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tv   Action News 600 PM  ABC  September 8, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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fianceé in a revel casino elevator. this was the first time that we saw what appears to be the actual punch. and vernon odom is live in center city. you have been seeking reaction to the stark video and its consequences? >>reporter:the reaction that we received today is mixed. we have many fans that believe that domestic violence is strong. it's excessive based on the fact that they already penalized them. >> it came inside of the revel hotel elevator of ray rice knocking his then fianceé out with a brutal punch.
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they suspended him for two games. >> your whole career is messed up based on some marital issues. >> a lot of young boys want to be like the guys in the nfl. i think that is a good move to cut them. >> the actions are not only in your sport but in your community and family and everything. it plays a major part. >>reporter:ray was accepted in a pretrial program. the case is adjudicated. the case cannot be re-opened. they suspended rice for domestic violence. they asked the revel hotel for the video. the statement "that video is not made available to us. no one in our office had seen it until today." activists have been blasting the nfl saying they are too lenient on rice. they are asking to have uniform accessories in purple to highlight domestic violence.
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>> this happens to one in four women, serious, physical, domestic violence. that is double the rate of breast cancer. >> jim, we may point out they raised the permit to players to an automatic six game suspension. live in center city, vernon odom criminal. thank you. they are happy in happy valley tonight. they lifted the sanctions against the penn state football program imposed in the wake of the jerry sandusky scandal. they can compete for the big 10 championship. the full compliment of 85 scholarships will be restored next season. on the crime front a man shot two people and then himself in the juniata section of philadelphia this afternoon. one of the victims has died.
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the alleged gunman and another man are in hospital in critical condition. on malta street, we have sarah bloomquist. sarah. >>reporter:jim, there is a great sadness on juniata park block. the woman that died leaves behind many relatives that lived on this block. neighbors are stunned by the level of violence that unfolded outside of this rowhome. they believe that a 42-year-old man came looking for his girlfriend and he ended up shooting his girlfriend's sister and son and then himself. something truly terrible happened on malta street in juniata park this afternoon. they responded to a 911 calls of a man with a gun. neighbors heard a loud actor and then three gunshots. >> i heard three. that is it. >>reporter:the officers arrived
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finding three people lie ongoing the front walk. a 42-year-old man came to the rowhome looking for his girlfriend. she was not there. instead he came been the sister and the 21-year-old son. >> we believe that the 42-year-old male shot the female and younger male and then shot himself in the head. all three are shot in the head. >>reporter:all three were transported to hospital in critical condition. before 2:00 the 40-year-old woman was pronounced dead. she leaves behind a young daughter and husband. she calls them a nice family, now forever changed by violence. >> i am heartbroken. like i said, they are nice people. and this should happen. you know, this should have been avoided. >>reporter:police are going back to look for any prior incidents
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of domestic violence involving in couple. so far they have not found any. the 42-year-old alleged shooter and the 20-year-old male victim are in critical condition. they are withholding their names before all family members are notified. i am sarah bloomquist, jim. thank you. they are looking for a home healthcare worker, that stole from her patients. johnson and her boyfriend pawned the items back in june. she was released until a court date. now the police say that johnson also took $2,000 from the victim's bank accounts. the widow of slain plymouth township police officer filed a lawsuit against a store that sold the gun that claimed her husband's life. lindsay fox appeared with her lawyers to announce the suit the
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incite of firearms. they bought the baretta for andrew thomas that was used to kill jackson in 2012. he was able to acquire nine guns in 14 woke s. >> i can't bare t bear to thinkt what the guns are used for and the families that suffer like mine. >> they failed to comply with legal obligations and acted in wilful violation of its license. >> atlantic city is undergoing a naturalñ/!b transformation thatt needs for change. they sold the casino executives and other that is a switch from a gambling-only town is painful but necessary.
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earlier today christie directed the casinos and horse tracks to offer sports betting that move is expected to be challenged5%"n court by collegiate and sports leagues. one-on-one with a man in the news and has an enormous challenge. the mayor of the atlantic city he is amiable and confident. he sleeps at night. by the middle of settlement atlantic city will have lost four casinos and 8,000 jobs. >> what is the one key thing that don can do as mayor of the city to shepherd the city during a difficult time? >> to transform the city from a gambling town to something that
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is much more. >> the huge but shuttered revel casino hotel is a monument to the desperate times. he will not make guarantees. he is confident it re-opens as another casino hotel. >> there are three or four job players out there that could come in an slap their brandon thbrand onthe building. it would be a successful casino. >> you start e-mail day with a bicycle ride up and down the boardwalk. >> i do. >> tell me about that? >> now as mayor, i do the same thing. i started a 6:30 one end of town and ride the whole boardwalk in atlantic city. i great to see the consumer reports of the boardwalk. if there is a problem with the beaches or the bathroom. i get to talk to the work staff.
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and they find out if there is any problem in the night. i see the police officers. i get a good idea what the boardwalk should look like before i start at 9:00. >> it's going to get worse before to gets better with a distinct possibility with more casinos failing to survive. at 11:00 he rolls out of the open mat for gay tourists. and philadelphia schools are back in session as the funding crisis hangs over the district. chill kelly updates player injuries following the season opening comeback win. ducis rodgers has that story. breezy and cool today. i am tracking a system that brings steady range to parts of our region. those stories and more when "action news" continues tonight.
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it was back-to-school in the school district. the first day is filled with hope, but it comes with the acknowledgment of financial crisis. live in spring garden john rawlins. john. >>reporter:the first day of school and the school district do not have all the financial ducks in a row. they have a $81 million hole in its budget. it could mean more trouble in the school year. they directed their ayre at the government. >> i am encouraging the parents
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to come out and fight for your child's education. your child is your future. >>reporter:the district welcomed back 130,000 students without out the fund income hand. william hite needs harrisburg hiking the cigarette tax and. >> it maintains the staffing throughout the school year. >>reporter:without those, new layoffs could hit. hite and mayor nutter attended the launch of three high schools this dubbed the link. the kids are to work one day a week with the spca and the lighthouse service association. goal used to examine world issues from animal rights to hunger in philadelphia. that could produce inspired
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school work. >> the documentary about the community, there are different performance tasks that you can tie to that. >>reporter:the superintendent signaled that the schools like at link and other schools, the techniques used in the smaller schools could find their way into philadelphia's larger high schools. john rawlins. thank you, john. chamber street campus have been split up. they are attending classes at four separate buildings. the 82-year-old school is undergoing a demolition and renovation. that project is expected to last for four years. a memorial took place to remember the president of a college. faculty, staff and students
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gathered to mourn the loss of bobby fong. he died at his home from natural causes. fong served as president at the collegeville school since july 1st, 2011. before that he spent a decade as the president of butler university in
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once you get to the recognize season a win is a win is a win. but yesterday's win leaves questions unanswered. questions and a bit costly in terms of injuries. the eagles did not come out of the game cleanly. and according to the various reports evan mathas has a strained acl. and barberry left the game well. he hahe had an ankle sprain.
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>> they have an understanding what this guy is going to do. they have seen it 17 times. it's a bonus to have continuity. injuries are part of the game. if you don't have it the next guy has to go in. >> the eagles fell behind the jags, 17-0. they won 34-17. jeremy gave the team a lead in the third quarter. they never stopped believing. >> nobody quit. nobody for one second doubted that we would not win the game. it goes to show the kind of character in the locker room and the environment that chip built around us. it's a mart o a matter of time e start to click. >> we are teaming up with phl17
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to keep you covered. all the action starts next monday at 8:00 on phl17. the bal mor baltimore ravend ray rice off of the team. it stemmed from domestic violence. he struck jay na nay palmer. >> if the litany lions can get enough wins on the field they will be going to the pro-bowl this season. it was in the wake of the the jerry sandusky sex abuse
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scandal. all scholarships will be reinstated. bill o'brien is pleased with the news. >> a lot of good people have done a lot of great thing overs there over the last couple of years to make sure that they learned from the past mistakes and understood it's a special place. i feel happy for penn state. >> finally tonight when i was in high school i remember there being a little tension between the football team and the band. things may not have changed. at the end of halftime, he tries to warm up. he has to push a trombone player out the way. the band members are lucky they did not get a football to the side of the face. in a sea of humanity there. it's so inconsiderate. >> very much. dozen are organization were honoured to offer transportation
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alternatives. and neill o'donnell was in king of prussia. alana hubert at the walt disney company was the keynote
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here is cecily tynan. jim, it's cloudy and cool. it sticks around for a few more days. we are showing that we have rain just sitting off of the coast of cape may. it was raining in cape may about an hour ago.
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stormtracker 6 live double scan is showing this area of rain is battling dry air. lewis, delaware it's draining. the zone is not shifting to the north yet. the system causing the rain, brings rain along the shore in the overnight hours and brings clouds and cool air. the highlights show it stays windy through the day tomorrow. it depends where you are. future tracker 6 showing at 4:30, wind gusts at 18 miles-an-hour. if you look at the shore, wind gusts at 30 miles-an-hour. this is the focus for the weather in the next 24 hours. it could cause problems at the beach. rip currents and waves. and a soaking to a half inch or an inch half of rain tomorrow night. it was 72 in philadelphia.
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75. 6 degrees below normal. saturday 93. a big change. allentown 72. wilmington 72. and sea i'll city 71 degrees. satellite 6 along with action radar, the reason why we are cloudy and cool, there is low pressure down across the carolinas. it's a weak system. it's pulling offshore. there is high pressure up to the north. it brings the winds out of the east at the ocean. we see clouds along the shore. farther south and east the better chance of rain. north and west cloudy and cool drizzle. a high of 74 degrees. it's a weak system, a weak low pressure. there is another low pressure off of the coast of california. it's pulling monsoonal floods.
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this was the scene for morning commute. i-10 was completely shutdown. the water up to top of the cars. businesses were closed and schools closed. we are looking at 3 inches of rain in 24 hours it's the wettest day since records began 119 years ago. iphone uphoenix had up to 2 incl year. this is a serious situation in arizona. more rain will be there. 58 in philadelphia. 64 for center city. another good night for sleeping. keep the windows open. it should be comfortable. cool tomorrow and drizzle north and west of philadelphia. 74. on wednesday morning clouds give way to sunshine. 78. thursday to gets warm and humid. 86 before a cold front brings us to late thunderstorms. look at temperatures behind the
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system. by sunday temperatures in the low 70s. it may be time to get the fall sweaters out. i do not like it. you don't? no, i don't. nothing you can do about it. sorry. roosevelt plaza park was transformed into a pop-up park. it features an outdoor piano and enhanced landscaping. it's in place until december. there is lighting features that activates sundown for a safer user experience at night. world news with david muir is next on challenge 6:00. and a new hour-long phl17 begins tonight at 10:00. and join us for "action news" at
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tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania.
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welcome to "world news tonight." the breaking news. the mysterious virus striking children across the country. more than 1,000 children in the hospital already. dr. besser with what the cdc is warning parents to do right now. floods and fires. the states of emergency tonight. the deadly flooding in the west. the rescues under way. the great national park on fire. the rescues there, as well. and now the next system coming for the east. the punch revealed tonight. inside the elevator. the nfl star seen punching his now wife, knocking her out. what the nfl has already done, what will authorities do next? and breaking now. the sky-high roller coaster catching fire at six flags magic mountain. what was it sending the ride up into flames?