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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 30, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news tonight." and breaking right now, the first confirmed case of ebola, right here in the united states. the american who had been to africa, home here for some time and then the symptoms. how many people did he come in contact with? dr. richard besser and what we're learning as we come on the air. also breaking tonight, the widening secret service scandal at the white house. how far did that armed intruder get? and the new development here, the one person who stopped him and how. also, the major break just coming in after a shooting at this american high school. the real scare inside. what happened? and tonight, what authorities have just revealed. and, in hot water. america's olympic hero, michael fell list phelps, and that new controversy. and what he's saying tonight.
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good evening and it's great to have you with us here on a tuesday night. and we begin with the breaking news. the deadly ebola outbreak in africa and tonight, the first confirmed case here in america. the patient diagnosed here in the u.s. tonight, a team from the cdc rushing to the scene. to this hospital in dallas, where he is in isolation, showing symptoms. it's believed he's been infectious for several days after returning from west africa. this evening, the test results confirms it is ebola. tonight, word president obama has been briefed and now the push to track down anyone who may have been in contact with him. in a moment, dr. richard besser with what he's learning right now from his sources at the cdc. he spent many years there. tonight, he has exclusive access, face to face patiewith patients battling it. but first, the case here and the questions. t abc's steve osunsami leading us off.
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>> reporter: the cdc is confirming late today what doctors in this dallas hospital feared. that the patient who walked into their emergency room sunday with high fever and other symptoms, is sick with ebola, the first case diagnosed in this country. >> i have no doubt that we will control this importation or this case of ebola so that it does not spread widely. >> reporter: health officials today trying to calm fears. >> we identify all people who may have had contact with the patient while he could have been infectious. and remember, ebola does not spread from someone who is not infectious. >> reporter: the doctors and nurses isolated the patient immediately. this patient left liberia on the 19th, arrived stateside on the 20th, developed symptoms on friday the 26th and checked into the hospital sunday the 28th. health officials wouldn't share the patient's flight schedule, saying this person was contagious until he or she became showing symptoms.
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compare this story to the dramatic hospitalizations of the american patients flown into the country in specially outfitted planes and walking into the hospital and protective suits. doctors who treated them say this patient's chances of beating the disease improve with round the clock care. health authorities aren't sharing too many details, but say this patient was here visiting family. those relatives are being close little monitored tonight. david? >> steve osunsami leading us off tonight. and i want to get right to abc's chief medical editor dr. richard besser, who is in liberia tonight. you can see images of dr. besser there, suited up, walking through. he spent many years at the cdc himself here in america and rich joins me tonight. and rich, the breaking headline at this hour, you've been in touch with europe sources at the cdc. this patient has been home here in the u.s. for seven days, now positive with ebola. is there real concern tonight about who this patient might have come in contact with?
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>> reporter: there really is. the hospital will take care of this patient, but the key is finding every single person that the patient came in contact with during the period that they had symptoms. they'll track them, follow them for 21 days. if any of them develop a fever, ghooil into isolation and get tested. >> reporter: so, every person this patient came in contact with, they will now foul local for 21 days. but rich, this caught my eye. this patient had gone to the hospital, was sent home and went back to another hospital. does that concern you that the signs appear to have been missed? >> reporter: well, that is concerning. every hospital in america has been asked to be on high alert and to ask anyone coming in who is sick if they've traveled. if they traveled to west africa and have symptoms, they are to be isolate and tested. >> reporter: rich, people are going to be thinking about the airplanes, the flight this person took back to america. is there reason for concern tonight for the other people who were on these planes? >> reporter: well, the good news for those passengers, you cannot transmit ebola until you have symptoms. and the symptoms didn't develop
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until they arrived here. and then, even when there's symptoms, it has to be contact with body fluids. so, there's not a lot of concern there. >> and rich, just a few moments left. you spent years controlling infectious diseases with the cdc. how much does this concern you tonight now that we have a confirmed case in the u.s.? >> reporter: it is concerning. we talked about this possibility. it really reinforces the importance of everyone working together to stop this in west africa, so this doesn't keep happening. >> all right, drill ri. richard besser. he'll have much more first thing in the morning on "good morning america." in the meantime, we turn to the other breaking story we're following tonight. stunning new revelations about that white house intruder. sprinting across the whouls white house lawn, armed with a knife, getting through the front door. and we now know getting much further than we all knew. only tackled once he reached the east room. don't, we have learned he was brought down by an offduty agent that wasn't even on the clock. the new questions tonight. did the secret service mislead the president?
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abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas now. >> reporter: the criticism about how this man defeated the secret service security machine was blistering. >> this was a stunning, outrageous, disgraceful breach. >> reporter: bipartisan. >> don't let somebody get close to the president. don't let them get in the white house. ever. >> reporter: and this game is even more damning new details became known. omar on galle less pushed through the front door just as a female secret service agent tried to lock it. after a brief struggle, he began past the unguarded staircase leading to the first family's living quarters. gonzalez made his way to the east room and then was tackled been an offduty agent. >> to the american public, that would be half a white house tour. >> reporter: gonzalez pierced more than five layers of security, jumping the fence without being stopped by patrol officers. no agents close enough to tackle him also he ran 70 yards to the white house.
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no attack dog released. s.w.a.t. and sniper teams never engaging. and finally, an unlocked front door. >> we all are outraged within the secret service of how this incident came to pass. >> reporter: and still more questions about why the secret service misled the public, suggesting at first that gonzalez was unarmed, and caught immediately upon entering the white house. >> i wish to god you protected the white house like you protect yourself reputation here today. >> reporter: and of late, that reputation has been suffering. uninvited guests to a state dinner. soliciting prostitutes. allowing a phony trans lay or the near the president during nelson mandela's funeral. taking four days to discover the white house had been hit by gun fire. today, rid yule for the vaunted secret service, which critics suggesting the agency hire a home security service. >> have ufr heard of these guys? >> reporter: and there could be more revelations to come. tonight, the secret service is investigating whether a security
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guard who was in the elevator with president obama during a recent trip to atlanta had a criminal record. the secret service is looking into reports that that security guard had a gun and was not properly vetted. david? >> pierre thomas live in washington. thank you. our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl has been on this from the very start, asking the president last week if he still believed in his security team. >> reporter: you still have confident in the secret service? >> the secret service does a great job. and i'm grateful for the sacrifices they make on my behalf and my family's behalf. >> jon, the president telling you he was confident. what did the president know and when did he know it here? >> reporter: well, good question, david. what we now know is that the president felt the need to call the director of the secret service, julia pierson, into the white house, three days after he told me that the secret service was doing a great job, to get the full story. this was an extraordinary
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briefing. the first time all year the president has met directly with director pierson. the big question was, was the secret service misleading the president at first the way they misled the public? the white house won't say, but perhaps more revealing, the white house continue say whether or not the president was told the full story at first tab this. and david, by the way, the last time we heard directly from the president on any of this was when i asked him that question in the oval office last week. >> all right, jon tarl kakarl. thank you. we're going to turn now to this frightening headline. two high school shootings in one day. in north carolina, one student wounded by another when an argument outside school erupted in gun fire before the start of class. and then this disturbingly familiar image from kentucky today. students filing out of class, their hands on their heads. after another young gunman opened fire. abc's gio benitez with what we've just learned from authorities tonight. >> reporter: tonight, another school looking more like a
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battlefield. police moving in after a teenage shooter opens fire at the firm creek high school in louisville. an all-too familiar scene in america. kids leaving school in fear. >> senseless. unacceptable. this cannot happen in our schools. >> reporter: but it did. and for hours, that shooter was on the loose. one student was injured in the shooting. wheeled out on a stretcher. hundreds of parents rushing to the school, their kids describing the scary scene. >> there was some kid that was making a ruckus and he was making a lot of noise, so, i looked back and some teachers trying to calm him down. next thing you know, a gun went off. he's pulling a gun out. >> the doors were locked. the students went for cover inside the building and they stayed there until the clear was given for them to be able to evacuate. >> reporter: late this afternoon, word that the shooter was caught the reportedly another student, a teenager, with a gun. and right now, we're told the injured student is recovering at the hospital, expected to be okay.
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this, as the fbi, for the first time, releases a report on mass shootings. in the past six years, david, an average of 16 shootings a year. >> all right, gio, thank you. we're going to turn now to the nationwide manhunt under way. the search for the suspect accused of ambushing state troopers, killing a young father. tonight, officials revealing they have spotted the man in the last 24 hours. they have also spotted something else. this is a pipe bomb left as a possible trap for search teams. abc's linzie janis back on the story for us tonight. >> reporter: tonight, law enforecment revealing new evidence in their hunt for fugitive eric frein. >> we located two pipe bombs, which were fully functional and capable of being deployed. >> reporter: authorities say the bombs were found in a place the survivalist had been using to sleep, and left behind, apparently in a hurry, as he runs from the more than 1,000 officers searching for him. >> there's actually a cord that be stretched out and used as a trip wire.
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>> reporter: officials say they've spotted the alleged cop killer and military re-enactor in the last 24 hours, appearing just out of range and then vanishing. >> i am calling on you, eric, to surrender. you are clearly stressed. you are making significant mistakes. >> reporter: for more than two weeks, this quiet part of northeastern pennsylvania has been under siege. the manhunt, bringing s.w.a.t. teams into backyards. >> there was just guys everywhere. it was surreal. it was like a war zone. >> reporter: law enforcement also scouring hundreds of vacant cab buns and places frein has visited before, like this 900,000 square foot abandoned resort. the discovery of the pipe bombs tonight prompting another warning for residents inside the search zone -- stay out of the woods. are you looking forward to this being over with? >> i'll be happy when it's over with. go back to our quiet, peaceful life. no one knew where we were until
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eric frein. >> reporter: linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> linzie, thank you. and we are following severe weather in the heartland. just listen to this. that is the incredible view from one family's front porch tonight. that home in colorado, also in the region, the view from inside this school, pelted by hail in the last 24 hours. that storm system powering up tonight. expected to do more damage across the midwest and abc's chief meteorologist ginger zee back with us tonight. >> reporter: we are watching that storm. look at the satellite. you can see that swing swirling over the dakotas. the trailing cold front is going to kick awful and fire more storms. going into our wednesday and thursday, all the area there, highlighted in orange, needs to be on alert. you could see more hail. certainly damaging winds and an isolated tornado. as far south as louisiana. that low slides to the east and the first concern, severe weather. second, flash flooding. you could see up to four inches with some of those storms, too. >> ginger zee, thank you.
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it was last night here, we told you about walmart firing back at comedian tracy morgan, recovering from that deadly crash. the retailer faulting morgan and his passengers for not wearing seat belts. tonight, morgan answering back, saying, quote, after i heard what walmart said, i felt i had to speak out. i can't believe walmart is blaming me for an accident that they caused. my friends and i were doing nothing wrong. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the chilling news about that missing real estate agent. tonight, what we've not learned. and the big changers facing real estate agents when allowing strangers into those home lgs across america. and then, watch this tonight. the guy right there in that video, walking into an american airport, appearing to steal luggage right off the belt. we'll tell you which city they're hunting for them tonight. and later here tonight, america's olympic hero, michael phelps, in hot water. the new controversy, and how he's responding, tonight. looking good! ael! trying to keep up with you! i told my producer karen that i take metamucil
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many real estate agents face across this country. the real estate broker kid named and killed on her way to meet a potential buyer. was she set up? abc's ryan owens tonight. >> reporter: why did accused killer arron lewis target his alleged victim, arkansas real estate agent beverly carter? his answer, astounding. >> because she was just a woman that worked alone, a rich broker. >> reporter: the 33-year-old with a lengthy rap sheet has pleaded not guilty to capital murder. he denies killing the mother and grandmother, but detectives say lewis does admit to kidnapping her last week from this home she was showing near little rock. authorities say he posed as a buyer. >> we believe the person responsible for taking her and, as we know now, for her murder, is in custody. >> reporter: her murder, allegedly at the hands of a complete stranger, has shaken this city's realtors. many spent four days searching for carter before her body was mound a shallow grave overnight. >> nothing that beverly did that any of us have not done in the past.
6:48 pm
>> reporter: but not anymore. carter's boss at the real estate office says no more meeting strangers at some empty home. >> i'm hoping that the public is going to be more patient with us and realize that when they call us, we can't just drop everything and run and go show them a house. they need to come into our office, give us their driver's license. >> reporter: which is one safety measure recommended by the national association of realtors. they also advise agents to let the office know when you're showing a home alone. and alert the neighbors ahead of time. beverly carter's boss estimates 80% of the agents in that office are women. she says right now, only one or two carry guns when they show a house. she suspects by the end of the week, they all will. david? >> this case so alarming. ryan, thank you. when we come back here on "world news tonight," the breaking news on olympian michael phelps today. the controversy, and how he's responding. the surveillance tape from this american airport. two suspects taking off with your luggage right from the belt there. where they are searching for them tonight. and then, best in show. the two new breeds now being allow into the west mincer dog
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the proof that it heals is you. our "instant index." michael fell listens in the news tonight. arrested in baltimore overnight for driving under the influence. police say he was going 84 in a 45, failing a sobriety test. his second dui. and tonight, phelps tweeting, quote, i understand the severity of my actions, take full responsibility. i know these words might not mean much right now, but i am deeply sorry to everyone i have let down. and tonight, authorities in phoenix are looking for the two men on this tape, from sky harbor international airport. two men park, they appear to steal some luggage right off the conveyor belt, loading it into their car. tonight, they are searching for the thieves. the second case in phoenix this recent weeks. and meet the new contenders for best in show tonight. the oishl debut of two new breeds that will compete in next weerp's west minger dog shore. the wire haired and on the right. my apologies if that was way off. when we come back here on "world news tonight," the man giving
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and finally tonight here, my one-on-one with bill gates. and when we did the math, it was staggering. how much he gives away every day. and tonight, his newest gift comes with great urgency. tonight, the richest man in america, once again, now topping the forbes 400, and tonight, on top of our headquarters, overlooking new york. do you check to see if your name is still on the top? >> ah, i'm sure somebody would tell me. >> reporter: if you slipped. >> i'm not giving it away fast enough. >> reporter: he's now worth $81 billion. he add d $9 billion over the last year. here's the number that caught our eye. bill and melinda gates, his wife, have given away $35 billion since 1994. we did the math. that's about $4,859,000 every day. and tonight, right here, he talks about his biggest emergency grant ever. $50 million to fight ebola. >> reporte how important do you think it is that the world get involved
6:57 pm
in this fight? >> well, the disease is out of control in the three countries right now. >> reporter: we saw dr. besser and those exclusive pictures earlier. the beds, filled with the sick. when you see those images emerging from the ebola wards, what concerns you most? >> the horrific fact that people of dying of ebola, but the whole health system is shut down. >> reporter: a health system he and his wife melinda are determined to help build. bill gates grew up in seattle. he was the one who organized the family competitions. there were a lot of board games in your house. remember the favorites? >> we played a lot of cards. we played monopoly. >> reporter: it's safe to say, he won. >> you were reading the encyclopedia. >> i had a world book, yeah. >> reporter: it was something else that caught his eye. you were 13 when you started showing an interest in computers? was very lucky to use one at 13. >> reporter: and that it was. that was the moment. >> i got somewhat addicted, yeah. >> reporter: and it paid off. the founder of microsoft. >> i'm bell gaits, bill gates,
6:58 pm
chairman of microsoft. >> reporter: proving even the richest man in the world isn't afraid to take a chance. who came up with that? >> a friend of mine said, these are all going to look the same. >> reporter: but not bill gates. tonight, his focus is ebola, and he has hope. he says, we can contain it. >> i think over the next 60 days, we will get on top of it. >> reporter: you do? with your help. >> yeah. >> our thanks to bill gates and we'll have much more on that ebola case in america tonight on "nightline" and first thing in the morning on "gma." and of course, i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. from all of us here, have a good evening. good night.
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