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tv   Action News  ABC  September 24, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. edwards, karen rogers and >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday, september 24th and we're following breaking news. >> gunfire erupts on a philadelphia street overnight leaving a pregnant woman dead and a man wounded. >> police issue arrest warrants for three people in connection with the beating of a gay couple in center city. >> accuweather is tracking some heavy rain and it will be moving in later today. >> in fact let's find out a little bit more about that coming rain and go to dave murphy and karen rogers has already had a busy morning when it comes to traffic. good morning.
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>> good morning. as we take look to the south we can see dark clouds sweeping in from the south evidence of that impending rain later on tonight. as we take a look at temperatures ahead of that, well, we are cool. 56 degrees in philadelphia right now, 52 in wilmington. we're up to 50 in allentown, still 49 in reading and upper 60's in sea isle city and atlantic city. as we head outside over the next couple hours to catch that bus or get the car started look for partly cloudy and cool conditions, 57 by 6:00 and 60 degrees by 8 o'clock. rolling through the day it is going to get mild later. by noon we'll be up to 70 and 75 is your high at 3 o'clock but clouds will increase and we'll really cloud up by about 6:00. satellite already showing you that the thicker clouds are overtaking parts of south jersey and most of the state of delaware, points north are probably going to see some sunshine early. the wider view shows you there's a lot of rain down the coast as well. that rain will start to overtake our southern areas late in the afternoon or early evening and then later tonight and overnight look for some heavy rain building in through philadelphia and points north.
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when i step inside we'll take a look at future tracker 6, track that rain and pay a special attention to tomorrow morning's commute which could be on the wet side, karen. >> all right. tomorrow morning's commute is going to be bad. this morning's commute we're dry but we already have some pretty big problems. we're starting in salem county in carneys point new jersey and this overturned tractor-trailer is now causing even more problems. so we've got three lanes blocked here on the new jersey turnpike southbound approaching the delaware memorial bridge. now they've also temporarily blocked your alternate claw -- she was 295 southbound. your into alternate is 130 southbound. if they block that we'll be in trouble. portions of the turnpike, portions of 295 southbound blocked in salem county new jersey. this is southbound as you head towards the delaware memorial bridge so problems right there. let's go outside live in camden. admiral wilson boulevard westbound approaching baird a water main break blocking the right lane. you can see crews on the scene so expect slowing later if this stays out here on the
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admiral wilson boulevard. live in king of prussia, fire crews on the scene. chopper 6 headed to the scene as well. fire reported at the kiosk in the mall. we saw a couple crews leave the scene. something to watch for right now. on the big picture don't forget we've got that ramp closed from spring garden street to the schuylkill westbound for the next two months for construction. that's a big one affecting a lot of people. a better situation in olney we've been talking about the police investigation but 20th street near nedro avenue at least traffic is moving right their, matt. >> thanks karen. breaking this morning a double shooting overnight left a pregnant woman dead and her child also did not make it. the shooting on a philadelphia street also left a man wounded. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in the olney section where the man hunter is -- man hunter on. >> reporter: the second time in two weeks that a philadelphia pregnant woman has been shot and killed. as was the case the last time the baby girl was delivered but did not survive. a 26-year-old man remains in the hospital in critical condition. we're told he's expected to
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survive. he's conscious and speaking with detectives. the road is opened here. the crime scene unit has left but police are still holding part of the scene at 20th and nedro here in olney. earlier police marked off level shell casings, broken glass, a cell phone and other evidence that remained at the scene. this shooting happened shortly before 1:00 a.m. and when police arrived they found both victims lying on the sidewalk next to a white chevy impala. officers rushed them to einstein. the 26-year-old man was shot in the back and the leg. the 25-year-old woman who was eight months pregnant was hit in the head, arm and both legs. and she was pronounced dead at the hospital at 1:03 a.m. doctors did an emergency delivery of her baby girl but she, too, did not survive. >> the doctors did what they can. they delivered the baby and they worked on the baby for over an hour but the baby was pronounced dead at 2:18 a.m. >> reporter: and back here
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live, a white chevy impala remains at the scene. the engine was run when did you go police arrived and police believe at least one of the victims was in the car when the shots were fired but they were both found lying on the sidewalk. police are interviewing witnesses right now. they're also interviewing that 26-year-old man who was shot. they're hoping to learn some information from them. then have located some surveillance cameras in the area. we're live in olney, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> katherine thank you for that. also happening today, the three suspects accused of beating a gay couple in center city are expected to turn themselves in. the philadelphia district attorney has filed charges against 26-year-old kevin harrigan, 24 year old philip williams and 24 year old katherine knott. knot is the daughter of chalfont police chief carl knott. the gay couple have maintained that they were attacked on the night of september 11th because of their sexual orientation. happening today pennsylvania governor tom corbett is scheduled to sign the newly passed cigarette tax for philadelphia.
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the state senate voted 39 to 11 yesterday approving a two dollars per pack tax hike on cigarettes in the city. the house approved the legislation on monday night. the philadelphia school district hopes the tax will pump $83 million of extra revenue into public schools over the next year. as you can imagine some business owners and smokers are none too pleased about it. erin o'hearn will have a full report at 6:30. >> we have breaking news. chopper 6 is live over this fire scene that karen just mentioned a couple minutes ago. it's at the king of prussia mall in upper merion township. fire crews are there at the scene. now we're told that some type of fire broke out about 40 minutes ago at a kiosk located inside the mall, so obviously not seeing much smoke or flames from the air here. it's at a kiosk. the mall doesn't open until 10:00 a.m. so it's unclear if this might have been something that somehow happened overnight on its own or smoldered or maybe someone was
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setting up early. but any way fire officials are there making sure that this small fire that we assume is small is out located at a kiosk at the king of prussia mall and karen will of course address traffic concerns later. >> it is 6:07. the revel hit the auction block today and several buyers seem to be interested maribel aber has the story. she's live at the nasdaq in times square. good morning. >> reporter: good morning tam. multiple offers have been made ford revel in atlantic city. management of the revel is looking at fraudulent transactions are starting to show up in the financial system. now in some cases the stolen data is being used to drain accounts of cash. this is according to the wall street journal. criminals are also using the data to buy electronics even groceries. home depot says 56 million cards may have been exposed in the attack on its payment terminals.
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stocks fell for a third straight session on concerns about economic growth in europe. right now futures though pointing to a higher open and finally the three biggest soda companies team up to cut calories. coke, pepsi and dr. pepper snapple vow to slash the number of beverage calories consumed by 20 percent over the next 10 years. the three will not cut the number of calories in a can of soda no. they hope to hit the target by selling smaller portion sizes and incluesing -- eighty nine he is market sizes of water. >> detrimental to their own business getting possible to do less. >> no, it's not. it will be smaller size but for the same price. that's going the happen. >> they should hire you. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan -- you watch. nothing going on out there rain-wise just yet and as we take a look outside, we have sky 6 and there's still some sun in philadelphia getting ready to come up over the horizon as we do have some breaks in the clouds.
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i was able to spot that when i was out on the terrace a moment ago. we're high and dry at the airport but storm tracker 6 live double scan will be bringing you those up to date very fast images and accurate images of the ray rain as they come in later tonight. remember you always get a better look at the rain here on channel 6 than you will anywhere else because of the speed with which we can get that data in with storm tracker 6 live double scan. 56 degrees right now in philadelphia, 52 in wilmington. i'm going to add that always on seven day on the left hand portion of your screen for those of you watching in hd. 50 degrees in allentown, 49 in reading and still 66 degrees at beach haven. some of the other shore communities have been reporting mid to upper 60's as well so a little bit milder there. future tracker 6 shows that you we have cloud cover building as we go through the day. but we stay dry straight past when the kids are usually coming out of school. it's more like 6 o'clock when we start to see some sprinkles and showers down the shore and then later tonight, cecily and adam will have a lot to show you especially in areas south of philadelphia with some steady rain beginning to
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arrive. during the day then it's dry up in allentown, probably take a little while for the thicker clouds to move in up there, too. so, increasing clouds, breezy, 72 but some sun squeezing out from behind those clouds for a good portion of the day up north. down the shore, a different story. you're probably looking at mainly cloudy skies for most of the day especially the farther south you go. atlantic city mostly cloudy and breezy, 70 is the high. and in philadelphia, we'll go for a high today of 75, clouds on the march during the day, winds 10 to 20 miles per hour, a bit on the breezy side. 60 by 8 o'clock, 67 by 11:00. we'll be in the 60's during the morning. and into the 70's for the afternoon with a high of 75 around 3 o'clock this afternoon. then future tracker 6 picks up the story overnight and by 1 o'clock in the morning when most are asleep the rain she is a falling and it gets pretty heavy at times. by 6 o'clock in the morning it's possible that the heaviest stuff is it to the north of us. we're still going to have a lot of ponding and puddling with left over heavy rain that has fallen trying to drain into those storm drains.
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i would look for flooded intersections and that sort of thing in the morning. by 9 o'clock down to lighter showers, pretty wet and slow out there. by 12 o'clock lighter showers, sure it may be dry at that point and then the showers kind of spin a bayh from us during the afternoon and we finally start to dry out. how much rain are we looking at? a lot down the shore, perhaps 3-inches or more in some spots. looks more like an inch and a half to two around philadelphia and probably more like an inch to an inch and a third up north. for the thursday morning commute we're not only looking at rainy conditions but also windy conditions, wet roads, lots of splashing and wind gusts 35 miles per hour or more and even worse at the shore where we could see those gusts go as high as 45 miles per hour. we're also looking at high waves, minor tidal flooding and again that rainfall that could be pretty intense. your your seven-day forecast, 75 degrees, increasing clouds. rain arriving tonight for most of you. tomorrow cloudy and rainy, the heaviest predawn. and then some showers in the afternoon, 66. but on friday, the sun returns. clouds give way to some sun, 74.
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still looking warm for the weekend, low 80's. upper 70's on monday, still a nice day. and then cooler with some more rain by tuesday. okay? >> got you david. thanks. 6:12 now and more new stories are next on "action news" including the cruiser crash that highlights a dangerous road hazard in montgomery county. >> we'll tell you why the new iphone 6 has some users you could say getting bent all out of shape. karen. >> i-95 southbound at bridge street, nothing more than just some building volume. a lot better than yesterday. we're going to have the latest on the overturned tractor-trailer in new jersey back.
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>> ♪ >> welcome back. you're taking a live look here into center city. it's 6:15, 57 degrees out there, cool this morning as we wait on a little bit of rain to come our day. >> karen you got something going on in south jersey. been a problem for awhile. >> yeah, after yesterday morning's nightmare avenue commute i feel like we earned a good ride. no everybody is getting it. an overturned tractor-trailer in salem county in carneys point, new jersey, but if you're trying to take the new jersey turnpike southbound or 295, you got a problem because of this. so we're blocking three lanes now of the new jersey turnpike southbound currently blocking all lanes of 295 southbound as well. that was your alternate. now you can't take 295.
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you can take 130 or you can hop into new jersey -- or you could hop into pennsylvania on the commodore barry bridge and take 95 southbound but the accident itself, new jersey turnpike southbound an overturned tractor-trailer, only the right lane gets by approaching the delaware memorial bridge. seeing speeds of about 26 miles an hour at this point in the morning, very slow go. chopper 6 headed to the scene right now. let's take a look outside. this is admiral wilson boulevard near baird boulevard. we can see the crews still out there. we've got that water main break blocking the right lane. it has been out here a little bit. expect slowing as we see more people out there and certainly later on if this stays out there that's going to be a problem as you head towards the ben franklin bridge. we also have a new problem, a vehicle fire happening right now montgomery county, germantown pike at heritage drive so a few issues out there this morning. let's bring in the temperatures. it's 56 degrees right now in philadelphia. a handful of traffic issues but no weather related problems. that comes tomorrow morning. now, much of the day is dry today, increasing clouds. if you're down the shore maybe you get that late rain today. the rest of it holds off until
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tonight and tomorrow morning, tam. >> okay, thank you, karen. a gas station clerk in canton ohio got into a shootout with three would be robbers. it was all caught on surveillance camera. police say three armed men walked into the gas station. moments later the three suspects and the gas station employee opened fire on each other. two of the suspects were shot and killed and the store clerk was hit twice in the legs. he's expected to recover. the third suspect remains on the run. >> some people who bought the iphone 6 have noticed that when they take it out of their pants pocket, it kind of resembles the shape of a banana. abc's reena ninan has tech bites. >> reporter: in today's tech bites ios8 is popular. within days after the release of apple's new mobile operating system nearly half of all iphones and ipads were running it compare that to android where only a fourth of all devices are running the latest version after 10 months. all is not perfect in the apple orchard the the night. iphone 6s can be bent. some owners even say their phones have been warped just by being in their pockets.
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some are calling it bend gate. to be fair other phones can can also be bent, too. the new taco app allows you to add text messages and photos to your calls. it works for one-on-one or group calls but only for the iphone right now. an those are your tech bites. i'm reena 99 tan. >> 6:18. finishing the job. a pizza delivery man in oregon gets into an accident and police go beyond the call of duty before the pizza gets cold. >> also a farmer produces a monster of an idea in his pumpkin patch. gave. >> that is wicked. jackets on the kids, temperatures in the 50's in most neighborhoods. t-shirts this afternoon. no rain gear as that will hold down... lower... that's more like it! petsmart's prices on your favorite food brands just got lower! shop a wide assortment of food and save up to $8 on your favorite dog & cat food brands. at petsmart®. i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world
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jackie's heart attack didn't come with a warning. today her doctor has her on a bayer aspirin regimen to help reduce the risk of another one. if you've had a heart attack be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. we've put a fresh twist on classic desserts.ry, making them all new, any day treats. starting with cheesecakes, reinvented using thick and creamy traditional greek yogurt. then delicately topped with delicious fruit sauces. the twist? less than 200 calories. new dannon creamery desserts. cause life's better with a twist. ♪ dannon! also try our dannon creamery pudding range. >> halloween is right around the corner and one farmer has found a way to grow some very ghoulish gourds. they're 100 percent naturally california grown pumpkins that he grows in molds to make them look like frankenstein. people have been calling from
6:21 am
around the world willing to pay up to $125 for one of these pumpkins. the farmer says it's taken years of trial and error and plenty of money. he spent $400,000 getting them to this point to perfect these pump can skins. >> i did that one time with ice. >> you did. >> yeah. >> it's a little easier. >> froze it. >> frankenstein. >> no, no, ice. i made water freeze into shapes like circles and. >> karen, let's do the traffic. >> let's take a look outside. this is the schuylkill past montgomery drive. eastbound traffic on your right side headed towards center city. just a little eastbound volume building here after conshohocken and from montgomery to girard. it's not too bad just yet. off of the schuylkill city avenue southbound at presidential boulevard a new accident just came in so watch for that one. mass transit on time so far, dave. >> starting out cool this morning karen with temperatures in the 50's in most neighborhoods. by 9 o'clock we'll be up to 63 then 70 by noon and it does get mild this afternoon with a high of 75 at 3 o'clock. there will be a bit of a
6:22 am
breeze blowing in off the ocean because of that coastal low. also notice how the clouds are increasing during the day. doesn't look like any of us have any rain by 6 o'clock except maybe cape may county and southern delaware. if you're headed to the airport looks like all green aircraft on the big board for now. although some areas down to the south and even philadelphia later tonight could start to see some delays because of that arriving rain and the winds picking up. everything looks okay for now, though, matt and tam. >> okay, thank you. well, going on gidget the dog who managed to want 2700 miles from her montgomery county home is back but it's not clear she wants to be. gidget's family was ready to give their pet a big well can come at philadelphia international airport last night. but the dog wanted none of it. as soon as she was put on the ground she takes off. the family managed to eventually corral gidget. the dog's owner held her tightly as she talked to reporters. >> make sure she doesn't get out of the gate first. get her a nice good meal and get her back in and maybe a bath and get her in a nice
6:23 am
warm bed with us. >> gidget had disappeared in april from huntingdon valley and somehow turned up in oregon. >> good dog. the phillies have five games left in their dismal season. they entered tonight's game in miami as losers of seven of their last nine games. loss number seven came last night against the marlins. cole hamels gave up just two runs in seven innings but that was too much for the phillies offense doing nothing to support him. marlins win two to nothing. >> it's now 6:23. next up and new at 6:00 a.m. a police crash could lead to traffic changes in montgomery county. >> katherine scott is covering a breaking new story in philadelphia's olney section. katherine. >> reporter: matt for the second time in two weeks a pregnant woman is shot and killed in philadelphia. a second person remains in the hospital in critical we're live in olney with all the details coming upo3wo
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but with med-care, i don't have to! waiting to get my diabetic supplies is such a hassle . they deliver everything i need right to my door! with free shipping! plus, med-care takes private policies, medicaid, even my medicare! now we have the time to do the things we love. med-care. we deliver a better life. >> students in the pocono mountain school district returned to class yesterday. they had been kept home for four days as the man hunter for eric frein continues. the search has narrowed to an area of the poconos where the 31-year-old grew up and he's the only suspect in the ambush death of corporal bryon dixon and wounding of another state trooper at the blooming grove barracks on september 12th. new on "action news," a crash involving a police vehicle in montgomery county is raising concern about the safety of the intersection. police say another driver ran a stop sign at north charlotte and north keim streets in lower pottsgrove on monday and
6:27 am
slammed into lower pottsgrove officer james kenny's patrol vehicle. kenny became trapped and suffered serious injuries. township officials are now looking at installing a traffic light at that intersection. >> police officers showing up at your door can can often be not a good thing but when these two officers turned up in an oregon home they really were delivering something good. it was a pizza. a driver was on his way to deliver a pizza when he was involved in a crash. he was taken to the hospital to be checked out for neck and back pain and that's when the officers stepped in and said you know what, we'll finish that delivery for you. >> above and beyond. good to see. 6:27. breaking overnight a pretty good woman is among the victims of a deadly double shooting. >> and this story is now developing. rescuers pull a trapped man out of a pickup truck while another driver is taken in by we'll give you that update when "action news" continues.
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. >> ♪ >> breaking right now on "action news" a pregnant woman is among the victims of a deadly double shooting in philadelphia. police are gathering new information and so are we. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan radar is watching a coastal storm that will bring a lot of rain to the region. >> a wind fault for philadelphia schools means city smokers will have to dig deeper into their wallets. >> good morning, 6:30 on this wednesday. david and karen now with weather and traffic. good morning. >> we're off to a cool start. we've got clear skies overhead in philadelphia. you can clearly see the thicker clouds coming in over jersey coast. 56 degrees right now in the city, 50 allentownly still in the upper 40's in reading, 46 in lancaster, 49 in millville. milder down the shore but everybody looking at jackets as they head outside. 63 degrees by 9 o'clock. by noon, 70 and it is going to be mild this afternoon. 75 by 3 o'clock. that's your high. back to the up are 60's by 6:00 and notice how the clouds get thicker as the day goes on. satellite showing you the clouds already getting thicker
6:31 am
down in south jersey and delaware. they are on their way up to the north and if we go out wider you can see that that area of low pressure down to the south producing those clouds is pushing heavy rain in on the southern states and those heavy bands are coming in our direction for later tonight and overnight and tomorrow morning looks to be a rather wet commute. we'll have more on that on future tracker 6 when i step inside and the rest of the accuweather 7-day forecast and all the changes that implies, karen. what are roads look,ing like right now? >> we have chopper 6 live on the scene of this accident. an overturned tractor-trailer that has been causing problems in karen niece point salem county, new jersey. this is where 295 and the new jersey turnpike kind of perch so the new jersey turnpike becomes 295 at this point as you head towards the delaware memorial bridge. just the right lane getting by. it looks like, i know it's dark but it looks like they were able to upright this tractor-trailer. it has been causing problems much of the morning and as chopper kind of pans back you can see it is causing a delay at this early hour as well so you need to be mindful of this right now and about a 1 mile delay as they have all but
6:32 am
just that right lane getting by right now. you can use 130 southbound or if you want to take the commodore barry bridge to get into pennsylvania and take i-95 southbound instead, you can but you can see the problems you've got with traffic really backed up here. chopperchopper 6 live on the scf the new jersey turnpike southbound where it becomes 295 southbound trying to head to the delaware memorial bridge, you're not expecting this kind of delay at this early hour but we've been warning you about it if you have been watching us so hopefully you're not one of those folks that will be stuck in here. stick to 130 southbound, take the commodore barry bridge and head into pennsylvania and take i-95 southbound instead. let's go to our traffic cameras right now. here's the accident scene. also we've been talking about this problems in camden. the water main break they were able to clear this. the crews have cleared the scene so admiral wilson boulevard westbound approaching baird boulevard moving better. we also had a vehicle fire. it's been so busy but they cleared this in montgomery county on germantown pike. traffic moving better there as well, tam. >> so much going on. thank you, karen. and we're starting this
6:33 am
morning with breaking news. that overnight barrage of bullets that left two people on the ground in philadelphia. one of them a pregnant woman lost her life and the child she was expecting also didn't make it. "action news" reporter katherine scott is live in the city's olney section. she's got the latest details. good morning, katherine. >> reporter: good morning, tam. and that pregnant woman was 25 years old. she was eight months pregnant. neither she nor her baby survived. a 26-year-old man remains in the hospital in critical condition but police say he was conscious and speaking with detectives and police have mainly wrapped up this scene here in olney but you can still see one police vehicle that's holding a car that was part of this crime scene at 20th and nedro. 11 shell casings were found earlier, a cell phone and other evidence were marked off. calls for the shooting came in just before 1:00 a.m. when police arrived they found both victims lying on the sidewalk next to a white chevy impala. police believe at least one of the victims was inside the car when the shots were fired.
6:34 am
witnesses saw a man fleeing the scene and police rushed the victims to the hospital. the man was shot in the back and the leg and is actually talking to detectives, but the 25-year-old woman was hit in the head, her arm and both of her legs. she was pronounced dead at the hospital at 1:03 a.m. and again, she was eight months pregnant. doctors delivered her baby girl. they worked on that little girl for more than an hour but she, too, did not survive. police are interviewing witnesses and they have located some cameras in the area. >> fortunately we did find some businesses in the immediate area that do have exterior surveillance cameras. so, homicide detectives are on location trying to get a copy of those recordings and hopefully they can help us with this investigation. >> reporter: and back here live at 20th and nedro where police remain, they are holding that scene where that white chevy impala remains. this is the second time in two weeks in philadelphia that a pregnant woman was shot and
6:35 am
killed and her baby was delivered and then died. in that last case, it was deemed a double homicide but whether this will be classed as up has yet to be determined by authorities. live in olney, katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> so sad. thank you katherine. developing now a fire broke out inside the king of prussia mall about an hour ago. chopper 6 was over the mall in upper merion township as fire crews gathered at the scene. authorities say the fire broke out at a kiosk in the food court area of the mall at 5:20 a.m. they have placed the under control. crews are working to get rid of the smoke in the mall which is scheduled to open at 10:00 a.m. >> we have breaking news coming in from syria. activists reporting a new round of airstrikes overnight. they say at least 10 strikes targeted islamic state terrorists in eastern syria near the iraqi border but the u.s. has not confirmed these strikes. president obama will address the united nations general assembly later this morning. the president hopes that his un visit will lead to more countries choosing to join in
6:36 am
the fight against isis. one of the main topics of the president's speech will certainly be the air campaign in syria. the airstrikes targeted isis and an al-qaeda affiliated group called the khorasan group. >> also dwelling overnight a driver being questioned for a violent head on crash in delaware. the action cam was there as crews rushed to free a second driver who was trapped in his pickup truck. this happened on lancaster pike at hickory spring road in hockessin. the victim in the pickup is in the hospital in critical condition. at this point that other driver does not face charges in connection with the crash. officials with the philadelphia school district believe some of their budget troubles are about to be solved. pennsylvania governor tom corbett plans to sign a bill today that will allow the city to raise its cigarette tax to send more money to public schools. "action news" reporter erin o'hearn is live at the big board to break it down for us inch the cash strapped philadelphia school district will be getting crucial
6:37 am
revenue from the bill. last night the senate joined the house in supporting the cigarette tax by a 39 to 11 vote. governor corbett as you said is expected to sign the bill as soon as it reaches his desk this morning. so let's take a look at exactly what this means for smokers. the current pennsylvania tax for a pack of cigarettes is $1.60. the new tax for philadelphia adds two dollars to that, plus there's that 8% sales tax which is already higher than most of the state. this bill comes after months of delay. house and senate republican leaders battled over unrelated provisions that included local hotel taxes and a small city economic development program but those were dropped in the final version of the bill. of course educators are thrilled the philadelphia school district has been lobbying for more funds for months. and this will provide $83 million to the district a year but while schools say the tax will benefit them enormously smokers and small business owners say it's at their expense. >> we went on those assurances
6:38 am
and today it's paid off and in fact, i'm glad we did not have to reduce staff, eliminate programs. >> they're making the excuse this is how we going to fund schooling but they're really just taxing another thing. y'all taxed beverages. y'all taxing everything. it's another way to just, you know, i guess keep their hands in your pocket. >> big victory there for the philadelphia school district. again, governor corbett is expected to sign the bill this morning. guys, back to you. >> thanks so much, erin. got some rain coming later on today. looks like we're going to have at least a dry commute in the morning and maybe in the evening, right, david. >> yeah, that's true, we are going to have a little sunshine actually early in philadelphia with thicker clouds down by the shore and then eventually that rain overtakes us, probably not until very late in the afternoon down south. >> okay. >> not until later tonight here. storm tracker 6 live dub scan, though, shows us we're dry for the morning commute. sun breaking through the
6:39 am
clouds in some spots. down the shore you might see a little bit of that. as we take a look at the current temperature profile we're off to another cool start. 56 degrees, you were dewpoint 51, fairly low. winds just 8 miles per hour. i'm bringing in that always on seven day on the left portion of your screen for those watching in hd. cloud cover on future tracker 6 gets thicker as we go into the afternoon. by 3 o'clock when the kids are coming ho home from school still looks dry from north to south. like 5 o'clock or 6 o'clock we might start seeing sprinkles arrive in areas far south of philadelphia down by the coast and later tonight those showers do build up through the i-95 corridor and we start to see some heavy rain coming in along coastal areas. as we take a look at today, well, basically it's just an increase in clouds and still mild and fairly comfortable. 60 degrees by 8 o'clock, 67 by 11 o'clock. by 2 o'clock 74 with a high of 75 around 3 o'clock this afternoon. high temperatures from north to south, a lot of low to mid 70's from about millville all the way up through allentown. looks like we'll stop on or about 70 down the shore in
6:40 am
cape may and atlantic city this afternoon. overnight tonight, and this is future tracker 6's 2:30 a.m. view, that's when the rain is really coming down. most of you are going to be asleep at that point but maybe you get woken up by the pitter patter of raindrops other roof. in the morning commute possible the heaviest stuff will push to the north. that will still leave a lost ponding and puddling and splashy conditions on the morning side and by 9 o'clock, the end of the rush hour still a little bit damp and still slow going i think. we are probably going to see things improve though as we get through the afternoon with most of those showers dying away. excuse me. and pushing off to the north. i knew that was coming for about 30 seconds, just couldn't stop it. how much rain are we looking at? general one to two you thinks seems likely. latest run on the gfs has over 2-inches, the euro only about an inch. somewhere in there but that will be enough rain to produce that problem on the roadway. i-95 metro area tonight into thursday looks gusty with that area of low pressure off the
6:41 am
coast. wind gusts between 30 and 35 miles per hour in and around philadelphia. that soaking rain mainly predawn and then at the shore the gusts are even higher 'cause you're right next to the center of that storm so 40 to 45 miles per hour wind gusts there and minor tidal flooding also possible. your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast increasing clouds today, no rain until later tonight. 75 degrees is the high. and then rain heavy overnight into tomorrow morning and in the afternoon some lingering showers, 66 degrees. but it looks like friday sun returns and things get betterment we're back up to 74 on friday afternoon. that good. phillies home. looks like a good night for baseball. low 80's for the weekend, 79 monday. and then cooler with some more rain probably by tuesday. okay? >> all right, my yard needs the are a glynn okay, good. make sure you get it. >> more brand new stories up next including a rental truck in the race with police in the middle of california traffic. >> get ready to pay more if you're caught speeding in delaware. karen. >> it's another day with a problem with an overturned tractor-trailer. this time it's in new jersey.
6:42 am
i'll give you the latest details when "actio
6:43 am
6:44 am
>> 6:44. and chopper 6 has arrived at a scene that had an overturned tractor-trailer along a roadway which is basically the third time this happened in two days. luckily things are looking a little better there from the scene. >> let's get more of an update and go over to karen rogers. good morning. >> good morning, chopper 6 live at the scene. if you can stay there for a second chopper. here is the sand all over the roadway. they had to deal with a fuel
6:45 am
spill. we had an overturned tractor-trailer. the trucks have left. we still have the crews blocking the left lane of this. now chopper, if you can kind of pan over, we'll look at some of the delay here. this is where the new jersey turnpike southbound and 295 southbound come together as you're heading towards the delaware memorial bridge. we've got a good backup. here's the turnpike, here's 295. not seeing a delay on 295 but you can see the delay on the new jersey turnpike. a good mile or so at this point because at one point we just had the right lane getting by and this is not a delay you expect. if you're heading onto the bell memorial bridge you're not think you'll be stuck. just the left lane getting by. i think some of this traffic will ease. thanks chopper for showing that. if you want to avoid it, here is where the turnpike and 295 come together, that's the accident scene. 130 southbound is just near that but it's ahead of the accident scene so you could always take 130 southbound heading to the delaware memorial bridge to help you
6:46 am
out with that. but yet another day with an overturned tractor-trailer on a main highway, right? tacony palmyra bridge scheduled to go up in just a few minutes. watch for that. we've got a new accident, wissahickon avenue, lincoln drive near wissahickon avenue so watch for that one. also city avenue southbound near presidential boulevard an accident there as well. don't forget, you've got the ramp from spring garden street to the schuylkill westbound shut down for two months with construction. now, as i erase all of that you can kind of see the slow speeds. 19 miles an hour on i-95 southbound near girard. you're just in the low 20's on the schuylkill so a very slow go am i just want the take you outside one mr. time to show you a different highway. 422 just a little slowing here eastbound as we look live near oaks but no big problem there, matt. >> thanks karen. new here at 6:30 a police chase involving a stolen u-haul truck weaved through the magic kingdom. the pursuit snaked through anaheim yesterday. at one point the driver exited the freeway at disneyland and passed rider through the park. patrol cars eventually surrounded the truck and took
6:47 am
the driver into custody. >> new this morning, anger spilled over once again in ferguson, missouri. demonstrators stood at the site of a burned down memorial to michael brown. some people said they smelled gas at the site though officials noted that the memorial contained a number of burning candles. some bystanders were angry claiming the police did little to check the flames. that was disputed by the chief of police who said that his office did all they could. a second larger memorial nearby was not harmed. brown was the unarmed teen killed by police last month. the justice department and a grand jury are now investigating. >> new this morning, the price of a traffic ticket is going up in delaware to help with ambulance service. governor jack markell will sign a bill today that will create a mew $10 fee on all motor vehicle violations. the revenue will go to volunteer ambulance companies across the state. the governor will also sign a bill that requires delaware health insurance policies to cover the costs of ambulance runs and other life support
6:48 am
services provided by volunteer companies. >> 6:47 and we're following some breaking news out of syria and so is "good morning america." the very latest on a new round that's up so brian at citizens said one deposit a month waves the monthly maintenance fee. he's so good to me. mom! this is amazing! i know. no fee. no. brian at citizens bank. he gave you a special deal? he's into you. sounds like it's time to get back out there. honey, anyone can get one deposit checking. besides, he's younger than your brother. eww. you got that right. one deposit checking. only from citizens bank. one deposit of any amount each statement period waives the monthly maintenance fee.
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6:50 am
>> time now to look ahead to what's coming up on "gma." >> coming up in less than 10 minutes. amy robach joins us live. >> great to be with you on
6:51 am
this wednesday morning. coming up next on "good morning america" breaking overnight a syrian watchdog group reported new airstrikes against isis held areas in syria right as president obama prepares to address the un assembly this morning. we have brian ross here live with the latest on that. and then we have an update on the missing uva student hannah graham. police now officially charging jessie matthew with abducting her. we're live from virginia tracking that manhunt that is under way right now. and then a mom trapped under a 3,000-pound bowler while rock climbing. we'll have more on the dramatic and difficult rescue mission to save her life. and then take a look at this baby gorilla. she was rejected by her mother and she's now getting a second chance with some human parents. we're going to have their heartwarming effort to save her life. it's all coming up next on "good morning america." matt and tam, back to you. >> all right. you hooked us with the gorilla there amy. we'll see you in a few minutes. >> matt. >> you make a cute gorilla.
6:52 am
>> i'm not far away from a gorilla. >> let's take you outside in chester county and check on the backup. 30 bypass at 340 that's your eastbound traffic heavy from 340 to 113. westbound you see that tractor-trailer off to the side. in new jersey that's your 42 northbound traffic. heavy from coles road to 55 and a little slow from 55 to 295. dave. >> on the big board jackets on the kids this morning. temperatures in the 50's this afternoon, t-shirts are okay. no rain gear as the rain holds off until tonight in most spots. 70 by noon. myself morning to run errands. gets cloudier as the afternoon goes on. 75 is your high. we have a 10 to 20 miles per hour wind blowing. rain arriving later tonight and getting heavy overnight, tam. >> thank you. the hit sitcom the goldbergs will be back on show. at the advance premiere of the jenkintown highway theater which has been featured set right here in philadelphia. the real beverly goldberg
6:53 am
stopped by to snap pictures with families. second season tonight at 8:30 right
6:55 am
>> top stories at 6:55a killer gunned down a woman who was eight months pregnant on an olney street. she died at the hospital. efforts to save her baby's life failed.
6:56 am
the shooting also left a man critically wounded. three people accused of beating a gay couple in center three people accused of month are expected to turn themselves in today. you see them listed there. kevin harrigan, fill him williams and katherine knott. also governor tom corbett expected to sign a bill today that would allow philadelphia to add a two dollars per pack tax to cigarettes sold in the city. school officials predict it will raise $83 million in revenue for public schools. >> a new accident in a bad spot. you see it here live this is conshohocken the blue route southbound approaching the schuylkill. it's blocking the right lane. jamming on the blue route southbound from ridge pike to approaching that schuylkill. and meanwhile that accident we've been talking about in salem county on the new jersey turnpike 295 southbound approaching the delaware memorial bridge just cleared but dave we've got a good two and a half mile backup starting to thin out. >> clouds down south. we'll get early sunshine from about philadelphia north,
6:57 am
63 degrees at 9 o'clock. we're in the 50's right now. it does get mild later, a high of 75 at 3 o'clock but the clouds are going to get thicker and then tonight rain arrives. >> all right. you're going to be busy in the morning. >> yeah. >> and we'll be busy in 30 minutes to give you the latest in weather, traffic and breaking news. for karen rogers, matt o'donnell,. >> i'm going to be sick. >> sounds like a good idea. >> for dave murphy i'm tamala edwards
6:58 am
7:00 am
. good morning, america. breaking overnight, a new alert from the fbi. warning of attacks in the u.s., retaliation for the air strikes against the terror groups in syria. and the isis supporter shot dead in the streets of a major city after an attack on police officers. and developing now, a major break in the case of missing uva student hannah graham. charging this hospital worker with her abduction. the last person to see her before she vanished. the urgent manhunt. and the dramatic rescue of a mother caught underneath a boulder. pinned face down for nine hours. but when rescuers arrived, why they got stuck too. how they