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tv   Action News  ABC  September 15, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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>> good afternoon, in the news this noon ray rice gets support from the nfl players association. details on how the organization is helping him appeal his suspension in a live report. >> also an investigation underway after a ped ed is struck and killed by a patco train during the morning rush. >> and the big story on "action news" at noon is 20,000 reward for being offered in the death of a pregnant woman and unborn baby. >> woman was watching her neighbor's kids at the time when gunfire rang newspaper the frankford section. she and her unborn child died hours apart by a stray bullet intended for someone else. .hmed abu khatallah join >> police is still trying to determine who the intended targets with. they believe the victim was innocent by stander in all this. she was pronounced dead at the hospital yesterday. her newborn did not survive. she was delivered by emergency
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c-section. now, police are serving for those responsible. >> today a memorial sits on the block at frankford were megan dodo was shot. she was almost 8 months freing fant. >> she was a beautiful, lovely young lady anticipating a wonderful future. >> d tovrment o and a friend were sitting on adams avenue 11:50 sunday morning watching a neighbor's children when shots were fired a block away up griscam street. >> a stray bullet missed everything and came down 460 feet it missed everything. trees, windows, cars, everything. >> but it hit doto and one neighbor called 911 eye while the family called for help. >> doctors performed an emergency c-section. doto was pronounced dead early afternoon. her daughter did not survive the
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night. investigators are still trying to department exact circumstances surrounding that shooting. but neighbors fear for their safety and the safety of their children. >> we don't know where the bullets will come from, that way, this way, any way. >> they don't care about daylight or being a sunday or how beautiful the weather s they're evil thuingz and will do whatever whenever they can. >> among them the victim leaves behind two other children and a boyfriend. police have a news conference scheduled a half hour from now. "action news" will be there. we'll expect to hear updates thon case and details on who police are looking for. live at police headquarters, head headquarters katherine scott "channel 6 action news." >> 8th and market street station just before 9 a.m. the investigation into what happened is still underway. and chopper6hd was above the
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mall on what may have been a fire on the roof at legal seafood. the plays was continued to a small area. so far no reports of injuries. >> an intensive manhunt continues at noon for a gunman that ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers try night killing one of them. there's a large police presence in pike county. traffic checkpoints have been sets up in the area as the manhunt goes on. trooper dug also is talking about the shoot,. 38-year-old corporal brian dixon was killed. dixon a former marine will be laid to rest in scan ton. he transferred from the belmont barracks several months agog. a reward is offered for information pleading to arrest and conviction. the cleanup continues in germantown after a philadelphia great eye sore came crashing down this weekend. it took seconds to bring down
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the queen lane apartment building saturday morningch the pile of rub sl being cleaned up and now, new low rise flats, walkups and town homes will replace the housing authority high-rise which stood her close to 60 years. >> turning to the weather. more of a morning for sweat shirts and sweaters as you went out to work and school. >> tlent receive sunshine across the delaware and lehigh valleys. brisk start to the day though giving us a taste of change in season still to come. meteorologist david murphy joins us outside with a look at the accuweather forecast, david. >> when i was standing out here this morning i was glad i had a suit coat. i'm comfort now. let's start you out with satellite. nothing on radar. cloud cover just a little popping up here and there. it's all fair weather cumulous. thick clouds north of pittsburgh will be an issue overnight tonight and agree on radar by toronto.
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it's possible for a couple showers popping through. that's overnight. not now, 69 degrees. i'm showing you a map with a lot of 60s on. it considering some spots started in the 40s this morning these are actually comfortable numbers. we'll be up over 70 in philadelphia and much of the region. just a little later in the afternoon. if you have kids home from kindergarten or preschoolers and you want to run them to the playground. mostly sunny, pleasant. not much of a breeze blowing, humidity is low. 72 by 2:00 and high 73 at 3bg. high of 73 by the way is several below the average of 28. notice how tonight's low, 611 right on afternoon kind of indication we'll warm as we go overnight and tomorrow afternoon will be a few degraetz warmer. i'll check that out when we come inside with the exclusive accuweather forecast 7 day and talk about the showers overnight. sarah. >> thank you, david, we'll stay on top of the weather situation visit and visit
12:07 pm for stormtracker 6 radar. hourly forecast and latest video from "action news" meteorologists and collection of weather-related photos and videos. >> in other news more controversy surrounding nfl as another player pace faces abuse allegations this afternoon. they are expected to stup in the fray. live from new york city with more, caroline. >> we just got word minnesota vikings will allow adrian peterson to fully narp practice this week and play in the game on sunday. >> as banners flew over two nfl stadiums calling for roger le goodell to step down another player was side lined. before kickoff carolina panthers deactivating hardy. >> the appearance is bad. it's better not to have him on
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the field and just protect the brand and protect the panthers and protect women. >> hardy convicted of assaulting his girlfriend in july. >> we need the police here now before this girl gets seriously hurt, now. >> hardy was initially allowed to play while he appealed his conviction. that decision changed just before game time. amidst growing scrutiny of nfl handling of players accused of domestic violence. minnesota viking adrian peterson booked last friday for allegedly hitting his 4-year-old son with a branch and his attorney his he was disciplining his child. >> a grand jury having indieted this case looked at the injuries inflicted on the child and determined that that discipline was not reasonable. >> and baltimore ravens running back ray rice attending a football game at old high school with his wife jenae is daughter is expected to appeal the nfl decision to suspend him indefinitely after this video went public showing rice hitting jext nae in atlantic city hotel
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elevator. and nfl commissioner roger goodell under fire for not doing enough soon enough was a no show at the opening of the san francisco 49ers new stadium on sunday. >> and the vikings say they will continue to monitor the situation involving adrian peterson and they will allow the judicial process to play out. in new york, caroline costello, "channel 6 action news," back to you. >> thank you for that report. well the eagles are in indianapolis. ready for a monday night match-up against the colts tonight. the birds lost evan mathis and allen bashry two stars on the offensive line for injuries last night. lane johnson is still suspended. sports team next ndy asked about the o line in front of nick foles. >> we have ultimate confy dhens knows guys especially in this system everybody gets a lot of reps. so any time a guy goes down
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people have to be ready to step up in their place and i think guys have done a great job doing that so far. >> that's part of football obviously you want to have your full unit out there but one thing we do here well is we get guys ready. so, i think we got the guys to step in and help us be successful. >> colts quarterback luck will test eagles defensive line and secondary tonight in indianapolis. and again the eagles play the colts this evening and you can catch our special "countdown to kickoff" at 8:00 on phl17. the game will follow at 8:30. >> new miss america was crowned last night in atlantic city. >> it's a three-pet, miss new york. >> miss new york kira kazantsev was crowned at boardwalk hall. she beat out 52 other women fort crown. the showed aired on 6abc it's third straight year a miss new york won the pageant. kira has a full year ahead of
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her that begins today. we'll have a live report from ac coming up at 12:30. >> more to come at noon the search is phone for a pair of fake maids. >> and someone infected with measles passes through seattle airport. and meteorologist david murphy runs with a fall like forecast and our "action news" team is standing by to help you with
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>> flames lit up the night sdmi south philadelphiach the action cam was on the scene at firefighters here at a plays in a home on the 700 block of marvine street overnight. when they arrived flames were coming from the second floor of the home. everyone inside managed to get out safely fortunately. the fire marshall's office is looking into what sparked the fire. >> a daring rescue was pulled off at a popular hiking and climbing snot oregon. a girl in early teens fell more than 40 feet off a cliff rocky buth yesterday. they propelled down the cliff to reach her. she was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. they don't know what caused the girl to fall. but they do say hiking at night is very dangerous. police in loss anks less are looking for two women that posed
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as maids toburg lies homes. home security cameras show the women mocking on front doors looking for work and when no one answer they call in accomplices. so far the gang remains open the run. police hope a selfie taken by one of the burglars during one of the sprees will help them track the group now. >> a dissturinging discovery was made in a truvrk of a car. the man was an acquaintance. she don't know how he got in the trunk. she popped it up because she was smelling something foul in the carch the woman is not
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>> the attorney overseeing general motors compensation fund wail announce today how many deaths aen injuries are tied to the auto maker ignition switch flaw. they lenked 13 deaths and 54 accidents to the fault. families are eligible to apply for a million in compensation and estimate of future earning potential of the victim. but they must agree not to the sue gm. attorney ken fineburg said last month 100 claims were received just so far. gm recalled 2.6 million cars this year related to the problem which the company admits engineers knew about 10 years ago. "healthcheck" at noon. public health officials are
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warning travelers may have been exposed to measles at seattle tacoma airport. a passenger was contain us while at the airport and courthouse hotel restaurant september 6. the risk to public in generally low due to many being vaccinated against the disease. but if a traveler is not imnun measles they're likely to become sick between september 13 and 27. a new federal study says anti-addiction drug poses threat to young children. the drug called buopfrine used to treat heroin abuse. it's come plate indicated drug in emergency hospital yaiss of children six and young. it's to those who swallow relatives prescriptions. it can cause life-threatening breathing be problems and death in children. >> mayor nutter lawvrpched 2020 phl initiative at the university of pennsylvania.
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the program highlights the importance of science, technology, and engineering and mathematics and education also known as step stem. it will feature on-line resource center and mentoring program. us 2020 focuses on stem opportunities for girls and low income and minority children. all right the action team is out working on new stories for tonight beginning at 4:00. >> let's check in with alicia vitareli live in the newsroom with a look ahead. hi, alicia. >> today at 4 "saving with 6abc" and showing you have to save big at the salon and have great hair. and kanye west known for inconcert rants. what he did at a recent show is making headlines around the world. why people are upset over what the rapper yelled at the crowd this weekend and another big talker involving nfl running back aid queen peterson arrested after spanking his son with a switch. inside the debate over when discipline becomes abuse. that's coming up at 4.
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>> two wildfires in california forced people to evacuate their homes. you're looking at cruz battling the wildfire east of sacramento. a separate fire in central california has damaged 21 structures and prompted authorities to evacuate 1,000 residents there. meteorologist david murphy here with accuweather. and suddenly it's like apple-picking weather and pumpkin patches. >> apple-eating weather. >> apple pie eating. >> generally eating.
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>> stormtracker 6 live double scan we're scanning delaware and lehigh valleys. no rain out there. as we look outside bright sunshine in trenton, new jersey earlier on the action cam. one of the public fountains in trenton and blue, crisp skies and now we got a couple fair weather cumulous out there but it's a nice, bright day building. highlights to your forecast this is covering the rest of the workweek. a series of cool mornings. the afternoons will get on the mild side. temperature right now in philadelphia, 69 degrees. we'll be up over 70 later this afternoon. dew point nice low number. so cry, crisp air and feels like fall doesn't it. winds out of the southeast at 6. they're not that strong today. as we look at numbers across the wide region mid 60s in allentown and reading 67 and mid 60s in wildwood and upper 60s in other spots and we'll turnover to 70 in most locations before too much longer. satellite and radar shows you it has been a bright morning.
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couple clouds filling in. if you have plans to travel 95 or the turnpike we'll worry about clouds and sprinkles. allentown looking good today, 72. comfortable. low humidity. if you happen to stroll the boards extending that summer a little bit those without kids i know a lot of people go in september it's nice. 71 degrees. mostly sunny, probably 70 in the water and cool on the beach but good looking day. in philadelphia, 73. lots of sun. pleasant, hoe humidity winds light 48 miles an hour. that's not too much. overnight tonight we dropped to 61. more clouds building in and late in the overnight hours we could see a couple sprinkles and showers spilling into the morning rush. for the afternoon rush no such trouble. mostly sunny, pleasant, comfortable, 72 by 4:00 and 72 by 5:30 and 69 by 5:00. and no issues to slow your loved one down headed home from work. tomorrow morning the model has
12:26 pm
been consistent. future tracker 6 holding rain off until after 2 or 3 in the morning. by the time we get to morning rush hour there could be a light nus an sprinkles and showers i'll have those on double scan in the morning. by 9:00 some may be by the coast. watch chaps by noon. boom, there go the clouds and we're looking at return of plenty of sunshine tomorrow. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast, 73, sunny, nice this afternoon. tuesday, clouds to sun after morning sprinkles 77, warmer. and then 75 wednesday, 74 thursday and only 71 friday. notice these cool morning lows though. every morning you want that jacket and then in the afternoon you can probably give it up. for the weekend we'll get warmer, back to 75 saturday. nice union associating weather tuesday night and saturday night and then sunday mother nature doesn't know it's football season back to 81 for the eagles how about that? >> she'll know 8:30, 9:00. >> get the message. >> thank you, david.
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>> just imagine if you could build a car yourself to exact spes spix fictions instantly. inventors showed the first 3d printed vehicle in chicago this weekend called a strati the electric vehicle was printed out of carbon fire and plastic using a giant 3d printer and glass motor battery and other parts were added later. it took 44 hours to build and used less than 50 parts but this is not for highway driving because it can only get up to 40 miles an hour. like a scooter with four wheels. >> cute though. >> much morehead in the next half hour of "action news" at noon. it made its debut but the iphone is proving to be a record-breaking success. we'll explain. >> a local furniture store is closing doors for about. not before giving you great deals. the details in our
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>> hello again here are the stories we're tracking for you "action news" at noon. global fears are growing more urgent as iceist screamists show no sichbz backing down. live in wash at one time latest. a boy from pennsylvania over comes odds after losing both fefeetet f froromm i illllnenes. hohow w hehe r rececovovereredee again enjoying his love of football. and there she is the new miss
12:30 pm
america hear from miss new york as she celebrates one day after winning the crown. >> we begin with a developing story this noon. philadelphia police continue their serve for the gunman that shot and killed a pregnant woman in frankford. her baby also died. the victim, 26-year-old megan doto was shot as she sat outside the 1500 block of adams avenue yesterday morning she was rushed to the hospital and her baby delivered by emergency c-section and the baby died overnight. and police commissioner charles ramsey said this morning, doto was not intended target. >> these guys don't care about daylight. they don't care about it being a sunday. they don't care how beautiful the weather is. they're ev ill thuingz and will do whatever -- evil thuingz and will do whatever, whenever they k. >> over seas the militant
12:31 pm
islamic group isis threatening to kill two more americans it holds captivech the group president obama vows to destroy recently murdered two american prisoners and released videos of the gruesome crimes. karen travers joins us live from washington with more, karen. good afternoon, rick, the obama administration is trying to build support for international coalition to fight isis. the key is to have strong regional partners to do work on the ground in the middle east. rite now they're not clear what the coalition will look like and who will do what. >> global fears are growing more urgent. this weekend a third horrific isis situation. >> this british man has to pay the pis. >> isis repolice aid video of killing of 44-year-old british aid worker david haines married work he of two kidnapped a year ago in syria. u.s. dronz are flying over the area where isis is believed to be operating and the screamist
12:32 pm
may be trying to hide a new location. the latest video is different setting than previous ones distinguishing roads, rocks and plants not visible. intelligence officials are scrambling to track down the people responsible for these executions. >> obviously we're doing everything we can to find that out and everything we can to continue to keep the heat on isil. >> secretary of state john ker i have in paris today trying to rally a coordinated unified front against isis and state department said several arab nations said they will launch air strikes against isis and details of coalition are still murky. here in washington initiative from the justice department. >> today, few threats are more urgent than the threat posed by violent screamism. >> the government will launch pilot programs across the nation to help stop potential home grown terrorists before places like syria and iraq. community leaders, lawen forment and religious leader will work together. >> to improve local engagement
12:33 pm
and to counter violent screamism. >> congress may take action this week on president obama's plan to help the moderate syrian rebels fight isis. many are backing the whitehouse and dem rats more reluctant. karen travers, "channel 6 action news." >> karen, thank you. the videotaped confession of a man that said he called a 6-year-old new york city boy in 1979 is expected to be a key piece of evidence but the judge has yet to determine whether it's fair game in the suspect's murder trial. aton ace parents were in court today fort start ever the hearing for pedro hernandez of haiple shade, new jersey. hernandez plead not getty in the death of patz who vanished on his way to school. >> autopsies are scheduled in allentown today on a couple presumed killed in murder suicide there. police say mufek mc cool shot
12:34 pm
his ex-wife to death and killed himself. it happened outside the home in broad daylight. the couple divorced two years ago. mc cool suggested her ex-husband had threatened her in the past. police are investigating a motive. >> residents in chester county are ordered to boil tap water. advisory follows a water main break on 200 block east south street kennel square and neighbors are without any water service although there's no sign of contamination residents are told to boil water before drinking as a precaution. advisory will be lifted after two days of negative testing. turning now to weather we're starting off the workweek with lots of sunshine. while it's officially summer it's starting to feel like fall. let's look live at sky6hd philadelphia international airport. skies are bright. runways clear. no flight delays to talk about today. let's go over to meteorologist david murphy at the big board with more from accuweather. david. >> all right. sarah. it was a cool start and cooler over the last couple of days.
12:35 pm
we have a frontal boundary to the west of us and we'll talk about it later in the full forecast this could bring showers overnight. the reason it got cooler was a second front went off the coast. this is the guy that brought written saturday and behind it sunday we got cooler air sweeping in behind it. that dropped numbers and wound up making it cooler around here than it's been in a while. in fact yesterday we only got up to 69. and that was the coolest it's been around here since late may and this morning we woke to these numbers. 53 for a low in philadelphia and a lot of the northern suburbs got all the way down to the 40s. 45 reading and 43 allentown and even wilmington and trenton in the 40s. same thing with areas down the shore. that 53 low compares starkly with normal low of 61 degrees for this time year. and as we look at satellite aof course, we have a lot of sunshine out there and more of southerly flow that will bounce our temperatures up a few degrees. good looking day. but still below average this afternoon. and as you are heading home for the evening commute it does look like it's going to be pleasant
12:36 pm
enough. high today 73 around 4. by 4 p.m., 7 and 5:30, 70. by 7:00, 69. of course sun is going down around here. if you're out before then you'll need shades. when i come back we'll talk about a lot of cool mornings ahead and warm afternoons we'll have more on the rain overnight and we have to talk a little more about that weekend call coming up. things will change for the better if you like those warmer numbers. rick. >> all right. we'll see you later, thank you, david, miss new york, kira kazantsev was crowned last night in atlantic city. the competition was live at boardwalk hall on 6abc she is the third straight new yorker to win the crowds. amy buckman joins us live with kira took part in miss america tradition a short time ago. amy you were there, hu? >> that's right, rick, we're standing by one of the popular points on the boardwalk this morning. a future miss america getting her picture there getting crowned at the statue. but the real miss america was
12:37 pm
crowned across the boardwalk last night and walked through here this morning to dip her toes in the atlantic ocean. >> i'm so excited. >> after her walk down the miss america run way last night, kira kazantsev took another traditional walk this morning from boardwalk hall to atlantic ocean surrounded by pageant officials and the media she patroliced in the waves in a designer dress. in a news conference she hopes to use attention she'll receive as miss america 2015 to publicize her platform. it's a subject much in the news lately awareness of domestic abuse. >> my platform is lover shouldn't hurt protecting women against domestic violence and i get to talk about domestic vie lesson the national level and give it the attention it deserves. >> miss america said she hopes to use her scholarship money to pay for law school and during her reign she'll serve as ambassador for the children's miracle network and she hopes as inspare ration to other young
12:38 pm
girls. >> that's what miss america is all about why it's so rel stroopt be the role model and be edge couragement for everybody little girl out there that maybe thought she couldn't. >> miss america had a late night last night and early morning today. she has a very busy schedule. she's in an evening gown photo shoot now and headed to new york city. i'm amy buckman. "channel 6 action news." >> thank you, amy. a new facility geared for urban children opened in philadelphia uniting park section today. st. christopher opt hospital for children cut the ribbon today. it's addressed to meets the medical needs of children in the city. it will bring together sosh experts, nutrition specialist to focus on unique things that impack the health of children. >> still to come on "action news" a noon a hurricane slams one mexico resort town and the devastation could apicture the locals and tourists for days. we've got the latest. >> and get ready to dance.
12:39 pm
alicia vitareli joins us to breakdown the new contestants on "dancing with the stars" ahead of tonight's season premiere. >> is she going to dance? >> uh-huh. >> getting ready over there. >> there she is and meteorologist david murphy with the exclusive accuweather meteorologist david murphy with the exclusive accuweather forecast when "action news" at
12:40 pm
12:41 pm
>> this is some of the devr station caused by hurricane odil. it slammed into the mexico peninsula. the hurricane caused extensive damage to the resort area of loss cablos. they're providing shelter to 30,000 people mean reports of any injuries. a young boy from you pennsylvania overcome incredible odds and continues top enjoy love ofis debut as contributor on "good morning america" he's
12:42 pm
part of a segment called motivate me monday. he told a story about a nran pennsylvania he played football until two years ago when diagnose wdz meningitis. doctors gave him 0% chance survive infections in legs. they had no choice but to amputate both feet. over time he recovered and got prosthetic legs and eventually running blades. >> it was really scary. i didn't want to lose my legs. >> first time when we had scrimmage coach said do you want to get out. i said no. i want to keep playing. >> devon's blades were donated by somebody who no longer used them and he continues top thrive and inspire others. well the "dancing with the stars" ballroom will be full of new contestants tonight. season 19 begins right here on 6abc and there's a new judge but she's also kinds of old favorite as well. alicia vitareli is at the "action news" big board with preview. i'm rooting from carl front fresh sglins did you to have
12:43 pm
dance with me earlier -- carlton from the fresh prince -- >> i'll tape it. >> let's get that one up on youtube right. all right, rick, former pro julianne hough is back not to chance but to judge. she'll join len, bruno and carrie-ann adding a fourth seat to the panel. there are are brands new professional dancers and whole new roster of celebrity dancers among the 13 stars vying for the trophy. rick just mentioned fresh prince of bell air alum and back to the future star lee after thompson is part of the cast and mixed martial arts khapp randy katur and activist tommy chung of chich and chung. just a few faces you'll see tonight. 9th season of "dancing with the stars" starts at 8:00. it's a two hour special and live
12:44 pm
here on 6abc. sarah back to you. >> alicia. thank you. >> vick thank you. >> thank you alicia. >> orders for the new iphone six already exceed apples initial preorder supply. the company took a record 4 million preorders for the iphone six and iphone 6 plus in just 24 hours starting friday. some customers couldn't access the web site and others encountered long delays. both new phones will be encountered long delays. both new phones will be available stores of shaving stuff. encountered long delays. both newand thankfully, available stores being able to find backups. you two day-dreaming? (millers, in unison) yes. (postal worker) about your victorian dream home? (mrs. miller) uh huh. (postal worker) or maybe a colonial home? (mr. miller) how did you... (postal worker) you have the new game from the pennsylvania lottery. (mr. miller) yeah, the new $1,000,000 instant jackpot! (mrs. miller) with 5 top prizes of $1,000,000.
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(postal worker) welcome to the neighborhood! (voice over) want to see your dreams come to life? you could scratch your way to instant winning today. the pennsylvania lottery. bring your dreams to life.
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lifeand thankfully, of shaving stuff. being able to find backups. >> topping the "people scene" the new schbt view topped off this morning with new and old faces. actress rosy perez and writer and mrir comment tearer wallace joined the chat. rosy o'donnell returned to the panel a long side whoppi goldburg. barbara walters retired from her on screen roll this spring. return to the hot topics weekdays 11 a.m. 6abc. >> well could it be there's lots of buzz about beyonce and
12:47 pm
possibility she's expecting baby number 2. husband jay-z changed lyrics to a song he sang friday from if the oven is on to because she's pregnant with another one. there is not any confirmation about the pregnancy rumor but a lot of people are excited about possibility of blue ivy becoming a big sister. >> and prince harry celebrating his 30th birthday today. he wrapped up his time at the invick tuesday games. they're planing a party to him at kepzing ton palace tonight. >> we're stuck in the 70s. >> in the morning -- >> it is a good decade for rick. >> don't laugh because you're older. >> by about two minutes. stormtracker 6 doubling scan now shows he we're precipitation
12:48 pm
free and as we take a look outside we have zinnias sarah tells me thank you guardsner sarah she thinks e-mail her if i'm wrong about that any way pretty picture and lots of sun out there for late-season flowers. 69 in philadelphia. 66 allentown. again we're sxikting most areas to dip up above the 70 degree mark or hit 70 over next couple of hours and some cloud cover out to the west of us still enough sun certainly to require sunglasses if you have plans to go out and runner randz this afternoon or maybe if you head in for the late shift. 72 in allentown. lots of sun. comfortable there. low humidity. and down the shore we're also looking at decent day. 67 degrees by noon. 71 by 3bg on the beach. and uv index is running medium today but you probably want to do sun block if you do late season sitting on the beach type stuff. 73 today's high in philadelphia with lots of sun and pleasant
12:49 pm
conditions and low humidity and winds light at 3 -- or 4 to 8 miles an hour. as we roll through the day well this is what it looked like earlier this morning. as we debt to the afternoon we're looking at 7 owe owe, 2:00, 71 at 5:00. future tracker 6 hows us in the overnight hours pass add rounds 3 p.m. maybe you start to see showers come in and during the morning rush hour 6 to 8 we could see some showers still around wouldn't be out of the question that there be said itier i don't know downpours exactly but pockets of said itier rain. generally speaking spotty and some roads may be wet as you get into the morning. and things clear out and things look nice area cross the reeming gone with sunshine returning and temperature rising up up a bit over where we are today. and sunshine rolling and in next couple of days look bright with low winds and low humidity. i want to talk you to quickly about hurricane eduardo we have
12:50 pm
not mentioned this much. it's category two in the atlantic. turns straight up as category three strong storm far enough from bermuda not to be an issue. i have locked at recent wave models from the national weather service they have a couple new products alooks like over the next 48 hours or so along the beaches we may get waves up to 1 or 2 feet and maybe choppy out there. it's not a good time year to swim in the ocean anyway because there's no lifeguards maybe it gets heavier with the surf over the next couple days thanks to the hurricane. sunny and nice today in the exclusive accuweather 7-day. high of 73. nice one out there. and then tomorrow clouds in the morning and maybe some of those early morning showers and those break up quickly and then we change over to sunshine. 77 degrees is the high tomorrow. so as i mentioned it will be warmer, more comfortable. good weather for that u.s. open cub championship game at ppl park they'll try hoist a trophy for the first time their young
12:51 pm
career. 75 thursday, 74 thursday and 71 friday. each morning will be cool with philadelphia dropping into the 50s for much of the week and then on saturday comfortable 75. clouds and sun another union game back to mls answer good weather for that and eagles play in very similar conditions as to what they had the first week of the season on opening day. 81 degrees is the high with sun mixing with clouds and hi friends there last time and said they were sitting in the sun and sweating had to go downstairs and grab water. >> that's because foles was playing. >> the first half right. >> they'll be bet they are time. >> stay on top of changing weather situation on there you'll find stormtracker 6 radar and hourly and 7-day forecast. watch the latest videos from "action news" meteorologist and also view our collection of weather related images. >> a popular furniture store in delaware county is going all out to get your business before they close the doors for good. here's amy buckman with today's
12:52 pm
"saving with 6abc" report. >> after more than 30 years in the same clifton heights location barney daily's furniture discounters is going out of business. >> i'm going to be 73 next month i sold the building and it's time to do something else. >> while closing is bitter sweep for daily it's good for shoppers that want new furniture. everything in the store discounted up to 70%. burn hart marble top buffer fay was 1290 now 500. >> it was almost 3,000. >> right. >> wow. >> it has to go. we can't even move this one. expensive to deliver. very, very heavy. >> there are dining sets. lots of section always, bunk beds and bedroom suites. >> 3395. bookcase, head board, dresser, mirror. this would cost you under $2,000. >> for the right person this wall unit is a real steal.
12:53 pm
>> this piece was originally 4500 we have not found anybody with a ceiling big enough for it you can have this piece today. >> if are you not sure what you need the staff is happy to help. >> everybody that works here has been in the furniture business for at least 25 years or more. my people will be here 31 years and if you need any advisor help us decorate the room we'll do that. >> the goal is to get rid of all the furniture by middle of october and discounts could get bigger while the selection starts to shrink. we'll give you directions to find it on we'll give you directions to find it on in clifton heights amy buckman guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet.
12:54 pm
that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
12:55 pm
>> hrz a look at some of the stories going viral right now on
12:56 pm
like this one it's a heart-melting moments a chihuahua named zeze is reunited with his owner after 11 days off in the woods. it's incredible video of a volcano and shockwaves. and 5-year-old know ariter whose snappy answers to a tv reporter is start starringing in his own commercial. >> see those videos at >> that looks like me 6 years old with a microphone in my hand. >> exactly. >> david one last khak of the accuweather forecast. >> satellite and radar sunshine out there and obviously cloud cover popping in at times. get the shades ready. if you ride the rain to the west you don't have to worry about that until the wee hours of the night after you're all snoring. 73 is the range of high temperatures in the northern erin western suburbs. lots of sun obviously. in the i-95 corridor lots of
12:57 pm
sun. 71 to 73 we wind up and closer to the coast may get up to 70 by the ocean. a lot of spots about 72 right there too as well. >> all right. david thank you. >> that will do it for "action news" at noon. don't forget to join us for "action news" at 4, 5 and 6. >> for rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm >> for rick williams and the entire "action news" team i'm sarah bloomquist have a great
12:58 pm
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