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tv   Action News  ABC  October 10, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the time has come to put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for a dunkin' donuts dark roast. bold start, smooth finish, never bitter. rejoice with the 99-cent medium hot or iced dark roast today. >> we're waking up to plenty of clouds and a few sprinkles and accuweather is tracking steadier rain coming in later today. >> fast food chain is latest to lose customer credit card information to hackers.
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>> let's get a preview of the rain. >> cloud cover sweeping in south and west now. take a look at satellite. clouds south of philadelphia and some of us will see early sunshine. those clouds out to the west will nil quickly as we go through the morning. 56 as you head outside. it's a cool start. allentown 42 not as much wind the last couple days. partly cloudy skies. that depends where are you as the clouds are in the process of sweeping in. by 9:00, 55. looking at clouds at that point. maybey sunny break here or. there cloudy, 59, high today cooler 62 as we get past noon and in through the afternoon there's a chance of drizzle developing and perhaps spotty showers here or there.
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and steadier rain likely holding off until later tonight and in the overnight hours. does that rain affect the weekend and i'll let you know about that with future tracker 6 and complete weekend call coming up karen. >> roads are dry this morning. we're live in west conshohocken. schuylkill blue route eastbound tractor-trailer off to the side and nothing more than eastbound bulling volume coming in from devon or king of prussia this morning. so far so good on the schuylkill we have a problem on the pennsylvania turnpike here reading interchange toll plaza it's an accident expect restrictions. remember the other day turn pike eastbound was shut down because of accidents reading. nothing like that now. restrictions with the accident. and here's an update on the accident in cape may county here. upper township right on garden state parkway northbound as you approach mamora here accident off to the side here. should not be causing many problems. brooklawn we had a ramp closed due to construction and reopened now 130 reopened 47 closed most
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of the weekend. construction crews here. 42 northbound here creek road no delay just yet coming from turnersville or blackwood. you're looking good. >> we begin with breaking news officials in norway announced dual winners of noble peace prize committee announced app hour ago malala yousafzai a pakistani school girl won and will share with kailash satyrathi a children's activist in india. the 60-year-old kailash satyrathi is known for maintainingself sacrificing tradition of ghandi. malala yousafzai at 17 years old is youngest person to ever win the prize. terrorists in pakistan tried murder malala yousafzai back in 2012 because she add indicated tore gender equality. malala will set of 2014 liberty
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medal in philadelphia later this month. how about that? >> i'm very happy for her and him. >> another developing story action anews two bandits attacked a map outside a bucks county car overnight and stole his sports car. a man was assaulted and shocked tat a man with a taser outside of barluli in bensalem bucks county. suspect stole a july owe muss standing. no word on whether or not police made arrests but if you know anything about this crime police call please -- please call police. >> and a gunman that robbed a wawa store 800 block of cottman avenue 3 p.m.. police say the robber stole 1,000 and got away on foot. the robber had a black sheet and was holding a silver hand gun the clerk was not hurt. >> the penalty phase in murder
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crime of yand mauri could be sentenced to death. he was accused of killing a girl and grandmotherch the killer's mother testified onies has been of. >> it helps paint picture of troubled boy that went through a lot and henz to explain how he could have got ep into this mess. >> the defendant has his mother to beg for his life. >> he has defended himself in court rather than ruseing court-appointed lawyer. >> five major u.s. airports begin screening passengers arriving from west africa this weekend the special action will be to see if they have ebola symptoms. jfk starts screening tomorrow. international effort to stop the deadly disease from spreading beyond africa is up tense fewing. medical teams with medical equipment arrived in liberia. hundreds of other shoulders are
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undergoing infectious disease training in u.s. as they prepare to fly to ebola hot zone. >> when i was in afghanistan it was different. i was concerned about my health not really as this one i'm very concerned about my health. what kind of disease can i get. >> eight doctors and nurses in spain are in isolation after treating ebola patient there and one worker tested positive for the disease. the head of the centers for disease control says the world must act together to stop the spread of ebola and warns we could face a health crisis as big as the first outbreak of aids. >> a passenger joking around about ebola on board a u.s. airways flight from philadelphia to dominican rep turns into a full hazmat situation. more on the plane scare in the next half hour. >> in the meantime you can find updated information about ebola outbreak as it happens on on the 6abc news app and learn more about the virus, symptoms and how to spreads. >> 6:06 and new here a toddler
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hurt during a police chase rox involving the boy's father. police caught one keith johnson a few blocks away from west windsor in reading and officers wanted to speak to him about domestic dispute. johnson had a gun in one hand and 3-year-old son in other and hopped fences to get away. and the ceo of one of the largest tech companies is walking back comments he made about women and whether they should ask for a rage. live at the nasdaq in times square hi, marry sglel hi there, matt, microsoft ceo backtracking on advice for women earlier this week. he suggested women don't need toe ask for races and rather trust the system to reward them. so after criticism nadella took to twit to soften comments he told microsoft employees he was
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wrong and women should ask for a raise if they think it's deserved. >> a day after biggest gains of the year the dow reports biggest loss of a year. a big chunk of yesterday's loss can be traced to energy stock. as price of oil dropped energy stocks have been battered and investors have also been rattled by fears of economic slowdown overseas. futures now pointing to lower open. >> dairy queen hit by hackers company payment system was attacked in august and september and hacker may have gained access to customer names and credit and debit card numbers and data breach affected 400 dairy queen locations across the u.s.. that's the latest from the nasdaq. back you to matt and tam. >> thanks so much maribel good luck with your giants, play the eagles sunday night. >> hopefully by then no rain. >> much like wire dry for that game. dry most of the weekend. saturday could start out wet. stormtracker 6 double scan shows us we are dry across the region currently and as we take a look
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outside we have sky6 not bouncing around much this morning because the winds are very light. calm winds across the region now. do we have a sky6 shot we can take? yeah, we do. there's the airport. thank you. tranquil conditions out there. let's get you to the current numbers. 56 in philadelphia, 4 allentown and notice we have that blue on the map in northern and western suburbs indicating it is cooler. 46. and reading, plan kaeringt, 45. 49 in millville and 58 sea isle city and boardwalk upper 40s in trenton, new jersey always on 7 day in the left hand portion of your screen if you watch hd. future tracker 6 showing you clouds are over taking the region between now and noon. this is 12:00:00 p.m. noon view and there may be a little drizzle falling from the clouds at times. maybe a little sprinkle or shower. as we go later into the afternoon up until 7 a better chance of showers starting to build in. model has most of us south of philadelphia and i'll allow for something further north later
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this afternoon and this evening. it looks like it will be fairly light though. and as we get later into tonight the rain starts to fill in a little bit more and you might have a better chance of catching something around philadelphia and better chance of steadier stuff in central delaware and central south jersey. as we look at temperatures today it will be cooler than the lasts couple. only 61 allentown and mostly cloudy, clouds increasing as the day goes on. and some late drizzle is possible and as we look at the shore more of the same. cloudy, milder, better chance of drizzle and rain and evening of atlantic city. in philadelphia high of 62 increasing clouds and drizzle and maybe rain building in later in the afternoon. better chance of that this evening. winds northeast at 4 to 8 miles an hour. as we roll through the day. starting cool, 8 a.m. still 50s there. upper 50s by 11 and couple hours in 60s this afternoon high of 62, 3:00 this afternoon and then overnight tonight in saturday
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morning more rain build in and this is 4 a.m. view on saturday. most of you still asleep. as we get to 7:00 you can see steadier cells popping through and then we get up to 9 or 10 and we're expecting rain to start to depart philadelphia and eventually get off the coast. so the morning is wet but the afternoon looks dry on saturday even later morning hours dry. not much rain. less than an inch in some spots. your exclusive accuweather forecast 7 day forecast. cloudy, damp. drizzle. and better chance of showers building in. the later we get through the day and into the evening. and then improving saturday morning rain drying in the afternoon with sun returning. 62 is the high there. an on sunday sun in morning and clouds increasing and staying dry high of 63 and eagles at night. if you head to the game bundle up a bit it looks like we'll number the 60s start to finish for giants and eagles sundays night and we're back into the 7 0s monday, tuesday, wednesday
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and chance of showers each of those days. >> there's those showers again. >> yes. >> it's going on. >> thank you david. >> it's a long story. >> 6:12 following a developing story overseas and mounting mystery sure voupding whereabouts of north korean leader kim young un. >> and a hiker beats odd of death we'll tell you how. >> dropping clickers all oaf the place, 309 pennsylvania turnpike we're clear, dry, we'll take you to chester county and check out 202 see if there's a delay there when we come back. >> dress code debate at a delaware school later on "action >> dress code debate at a delaware school later on "action news."
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and green giant frozen vegetables are .79 cents. this is big, people. this is acme. you're in for something fresh. hey mom, you want glazed or chocolate? >> we're moving nicely easing
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our way into this friday. looking live in chester county 202 approaching 401 and ongoing work zone we see northbound traffic headed to malvern moving nicely and as matt noticed not a lot of cars out there. no northbound delay yet looking good. southbound the ramp 401 to 202 will close and that from 8:00 tonight to 10 a.m. tomorrow. watch for construction that
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closes ramp for you. update on the accident pennsylvania turnpike reading it's clear at the toll applause aall lanes back open and no problem pennsylvania turnpike. construction though blocking left lane northbound in the north east extension near lansdale southbound construction there cleared. we have an accident involving overturned vehicle that is just coming into us right now in khardz worth burlington county reports on route 72, 532 we're looking into that accident involving overturned vehicle. watch for that one. accident in cape may county garden sfait parkway northbound approaching mamora cleared. we have a handful of problems out there this morning and some clearing out there already. let's check conditions for you. we talked about rain moving in. not just yet. right now you can see clouds starting to move in and david has been talking about the best chance for this bit of rain or drizzle from late morning on. heaviest does not come until much later tonight. and let's look at temperatures though, 46. it's cool. 47 st. davids and 5 1 september
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sirlty 4 browns mills and hammonton and 58 as you head to dover tam. this developing overnight apparent no show by kim jongun is sparking speculation that something is wrong with the leader. he missed an important ceremony. the leader has not been seen publicly in more than a month and it's leading to rumors about failing health. kim is recovering from jeing injury. >> a helicopter hoisted her and her two dogs to safety the 21-year-old wept hiking with dogs and was last heard from monday she was reported missing tuesday night. she says she survived the ordeal by eating mushrooms and building a fire. >> a high flying electric car
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company unveiled new vehicles overnight. >> in tech's "tech bytes" most anticipated announcement since iphone 6 tesla unveiling new features to $70,000 model s. the autopilot will move car offer a lane when driver uses turn signal it's notself driving car some fans anticipated. >> a big change to snap chat ceo of video sharing app announced users will see ads starting first in store section. lenovo unveiled a new line of tablets including yoga tablet 2 pro, 13" screen and can project movies 50" wide and first amazon history internet retailers opening brick and fort morter store new york it's not clear if the store is permanent or holiday popup or if more locations will open in other cities and amazon is not talking. those are "tech bytes". i'm reena.
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>> a tell dell school sends a teenager home because she was wearing that outfit. >> and the strongest storm to ravage our plan set taking aim at japan. >> tough stuff out there in the pacific. not bad around here. we're cool. winds light. chilly enough for sweat shirts for kids on way out the door numbers in the 50s. a jacket still appropriate. rain gear maybe, maybe not chance of drizzle and maybe a shower in some spots this hi, i'm henry winkler
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the country.sglo >> a mazeing picture from space. >> upper uklin chester county township line road water main break from yesterday is patched. all lanes reopened and things moving nicely here on route 100. septa regional rail media elwyn line again this weekend fourth of ten weekends david get used to that one. >> commuter headed to l, bus or out to the car this morning will want to bundle up a bit. 55 by 9:00. not a lot of winds out there. chilly start. any sunshine early will quickly give way to clouds and by noon cloudy skies across most of the region an temperature of 59. high today 62. by 3bg. notice how later we get into the afternoon and evening the better chance we have of drizzle and maybe spotty showers popping up. steadier rain holds off until later tonight. open the big board when we're looking at delays chicago o'hare again 5 five minutes this is
6:23 am
undoubtetly equipment problems over the last couple weeks. if you head to check chick check with airline. everybody else looking good, matt. >> thanks, david, flyers home-opener saw lots of scoring and little defense. flyers down 3-0 to devils in second period. when captain claude giroux scored and wayne simmonds scored two goals he in less than a minute to tie it up midway through third former flier scored the game winner flyers lost 6-4 and fall 0-2 open the season. >> demeco ryan suited up for limited practice saturday. the eagles defense will need all the help they can get. eli manning thrown 8 touchdowns in the past three games. >> 6:23 now up next parents fight daughter's punishment at delaware show. >> sick joke sparks fear on flight a man flying out of philadelphia claimed to be infected with he bowl
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>> happening today, atlantic city main casino union will meet with trump entertainment to negotiations. local 54 of unit hear reduced pension contributions to staff off bankruptcy. it comes one day after demonstrations blocked traffic and ledz to dozens after rest. trump is threatening to close taj mahal unless it gets major concession from union and massive tax breaks from county and state government. >> a delaware county s family is
6:27 am
upset that their daughter was sent home from school. he was a senior at brandywine in wilmington and she wore shshirt offer a pair of leggings and the school said her outfit violated the dress code because her lower half was not covered properly. the code is not being fairly assessed. the school claims it's simply trying to teach young ladies and men how to dress appropriately. >> 6:27 david murphy is tracking rain moving into the region later today. >> o
6:28 am
with tom corbett, things keep getting worse. september 16th. budget deficits force pennsylvania to borrow $1.5 billion dollars just to keep the lights on. three days later, pennsylvania's unemployment rate goes up for the second straight month. under tom corbett, we've fallen from 9th to 47th in job creation. and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
6:29 am
>> breaking now on "action news" meteorologist of pakistan has become the youngest noble peace
6:30 am
prize whipner history. panic on a plane. health officials in hazmat suits investigate an ebola scare on a flight philadelphia to caribbean. >> radar is gassed and ready to track a storm for the weekend. luckily it won't be a washout. >> we won't let anything ruin our friday october 10 series 6:0. let's finds more out about the rain david murphy and karen rogers are looking at traffic. >> dry so far tam look at satellite and cloud cover getting thicker over the region as we've gone through the last half hour or so. as i glance east there's clearing and early sun getting beneath clouds later and generally speaking we'll see clouds increase and eventually there will be sprinkles and drizzle and shower around later today and tonight. 56 currently in philadelphia. 42 allentown and 46 reading and 48 trenton and 53 wilmington and upper 50s down the shore. as we roll lieu the rest of the day, 56 now.
6:31 am
dipping to 53 by 8:00 before we bounce back. we don't bounce back all that way well. by noon 54 and by 6:00 back to 58. again drizzle possible and showers later we go through the day. the steadier rain holding off until later in the evening hours. that would be an issue for you if you go out to say a high school football game tonight. when i step inside how long does the rain last and how much of the weekend is affected. i'll have details and future tracker 6 showing you the details coming up, karen. >> we have a new problem to get to on 422 at 23 eastbound traffic disabled vehicle penndot on the scene and you see arrow board off to shoulder at this point. traffic is heavy here 422 eastbound approaching troop to 23. watch for that new disabled vehicle off to the side there. horsham montgomery county another problem new accident welsh road at blair mill road going outside live on i-95 that's southbound traffic headed to center city southbound heavy
6:32 am
approaching cottman and again from betsy ross bridge to girard. no accidents or issues 95 just morning volume and roads here dry. we nonetheless have accident involving overturned vehicle here wood land township burlington county on 72 barnegat road at 563 police are on hand here and trying to direct traffic around the scene. one more life look ben franklin bridge westbound traffic construction blocking right lane. no delay yet. looking good coming into the city. shortly we'll see that start to back up with construction there matt and tam. >> thank you, karen. we begin with breaking news out of norway where there's dual winners of this year's noble peace prize less than 2 hours ago committee announced pakistani school girl malala yousafzai and indian child activist kailash satyrathi both won award. the 60-year-old kailash satyrathi is known for maintainingself sacrificing tradition after ghandi and gave
6:33 am
up career as electrical engineer to start a save the children movement. malala yousafzai, who is 17 years old is youngest person to ever win the award. terrorist tried toy murder malala back in 2012 because she add indicated for quality and education for women. she will receive the liberty medal here in philadelphia later this month. developing this morning brand new video from developing story coming from montgomery county a violent three-vehicle crash scattered car parts across three block. it happened massy way and cheltenham avenue. one person was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries and we're watching developing situation in missouri where protests continue over shooting. app officer shot and killed 18-year-old meyers and police say a large knife flew out of the crowd and hit an officer on
6:34 am
the shoulder and he was not hit by the blade. he was not hurtch the crowd then started to disperse. state and city leeers are asking the justice department to open investigation. federal authorities are looking to the shooting death of michael brown in st. louis suburbs of furgeson. >> let get the latest on ebola virus. screenings start at five major u.s. airports to try to detect anyone travel physical west africa that has ebola symptoms. jfk will start screenings tomorrow. 6 u.s. military question planes arrived in ebola hot zone with 100 marines they will hope this build hospitals. other countries are sending medical equipment to the area. world health organization says more than 3800 people died from the disease in west africa. head of centers for disease control says all out effort is a must. >> in the 0 years i've been working in public health the only things like this is aids and we have to work now so this is not the world's next aids.
6:35 am
>> the condition of nurse in spain that has ebola deteriorated wheel a sheriff deputy in texas that showed symptoms of the virus tested negative and is home from the sglopt u.s. airways is apologizing for a fake ebola scare. you can see the health worker in hazmat suits. the crew called them on to the plane when one of the passenger as announces he had he bowl a fellow passengers were stubbed but the experienced flight attendant ordered everyone to remain calm and gave them her opinion about the incident. >> i done this 36 years and i think the man that said this is idiot. >> no, i health workers rts courted apassenger accused of making remark there he is off the plane as he was leaving he said the comments was a joke and not from africa. the passenger where are allowed
6:36 am
off the plane and bood him as he walked off. we'll post updates right away on you can head there for resources and more information about the virus. >> happening today former philadelphia mob boss joey marlene owe is expected in philadelphia courtroom. he'll face charges he violated probation. his officers reported he violated one was philadelphia mob captain convict in 2001. the 52-year-old did not know the mob captain was going to be at the bar that night. marino meticulously abided by probation rules. >> a spree at berks county has residents of mobile home park on alert. police in exter believe one thief is behind the break ins of penn view park over the last week. he has stolen prescription
6:37 am
drugs, cash and julie. the thief sneekdz in by removing portable air conditioner units. >> western suburbs getting rain first as usual. >> southwest probably too. steadier rain will number south verzy. anybody could see a sprinkle or driz the at any time during the afternoon. it shows you we are dry currently and as we take a look outside clouds are doing a good job is of sweeping over most of the region. we'll probably get early raise of sunshine off the ocean as the sunni clips horizon. but then it will go up above the clouds and clouds get thicker generally speaking as we go through the rest of the day. temperature 56. dew point down at 4 1. winds calm that's a change today from where we were last couple days with stronger winds. go ahead and bring in always on 7 day for those of you with hd fruit fewer tracker 6 between now and noon clouds continue to get thicker and thing he and for the rest day of the basically drizzle here owe there.
6:38 am
maybe spotty popup shower. 7:00 tonight better chance of some of that moving into areas south of philadelphia and as we get late near evening filters in across the entire area and this is future tracker stab at what is going on 11:30 at night. steadier rain possible south and lighter rain north. as we look at where temperatures go today not far. we'll be cool, temperature 53 by 8:00 and 58 by 11:00 so spending morning in 50s basically and for a couple hours this afternoon low 60s. 62 the high at about 3:00 this afternoon with increased chance of drizzle and maybe a spotty shower later and later we go through the day and into the evening. high temperatures a little cooler from i-95 up to lehigh valley. low 60s there. mid 60s down by the shore. little milder further south you go. if you head out to high school it could be raw and rainy if pats of the region as you saw future tracker 6 by end of games
6:39 am
may start on the damp side and future tracker picks up the saturday story. before dawn looking at rain over taking larger portion of the region. doesn't look like this lasts all day. 9 or 10:00 mostly headed to the shore. we're starting to see drying in philadelphia. we may even see sunshine returning later in the day tomorrow. total rainfall. most falling overnight into early tomorrow morning. probably less than inch. not inundating rain. want to remind you rain or shine moving day philly is taking place next tractor-trailer art museum your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. damp in morning and dry in the
6:40 am
afternoon high of 62. and clouds sunday high 6 and and dressing warmly. 59 kickoff and same end of game. back into the 70s monday, tuesday and wednesday and days could feature a shower. >> fol a developing story over seas. >> and new at 6:30 horse walks into a police station and then karen. >> joking with that one. >> new accident in southwest philadelphia i-95 by airport penndot focused in on their vehicle. we'll check other roads and problems in the area when we come back. >> we'll tell you how social media played a key role police
6:43 am
>> 6:43 this action cam live shot dynamite thon friday morning. look at how beautiful it is there along the delaware river. >> little rain starting this afternoon. sprinkles. then ever hade rain.
6:44 am
>> jammed from the betsy ross fwroyj girard. that's i-95 southbound. it's northbound where you have the accident here in southwest philadelphia. and that's by the airport. so watch for that. southbound delays talk about 18 miles an hour on schuylkill expressway 1 past boulevard it belmont eastbound near girard traveling 31 miles an hour there. we have an accident in horsham, montgomery county, welsh road at player mill road. also this accident partially blocking traffic. this is new west deptford gloucester county. ramp to 642 that accidents partially being blowing ramp in that region. watch for that in gloucester county. wood land township burlington county accident involving over turned vehicle still out there. police are on hand and directing traffic on the scene. route 72, 563.
6:45 am
accident here in burlington county, one in gloucester county. one in montgomery county. a few problem out there. even as the roads are dry. satellite 6 and action radar showing showers trying to build in as david has been saying late morning on you might expect drizzle or shower orbit of rain heaviest comes later tonight and into the overnight hours. temperatures-wise cool, 46 in quakertown and pottstown and 46 kennett square and 61 chester and some of the suburbs in new jersey 49 and cinnaminson 49 right now gandy beach. 64 currently in dover, tam. >> okay. >> developing right now former soviet president mikell is monitored for a recureing and undisclosed illness. there's also records he received treatment for severe form of diabetes and recognizing his
6:46 am
role recognizing cold war. mma fighter has surrendered after live tweeting about his standoff with police and this is the scene in southern california yesterday. as swat teams went to jason miller's homech the mma fighter was posting to twitter about. it authorities talked about how the new role social immediate qua can play during negotiations. >> i don't know they were helpful other than to say they were in the house and he knew he were out there. it's important top us to know he knew he wepted him to come out. >> deputies were trying to serve miller for talk stalking and domestic violence. a horse walked into a police station in england it's a story because that stuff doesn't happen often a group of officers inside were there when the horse trotted in. somebody was able to escort the horse home later.
6:47 am
police superintendent was ready with witness in his response. we reported he was saddle by unexpect the guest but it did not pose a risk to security. >> "good morning america" is working on developing story brand new information about the man accused of kidnapping a missing college student. live gma preview up next. david. >> all right. guys looking at hoods on the kids and sweat shirts because it is school start. we have jackets this afternoon. maybe rain gear there's a possibility of drizzle or sprinkles and showers and steadier rain holds off until later tonight. we'll be back with the forecast to get you through hour by hour. we'll be back with the forecast to get you through hour by hour. the
6:49 am
6:50 am
>> our coverage of the noble peace prize winners continue with "good morning america". >> we go over to amy roebuck and malala yousafzai was well known here at 6abc and "abc news" it seemed to be a bid for two people who did a tlot make the world a better place. >> it's true, matt, tam, it's remarkable morning for malala yousafzai. huge win for her. 17-year-old named as you mentioned joints winner for this year's noble peace prize. what is means for her to win that hunl honor surprise next. we were able to spend time with malala in nigeria and new york
6:51 am
this summer she is remarkable it couldn't have happened to more inspiring person. we're excited to bring her more of her story. >> microsoft ceo under fire for advising women against asking for a tries close the pay gap while he was speaking at a women's technology conference. what is he saying this morning about the controversial comments? and also this morning a possible new need-er isp for missing uva student hannah graham and why police are investigating a potential link between graham's case and another college student that vanished five years ago in the same area. and then again making my morning cast of "the walking dead" is here this morning i know every single episode inside and out. they'll give us a look at the show season five premiere. wait for that and we have graham my nominated singer songwriter jessie james.
6:52 am
>> thank you, amy, jessie jay popular. >> she's very popular. >> that will get you up and going. >> here's eye look at 42 approaching trooper and heavy past oaks to 23. disabled vehicle 'approaching 23 cleared. things looking better there. in new jersey that's what it beings like on 42. 16 minute ride ac expressway to walt whitman bridge. on the ben this morning construction blocks right line westbound. not a big delay yet. >> off to a school start. and many northern and western suburbs. 46 pottstown now and 47 coatsville and 46 quakertown and 47 st. david's and 50s center city and down the pike in chester cloud cover thick area cross the region an eventually looking at sprinkle and showers and probably not until later in the afternoon with drizzle and
6:53 am
sprinkles and best chance of steadier shower will be late today or later tonight. today's high tam 6. >> okay. thank you, david. >> for anybody who ever struggled to maintain a strong work life balance cristela has dreams of making it big and her family thinks it's inappropriate with traditional mexican american up bringing it premiers tonight
6:54 am
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>> tlees are looking for two men that used an taser gun shot a man outside of bail em-- say him bucks county. the car was found later in northeast philadelphia. u.s. airways is apologizing for fake air ware ebola scare. they took a man off the plane who said he was joke when he told passengers he had ebola. >> let's go outside and check out the schuylkill. here we are conshohocken eastbound traffic on right headed to the curve jammed blue route to the curve and no extra problem just morning you'll have um there. >> clouds on the march today and we're looking at drizzle later in the afternoon.
6:57 am
maybe a spotty shower. your high is just 62 degrees. it stays cool. steadier rain later tonight. tomorrow morning join me for parkinson's walk for the art museum. parkinson's walk for the art museum. >> come out and support us. it's on? oh yeah. with who? the citizens banker lady. she made things way simple for me, like how to deposit a check from my phone. she's even gonna send me alerts if my balance gets too low. total special treatment. you do know the alerts don't come from her personally,
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right don juan? mr.tobin, you forgot your phone! thank you. you left that there on purpose, didn't you? yeah. wow. award winning mobile banking from citizens bank. it's one way we're helping you bank better by keeping things simple. in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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. good morning, america. happening now, new ebola scare. >> the situation, i need everybody to sit down. >> a full hazmat team boarding a flight from philadelphia to evacuate a passenger. how one sneeze can trigger chaos. and the urgent warning from the cdc this morning about how fast it's spreading. and breaking right now, the most powerful storm on earth this year heading for land. 800 miles wide, packing 140 miles per hour winds, millions in the path. and incredible rescue. the hiker saved after being stranded for three days in the wilderness. surviving on mushrooms and tree bark. air lifted to safety with her dogs. how she survive