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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 18, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking now, the frantic scene inside this plane flying over the u.s. babies screaming, smoke filling the cabin. passengerers using their masks to breathe. also breaking, the urgent manhunt across america. the fbi just announcing he is now one of the ten most wanted. they say he's already killed a trooper, a skilled shooter, schools closed and where they're on the hunt tonight. the desperate search pouring over this video this evening. the college student who vanishes. you can see her and the man in the white shorts, appearing to follow her. they've talked to him. what he's saying now. and tracking the truckers speeding next to your family on the highway. our team in the chopper, over the interstate. and the stunner. how fast are they really going?
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good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. we begin with that breaking news. a jet blue flight, forced to make an emergency landing. those emergency chutes deployed. we got a rare view inside the cabin late today. those images from on board. passengers families racing to put on their oxygen masks. smoke filling the cabin. all of the passengers flankfully back on solid ground now, but shaken. what happened? abc's david kerley with the videos taken by the passengers themselves inside that cabin. >> reporter: frightening moments. smoke in the cabin. watch as one passenger helps another put on an oxygen mask. a baby crying in the background. the jet blue a-320 in the air just a few minutes when smoke pours out of the right engine. but it's getting into the cabin, too. >> the engine blew, smoke started to come throughout the cockpit, through the plane and it was kale yos.
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>> reporter: while this was going on in the cabin, the pilot quickly turned around and 13 minutes after takeoff -- >> jet blue 1416 is on the ground. 1416 will be evacuating. >> reporter: slides deploying and passengers started sliding out of the jet, with the pilots wondering if the engine was still a problem. >> smoke out of the right enjoy. >> it appears no smoke. >> reporter: jet blue says one passenger was transported to a hospital for observation. the only possible injury after these scary moments of breathing oxygen waiting to get back on the ground. >> only thing i could really think about was my son. so, this is the best thing that i probably had, in my life to date, yeah. it's definitely -- it makes you think about life. >> reporter: a passenger tells us when they got onto the runway, they looked back at the aircraft and applauded the landing and the pilot. you saw the emergency workers looking in the engine. so far tonight, no sign of fire. david?
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>> david kerley in washington. david, thank you. we're going to turn now to the other breaking story at this hour, the urgent manhunt under way and this evening, the fbi now raising the stakes in what began in pennsylvania. they have now put this man on their ten most wanted list. the alleged gunman accused of ambushing state troopers, killing a young father. this evening, families are locking their doors. abc's linsey davis now on the search going nationwide. >> reporter: around the country tonight, police on high alert, looking for 31-year-old eric frein, considered armed, dangerous and possibly delusional. >> we have now made the world where he can hide a very, very small place. >> reporter: police circulating these pictures of frooen in a serbian military uniform. he once belonged to a military simulation group. according to the fbi, he claims to have fought with serbians in africa. police think frooen may have believed he was going into battle last friday at the local police barracks. 15:50 p.m.
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bryon dickson going to his car, then shot. dickson fatally shot. another officer seriously wounded. the killer vanishes. three days later, a man walking his dog stumbles son frein's jeep. that's when school officials made this phone call to thousands of area parents. >> school will be closed today due to safety concerns. >> reporter: these halls would normally be filled with kids laughing and talking. instead, it's eerily quiet. this is the second day in a row schools have been closed. >> we're yoworried about everyone's safety. everyone is on edge. >> reporter: today, thousands gathered to mourn corporal dickson. his young son, wearing his dad's trooper hat to the funeral. >> reporter: david, frein's car was found just two miles away from this school. officials will decide if they're cancel school yet again. police believe the killer is
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hiding out in this area. david? >> linsey davis tonight, thank you. now, to a major ail rest this evening. a suspect now in custody, with those wildfires raging in the west. did he set them? did he send thousands of families fleeing? a monster wildfire in california exploding in size. families forced to leave almost everything behind. officials now declaring a state of emergency. and releasing this video tonight, time lapse showing that fire building strength. and you can see that smoke now visible 140 miles away. abc's clayton sandell with dramatic pictures tonight. the flaming raes raging right b him. >> reporter: tonight, this firestorm tearing through forest but the lives of thousands fearing for their homes, appears to be a deliberate act. >> we have ail rested a suspect. in custody is wayne allen huntsman. >> reporter: investigation tomorrows allege huntsman ignited the rapidly growing nightmare known as the king fire. he's now facing a charge of felony arson.
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bail set at $10 million. those first flames saturday becoming a 110 square mile monster, burning an area the size of salt lake city. kra krap's governor is now declaring a state of emergency here and north in the town of weed, where another blaze left more than 150 homes in ashes. >> winds are supposed to increase this afternoon. >> reporter: steve keen and his team are here from southern california. part of a firefighting army, over 4,000 strong. up against flames known to travel ten miles in just a few hours. have you ever seen a fire move this fast? >> me, no. i really haven't. i mean, i've been fighting fire a long time and this kind of fire behavior is kind of unprecedented. >> reporter: that unprecedented behavior is why more than 2,800 people are evacuated tonight. we're here on the front lines now, david. and you can see these flames are chewing through a dry layer of pine needles and branches. when the wind kicks up, it can make this fire unstoppable.
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but firefighters are hoping to get a break from the weather in the next couple of days. david? >> clayton, thank you. incredible scenes there tonight. from the raging wildfires now to the dangerous flooding. look at this. this is what drivers are up against in parts of arizona. the relentless rain. i is across much of the swels as he head into the evening. in texas, cars crawling through the flood waters. and this dramatic rescue in houston tonight. peopling back the roof of a car to save the family inside there. that rain, of course, remnants of that hurricane that smashed ashore in cabo and headed right into the u.s. while in cabo tonight, air lifts under way. more than 8,000 people flown to safety so far. and that includes some american tourists who were still trapped in the damage in the aftermath of that hurricane. abc's senior meteorologist rob marciano is in arizona tonight. he's tracking where the rain is headed next. what concerns you the most? >> reporter: just how deep this moisture is. and the big shift that we've seen off to the east.
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let's show you where it's coming from and where it's going to. it's all flowing around the big blue h many mentiin mexico. on top of the rainfall we've seen today, the forecast for the rest of the week, another three or four inches or more, possible across the lone star state. new mexico, north texas, south texas tonight, flash flood watches posted, david. >> rob marciano, thank you. the scandal wildening this evening in the nfl. a major new headline. a fourth football star benched. arrested after after games of domestic abuse. that's four players in two weeks. and we ask about someone else. where is the nfl commissioner? it's been nine days without comment. abc's ryan smith now. >> did you physically assault her? >> reporter: arizona cardinals player jonathan dwyer, surrounded outside court. ail accused of head butting his wife, when shell refused his sexual advances. allegedly breaking her nose, punching her. even throwing a shoe at their toddler. charges he denies.
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>> did you throw a shoe at the 18-month-old? >> ill never hurt my son. >> reporter: the cardinals moving quickly to bench dwyer. the fourth nfl player sidelined in just two weeks over accusations of domestic violence. >> if this bad scar of the nfl makes the rest of the world aware of what's going on, it's damn good. >> reporter: now, two-time super bowl champ eli manning, speaking out, saying football can do better. >> we can't accept that as players, can't accept that from our teammates and around the league, so, i think, obviously, the message is out there you can't mess with domestic violence and everybody should know that. the nfl can learn from this. >> reporter: and not a word today from nfl commissioner roger goodell. the nfl tells us that he is hard at work on domestic violence programs, david. >> ryan smith, thank you. we're going to turn to dramatic new video emerging after a beloved college student vanished. authorities just a authority time ago now asking for volunteers to help in their search.
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and look at the tape. they are pouring through it. if you look closely, you can see a man there in white shortses. he appears to follow her. they have now talked to him, so, what is he saying tonight? abc's steve osunsami on the case. >> reporter: tonight, virginia police searching for this missing college student are scouring surveillance videos, looking for even a glimpse of hannah graham. here's one from 1:06 a.m., just 12 minutes before the 18-year-old disappeared friday. notice the guy in the white shorts. he moves into this corner. waits for her. and then follows. police say the 18-year-old clearly had too much to drink, but say the man in the video already reached out to them, saying he was trying to protect her. he says he saw her with another man who may have also been trying to help. that man, described as african-american, with a large build, a shaved head and a goatee, not seen on any surveillance tapes. >> i hope we're able to find hannah and bring her home safely. >> reporter: there are videos of her all over town. leaving her apartment for the night at 9:33. outside an irish pub at 12:46.
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she was last heard from around 1:20 a.m. when she texted friends that she was headed to another party but was lost at this intersection. her parents are fearing the worst, writing in a statement that "hannah is beyond precious to us and we fear foul play." steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> steve, thank you. and now to that new terror threat. it was last night here, we told you about that man from upstate new york, rochester. he owned a small store there. charged with recruiting for isis in america. tonight, we've learned he's pleaded not guilty, just as a new plot emerges. this evening, the intercepted phone call that might have stocked an isis terror attack overseas. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross. >> reporter: hundreds of australian police moved out today under the cover of darkness. at least 15 suspects arrested and more being urgently sought. in abon isis plot that stunned this country. innocent civilians were to be chosen at random and beheaded on
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the streets of sydney. >> this is not just suspicion. this is intent. >> reporter: as in the u.s., australia has become increasingly alarmed about efforts to recruit its young citizens by jihadists. >> welcome to islam. >> reporter: in particular, after news reports that the man in the green shirt, a one-time sydney nightclub bouncer turned jihadist, has now become a senior isis leader in syria. officials fear he has the power to order attacks by traaustrali who never even made it to syria. at the same time today, the isis propaganda machine surfaced another of its western hostages. john cantlie, forced to read a three-minute script as a kind of spokesman for the benefits of isis. >> you're thinking, he's only doing this because he's a prisoner. he's got a gun at his head and he's being forced to do this, right? well, it's true. i am a prisoner. >> reporter: this is the second time cantlie has been held hostage in syria. he was captured two years ago and then escaped only to be captured a second time,
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traveling with american journalist james foley, who was executed last month. david? >> brian ross, thank you. overseas now, and to scotland. decision day. that historic vote. the polls now closed. counting now under way, and the question -- is this the end of the uk as we know? is scotland declaring its independence? the queen in her castle in scotland tonight. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran in scotland, too. terry? >> reporter: good evening, david. the voting has ended here. the counting has begun. all day long, millions of people across scotland cast their ballots and you got the unmistakable sense they knew they held their destiny in their hands. the final polls say this result is too close to call. and they will count these ballots the old fashioned way. no electronic voting. no exit polling. paper ballots counted one by one and that means, the final result won't be known until sometime tomorrow morning here. david? >> we're waiting. terry, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. our team in the sky this even egg, flying over america's
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highways. how fals are those truckers really going as they speed bill you and your family? it is eye-opening, the speed. and you'll see it right here. and, a made in america victory tonight. we've been to the mall of america, everywhere, tracking toils no longer made here. tonight, the iconic toy, can you guess what's behind those little games there in that frame? it is coming home. and then the american welcome from reese witherspoon. >> we have this thing called bosses. >> tonight, she's right here on her powerful new role. and the real-life story and children that inspired it.
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6:47 pm
following too close. >> reporter: and on the black top. in hot pursuit of reckless truckers. >> reporter: we are flying right now, trying to catch up. they caught you going 77 miles an hour and tailgating behind a car. you think it's hazardous? >> yes. >> reporter: in 2012 alone, there were over 300,000 large truck crashes in the u.s., with over 4,000 fatalities. police warn of a particular danger. tired truckers. >> we got a bit of a problem, dude. >> reporter: just listen what happened to this trucker on a frigid february night. >> i'm starting to fall asleep going down the road here. >> here's the deal. get some kof feoff and let's -- we don't have a choice on this. >> reporter: yep, that dispatcher is ordering a trucker who says he's too tired to drive to get back on the road. >> you wonder where your paycheck went this week? you know, it came down to where
6:48 pm
it went tonight. are we clear on that? >> reporter: the company refuses to talk to us, but we got a very clear response from the head of the trucking lob bi. >> well, the driver was obviously doing the right thing and the dispatcher was obviously doing the wrong thing. there's just too much at stake. >> reporter: he later quit. his record and his conscience intact. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> matt will have much more on "20/20" tomorrow night. still ahead tonight here, the school bus crash. look at this. and we're now hearing from the driver about the split-second choice she had to make. this is harrowing. and a made in america verdictry. what's coming back to america? and here's what's coming up tomorrow night. american legend billy crystal, making us laugh, one-on-one with david muir. the new gift he's giving back and what he calls the toughest thing he's ever had to do. that tribute to robin williams. tomorrow, he reveals what he misses most. on "world news tonight with david muir."
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the "instant index," this dramatic video. a school bus slamming into a home. that windshield shattered. tonight, the bus driver said she had two choices. turn left into a house or right into a park full of children. say, she prayed. no one injured. she's being called a hero. tonight, a tribute to a baseball legend going viral. derek jeter, soon to retire, hopping out of his car in this new video, walking the last few blocks to the stadium. it was his idea. surprising the fans. so many getting ready to say fair well. and, a made in america victory tonight. too early to talk christmas, but we always track toys made in america. we traveled to china to see the toys made there now. but tonight, a victory for american workers, an iconic american toy. lincoln logs coming back. invented in 1916, soon to be made here again. >> hi, david! >> reporter: there they are tonight. pennsylvania-based kinex bringing it home, about to hire. when we come back, one of america's sweethearts, reese witherspoon. and that american welcome at the
6:53 pm
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finally tonight here, reese witherspoon. you know her from "legally bl l blond," but tonight, she's celebrating other brave children calling america home. here's amy robach. >> reporter: she was the breakout star in "legally
6:57 pm
blond," --" >> hi, i'm elle woods. >> reporter: and played the ruthless tracy flick in "election." >> you won't just be voting for me. you'll be voting for yourself. >> reporter: but her latest campaign is taking reese witherspoon far from the glamor of molly wood. >> it was one of those things where i was like, "i can't not do this movie." >> reporter: witherspoon's new movie, "the good lie," telling the story of the lost boys and girls of sudan, orphans who walked hundreds of miles to escape the civil war in 1983 before being brought to america. her co-stars lived that hardship in real life. >> this is the story of my home. this is the voice of those who was not heard. >> reporter: reese plays a tough-talking employment counselor assigned to find the lost boys jobs. >> did your luggage come down the chute? >> reporter: one of the funnier moments is when they tell you your nickname. >> they all think that's very funny. >> reporter: what was it again? i forgot. >> it means great white cow.
6:58 pm
>> well, it's better than a lot of things i've been called. >> reporter: but the movie isn't just about where the lost boys started, but how far so many of them have come. this man, is a veteran who fought in iraq. this entrepreneur built a clinic in south sudan. a minister who has testified before congress. and this is truly an american story, an american dream, where you can reinvent yourself. >> absolutely. >> with the help of people such as her. >> reporter: amy robach, abc news, washington. >> and for more on the film and how you can help, go to i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" let's meet today's contestants -- a stay-at-home mom from plano, texas... a children's librarian from westerville, ohio... and our returning champion, a phd candidate in history, originally from lexington, south carolina...


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