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tv   Action News  ABC  September 30, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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local ties. >> storm tracker 6 ltude double scan radar is picking up some showers off to the shore, plus .ome areas are seeing fs. showers off to the shore, plus the dot. it is tuesday, last day in the month of s cantember. tam and david are off. we have erin o'healuldrkaren rogers and matt pelman. [laughter] >> there you go. >> pause foreiey emphasis. let's take a look at satellite e 6 and action radar. the steady rain from yesterday is off the cwitstline but not entire out of the woods. with our live radar with door hle scan you can see exactly where these light don wileadngton, that's the heew here, this is in northern delaware right in salem entering salem county. in glassboro along 55 starting to get a little ay,th the as well as the new jersey turnpike. wrightstown a little spotty turnpike. wrightstown a little spotty shower and a ft it's not looking to bad at this p. the rnt on the garden state pao away but something that we're watching. let's take a look right now at visibility. that's the other issue. as we look most especially to
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the northwest sor hurbs, we're loth ing at .3 of a mile visibility in allentown, mount pocono. zero in lancaster. so really difficult to see there. whereas philadelty.ia inteluat6anal airport 10-mile visibility. so, something that we're wastahing for this morning as migrates through the area. 66 degrees the current temperature in philadelphia, 57 in allentown, 61 in millville. little cool to startoff.ou off ay,th lots of clouds. here's how the day is going to unfold. by 9:00 a je.,3 s7 dew,eethe da lots of cloisis and that fs. dissipating. those early showers leaving the cwitstline. by nooadar 72, mcuse ly cloudy skies with which means at least some sunshine. by 3o t0 p jehishia7 and aroter 3:00 p.m. on we have the chance for some showers, more wn,ouds m doing in but it's going to be pretty light. our high today 77. wealone going to showoff.ou what it loosco like with future tracker 6 coming up in your seven day in just a minute maow b. >> my friends waking up to milk the cows in lancaster aren't g. the rng to be able to see the cloisis. >> that could be a problem. .> thick fs.
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construction in the southbound lanes of 95 between the blue route and the commodore barame bridge. you may be able to make out the cones as some of the headlights go past. taking out the two left lanes. association with just that right lane squeezing by it is a slow go asoff.ou come down from the airport this morning on 95 southbound. but, 5veamething is opened along the schuylkill and the vine, we're looking good. rocuevelt bouletinrd southbound be. oeen southampton and rising sun still paving work going on for the next half hour in the inner drive. luckily that spill that we had in norristown has been cleaned up along west main soudeet at barbados. everything is reopened but not quite all opened on the pennsy itania turnpike yet just donterchange they're blocking the lerot lane in both directions and in bellmawr camden county, still blocking up to . oo lanes for the next half hour along 295 southbound be. oeen the black horse p leae and the north-south freeway. matt. >> thank you matt. breaking right now any and an update, police in burlington county gunned down a man a short time ago. the action cam is ltude where it happened at 4:00 a.m. along the 200 block of stevenson
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ew the man has been flown to cooper university hcupital in camden for treatment. he was shot twice. no police officers were inh wred. "act6an ne jeh" is working to get more information on the man's condition and why police shot hloc this morning. if you shop at acme supermarkets your credit and dernpt card ipolormation could be at risk. "action news" reporter katherine scoow b is ltude in te city avenue acme store in della cynwyd with this consumer alert. katherine. >> reporter: that's right, matt, you do want to check out your statement because shoppers ipolormation could be at risk. acme says they're not even copolident that arnpi ipolormatn was actually stolen in this hack but out of an abundance of cloc tion they want thetal tistomers to be on the lookout and you can see there was an alert. >> the ting point at some point. >> reporter: albertsons can which owns acme mao aets made the astoous iementoff.esterday d apparently malicious software was installed on netwoo as that pra messed credit and debit
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card transactions at some of their stores. ifoff.oue yesedoff.our thaeditr dernpt card in a snore pennsylvania, delaware, new jers g. and marse and between h wne. oo2nd and july 17th or between august 27th and ueonitoroff.our credit and devet card accounts, call the bank that issuedoff.our card ifoff.ou see arnpi suspicious acttudity. possible stolen data includes names, atraount numbers and expiration dates. acme customers are trying the make sense of it all upon the nt >>off.ou hew this yet i take it. >> no, i hew >> d wú gget me informbut youe yese a credit card. >> we use our debit card. >> but wee yese it as credit. we don.m. put our pin number in. >> reporter:. >> okay we tame not to. >> rorkmornmorenf dooff.ou worry about the security on your credit card. >> >> all the tloce. >> reporter: and they're not alone. after all over the pastoff.ear, data breaches at target, home depot and other retailers have -afected millions of tistomers. acme says they'll provide complimentary identity acmeotection to affected
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tistomers for one year. no action is required to dof yo in this service. jshould see a problem, there is a number to call. there's ipolormation on that ice.sacer and all that's happening here with this acme possible breach on our weven site at3 sabc.coitt sooff.ou can click on for those resources and more informat tlthat weal in della cup offid, katherine scott channel6 "action news. >> thareos katherine. a security breach at the white house was worse than ftalst diswn,cued. an iraq war vet carameing a knife actually made it past the stairway leading to the acmeesidential qit rters. omar gonzalez overpowered a guard at the front doocme he made it all the way to the east room, 80 feet inside is where he was finally detained. the r the white house at the time. lawmakers are demanding explanat tlns from the secret service. >> he got deep enough that had ice president, the& acmeesident been walking the hallways they could have been attacked by mr. gonachlez.
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>> whistle blowers claloc an alarm box to alert secret service in the white house was on mute. the dtalector of the secret service will be questioned today at a hearing on capitol hill. lawmakers apparently were not initially told of the full extent of the breach. >> there's a $20,000 reward posted for tips leading to the arrest and convict tln of the person who, 5xe tited a local mother in front of her own child. 32-year-old atherine berame was gunned down in strawberry mansion on saturday night. she was walking along the 3rst0 block of moore street with her dog and her 13-year-old now police hew video but are not releasing it at this point. t o has lealued berry recently pleaded guilty to federal drug charges but it ise yes ilear if that case plahd any role in her murder. the search continues for a person of interest in the ho,rder of al pregnant woman. markese martin is wanted for the illing of. oo5-here war leld jasmine williams in hunting park. she was inside a car with her r
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bullets blasted through the vehicle. police bhousieve martin was oudying to ill williams' fiancé saying he was martin's accomplice in a deadly robber'r a $40,000 reward is being offered in this case. >> autops h resnt,ts are expected today in the death investigation of a new jersey hopregital ceo and his wnt we. an arson task force has also been assigned to the case of john and joyce sheridan. thantins found the coul6e's bodies in a burned out bedroom in their montgomery ttonnship home on smansday morning. sheridan led cooper health for the last 10 years. his wnt we was a rettaled be hoolteacher. new this morning, the pennsy itania game commission nill allton hmansters to, 5nter the search area now occupied by police who are looking for ac tised conumkiller, 5ric frei. investigators believe the surgical lift has been hiding out in a wooded area of monroe coin for the past two weeks. it also happens to be a popular spot during deer season. officials are asking hunters toe yese, 5xtreme cloc tion ton
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wear bright colors but it's best to avoid the area altogether. >> better off gist stae vng out of there and going somewhere else if possible. >> i do thireo there is a risur you now, i mean, my love of hunting is going the take me and i'm gly wng to do what i got to do. >> hunting season starts on saturday. roes inn has been on the rmans sis ie a dead gy ambush on two state troopers in pike county on smadtesacer 12t det >> turning to accuweather, kind of have a weather sandwich. we got rain on one side and some fogpecness on the other and in between the turkey and the ham -- >>off.ou con was sed me whenoffu threw in the turkey and the a theramater3a look at storm s ltude double be an and you see what matt's talking about there. along the coastline wepove been folltoning these showers. they've pretty much exited now so iburs just a little damp but you see the showers are off the cost now of toms river, surf city and a95antiis b thty but how about in wilmington, near that area we're seeing more pronomansced shtoner activity. i want to go if closer to that because with our live radar
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here with double scan we can see exactly what's happening right now. so in wilealngton some spoeve y shtoners, in nntinark a little wet right along 13 you've got that stead sechr rain ligz. therexi this is creeping into salem county, new jersey, along 49. nt woff.oualone traveling on roe 55 near glassboro, nero want, you're getting a little bit wet there as whousl. soy mwealone watching this progress through the area and this is the last spot that wealone ses inng these showers through the morning. they're not going to last thehey come back a little later on this afternoon. a lot happening with the weather. leburs take you outside right now and so you what it looks like. wealone dtonn in atlantic city and sky 6 and we saw how those showers are just oia the coas95ine nton in atlantic city, new jersey. how about the temperatures. it's3 sat philadhousealnia, in atlantic cy 65 on the boardwalk. in allentoaski iburs about 57 degrees rigz. nton with some fog in the northwest. here's satellite3 s and act tln radar sho ning that most of the rain is off the coast. we've got this one batch of shtoners that are moving through, a little bit more pronounced. we see in it dhousawarexi it's gly wng to be mveling
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through south jersey. the rest of us dooling with some clouds. we'll see more showers later on this afternoon. associat tln leburs check the otfoff.oualone in allentown, ths where you're seeing fog, wn,ouress and some smansshine toda ca a high of 77. along the coastline, we saw theheake re, 5xiting at this pot but a few more are coming back later on this akinernoon. mcu95y wn,oudy skies and 70 degrees. today in philadelphia, a high ofsid7, mcu95y wn,ou95i skies, some late showers arriving. let's break it down for you. i thireo this, 5xplains it a lieve le bette we' by 8:00 a.m., 66 degrees, lots of clouds, some fg d in parts of the areem some leftover showers. by 11:00 a.m., clouds and sunshiney mmostcm cloogry ser sechs andsid0. by 2:00 p.m. more of the same, mostly cloudy skies, some smansu break was soff.oualone d 76. late in the afternoon into the evening hours os ie aostin we wn,oud up and get some light showers and 75 degrees. let's pull in also our always on seven day so you can ind of see what's happening off to the side of your s thaee3 as we look at was 3 bre tramater 6, we're advancing this now. so, this is wednesday.
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veia,, 5arcm in the morning at 2o t0 atoa. some more showers here or there coming bacur we see them aostin in the velernight hours. very spotty, just enough later today and tomorro scto make it .,hous a lit95e damp. by tomorrow evening we start to see the cloogrs come back so a lot hrea pening inoff.our forecast. let's take a look all right exwn,usive ac tiweathersid-day. wn,ouressy msome sunshine, earl in the morning we're left way lieve lestveler showers. a fntin come back later on this evening, 77. tomorrow is feeling damvelein there morning, just a fntin showers, mostly cloudy skies, some sunshine by day's, 5nd, sey.. thurng fay high ealnies secre cs in and things change. it's bright and nice andsid4. roeiday smansshine fades behind clouds, another system coming through. this one a lit95e more powerfnt, could produce some thunderstorms friday night and sey. foroff.our hig thu sa3 brday it starts off damp and then gets better in the afternoon. ic thu los th at smansda'r sunny but cool, only 68. monday mostly sunny ser sechs ad 72. so a lot hrea pening in the weather today and tomorrow, feeling damp at times. >> thankoff.ou aren.
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5:41 now. next pointing fingers. the blame on comedian tracy morgan in the new jersey turndeske crash. >> slow serviceand t secalcm doesn't lead to good tips but a couple in the midwest made a posge, 5xcng caught the attention of social media. you like avoid 95 coming up in just a minute but here on roosevelt boulentord south bomad side by broad street we're looking good. loateery mtherepos a crash reported south bomansd near adas avenue. the details on the 95 delay thatoff.ou want to steer clear of are coming up in just a minute. >> another one's gone o and3 "das iing nith the stars." who it is when "action news" comes back.
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>> ♪ >> good morning, everyone. philadelphia international airport on sky 6, a reminder if you're flying to chicago today, could see some more problems related to that fire back on friday. yes, they're still trying to recover from that so o'hare, midway could see some delays, cancellations. >> if you're getting ready to head out on the roads this morning matt pelman is standing by with what you need to know. matt. >> if you're leaving that airport heading southbound on 95, well, don't. it's not looking so good. as we head to the suburbs this morning in delaware county, we are jam packed here on the southbound span of 95 approaching the blue route, 476 on down to the commodore barry bridge. you see the flashing lights up there. they have the two left lanes blocked for some paving work. so, everybody's trying to if
5:46 am
you think into the right lane to head down toward the delaware state line and as you can see it's not going so well. it's going really slowly. i said that this was going to cause big delays and it is starting to. let's pull in the commuter report brought to you by the waze app. one of our friends talking about this work zone that is giving drivers headaches early this morning. just 17 miles per hour there on 95 southbound. you want to stay up on macdade boulevard, no problems reported there, baltimore pike a little bit farther north also works as an alternate or 291 locally through chester could be another good one for you. let's talk about some other work zones that hopefully won't cause the same sort of delays but could be problematic. couple portions of 23, one here in schuylkill township is going to close during the midday 9:00 until 3:00 between clear avenue through white horse road. this started yesterday going through black friday. another chunk of 23, the conshohocken state road portion is closing from 9:00 until 3:00 today, tomorrow and
5:47 am
thursday in lower merion. maybe stick with hagee's ford road or 30 lancaster avenue as alternates. couple work zones in gloucester county. zimmerman drive. you can could use davis road or college town road. jarvis road is closed that one lasting through january 10. matt. >> thanks matt. testimony resumes in a double murder trial in montgomery county after an extended three day break. the defendant who is representing himself claims two men forced him to lead them to the victim's apartment. >> a grand jury is considering whether criminal charges should be filed in an arrest. take a look at this video. this man later died. several officers in new york city suspected 43-year-old eric garner with selling loose cigarettes after he allegedly refused to be arrested an
5:48 am
officer put garner in what appears to be choke hold. garner reportedly suffered from asthma. the medical examiner has ruled his death a homicide due to the chest and neck compressions by the officer. the nypd does not allow officers to use the choke hold move. police riot geary surfaced during another night of unrest in ferguson, month movement protesters linked arms and faced officers demanding improved dialogue with authorities. critics claim officials are charging outrageous fees to discourage request for public records about the deadly shooting of unarmed teen michael brown. in one case the city charged the associated press $135 an hour to retrieve a handful of e-mails. >> wal-mart wants actor tracy morgan to share some of the blame for his injuries suffered in a crash on the new jersey turnpike. the retailer responded to morgan's lawsuit in federal cart by saying morgan and his friends should have been wearing seat belts. morgan required weeks of rehab
5:49 am
after a wal-mart big rig slammed into his limo bus in june. one passenger died. an attorney for morgan called the response appalling. >> time now is 5:49. swansong. find out which that couple round of "dancing with the stars." >> and a couple explains why they left their server a big tip despite the service being horrible. karen. >> we have just a few spots south of the city that have some showers right now so the kids can have the jackets today but they'll need the umbrella later on this afternoon. a few more showers on the way. details in that seve skippy!!
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yippee!! fun fun fun! shiny! you never listen! what? is someone talking? ♪ skippy!! ♪ yippee!!
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i'm bored. hashtag bored. skippy!! yippee!! look a ride! (vo) made with the funnest peanuts ever! skippy. yippee!! ♪ tristan staley >> get something traffic news i see. >> yes. made it through monday. trying to tackle tuesday. let's head outside where things are not looking good right now in delaware county. southbound side, well, that's any other good. southbound side of 95 is all messed up. moving really slowly because of a construction zone near the commodore barry bridge. it should be popping up for you in just a second. there we go, yeah. southbound side of 95, you see the work zone taking out the two left lanes. it's causing big delays as you come south of ridly park on down to this point near the commodore barry bridge. we're also watching a crash
5:52 am
this morning on the roosevelt boulevard southbound side past adams avenue. it's in the outer drive. another good spot to avoid. but we'll talk more about those 95 delays coming up in just a few minutes, karen. >> fog is an issue in some parts of the region especially in your northwest suburbs. .3 of a mile visibility in allentown and mount pocono, 3-mile visibility in reading but near zero in lancaster. still 10-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport, so not so bad. and we have been talking about some showers that are south and east of the city currently. the day is going to be lots of cloud cover with some showers returning later on this afternoon. so as you're headed out early by 9:00 a.m. it will be about 67 degrees. we'll see actually lots of clouds. by noon 76 and we'll see clouds with some sunshine. we'll hit a high actually of about 77 degrees. details with that accuweather 7-day in a few minutes, matt. >> thank you, karen. race car driver tony stewart made his first public comment since that tragedy on the track. his car struck and killed kevin ward jr. afterward got out of his car on the track in upstate new york. stewart said yesterday he
5:53 am
knows ward's death was an accident and announced he wants to be available forward's family. a grand jury found no criminal intent. marijuana was found in ward's system. an autopsy has proven that kansas chiefs linebacker jevon belcher suffered from brain damage. the analysis comes nearly two years after belcher shot and killed his child's mother then himself. belcher's mother sued the chiefs claiming the team failed to care for his son after he was subjected to repeated head trauma. the autopsy found signs of a degenerative brain disease common in athletes and others with a history of repetitive head trauma. >> 5:53 now. up next, a 100-dollar tip despite bad service. generosity going viral this morning. >> we're live on a breaking story where a police officer shot a man overnight. what we've learned about the investigation coming up at 6:00 a.m. >> ♪
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>> surveillance video shows a burglar at work in philadelphia's somerton section. the suspect is captured parking his bicycle and walking up to a home on the 1800 block of tomlinson road back on september 20th. he hops a fence and uses a ladder to get into the second floor bedroom and video you can see there shows the man leaving the property with the homeowners belong's and then pedaling away on his bicycle. if you recognize the person in the video call philadelphia police. >> the story of a couple in iowa that tipped big for bad
5:57 am
service has drawn enormous curiosity on facebook. mckenzie and steve schultz left the waiter $100 on top of their $66 tap even though they waited 20 minutes to get water and more than an hour to get their entrees. the schultz's noticed the server was juggling 12 tables and bartending all by himself. so, they decided to reward him for his hard work. they left a note that read, we've both been in your shoes. paying it forward. >> good for them. the curtain closed for randy couture on "dancing with the stars" last night. the actor and mixed martial art activity received bad reviews for his routine for the rocky theme on movie night. philadelphia's own kevin hart served as guest judge providing plenty of colorful commentary. >> indeed. 5:57 now. find out what could happen when the shuttered resort auction resumes later today. >> brand new at 6:00 an illegal withdrawal. a berks county crook takes the entire atm out with the trash.
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we'll be right back.
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>> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, it's 6 o'clock, tuesday, last day in the month of september. tam is off. erin o'hearn joins us and we are live on the scene of breaking news. >> a police officer has been involved in an overnight shooting in south jersey. >> new here at 6:00, the search is on for the child predator who police say is lurking in a lehigh valley park. >> and one of the area's biggest supermarket chains warns shoppers about a possible data breach. >> and david is off as well. we have karen rogers and matt pelman. good morning. >> good morning. it's a little damp out here right now and we have low clouds creating an issue and more