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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 24, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking now, the new u.s.-led air strikes and a major development on that new 9/11-type plot. how were they planning to get bombs onto planes headed to america? in toothpaste and in a certain type of clothing. brian ross is here. martha raddatz in the region tonight. also breaking, america's most wanted, spotted. authorities say he's now playing a game with them. the urgent manhunt and look at this. an army of officers sweeping through neighborhoods. we're right there. extreme weather hitting at this hour. a nor'easter. flash floods, cars surrounded in seconds. d.c., philly, new york and boston will all feel it next. ginger zee is here. and, is he steaming your luggage? tonight, the surveillance. the man stealing bags at one of america's busiest airports. and what the video also reveals.
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good evening and it's great to have you with us again tonight. as we come on the air, word coming in from the pentagon, confirming new air strikes inside syria. this time, targeting isis oil supply. we've seen the images, the missiles hitting, and this evening here, what we're learning about who has been targeted, who has been wiped out. and new information tonight on the 9/11-type terror plot planned against the u.s. were they planning to get bombs past airport security and onto planes headed here? using toothpaste and special clothing. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross here with more on the group planning that attack and brian, it would seem they were focused on planes. >> reporter: that's absolutely right, david. u.s. officials tell us tonight they are confidence they disrupted the planned attack on the u.s., at least for now. this is what the terrorists had
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in mind. an undetectable bomb smuggled on an american airplane, like the one used in this government test of the al qaeda shoe bomb. >> the intelligence was that they were on the verge of creating something. >> reporter: u.s. officials say the cora son were using this building and others as a bomb factory and training facility. >> if they were killed, that's definitely a near term blow, but as we've seen with al qaeda in various other locations, they'll have a capability to rebound. >> reporter: precise details of the latest plot are not known, but for years al qaeda has been fixated on aviation. experimenting with everything from bombs hidden in ted dill bears to toothpaste to doll's clothing, soaked in liquid explosives. >> they are determined to produce devices that are undetectable. >> reporter: the foiled khorasan plot explains the enhanced security procedures imposed this summer at airports in europe and the u.s., as attorney general eric holder revealed to
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katie couric of our partners and yahoo! news. >> i can say that the enhanced security measures that we took on the aviation sector some months ago was based on concerns that we had about what the cora son group was planning to do. >> reporter: the attorney general said the u.s. had been tracking this group for almost two years and that while they and their plot have been knocked back, the u.s. knows they don't give up easily, david. >> brian ross, thank you. we're going to turn now to our team right there in the gulf tonight. martha raddatz is there, and late today, this image emerging from the u.n. president obama chairing the u.n. security council meeting, calling isis and the terrorists being targeted killers who only understand force. tonight, martha showing us the targets and the one thing they're trying to hit right now to do the most damage. >> reporter: there was no letup on day two of the american-led bombing campaign. tonight, a dozen isis-controlled oil facilities hit in syria. an important source of revenue for the terror group, the mobile
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refineries generating $2 million a day. the strikes have disabled commandal control centers, terror training camps and an airstrike in eastern syria damaging a convoy the pentagon says was being used to move isis equipment into iraq. >> we're bombing syria to help iraq. we're now crossing the border and taking away the areas they thought were safe to rearm and retrain. >> reporter: at a gathering of world leaders in new york today, president obama using his toughest talk yet. >> tonight language understood by killers like this is the language of force. the united states of america will work with a broad coalition to dismantle this network of death. >> reporter: and david, what we will see in the coming dales is a combination of these larger planned strikes and targets of opportunity. meaning, if an isis target, a convoy or a training camp is spotted by the pilots, they will take it out. david? >> martha raddatz right there in the region for us tonight.
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martha, thank you. we turn now to the breaking story here at home. that urgent nationwide manhunt for a killer, accused of ambushing state troopers, killing a young father. tonight, what authorities have just revealed. he's been spotted. they now say, he's playing a game. and this is what neighbors see out their front windows. military forces sweeping across their front lawns, searching for clues. abc's linzie janis is right there again tonight. >> reporter: tonight, heavily-armed s.w.a.t. teams swarming the woods. guns at the ready. do dogs casing every inch of this ground. police say they've spotted eric frein in the last 24 hours. and they say the fugitive is toying with them. >> some of this is a game to him. >> reporter: a game where police say frein makes himself visible from a distance and then vanishes. >> we believe that frein has prepared and planned extensively for months or maybe years for this attack and his efforts to avoid apprehension. >> reporter: investigators following a trail of clues.
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>> some of those items include serbian cigarettes and soiled diers that we have found in the area. >> reporter: searchers even using high tech military vehicles. this demonstration showing how they can lift s.w.a.t. teams high above the ground. 1,000 officers descending on this area. here we are in the heart of the search area. we just passed a home that's been surrounded by law enforce. . aaron poster looked out the window with his cell phone rolling. >> everywhere you could see, there were guys everywhere. it was like a war zone. >> reporter: josephine mirrow says she was forced to stay inside her house. you were trapped here from thursday until tuesday? >> right. right. >> reporter: what was that like? >> it was -- it was horrible. it was horrible. it was, you know, you feel like, oh, my god, you can't leave your house. i mean -- you feel like a trapped animal, for god's sakes. >> reporter: david, police say eric frein has had the ability to disappear and that's why they're even searching the
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ground for holes where they say he could be hiding. david? >> linzie janis again this evening. thank you. and there are major developments tonight in the search for that missing college student, who vanished after that surveillance tape. tonight, officials are on the hunt for this man. the wanted poster, now revealing he's been charged with abduction. and this evening, many asking, if he was already questioned by investigators, how did they let him out of their sight? steve osunsami now. >> reporter: the big questions for virginia police tonight, where in the world is 32-year-old jesse matthew? now accused of kidnapping 18-year-old hannah graham. is she still alive? and why did police let him go when he walk into their headquarters this past weekend? tonight, matthew is wanted for abduction with intent to defile. a sex crime here in virginia. police aren't saying what, but they found something in his apartment or his car. >> so, what do they have in do they are clothing? bedding? torn clothing? blood?
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>> reporter: police may have let him looefl on purpose, to lead them to evidence. >> maybe where she's located. to a place that he dumped clothing, weapons. >> reporter: today, the hospital where matthew worked in the operating room suspended him without pay. the school where he coached football says he's no longer a volunteer. friends who say he's innocent saying he should turn himself in. on uv a's campus, the school is promising extra security. >> i've never been to the downtown mall at night. >> i was hanging out with a friend last night, a girl, i walked her back to the dorm. she didn't want to walk alone, i didn't want to let her walk alone. >> reporter: police say they're still searching for hannah graham. david? >> steve, thank you. now to the breaking headline with this weather this evening. a nor'easter barrelling up the coast. look at the radar tonight. that storm system leaving dangerous floods across florida. drivers trapped in water surrounding their cars in just minutes. and this aerial image, a drone taking these pictures. an entire neighborhood submerged. that's just incredible.
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let's get right to ginger zee tonight what are you watching? >> it's flooded everywhere. >> reporter: downpours smothering the sunshine out of the sunshine state. up to ten inches of rain drowning central florida. >> got to get out of here. >> reporter: some people foolishly bulldozing through. others stalling. and many finding better, safer ways to get around. daytona beach picking up more than eight inches of rain in the past 24 hours. now kayaking through their wettest september on record. >> when you pull up and the water level is up to the numbers on your mailbox, it's a little concerning. >> reporter: from orlando to melbourne -- what's affectionately known as a toad strangler -- becoming a fish and people displacer. >> unbelievable. and ginger, where is this headed tonight? >> reporter: we're talking coastal north carolina for the next couple of hours, baltimore, washington, d.c., coastal
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flooding possible. up through the shore of new jersey. and we're talking heavy rain, david. some two to three inches in that red slot. and, yes, new york city's in there. the next big question, when's it all coming? it's starting to happen in parts of the mid-atlantic. as that low hugs the coast, i want to warn you now, in new york city, philadelphia, it is going to be a rough and raw commute. boston getting into it later afternoon and all of us finally getting rid of it by friday afternoon. >> tough driving, though, as this week goes on. ginger, thank you. we're going to turn now to breaking developments in that massive security breach at home depot. 56 million customers hacked. people seeing charges as far away as france and spain. abc's rebecca jarvis with what to look for. >> reporter: tonight, the effects of the home depot data breach rippling across the country. consumers hit with thousands of dollars in fraudulent charges. customers like caitlyn leonard. she shopped at home depot and
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when she heard about the breach, she checked her bank account and saw this. >> madrid. a few in spain, a few in france. >> reporter: over a thousand dollars in purchases from places she's never been. >> i actually had received an e-mail from home depot because it looked like i was potentially someone that had used their card there and could be compromised. >> reporter: caitlyn can't be certain that the charges came from the home depot breach, but even if you didn't shop at home depot, you may be more at risk than you realize. a new report out tonight says a whopping 43% of companies have experienced some kind of data breach. >> it's all too easy for hackers to get into point of sale systems, but we are at risk. these breaches have become a third certainty in life. >> reporter: caitlyn is taking home depot up on their offer to provide free credit protection. the company also promises customers won't be responsible for the fraud charges.
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>> rebecca is with us now. it's really something to see the charges overseas. you were telling me it's the small charges to look for, because they could be a precursor of something bigger. >> reporter: absolutely, david. it's the less than $10 charges, sometimes $1, $2 purchases made on your account. they are meant to fly under the radar, which is why you have to be so dill jenlt, vigilant and check that bank account statement every single day. >> all right, great advice. rebecca, thank you. now to that major decision from the grand jury tonight, looking at that case involving a nascar great, tony stewart. and that molt he struck and killed another driver on the track. he will face charged? here's ron claiborne. >> reporter: tonight, a grand jury refusing to file criminal charges against tony stewart in the on-track death of fellow driver kevin ward jr. >> the grand jury has determined there is no basis to charge tony stewart with any crimes. >> reporter: the decision means stewart will not face charges of manslaughter or criminally negligent homicide. in an incident captured on this
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video, the 20-year-old was killed when he got out of his car during a sprint car race in upstate new york last month. tonight, ward's family tellng espn that stewart "intentionally tried to imitate kevin by accelerating and sliding his car toward him, causing this tragedy." in his own statement, stewart said, "while the process was long and emotionally difficult, it allowed for all the facts of the accident to be identified and known." reaction on twitter ranging from outrage, one person tweeting, "personally, i think tony stewart should go down in flames." to relief. "tony stewart has been cleared. thank goodness." district attorney said an autopsy found ward has marijuana in his blood stream, enough to impair his judgment. tonight, ward's family telling us the focus should be on the actions of tony stewart, not on kevin. david? >> ron claiborne tonight, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. caught on camera. is this man stealing your luggage? you will see the surveillance video at one of america's busiest airports. and tonight, what the video also
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next tonight, that surveillance video from one of america's busiest airports. is this man you're seeing about to steal your luggage? take a look with david kerley. >> reporter: watch the man with the backpack. cameras catch him entering the airport. he never took a flight, but he goes to baggage claim and all of a sudden, he has a bag and he walks out. using the airport train system as his getaway. tonight, phoenix police put his face on a wanted poster. >> baggage theft from checked or carry-on bacgs is a business bi. >> reporter: in denver, another caught on tape thief grabbing a
6:47 pm
bag. back in '09, up to 1,000 bags stolen in phoenix, stacked up at this couple's home. and it's not just thieves on the outside. under cover cameras have caught airline workers rifling through bags for catch and valuables. and other the past 12 years, the tsa has fired more than 500 workers for theft. adding, it has systems now to help it catch bad officers. in baggage claim, you'll see the cameras and the signs, but what you won't see anymore is an airline employee checking bag tags before you leave. airlines cull those positions to save money. >> i think it stands to reason that when you have less security at the bag claim area, you're going to have more theft. >> reporter: there are some steps you can take personally to reduce the risk of your bag being stolen from one of these carousels. remember that video, a black bag stolen? there is a sea of black bags. buy a different color. you may notice it easier if someone graggs it. lock your bag. and get to baggage claim before the backs arrive. david, one more tip. don't buy a fancy bag.
6:48 pm
thiefs see an expensive bag and they think that expensive things are inside. david? >> all right, david kerley. i got to change out my black bag, too. when we come back here, billy joel invited to team up with another superstar. it's making headlines. the pope, the baseball coming his way. how this ends. and the golfer tonight on a tear. the tirade seen bill so many, how he explained it to me today. that's all coming up right here. and here's what's still ahead this week. >> it shocked parents across the world. why would two young girls stab their friend 19 times? >> they wanted to kill the victim, so, people would know that slenderman was real. >> all over a mysterious internet fictional figure. now, a david muir exclusive. for the first time, the family. >> i hugged her and i could see that she was covered in stab wounds. and meet a 12-year-old you will simply never forget. a first look, tomorrow on "world news tonight with david muir." then, friday night, the stunning "20/20" on abc. [ female announcer ] hands were made for talking.
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tonight. pope francis, alot of people ask, was this divine intervention in a baseball headed his way. one hand in the air, he makes the catch. he's a soccer fan, but tonight, showing some baseball skills. barbra streisand making history this evening with help from other megastars. this due wet, in a new york state of mind. ♪ we're in a new york state of mind ♪ >> teaming up with belly joel and many more. the album debuting at number one tonight, making streisand the only artist with number one albums in each of the last six decades. and the epic temper tan trem going viral tonight. if you have ever golfed, you'll understand this. watch and listen. chris and his meltdown after a round of golf, breaking his clubs, one after the other. telling me today he's just a little embarrassed now. now we're on the nation news showing the picture. >> yeah, you know, it -- here's
6:53 pm
what happened. you know, golf's a tough game. it's a frustrating game. >> are you recovering yet, or, better yet, has your golf bag recovered? >> that golf bag is at the bottom of the pond off the 12th green. >> you got rid of the bag, too? >> i put all the carnage inside the bag. and then threw the bag in the pond. >> don't feel too badly. you should see the way i golf. >> we'll have to play sometime. >> perhaps sometime. it will make you feel better. when we come back here tonight, up for adoption, the baby gorilla with a human family this evening. her own mother, turning her away. i got this. [thinking] is it that time? the son picks up the check? [thinking] i'm still working. he's retired. i hope he's saving. i hope he saved enough.
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finally tonight, a face only a mother could love. but in this case, even the mom turned this baby gorilla away. so, as they search for a new family, the human family with open arms tonight. here's matt gutman. >> reporter: zookeepers hope for this tender moment. >> oh. >> reporter: baby gorilla reaching, mama gorilla responding, scooping up her infant. but for little kamina, that didn't happen. right now, vets from the cincinnati zoo, in those fur vests, on a rescue mission. flying kamina all the way from oklahoma. kamina's mother rejected her after her birth last month. just like this baby's mom rejected her. remember gladys? for 12 weeks in 2013, the cincinatti staff transforming themselves into gorillas to hand raise her. we were there learning to speak gorilla. >> now make a little gorilla
6:58 pm
vocalization too. there you go. >> reporter: a job just about as glamorous as raising human babies. she just peed on me. their anatomies so similar, the reflex test on the foot. the response to a cold stethoscope. the vets wear those gorilla vesvest s so apes like gladys and kamina don't become habituated to people. all to prepare them for this moment. the new adoptive mom -- taking over from the human family. matt gutman, abc news, miami. >> and that is "world news tonight" for this wednesday. for many of you marking rosh hashanah, happy new year. we'll see you tomorrow night. good night.
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