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tv   Action News  ABC  September 10, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala program. meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning. here's what's happening on this wednesday, september 10th. today a job fair in atlantic city will aim to ease the pain of workers as yet another casino goes belly up. >> president obama will speak during prime time tonight to make his case on broadening the fight against isis on the eve of the 9/11 anniversary. >> closing arguments begin today in the school kidnapping case that rocked a philadelphia neighborhood. >> good morning everyone, it is 4:30, midweek. let's check that accuweather forecast, see what is in store for today with meteorologist, david murphy. hi, david. >> well, like yesterday guys it looks like we'll have a
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little bit of cloud cover to start out. today, though, i think we are going see some additional breaks in those clouds as we go through the day and we'll wind up with a mix of clouds and sun. we still have a coastal flood advisory with the possibility of minor flooding mainly at times of high tide this morning between 8:30 and 10:30 along the south jersey coastline ann little later perhaps into early afternoon down along the delaware bay on the delaware side of the river and perhaps up into the new jersey side as well and once more today, there is the high to moderate risk of rip currents and today probably more important because it is going to be a bitter nicer on the beach this afternoon with warmer conditions. 68 degrees in philadelphia right now, 65 in allentown, 67 in wilmington and upper 60's down along the shore. as you're heading out the door to catch that school bus this morning between six and 8 o'clock mid 60's, mid 60's by 6:00 a.m. pleasant enough as we roll into the afternoon a bitter warmer today. 69 by 9 o'clock, 75 by noon, 80 by 3 o'clock and looks like we hit that high of 81 around
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4 o'clock this afternoon again with a mix of sun and clouds. gets more humid tomorrow and matt, there could be some strong thunderstorms in the afternoon details from accuweather. >> thank you david. happening today a job fair in atlantic city they'll be losing another casino possible physical later this year and seeing hundreds more on the unemployment rolls. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in the satellite center with details. >> reporter: more than 40 employers will be at the atlantic city convention center today. organizers are asking only those with immediate jobs to fill participate but apparently there are hundreds of jobs available. in recent days the atlantic city convention center has turned into a resource center for laid off workers. there have been volunteers helping with unemployment benefits, helping all these people file for unemployment and today dozens of employers will be there including wawa and shop rite. thousands of casino workers have lost their jobs or are losing their jobs in the coming weeks. the region was already
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struggling with unemployment before the first casino closed in january and is bracing for massive filings of unemployment benefits and healthcare coverage with closures of showboat revel and then trump plaza on the 16th. just yesterday trump entertainment filed for bankruptcy again with executives saying the taj mahal could close in november unless it receives concessions from workers. the city's mayor says he hopes the taj mahal will come out stronger. >> this is a transition period. i am so sorry that it's painful for so many people but it's what we need do. we need to be more than just a gaming mecca. we need to be a city that thrives on tourism. we've got to take some of our base and make it nontourism to succeed. >> and today's job fair at the atlantic city convention center begins at 10:00 a.m. and it runs through 4 o'clock. we're live from the satellite center, katherine scott, channel 6 "action news." tam. >> katherine thank you. the owner of the ravens says the team should have done more to get ahold of the video
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taken inside an elevator. the tape shows ray rice hitting his then fiancée in an atlantic city casino. the team released rice on monday. after tmz sports showed the video of rice hitting janay parker who is now his wife. nfl commissioner roger goodell suspended rice indefinitely. before the tape was released rice had been suspended for only two games. goodell claims he did not see the tape until monday. >> reporter: did anyone in the nfl see this second videotape before monday? >> no. >> reporter: no one in the nfl? >> no one in the nfl to my knowledge. >> janay palmer now janay rice has blamed the media for the couple's troubles and says barring her husband from playing football was a horrific punishment. in our next half hour we'll hear from a local domestic abuse counselor. if you're in an abusive relationship there is help. the national domestic hotline
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is one-800-799-safe. >> while we have just learned president obama's top diplomat has arrived in iraq. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live at the big board with the preview. >> reporter: this is breaking news. just in as the president prepares for his speech tonight secretary of state john kerry has just arrived in an unannounced visit to iraq. he's expected to have top level talks on the joint strategy against isis. as we said this comes ahead of the president's speech. not only has the public become increasing the worried about the threat posed by isis but tomorrow marks the 13 year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. obama has been criticized for what many call a timid response thus far for dealing with isis. according to a white house official obama's speech will focus on three major areas. the president will frame the threat posed by isis outline his strategy to address that
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threat and share new proposals on how to fight and destroy the militant group. it appears the president is ready to move forward with a more aggressive campaign of airstrikes against isis perhaps expanding that em into syria without seeking congressional authorization a scenario that's making some republicans very unhappy. but while this remains a contentious anybody washington isis is now trying to get young women. >> i think it's possible as you train women that you could see them as suicide bombers. >> reporter: now president obama's strategy also includes seeking a commitment from u.s. allies to help defeat isis. again, that speech will be tonight at 9:00 p.m. and you can see it right here on 6abc. tam, back to you. >> erin thank you. closing arguments are set to begin in a school kidnapping and assault trial. christina regusters is the former day care worker accused
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of abducting a child and sexually assaulting her last year. the defense is raising reasonable doubt. prosecutors insist the defendant is the only person behind the crime. >> a delaware county township is warning residents about a rash of burglaries. burglars made their way into five homes in radnor over the weekend. they creeped around while the residents slept in their beds upstairs. police are asking everyone to make sure they lock their doors and windows. a $5,000 reward is being offered for information to help police nab the burglars. authorities were looking for the person who broke into several cars in newark delaware released surveillance pictures of the suspect. detectives say the man gained access through unlocked doors yesterday afternoon. he hit cars along sterling drive, the unit and 100 blocks of glenco court and the unit block of kelly court. the man got weigh with change,
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cell phones and other items. if you are able to recognize the person in the small picture but if you can contact new castle county police. >> contestants from florida and ohio won the first night of preliminary competition in the miss america contest. we got a sneak peek at the state footwear of the contestants. you can get a closer look at all of these heels this saturday at the legendary show us your shoes parade on the boardwalk. the contestants will show off costumes and there will be other entertainment as well. and of course 6abc is your source for all the glitz and glamour and excitement. coverage of the miss america pagent kicks off at 7 o'clock on sunday evening. >> could be a good weekend for ac which needs a good weekend with all the news going on. 4:38. more stories you didn't see last night. the search for five missing children down south has ended
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way tragic and gruesome discovery and the father is now behind bars. >> an armed suspect threatened a jewelry store employee during a robbery. what he told the clerk left police puzzled. david. >> we are dressing the kids in shorts and t's. a little cool in neighborhoods but getting into the low 80's in areas this afternoon. details on that coming up and word of higher humidity and the chance of a thunderstorm tomorrow. that's all ahead in the accuweather 7-day. >> ♪
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>> 4:42 now. david murphy heading on over here for that accuweather forecast in hand. >> well, i got a clicker. >> it's electronic these days. form strak six live double scan, we are dry this morning and we've got some cloud cover outside. let's go ahead and take a look outside. the clouds aren't low enough to give us much trouble at the airport but we are looking at a somewhat overcast start with airport but we are looking at breaking through as we go through the day. temperatures 68 degrees right now philadelphia. your dewpoint at 58 which is a little below what we consider humid. winds out of the northeast at 9 miles per hour. satellite and radar showing you those clouds that have filterd in overnight. looks like there might be a little less of that down through the state of delaware. as we roll through the day we're looking at those clouds to break up a bit and give us more of a sun and clouds mix.
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68 degrees by 8 o'clock, 73 by 11 o'clock and in the afternoon it is going to be warmer than yesterday. 79 degrees by 2 o'clock, 81 is the high probably around 4 o'clock this afternoon and by 5 o'clock we're still sitting close to 80 degrees. high temperatures 80 in allentown, 81 in reading. a lot of upper 70's through much of the area. down the shore we'll be in or about 77 degrees as a range for a high there. and as we take a look at the phillies tonight, it looks like a partly cloudy evening. a little bit milder than it has been the last couple of nights with the first pitch temperature of 76 and still probably holding the low 70's in the ninth inning. a little bit on the cool side but not too bad. tomorrow as we roll through the day looking at clouds mixing with sun but it will be more humid as the day goes on and during the afternoon we may see the clouds get a little bit thicker. then very late in the day and in the evening we are looking at the chance of a thunderstorm. it may not hit everywhere but where they pop up tomorrow night they could be strong and gusty t it may take very late
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in the night for this to push over by the shore and get off the shore. i would allow for this after maybe 5 or 6 o'clock and through the evening tomorrow we have that chance of a thunderstorm banging through. as we take a look at the exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, a mix of clouds with increasing sunshine today and a high of 81. fairly comfortable but obviously warm. and then tomorrow more humid with that afternoon or evening thunderstorm chance, a high tomorrow of 88 degrees ahead of that late arriving rain. and then friday real quickly we get back to less humid, more comfortable conditions with a high of 78. friday looks like a pretty good day. on saturday another system arrives, 73 is the high. there is the chance of some afternoon showers but doesn't look like a washout the way things are looking now. better chance will be probably later in the afternoon and evening for that. sunday pleasant, 74 degrees, nice with low humidity again. monday looks good, a high of 75. and then on tuesday, we have more clouds building in, a high of 77 and once again there's the chance of perhaps some showers building back in and i forgot to put the union
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logo on tuesday because that's that big u.s. cup match where they are going for the championship against the seattle sounders. it's that in season u.s. cup tournament that has been going on since like the early 19 hundreds. union is in the championship game this year. >> sons of ben forgive you. >> it will be on next time. >> an extra frightening holdup in riverside california. surveillance video those the bandit walking into a store, tells the clerk he's looking for a ring to give to his wife for their 30th anniversary then he pulls out a gun and threatens to kill the clerk. in fact the clerk tells police the robber told her he had nothing to lose because he is dying. he snatched the merchandise and took off. this story also new. the father of five could face murder charges as soon as today. police accuse him of killing his children in south carolina, then driving their bodies to alabama. police made the gruesome discovery along a dirt road. at this point, the father,
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timothy jones, is charged with unlawful neglect by a legal custodian. authorities believe he killed his children in south carolina and fled to mississippi where he is now jailed. after his capture, police say jones led them to the bodies in south carolina which were wrapped in individual plastic bags. >> turning to take a look at business. yesterday was the big day for apple. they unveiled the larger iphone six and the apple watch on tuesday. now, this watch will set you back about $349, it hits stores next year. different bands, two sizes and customize sable screens you can use it like a fitbit that will track your health information. the tech giants unveiled apple pay. this is a digital wallet apple promises will will will be moree than using credit cards. apple stock was down 37 cents. that was the overall trend on wall street on tuesday and right now futures look like they're pointing still to a lower open.
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two new studies have worrisome news about young people in department researchers at dart mouth college say more than a third of americans between the ages of 24 and 28 they have debts that exceed their assets and that's more than when they looked at this same cohort back in the 1980's and the mid-1970's. and student debt not just a problem for the young. a new government report is out today. it's expected to say that tens of thousands of older americans are using their social security benefits to pay back student loans. matt. >> thanks so much. protesters in ferguson, missouri disrupted the city council's first meeting since the conflict over the shooting death of michael brown. city leaders were discussing plans to creator a citizenry view board to work with the ferguson police department. they also pledged to boost minority hiring on the police force. the killing last month exposed an under current of racial unrest in ferguson prompted
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days of sometimes violent protests and there you saw some vocal protests. >> it is 4:48 and more new stories are come congress up on "action news." a louisiana boy faced off with an alligator and it cost him part of his leg. >> and then there's the house burglar in florida who needed a nap and that is really what caused his down fall. >> the new smart design changes its layout to fit any device that includes tablets and your smartphone. check it out by going to an
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>> welcome back. let's take a first look at some of your traffic spots out there. we've got southwest philadelphia, i-95 by the airport paving crews are working in the southbound lanes. stay left when you come off the girard point bridge. crews blocking lanes southbound between the girard and vine are already gone let's go to delaware county. the blue route approaching broomall upper darby work crews have those northbound right lanes blocked in area but again they should be out of there soon and at that point light traffic, no delays. matt. >> tam thanks so much. 4:51. it's midweek, wednesday morning. if you have a flight to chicago, whether it's o'hare international or midway, could
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see some problems this morning because right now thunderstorms are moving across illinois towards chicago right now. there are 95 cancellations at o'hare this morning. that's quite a few, about 7% of all the flights at o'hare. check the faa delay screen, it is green right now so not widespread delays but something to keep an eye on because those thunderstorms are knocking on the door there in chicago. as far as the rest of the country, here in atlanta and also in florida could see some thundershower activity. hartsfield-jackson international and all the major airports in florida could see delays today. dallas could see thundershowers although it looks quiet in texas right now, doesn't it? you see those thundershowers again midwestern cities like minneapolis and also detroit could also see some delays related to thundershowers. denver just seeing some rain today so i'm just putting it up there just to make you aware of that. shouldn't see too many delays. san francisco that low cloud cover in the morning should clear out in the afternoon. tam back to you. >> thank you matt. new here on "action news" a new orleans area boy has
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quite a story to tell. 12-year-old matthew kelly says a 10-foot long alligator chomped into his leg. he fought back and was able to escape but not without serious bite marks. this happened on saturday while the pair were fishing. the gator's teeth left deep garbs in matthew's left leg but he's expected to make a full recovery. a delaware boy confined to a wheelchair says he was attacked. lequan mckay has cerebral palsy. he was outside exercising in his wheelchair when the incident happened. two boys jumped him from behind and robbed him. >> i felt something should have me. i looked back and they were shoving me into the sewer drain -- the storm drain and my wheel got caught and then the kid proceeded to punch me. >> so, the boy's father says this is not the first time those same children targeted his son. his father is asking anybody with any information to please
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call police. >> 4:53 now and all new in the next half hour of "action news," questioning whether a father's punishment went too far. it was a teaching moment that seems to have turned into a custody dispute. we'll have the details. >> a blast from the past. the tv family reunitesnity on next up on "action
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>> this is a picture of a burglary suspect posted on the >> this is a picture of a florida police department. a cleaning lady spotted him sleeping in her client's home on monday morning and called deputies. police say dion davis was passed out on the bed with a
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bag full of stolen jewelry next to him. he was out cold. didn't even notice deputies coming in to arrest him. >> the bundies were back together. katie sag gallery received a star on the hollywood falk of fame and her first tv family was there to celebrate. she was honored for her decades long career. former married with children costars were also on hand. she posed for a photo with former costars. she currently stars in sons of anarchy. she looks amazing. >> ed o'neill big star modern family 4:57 now. up next we'll tell you about the unusual police chase in philadelphia. it didn't involve cars, it involved trains and it it may remind you of a hollywood escape scene. to honor a budding
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ meteorologist, david murphy.
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it's 5 o'clock on this wednesday, september 10th and here's what's happening. >> atlantic city hopes to ease the burden of unemployment today as another casino threatens to shut its doors. >> a teen jumps on top of two septa trains while trying to escape from police. >> ray rice's wife comes to her husband's defense. one expert explains why many victims of domestic violence stay in the relationship. >> and we have a preview of your accuweather forecast and a look at traffic with david and karen. good morning. >> all right, guys, well, take a look. i know it doesn't look like i'm here but i am. take a look at satellite and we do have -- well, let's see if we can get this rolling -- we do have some cloud cover overhead. this start d to march in in the overnight hours. you can see it is still in place across most of the region and there's a chance of a little more sunshine down south in places like the state of delaware, perhaps cape may county new jersey as we start out. speaking of the shore we have another coastal flood advisory. because of that coastal storm which is pulling away from us but there's enough of a northeast flow c


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