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tv   Action News  ABC  October 2, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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>> it is thursday, october 2, here's what you didn't see last night. we're following new details on the ebola emergency hitting the united states. a new patient is showing signs of the virus. >> a local school went up in flames overnight we have details on the damage done inside the building. >> an ohio woman is suing a sperm bank in the midwest, she got something different frontalm what she paid for. >> we have karen rogers and
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matt pellman and trouble on i-95. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, let's start with storm tracker 6 live, we're dry through the area we have lots of clouds and sunshine, more clouds early on as we look at this close up view with satellite 6. cloudy skies in philadelphia it's a little clearer in the northwest suburbs. 58 degrees currently in quakertown. 63 in center city. temperatures are not too bad. not terribly cold at the moment. 57 in hammonton, 59 in woodbine and 58 in dover. as we look at the day ahead we'll see sunshine this afternoon mixing with the clouds, 74 degrees for your high, temperatures above what they would normally be this time of year. at this early hour you've got problems on the roads. >> reporter: i think we've been starting every single morning
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with issues on i-95. in northeast philadelphia we have a tanker fire there's the truck the flames were coming from earlier. you can see they have the fire extinguished now. they say these are the northbound lanes approaching cottman avenue. they have started to allow traffic to get by in the left lane heading toward cottman this is in the work zone a pretty inopportune spot for this to happen. as we switch back toward bridge street there's no delay. volume is so light anticipate with the left lane getting by heading toward cottman avenue we're not seeing any slowing coming away from center city. we hope they can tow the truck away soon. better news on i-95 in delaware county they wrapped up the paving work on time, all lanes open heading toward the delaware
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state line. medical officials in hawaii are monitoring a patient showing signs of symptoms of ebola. hospital officials in dallas ignored signs that the first ebola patient was infected. katherine scott is live at the satellite center with more on these developments. >> reporter: let's start in hawaii, officials are monitoring pa patient there that are showing signs like you said, but it is not a confirmed case of ebola. in dallas officials are monitoring 18 people who came into contact with the man who is the first case of ebola in u.s. thomas dunkin left liberia on september 19 with no symptoms and flew through brussel and into dallas.
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four days after landing he showed symptoms a that's when his ebola would become contagious. he walked into an emergency room in dallas the and they them he was from liberia, but the information was not passed along. three days later he was admitted by ambulance. now medical officials in high by are looking at a patient who is in isolation. they say it's unlikely that a true case of ebola would make it to had a by, but if it did, they have preparations in place. >> the hospital is being very careful, is they should to take -- as they should to take precautions and making sure sure the patient is initis layings and making sure the public is
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safe. >> reporter: health officials say that patient could be sick for any reason. coming up in the next half-hour hear what local hospitals are do in philadelphia in case a possible case of ebola walks into an emergency room. katherine scott channel 6 "action news." >> our coverage of the ebola continues at we have a list of seven thing you should know about the virus. now to the latest on the entrovirus 68, health officials are trying to determine if it played a role in the death of four people. a 10-year-old girl in rhode island is the latest fatality. in new jersey, four more children have cases of intieferls, -- entrovirus 68, to in camden county and one in more rules -- morris county. smoke was coming from the
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second floor of a vacant elementary school when firefighters arrived. crews are trying to figure out what started the fire. >> philadelphia police say a driver was speeding when his car struck and killed a 7-year-old boy on a tioga nicetown street. the car hit the boy as he stepped out between two cars. the 52-year-old driver said he did not know he hit a child and backed up and the child ended up getting pin under a tire. the driver on the streets tried to back up the car, but they could not save the boy. >> i never nernsed anything like -- experienced anything like that. i really feel sorry for the family. >> police say the accident is under investigation. >> the investigation continues into exactly how an experienced
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weapons instructioner accidently shot and killed a young pennsylvania state trooper. trooper had been with the state police for just a little more than two years. he was attending firearms training at the montgomery county training center. the gun misfired and instruct him in the chest. he was just 26 years old. two state troopers suffered minor injuries while looking for eric frein. the on going manhunt always paralyzed the area near canadensis. some business owners say the search will hurt tourism. officials say all hotels are hope and very few are cancerring reservations. canadian based brook field
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holdings is betting it can turn around the revel in atlantic city. there are concerns this morning about the would be buyers financial situation, brook field owns the hard rocca seen in las vegas and that missed an interest payment due back in august. brook field said that will not affect its ability to buy the revel. stocks took a nose dive on wednesday following the first case of ebola in the u.s. futures are mixed. >> reporter: ebola concerns would impact the price of chocolate. 70% of the world's supply comes from what is considered the hot zone. >> wilt the stilt is now wilt the stamp. the stamps are extra tall, one
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shows the hall of famer in a philadelphia warrior's uniform, the other in a laker's jersey. the stamp will be dedicated at a sixers game december 5. an ohio woman is suing a sperm bank she claims she was inseminated with the wrong donor's sample. tweets about a ferguson grand jury spark a probe. >> reporter: we're dry, we have couple of showers off the coastline, details in the seven-day forecast coming right up. are you busy?
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>> hey, you look like a feisty girl. >> reporter: i was a little arguing with you in the commercial break. >> i said who has the better haircut. i said you did. >> reporter: i just got it cut. we have sprinkles near surf city. let's take you outside, we're dry, as we look live in atlantic city, not too bad out there. we're dealing with lots of clouds especially to start you off. we're having a soggy saturday i always like to look ahead in the weekend. as for today it's a typical fall
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day, 64 degrees, the dewpoint is 56, the winds out of the northeast at 3 and the presser 30.80 inches. we have see our always on seven day off to the side of the screen. satellite and radar shows we have lots of clouds, some of the northwest suburbs we have clear skies, we have entirely cloudy skies in philadelphia. we'll have clouds and sunshine through the day today. the area of high pressure is shifting off the coast, as it does so we'll see the clouds lead to sunshine, a seasonable high of 74. normally we would be 72. about two degrees above average. tomorrow, partly sunny skies and this front that's rather potent holds off until the overnight hours. we don't get the rain overnight friday into saturday. future tracker 63:00 p.m. on saturday you're starting to see
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the model showing in the northwest suburbs in lots of areas it's showering. and then this front comes through during lunchtime and producing heavy rainfall before it lifts out of here completely off the coast by 6:30. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, clouds and sunshine in the afternoon should be nice, fine and dry just a bit cool for the union game tonight. 74 degrees for your high. tomorrow, partly sunny skies, 75 degrees, looks like the rain holds off until the overnight hours, on saturday we've got that morning rain, it starts in the overnight it doesn't clear out until the afternoon hours, 70 degrees for your high. we'll see sunshine by day's end. sunday we have the october chill just in time eagles game, 64 degrees, but breezy, feeling cooler than 64. monday, not as cool, 72. starting to feel better, tuesday, clouds and sunshine, chance for a shower and
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74 degrees. wednesday we'll see a high of 72 under mostly sunny skies, today kind of a typical fall day, pretty nice, tomorrow more of the same, the rain has to come on the weekend. >> a jury has found a florida man guilty of first degree murder for fatally shooting a teenager after an argument over loud music. michael dunn. fired ten shots into a car 2012. 17-year-old jordon davis was killed. d up -- did you d up n. prosecutors claim that they have not evidence to charge the officer for shooting michael brown. the grand jury is working to see if charges should be filed for
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shooting brown an unarmed 18-year-old. the tweet and the twitter account has been deleted. >> an ohio woman is suing a sperm bank claiming it gave her the wrong sample leading to getting her pregnant from a different rails. during her pregnancy an employee at the sperm bank in illinois told her she had received the sample from a black man instead. they say they love their 2-year-old daughter and they wouldn't change anything about her, but she said she is worried about how the child will be treated in her all white and unconsciously insensitive family. >> i'm saying i want my child to be raised that look like her and unfortunately we're not going to get all of those assets in uniontown, ohio. we want her to grow up in a
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community where she feels accepted and normal to be who she is. >> she is seeking $50,000 in damages from the midwest sperm bank. >> more stories you didn't see last night. not just one, but two teachers down south are facing charges for having sex with the same 16-year-old male student at the same time. >> a florida officer is caught on cell phone video tasering a 62-year-old woman in the back as she walked away from him. the story is coming up later. >> reporter: don't forget you can take the new
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>> reporter: good morning, when you see this sleepy mug before 5:00 a.m., you know that things have not been going so swell during the overnight hours. that's the case on i-95 we had a tanker truck fire, the rear of the truck was on fire. the fire crews got out here and put out the flames. police are on the scene and they are investigating what caused the fire. they have the northbound shut down at cottman avenue. good news on i-95 in delaware
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county. close to highland avenue no southbound construction any more this morning that paving operation that's been causing the big delays the last few mornings out of the way early this morning. we don't expect that major crawl southbound. only the boulevard expect work on the inner drive between south hampton ton and rising sun. the work on spring garden is out of the way. >> you look very alert for being tired. here's looking at you kid. looking at the travel forecast, chicago, once again, it's the same deal here, we have thundershower activity raining moving across the there right now. we have number of a number of cancellations at o'hare and midway. 122 flights cancelled at o'hare and 33 at midway because of the
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fire last week. business persons and people heading to the midwest you could see delays. in washington, d.c. you could see delays because of fog. thundershower activity in florida and dallas and houston, texas. in chicago we have thundershower activity from minneapolis, chicago and detroit. out here in the western part of the country looking okay for travelers okay. >> more details are coming out about accused kidnapper jessie matthew. suspected in the disappearance of hannah graham. he has been forensically linked to morgan harrington who disappeared in 2009 and 2005 rape outside washington, d.c. we're learning matthew was investigated for an alleged sexual assault at the second college he attended. he will be in court today facing
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reckless driving charges he racked up speeding away from police. two high school students are accused of having sex with a student. they had a threesome with 16-year-old student. the student was a junior and looking into the possibility that he video taped or took pictures of the encounter. both teachers are facing felony charges. >> 4:53. all new in the next half-hour of "action news," a pair of beer bandits trying to steal 73 cans of beer from a florida store. thursday night on 6abc is all about melodrama a
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>> take a look at this truck on the lot at a car dealership in denver, colorado. it is on cedar block because that's how thieves left it after they stole the tires. the tires and wheels are worth $2,000. the theives have hit her dealerships in the area. >> a police officer in florida is on administrative leave pending an investigation into his use of a taser on a woman during an arrest. this is video of officer using the taser on the 62-year-old viola young.
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police say young approached the officer asking about one of the people who was being arrested during a drug bust. police say she refused to leave. young was charged with resisting arrest without violence. >> trntle -- tgit. how to get away with murder. the students are starting to realize that anna has a lot of secrets. while most students would kill for one of the coveted spots, siems like one of the five selected is thinking about dropping out. tonight's lineup starts with grays anatomy at 8, scandal at 9 and "action news" at 10:00. >> i like how you say how do you getaway with murder. i think you do it better. two days of congressional hearings investigate the white house security breaches leads to
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a shake up at the secret service. >> eagles lesean mccoy is having the worst season of his
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>> hey everyone, it is 5:00 a.m., thursday, october 2. tam is off, nydia han joins us. here's what's happening. >> the first-ever case of ebola virus is diagnosed on u.s. soil. >> the death of cooper ceo and his wife takes an ominous turn. someone set the fire at their home on texas. a texas girl feared to be gone forever is found alive in another country. >> david is off, karen rogers has weather and matt pellman has traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, storm tracker 6 live double scan the only place showing a shower is surf city by the ocean. everything is good as you head


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