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tv   Action News  ABC  September 23, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valleys leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> good morning, we're working >> ♪ on this tuesday, september 23rd. american forces are on the attack in 0y the first wave of u.s. airstrikes hit isis targets overnight. we've got a live report coming up. >> police are ramping up efforts to find the gunman who shot and killed a teenager not far from a local high school. >> a jack russell terrier from pa who somehow ended up in oregon is wagging her way behind her all the way home. >> good morning everyone, it's 4:30 on this tuesday, september 23rd. there are major traffic tieups on i-95 in philadelphia.
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we'll have a live report from the scene in a few moments. first that chilly accuweather forecast on this first day of fall. here is dave murphy. hi, david. >> hey, guys, the numbers have dropped overnight. you can see that cloud cover is overhead in southern delaware and over by the shore but the rest of russ -- of us are looking at sunshine. 52 degrees in philadelphia but we mentioned yesterday that a lot of suburbs would get down into the 40's this morning and there you see it. allentown 45, reading 45, wilmington 48, 47 in trenton, 46 in millville. low 50's in sea isle city and in atlantic city. and as we roll through the day, it's going to be similar to yesterday in terms of the temperatures. 63 by noon, then 70 by 3 o'clock, a high of 71 around 3:30 and back to 67 by 6:00. one difference today not quite as windy. temperatures go up in the seven day and we have now the threat of some midweek rain. i'll have details coming up, matt and tam. >> david, thanks so much. let's get to that breaking news right now it's breaking traffic news. a truck crashed on a busy philadelphia highway within
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the last hour, trash scattered all over the place and fuel is leaking on the roadway. >> "action news" reporter katherine scott is live from i-95 in the bridesburg seconds of the city with all of those messy details. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam, that's right a-truck overturned, the driver was taken to the hospital in stable condition and the cleanup is now under way. you can see the truck is down that way, it's tipped over the median and there's trash spilled on the roadway. emergency crews are here. 75 gallons of fuel from the gas tank spilled so crews are now applying absore want. traffic is getting by because it's early, there's not a whole lot of volume. the truck was traveling in the southbound lane. the closures on both sides of the highway. this happened just before 3:30 this morning on i-95 near the bridge street exit in bridesburg. the driver lost control, landed on its side on top of the median. the fuel tank ruptured, hazmat crews were called to the scene. the truck was carrying trash
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and now trash is all over the highway as well as the fuel. because it is early there aren't that many cars on the road so we are seeing traffic getting by. of course, as it gets later this problem could get worse. you want to avoid the area because as you can see there is some slowdown with the cars that are on the road here. this truck could be out here for some time so definitely avoid the area if you can. we're live along 95, katherine scott, channel6 "action news. >> all right, katherine, and karen rogers will be here a little later with traffic news on that. we also have some developing news this morning. the american military has joined five arab nations in hitting isis targets in syria from the air. the highly funded terror group seized large chunks of syria and iraq during the summer. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live at the satellite center following these developments. erin. >> good morning, matt, these first waivers of airstrikes are said to be very intense. the goal is to execute a definitive blow inside 0y now, let's take a look at a map and show you exactly where this is happening.
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the strikes hit a very specific list of targets in and around the syrian city of raqqa which is the militant group's self declared capital in syria. this is new video coming out of the middle east. the syrian foreign minister said earl this morning that the u.s. informed the damascus envoy to the u.s. before launching airstrikes. airstrikes came from tomahawk missiles launched from sea u.s. fighter jets and bombers and there are reports of casualties among militants on the ground. the united states was the only nonarab partner in the launch of these strikes. the actions which began around 8:30 last night were also carried out by five arab countries including jordan saudia arabia bar ran qatar and the united emirate. some of those countries have participate in there strikes against afghanistan and libya. in addition to the
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airstrikes last week congress authorized 500 million to arm and train moderate syrian rebels on the ground all in hopes to help destroy isis. again the air campaign is under way. this is a very fluid situation. of course we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. i'm life in the sat center, erin o'hearn channel6 "action news." >> erin thank you for those details. new this morning four people including a philadelphia firefighter are recovering after being injured during a fast moving fire. flames ear rusted just after 11 o'clock on the 3800 block of north ninth street in hunting park. heavy fire damaged house. officials tell "action news" one firefighter was taken to the hospital with a reported ankle injury. he is expected to be okay, though. and three residents were also transported to the hospital for smoke inhalation and they are in stable condition. it appears the fire start in there an electrical box that was behind a sofa. >> police are still hunting for a killer following yesterday's shooting outside einstein medical center in the olney section of the city.
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both vic women's were teens and they were not the intended targets. gunfire erupted during a fight in the medical center. a 15-year-old girl was slot in the back. she died at einstein. a 99 19-year-old was wounded and is fighting for his life. police say neither victim was part of the crowd involved in the fight. >> a large crowd of juveniles and young adults were rowdy, they were very unruly, that was the radio call and they were walking south from broad and olney right towards einstein hospital. that's when minutes later shots rang out. >> the girl attended delaware valley charter school nearby. police have questioned five people who were part of the melee. what that dispute was about is not known. police and the fbi are still searching for 31-year-old eric frein the suspected killer of pennsylvania state trooper bryon dixon has been on the run since september 12th. the search is focused on a rural part of monroe county where frein lived with his
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parents and authorities believe they are closing in on him. some schools in that area are reopening for the first time today since the search began. >> happening today, a call to make attacks on gays in pennsylvania a hate crime a rail in favor of that action will be held in harrisburg. pa senate bill 42 would expand pennsylvania's hate crime law to include anyone who was gay lesbian bisexual or transgender. currently they are not protected by a state hate crime statute in pennsylvania though they are covered by federal law. the philadelphia d.a.'s office is currently considering charges for an alleged attack on a gay couple. the two candidates for governor of pennsylvania faced off in their first debate. incumbent tom corbett and tom wolf went throned hand in hershey last night. wolf said the corbett administration has lashed education funding. >> 27,000 educators have lost their jobs, class sizes increased, property taxes have gone through the roof. education has been cut. we are not doing a good job in
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following through on the promise we made. >> but the cut to education occurred in the administration before we. but mr. wolf's supporters and the public sector union and the teachers union have that spent millions of dollars put out the lie that i cut education. i didn't. >> governor corbett said he is against increased government spending. mr. wolf said pennsylvania needs a fair tax system that gives the middle class a break >> in business headlines from the big board the federal government's own watch dogs say they have found a credible -- a critical vulnerability with the web site a new report released this morning says the watchdog then tried to mimic what a hacker might do next with the vulnerability but they were blocked by the web site's own defenses, which is good. the report amounts to a mixed review for the federal site that cost taxpayers millions of dollars. turning to wall street concerns about chinese growth dragged down stocks on monday and futures are in the red right now.
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apple is denying a published report that it plans on shutting down the streaming service beats music. tech crunch reportd that apple may phase the name outer. apple because the beats, the entire company from hip hop producer dr. jay and jimmy ivene for $3 million. final news on apple, it sold 10 million iphone 6's over the weekend. that is a new record for opening weekend sales. tam, back to you. >> my goodness. thank you matt. the cross country k-9 who made it from that montgomery county somehow to oregon is now coming back home today. gidget the jack russell terrier spent the past week at an animal shelter out west. someone there was able to track down the dog's own interhuntingdon valley thanks to the animal's microchip. the manufacturer of that digital id pet link is paying forgive's air travel. stay with "action news" for more on what is bound to be an emotional reunion. >> and we'll probably feature a milk bone or two. 4:39 now.
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we have more stories you didn't see last night. a los angeles woman attacked a bus driver. see her ensuing struggle with passengers next. >> just barely a week after receiving the crown, the new miss america is the source of new controversy. we'll break it down. david. >> we definitely have jackets on the kids this morning as some suburbs are down in the 40's this afternoon improvement. i'll have details coming up and the rest that of seven-day forecast. >> ♪ keira kazmierczak
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>> welcome back to breaking news as we continue to follow
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this story. you see all the emergency workers right on i-95 with this overturned tractor-trailer. happened at 3:30 this morning. what we can see is restrictions on both sides of the highway. this is i-95 in bridesburg right at bridge street and we can see the southbound traffic trying to head towards center city. you're dealing with this one, it's a mess on both sides of the highway. not only do we have a trash all over the roadway but we also have 75 gallons of fuel that spilled out. penndot is on the scene right now. they're trying to lay down now. this mess and the fuel spill that's affecting traffic both sides of i-95 here at bridge street. we've got three lanes blocked southbound. it flipped over into the northbound. we've got a few lanes it looks like the two left lanes blocked northbound as well. stick to frankford avenue or route 1, the roosevelt boulevard instead. i-95 a messy situation even though the accident happened at 3:30. we have so much cleanup to do and we're live right there on the scene with the action cam and you can get a different vantage point of this and you can see that it's completely
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flipped over at this side this tractor-trailer. we see some of the debris that's all over the highway and certainly from this viewpoint you also get an idea of the number of emergency workers blocking those two left lanes northbound as well. so you are affected northbound and southbound because volume is light, we are seeing traffic getting by at this point. the trouble is what happens when this is out there in the busy morning commute? we have to see how quickly they can deal with a very messy situation. we'll be on top of it all morning, matt, tam and david. >> karen thanks so much. so. >> gapers delay on the way too. >> some places in the 40's right now. >> yeah. we talked about this yesterday. it was kind of mild yesterday morning but we have dipped into the 40's in allentown an lot of those outlying neighborhoods. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you we're dry for the morning commute so that's g taking a look outside and plenty of sun emerging up over the horizon later on this morning over the ben franklin bridge. you might find it's a little bit cloudier down the shore this morning but in philadelphia it should be fairly bright fairly quickly. taking a look at the
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temperature we're at 52 degrees in philadelphia, so not quite as bad in the city and i'm bringing in that always on seven day for those of you watching in hd so you can glance ahead. dewpoint is low so the air is dry. winds not as breezy and strong as they were yesterday, only 3 miles per hour this morning. satellite shows you how there is that cloud cover down to the south but not a whole lot going on from philadelphia west and again a bright start so get the shades ready. it's going to be similar today as to what it was yesterday temperature-wise. 54 degrees by 8 o'clock, that's a little cooler. 61 by each clock but in the afternoon 67 degrees by 2:00, a high of 71 around three or 3:30 and then still holding onto something around 70 by 5 o'clock. high temperatures across the region pretty even outside of the shore. 70 in allentown, 70 in trenton to go with that 71 in philadelphia. 70 in wilmington. mid to upper 60's from cape may up to millville and over towards dover delaware. tomorrow we have an area of low pressure that we talked about that was going to bring us some clouds through midweek. it now looks like that low is
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going to track close enough to us where we could actually get some rain out of that and the beginning of this will be late in the day on wednesday or wednesday evening. the latest future tracker 6 model shows it's mostly at night on wednesday that this starts to barrel up from the south as that low scoots past us. unfortunately it looks like overnight and into thursday morning we're also going to see some rain, some of it could be heavy at times and we may actually not get rid of that until thursday afternoon, so midweek rain now moving up from the south into the forecast. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast shows 71 for a pleasant high today, not as much wind as yesterday. sun giving way to clouds on wednesday, 75 and by wednesday night there could be some rain. and we get into thursday and it's cloudy and damp at times with periods of rain and we'll see how far of an advance it can make but the models right now suggesting that just about all of us could at least see some showers. 66 is the thursday high now, we're dropping it because of the clouds and the rain. but we do bounce back to 74 with sunshine returning on friday. and then we're still looking at that warmup as we head into
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the weekend. it now looks like low 80's for both saturday and sunday and then monday 79 with more clouds building in and then probably some more rain by about tuesday of next week, okay? >> okay, thanks, david. >> yeah. >> new on "action news" here, fellow passengers had to pull an irate woman off of a public bus in los angeles. they saw the 64 year old attack the driver for some unknown reason and she would not stop until witnesses dragged her away. police arrested the angry rider, the bus driver was not seriously hurt. >> flew this morning the new miss america who made the fight against domestic violence the cornerstone of her platform was bootd from her college last year for the abusive hazing of pledges. a report surfaced other web site jezebel claiming that keira kazmierczak was kicked out of the sorority at hofstra university. report states she called recruits foul names berated them for physical imperfections and forced them
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to perform tasks that left some of them exhausted and bruise. >> all new on "action news" a fox attack at a into new england. it happened to a little boy during jim class. >> another reality show couple calls it quits. we'll tell you more about that a little bit later. >> and stay on top of the changing weather situation with the new go to our weather page and you can look at storm tracker 6 se
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>> back to our breaking news here. we're taking a a live shot with the action cam on the scene. this is bridesburg. i-95 at bridge street, this overturned tractor-trailer carrying trash and we can see the trash all over the roadway. now we've got troopers on the scene inspecting the situation. the problem isn't just the trash you see on the highway. it's a 75-gallon fuel spill as well. you see this tractor-trailer completely flipped over on its side. katherine scott has been live on the scene reporting on the mess on i-95. it's affecting both sides of the highway as they inspect the vehicle. they haven't even begun to think about lifting this up and dealing with the trash on the scene but what they are doing now is laying down absorbents to try to deal with the 75-gallon fuel spill that's out there. you see those crews on the southbound side of the highway. looks like the tractor-trailer
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flipped over onto the northbound side so now we've got both sides of the highway partially blocked, three lanes southbound on the highway blocked with the fire crews, the trucks, the tow trucks all on the scene right now and penndot and at least two lanes northbound as well. we can see traffic is getting by because we've got light volume, you're tit still getting by at this point but this is going to take awhile to clean up and that could mean big problems for the morning rush when that really begins. let's switch over to your traffic cameras and we see just a different perspective on this from the other side of the highway and you can see how traffic is jamming up at the scene here. what you can do to try to avoid some of the problem that's out there right now is you could stick to frankford avenue right here or the boulevard instead. we're already seeing slow speeds because people trying to do that at this point so i-95 at bridge street. we've got the highway partially blocked on both sides, matt and we'll be on top of this all morning long. >> thank you karen. let's talk about your travel forecast here at the big board and we are talking about where you could see some delays if you're flying across the can country. that's the faa screen.
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green all across the can and tree -- country right now. there's not much going on and that's good for people flying out. couple cities might have some trouble. floor could see some thundershower activity, could see a delay or two especially at miami international airport. seattle could see rain in the afternoon. you see it forming off the puget sound. san francisco california could see some low cloud cover and it should break out in the afternoon, things things should be okay in the p.m. time. >> thank you matt. the first deadly black bear attack in new jersey ever and the victim is a senior at rutgers university. darsh patel was hiking. they came across a black bear and ran off in different directions. then patel's body was found two hours later. the bear was euthanized. experts are testing the bear to try to find out why it was so aggressive.
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a second grader was among several people attacked by a fox in connecticut. this all happened during an outdoor gym class. the boy was rescued by his gym teach here ripped the animal off of him. a teacher and a staff were also bitten. a fourth person had been bitten earlier. the fox was captured. it's now being
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every saturday, mrs. tanner connects with her free transit ride at 10am which takes her to storytime at the library across town, where she connects with some of her biggest fans. when older pennsylvanians make the most of programs supported by the pennsylvania lottery, like free and reduced-fare shared rides, we all benefit. learn more at the pennsylvania lottery benefits older pennsylvanians every day. >> there's a $40,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of 42-year-old tam lee. he is wanted for the murder of
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two brothers who were found stabbed bound and dumped in the schuylkill river last month. the third man survived and was able to identify le to police. investigators believe the brothers were killed over drug money they gambled away. >> kris jenner made it official that her marriage to bruce jenner was over. kris jenner filed for divorce. trouble in the marriage had been well documented in the reality show keeping up with the kardashians. the jenners had been married for 22 years. meanwhile their son-in-law may be a college dropout as the title of his album goes but he's going back to teach. as part of his mandated community service from his 2013 paparazzi mishap, kanye west is teaching a fashion class at los angeles trade technical college. the roper pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor account of battery against a photographer after they got into a scuffle at lax. >> 4:57 on this tuesday morning and we're following breaking news from the traffic
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department, major tie-ups here on i-95 as we take a live look from the action cam of a truck that's on its side, there's trash all over the place, there's a fuel spill and the driver has been injured. a full update when "action
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> good morning everyone, it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday, september 23 and we're following breaking traffic news. >> a tractor-trailer overturns on 95 making for a messy early morning rush. >> we're monitoring military action in the middle east. the u.s. has begun airstrikes on isis targets in syria. >> autumn is now officially under way and accuweather is tracking a chilly morning alongside a seasonal switch. david. >> all right, guys, on the big board we have cloud cover down to the south but lots of clear spaces getting ready for sunshine this morning across most of the region. but get your coats out. 52 degrees in philadelphia, just 44 in allentown now, 45 in reading, 46 in wilmington,


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