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tv   Action News  ABC  September 15, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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>> good morning, 5 a.m. >> the search intensifies for a person that shot and killed a pregnant woman sitting outside her philadelphia home. overnight, we learned the baby has died. >> a massive manhunt is underway fort person that ambushed and murdered a pennsylvania straight trooper and accuweather is tracking a cool and sunny start to sglon let's go right over to david murphy. please tell us about the surprisey because it's cold right now. and we have matt pellman filling in for karen rogers good morning. >> you feel it as you step outside this morning particularly if you were not up early over the weekend. it is cool. we're ft. 50s across the region. but we have a lack of significant cloud cover out there forking to the west of us.
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it looks like it will be fairly bright once the sun gets up over the horizon and staying that way today. 54 in philadelphia now and lots of suburbs in the 40s. 49 wilmington and 45 degrees in allentown and 46 reading and so the coolest start to the workday and school day that we had so far this season 58 in sea sea isle city and boardwalk and on the barred walk in atlantic city. as we catch the school bus in the low 50s 6 0s. upper 50s 8 a.m., mainly clear and cool. not a lot of wind. chilly. warm they are afternoon, 60 at 9:00 and 66 at noon and by 3:00, 73 and that is the high today. again, winds very light. and 70 by 6:00. so mild in the afternoon after our chilly start. and there's a little chance of rain overnight tonight i'll talk more about that a moment. >> things are changing these days. good morning everybody. hope you had a nice weekend. so far things are not changing
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on 95. looking good. as you travel by the work zone cottman headed southbound to center city no delays yet. also problem free on the schuylkill and roosevelt boulevard this morning and there's fire activity in south philadelphia blocking off marvine street near bayne bridge. that's a good sfot avoid and another one you want to steer clear of is downed pole in upper merion. from an overnight crash and continues to close a short chunk of south gulph road between brooks and church roads. use henderson road or schuylkill expressway where speeds in the mid 50s at the moment. burlington bristol bridge is closed for construction. it's reopened now. 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. are the hours during which you want to include the bbb. there's an early water main break marketplace boulevard near patriot's way. >> tam. >> thank you, matt, new overnight developments in shooting death of a pregnant woman in philadelphia. doctors tried but were not able to save their baby's life.
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"action news" reporter ahmed abu khatallah is live at police headquarters. she has more details, good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right, police in the hospital confirmed this morning that the baby that was delivered by emergency c-section yesterday has died overnight. the baby's mother was pronounced dead at the hospital yesterday and police believe she was independent by stander in all this. 26-year-old megan dodo was 8 months pregnant. she and a friend were near her frankford home yesterday on the 1500 block of adams avenue around 11:50 sunday morning watching a neighbor's children when shots broke out a block away on grisham street. the intended taget was not hit but she was struck by a stray bullet. doctors performed an emergency c-section and we learned overnight the baby did got survive. dodo was pronounced dead shortly after 12:30 yesterday. a friend was sitting next to her when the shots were fired. he told "action news" he's
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outraged at the violence. >> she should be punished at all costs. if they had any kind of conscious they would turn themselves in. >> they will do it again and somebody else will get hurt. it's inevitable. >> police are looking for tips this morning. we're told there's a 20,000 reward being offered in connection to this case. live at police headquarters, ahmed abu khatallah, "channel 6 action news." >> such a tragedy, thank you. >> happening today a man goes on trial for double murder in montgomery county. and the victims were a 10-month-old girl and her grand mother and ragu is charged with killing one and slashing her grandmother. it napped october 2012. prosecutors have yandamuri's videotaped confession. the judge said the confession can be played in court. >> it's 5:05 and pennsylvania state trooper ambushed out of his baracks with talking for the
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first time. they hope he can provide details got ghaun that shot and killed his colleague friday night. they were ambushed blooming grove in pike county. corporal byron dixon was killed and shooter remains on the loose. but police say they are following several leads. 50,000 reward is offered for information. >> lawmakers in harrisburg get back to work today. calls for cigarette tax to help fund philadelphia schools are expected to top the agenda. that tops the look a week ahead. the district needs the tax to cut into 81 million deficit. city councilman johnson and jerry jordan federation of teacher's union will lead a funding rally this morning. outside a school on moreton street in south philadelphia. trump plaza will cease operations at 6 aex tomorrow. it will be the fourth atlantic city casino to close this year. trump entertainment sent layoff notices to employees trump taj mahal friday.
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they are shut threatening to shut down november 15. >> queen elizabeth is urminging scottish to think about the future. they're vote whether to become independent to united kingdom. the two have ties dating back to 300 years. the queen was careful did not tell them which way to vote since remaining neutral is her obligation. >> if you're not ready to let go of summer hang on a few days. >> cool in the morning for the next several days. time for the eagles it will be like summer again. nothing out there in the way of precip. as we look outside, we have the airport and everything is high and dry at philadelphia international and no weather related issues for delays at the airport not only here but most of our immediate travel destinations. 54 in philadelphia right now. so we're off to another cool start in the city. and we're in the 40s in some areas.
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i'm bringing in that always on 7 day for those of you watching in hd in case you want to glance ahead. 46 degrees in reading and 44 lancaster and trenton 506789 wilmington stloypd 4. still upper 50s down the shore. we have less moderation in term turz doing the day. adds we look at satellite heading out the pennsylvania turnpike you might encounter cloud cover briefly this morning and generally speaking sun glass weather everywhere you go throughout the region and this morning and afternoon. allentown, lots of sun in the forecast. comfortable low humidity high around 72. similar to philadelphia. down the shore, well, still around 70 in the water and cool on the beach. lots of sun. 67 degrees by noon and 71 degrees by 3:00 this afternoon. so and so chilly on the water. and in philadelphia pleasant afternoon high of 73. kids probably want shorts and tees after school on the way in jacket not a bad idea. wind light southwest 4 to 8 miles an hour. here's how it goes today.
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57 by 8 a.m. takes a while to warm up. 64 by 11. by 2bg feel good with 70 degree reading and 71 by 5:00 dropping down from high of 73. around 3, 3:30 overnight tonight there's a chance of shower if a system forming and then shoot ago way us from. during the day tomorrow back to the sun with high pressure building in. and that's going to be the case for us for the next several days. your exclusive accuweather 7-day. sunny and nice today, 7. clouds in the morning tomorrow and maybe early sprinkal round. that will end early and in the afternoon we get the sun coming back 77 for a high and nice night for union soccer at ppl park. wednesday, nice again. with lots of sunshine and high of 75. and no worse than sun and clouds on thursday. with high of 74. and friday, 71. notice how the morning lows in through here are largely in the 50s still cool. that means in the morning rest of the workweek it will be chilly. saturday, comfortable, getting up to 7 5. overnight low there only 62. so on sunday morning we're
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milder and sunday afternoon 81 for eagles fans at lincoln financial field. it will be warm and monday morning will not be as school. so cool start to this week but at least next week we'll start out milder. >> all right. >> thanks, david. >> 5:09 now health officials are warning travels that may have been exposed to measles. >> and a hurricane slammed a popular tourist destination with winds and heavy rain, matt. >> nice and quiet here though and dry this morning nam chalfont, bucks county, in fact there's nobody out upper state road he limekiln pike. several early morning indense in the workweek. new construction project. the workweek. new construction project. details after the >> all right. also general motors expected to reveal the full impact of the faulty ignition switch problem on drivers. ignition switch problem on drivers. "action news" will be rights
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>> sky6hd looking at atlantic city. >> let's head over toe matt pellman right now. if you're trying to get in from the suburbs he's got what you need to know. >> we're ready for the new workweek right? >> we're here. >> let's come in from the burbs early this monday morning. it's looking like a nice ride as you head back to the office this morning. blue route, 476 west conshohocken right over the top of schuylkill expressway. schuylkill down below. they were doing paving work trying to make the ride bet area long the southbound side of the
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blue route overnight down near villanova. those crews cleared out and will return tonight 9:00 and work until 5:00 tomorrow. tuesday morning. watch for crews later. rights now all lanes open along the blue route, 476. elsewhere though just off the blue route marple road will close. this is a new project that starts today installing water main break in marple township between 320, sprol road and darby road. darby works as alternate while they're working and new pitching project starts route 3. west chester pike in delco between lawrence and philadelphia county line that's where they sart and work their way east working during the mid days and overnight. so watch out for those crews as well. still have that downed pole that's blocking south gulph road and upper merion this morning brooks and church road. stick with henderson road and the schuylkill as alternate. speeds there in the mid 50s and new project starts north gulph road restriktd during mid days
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and overnight hours for new work between warner roads and 202 dekalb pike. time for computer report. one of our friends out and about south philadelphia reporting a crash in the southbound direction but it's minor. pretty much off to the side. traffic can get by. volume is light at this point. no delays. tam. >> thank you, matt. crews pulled off a daring rescue at popular hiking and climbing spot in oregon and girl in teens fell more than 40 feet off a cliff rocky view and rescueers propelled down the cliff to reach that victim. she was taken it to the hospital with serious injuries and condition sun known that time. investigators don't know what caused her to fall in the first place. valveers at seattle tacoma international airport may have been exposed to measles. infected passenger was are it considered contagious when she or she was at the airport. anyone in or around c tack on
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september 6 is urged to check in with their doctor. >> residents in chest ur county were ordered to boil their tap water following a water main break east south street and kennett square. some neighborhoods are without any water service. although there's no sign of contamination residents are told to boil water before drinking as a precaution. the advisory will be lifted after two days of negative testing. the eagles take on the colts in indianapolis on monday night football. we asked former eagles defensive coordinator and current espn analyst jon gruden about the game. >> it should be a great match-up. you have two up and coming quarterbacks. andrew luck never lost two games in a row any his cheer and i'm anxious to see philadelphia on the road for the first time i'm looking forward to this one. >> fwolz and colts qb andrew luck. grud ep says that's a recipe for how-scoring game. 6abc and phl17 are joining
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forces to bring you the game. join us for counts down to kickoff on phl17, 8 p.m. and kickoff 8:30 p.m. >> phillies did not sweep the marlins out of town. closer jonathan papelbon blew a three run lead in ninth and blue his tem pier. marlins took the lead and won 5-4 as leading the field papelbon took issue with the crowd and the umpire ejected him for rude guest turz. they begin a series of san diego tonight. >> thousands of tourists seek shelter as hurricane bears down on resort town in mexico. >> new research sheds light on why teenagers feel fresh urd to have sex in high school. the answer may surprise you. >> there's a hurricane in central atlantic eduard which formed as tropical storm but is category two and it could be category three major hurricane far away from bermuda.
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we'll see if it gives us an issue lightser on in the week down the shore. cool this morning. dress the kids with jackets on the way out and maybe a sweatshirtch the aft
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>> developing this morning hurricane o'deal is slamming st. lucas right now southern tip of baha pep ins la. these are pictures as it regard ashore. odile is spinning winds the 125 miles an hour and dumping heavy rain and pounding surf at the popular tourist destination. thousands of tourists are seeing refuge in hotels now set up as hurricane shelters. >> around here, nice, dry, calm, so far the way we like it for morning commute. crews wept through and got things ready for you. opened a third westbound lane for the morning commute. but, you see that little red light there on the right side of the screen the right lane is
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still choseed hod headed to enter-er isit why i. once again each morning this week we expect delays on ben franklin bridge. new crash. downed pole, pensburg closing off pottstown avenue. stick with 8th street or church road instead. route 11 trolley bussing between 70 and woodland and darby terminal because of water main work david. >> on the big board we have cold temperatures or cool temperatures, 54 and mid 50s down the shore. if you catch the bus or l this morning open the cool side. even 9:00, 6 owe, 66 by noon. mild and 7 the high winds light pleasant later on. at the airport we got all green aircrafts on the board. no major travel delays in any of the most commonly traveled destinations and ladies. >> thank you, david, going on to "healthcheck" now a new federal study shows anti-addiction drug poses threat to young children. drug is called bepe morphine.
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researchers found it's commonly implicated drug in emergency hospitalizations of children 6 and younger. the risk is to children who accidentally swallow relatives prescriptions. it can cause life-threatening breathing problems and death in some children. it turns out pier pressure does not make teenagers experiment with sex but keeping up with their friends does. when it comes to sexual activity researchers say it's not what their friends are tell them they should do it is what they think their friends are doing. the best strategy would be to remind teens no matter what they tell you, not everyone is doing it. >> we expect you to learn more today about the investigation surrounding gm ignition switch problems. here's abc rema with "america's money". >> topping "america's money" big day in gm ignition switch probe
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we'll get an update on the number of deaths tied to the flaw. gm linked 13 deaths and that could owe go higher. drivers with pump the ignition out of run. a problem they knew about fora decade. gas prices are lower than a week ago, month ago and year ago and heading furnishing down. refineries switching over the weekend to winter blend gas. that's cheap to produce. company that owns taco bell and kfc is trying a new concept in dallas. vietnamese fast casual restaurant. if it's a hit it could go national. >> guardian of the galaxy from top spot of the box office and dolphin 2 and guardians of the call galaxy. >> beer track being several developing stories and and search for hit-and-run driver in philadelphia. >> and hunt for the gunman that shot a pregnant
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he was shot and killed two years ago. he traveleded that road to the local ice rink in high school. and plymouth township police chief said he was living embodiment of famous goat general george pat ton. >> it's wrong to mourn the men who died, rather we should thank god that such men lived. fox is also a marine who served two tours of duty in iraq. >> in the "morning buzz", well, today is my 8th anniversary. >> happy anniversary. >> i'm pretty sure my husband has not purchased a gosh darn thing. check this outcomeing to you from los angeles. it's a rare blue diamond worth $26 million 12 carats and sparkle from every sangle. they found is in south africa later this year and unveiled at the natural history museum of los angeles county. it will stay on display there
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cool over the weekend. many of you have been sleeping in. if you get out early for the first time in the last couple days you'll feel a change. this morning, we looking at bright skies building a little later and there's clouds to the west. they will not be pronounced and out the door this morning here we go 54 in philadelphia but a will the of suburbs are actually in the 40s. 45 degrees right now in allentown, 46 reading and upper 40s in wilmington top and mid 50s down the shore at sea isle city and atlantic city and catching the school bus in a little while put a jacket on or sweatshirt. 52 by 6 and 57 by 8 and not a lot of wind manly clear and obviously cool. adds we go to the afternoon it gets better, 66 by noon and mild high of 73. it will feel warm this afternoon with that 73 degrees high. and then by 6:00 probably still holding on to 70. a shower possible overnight tonight and that's about it for rain in the accuweather 7-day. we'll have details on that coming up, matt. >> i was amongst those


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