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tv   Action News  ABC  September 18, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm EDT

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"action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with rick williams, sara bloomquist, and meteorologist, david murphy.
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good afternoon, we begin with breaking news from south philadelphia. where police are looking for the man that stabbed a woman inside of a employment center on south broad street. >> the victim is in critical condition after the attack and "action news" reporter, john rawlins is live at the scene with more on perhaps. >> reporter: hi sara, the crime scene here is trinity staffing services, it's behind me and it's a store staffing operation, it has been here since 2003. both skilled and non-skilled professionals. a man walked in at 9:30 and confronted a female employee and stabbed her multiple times in the chest and she was able to walk across broad street to methodist hospital, but from is
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there she was transported to jefferson hospital, at this point police say they recovered a weapon, presumably a knife and they described a suspect. >> a black male in his 30s, corn row hair style and goatee, he was last seen wearing a blue shirt and blue jeans when he fled this location. a 54-year-old woman again is said to be in critical condition at jefferson hospital. john rawlins, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. an assistant basketball coach from archbishop high school has resigned after the attack on a gay couple in center city. so far no charges are filed and police are questioning a large group of people involved in the beating. chad pradelli is live now with the latest on the investigation. >> reporter: sara, captain here at central detectives came out and said don't expect charges or
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arrests any time today or tomorrow, as investigators continue to try to interview those that may have been there or involved in the attack. and now one city councilman is pressing for people to get involved. this man we are not identifying, because he has yet to be charged. he walked into central detectives to be interview in the attack on two gay men. >> his lawyer cautions them to wait for the facts. >> we are cooperating with the investigation. >> the two victims suffered facial injuries and they claim they were targeted for being homosexual and were savagely beaten. some admit a homophobic slur was said but they started the fight.
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some people that are there are lawyered up and not giving statement. many were 2007 graduates of archbishop wood and this man was a basketball coach at the school and lost his job when he was identified. they have some evidence of the fun but it's not a smoking gun, it cannot be prosecuted as a hate crime because the lesbian and gay community is not covered under state law but it is under federal law. this statement read, i respectfully ask the department of justice partnered with the philadelphia district attorney and the philadelphia police department to conduct an investigation and bring federal charges against these individuals under the hate crimes preventions act. >> if federal charges are brought in this case, the defendants would likely face much harsher sentences.
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i'm live in center city, chad pradelli, channel 6 "action news." the state trooper killed outside of his barracks over the weekend was laid to rest at a packed funeral in scranton. hundreds of law enforcement officers from around the country paid their respects to corporal brian dickson at st. peter's cathedral, his flag draped casket was brought into the church this morning and his family followed the casket inside while others including governor tom corbett filed to the pews for the service. the funeral was held as the manhunt continues for his killer this noon. police say that eric frein shot dickson to death and wounded another trooper during an ambush on friday. they say that frein is likely in
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the general area and he is considered armed and extremely dangerous. new information from the delaware newsroom, involving a shooting involving a delaware state police shooter. it happened after the trooper responded after the reports of a suicidal man on the 3,000 block of judith road in hartland yesterday. glen siegel came out of house and she ordered him to stop and he stole her walking cane and grabbed her taser, and fired it on her. he was shot one time and the trooper was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. there is good news about the recovery of two children that were seriously hurt when their off road motorcycle was hit in wilmington. a 16-year-old is considered to
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be in stable condition following another surgery, both boys were requireding the same bicycle when they were struck by another vehicle that then fled the scene. police are looking for the driver. cleanup is underway in the tacony section of philadelphia, after a water main break here, chopper 6 hd was over the scene this morning it happened after 6:00 email on the 600 block, the break caused a muddy mess for drivers. crews are on the scene trying to fix the problem. parts of texas and arizona are trying to dry out after severe flooding there. a flash flood watch is in affect in el paso, two people had to be rescued from surrounding water. there was a similar scene in arizona where rain washed out roads. major metropolitan areas did not see extensive damage there.
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a wild fire has doubled in size and is threatening 2,000 homes in northern california. governor, jerry brown has declared a state of emergency because of blaze that scorched 100 square miles east of the sacramento, this morning the fire was only about 5% contained. supporters of the terror group isis were reportedly planning planning planning to behead random people across sydney. >> it shows how far reaching the group's threat has become. karen travers reports flowwith the latest. >> it's the large of the counter terrorism raid in australia. massive sweeps through the suburbs of sydney, 800 police officers and at least eight people detained. >> this is not just suspicion, this is intent. >> they received phone calls
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that isis supporters in australia would carry out public beheadings of random people in the street. like the u.s., australian officials are worried about radicals striking their homeland. >> there are, i regret to say, networks of people here in this country, despite living here, despite enjoying the australian way of life, they would do us harm. here in washington congress is moving quickly to train and equip modern syrian rebels to fight isis. they will keep the government funded through december. and the training organization is tucked into the bill. >> the amendment is adopted. last night the house overwhelmingly voted to approve president obama's request to fund the syrian rebels but it may be a closer vote in the
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senate. we should not be forced to decide whether to fund our government and fund the syrian rebels in the same vote. there may be some surprise no votes. karen travers, channel 6 "action news." it is a historic day in scotland today as voter goes to the polls right now to decide whether to succeed from the united kingdom and become an independent nation. the question is should scotland be an independent country? british prime minister, david cameron, and others are add mentally against it. >> and still to come on "action news" at noon, a school bus slams directly into a house, new video of the crash and the close call from a homeowner that narrowly escaped being hit.
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the credit card scam that is happening under your nose. and david -- >> we have sunshine over pennsylvania but a batch of clouds has opened up and a shower in lancaster county, we'll take a closer look at storm tracker 6, and highs are going all over the place from now until the end of the weekend. >> we are breaking down tips for more sleep. those stories and more straight ahead when "action news" at noon comes right back. [ male announcer ] eligible for medicare?
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arizona cardinals running back jonathan dwyer is out of jail after being the latest player to be accused of domestic abuse. the 25-year-old walked out on $25,000 bond. he faces aggravated assault charges after allegedly head butting his wife and punching her in the face on two separate occasions in july. the cardinals deactivated him. greg hardy and adrian peterson have also been banned from team activities until their respective abuse cases are resolved. now the moment of impact when a school bus slams into a
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home in georgia monday night. >> oh my god! >> now if you back the video up, you can see the red car comes out of nowhere and hits the bus and that crash sent the bus careen into the home. it landed about here and that picture frame landed there. i thought, like i said, it was an explosion and we got the aftershock. >> she had two choices, come towards us or go to the park and the park was crammed full of kids. so she chose properly. >> the driver and homeowners were obviously shaken are okay and no students were aboard the bus at the time. we are showing off a new tulle here at "action news," it gives you control over the video you see from our chopper 6, it's
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called chopper 6 360, using your phone, tablet or computer you can take control and move it to the left, right and up, down and zooming in and out. go to 6 for instructions and links to the app and chopper 6 360 is in the air right now, you have a chance to take c the usual?
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a $270 million expansion at dupont hospital for children is now complete in delaware, this is our first look at the finished product. the new towers have 144 single patient room and bigger emergency department and better equipment for patient care, this is the most significant investment it made in the delaware valley since it expanded in 1984. today's art of aging report focuses on sleep. too little of it can focus on your body. lisa thomas-laury tackles common myths about shut eye. >> it's not your imagination, as you get older you may not feel
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as rested and that could be due to age or your overall health. even at age 77 and retired, bob davis, is hardly idle. >> there is eight grandchildren. >> about ten years ago his wife noticed he was not sleeping well. >> was irritable and not a happy person. >> they discovered that davis had sleep apnea, when a person stops breathing periodically during the night. 20% to 40% of people may have an insomnia problem, women more than men. >> the doctor says it's a myth that you don't need as much sleep, a short mid-day nap could revive your alertness, don't compensate with sleep deprivation with daytime snoo snoozing. the sea pack machine like this
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one made all the difference for davis. >> sleep was enormously better overnight. >> the doctor recommends keeping a regular schedule for bedtime and turn the electronics off an hour before you go to bed to let your brain quiet down. for more tips on abling go to our website at of aging. lisa thomas-laury, channel 6 "action news." all right, the "action news" team is out working on news stories beginning at 4:00 including the reason a local business is offering enormous discounts for brides to be and even death could not part this pair. this couple took their love to the grave more than 700 years ago. and with all the headlines with athletes, we have a positive story. how a ravens star gave up his positive story. how a ravens star gave up his career to save hi of shaving stuff.
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some 30,000 vacationers are finally on their way home after they became stranded in mexico by hurricane odile. this is new video of the crowds of american tourists flooding the airport in cabos, they could not get home because they shut down the mexican airport. >> meteorologist, david murphy, is back with us now. we are going to see quite a fluctuation in temperatures? >> it gets cool tomorrow and really warm over the weekend. as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan, mainly dry and you see green to the west of us, we go in tighter and there is pop-up sprinkles and showers in lancaster county and southern chester county and newcastle
12:25 pm
county, delaware, something there, south and wet of coatesville over the last 10 minutes or so has begun to develop some yellow, and it's a steady downpour where it hits. these are few and far between. overall outside we see a mix of sun and clouds and it's a cool shot from logan square, you can see the channel 6 zoo balloon in its final year of flight. temperature right now is 73 degrees in philadelphia the dew point is low at 52 and winds are calm for now. pretty comfortable everywhere you look across the region, 72 in trenton and 69 in wilmington and up in reading and lancaster, 74 in millville and low to mid-70s at the shore at the noon hour, satellite and radar, you probably need shades because you need enough sun to require that, and they are welling up and
12:26 pm
getting kind of thick, i don't think it will be an issue for most of you. nice this afternoon even though there may be more clouds than sun. 72 in the water off atlantic city, and on the beach 76 is your afternoon high, we'll call it partly sunny skies, down the shore so far we have been able to squeeze out more sun than over philadelphia. in the city pleasant and 76 is the high and the winds are not much at 5 to 10 miles per hour. overnight ton mainly clear and cool, we dip to 57 in philadelphia and i can see some of those suburbs going dpoun into the 40s, and the poconos low 40s and upper 30s, winds out of the north at 4 to 8 miles per hour. as you head home, it shades weather with a mix of clouds and sun and 74 by 5:30 and down to 69 by 7:00, getting cooler after
12:27 pm
7:00, a weak frontal boundary to the south than gentle northwest flow is keeping us cool. some suburbs may not get out of the 60s, the exclusive accuweather forecast, 76 degrees and a mix of sun and clouds and a high of 71 and in philadelphia we'll spend most of the day in the 60s and on saturday, a feet your to the south may push a sprinkle on to the coast early and then the sun increases and we are up to 78 for a high and then 83 on sunday, nice weather for the eagles and the union saturday night. monday fall arrives and not until nighttime, it will feel summery again and 77, showers around on monday and then 71 on tuesday and wednesday, rosh hashanah rising on wednesday.
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"action news" continues with rick williams, sara bloomquist and meteorologist, david murphy. >> a new bill that lowers the penalty for having marijuana goes before city council for a vote wren live with the latest on the measure supported by mayor nutter. and the state trooper ambushed on the job is given full honors as loved ones say a
12:30 pm
final farewell. >> and caught on camera, a man breaks into a restaurant and gets away with the entire cash register. philadelphia city council has decrimealized a bill that make a small amount of marijuana. vernon odom is live with more. >> this is a long lasting ongoing debate here but council members reached an agreement with mayor nutter and the pot laws change next month. at city council, the vote was 14-2 to dramatically ease the penalty for people caught with a small amount of marijuana, under one ounce a $25 fine. and those caught using it $100,
12:31 pm
and violators will not be locked up or left with a criminal record. of the more than 4,000 arrests, for small amountses of pot, 83% are latinos and blacks. >> to put people in a situation where they can't get a job or keep a job and can't get college funding or in the military, because of three joints in their pocket -- >> the bill passed today includes a separate civil offense for smoking pot in public. the new laws take affect on october 20th. live at city hall, vernon odom, channel 6 "action news.." >> all right vernon thank you. a woman remains in critical condition this noon after police say she was stabbed at an employment agency, it happened at trinity staffing services on
12:32 pm
the 2300 block of broad street in south philadelphia. the victim is 34 years old and she was stabbed several times in the chest. the pennsylvania state trooper killed in an ambush inside of his baracks being laid to rest today. this morning hundreds of law enforcement officers stood at attention as troopers carried the flag draped casket into the cathedral. dickson was gunned down late friday in a rural barracks in the poconos mountains and the massive manhunt continues for the suspected shooter, 31-year-old eric frein. 13 years a man is captured in delaware, the task force arrested constantino. officials say he was living there under another name since
12:33 pm
2002. he is wanted in connection with a homicide in 2001 in morristown, tennessee. and now they have updated the list of the city's most violence funltives and they need your help tracking them down, the suspects are wanted for crimes including homicide and rape and armed robbery, some warns were issued in the past few weeks and others date back to 1999. take a closer look at the list by going to and if you know any of these people you are urged to call police. a man who held up a 7-eleven in the olney section of philadelphia remains at large this noon, the action cam was there as police searched for clues at the store of the 1800 block of sten ton avenue. fortunately nobody was hurt. and they hope that the public can identify the man breaking into a philadelphia restaurant,
12:34 pm
if happened at the skyline restaurant on chu avenue in german town. the thief was able to pry open the door and he took the entire cash register and fled. an unknown female followed the suspect. a driver lost control and crashed into a tree in buena vista atlantic county, chopper 6 hd was over the scene at weymouth road, the person crashed into the tree and then the car caught fire, the driver was trapped inside of the vehicle and had to be rescued. he or she was flown to a nearby hospital with serious injuries. flash flood warnings are lifted in arizona but the affects of hurricane odile are still being felt across the south and southwest part of the nation. brandi hitt is in tucson where residents there are breathing a sigh of relief.
12:35 pm
>> reporter: the desert southwest under water. remnants of tropical storm odile flooded roads and led to serious accidents in houston and water rescues throughout the state. in austin, flash flooding pushed a car into the river and the driver is missing and in arkansas more rescues. >> i didn't realize how deep the water was until i stepped out into it. >> streets also under water in southern arizona. with reports of minor neighborhood flooding but much of the state was spared. still, more rain is in store for the region. >> we are not out of the woods here, we are dealing with heavy rounds of showers and soaking thunderstorms right into the upcoming weekend. >> and americans stranded in cabos are starting to come home. happy to be back in the u.s.
12:36 pm
after days of little food and water. >> we were trapped in the city, we were basically refugee status. >> looting everywhere, and machine guns and military. everything was flooded. >> here in arizona, as you can see most of the flood waters have receded and they are keeping a close eye on the mountain for runoff water that could lead to flooding. well man's best friend is helping humans sniff out pollution, they are special dogs to scent contamination in waterways, the service was offered up for a tool for municipalities to improve water quality. they hosted the meeting at stockton college where see and environmental leaders discussed the water quality issues. turning to the weather we have a mix of clouds and sun and a nice day overall.
12:37 pm
maybe some rain in the forecast, maybe not. i'll let david murphy tell you. it's a decent beach day, lets check in now at the "action news" big board and get the latest. precipitation? >> a little bit, not really in the forecast but sometimes within you got a little bit of clouds popping up and they get low enough, can you get some precipitation. we have enough to pop just a couple of these. this one is moving out of lancaster county into extreme chester county and within the last ten minutes it has popped up and it may fall apart to the east and areas in coatesville and exton and westchester in the next 30 minutes, keep your eyes on that. there are a couple of smaller cells farther to the wet of it. another one west of newark, delaware, this one may come up and split the difference, if it
12:38 pm
can manage to hold itself together. as you look at the wide region, it's just those two little blips but there is a lot of cloud cover out there. this well up of cloud cover occurred over the last couple of hours and there is clearing behind it, i don't know if we'll see nothing but clouds, i think it will be a clouds and sun mix, but cloud your as we move through the next couple of hours. 73 in philadelphia, it's on the mild side, 60s to the west and 70s to the east, and if you are headed to the golf course this afternoon, ricky don't know if you have clubs or not. it's the potential of a nice afternoon. it helps the players and 76 degrees by 4:00 p.m. the evening commute, bright enough for shades, mixing with sunny backs and 74 by 5:30 and down to 69 by 7:00 p.m. just a couple of real isolated
12:39 pm
showers out there, it doesn't look like most of us will see those. >> david thank you. new jersey is getting nearly $1.5 billion from the federal government to fix damage from super storm sandy. that includes the purchase of a new electrical grid that keeps trains moving during power outages. . >> and now at the pitman golf course, this is the fourth year of the golf outing, they enjoyed a nine hole scramble, the clinic is free and open to any veteran amputee receiving care at a va vas ilt. still more to come, lawmakers in atlantic city, make it illegal for stores to sell toy guns but there are
12:40 pm
exceptions. we'll explain. and a consumer warning for anybody that uses a debit card, why the skimming exam makes it easier for thieves.
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crozer medical center is bracing for a nurse's strike, for a two-day work stoppage, they attempted to negotiate earlier this week but announced that no agreement is reached and the strike is on, it's over staffing levels and cuts to wages and pensions. the hospital plans to bring in outside nurses if the strike happens. from our new jersey newsroom, atlantic city lawmakers have voted to ban the
12:43 pm
sale of toy guns, they are intended for play and some look extremely realistic and police say they are used in crimes, the ordinance was passed last night and bans the sale of the imitation firearm, the only exception is if it's a bright color clearly indicating it's not real. and now high tech pick-pocketing, the devious scam known as skimming, estimated for 50% of fraud every year and it's happening right under your nose. they are stealing your credit card and debit card information when you swipe. some skimming devices fit in the paul of your hand. >> it used to be that the device was large and now it fits in your pock etd. it could be alongside of the cash register, the stop for fast
12:44 pm
food led to a quick theft. i would never point at a drive-thru, are you watching them use your card. >> take a look here, we can see the mcthief swiping a customer's credit card twice once for an order and then on a skimmer taking the card's info. >> they caught the individual sliding the card and handing it to me all in one nice movement. you would never know he was ever doing anything wrong. >> it's not just restaurants, surveillance photos at a new jersey bank caught a man setting up a skimmer on one of their atm's and when they found a skimmer in arizona on a gas station pump. they decided to set up a sting, removing the skimmer and replacing it with a hidden camera, to catch the crooks franticly searching for the
12:45 pm
device. >> it's like a husband and wife team fighting over who got the skimmer and it was us, we got it. >> official says when buying gas choose a pump near the attend antd or pay inside and long for anything unusual when you swipe and check your bank accounts frequently. >> still ahead, from hollywood to sesame street, the surprising message that this ac
12:46 pm
i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all. we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
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topping our people scene this noon, melissa rivers is set to make her first television appearance since her mom passed away. e network is calling it joan day, it will be an issue of fashion police and melissa rivers will take part. she was undergoing a route on
12:48 pm
procedure when she went into cardiac arrest. >> what is that elmo? >> me too. i love my skin. >> oscar winning actress, lupita longo, visited sesame street and she talked about growing up with a darker complexion. out to the west of us you can see there is bits and pieces of precipitation that managed to squeeze out from the clouds that formed during the morning hoursp most is to the west of the reason and if are you out in coatesville, and south of it, there is a little shower and it looks like it is falling apart. and i don't know if it will make it east, and there is normal batch that make its into newark
12:49 pm
delaware and that may fall apart before it pushes farther east. none the else we are keeping our eyes on that. and on the storm tracker 6 app on your smart fon. as we look outside we have the action cam out in center city with pretty pictures taken this morning and there is the logan square fountain up close and personal, it's one of my favorite pieces. we are warm today and it will get cooler tomorrow but it will feel very much lightning the last full weekend of summer as we head into the weekend as it warms up around here and across most of the region, 73 degrees right now and we are already warm in philadelphia, the dew point is fairly low and winds are on the calm side, showing you how the cloud cover did pop up. we have a mix of clouds and sun south and west, and the shore is hanging on with lots of sun, and it looks like a sun and clouds
12:50 pm
mix, occasionally the sun goes behind the clouds. the temperatures are not varying much, 74 in allentown and 73 in cape may. as we go through the rest of the afternoon, looks like 75 and with a high of 76 around 3:30 or 4:00 and 69 at 7:00, and down to the mid to upper 60s at 9:00, the overnight low goes to 57 in philadelphia and some outlying suburbs could go below that. we are looking at tomorrow now and that looks to be a fairly bright day with occasional clouds coming in and there is no rain tomorrow however we'll get a nice general flow out of the northwest that will suppress the temperatures and get us down to the low 70s in philadelphia tomorrow and in fact not getting us out of the 60s in the cooler rural areas, 76 is the day's high in the exclusive accuweather forecast, we are
12:51 pm
going for a mix of sun and clouds and tomorrow it's a bit cooler with the high of 71 again some suburbs only in the 60s and notice how the morning lows are chilly the next couple of days, 57 tomorrow and 58 in philadelphia and when you get up early on friday and saturday morning it will feel chilly. saturday a chance of clouds in the morning with a chance of sprinkles and showers, and it's warm with a high of 78 degrees, with the union on saturday night, they missed winning the cup on wednesday nitd and now chasing the cup and trying to get into the playoffs. hopefully this is a win and we'll fall through the 60s through that contest on saturday night. on sunday, it feels like summer for the eagles against washington, 83 is the afternoon high and fall arrives at night and ahead of that we are mild with a high of 77 degrees. showers around in the morning and afternoon drying on monday
12:52 pm
and down to 71 and sunny and cooler on tuesday and the next day of fall on tuesday feels more like fall and rash shan arrives at sound down. stay on top of the changing weather sitdation at, you'll find the storm tracker 6 radar and the hourly forecast, you can watch the latest videos from our "action news" meteorologist and look at our collection of weather-related images and a new tool on "action news," one that gives you control over the video you see on chopper 6, a brand new feature on chopper 6 360, you can now take control of the 360 degree camera and move it around to the left and right, zooming in and out and from the phone and tablet you have to go to the app to download it, go to go to
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the man often described as the king of wire. is planning another stunt. nick wallenda will tight walk over the delaware river, it's a two mile walk through the buildings as well. he has crossed over the grand canyon and niagara falls, we have stories trending including reilly the daredevil dog, he and his owner go skydiving together. this girl had a butterfly land
12:56 pm
on her nose and she continued to play. and a case of eternal love, two skeletons found with their arms crosses from 700 years ago. and one last check of the forecast from david murphy. >> a mix of clouds and sun out there as we look across the region, we start to the north and western suburbs, highs ranging from 73 to 75, including the lehigh valley and on down into lancaster county, and looking for a mix of clouds and sun and 74 to 76 and down the shore 74 to 76 is your high and a chance of a spotty shower popping in as we go later into the afternoon. that would be mainly to the west in lancaster county and chester and maybe newark, delaware, but not a whole lot of stuff out there. and quickly i'll be on saturday
12:57 pm
hosting the eagle national bank 5-k, 8:30 registration and 10:00 a.m. race, that helps the can center there. >> a pennsylvania state trooper is involved in a crash on route 202 and route 1 in concord, delaware county, this happened at 12:30, three people injured in this crash, the extent of the injuries is not known. chopper 6 hd is over the scene, a pennsylvania state trooper involved in a collision in concord township delaware county. you can watch for updates as well as >> that does it for "action news" at noon, don't forget to join us at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. >> and for david murphy, and rick williams and the entire "action news" team, i'm sara bloomquist have a great night. >> see you tonight.
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