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tv   Action News  ABC  September 30, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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m chris coons and i approve this message. it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 5 o'clock. it is tuesday, last day in the month of september. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us and developing this morning. >> the search is on for an injured intruder following a frightening end found in a philadelphia apartment overnight. >> one of the area's biggest supermarket chains warns shoppers about a possible data breach. >> and a warning period is almost over for three red light cameras in montgomery county. >> david is sleeping soundly right now. we have karen rogers along with matt pelman with weather and traffic. good morning.
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>> shall we call and wake him up? probably not. storm tracker 6 live double scan your best look at the showers through the region am you can see with our live radar that we're dry basically in philadelphia but in wilmington some showers as well as along the coastline as we go in tighter with this we can see this in northern delaware, some very light showers reaching into salem county, new jersey. dry right now glassboro but a few spotty showers near hammonton and medford and along seaside heights, surf city and atlantic city as you're driving along the garden state parkway. but as we start this up you can see it's exiting the coastline at this point and you see that with satellite 6 and action radar. in its quake lots of clouds. very early showers that are trying to exit the region. lots of cloud cover and then a few more showers coming your way later on this evening. a lot happening with the weather. fog is an issue as well. not in philadelphia where we have 10-mile visibility at this point but north and west of the city we are getting some fog and i think we could expect this in other areas too as the morn progresses. so .3 of a mile in allentown,
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2.5 in reading. lancaster near zero visibility, 1.5 in mount pocono so that's an issue for us as well. temperature-wise it's currently 66 degrees right now. we have a high today of 77. it's not going to feel too bad but lots of clouds, a little sunshine. you have these early morning showers and then again late in the day so kind of book ending your day with light showers. we'll break it apart hour by hour in a few minutes, matt. >> david thought we should come and wake you up yesterday. >> we have a great sense of humor. >> absolutely. good morning. we're watching 95 this morning where unfortunately we still have some road work going on despite the somewhat damp conditions they're doing some paving here in the southbound lanes by the commodore barry bridge in delaware county and at this point just the right lane is getting through the work zone. so, you see just a bit of slowing. hopefully they're out of here soon. if not, this is going to cause more substantial delays. so, we'll keep tabs on that. 95 southbound in delco. on the northbound side by the exit for the platt bridge
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there was a broken down vehicle. that's out of the way now. everything is opened along the schuylkill expressway, vine street expressway, no major problems so far this morning. but there was a spill overnight in norristown along west main street at barbados street. crews on the scene cleaning that up. watch out for work zones on the pennsylvania turnpike. westbound they blocked the left lane. eastbound the left lane also out of commission. in cinnaminson and pennsauken work on 130 southbound near church road. couple lanes blocked for the next hour. matt. >> thanks, matt. philadelphia police working to track down an injured intruder. the unlawful entry happened on the unit block of north ninth street near filbert street in chinatown at 1:00 a.m. police say the resident of the apartment stabbed the intruder several times in the buttocks as he tried to flee through a first floor window. police believe the intruder was trying to steal electronics. no word if the resident will face any charges for the stabbing. the list of retailers who have fallen victim to hackers may have grown and it may have impacted you.
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the owners of acme supermarkets are warning customers their data may have been stolen. katherine scott is live at an acme in bala cynwyd. >> reporter: that's right, matt, acme is the latest retailer to make an announcement like this. over the past year we've seen announcements from target, home depot and other retailers and acme says they just want to make sure their customers are keeping an eye out for suspicious activity and you can see if you clicked onto their web site they have a warning there for their customers about this possible security breach. albertsons which owns acme markets made the announcement yesterday. the store said they don't believe any customer data was actually stolen but they want customers to be on the lookout just in case. acme says they'll provide complimentary identity protection to affected customers for one year. the company says malicious software was installed on networks that processed credit and debit card transactions at some of their stores. if you used your credit or
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debit card in a store in pennsylvania, new jersey, delaware and maryland between june 22nd and july 17th or between august 27th and september 21st, you should monitor your credit and debit card accounts. call the bank that issued your card if you see anything suspicious and some customers hearing this are on edge. >> you shop at these stores that you feel that you trust and have gone to pretty much your whole life but you want to make sure that you're safe and that you're not getting violated. >> in this day and age pretty much most of us live pay check to paycheck, so when something hits you, it's like, now what do i do? >> reporter: and possible stolen data includes names, account numbers and expiration dates but not birth dates or social security numbers because that information isn't part of the payment process at acme stores. we have a lot of information for you on our web site at if you have some questions, you probably dork log onto
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there because we have that information. we have other lynx and resources for you. live in bala cynwyd katherine scott channel6 "action news." >> good tips. thanks so much. this is how it looked after a car hit a utility pole and then slammed into a gas pump in philadelphia's port richmond section last night. police say the car sheared the pole in half leaving the top dangling in the air at the sunoco station at castor and richmond streets. the gas pump did not catch fire. three people in the car were hurt. the driver is facing dui charges. a former philadelphia police officer is out of jail after serving a year behind bars. richard decoatsworth walked out of court yesterday a free man. the prosecutor dropped charges of rape, human trafficking and drug offenses because of questions surrounding the accuser's credibility. decoatsworth was hailed a hero when he was shot in the face while on duty in 2007 and was invited to the state of the union speech by first lady michelle obama. >> the 60 day warning period is almost over for three red light cameras in montgomery
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county. the cams are are located in abington township at old york and susquehanna roads, old york and welsh roads and more lands and fitzwatertown roads. if you violate the traffic signal at the intersection starting tomorrow, you will get a ticket for $100 in the mail. and happening today the christiana mall in newark delaware is looking for extra help for the holidays. seasonal job fair takes place from 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. in the court in front of j. c. penney. good luck in you feed a job. >> and we have that beautiful weather yesterday again but then it kind of transitioned later in the day. >> yeah, we had the afternoon and evening showers and still some of them left over this morning. i got a closer look at storm tracker 6 live double scan and you can see it right now. this is the best look at the rain. with live radar you can see exactly where it's happening right now.o in tighter. we can see along the new jersey turnpike here, so it's -- and northern parts of delaware as well as salem county and parts of gloucester county along the new jersey turnpike just almost approaching route 55 right now in glassboro.
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it's very light and spotty but the roads are a little bit wet there in hammonton near the atlantic city expressway med fork lakes around route 70 and on the garden state parkway near seaside heights. let's take a look outside right now and show you what it looks like as sky 6 goes live right now. looking at philadelphia international airport, while we have some areas of fog, still seeing 10-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport. so, not a problem there at the moment but that's something we're going to be watching pretty closely. the temperature, 66 degrees right now, the dewpoint 61. winds are currently calm and the pressure is 29.91-inches. let's take a look right now at satellite 6 and action radar and we're bringing in our always on seven day for you to look at that as well. we see lots of cloud cover. so here is the rain from yesterday. that's really off the coastline. we're left with spotty showers here or there. that's going to be through the early part of your morning but a lot of the cloud cover is going to stick with us. clouds and some sunshine today with a chance for more showers later on this evening. let's look at future tracker 6 and we can see this model's view of the area at 5 o'clock
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in the evening. some of the showers are more pronounced to the north and west but just some spotty showers, pretty light but enough to make it feel a little damp and dreary later on this afternoon through the evening. this is a look at 9 o'clock tonight. kind of more of the same. it's not everywhere, just some light showers here or there for the most part. i don't think it's going to be heavy enough to cancel the kids' activities or your activities later on in the day but it's going to feel kind of damp through the afternoon and evening. by 8:00 a.m. your day planner showing lots of clouds, still some early fog. by 11:00 a.m., mostly cloudy skies, some sunshine and 70. temperatures aren't bad. by 2:00 p.m., 76 degrees, mostly cloudy skies and then later on this afternoon into this evening once again some very light spotty showers. you'll be seeing that at 5 o'clock and 75. your high today is 77. the problem is not just today but tomorrow. we have this area of low pressure, it's so slow moving, it just is kind of drifting through the area giving us more clouds and a spotty shower here or there. so sunshine and clouds today. a spotty shower with a high of 77. tomorrow's kind of more of the
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same. we're going see 75, rather cloudy with some scattered showers, especially early on in the morning. then high pressure kicks it on out of here and by thursday you're looking brighter. here's a look at your forecast. clouds and some sunshine and 77 for your high. a few afternoon and evening spotty showers. tomorrow especially early on a little bit damp with some scattered showers and mostly cloudy and 75. by thursday, high pressure comes in in time for the union game, it's brighter and nice and dry and 74. friday sunshine stays behind -- fades behind clouds, chance of rain even a thunderstorm friday night, 75. saturday could be some early showers and then clouds and some sunshine and 70. look at the high on sunday, sunny and cool for the eagles, 68, at least we're dry. monday mostly sunny skies and a high of 72. so, temperatures a little bit up and down in the seven day. >> as we would expect. thanks, karen. >> thanks karen. >> next massive protests overseas lead to another chaotic night on the streets of hong kong. car hoods and shatters
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windshields out west. matt. >> yikes, erin. we see great construction light in the distance but all lanes are opened along the blue route 447 by the broomall up carry interchange. headed south on 95 in delaware county. some problems there. ♪
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geico motorcycle. >> ♪ >> welcome back. are you taking a live look at sky 6 hd. that's atlantic city there looking pretty all lit up. some of those showers that we had yesterday still moving through the area, moving out of here but some area roads may be damp so be careful as you head out this morning. >> that's your job, matt pelman help people out. >> i'mi'm going to try. here we go. the good news for you guys
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this morning is it's just mostly construction that we're watching. the bad news is there's an awful lot of construction that we're watching. here in delaware county still working along 95 on the southbound side by the commodore barry bridge. it's a long slow moving line of traffic as you can see through the work zone as you pass the exit for the barry. the two left lanes are blocked for the paving work so just the right lane is squeezing by. coming south of the airport and the blue route stay to the right and expect some slowing until they get this work out of here. so far they haven't wrapped up. now let's look into our crystal ball and see what we have coming for you later today. here in lower merion they're going to close busy route 23, conshohocken state road 9:00 until 3:00 today, tomorrow and thursday between hollow road and hagee's ford road. locally use maybe montgomery avenue or route 30 lancaster avenue or even stay on the schuylkill expressway where this morning speeds are in the mid-50's and looking good. in lower moreland closure later today of philmont avenue will be in place between red lion road and pine road from 9:00 until 3:00. you can use pine to get around
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it. in bucks county they startd that new resurfacing project yesterday along street road between bustleton pike and reading avenues. the first chunk they're working on during the middays so bristol road or byberry roads better bets. in the jamison area new traffic pattern being set up today. and it's going to be in place until next summer. just one lane available in each direction on york road between meetinghouse and sugar bottom roads. not the best spot to travel during the next few months. time for the commuter report. in south jersey karen has been talking about the rain. one of our friends using the waze app says it's coming down along 295 in carney's point. >> breaking news. another massive protest -- no, we got a boat tragedy here. erin you take this one. >> this is 40 people were killed, dozens more rescued when an inflatable boat was punctured. the tragedy happened in the mediterranean sea. the boat was carrying 95 people including ivory coast
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passengers. >> we'll get some breaking news in in just a momento. we'll continues with our news here with another massive protest taking place in the streets of hong kong overnight pro-democracy demonstrators holding up cell phones called for the. resignation of chief executive. he says he won't leaf until 2015. demonstrators want other candidates to be considered. >> 5:16 now. the sudden death of a young athlete has shaken a south jersey community. children and parents came out to ray field sports complex in salem last night but there was no practice, just prayer. last week a player with the salem midget football team collapsed on the field. 12-year-old jeremiah pierce didn't pull through. the team's assistant coach says he tried to revive the boy. >> i checked his pulse.
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his pulse was real slow so i started taking his equipment off and then after i took his equipment off he didn't have any pulls at all so i started cpr. >> unfortunately jeremiah died at ai dupont sunday night. the team has recreate add go fund me page online to help cover funeral costs. >> the sixers open training camp today at stockton college in galloway new jersey t michael carter williams is not 100 percent. big man nerlens noel is ready to go after missing all of last season. the sixers held media day yesterday. the preseason opposer in boston next week. former eagles coach andy reid and his chiefs crushed the new england patriots on monday night football. kansas city action up almost 450 yards of offense in a 41 to 14 route. pats qb tom brady threw two interceptions. the chiefs home crowd also set a guinness world record for an outdoor sports haven't new in the first half,
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142.2-decibels. >> wow. earplugs necessary. tens of thousan3 142.2-decibels. >> wow. earplugs necessary. tens of thousands of pickups under recall this morning because of potential fire hazard. >> huge hail storm leaves behind broken windows and damaged cars out west. karen. >> as you're dressing the kids a jacket for the morning. temperatures on the cool side but this afternoon a high of 77. you might need an umbrella or just a hoodie with some light showers coming your way late in the day. we'll have all the details
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>> let's get to that breaking news we told you about. 5:20 right now. a police involved shooting here in burlington county, new jersey. the action cam is live at the scene. we have lealued that a police officer shot a man in edgewater park a little more than an hour ago. this is the location where it happened. we are live along the 200 bla mk of stevenson avenue. police are there. the man has been flown to the hospital. stay withomiaction newday. as we work to get an update on the person's condition and an explanation as to why he was shot. we are told the officer was not hurt. >> little damp out there this morning. >> it is. >> even soggy in a few spots with the rain coming down. in plymouth meeting it's not too bad weather-wise and all lanes are opened here along
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the blue route 476 approaching the mid county tolls. if you're continuing to travel north way up toward the lehigh valley watch out for construction taking out the right lane. all southbound construction on the northeast extension has cleared. work zone down in new castle. route nine river road shut doning. and wrangle hill road scheduled through tomorrow for railroad crossing work. maybe stick with schoolhouse road or highway 1 as some alteluates. >> and storm tracker 6 live double scan in 3-d showing that steady rain from yesterday is really off the coastline. but as we pull in our closer view with storm tracker 6 live door hle scan we can see where that steadier vain right now. we've got some spots in northelu delaware creeping into salem county, new jersey, but it's just light for the most part along the new jersey turnpike. you're starting to get wet in glassboro in wrightstoning. along route 70 a little bit damp as well and the garden state parkway but this is exiting off. this is mostly a morning activity and then we'll again get the chance for spotty showers later in the day. fog is an issue. .3 of a mile visibility in
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allentown and mount pocono but near zero visibility in las iastear currently 10-mile visibility in philadelphia but that's something we're watching closely this morning. erin. >> thanks karen. a new study suggests for some women ltuding through a recession in their early 20's may influence thes k decis6an to hew researchers project that among women who were in thes k early 20's in 2008, about 151,000 will forego having any children at least by age 40. tough economic conditions including the great recession are blamed for a five year drop in iaorn in the u.s. startn 2007. >> abc's reena ninan is talking about holiday hs king in america's money. >> reporter: good morning, topping america's mono tr better hurry if you want a holiday job. two-thirds of employers will have done mcut of thes k hs king by the middle of october. they want to have workers in place and trained before the season really gets going. toyota recalling nearly 700s p00 of its popular tacoma pickup trucks because of a risk of fire. the recall affects the four by
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four and pree anner models from 2005 to 2011. lights out for football blackouts today. the fcc is going to take a look at the rule that keeps nfl games off morile television sets nes the stadium is not sold out. they allow cable and satellite pr doiders to show the game no matter how many tickets are sold and snacks are taking doer. nearly all of us hew one snack is dane many of us several a day. snacks are now r canlacing meals. most often breakfast. in the u.s. the mcut popular etsack is chips. worldwide it's chocolate. that's america's money. i'm off to thencending machine. i'm reena ninan. >> doritos, ranch. >> not good for you. >> 5:23. we continue to follow breaking news. staying on top of an involved shooting in south jersey. >> we're ltude with details on a r canorted lack attack affecting customers at acme. how to protect y
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at the corner of happy and healthy. >> a line quick moving storms left their mark on parts of northeastelu colorado. golf ball sized hail and heavy rain hammered neighborhoods. the falling ice also damaged everyncehicle at dealerships in dayton. >> time for the morning buzz. guinness world records ofage cially recognized a mexico city man's collection of harry
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poow ber paraphelualia as the world's largest. there are 3,097 pieces, sounds like the amount of l thatcu in y house. he says he spent nearly 15 years hoarding memorabilia related to british author j canrom it fills two rooms and has everything from magic wands to toshow. that's an impressive collection there. >> i see the adult resemblance to harame potter there. way to go. following new details in the white house security breach. as it turns outer it was -- >> officers looking for accused cop killer eric frein issues a
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at there's something for everyone >> ♪ >> braking right now, the action cam is live on the scene of a police-involved shooting in south jersey. hear what we lealued about the investigation. >> developing overnight hackers score a shoppers special breaking into a
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national grocery group with local ties. >> storm tracker 6 ltude double scan radar is picking up some showers off to the shore, plus .ome areas are seeing fs. showers off to the shore, plus the dot. it is tuesday, last day in the month of s cantember. tam and david are off. we have erin o'healuldrkaren rogers and matt pelman. [laughter] >> there you go. >> pause foreiey emphasis. let's take a look at satellite e 6 and action radar. the steady rain from yesterday is off the cwitstline but not entire out of the woods. with our live radar with door hle scan you can see exactly where these light don wileadngton, that's the heew here, this is in northern delaware right in salem entering salem county. in glassboro along 55 starting to get a little ay,th the as well as the new jersey turnpike. wrightstown a little spotty turnpike. wrightstown a little spotty shower and a ft it's not looking to bad at this p. the rnt on the garden state pao away but something that we're watching. let's take a look right now at visibility. that's the other issue. as we look most especiall


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