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tv   Action News  ABC  September 16, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning, it's 6 o'clock. it is tuesday, september 16th and we're following breaking news. >> a plan shoots and kills an intruder after finding him in his daughter's bedroom overnight. >> a 15-year-old school girl is found unconscious on the side of a busy road. police say she was assaulted as she tried to make her way home from school. >> trump plaza casino has just closed its doors for good. it is the fourth atlantic city casino to go belly up this year. >> we're dealing with some rain showers in some parts. let's go to david and karen. good morning. >> there's a little bit of light misty rain here on the terrace, nothing real big. as we take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan getting a very live read right now on where the rain s
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western suburbs beginning to dry out although the roads might be a little bit wet behind the green. philadelphia still in the midst of mainly light rain. south jersey now starting to pick up some of that looks like cape play county before too much longer is going to get some and a lot of areas of camden, gloucester, cumberland counties, northern burlington county close to the river also wet. looks like allentown is beginning to improve. temperatures right now are cool again, not quite as bad as yesterday. 61 in philadelphia, 55 in allentown, 56 in reading, 62 in wilmington and 68 in sea isle city. as we head out the door to catch that school bus, well, some of you are going to be looking at a spotty shower as you just saw so perhaps rain gear is appropriate depending on which neighborhood you're in. temp in the low 60's for the next couple hours. as we roll through the day the rain ends later this morning and then we get reemergence of increasing sunshine. by 3 o'clock you see a high of 76, not too bad. there is a upswing in temperatures later on in the accuweather 7-day forecast. i'll have that for you coming up, karen. >> all right dave our big problem with traffic is with amtrak. the northeast corridor.
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we've got downed wires, they're canceling all service between philadelphia and d.c. no service running due to the down wires philadelphia and d.c. so watch for that with mass transit. we'll keep an eye on this. no word yet when they'll resume service. looking live on the boulevard near wissahickon, northbound traffic right here as you head towards broad street, a disabled vehicle over here, it's mostly on the shoulder. looks like we have a tow truck on the scene with this so hopefully they'll be able to help this guy out. new accident coming from plymouth township. walton road and germantown pike. we had some construction on the turnpike westbound near fort washington. that just cleared a few minute ago so looking better there. burlington bristol bridge a bridge opening about 6:15 this morning. they'll stop traffic on the burlington bristol bridge at 6:15 so coming up shortly. head to the turnpike connector bridge instead matt and tam. >> thanks karen. breaking news. a man came face to face with another man inside his daughter's bedroom overnight and opened fire and now one of them is dead. "action news" reporter erin
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o'hearn is live in the satellite center with what we know. erin. >> reporter: matt, the details surrounding this deadly shooting are still sketchy. police say a 41-year-old northeast philadelphia resident told investigators he shot an intruder who he found in his daughter's bedroom around 11:30 last night. but police tell us that they are looking into the possibility his daughter knew the so-called intruder. and that man died of a gun shot wound to the head at an area hospital earlier this morning. the father who lived with his daughter in the holmes circle apartments on the 2700 lock of ax tractor to road apparently woke up when he heard noises in his second floor apartment. according to police he the 32 year old man crouched down in his 20-year-old daughter's bedroom. investigators say there was a struggle and the father shot the man in the head and that man was brought again to an area hospital where he died a few hours later. police believe the man climbed into a rear bedroom window possibly by using a fence
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nearby but again, it is unclear at this time whether or not the 32-year-old man broke into that apartment or was let inside. >> the window to the property, there was no sign of any force. however, the blinds inside did have some damage that they appeared to have been disturbed by someone who would come through the window. >> now, police say the residents of the apartment did turn over his gun. he and his daughter are with homicide detectives right now being questioned. no charges have been filed yet but again, police are looking into the possibility that the daughter knew the man who her father says was an intruder. i'm live in the satellite center, erin o'hearn channel6 "action news. matt back to you. >> keep us posted. thank you erin. also new a driver slammed into a hair salon in olney. this happened on the 200 block of west champlost avenue at 12:15 a.m.
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the 24-year-old driver and a 21-year-old passenger suffered head and neck injuries. they were taken to the hospital in stable condition. building inspectors and pgw crews were called in to check for damage. >> philadelphia police are trying to figure out what happened to a girl found unconscious on her way home from school. the 15-year-old was discovered in the woods just outside of pennypack park in the northeast. a passerby spotted the girl by the guardrail there on the 7500 block of roosevelt boulevard around 7:45 last night. police say she had bruises on her shoulder and thighs and a bump on the back of her head. our katherine scott has more on this case in the next half hour on what the girl told police. >> and police say two shootings near a north philadelphia charter school may have stemmed from an ongoing drug war. children were on the playground just before 3:00 yesterday afternoon when gunfire erupted after broad and north park streets. it is just across the street from kipp charter school. none of the children was hurt. police say there was an earlier shooting before students and staff arrived and
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believe a man was hit by a bullet in that incident but they have been unable to locate him. police have increased patrols in the area. >> it's now 6:06 and a fourth atlantic city casino is going out of business this morning. in fact, the trump plaza shut its doors six minutes ago at 6:00 a.m. sharm let's take a live look. the casino has been declining for years performing worse than any of the city's other casinos and you see those yellow signs that just went up there in the doorways telling you that this casino is closed and that means about a thousand employees are now jobless joining the ranks of seven though other recently laid off casino workers and just moments ago "action news" spoke with one of the last people to play that very last hand of blackjack. >> i expect when a casino closes, i expect a lot of tourists to come in to be there for the closing. i'm the only one in there for the closing. i mean, i would estimate there were maybe 40 people in there,
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not countering employees. >> a maryland casino may offer some of these workers a second chance. the maryland live casino in hanover is holding job fares in philadelphia for both full and part-time positions. interviews take makes at x-finity live from noon until 4 o'clock today and from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. >> two companies that rely on people to actually go into their stores to buy things are starting to act a bit more like amazon. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square with that story. hi, maribel. >> reporter: hi, matt. macy's and bloomingdale's are getting into the same day delivery game. retailers will test same day delivery for products bought on line beginning this fall. the service will be rolled out to eight markets for macies and four for bloomingdale's. maximum delivery distance is 15 miles. let's talk stocks. stocks closed lower yesterday as investors sold shares ahead of the federal reserve meetings. futures pointing to a lower open and what state has the rudest drivers? it's idaho. according to a survey from
6:08 am the main complaints about drivers there, they go too slow and holds up traffic. as for pennsylvania it ranked 37th. delaware drivers were deemed ruder. the state tied for six with vermont. new jersey was eighth. you know what, matt, i'm sure you're a very polite driver. >> i am and many people will say that, too. thank you, maribel. see you tomorrow. hello vanessa williams. the eagles saved the best for last. they have two comeback wins and are now two and zero. the birds put up 450 yards of offense against the colts last night and did it behind an offensive line that featured several backups due to injuries. darren sproles once again jolted the offense he action up almost 200 total yards, ran for a touchdown. the eagles rallied from a 14 points deficit in the third quarter and seven points in the closing minute to tie it. two colts turnovers were key and in the final seconds new eagles kicker codey parker nails the field goal winning it there iter to 27.
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>> it was incredible especially against a team that kind of traded me so, you know, it was all fun. >> the "action news" sports team will have much more on the eagles-colts game. watch eagles game day final tonight following "action news" at 11:00. desean jackson. >> yeah, right. >> day to day. wants to play on sunday here in philadelphia. >> eagles fans want him, too. >> i thought you were going to sing that vanessa williams song. >> i almost did. >> if your grass needs some rain you'll be singing because you're getting some this morning. >> you'll be getting a little bit. storm tracker 6 double scan, we're scanning with our array of east coast radars. storm tracker 6 double scan picking up a little rain out to the west. there's what you got on store tracker right now, the latest most upto date image you'll see anywhere of this precipitation. as we get more frequent updates and getting a pretty good read right now on the fact that it's mostly light rain with some of that steadier stuff mixed in. if i go in a little bit
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closer, it looks like philadelphia is pretty much on the second half of this rain. probably another 15 to 30 minutes and we'll start to see some drying. some steady cells up in the northern suburbs including parts of bucks county and montgomery county, lansdale seeing some of this move toward the east which means the roads behind it are still rather wet and we've got some of this in south jersey also trying to push past the pennsylvania -- or the new jersey turnpike up towards medford lakes. want to give you a shot of allentown. things were getting better up toward the lehigh valley. right now doylestown and points north around quakertown still rather wet. if we go a little bit farther north, there's allentown and you can see how we're just into real light showers there and if we take that one last wide view cape may county about ready to take on some light rain if you aren't seeing it already. again, this is lasting real long, we think over the next couple hours we'll probably start to get into a generally drier patch of air and eventually see some sun come back. as we take a look outside we've got cloud cover for now and at the airport obviously
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the rain has arrived. it's been coming down there for about a half hour or so and we are seeing a wet air field and that means wet roads in and around south philadelphia additionally. as we take a look at current temperatures 61 degrees in philadelphia, 61 wilmington, 55 in allentown and 68 degrees in sea isle city and i'm going ahead and bringing in that always on seven day for those of you watching in hd on the left-hand side portion of your screen so you can look ahead. future tracker 6 shows more sprinkles and showers over the next couple hours. by 10 o'clock most of this should be to the east and we'll probably see sun begin to break back in. during the afternoon in particular we are expecting a much brighter condition. allentown's high today is not bad, 73 degrees, clouds to sun, a nice afternoon ahead in allentown. and at the shore today you're looking at decent conditions. we are probably getting up into the mid 70's, clouds in the morning butter -- but a nice afternoon ahead at the shore. in philadelphia your seven day shows a-76 degrees, clouds in
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the morning and then sun returning during the afternoon. then a string of nice days. 75 wednesday, 76 thursday, 71 friday. by saturday morning, some drizzle is possible early before we transition to sun, 75 the high there. and for the eagles game, it's going to feel much the way it did on opening weekend. a high around 81 in the afternoon for those eagles. by monday afternoon we could see a thunderstorm building back in. >> all right, we'll watch for that. thanks, david. >> yes. >> 6:12. up next more stories you didn't see last night including the mystery of what happened to a college student in virginia. she hasn't been seen for nearly three days. >> you don't have to fumble with your water bottle on the way to work anymore. this one fits into your briefcase. karen. >> look t looking live at wet roads conshohocken avenue at city avenue. quiet traffic out there. we'll check mass transit and talk about our problems with amtrak when "action n
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when i crave a smoke that's all i crave. that's where this comes in. only nicorette gum has patented dual-coated technology for great taste. plus nicorette gum gives you intense craving relief. and that helps put my craving in its place. that's why i only choose nicorette. >> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here on sky 6 hd looking out towards the ben franklin bridge, it's 6:15, 62 degrees and some places dealing with a little bit of rain. >> what is going on with the trains, karen. >> it's such a mess. do you understand wires -- downed wires. amtrak canceled service between philadelphia and d.c. amtrak canceled service
6:16 am
point. they're not really sure when it's going to be operational. they're dealing with theise these downed wires. no service between philadelphia and d.c. with amtrak. the only other issue out there regional rails, septa regional rails, new schedules went into effect recently. other than that looking good. mass transit the big issue is with amtrak. now we have a jam on 95. looking live at cottman and that's your southbound traffic and you can see it's heavy here academy to cottman and again from allegheny to girard. we don't have any accidents on i-95 but we have wet roads and jammed conditions. on the big picture we've got the boulevard northbound near wissahickon. we have this disabled vehicle so watch for that. there is a tow truck on the scene. hopefully they'll be able to clear that out pretty quickly. also in olney, champlost avenue near second street we have been talking about an overnight accident where a vehicle went into a store. you may still see some crews out there on the scene. we had l and i out there reviewing everything. here are those slow speeds on i-95 we talked about and the schuylkill in the worst spots we're mostly looking at the 40's at this point.
6:17 am
accident in plymouth township montgomery county on walton road. watch for that. outside live one more time and check in new jersey. that's 42 northbound traffic currently a 15 minute ride from the a.c. expressway to the walt whitman bridge. so not horrible just yet. with storm tracker 6 live radar we can look at our double scan and this is the best view of the rain in our area. you could really see where it's hitting the roads at this point along the i-95 corridor, the new jersey turnpike right now in glassboro. >> still no sign of an 18-year-old college students miss since saturday. hannah graham is a second year student at the university of virginia. charlottesville police say she was last heard from at 1:20 in the morning on saturday when she texted a friend. their search so far has found no trace of graham. >> the iphone six is breaking records.
6:18 am
abc's dan kloeffler has tech bites. >> reporter: sales record for apple it sold 4 million iphone sixs in 24 hours. that's double the preorders for the last model two years ago. unfortunately apple doesn't have that many ready to ship so some buyers won't get there's until next month. google releases the first android apps for chrome book. they includes the video sharing app vine. the productivity app ever note and the kids learning app sight words. two designers came up with a rectangular water bottle that fits neatly in your tape. they're seeking funding on kickstarter. apple has revealed lots of details about its new apple watch but one question still remains just how much will that luxury edition actually cost. well, experts predict it could be as high as $10,000. those are your tech bites. and i'm dan kloeffler. >> that's okay. >> eye popping.
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>> 6:18. next stop, state capital. we'll tell you why local education supporters are heading to harrisburg later today. >> a phillies closer faces consequences for what he did on the way to the dugout over the weekend. david. >> frustrating season as it closes. we have some rain around parts of the region so it's possible that umbrellas will be a good idea particularly in the central counties. this afternoon shorts and t's.
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it will eliminate your monthly mortgage payments and give you tax-free cash from the equity in your home and here's the best part... you still own your home. take control of your retirement today! ♪ >> at least 11 wildfires are now burning in california. the latest one broke out yesterday near the oregon border. winds whipped flames destroyed one hundred homes in the town of weed not far from mount shasta. 1500 people have evacuated that town. triple digit heat is fueling another wildfire near yosemite national park. 6,000 firefighters are fanning out to battle these fires. >> in our area rain moving through for your morning commute. a couple new problems on the roads.
6:22 am
we've got a disabled truck blocking the right lane on the northeast extension southbound past lansdale. this just happened right now and you could see that area of yellow, it's cause something slowing here with the lane being blocked. also on the northeast extension northbound past the lehigh valley exit another disabled vehicle blocking the right lane. so you think your day is off to a rough start, how would you like to be stuck lined a disabled vehicle early in the morning. burlington bristol bridge scheduled do go up. >> on the big board we're seeing that main band of rain that's been passing through this morning started to get to the east of philadelphia. the city still picking up the ends of it but in another 15 minutes you'll start to see drying. behind this rain the roads are still going to be wet for awhile before you stop getting that spray up on your windshield. steadier cells in parts of gloucester county camden county and burlington county as this continues to push over towards the east. cape may county you have another half hour of some light rain and up in allentown you're getting better. bucks county also another half hour before you start to see that stuff go bye-bye.
6:23 am
again we have rain gear with the kids in the morning just in case are you in one of those areas that are receiving the rain. if you're traveling by bus or rail today, it looks like the rain is mainly going to be gone by 9 o'clock in most areas. 63 degrees by 9 o'clock. and your high today is going to be 76 degrees with low humidity and actually getting pretty nice later in there afternoon. i want to interest out on the big board at the airport that we have rain that's popped up in atlanta and even though we're not reporting in he major delays that would be an area to keep your eyes on especially if you're flying there, tam. >> thank you david. a south jersey mother accused of stealing $9,000 from her own daughter's cheerleading squads. janine hamilton is a board member of the force clear association in mount laurel. police says she claims someone stole her purse with $5,000 in side but she took the money. the cheerleaders held a fundraiser at rita's water ice last night determined to keep their squad together. >> major league baseball suspended closer jonathan papelbon for seven games for
6:24 am
making a lewd gesture or adjustment or whatever you would like the call it to fans during sunday's home loss. mlb also fined him for bumping the umpire after being ejected. the phillies were out west last flight and forgot their bats. the padres shut them out one to nothing. san diego scored the only run of the game off this cody asche error in the second inning. >> it's now 6:24. next and new after 6:00 a.m. a berks county thief gets caught priced merchandise. >> and katherine scott is updating a developing story at police special victims. updating a developing story at police special victims. see her lie report coming u [ maniacal laughter ] pumpkin's back! pumpkin is back at dunkin' donuts. enjoy all your pumpkin-y favorites like the new pumpkin creme brulee latte.
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>> new here at 6 o'clock a serial shoplift interberks county is accused of yet serial shoplift interberks discounter. irwin gwiner is behind bars. he walked out of cabela's with a cross bow worth $1,900. it was his 15th arrest for retail theft. >> happening today, school advocates from philadelphia will head to harrisburg to call on the state legislature to pass the cigarette tax. teachers and parents rallied outside of gw child's elementary school yesterday. the cigarette tax will put $80 million back into the cash starved school system. necessary to restore some of the lost programs and services to
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>> ♪ >> breaking right now on "action news" a-father opens fire on a man who he found inside his daughter's bedroom. >> developing overnight, philadelphia police update their investigation into the attack on a teenaged girl who was walking home from school. >> the eagles celebrate is second half comeback for the second straight week. brand new reaction on the exciting win that came in the final seconds of the game. >> good morning it is 6:30 on this tuesday. karen rogers tracking problems with transit. dave murphy tracking rain and good morning. >> gosh. we're out here on a very light rain on the terrace. storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see the bulk of the rain is now pushing past philadelphia into south jersey. there's another batch of it down in cape may county pushing away from delaware. up north a couple lingering sprinkles around reading pushing in on allentown. temperatures right now, we're at 61 degrees in philadelphia, 58 in millville, 55 in allentown and 61 in
6:31 am
wilmington. and as we take a look at the way the day is going to go, it's not going to be raining all the time. we'll see some improvement. 63 degrees by 9 o'clock with the rain beginning to taper off across much of the region. 70 by noon with more sun returning and a nice afternoon with a high of 76 degrees and i just managed to get the umbrella up for that one last line of steadier rain to start moving through. that was good timing. karen we'll let you know when this is over when the roads dry out and what comes next in the accuweather 7-day. >> i thought i could hear you fidgeting with that umbrella. >> glad i got it up. >> let's hit the roads right now because they're wet and we're jammed on the schuylkill expressway liking live near the conshohocken curve. that's eastbound traffic. you see how heavy your at this point. jammed from the blue route to the curve and slow montgomery to girard. westbound traffic slow as well and jammed approaching the boulevard to gladwyne on the schuylkill expressway. big issues with mass transit and it's amtrak's northeast
6:32 am
corridor. they've got some downed wires. no service. service canceled between philadelphia and d.c. so heading southbound between philadelphia and d.c. no service with september -- amtrak's northeast corridor because of some downed wires causing problems right now. we have a couple new accidents. one in limerick in montgomery county on louis road and benner road. we had one that cleared on walton road in plymouth township. northeast extension southbound past lansdale disabled truck blocking the right lane. expect some delays. you see that area of yellow, that's slowing with that truck stopped in the right lane. we had a disabled vehicle but there has since cleared blocking the right lane on the northeast extension northbound, matt and tam. >> okay, thank you so much, karen. and we begin with some breaking news in northeast philadelphia where police say a father shot and killed a man who climbed into his daughter's bedroom. the action cam was on the scene along the 2700 block of ax factory road. police say a 32-year-old man either broke in or was let in through a rear window. according to police, the father entered the bedroom
6:33 am
struggled with the man and then shot him in the head killing him. police are looking into whether or not the daughter knew the man who was killed. no charges have been filed. and also developing now, a teenaged girl is recovering from a frightening attack on her way home from school. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live outside of special victims in hunting park. she's got more details on exactly what happened. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, tam. and police are still trying to determine exactly what happened. it's still early in this investigation but they've been conducting interviews. they spoke to doctors at saint christopher's hospital, they spoke with the victim's parents and they spoke to that 15-year-old victim but according to police, the victim was a little disoriented when she came too. it's still early on in this investigation but we do know police were called out around 7:45 in northeast philadelphia after a pedestrian spotted the unconscious 15-year-old just off the roosevelt boulevard in a wooded area a few feet from the guardrail. the girl still had her school uniform on. she had bruises on her shoulders and legs and a bump
6:34 am
on the back of her head. she told police she had been on a crowded septa route 14 bus around 3:00 p.m. and she stepped off to let other riders exit when the doors closed. the girl started walking down the boulevard when she said a man tried to talk to her. she ignored him and seconds later she was knocked out from behind. >> we do know that around 7 o'clock p.m. her family did report her as a missing person when she did not return home in school. so, she was reported missing around 7:00 p.m. she was found by the passerby around 7:4545 p.m. >> reporter: she was taken to saint christopher's hospital in stable condition. she was being checked out by doctors. a cat scan was administered. and it's still early on in this investigation. we're hoping to learn more about what happened later on today. we're live at special victims unit, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> thank you katherine. a developing story a-woman wall shot three times in philadelphia's port richmond section. a pair of gunmen opened fire on the 24-year-old woman who was sitting on her friend's
6:35 am
front porch. police say the armed men fired at least 10 shots along the 3400 block of braddock street at 12:30 this morning. bullets also struck a parked car nearby. no arrests have been made. detectives are interviewing witnesses who were sitting with the victim at the time of the shooting. a casino at the trump plaza closed a half hour ago. the action cam was live outside the trump in atlantic city. the casino ceased operations at 6:00 a.m. the closing sign is now posted. the hotel shuts down later today. roughly 1,000 people will be out of a job. that will mean a total of 7,000 workers are out of work after the closings of four casinos just this calendar year, plus the trump taj mahal is in financial trouble and may close in mid-november. >> there's now a $75,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of a gunman who killed one pennsylvania state trooper and injured another. yesterday investigators released a chilling profile of
6:36 am
the person who they say pulled the trigger. state police believe the killer will a grudge against the blooming grove par racks where the attack occurred last friday. they also think he's a skilled shooter who carried out a planned ambush with a rifle. corporal bryon dixon was killed and trooper alex douglas is critically wounded. >> the eagles are just not into that wire to wire victory stuff anymore. they came from behind for the second straight week beating the colts in indianapolis. the game tying score was set up by this fumble recovery. darren sproles the star of the game scored on a gritty run. sproles also had seven catches for 152 yards. each team scored another touchdown, tied at 27, kicker codey parker gets redemption, hits a game winning field goal to redeem himself for a miss earlier in the game. eagles were down 20 to six in the third. they win it 30 to 27. >> the colts traded me and i didn't have any bad blood with
6:37 am
them. they were awesome. i knew i would see them in week two. all week i just have been prepping for this. >> eagles back home to face washington on sunday. desean jackson is day to day with a shoulder injury but is anxious to face his former team. >> whatever happens, if you're heading out to that game you might want to wear a t-shirt. >> it's going to be warm. codey parker looks like he's ready for the prom, doesn't gentlemen. >> how so. >> he's young. coming home from school with his books, hey, mom, i just kicked the winning field goal. storm tracker 6 live double scan there you see some rain. there's a little bit of additional rain out to their west but not all that much. as we take a closer look at storm tracker 6 live double scan you can see that philadelphia is beginning to get on the other side of the rain, just the last little bit coming through right now. trenton in the thick of it. allentown starting to clear out. just a couple additional sprinkles to the west. in areas behind the green you still have wet roads that are going to take awhile to dry off especially before the sun
6:38 am
comes up so a lot of spray out there and reasons to take it slow but we are improving. as we take a look outside, we have cloudy skies and wet conditions at the airport as that rain is still in the process of just getting on out of town. that will be about it, though, once it leaves. taking a look at the current numbers, 62 degrees, dewpoint at 58 so getting a little bit higher and closer to saturation whenever you get that number dewpoint close to the temperature, that means you're moistening up the atmosphere and yeah we have a little bit of rain but that number will go down as the rain gets past us. then we have calm wind conditions. by the way you noticed i have put on the always on seven day. those of you watching in hd you can check that out on the side of your screen. rain probably up until the end of the rush hour or so but by 10 o'clock well expect whatever is left to mainly be over to the east and we are looking at some pretty good improvement with some sun coming back during the morning and afternoon from west to east and by this afternoon we expect a fairly nice change
6:39 am
over from the clouds and the damp conditions we have now to at least partly sunny skies. temperatures are going to be a little bitter warmer today, too. 62 by 8 o'clock, 68 by 11 o'clock but 74 by 2 o'clock and your high of 76 hits around 3 o'clock. nice temperatures. 73 in allentown, 74 in reading, 76 in wilmington and 74-degree readings expected in cape play and atlantic city. tonight an enormous night for the philadelphia union at ppl park in chester as they take on the seattle sounders in the championship game of the u.s. open cup. if the union wins it will be their first trophy in the trophy case and i'll be there trying to help them make it happen. not that i can help them play. 69 for the start and 65 for the 90th minute. tomorrow future tracker trying to show you anything? nope. nothing but sun tomorrow pretty much with high pressure in control. as we look at your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast,
6:40 am
clouds to sun today, 76 degrees. anywhere seeing rain you'll be done with it over the next couple hours. sunny and nice on wednesday, 75. 76 nice and thursday and 71 on friday, a bit cooler. cool mornings the rest of this work week but pretty nice afternoons. clouds giving way to sun on saturday, maybe some morning drizzle but that's it. looks good for the union's next mls game and then the eagles, yeah, you guys said it, 33 come home on sunday again against washington and it's going to feel like summer. >> yeah. >> thank you, david. it's 6:40 and we've got breaking news coming to us from overseas. a bomb goes off outside of a u.s. embassy. nato forces are said to be among the dead. >> president obama wants the u.s. to take the lead in stopping the ebola out break in west africa. karen. >> another disabled vehicle here its on the shoulder. this is malvern chester county. 202 northbound at 29. building northbound volume here as well. problems with amtrak and a jam on i-95. i'll have the details coming up. >> also when we come back turns out that bill cosby was quite the art collector.
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find out how you'll be able to few of his painterrings. >> picture
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>> ♪ >> 6:43. taking a live look in atlantic city right now. sun coming and over the horizon with some cloud cover and some folks are dealing with rain this morning. >> let's head over to karen rogers. it's been a rough morning on the rails all morning long. where do things stands now? >> it has all morning but this is breaking news with amtrak. they're saying they have some limited service.
6:44 am
all morning long it has been canceled and that's between philadelphia and d.c. in fact the action cam was on the scene at 30th street station and you can see the cancellations that were with amtrak across-the-board heading between washington and d.c. they had some downed wires. we've been told no idea of when they would be able to restore it. people had been able to use septa's wilmington-newark line which is running for travel between center city and wilmington. but now amtrak is telling us, this just came in a minute ago they're resume something limited service. you want to expect someplace but between philadelphia and d.c. we're not just seeing it canceled across-the-board we're out in running limited service so that's better news coming in right now. i-95 the roads are wet out there from the rain that has moved through and you can see i-95 southbound here, this is at academy and as you head towards center city pretty jammed from past woodhaven to cottman and again from the betsy ross bridge to girard. a 39 minute ride so our travel times telling us delay already between woodhaven and the vine, a 39 minute ride. on the big picture we see the
6:45 am
worst of times, you're going about 14 miles an hour, 18 miles an hour i-95 southbound. down to about 10 miles an hour on the schuylkill expressway past the boulevard about 38 miles an hour eastbound on the schuylkill and 14 on the schuylkill as you're not far from the vine right there so some pretty slow speeds coming in on the schuylkill as well. northeast extension southbound past lansdale we had this disabled truck. it's blocking the right lane and you could expect some delays in that area right now. in limerick montgomery county an accident louis road at benner road so a handful of issues that you'll be dealing with this morning and it doesn't help that the roads are wet. storm tracker 6 live double scan your best way to see exactly where the rain is right now. so we could see it pushing through philadelphia, still have some heavier cells right near the city and on the boulevard and the new jersey turnpike near woodbury as well as 55, the atlantic city expressway, you're getting some heavier showers right now mixing in as well as parts of burlington, camden, gloucester county and then trenton along i-95 some heavier rain there
6:46 am
as well, tam. >> thank you karen. we've got some breaking news coming from afghanistan. nato has confirmed that a suicide bombing killed three service members and wounded five others. there's some brand new video coming in from the scene. the blast tour through cars near the u.s. embassy in kabul this morning. the taliban has claimed responsibility for this attack. officials though could not confirm the nationalities of the victims at this point. and this is some new video here on "action news." philadelphia detectives are searching for the person who gunned down a man while he played pool inside a bar. chopper 6 was over juniata's family tavern at east luzerne and bennington streets last night. police believe it was an argument that sparked the shooting. >> happening today, president obama travels to the centers for disease control in atlanta to outline a new u.s. effort against the ebola outbreak. the president's plan is expected to include the deployment of up to 3,000 additional military medical personnel to train health workers in west africa and to
6:47 am
distribute protection kits to families in affected areas. the ebola outbreak has killed more than 2400 people since march. scientists fear it will infect hundreds of thousands more before it is contained. >> 6:47 and nfl star adrian peterson is under fire again this morning as new allegations of abuse come to light. "good morning america" is covering that story up next. david. >> we have some showers still 32 together clear the area so i am dressing the kids with an umbrella if they're headed out the door in some of those areas that are still wet. work and the umbrella goes in the book bag or over the shoulder. back with the latest look at radar show you where the rain back with the latest look at radar show you where the rain is now and get don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools.
6:48 am
he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> time now to check in with "gma." >> amy robach is live about to tell was we will learn here in philadelphia and across america. amy. >> reporter: that's right, and good a tuesday morning to you, matt and tam. great to be with you both. coming and next, on "good morning america" extreme weather out west. 18 raging wildfires burning right now in california, oregon and washington as the southwest braces for severe flooding, ginger is tracking it all. and then new developments in the problems rocking the nfl star running back adrian peterson and he was cleared by the minnesota vikings to take the field this sunday and now peterson is apologizing after he was charged with child abuse but are there more accusations against him? we're going to have the latest on that. and then we'll have the drama
6:51 am
on the dance floor. former champ merle davis is here to break down into who is up and who could be going home here to break down into who is one-on-one with barbara streisand all next on "good morning america." >> all right. that all sounds g we will check in with you amy. first up let's get a look at weather and traffic. >> lot going on on "gma." we have a new accident to get to in marlton, 70 westbound at maple avenue. one of the areas we were just talk about where the rain has settled right now. let's go outside live and that's what it looks like in new jersey on route 42. northbound jammed from coles road to 55 and slows from 55 to 295. already a 25 minute ride from the a.c. expressway to the walt whitman bridge. and you can see those roads are wet. on 422 approaching oaks not as wet currently here. we're jammed eastbound from royersford to 23, dave. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan on the big board this morning karen and it looks like the rain really likes new jersey. if you draw a line right over the state border most of the rain has now -- is now right in that little curved area and
6:52 am
mostly over new jersey right now. getting out of philadelphia before too much longer and then we will start to dry out. as we go through the day, it is one of those days where maybe you plan your errands a little later in the morning or this afternoon. we're damp perhaps by 9:00 still kind of cloudy but shortly after that everybody is drying out. 70 by noon. 76 degrees is your high today with low humidity and light winds, tam. >> okay, thank you, david. going on to a last look at people, bill cosby is putting his art display on -- art collection on display. after amassing a private collection of african-american art over four decades the actor and his wife will showcase their holdings in an exhibition planned at the smithsonian. the collection will be on view starting in november and mower 300 african-american paintings, prints, sculptures and drawings that have never
6:53 am
6:54 am
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>> top stories at 6:55. philadelphia police believe someone assaulted a teenaged girl leaving her unconscious along a guardrail in pennypack park. the 15-year-old was on her way home from school. she was hospitalized with bruise on her shoulder thighs and a bump on the back of her head. a father shot and killed a man he found in his daughter's bedroom in northeast philadelphia. police say there was a struggle before the shooting.
6:56 am
police initially called the man an intruder. they are talking to the father and the 20-year-old daughter. the casino at trump plaza is now closed. owners shut it down at 6:00 a.m. the hotel closes later today. it is the fourth casino in atlantic city to close this year. >> this is what it looked like all morning long, problems with amtrak northeast corridor. now they have limited service. it had been canceled there. you see on the board between philadelphia and d.c. due to downed wires. still expect delays but some limited service. you can also take septa's wilmington-newark line which has been running all morning. i want to go to the maps as wet roads and a few problems out there, latest one wrangle hill road at pulaski highway an accident just coming in in bear delaware. >> active rain continues to push towards the eastern half of the region. roads behind it are still wet. there could be more sprinkles and lighter showers over the next couple hours. in general though it's a day of improvement. by noon a lot of sun returning, 70 and your high
6:57 am
today 76 degrees, a pleasant afternoon. >> all right, looking forward to that pleasant afternoon. o'donnell mat. >> me, too. >> testimony did this i'm tamala edwards. we'll see you back here in 30 minutes. .
6:58 am
7:00 am
good morning, america. breaking now, massive new wildfires burning out west, destroying homes, forcing more than a thousand people to evacuate as that monster storm, odile, after wreaking havoc in mexico, aiming at the southwest. millions in the path, tracking the latest. and president obama declaring war on ebola, thousands of troops on the way to the hot zone as fear gross that the dangerous virus could pose a threat at home. dr. besser is here. >> we find person overboard. >> man overboard, 30 hours adrift at sea and fighting for his life, a father separated from his crew and saved in a dramatic sc