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tv   Action News 530 PM  ABC  September 17, 2014 5:30pm-6:01pm EDT

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this critical condition. >> she joins us live from cooper university hospital. >> the family says it's touch and go for the 54-year-old victim. she remains in critical condition at cooper university hospital. collapse lung and cracked ribs. she has been unconscious but what her brothers and sisters are hoping is that there is someone that can help find the person or persons responsibility for the attack. >> if you know who did this step up. >> did they rob her? >> no, they just beat her up for no reason. >> the victim's family and police handing out flyers to get the word out and find witnesses. >> the homeless woman that freak whens mount ephraim avenue.
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>> they know her she walks up and down the street every day, i don't know what type of animal will do that to her. she is a 54-year-old woman. there is a citizen crime commission reward in this case, they are confident that someone saw or heard something. >> this attacked took some time and we believe that someone heard something, a woman screaming terrified in a vacant lot. >> neighbors are saddened but not surprised. >> this is our community and it's not safe out here. i think it's just sad. >> the family says it's not clear if someone helped her or if she was on her own but somehow she made it to the hospital in camden and alerted a guard. she said someone attacked me and collapsed on the floor. >> the investigation continues
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into this by camden county police, there is a $1,000 reward for the citizens crime commission in this case. if you have information and you want to keep it anonymous, call the citizens crime commission at 215-546-tips. live in camden, john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> from our delaware newsroom, police caught a man that is wanted for two bank robberies, they found him at the mall. michael stevens is accused of holding up a td bank and an mnt bank in bear. she hoped up at the christian mall after a tip, is he charged with two counts of robbery. president obama says u.s. troops do not and will not have a combat mission against isis in the fight that is taking place despite what a top military
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leader stead to congress yesterday. he spoke to troops in florida this afternoon and said troops will support iraqi forces but will not engage in conflict on the ground. >> as your commander and chief, i will not commit you and our armed forces to fightsing north ground war in iraq. after a decade of massive ground deployments, it is more affective to use our unique capabilities in support of partners on the ground so they can secure their own futures. >> general dempsey says he can potentially recommend ground troops to accompany iraqi forces in combat. >> an american is arrested with supporting isis as the fight is taking place, a business owner in new york is accused of being a facilitator of terror, prosecutors say he sent $600 to
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a man in yemen as seed money to join isis in syria. and was trying to and convince two fbi informants to join as well. and gave them money to by hand guns with silencers, the plan was to kill u.s. soldiers returning from iraq. the fbi says that he was extremely active in social media, something that is very common in isis. >> we are quite concerned with the capability of isis, the ability to use social media to spread the recruitment efforts. officials say that he used twitter to support the terrorist groups and jihad and said they will one day rule the world. >> sharrie thank you. the doctor that performed a biopsy on joan rivers right before her death reportedly took
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a severally with the comedian while she was under anesthesia, the doctor was rivers personal assistant. her ear, nose and throat doctor performed the biopsy count her consent. the candidacy for the democratic nomination, the 54-year-old attorney and leader in the latino community served as the city solicitor and says that owed case is the issue of our time and terry gillan announced her candidacy earlier this month as well and a familiar face to most philadelphians, former district attorney lynn abraham is also planning to enter the mayors race in 2015, she will probably make a formal announcement in
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november. she was the d.a. from 2001 to 2010. philadelphia has never had a female mayor. time to see how traffic is rolling along during rush hour, lets go back to matt pellman for a look at highways and by ways. >> it's rolling but not as quickly as we would like it to be. here at the schuylkill expressway near spring garden street, delays of 8 to 12 minutes, we have seen worse afternoons, i want to show you the dirty shot and we got word today that the ramp from spring garden street to the westbound schuylkill, this is going to close for two months starting on monday. it's a popular ramp out of commission until thanksgiving time after monday it will be sent to the girard avenue interchange instead. on the pennsylvania turn took, approaching mid county, speeds in the teens heading towards it at 17 miles per hour by mid
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county and the crash in ridley township at glen field avenue and the one in chester on third street will cleared. the sinkhole in camden county, stick with 49 broadway, until they can get that patched up. >> thank you sir. today is an important anniversary in the history of the united states and nobody knows how to celebrate the country's history better than philadelphia. it was on this date 227 years ago that the founding fathers signed the constitution, to help mark the event students gathered at the constitution center and our lisa thomas-laury was there. >> admission was free for the more than 3,000 students that visited the constitution center today from across the philadelphia region, they issued a challenge to students recite the preamble to the constitution. >> we the people of the united
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states -- >> it's constitutional game, where the kids get to answer questions and test their knowledge on basic things about the constitution and our government. >> establish a justice and assure domestic tranquillity. >> i like the constitution show they played earlier in the morning and students of drexel hill saint andrews school lined up to see another show. >> we are excited by the freedom show. my class learns about pennsylvania, they get the knowledge for later on in the school year. >> to ordain and establish. >> i like seeing, even though it's under restoration, the statues of many different historical people. the museum was brimming with festivities including
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calligraphy, where students leshed how the copper plate was used to create the official hand written constitution. >> they get to sign the u.s. constitution, on the birthday of the u.s. constitution. >> the constitution for the united states of america -- >> lisa thomas-laury, channel 6 "action news." >> much more to come on "action news" wednesday night. an unusual problem for residents of the desert southwest. we'll tell you why flooding say big concern. and first collection of rarely heard songs from whitney houston, the new dvd that showcases the singer's performances including her last. we have winter like temperatures beginning to develop in canada and they pushing to the south, and also a taste of summer in the seven day. that and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change.
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tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. the delaware center for horticulture hosted a tour for the trolly headquarters it include an expanse and a walkout
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green roof. it's expected to be completed by the end of the september. the eagles are facing the red skins on sunday and that will be a good game. jaime apody is live with more on that. >> that is right, the eagles are gotting ready for d-day, desean day, they are getting ready for the red skins, how about darren sproles was named the receiver of the week. they are getting ready to face their old friend, desean jackson. he is dealing with his shoulder injury, he is listed at questionable, i tweeted i don't plan on missing this game. and he tweeted lesean mccoy he would play. >> our defensive backs have covered him every day and i think it helps a bit when you go against practice with him and
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have a feel for him like playing a talent like desean and haven't gone up against him and felt his speed. >> we have weaknesses but scheme wise, we don't know, we are watching it and we'll get more in depth as the week goes, it helps going against him. >> it's amazing that the eagles are 2-0, like other players have not played well at all and reilly cooper who hasn't caught him when he has had the chance. >> the only thing we are frustrated about we could be scoring more points and scoring more yards. if you watch the film, guys watching balls or guys open, or something missed, we kind of shoot ourselves in the foot and once we are winning games but we are happy with that. we have sunday showdown covered from start to finish.
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then eagles game day final here on channel 6. after major backlash from sponsors and charities the vikings have banned adrian peterson from all practices and games. he will earn his regular salary until his legal situation is resolved. a trial could take up to a year, unless he plays guilty he could be out for the rest of the season. >> we have decided that the appropriate course of the action for the organization and for adrian is to put him on the exempt list until the legal proceedings are complete. we made a mistake and we needed to get this rights. >> baseball now, a.j. burnett lost his 17th game of the season last night. the most in baseball, the phillies fell to the padres 5-4.
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meantime jonathan papelbon not the only one to feel the brunt of his gesture, umpire was suspected for one game for grabbling palp bon's jersey. and papelbon was suspended for seven games. back to you guys in the studio. >> thank you jaime. topping our people scene, a cd and dvd of whitney houston's first and last performances. it was produced by clyde davis, including her debut on the merv griffin show. and it's designed to showcase her legacy, she died in 2012 and she was 48 years old. the new album will be available
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in november. if you have not seen last night's "dancing with the stars," look away. lo lo jones got to dance one cha cha but landed in the bottom two and they were the first team to be voted off and she was more upset about her partner's fate. >> i am devastated and crushed for him. >> i take losses, i don't know how to take losses when someone puts in so much work on the other end. >> next week is my jam monday when celebrities pick their own songs to dance to. and hurricane odile slams arizona. and looking outside at the ben franklin bridge and lots of clouds up above. franklin bridge and lots of clouds up above. and adam joseph has the
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residents in tucson, arizona are getting ready to get slammed with up to 5 inches of rain. it's what is left of hurricane odile. and the storm is hitting arizona as folks are dealing with the after imagine of hurricane
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norbert last week. >> we haven't seen precipitation in a while. not that we are complaining but the temperatures are cooler. >> the temperatures are cooler and the ground is dry, we see big fluctuations in temperatures daily. as we look at double scan live, all is quiet and a few clouds, and overall the sunshine is taking control and it was a nice day to take flight, so to speak. as we look at chopper 6 over the 6 abc zoo balloon that was also up in the air today. a beautiful day to be anywhere in the delaware valley or the lehigh valley, with the temperatures in the 70s. as we look at the accuweather live lineup. the temperatures right now and satellite and radar, there is a front to the north and it's swinging through late tomorrow. we hit 75 degrees in philadelphia, 3 degrees shy of philadelphia, 4 degrees below normal at 56 and nowhere near the record of 44, and the record
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was 94, as we look at the temperatures, low temperatures and 64 in the mt. pocono region and right along the shore the sea breeze kicked in and we are in the upper 60s presently. as we look at satellite and radar, you see a feature here and there were snow showers in parts of southern canada and this is a cold front pushing through tomorrow but no moisture with it as it passes through our region, it comes through dry with a few clouds and it does dig the trough, it's cool colors are here on the map and that is the temperatures right now, as we go through the end of the week into friday. that high pressure behind the front will mean business bringing a freeze into northern new england, 24 in quebec and 61 here in philadelphia as the high goes to the east and the winds around the high start to wrap in the east and northeast. keeping a high of 76 and 50s for
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highs in new england and as the high pushes to the east, and a cold front approaches to the west it brings southerly winds in here bumping the temperatures into the upper 70s and low 80s for the weekend. tonight 46 in the suburbs and 56 for seasoner city, and comfortably cool for a clear sky and allentown another below normal day at 74, but partly sunny in the afternoon and at the shore tomorrow looking good as well. sunshine and a few clouds, there could be a rip current risk as we have the hurricane off the coast spilling higher than normal swells off the shore, sun and clouds tomorrow and 76 in the city and slightly cooler behind the front on friday of 71 and we'll bounce it back over the weekend, the last official weekend of summer, feeling like it, upper 70s to low 80s, a transition day as fall arrives on monday night, 77 and a couple of showers and it's officially
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fall and feeling like a tuesday at 70 and rosh hashanah. and a jew dropping incident at a chick-fil-a. we have the story when we come back. our dad's a plumber.
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a business manager. and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate. dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom.
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[ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need. [ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too. and finally paying it forward one chicken sandwich at a time. a worker at a chick-fil-a drive-thru was stunned when a customer handed her ten $100 bills and wanted to pay for the males of the next customers, 88 people in all got their dinner for free, nobody knows who this generous man was, he never told anyone his name. now jim gardner is standing by with these stories. suspects in the beating of a gay
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couple are turning themselves in after being identified by social media. >> and an investigation is underway after an 8-year-old falled from a ninth story window to her death. now for meteorologist adam joseph, jaime apody, monica malp
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your windows don't need a facelift. just a new wardrobe. take them shopping during blinds to go's 60th anniversary sale going on now. buy one get second at half price. blinds to go is 60. boy, time goes fast. and so will this sale. blinds to go blinds for life. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist, cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night,
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pennsylvania state trooper sent a message to the man wanted for killing one of their own. >> but the big story on "action news" is the story on the attack on a gay couple in center city philadelphia. this is surveillance photos of a group. we are awaiting some of those suspects to surrender at any time. eva pilgram is live now with the full story. >> reporter: jim, as we wait here at central detectives for people to come, many are calling this a hate crime, this could not be prosecuted as such in pennsylvania because the state law does not cover sexual orientation. when this story went out social
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media exploded, after the gay couple was attacked at chancellor. >> one to two suspects quickly were identified. just based on looking at them from their facebook profile to their age on the surveillance camera. >> the video was tweeted and it was taken minutes before the men were jumped at 10:45, this group of 15 people came on on the two money, ages 27 and 28 and investigators said that homophobic comments were made before the two were violently beaten and someone took a cell phone and wallet. then this picture surfaces. >> there was a tweet with a picture of the whole party, the people from the video and friends. >> quickly the restaurant was identified and a facebook search of who