoped e we would be able to do. >> it was a bundle of laughs in there, i have to say. it was irreverent. offcolor. like joan's humor. >> saturday, a much more intimate farewell. daughter melissa kissing her mother's flower draped casket outside of the funeral home
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after it is placed in the hearse. for the woman who made so many laugh, a memorial filled with more smiles than sadness. the service included lighthearted touches like a choir singing big spender and a page with classic rivers' lines like can we talk. funny remembrance for a very funny woman. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. >> a legend lost. now to some sports. starting with the nba. which is working with the co-owner of the atlanta hawks as he begins the sale of his interest in the team. bruce levinson's selling of his stake in the hawks follows his release of an e-mail he wrote two years ago in which he made racially charged statements. those statements were contained in a message to team management how to sell more season tick tets. the nba's commissioner is supporting levinson's decision to sell the team calling his statements entirely unacceptable. >> there are two monday night, nfl games tonight, both on our
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sister network, espn. as for last night's game was peyton manning and the broncos hosting andrew luck and the colts. manning threw second quarter touch yunz to julius thomas. the denver defense did enough to hold off a colts' second half rally. denver wins, 31-24. also a winner, serena williams faced off with her good friend, in the women's finals. of the u.s. open. this one uh all serena. powerful serve just too much. some of it often more than 115 miles an hour. williams won in straight sets. she never lost a set on the way to her third straight open win. and her 18th grand slam title. she is a force, huh? >> she is a force to be reckoned with. tying chris everett and martina navratilova, 18. looking for new dates in south florida, got some cash, may want to kid this. >> the 60,000 square foot palace
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will be selling for $139 million. in hillsboro beach, near fort lauderdale, the most expensive home publicly listed in the u.s. 11 bed rooms, 17 bathrooms. 30 car garage. swimming pool. water fall. the steel iron and gold leaf staircase alone cost $2 million. construction expected to be completed next year. >> amazing. >> big bucks. nice place to stay. saving the life of a lifesaver. the bomb sniffing dog in need of tlc. >> ahead, a remarkable story, an important vision. despite his eye cancer, it did not take away his love for playing football. you're watching "world news now." ♪ you're an overcomer ♪ stay in the fight until the final hour ♪ >> announcer: "world news now" weather brought to you by airborne every day. ♪ ♪
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♪ you're an over-comer >> that song, so fitting for this story. because as football season is kicking off. there is one young man who rallied a team behind him. his ability to overcome all of
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the obstacles he has faced is a lesson, we can all learn. >> you are absolutely right. to those who know jake olsen, he is a hero. it is his determination that makes this our favorite story of the day. abc's john donvan explains. >> reporter: a story with the good ending you did not see coming was that of jake olsen, who popped into the news some years ago as the kid fighting eye cancer. >> he fought so hard. yet cancer wins. >> reporter: one guy weye was g. and doctors told him he would lose the other one. i said, jake, how are you, buddy? he said, yeah, mom. you know what this will be a new stage in my life. >> reporter: and jake's one wish then, this kid who loved football, was to see one last usc game up close. well he got the wish. >> one, two, three. >> reporter: this was jake olsen's day on the field. but it was not his last. >> i was going to have to give up that dream of playing on the
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field. and it just was something that being blind you couldn't do. >> reporter: it is five years later now. look at who is snapping the ball. it is jake. no they did not save his other eye. he just figured out how to make it work. a high school senior now, jake makes his way through the school day with assists and willingness of the kevin to let him try. >> we went through a number of drills. said, my gosh there is no way this kid is ever going to learn how to snap. >> reporter: it wasn't obvious it was going to work. it was figuring out the physical j geometry. >> the left guard taps jake's leg. when jake wants to snap. >> reporter: jake has go out. looks like they need him. this teenager whose feel for the game may be unbeatable. >> my heart pounds twice as fast every time. >> john donvan, abc news, washington. >> love that story.
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>> perfect story. monday. waking up. tired. that puts it in perspective right there. >> not just football. he wants to be the first blind member of the, pga tour. player on the pga tour. he's going to do it. >> big dreams. i am sure he will. stay with us. ...doing laundry mom.
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just for men mustache and beard. monday morning "the mix," time to kick things off with the great story. this dog used by the military to sniff out ieds, explosive devices. going into harm's way, where a lot of the military relies on this kind of canine help. well this dog, 8-year-old kay, has a tumor on his heart. and so now, his owner also serving in the military, was trying to get the procedure done for $6,000. obviously, a costly, costly procedure procedure. what did brandon don hue do. started on line petition and campaign. within 20 days. 186 people went on line, pledged money. kay will have the on raegs pera.
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>> how wonderful. >> animals are selfless. they want a little attention. they give back so much. >> when you aren a war zone. grow attached. incredible. happy to hear that story. well, so easy to pass by a homeless person on the street you. see people's reactions all the time. kind of uncomfortable. one man decided he would pose as a homeless person and reward the people who decided to give back. and so this the guy. and he gave people $20. and the reactions were amazing. this one guy end up giving him money. look at the reaction he gives the money back. what are you talking about. >> totally stunned. >> one guy, this man right here, said, all i can give you is some prayers. he sits down and starts praying with the guy. then he hands him the $20. the guy is dumbfounded. could not believe it. really great story about how people were surprised by their own kindness.
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got it back. >> look at her. push for humanity on monday morning. >> this next, next video is fantastic. six second long. looping it for good reason. here it is. a little girl discovering the joys of sour candy. ha-ha. >> oh, look at that. >> look at the face. i love it. she just, like, one bite. bright eyed. good to go. nice selfie. and then here it comes. pucker up. >> mommy and daddy didn't tell you it was sour. >> clearly hasn't learned when you are sucking on sour patch kids. burn off the top layer of your tongue to enjoy the. >> talk about burning off the top layer of your heart for health. a study. wine is guard your heart. a study done in europe. it was done by european society of cardiologists. they say drinking wine daily, moderate levels, men and women,
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this morning on "world news now" -- basketball bombshell. the racially charged e-mail sent by the owner of the atlanta hawks. the disturbing comments and nba's response. >> terror alert. as the president gets ready to confront isis, new widespread worries about attacks on the homeland. the inside information and the vigilance. >> close encounter, the asteroid the size of a house that just missed hitting the earth last night. how frequent are these close calls? how disastrous could they be? >> and, later, no comeback. hollywood superstar, robert downy jr. says he will not be coming back to play one of the biggest most profitable roles ever again. that's in "the skinny" on this monday, september 8th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now."
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good morning, everyone. on this monday, i'm dan kloeffler. >> i'm reena ninan. mondays are hard. >> mondays are very difficult. the story i can't seem to rattle is this asteroid coming. i find it fascinating. nasa don't hate me. you predict when a full moon will happen, 15 years from now. the big rock size of a house could come hurdling toward us at moment. >> i can't wait to hear more on that one. >> the hate mail that we will start to get. first we want to begin this half-hour with another sensitive case of race and the nba. this one centering on the current co-owner of the atlanta hawks. >> we say current co-owner, because bruce levinson is selling his stake in the team following the release of one of his own e-mails in which he made racially in sensitive comments. abc's bazi kanani has details. >> reporter: atlanta hawks owner, bruce levinson apologizing for making offensive comments about race in this e-mail sent two years ago, i want some white cheerleaders. i want the music to be music familiar to a 40-year-old white guy.
3:32 am
he even complained that the kiss-cam is too black. in a message to team management about how to sell more season tickets. levinson says he voluntarily reported the e-mail to the nba this summer, announcing that he will step down. selling his ownership in the team, just four months after team, just four months aft tea& pteam owner donald sterling for his racist rant and refusal to apologize. >> don>> dald onalsterd stlingerl said, i'm his partner, i can't be partners with somebody who >> reporter: why would levinson come forward two years after the e-mail first went out? p>> i>> i think we have to look at it, the nba is reeling from the do nalddona steld srlinterlg sting. in many ways they know they cannot get away with this any more. >> reporter: the nba 5 co still investigat;gg the pcir cumscirctancumstes oancef les os co mmencommts, entsand , ancalld c entirely unacceptable. bazi kanani, abc news, washington. >>s he doe gets he ext getra p
3:33 am
credit for coming forward and saying, sorry, i said these pthi ngs?things? >> a l>> aot o lotf pe of oplepeo as kingaski thang tt.hat. the nba obviously as we heard in the piece -- pthe nbathe comnba misscommioneisss pthe nbathe comnba misscommioneisss commending him that he did com& pcome for& for& ardpforward with se. you will look at the timing and motivation. what i find fascinating abut th is sthistory sto is ry iwaits w the factors and decisions how you are going to locate an arena, how you are going to position it within a community how it is actually going to generate profits and represent the, that community and possibly eve& thpevee ten tham ie tetsam its. a of qlot uestof qionsuest ions be asked. >> only beginning with that story. wea will, ld ra wiagild raging burning inside yosemite national park this morning. burning inside yosemite national park this morning. back country near iconic half dome peak. the flames forced campers to evte aacuand tte arapnd trapped. many thousands of feet up on the ptra ils.trails. 100 visitors. crews are moving in by ground and by air. at least 700 acres have been pbur ned.burned. >>sout in hernsout calhern caliy
3:34 am
rains from the remnants of phur ricahurrne nicanorbee nort trbes riverside, california, was ground zero for flash flooding ove& ove& 2 povefeetr 2 deefeetp, and& and& hundreds of drivers stranded. some areas. in & ortpin hernnort flohernrid flor floo ds ffloorom ds fup trom o 13up rai& .prain. put& put& roa& s tproaurneds td inurneto rd in. la wns lawnintos in lakto les.akes. in effect. moain re ris eain xpecis expect forecast. >, no> wew hell, re now here is today's weather. the soutthe heassoutt.heast. parts of the carolinas could see 3 3 to 5 inches of rain. will also blanket the four
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pos& pos&iblppose insibl some ine ar. >> & >> &omep>> consomeside conrabs temperatures across the nation. 70s throughout the northeast. great lakes, much of the west. p80s and80s 90sand in 90s the in . pho& nixppho onlenixy, o onlnly,y, o >> police in chile investigating the murder of a 22-year-old te acheteacr.her. peri caerica hagen was found dead in sh e hashe d behad en tbeeneach te set to return home this december. hagen had just graduated from georgetown college in kentucky. police at this point have no suspects. >> well, nearly two weeks after president obama said he had no strategy for dealing with isis' terror threat. he may have a plan. o on wednesday, the president will deli ver delia maver jor a maspeejor t the ground work for a broader mission. this weekend, u.s. air strikes expanded their scope. spotted flying surveillance over syria. the president's speech comes one day before the anniversary of th e 9/the 11 a9/11ttac attks oackn homeland. wi.s. th ulaw .s. enfolaw rceme alert, the domestic threat from isis is one more challenge.
3:36 am
abc's pierre thomas has the story. >> r epor>> rter:epor danter:ge dang. p>> ther>> te ishere a l is ot oa l parts. a lot a loof tt ofhing this gongs. pand obvand iousobvily touslhat'y t pcon co forncer then fo intr thellie enforcement as well. bombs isis radicals and contemplates a full-scale assault on the group in syria, intelligence officials know isis might try to respond with an attack. but as isis dominates the ponl y thonlyreat thr . ofu.s to deal with. there are multitude of emerging threats, many growing out of syria which has become a melting spot of converging radicals. >> w e ha>> wve be harothve bers rot badeshngla, irdeshaq, , ircamaq alia,ustr u.kalia. , u.k. >> two additional threats added of significance since my appo intmappoent intmin jent anuain d certainly the syrian war peng agemengaent.gement. p>> repo>> rrterepor: amter:eric am continue to worry about yemen bomb makers conspiring with al qaeda radicals in syria to make
3:37 am
soph sophisticated bombs that can be s plamuggnes.led on pl that threat remains. and there is general concern tha& tha& alptha qaet alda a qaes are itching to get on the scoreboard, given all the attention isis is getting. then there is the wild card, home grown radicals like the boston marathon bombers with no direct connection or oversight from al qaeda or isis, who could act out on their own. >> it's high level of vigilance. cities who may not see themselves in the cross hairs are paying extra attention to the issue. certainly during the next week. >> pierre thomas, abc news, washington. >> concern is growing over a mystery virus sickened more than 1,000 children across ten states. it starts off like a common cold, progresses rapidly into a full blown illness. and it's sending kids to the hospital unable to breathe. doctors at the cdc suspect it is a rare virus, calling it the
3:38 am
human entero virus 68. children with asthma and those under 5 are most vulnerable. there is no vaccine. doctors are warning it will soon become nationwide outbreak. >> now to a history-making moment that earned a standing ovation at new york fashion week. a former nurse became the first ever quadruple amputee to model. carrie crespo lost her arms and legs to bacterial meningitis two years ago and wants people to know they can still be beautiful. crespo wore a dress by carrie hammer, a designer that created a campaign to use role models, not runway models. >> big applause. >> huge. i love that. >> yeah, great story. so coming up, there is nothing quite like a good contradiction when it comes to telling a story. you want to keep that in mind. it is all about what is going on in tulsa, oklahoma this week. >> that's where the largest mini horse show in the world is taking place. get it. see the contradiction --
3:39 am
largest show of mini horses? >> yeah. so there are two separate categories of mini-horses. a types, up to 34 inches. b types, can't be taller than 38 inches. in addition to the weekend's costume parade, there are riding competitions all week. the show wrapping up next sunday. you have a little time if you want to catch them. >> that's my kind of horse. i am not very tall. and i always -- i feel like i will fall off. >> that apparently is one of the benefits. because the rider says in fact, mini horses if they step on your toes. [ horses neighing ] it doesn't feel like much really. >> that is true. >> we keep a stable of them in the back. >> in case we are not entertaining enough. we bring them through, dan. >> calling the fashion police on miley cyrus. find out what she did not wear to a new york fashion week event. >> i don't want to know. later, the lottery ticket was tucked away since july. what a surprise for one man who discover he was suddenly a millionaire. you're watching "world news now." ♪ i found you ♪ i found you ♪ ♪
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use promo code: notme. call the number on your screen now. ♪ ♪ and it was a close call for our planet last night. as an asteroid just missed us. this giant space rock, dangerously close. >> and it could have spelled
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disaster. >> scientists saw it coming. but just last week. they say they would need a decade to deflect something of that size. abc's lama hasan has more. >> reporter: a narrow miss for all of us, as an asteroid measuring 60 feet, roughly the same size as a small house, had whizzed by earth. as close as a cosmic inch, 25,000 miles away. this asteroid so big and powerful, if it had hit the earth the results, disastrous. >> an asteroid of this size is similar to the asteroid that hit last year, which had an energy. >> this asteroid was a close encounter as many as weather and communication satellites, ten times closer to us than the moon. it is the stuff of hollywood movies. in real life, experts say most asteroids go undetected. only 11,000 discovered so far. that's less than 1% of all asteroids. this asteroid only spotted a week ago, but scientists need at least a decade warning to deflect something of this size.
3:46 am
>> then we send a spacecraft out there on many year trajectory, give it a small, tiny nudge. stand that's enough to keep it from hitting the earth. >> close calls encouraging scientists to find more asteroids before it's too late. lama hasan, abc news, london. >> i feel bad for the fact, saying that nasa didn't track this. yes, nasa has 11,000 of these on its radar. what? >> incoming! >> we have an asteroid. right here. >> we survived. >> this is an asteroid that clearly came from the duct tape factory. >> yogurt cartons inside? >> well, listen -- >> this is our budget. roll of duct tape. and a budget. >> yogurt and duct tape. >> exactly. >> coming up in "the skinny" -- see what miley cyrus did not wear. not this, in fashion week. >> was there duct tape involved? >> the phone call in derek jeter's news conference. it's all next.
3:47 am
♪ >> announcer: "world news now" continue after this from our abc stations. erence.
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♪ skinny ♪ so skinny >> well, it's time now for "the skinny." leading us off is a very discouraging news for fans of "ironman." >> in an interview, robert downy
3:49 am
jr., ironman himself, said there are no plans for a fourth film. one of most successful film franchises in history. and "ironman" solidified marvel studios as a blockbuster hit maker. >> having to pay downy jr. $50 million for his work in "the avengers" is a bit of a exclusive why there is not a fourth "ironman" planned. for now, tony starks, big screen story, will remain a trilogy. full disclosure, our parent company disney owns marvel studios. >> you can wipe your tears with this story. just when you thought it wasn't possible miley cyrus hits a new fashion low. >> the 21-year-old pop star turned out for an after party for new york fashion week and going shockingly short on fashion herself. wearing nothing but ice cream cone pasties and glitter above her black sparkly pants. are those available online? >> it has been warm here in new york, i understand. if you can, away from what were cones, she finished her outfit wearing sunglasses out of pills and cannabis earrings.
3:50 am
and we pretty much have run out of word for that description, because, miley, hats off to you. >> we don't usually feature sports superstars in "the skinny." but derek jeter worth it. captain of the new york yankees honored at yankee stadium. >> jeter is retiring end of the season. this was the team's chance to thank him for the 20 years of service. at a post game news conference, jeter showed off trademark cool when things didn't go as exactly planned. >> walking the streets going out to eat or here at the stadium. someone's phone is ringing. walt rhineheimer. want me to get it? walt, she'll have to call you back, buddy. >> the phone belonged to a reporter from a paper in suburban, new jersey. she immediately apologized. the call was from her husband. >> honey, you peck ick up the chinese on the way home. >> britney spears may be able to belt out a new breakup song.
3:51 am
after splitting with her boyfriend. >> spears posted this on instagram, hard at work inside a studio. looking fabulous. flashing a peace sign. she apparently has everything she needs to create a hit, at her fingertips -- lyrics, headphone. microphone and pack of cigarettes. >> not all work and no play for spears. she has also been hanging out with girlfriends in las vegas clearly. >> last week we gave a birthday shout out to beyonce, turned 33 thursday. queen b, husband, jay-z, and blue ivy spent the weekend celebrating in an italian seaside town. all those rumors aside. reports are the couple looked pretty much in love. >> pretty much in love. drunk in love. as the weekend came to a close. beyonce posted this to instagram. upside-down yoga pose, with a message. thank y'all so much for my birthday wishes. beyonce, you're welcome. clearly, we weren't able to go to the birthday party. we'll celebrate here.
3:52 am
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sthoet ♪ i found you ♪ i found you well if you are driving around with $3 million in your vehicle you would probably know it, right? i mean, a guy here in new york was doing just that. he didn't know. >> oh, he had a winning lottery ticket hiding in the center console for six weeks. he was in for a surprise when he finally checked the numbers. abc's sarah haynes has more. >> be right back. >> reporter: jerry routini, a single father of two from new york. >> you have got to be in it to win it. i never expected i would win.
3:56 am
>> reporter: the 48-year-old auto body shop owner has been playing the lottery for a decade without ever winning a prize. until he hit the jackpot in july. but he didn't find out about his wind fall until last week. >> the lottery ticket was right in here behind the keys. >> reporter: for six week the winning quick pick ticket. >> right in here. >> reporter: sat forgotten it the console of his red dodge ram. >> i would have never known i won. >> reporter: then he waited another few days before going on line to check the numbers. a perfect six for six match. >> i got to the sixth number. i just freaked out. couldn't believe it. i said things i can't say on tv. >> reporter: choosing to take the lump sum payout, $1.3 million after taxes. >> my biggest plan is to put a good chunk of change in my kids' 529 college funds. the rest of the money going to act like i never go out. >> reporter: if you think jerry will stop playing the lotto now.
3:57 am
don't bet on it. >> hopefully lightning will strike twice. >> reporter: he is not leaving anything to lady luck anymore. making sure all his tickets are right where he can see them. >> this time i will make sure it is on my persons and not lose sight of any tickets from this point forward. >> reporter: sarah haynes, abc news, new york. >> what? >> six weeks. got $3 million. riding around in the truck. jerry, big congratulations to you. listen, if you are in need of a best friend. we have a couple candidates right here. or we'll split our, $2 winning. >> oh. we'll split our $2 winnings. you can't buy a coke in the vending machine. >> $1 and a dream won't get you through the door on that one. ouch. don't miss updates on face book at >> more news coming up. >> announcer: this is abc's "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades. mr. news coore news coming up. >> announcer: this is abc's "wor
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making news in america this morning, extreme conditions coast to coast. yosemite on fire again. hikers rescued by helicopter. plus, deluge in the desert. drivers stranded in southern california. in the south, private planes tossed like toys. and where will it snow this week? pampbts on alert. hundreds of children hospitalized. unable to breathe. a rare virus hitting the the heartland. new advice from doctors this morning. star-studded sendoff. joan rivers remembered by a-listers. serenaded by hugh jackman. plus the message from her daughter, melissa. and smooth moves. they call themselves the best band in the land. and they're at it again. this new viral video. we'll see it right now.


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