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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 3, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EDT

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welcome to "world news." tonight, breaking news. the ur gent threat to an american held captive by isis at this hour. just 26 years old. a medic. the american shown in a new video, what they're now warning, his family reacting moments ago. ebola in america. the hazmat teams on the scene a wrapping this car in plastic and tonight, at least 50 americans now being closely monitored. extreme weather. a dorm students seen scrambling for their laptop computers what's coming next. a grandma hit with taser. the police now explaining themselves and an american legend tonight. my interview with tony bennett, breaking a new record and what he's about to reveal to america, right now.
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good evening. it's great to have you with us on a friday night. we begin with several breaking stories. first an american family beginning their weekend with renewed fears over their son's life. 26-year-old peter kassig, from indiana, he was in syria as a medic, helping families and helping children and this image given to us by his family. all as an isis putting out a video, they show that indiana man next with threatening words. we won't show you the horrific moments. we begin with abc chief global correspondent martha raddatz. >> reporter: this is the 26-year-old american peter kassig on his knees. a hooded isis fighter by his side. warning that he could be the next victim of the isis
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executioners. he's a former army ranger, in syria as an aid worker saying that he wanted to find purpose in his life. he became a medic and founded an organization to help refugees. but last year, at almost exactly the same time, he disappeared. the isis fighter in the video by his side, directing a message to president obama, saying you have started aerial bombardment which keeps striking our people. he threatens to kill more americans, just before kassig is shown, another british aid worker, alan henning appears to be executioned. unclear whether it's the same man. indeed the u.s. and arab partners have been pounded isis targets in syria and iraq. we watched the nonstop operations on the u.s. aircraft carrier just days ago.
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its fighter jets loaded with bombs and missiles headed for targets wherever isituation could be found. the targets are getting more difficult to spot. isis has stopped using long convoys of vehicles. taken off black flags on equipment and is trying to blend into the population. his family confirms it's their son in the video and tonight, they released a statement, saying we ask everyone around the world to pray for the henning family for our son and for the release all innocent people being held hostage in the middle east and around the globe. david? >> all right, we're all thinking about that family and their son tonight. we turn now to dallas and that case of ebola here in the u.s., word this evening that at least 50 americans are being monitored. temperature taken twice a day. hazmat crews hosing down as they left the home.
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family members of that patient are still under quarantine. look at that home there, around that dense apartment complex, homes as far as the eyes can see, a packed neighborhood. the cdc now going door to door. cecilia vega is live. these hazmat crews arrived five days after he was hospitalized? >> reporter: david, good evening to you. that's the big question out here, why did it take this long? they had a hard time to find a cleanup crew. you can see this truck right here, they're called the cleanup guys. a convoy of trucks en route to the first mission of its kind, ever, decontaminating an american home painted with ebola. this cleanup crew has finally arrived, it will take six hours and team of people to clean this two-bedroom apartment. the hazmat crew protected in
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chemical-resistant suits. they wear face shields. two layer of gloves. outside, the car duncan rode in, covered in plastic, a tarp on the ground and shielding the apartment's front door. inside the two-bedroom apartment, the team collecting all duncan's personal belongings, entering his bedroom, removing his bed, triple bagging his sheets and pillows. moving to the bathroom, disinfecting all surfaces with bleach. scouring all high-traffic areas he might have touched. everything placed in secured containers and removed from the apartment. his four family members including one children and duncan's girlfriend, quarantined inside exposed to deadly ebola. >> people in this complex are scared. >> reporter: tonight, health officials here facing tough
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questions as to why it took five days since he was admitted to the hospital to clean this apartment. 50 being monitored closely. their temperature checked twice a day. considered to be dangerous contact with duncan, now considered to be high risk. now, all of those people healthy so far, but they're telling cdc disease detectives that i spoke to today, they're concerned about the stigma being associated with this. our richard besser arriving at the airport in liberia. we wonder, are they checking people leaving liberia to see if they're not sick. >> reporter: we're heading to the airport. the front lines on the battle to keep ebola out of the united
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states. people wanted to know, can you keep it from leaving? driving in. guards check my temperature. i fill out a detailed questionnaire. since i was fully covered, nothing that we did here put us in the high-risk category. this is really good screening questionnaire. only going to work if people read it carefully and tell the truth. but we know eric duncan, the patient from dallas, didn't reveal that he had been in close contact with an ebola victim. people who are sick not living the country. another visual check point. my temperature taken a second time with that infrared thermometer. all clear. but so much depending on trust and a thermometer. time to go home. richard. >> the check points at the airport there, they checked your temperature not once but twice before you prepared to come
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back. the next step is coming home. we're waiting for you. your wife waiting for you. >> i'm going to follow the cdc recommendations to the letter. people coming from west africa, take my temperature twice a day, if i develop any symptoms i'm going to call the doctor. >> richard besser a packed airport. safe trip home. that massive storm system back here at home. hundreds of miles long from dallas to chicago overnight. hundreds of thousands this evening without power in texas and this scene in arlington, just look, this roof ripped off this dorm, a young woman grabbing her laptop. tonight, this storm system is moving east. ginger zee now. >> reporter: potent storms whipping across the plains and the midwest. each spot marking the more than
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250 severe storm reports in the past 24 hours is a disastrous image and story. huge hail terrorizing wac koe, texas. and that wind, up to 90 miles per hour. blowing transformers in arlington, texas. >> car ports, everything started flying. >> reporter: the storm shredding the roof off that dorm at arlington baptist college. inside, this student. >> i was scared to death. i didn't know what to do. i just closed my door. >> reporter: she was napping under that roof. downstairs more than a dozen roommates. everyone walking out alive. >> just incredible. ginger, you got the futurecast going into the weekend. >> this is all rain now, rain that will affect the beginning of your weekend, from d.c. to new york city. overnight tonight through your day on saturday. to new england it goes.
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it leaves all of us by late saturday. behind that front is the big headline that big high pressure system and you wake up in a raw 30 in bismarck. and there's the proof, david, snowing torrent in parts of minnesota. >> it's only october. in the meantime, new developments in that nationwide man hunt for one of america's most wanted. the man in in that deadly ambush on state troopers. they're halting hunting season for a time. abc's linzie jan nis with the new fear that this suspect might soon start breaking into homes for supplies. >> reporter: tonight, the first pictures of the camp site said eric frein left behind two pipe bombs found earlier this week. he likely fled in a hurry, leaving behind 90 rounds of ammunition. clothing and food.
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>> he's living off of food that he carried with him and again, i believe that food is running out. i believe that's why he's going to be forced to start looking to cabins and vacant homes in order to survive. >> reporter: after the discovery of those explosives, now a ban on hunting. >> some upset people, there will probably be people in the area to go hubting. >> reporter: an hunter s temptig to take justice into their own hands, think again. >> linzie, thank you. that massive cyber attack at the nation's largest bank, jpmorgan chase. private information, e-mails, and phone numbers all stolen. tonight, the fbi is on the case. this security breach is larger than the others. home depot, 56 million customers hacked. target, up to 70 million and
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tonight, jpmorgan chase, at least 76 million affected. paula, we're learning tonight that this could involve more banks. >> the fbi is involved as part of a broader investigation. >> paula, last night here, we reported that it's your personal information, you're still at risk with this. >> the concern is, they have your personal information but they now know where you bank. suspicious e-mails, suspicious text messages and always check your statements on a daily basis. >> paula, thank you. another headline the new unemployment number, 5.9%, the lowest rate in six years. 248,000 jobs added last month. the dow rose over 200 points. now to a chilling new video this evening and a new debate over stun guns used across this
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country. an officer using a taser on a grandmother. how police are now responding. abc's ron claiborne. >> reporter: take a look for yourself. florida police were making an arrest on tuesday, when 61-year-old viola young starting questioning them. the officer grabs her hand. she pulls away to turn around and he immediately tasers her in the back. she falls face first into the street. faced with iphone evidence, tallahassee police responded by sharing the video and placing the officer on leave. >> you want to be transparent. >> reporter: police in the town in delaware, a settlement with the driver in this video. they thought he was someone else. it with us the guy's birthday. critics say all too often, police stun first, ask questions later, even to some who are
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unarmed and pose no risk. >> very often they have to make snap judgment calls and they don't have the benefit of having a medical history in front of them. >> reporter: the manufacture of taser say the officer has to be properly trained. viola young the grandmother in tallahassee who was tasered, only fractured a wrist. she's demanding justice. >> ron claiborne, thank you around the world tonight, and to hong kong tonight, those protests we have been following, clashes between rebel protest groups. police trying to calm the crowds. tonight, negotiations have been called off. back here at home tonight, a mystery tonight in a place this country knows well, smoke rising from shanksville, pennsylvania, the memorial for flight 93, three administrative were
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burning three miles away from that site. the memorial was not hurt. no injuries, either. from washington a tribute to america's fighting forces disabled in the line of duty. that star, fountain and an eternal flame. it will open to the public come monday. still much more ahead on "world news" tonight this friday. what police are revealing now after this high-speed chase. the driver trying to escape over a face. you're about to see police catching him and what they discover who it was they had nabbed. also ahead here -- did he really say that? what vice president biden said. and an american legend on a night that we need it. my interview with tony bennett. our "person of the week." ♪ just thinking of you sometimes, grandpa.
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next tonight, that high-speed chase in california the driver desperate to outrun police, once they catch him, police learn why he tried so hard to get away. here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: he's getting back on the freeway. a high-speed chase over four southern california freeways. the driver of this white gladbet truck drove the wrong way against traffic. he tried to scale a fence. then, pulled a u-turn on the busy freeway and drove off again. two hours later, it wednesdayed like a scene from the dukes of hazard, the truck jumping the embankment and crashing down. sweaty and dazed, the driver slowly emerged -- and vournded to police, their guns drawn. >> sir, why were you running. >> reporter: that turns out to be the key question. police initially suspected the driver was a common thief, accused of ripping off a local business. it turns out that 53-year-old was wanted by the fbi.
6:49 pm
does he have a nickname. >> his name nickname is the hills band it. >> reporter: when you look at that mug shot, pretty similar to the bank photos. a routine stop turns into a dramatic getaway. turns out that the suspect had good reason to run. david wright, abc news, los angeles when we come back on a friday night -- my interview with tony bennett. what he reveals and did he really say that, what vice president biden said to a student. like father like son. who has the bigger arms? that's next. ♪
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comes without a prescription for frequent heartburn. get complete protection. nexium level protection™ zblrjts our "instant index" tonight. vmt biden speaking at harvard, a student inintroduces himself as the vice president of the student body. biden known for his colorful language. he said, ain't that a blank. clarifying he was only joking. check this out. like father, like son in this video going viral this friday night. dad flexing and then his 8-month-old son following along. the flex-off tonight. the real-life du many, bo. a baby elephant, tumbling over and watch who comes running. mom and dad offering a helping trunk until the little one is back on his feet. when we come back -- my interview with tony bennett and
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talk to your doctor or pharmacist about your risk. finally n an american legend
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tony bennett. we begin here with his favorite song and the world record he broke this week. ♪ someday when i'm awfully low, when the world is can cold, i will feel a glow just thinking of you ♪ zblm. >> reporter: tonight, we're thinking of him. because this week tony bennett, set a world record. at 88 years young, he's the oldest artist now to have a number one album in the world. and i asked him what he makes of it. >> well, i'm tlid about that because i've always wanted to be one of a kind somehow. and it happened. >> reporter: the al bam, cheek to cheek, with lady gaga. ♪ heaven i'm in heaven ♪ >> reporter: 60 years between them. but just a few feet in that studio. ♪ in a river or a creek, but i
6:57 pm
don't enjoy it half as much as dancing cheek to cheek ♪ >> i don't think about her age because she's brilliant. ♪ >> reporter: he doesn't think of his age either. i asked him what's his secret. >> never worked a day in my life because i love what i do and i love the fact that i'm getting away with it. >> reporter: tony lost his father young and his mother left to raise the children in the great depression. >> that's the reason i went into show business, because she was working so hard to raise three children. >> reporter: he served in world war ii and has fought the critics for decades who have said, you need to sing something more modern. >> i say well i'm just doing the great american songbook over and over again because it was the greatest music that came out of any country in the world. >> reporter: and tony bennett
6:58 pm
and his wife just this week raising $1.3 million. donating it all to public schools, giving children a chance at the arts. hoping they too will learn that great american song back. >> i'm convinced that 35 years or 50 years from now, it will finally be called america's classical music and i don't consider them old songs, i consider them masterpieces. ♪ and the way you look tonight and so, we choose tony bennett. and what a joy that was. thanks for watching. good night. kokokokokokokokokokoo
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this is "jeopardy!" here are today's contestants -- an engineer from cincinnati, ohio... a labor relations analyst from carlisle, pennsylvania... and our returning champion, an attorney from new york, new york...


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