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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 21, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EDT

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. good morning, america. and breaking right now. oscar pistorius sentenced to prison. >> mr. pistorius, please rise. >> the olympian given five years for killing his girlfriend. taken straight to a cell after an emotional good bye to his family. and an urgent warning, defective air bags in nearly 5 million vehicles on the road right now. causing potentially deadly injuries. exploding on impact. spraying dangerous metal shards. what you need to know this morning. i was patient zero. >> breaking her silence. monica lewinsky making her first public speech. what she says now almost really destroyed her life after her affair with the president. ♪ like a virgin touched for the
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very first time ♪ and she's the sister act making a habit of putting her holy spin on songs. now the unlikely madonna cover of a favorite. why is she singing "like a virgin"? and good morning, america. i have to admit, i want to know the answer to my own question about the nun -- >> one we are all asking. >> we have to ask that. >> robin, had a great night last night celebrating you. showing you the picture. robin was inducted -- not trying to -- inducted into the broadcasting hall of fame. well-deserved. >> but you know what, i told you thissen in e-mail last night, seeing you at the table, it made hi heart skip. meant so much you were there.
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>> and it was a great night. and celebrating the life of oscar de la renta. he dressed everyone from jackie o. to george clooney's wife. tributes pouring in overnight. but the breaking news, oscar pistorius, sentenced to five years in prison for the shooting death of his girlfriend. alexander marquardt was in the courtroom and joins us now with the very latest. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, robin. the reaction in the courtroom was very muted. pistorius quite stoic. none of the crying we have seen from him during the course of the trial. the steenkamp family feels that justice has been served. this morning, after eight eight months of twists and turns, the sentence handed down. >> the sentence imposed is the maximum imprisonment of five years. >> reporter: a maximum of five years in prison, along with a
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three year suspended sentence for a second gun charge. watching it solemnly in a dark suit. then quietly saying good-bye to his family before being taken into custody. as the court adjourned. here comes the steenkamp family, they said they don't want revenge, they want statement. do you feel that justice was served today? it was. do you have closure now? never have closure. but you are content be the sentences. >> if they could bring my daughter back, then i would have closure. >> reporter: they don't plan to appeal the sentence. >> the court has now handed down judgment and sentence. and we accept the judgment. oscar will embrace this opportunity to pay back to society. >> reporter: this is the prison where pistorius will serve his
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sentence in pretoria. it's believed that the double amputee will be housed in the medical wing. the judge making it clear today she felt south africa's prisons are well-equipped to deal with his medical needs. and one more important note, after ten months, he will be eligible for a converted sentence. going into house arrest, going back to his uncle's mansion where he's been staying for the past few months. >> all right, bring in dan abrams. possible house arrest after ten months? >> under the law he was sentenced under, after a sixth of the sentence, you're allowed to request a different kind of correctional sppgs. you can request house arrest. whether he'll get it or not is another question. he's not going to serve five years here. the only place where five years is five years is the
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international paralympic committee says it's a five year sentence. >> we know he's not going to appeal, but they could appeal the conviction? >> they could appeal the conviction. only guilty of culpable homicide as opposed to murder. we need to take that step back here. this is still a big win for oscar pistorius. he was on trial for murder. he shot his girlfriend in his own home four times. the fact that he was only convicted of culpable homicide, only five years, with the eligibility to get out after ten months a huge win for oscar pistorius and frustrating to a lot of other people. >> maybe why he's not appealing. >> exactly. and now an ush gent consumer alert. a potentially deadly defect in 5 million vehicles that can cause air bags to explode. good morning, brian. >> reporter: this urgent alert went out to 5 million people who
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have yet to bring the cars in for recall fixes. safety advocates say it's long overdue, and another example of the federal government dragging its feet on serious issues. it was a minor accident, but 26-year-old corey said the air bag exploded. sending metal shards into his face. they have to explode in a blink of a second. propelled by an inflater. >> it's so fast and quick and violent that it actually expands this metal portion. >> reporter: but in the defective air bags, the deflator, a metal canister, explodes like an ied roadside bomb, propelling deadly shrapnel. >> when you have an air bag that can explode into shrapnel and kill you, this is a bad
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situation. >> reporter: most come from a company owned by japanese company takata corporation. it's models from honda, toyota, nissan, general motors, ford, chrysler, bmw and mitsubishi. owners were warned to get them done immediately, especially in high humidity areas. >> they have not received the notification they were supposed to receive. >> reporter: in a statement on the website, the takata company says they stand by the quality, but they are cooperating in the government's defect investigation. >> thanks. and now new developments in the fight against ebola in america. overnight, the cdc with strict new guidelines for health care workers. and we are learning about amber vinson's condition. she was the second nurse infectedinfect ed by the deadly disease.
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>> reporter: health care workers now ordered to wear protective gear with no skin exposure. rigorous training on how to put it on and take it off and supervised by a trained monitor. plus, hospitals need an on-site ebola manager. nurses who treated duncan had their necks exposed as you see in the photo. that's not safe with the infectious disease. both nurses contracted the disease while treating thomas eric duncan at texas health presbyterian hospital. >> we may never know exactly how that happened. but the bottom line is the guidelines didn't work for that hospital. >> reporter: while 51 people, including duncan's fiance, family members and pair a medics completed monitoring, hundreds more on watch lists. this morning, the mother of amber vinson speaking out from
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quarantine to robin roberts. >> what's the latest on her condition? >> she's doing okay. just trying to get stronger. >> how often are you able to speak with her? >> we talk to her when she's not trying to sleep or avoid phone calls. >> you and the family feel good about the treatment that she's receiving? >> we are very confident that emory hospital is taking good care of amber. i'm very happy that she's there. >> the cdc released new guidelines. is your family and really the family of all care givers a little disturbed that the cdc didn't put this protocol into place sooner? >> it is concerning. i guess more than anything, i'm so relieved that it's in place now. it should help ensure that no one has to endure what a.m. bmbd
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what miss pham have had to endure in these weeks with their families. it's really difficult. >> and we're so thankful they're continuing -- both nurses are continuing to do well. thanks to tom llamas. now to amy. and we begin with staples. possibly the latest retailer to suffer a data security breach. the company is investigating whether credit card and debit numbers were stolen at 11 stores in the northeast. the sum of these massive data breaches at a growing list of companies is staggering. 500 million financial records have been stolen by hackers in just the past 12 months. well, police in pennsylvania say there has been a new sighting of fugitive eric frein. the survivalist was seen near a post office in the pocono mountains near where he was s t spotted friday. he has been on the run for five weeks following the deadly ambush of a state trooper.
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and an embarrassing mistake at a prison. it took officials two days to realize that he was released and another day to inform the public. he is still on the run. international intrigue on the high sea this is morning. the search is expanding for what's believed to be a russian submarine lurking near sweden's capital. martha raddatz has more. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of the biggest hunts since the cold war with reports that the swedes have been in contact with something in the water. every available ship, helicopter and swedish ground troops on the hunt. >> red october turned into the or pepea doe's path. >> mother of god. >> reporter: it's maybe a submarine in distress just 12 miles from the shore.
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powerful sonar being used after they intercept ee eed an emerge call to lenin grad. and this, a photo taken by a passer-by outside stockholm looking like a submarine on patrol. >> it's back the future, and the old cold war games. go in and penetrate territorial waters, see how far they can get. >> reporter: the swedes have not directorly accused russia of being involved, and russia denied all knowledge. but with the ongoing crisis in ukraine, everyone is on edge about just how far russia would go. and another concern, if it is a sur marine in distress, it could be a nuclear submarine. and that would explain sweden's concern. since in the past when the russians had a sinking submarine, they refused all help despite the danger. >> thanks to you.
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and now a medicalbreak through is allowing a paralyzed man to walk. they transplanted cells from his nose to his received spinal cord. they regenerated, enabling fibers above and below the injury to recorrect and grow. and two years later, he is taking his first steps. wow. well, finally, maybe the best thing about taking a selfie is if you don't like it, nobody sees it. just press delete and do it again. but take a look at this poor guy. he's being shown on live arkansas a pick news channel. so thousands of people saw his selfie. and now dare i say, millions of people have seen his -- i like to call this a faflsie, like that? >> there's no evidence.
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>> oh, we have evidence. >> look sock nonchalant. >> can't you just see that happening to me? >> yes. it would so happen. i feel your pain. you know, you never know, george, before the end of the show a fall called happen. >> thank you, amy. turn now to monica lewinsky. the former white house intern in the spotlight. giving her first public speech ever. opening up about her affair, and the battering she got online. and cyber bullying. >> reporter: monica lewinsky has tried to stay out of the spotlight in the years since the scandal that almost brought down president clinton. now ready to become a public figure again, but in a very different way. >> my name is monica lewinsky. >> reporter: she was the most famous, or infamous white house intern ever. but monica lewinsky is just now giving her very first public speech. >> i fell in love with my boss.
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in a 22-year-old sort of way. it happened. but my boss was the president of the united states. >> reporter: at the time, news of the affair was the biggest story by far to break on the internet. now lewinsky portrayed herself as the first real victim of cyber bullying. >> i was patient zero. the first person to have their reputation completely destroyed worldwide via the internet. >> reporter: she says the worldwide public humiliation nearly destroyed her life. >> i came close to disintegrating. no, it's not too strong a word. i wish it were. i would go online, read in a paper or see on tv people referring to me as tramp, slut, whore.
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>> reporter: and now another first for lewinsky. she's opened a twitter account. tens of thousands of followers on day one. and she has a new personal calling. fighting online abuse and bullying. something she wrote about in "vanity fair" over the summer. >> what i want to do now is help other victims of the shame game survive too. i want to put my suffering to good dwruse and give purpose to past. >> reporter: it's just as we are about to start another presidential campaign featuring another clinton. >> looks like that's coming. thanks very much. and now celebrate, lara, a man who touched so many lives. >> the sultan of swagger as he was referred. celebrating the life of oscar de la renta. the 82-year-old died last night after a long battle with cancer. this morning people everywhere are remembering his contributions to the fashion
7:17 am
world. from the white house to the red carpet, oscar de la renta dressed some of the most legendary women in history and in hollywood. >> i love oscar de la renta. >> i'm wearing oscar de la renta. >> reporter: he crafted stunning looks for a-listers of all ages. most recently, amal alamuddin's wedding dress. she said he was the man every woman wants to hug. and an outpouring of love and admiration on the red carpet. >> he's gracious and elegant and a gentleman. >> reporter: and on social media, taylor swift post, it was an honor to wear your creations. and a true renaissance man. his voice will continue to sing in our hearts. among his most powerful clients, first ladies, jackie kennedy and michelle obama. designing the inaugural gowns for laura bush and hillary
7:18 am
clinton. >> i bought a dress, it was one of the oscar de la renta. >> reporter: designated an american icon. ♪ the dominican-republic born designer was honored last year at the bill clinton presidential libra library. grace and style, the perfect words to describe his clothes and the man himself. >> what an elegant man. >> the perfect word. now more on the heavy rain down south. >> we have the separate system. look at miami, this is 4 to 6 inches south of miami. it's not over. look what's happening for the weekend. there's a 50% shot that the disturbance in gulf of mexico becomes a tropical depression. it's going to bring a lot of heavy rain by the weekend for much of south florida. first, the tuesday trivia brought to you by ashley
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furniture. >> hi, everyone, dave murphy with an update from accuweather. a couple overnight sprinkles and showers trying to get through the area but beginning to fall apart and clear bucks county as we take a look outside, we are looking at cloudy skies but there will be some sun mixing in during the morning later on. temperatures right now are in the 50's in most neighborhoods. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, cloudy skies reemerge 68 is the high. there's a late did you or evening sprinkle or shower around. tomorrow a better chance of rain and
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>> and, robin, this is the storm you were talking about for us. tonight into tomorrow, best word to describe it, raw. >> oh, great. an awful word. thank you. we have a major development in fact investigation of missing uva student hannah graham. the only suspect in her disappearance now charged in another assault. and jodi arias, to decide if she will get the death penalty. and monster energy drink under fire, accused of promoting underage drinking. >> and the nun. we'll be back. do you guys think i should start mccoy? it's great for multi-tasking so you can get to all that important stuff. like this... ...and this. what're you doing? figuring out our costumes for the office party. wait, i'm not doing that. yeah you are. and with the s-pen, you can turn handwriting into text...
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with the expert advice tool at >> ♪ >> good morning everyone, we have breaking news at 7:26. chopper 6 is lie live where a car struck a woman who was walking across septa tracks in bucks county. this happened at the wood bourn septa station along wood bourn road in levittown at 7:00 a.m. the woman has been transported to the hospital with multiple injuries.
7:27 am
this is of course affecting transit so let's go to karen rogers. >> that's right and you can see police on the scene with this one. the west trenton line has been suspended atwood bourn station because of this so west trenton line suspended. meanwhile we have restrictions on wood bourn road right near butternut lane. we can see emergency workers on the scene so problems on wood bourn lane and problems with the west trenton line. let's talk about other problems right now. we see 42 that northbound traffic jammed from a.c. expressway to 295. that's the a huge 41 minute ride in part because of the problems on 295. a disabled vehicle 2 95 northbound approaching 168. you see speeds only 12 miles an hour at times. you're jammed from 551 to approaching 168. southbound we've got an accident blocking the right lane. a lot going on. also just in route 23 shut down at gulph road because of a gas main break, matt. >> okay, thank you karen. chance of some more showers today as you take a a live look at center city and some cloud cover. dave murphy with accuweather. david. >> now most of the showers are moving out of the region, matt. take a look at temperatures.
7:28 am
54 degrees in philadelphia. 50 in allentown, 51 in wilmington and 60 in sea isle city. we'll see some clouds mixing with some sunny breaks this morning and then mostly cloudy skies later today. a high of 68. and later this afternoon another round of spotty pop-up showers are possible. a better chance of off and on rain and drizzle tomorrow, matt and another shower thursday morning and then we start to dry out. >> okay, thanks, david. district has canceled classes today because of the proximity of the search for accused cop killer eric this is ceo tom macarthur's world.
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in macarthur's world, he opposes new laws to ensure women receive equal pay for equal work. and macarthur opposes a woman's right to choose backed by a group that would outlaw abortion even for rape and incest. for us in the real world, aimee belgard. aimee will fight for equal pay and protect a woman's right to choose. aimee belgard's on our side. i'm aimee belgard and i approve this message.
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♪ oh, they did it again last night. alfonso and witney on dancing. just missing a perfect score. he gets better and better and better. lots of drama for those two. >> and they were both injured. >> both camming back from an injury. >> never know it. >> that's just the beginning of "good morning america." >> and lea remini was filling in. >> after you got the award, you saw it? >> i did it when i got home. >> and jodi arias, more than a year after being convicted of
7:31 am
killing her boyfriend, the jury will decide if she gets the death penalty or life in prison. and monster energy drink accused of underaged drinking, allegedly throwing huge parties and mixing alcohol with their energy drink. and everyone's favorite singing nun. why the global sensation is covering madonna's like a vir n virgin. but now to missing uva student, hannah graham. the only suspect has accused of the abduct of at young woman. >> reporter: jesse matthew, and a possible serial predator. already arrested and charges with the disappearance of hannah graham, now charged with the attempted murder in a 2005 cold case. >> the death penalty is not available on these charges because our victim is alive.
7:32 am
>> reporter: police say a then 26-year-old unidentified woman was walking home when she was grabbed from behind and assaulted in the woods. witnesses helped with this sketch. now look at matthew. >> the victim is grateful to the lead detective who stayed in touch with her regularly over the course of nine years. and promised her he'd never give up he never did. >> reporter: police are linking jesse matthew to the deaths or abduction of three women. the 2005 case has forensic links to the murder of morgan harrington in 2009. and that case, police say, is forensically linked to graham graham who's remains they likely found saturday. >> this is complicated. >> reporter: five weeks ago she was seen in these surveillance videos. it was easy to see she had plenty to drink. it's after 1:00 a.m. and look here, police say this
7:33 am
is matthew. he crosses over to her side of the street and appears to follow her. seconds later, investigators say they're walking together with his arms around her waist. for "good morning america," steve osunsami, abc news, charlottesville, virginia. >> thanks to steve. now to the dramatic twist in the he profile retrial of polo mogul john goodman for dui manslaughter. one of the jurors was caught using a computer unsupervised. and matt gutman has the toir. >> reporter: trouble in the jury box again. charged with manslaughter in the vehicular homicide of 23-year-old scott wilson. >> i have not been compromise the all. >> reporter: juror number three accused of sneaking a laptop into his hotel room. >> tell me what sights you went to? >> bleacher and
7:34 am
fantasy football at yahoo!.com. >> reporter: the judge not buying it. >> it may be he's being disingenuous when the computer appeared in the room. >> reporter: still both the prosecution and the defense are allowing him to continue. this is the second trial for the multi-millionaire who was convicted in 2012, but the 16-year sentence was thrown out because of juror misconduct. prosecutors say he was more than twice the legal limit to drive when he slammed his bentley into wilson's car in 2010. his lawyers insisting he was not impaired at the time of the accident and his brakes failed before the crash. on monday, the valet at the bar goodman had been drinking in, testifying when he handed him the keys, he didn't seem to be impaired. >> if you have any reason or doubt about a person's ability to drive because of alcohol, you take the keys away from them, correct?
7:35 am
>> yes, sir. >> reporter: but a forensic toxicologist told the court it's possible goodman was intoxicated. matt gutman, abc miami. now to jodi arias for her sentencing retrial. deciding if she gets the death penalty or life in prison for the brutal stabbing of her boyfriend. ryan owens has been on it since the start. >> reporter: good morning. opening statements in just a couple of hours. this new jury will likely hear from many of the same witnesses, including the star of this legal melodrama, jodi arias herself. >> were you crying when you were stabbing him? >> i don't remember. >> reporter: it's the sensational murder trial that riveted this country for month and this morning, act two begins. with the now 34-year-old jodi arias once again staring death in the face. >> i thought i'd rather die.
7:36 am
but now i can't in good conscience ask you to sentence me to death. >> reporter: in may of last year, the jury that convicted her of murdering her boyfriend, travis alexander, couldn't decide if she should receive the death penalty. >> i have received your note wish unable to come to a unanimous decision. >> reporter: so the penalty phase starts again. >> travis victor alexander was slaughtered by this woman. >> reporter: the trial will likely feature a replay of the most explosive evidence. the interrogation tapes where shebd not stop lying. >> he would tell you it wasn't me. >> reporter: and all the pictures, the explicit ones in 2008, even those of the shower crime scene, snapped by accident when she dropped the camera. and then the parade of witnesses, detailing the raunchy
7:37 am
and rocky relationship between arias and the 30-year-old mormon businessman she murdered. >> he told me he had a stalker. >> reporter: and whether the woman who spent 18 days on the stand. >> we were in the red house on highway 1. >> reporter: should have should've her life spared. you are never going to tell the truth about what went down in the bathroom. >> i don't know what you mean by that. i have told the truth. >> reporter: okay. >> i didn't know you were a hater when you came to interview me. >> reporter: this tile will look quite different for those of you following this trial at home. the judge has ruled that no footage of the case can be aired until after there is a verdicts. the judge is saying this case will last about two months. last time, took about five. >> boy, another two months. okay, ryan, thanks very much. now the weather. big rain and rain in the pacific nest. moving in. and gusts up to 65 miles per hour in washington state.
7:38 am
along the coast, into parts of oregon. high wind warnings and advisories. this, again, goes through thursday as the storm moves through. 10 inches of rain there. flood watches in the olympic range this morning. and now the midwest. there's a reinforcing shot of cold air. if you weren't chilly enough yesterday in lexington, drop another 8 to 10 degrees. in the mid-50s. marquet marquette, michigan, high of 52. those are afternoon high temperatures. across the nation, denver is nice and mild. and pushing in toward the end of the week. >> thanks, ginger, dave murphy on the terrace. a lot of cloud cover around but we're also seeing some clearing over to the east and it looks like we'll get some sun in this morning and later today mostly cloudy and 68 for a high. a slight chance of a spotty shower >> all that weather brought to you i by ethan allen. it's so quiet. we're so fortunate aside from
7:39 am
that headline. >> thank you. coming up, the possible break through for children struggling with adhd. the research leading to a drug-free cure that could change lives. and the latest on the makers of monster energy beverages, accused of promoting underage drinking. mixing their drinks with alcohol at college parties. be careful, kids. think the tree we carved our names in is still here? probably dead... how much fun is this? what? what a beautiful sunset... if you like sunsets.
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company is being investigated by the new york attorney general, accused of encouraging underage students on college campus us to mix the drinks, alcohol. avenue jim avila has the story. ♪ >> reporter: they are the monstrously caffeinated energy drinks marketed to 20-somethings. increasingly popular with alcohol on campuses. the new york attorney general is revealing e-mails which he says proves that monster energy not only recruits students to promote the caffeinated drink on campus, but also throws parties encouraging underaged alleged freshman and sophomores to mix alcohol grips. >> there are large, almost cooler-like containers with the monster logo. they mix alcohol and the monster drink. >> reporter: monster calls the student promoters collegiate
7:44 am
ambassadors and according to one of the young men contacted by abc news, they're paid $100 per party. encouraged to snap photos and report to the company. like we had a nice-sized party and four kegs, two trash cans of jungle juice and five cases of monster. the new york attorney general's office subpoenaed documents about the program. >> we have evidence that demonstrate that 18 and 19-year-olds are being approached and encouraged to drink the alcoholic beverages. >> reporter: monster denies the claim, and the company says it will be marketed in an appropriate, safe, legal and responsible manner. and coming up, "modern family"'s sarah hyland is with us. and she is opening up about the turmoil that landed her in the
7:45 am
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7:47 am
and on september 25th, pennsylvania's credit is downgraded for the fifth time in two years. why would we give tom corbett four more years?
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♪ like a virgin now for the singing nun. hear that in the background. >> introduce a story to that. >> it's incredible. she went viral over the summer on italian tv. and now released the first music
7:49 am
video off her upcoming debut album and still full of surprises. ♪ like a virgin touched for the very first time ♪ the solo sister act is back. ♪ made it through the wilderness ♪ sister cristina, the singing nun who won italy's "the voice," becoming a viral sensation with her version of alicia key's "no one." racking up 62 million views online. now dropping her first music video. a more holy take on madonna's '80s hit, "like a virgin." ♪ yeah you make me there's no writhing around in wedding dresses or masked men in
7:50 am
sister cristina's version, the 26-year-old with the habit for singing says she chose the material girl's song because it reminds her of god's touch. ♪ touched for the very first time ♪ ♪ like a virgin the new single from her upcoming debut album will be coming out. ten cover songs and two originals. >> no, i thought she was going into a quiet life of servitude. that she didn't want to do this. >> she's serving the lord another way. giving us the gift of her voice. >> good answer. >> good. >> i surprised myself with that answer. i'm trying to help you out, sister cristina. here they go. coming up, we have a big surprise on the set of the "magic mike" sequel. we have a true -- when i say big, it's big. it's a true behind the scenes look. >> oh, yes. and brand new pictures of
7:51 am
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7:56 am
welcome to the modern world. >> ♪ >> it is 7:56 on this tuesday morning and a car struck a woman who was walking across septa tracks this morning. it happened at the woodbourn station. chopper 6 overhead. the woman was rush to the hospital with multiple injuries. karen rogers has been following the delays in mass transit. >> we are seeing restrictions on woodbourn road also but the problems with the west trenton line traffic suspended. the west trenton line suspended between west trenton and neshaminy fall. big problems because of this asked with the west trenton line and part of it being
7:57 am
suspended thorndale paoli seeing scattered delays. problems today with mass transit. in lehigh county i-78 eastbound shut down at 145. we've got a watch for this. you can stick to 22 as your alternate because of this accident in the lehigh valley county causing problems all morning. a new accident involving an overturned truck in chester county, route 10 is closed between 340 and hill road, stick to sandy hill road as your alternate for that one and also this gas main break in valley forge national park shutting down 23, matt. >> karen thank you. atlantic city live on sky 6. plenty of clouds up in the sky. dave murphy with the accuweather forecast. david. >> farther inland matt we're seeing clouds break up a bit. for a time this morning we'll see a fair amount of sunshine. it's cool out here but not as chilly as yesterday. 54 degrees in philadelphia right now, a lot of 50's on the m your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a high of 68. and we are going to transition back to mostly cloudy skies later and late in the day there's the chance of another spotty shower or sprinkle popping up. some more of that this evening and then tomorrow a better chance of off and on rain and
7:58 am
drizzle especially through the first maybe half to two-thirds of the day. another shower thursday morning. >> thanks, david. district canceled classes today. its schools are near the area where police reported a its schools are near the area where police reported a sighting of accused cop killer there are 211 lawyers in congress. its schools are near the area where police reported a sighting of accused cop killer but not one electrician. so here's a bright idea. donald norcross. a union electrician for 30 years... in the state senate, he stood up for working families and he'll stand up for south jersey in congress. working to make college affordable. fighting to create jobs that can support a family. and pushing equal pay for equal work. donald norcross. a congressman for us. house majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. ♪ ♪
7:59 am
♪ discover all the naturally moisturizing flavors of burt's bees lip balm.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and brand new pictures of princess kate. making her first public appearance since revealing she's pregnant. and new this morning, more than 6 million kids struggle every day with adhd. the research leading to a drug-free cure that could change lives. and "modern family" actress sarah hyland is opening up right here about the personal turmoil that landed her in the headlines. and michael strahan's red hot surprise from the set of the "magic mike" sequel, "xxl." as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
and what a cute baby in times square this morning. who else is there? jonathan bennett, allison holker live this morning. flew all night long, the booted couple. wanted to be here after saying good-bye to the ballroom. look at the spirit. >> he went out strong. >> he did. >> lots of drama for one of our favorites, alfonso was injured, witney was hurt. there's alfonso, witney. they were both quite injured. wouldn't know it. >> how could they dance if they weren't injured. >> what was that move? >> nothing like that in the movie. and take a look at this, michael giving the peek at the bod. anyone have some dirty laundry. apparently he has the trainer to
8:02 am
thank for the abs. did you get the joke? >> bring the laundry over to the house. that's my trainer with her team. she's getting ready and warm up. we're going to reveal some of the workouts that i used to get ready for the movie. look at them. >> i -- i can't speak. >> why do you have your shirt on right now? >> this is an informative news program. >> yes. i'm going to need to do more research. >> shut up one more time. >> better not. it's right here. the inspiration. >> all of our inspiration is right there. at 8:30, your trainer is going to give us an exclusive personal training session. it's on the website, head to on yahoo! for matrell's life stream workout. >> start doing a lot of situps right now.
8:03 am
>> a lot of situps. >> it's fun. it is. and i think the biggest thing is just to get started. just to get started and just stick with it, and you'll be happy at the end of the day. >> yeah, that's like two workouts. >> a lot more on that in a little bit. houn how about some news. good morning, everyone. and begin olympian oscar pistorius oscar pistorius oscar pistorius -- now beginning his prison sentence. sentenced to five years for the killing of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. saying an emotional good-bye to his family. he will not appeal. but in ten months, could ask to serve the rest under house arrest. outside of court, her parents said that justice had been served. federal regulators, holding a hearing on drowsy driving. 41% of americans now admit falling asleep or nodding off at least once behind the wheel, causing an estimated 5,000
8:04 am
deadly crashes every year. the cdc has strict new guidelines, ebola. no skin exposed. trained monitors must supervise them as they put it on and take it off and every hospital must have an on-site ebola manager. the mother of amber vinson hopes that the new standards will make sure no one else will have to endure ebola. and shocking video of two boys fighting while adults are heard laughing and egging them on. the boys, believed to be 4 and 7, and a young girl tries to break up, but the adults are laughing. police now searching for those adults. well, a wild scene in new york, a runaway horse gap lopping down a street with
8:05 am
police in hot pursuit. it broke free frat carriage. new york's mayor has been pushing to ban carriages. a well-deserved honor for robin, the leader of our team, the heart of alaska. inducted into the heart of the broadcasting hall of fame after 30 years on tv. she took the stage at the induction ceremony last night. >> i look in this room and the vast accomplishments of everyone in this room and in the industry. and i look at these two tables and i know how blessed and lucky i am to be your colleague. thank you, again, for the example that each one of you sets in this beautiful, challenging, crazy industry that we all love. and i thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you very much. >> blessed and lucky. that would be two words i would use to describe how we feel sitting next to you each and every day, robin. >> when i looked out and saw you
8:06 am
at the two tables and my friends and colleagues from espn, thank you very much. and when you said 30 years, i felt like -- back in 1972. >> far too young to get any kind of lifetime achievement award. >> i appreciate the other inductees. it was a special night. >> thank you for including us. >> thanks. and royals news now if that's okay. >> sure. >> ready to go. princess kate making her first public appearance since announcing she's pregnant again. lama hasan is outside buckingham palace with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. well, this morning, making her first public appearance after announcing her pregnancy. arriving in a carriage procession, kate was glowing in an alexander mcqueen coat. the palace releasing a statement, saying she still has
8:07 am
severe morning sickness, but she's recovering. kate stepping out. the world is getting the first glimpse of her since the announcement she and william are expecting a royal play mate for prince george. >> she's past the 12 week stage. last time, she didn't have much in that stage. i wouldn't be expecting too much in terms of bump yet. >> reporter: no hint yet, as they welcome the president and first lady of singapore for their state visit with the queen. >> a tricky few days, early days. hoping things settle down and she feels better. >> reporter: the acute morning sickness left her sidelined since august. but making the first two appearances today on behalf of the queen. the palace ended speculation they were expecting twins saying the baby, singular, was due in april. making it baby number two, a fourth anniversary present for william and indicate who were
8:08 am
married in april, 2007. >> she'll take several months of maternity leave, focus on being a mom. >> reporter: and will it be a prince or princess? if they know, they're keeping mum. so, george, not that i want to steal any of kate's thunder or anything, but i thought it's time to tell you and the rest of the gang that i am also 12 weeks pregnant. so fingers crossed i'll be racing kate to that finish line. >> what a great way to tell everybody. thank you, congratulations. you look great. and "pop news" and weather coming up. over to robin. >> here's a look at what's ahead on the "gma" morning menu. michael is staking us behind the scenes -- did you see this? of the magic mike sequel. and jonathan and allison. went out too soon. >> too soon. >> thank you for traveling all night to be with us. and talk about that. and wait until you meet the
8:09 am
celebrity trainer. the workout secrets she uses to get michael into "magic mike" shape. sarah highland. who is this? >> it's buck lee. >> we appreciate the strong voice you are using to help others. you are going to see and hear all here in times square. my dog is going to be upset with me. yes.
8:10 am
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8:13 am
the all new keurig 2.0 is here. brew for one, brew for all. ♪ take my gum out of respect. time for "pop news." >> all right. >> let's get to it. >> you can pop while doing "pop news." >> >> thank you, robin. make room for bethany. bethanny frank elwill be making a come back. and will be excited and slightly nervous. who can blame her? the franchise is known for the explosive moments. >> really? >> let's face it. i know. i know that's so -- what? what are you talking about? explosive moments. it's like a pbs show. listen, she made some of those moments during her time seasons 1 through 3. now back for season 7.
8:14 am
e! online reporting she's joining carroll, ramona singer, sonia morgan, heather thompson. the new gorgeous model, kristin. aviva is expected not to return. you were asking. she won't be back. but tune in for bethanny. you have watched every episode, george. he told me what to write. >> we learn more about george every day. >> i make it all up. if your in the mood to be spooked as we approach halloween, look at the mansion in louisville, kentucky. she was a beauty back in her day. but that day was a long, long time ago. and now the massive home just sold for $1. the city of louisville sold that mansion for $1. it was taken over by the city for unpaid taxes. ultimately falling into extreme disrepair. purchased by a private firm that
8:15 am
hopes to attract new residence and send the ghostly ones packing. >> looks like t s like the bat. >> what could that cost to fix up? i have to jump in -- >> this is my time, michael. >> i know you can't get enough of "magic mike." >> you are correct. >> i was down in savannah, georgia, filming scenes. >> i had not heard that. >> i and must say some big scenes, and xpl. and i went on a mission for you. >> you did? >> i have two words for you. joe manganiello. watch and enjoy. this is for you. >> one second. >> this is unexpected. lara spencer, i'm standing outside with joe manganiello. i was going to talk about stealing something for you as a souvenir. the man is here, this is your souvenir.
8:16 am
he's on camera. look at this man. i'm going to keep my clothes on for this movie. >> is that we're looking for? >> yes. >> he's up. you owe me, big time. >> what is it? >> oh. yeah. and you know what? i'll tell you right now, i'm going to have joe sign it for you, lara. i'm going keep this one for myself pip need to work out. i don't look anything like this man. case closed. >> oh, wow. >> here we are. just for you. your book right there. >> let me read on. oh, joe. >> oh. oh. i didn't read it myself until now. what did it say? >> sophia, you have a problem. no, it says dear lara, go big or go home. you know what, joe, i couldn't agree more. he did write that. >> he did write that.
8:17 am
>> go big or go home. >> he said he wanted to give you the six pack -- mini six pack. any time you miss him, just look at this book. >> thank you so much. we have so many questions about your role. >> i think it's very important that we look at weather. what's going on out there? >> take it away, ginger. >> ginger, get it out of here. take it. >> i don't know if i want to take it. i wanted to say happy birthday, we have marcy, mary and amanda. >> that's right. >> how old are you? >> 60. >> 60 years old, and you are proud of it, right? >> you bet you, absolutely. >> and all of you, the personal trainer. we're in into exercising. a big body lunge, squatting with weather. we're all just getting warm. we're going to need to after the storm passes tonight. look at boston. yes, milder today. the clouds are in place. look at what's going to happen, heavy rain, especially for parts of new england.
8:18 am
and, yes, still squatt >> thanks, ginger, dave murphy on the terrace with a fair amount of cloud cover and some sunny breaks this morning. your sure sifaka we had seven so shows a rise from the 50 to a rise of 68. later tonight a mostly cloudy pattern with a spotty shower popping up later today and this evening. tomorrow a better chance of periods of rain and drizzle especially early in the day. 61 is the forecast high there and then damp early on thursday but some afternoon drying, 57 the high. and breezy and cool but dry on friday. >> okay, robin. we got ourselves real warmed up here in times square. >> all right, ginger, thanks very much. first in our heat index, we have all done it, we have done it. we sent a snippy e-mail or text in an emotional moment only to regret it moments later. one of the wall street journal's top stories on thousand hold
8:19 am
ba -- how to hold back and how to apologize. ask yourself what you're trying to accomplish before blasting off the text or e-mail. if you do need to repair the damage, pick up the phone. do it in person. take ownership. admit you were wrong. >> never gets the tone right. >> and when you are trying to apologize, never comes through the right way. just breathe. also this morning, how to give war brain a boost before lunch and avoid the lull in the afternoon. for us, that comes at 9:00 a.m. offering suggestions, drink green tea or coffee. both have a positive impact on your mood or performance. you seem to surprised by that, lara. and consider adding coconut oil to the drink. turns out fat is good for the brain, especially that in coconut oil. and a little exercise. take the stairs instead of the elevator. >> all of it.
8:20 am
>> lots of wine. >> i agree with all four. next up in the heat index, times website is buzzing with the story that will hit home for so many animal lovers. and tony rial yay has that. >> this is tailor-made for you guys. you love your pets. you love adorable pets. getting a look at the world from their perspective. let's check it out right now. it's a pooch point of view. take a look at these photos. not taken by the pros, but by pet cam. this doggy capturing the rolling countryside, these piggies shooting the san diego shoreline. and this cow, mooing into a new photographer career. strapping color cams to animals, bringing their vantage point to us in this book. cats, chickens, even goats. ditching the day at the barn for the day at beach.
8:21 am
and a rough day in the sand. making us wonder, what point of view would your pet show us? tweet us things -- what it looks like from your pet's perspective from home. using squae ining #socialsquare. looks like a blast for them as well. >> it does. that's a great idea. i've wondered, k.j., my 17-year-old jack rust el, her perspective. sometimes don't to want know. always on the hunt for food. next up in the heat index? >> you see them -- guess we're not going to see them doing that. >> they're right here. george -- >> the couple leaving right now is -- >> i thought we were going to show the clip -- >> jonathan and allison. >> aww. >> and here they are. i'm sorry about that, guys. show you guys having some fun.
8:22 am
but, jonathan, you went out on a high note. loved seeing them say you had the mojo. >> right? what better night is that. you get to do that and dance. it was so fun. the whole experience -- i tell people it's the most fun and most exhausting thing you will ever do. i came on the show to bring life back into my life. trying to feel alive again after losing my parents. and i did that because of allison and the show. and i'm so happy. like you get to go get spray-tanned every -- >> you really do. >> look at us. we got to wear "men in black" suits and have co2. >> every week. he grew and grew. i was so proud of him. amazing. >> and you alluded to it. we love you for so many different reasons. but the way you spoke to highly of your parents. this was your dad's favorite show. >> it was awesome. >> had to be special. >> what better thing can you do for them? it was just -- everyone at abc was so awesome to bring me on
8:23 am
the show. i wanted to do is so bad. and all the people that kind of -- i said to them, i want to do the show. it wasn't like, hey, maybe do you want to do the show? i want to do the show. >> we feel the same way about you, allison. how was the experience first time out? >> it was incredible. i didn't know what to expect. couldn't ask for a better pattern. came in every day smiling. and sometimes people are doing this for different reasons, but he really wanted to be there. made my life so much easier. it was a pleasure to work with him. the journey, i hope it continues on in a further season. to come back even stronger. it was a learning experience for me. first-time pro, you don't know what to expect. >> you have a twitter account with your facial expression. >> aprntly i make a lot of crazy
8:24 am
facial expressions. there they are. i'm to the doing that. that's like actually how i felt in the moment. >> presto. >> apparently. because my eyebrows are so big. makes my eyes look bigger. >> you lost 14 pounds. look at that. >> because of her. my yoga coach, pilates, life and dance coach. >> you are just a big smile. >> fun to have you here today. >> you're fun every day. what? >> thanks, guys. "dancing with the stars" continues on monday night 8:00 p.m. eastern on abc. and we have the next booted couple tuesday morning. but right now, time for the morning stir. and big news for parents of children with adhd, attention-deficit hyper activity disorder. they can be treated about drugs by retraining their brain. and reena ninan has that story. >> reporter: this may look like
8:25 am
just another video game, but it might be the answer to curing adhd for 13-year-old devin. many are diagnosed like him with adhd. struggling to concentrate. >> definitely really hard to stay focused. >> reporter: but now researchers conducting a study by using video therapy to teach children how to control their symptoms just by using their minds. >> we attach sensors to the scalp, takes up the natural electricity and teach them to speed up their brain waves. >> reporter: he must concentrate to make them flyfully right. exhausting for those retraining their brains. 3.5 million kids in the u.s. are taking medication for adhd.
8:26 am
his mother hoping that someday he won't have to. >> i think he's capable of doing things on his own. and i think this study has the potential of helping him see that. >> the medicine helps. but i would love to get off of it. i would love to be my own person. ♪ >> reporter: more than $100 billion spent on therapies and drugs for children diagnosed with adhd, and the vast majority of families would prefer getting off the meds. >> of course. and they were hopeful about this promising research. >> they can see if they are focussing and if it's working. >> can i say i love waking up with you in the morning. you and t.j. you set the tone for the day. thank you. coming up, live stream workouts. michael's trainer bout to get started, get you fit. about to g started, get you fit.
8:27 am
>> ♪ >> 8:27 on this tuesday morning. a car struck a woman who was walking across septa tracks this morning. it happened at the woodbourne station in levittown bucks county. the woman who was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries and even though this happened two and a half hours ago delays on mass transit continue. here's karen rogers. >> you can see with the emergency crews out here no trains running. also traffic restricted here woodbourne near butternut lane. watch for that. the problems with mass transit and we can show you on the maps. the west trenton line suspended between west trenton and neshaminy falls. no trains running there. however, after that the inbound service has a half hour delay so even when it's still running you've got big delays with mass transit because of that accident scene. valley forge national park we've got route 23 shut down between north gulph road and 252 for this gas main break.
8:28 am
expect delays in the area until at least 3 o'clock in the afternoon. is it you can to 252 as your alternate. meanwhile speeds on 422 about 16 miles an hour eastbound slow go, matt. >> karen thanks. meteorologist, david murphy has the accuweather forecast. david. >> most areas, matt are seeing some early sunshine but it's still cool. take a look at temperatures as we're at 54 degrees in philadelphia, 50 in millville and the upper 40's in wilmington. not a lot of rain around or excuse me no rain, not a lot of wind around. 68 degrees is today's high and later this afternoon accuweather says we will transition back to mostly cloudy skies and there's the chance of a couple of late day sprinkles or showers. rain and drizzle at times on wednesday, little better chance on wednesday, 61 the high there. and then it might still be damp on thursday morning but we're expecting drying in the afternoon. matt. >> thanks, david. malala yousafzai will receive the liberty medal at the national constitution center tonight. just a few weeks after becoming the youngest nobel >> ♪
8:30 am
♪ ♪ i'm gonna go ♪ coming out you don't want to ♪ a party in slow motion ♪ i'll give it the open ♪ oh, love that, little big cat singing. great to have them here. they have a brand new album, "painkiller," hear from them coming up. >> as you know, the great drink, the painkiller. you'll know what i'm talking about if you have been to key west. and marcus samuelson is here. brand new recipes. look at him. it's not just us, theit's the
8:31 am
audience going for the food. >> now over to michael. almost ready for the workout while you watch. a live event with my personal trainer. giving away some of my secrets. but first gio benitez got her top three workout secrets. >> reporter: we have heard it a million times. no pain, no gain. but what is the pain that makes hollywood's finest look the way they do. so to see how celebrities work out, we're here to meet the lady behind the body. trainer to the stars mitchell is responsible for some of the fittest bods around, including michael strahan. do celebrities maies make reque? >> they are no different than us, they want six pack abs issue --
8:32 am
>> or eight pack. >> but you have to make the commitment. >> reporter: and the one weight loss tip for anyone -- >> being patient. gain over ten years, and they wake up, all of a sudden they want to lose it now. be patient and start eliminating things slowly and the weight will come off. >> reporter: what's the method? sumo squats for lower body. >> up. back down and up. that's two. >> reporter: i'm feeling sumo. for cardio and core, plank jacks. >> back, and now speed it up. let's go. are you having fun? >> reporter: fun's not the word. and for an all-over body workout, lunge with rotation. >> you do not need weights. get rid of the weight and down and rotate and straight up. >> reporter: it was the same even without the weight. just as hard. but what i really want to know, what's the secret to those
8:33 am
strahan abs? >> this is michael's favorite move and challenging. >> reporter: this is the one for magic mike strahan. >> yes. that's the workout. >> look at that. even in a suit michael can do this. >> i'm not doing too many, i have to do it later on today. i don't want to wear myself out right now. >> even women can do this. not just for guys. >> because you worked out here earlier, it's easier -- are you going to take it easy on me? >> no. >> why not? what's the deal, don't beat up on me also. >> you'll be all right. >> anybody you recommend that anybody that we haven't shown here, extra thoughts for anybody out there. >> just stick with it. whatever you start, don't quit. even when it gets hard, keep going. that's the most important part. >> and what about a workout for women for arms. >> the arms.
8:34 am
the turkey wings. i want to get rid of these. a lot of it is nutrition. i can tell you, bicep curl, triceps all day, but lose the fat to see the muscle. a lot of it's nutrition. from there, i can show you all the fun workouts. >> all in the kitchen. that's how you got the abs. >> and it's all in the weather. toss it to ginger. take it away. >> michael, thank you. i usually come out and tell fogs about the weather. but you were telling me, you were from spokane, and what's going to happen in the pacific northwest? >> i believe the be northwest is going to get shnacreed with rain. >> and new found lan, they have huge waves. that's a wave, not a cloud. and cincinnati, a nice start. pretty pleasant. but not plenty, shnackered.
8:35 am
up to 10 inches of rain. and raw conditions there. and the south and much of the nation, really >> thanks, ginger, dave murphy here with an update from accuweather. we've got a fair amount of early sunshine mixing with a few clouds, temperatures in the 50's. your exclusive accuweather 7-day shows a transition back to mostly cloudy skies later today with a spotty late day shower. 68 is you >> all that weather brought to you by 2.0. >> how about this audience this morning? >> for a tuesday? >> and it's only tuesday. coming up, marcus samuelson is here live. can you smell it? how to make those delicious recipes. >> can't wait. >> come on back.
8:37 am
8:38 am
yes! yes! so exciting. wait a minute, look at that, marcus. they have already started. >> i knew it. >> also a pleasure. >> say -- >> marcus is here, not just because he brings us tasty treats, he has a beautiful brand new book, "marcus of the off duty: the recipes i cook at home." it's full of your personality. >> thank you.
8:39 am
>> we live in the united states of flavor. >> we do. so diverse. people come from all over the world to come here. so our food is so flavorful and just -- it's just great to be a cook today in america. >> and you cook at home. >> yes. >> i love the different chapters. and you talk about the music that you play. you do that too, like "happy"? >> you have to set the mood right when you're cooking with your guests or family. >> i hear it playing right now and you can't help but be happy. >> you can't help but be happy. >> and last time, you were cooking -- >> who was it? >> michelle obama. >> just michelle obama. >> and i know you have it in your book as well. yes. >> and she's done amazing with her initiative. >> this is chicken, right? >> very healthy. poaching the chicken. a very healthy and delicious way to get the best flavor. this is inspired by chinese new year.
8:40 am
so i love sort of celebrating other cultures. >> right. >> poach the chicken for 20 minutes, lift it out. and then the sauce. >> what's in the sauce? >> a little bit of soy and ginger. >> smell that. >> soy and ginger. and then, once the chicken has been poached -- >> right. >> just drizzle this sauce on top. you can do that. >> just put it in. it stays moist. >> yes, so it stays moist. and then i add a little bit of sesame oil. >> oh, i like that idea. >> and then we are just going to serve with a little bit of cucumber and cilantro. >> very simple, very clean. >> very clean, you know? simple and clean, like you. not simple -- >> i'm not simple. >> no. >> and what are the sides here? >> just the beautiful salad with a little bit of pomegranate and orange. and then a lipstick cobbler, red lipstick cobbler.
8:41 am
>> see who showed up at the end? >> right? >> especially with your book, you want to inspire people to let them know it's easy to cook. >> cooking is -- to me, it's liberating. if you're not a cook, you have to bring your family together, you know how to stay healthy. and everyone should cook more. >> these are healthy dishes. >> they are. and delicious. not just healthy, they're delicious. otherwise you wouldn't do it if it's not good. >> the cilantro with the chicken. >> being off-constituduty. and you can cook for a party, it's easy, fun and delicious. >> and so are you, marcus, so are you. can i have a -- >> a spoon? >> a fork. >> fork. >> all right. and "marcus off duty" is available right now. you can get all these recipes on our website, on yahoo. >> are you eating?
tv-commercial tv-commercial
8:42 am
>> little big town.ittle changing ♪ ♪ don't to want wait until the sun is singing ♪ ♪ we could be
8:43 am
at the bottom in job creation. massive cuts to education. and higher property taxes.
8:44 am
under governor corbett, pennsylvania's been heading in the wrong direction. there's been no leadership and no vision. that's gotta change. as your governor, i will lead. and we'll move pennsylvania forward. we'll restore manufacturing jobs. close corporate tax loopholes. and make the gas companies pay up to fund our schools. after all, it's time to get pennsylvania moving again. just sitting here chatting with one of our dear friends, sarah hyland, of "modern family." and she's with us. this is who's this? >> this is barkley. >> he's your dog, right? >> yes. >> they told me i couldn't. i love to adopt. we're going to talk about that. "modern family," new season and another emmy. what a blessing to be a part of that cast, huh? >> it's amazing. it's the greatest thing that's
8:45 am
ever happened in my life. >> and your character has a fun -- well, i don't know if it's fun, she's in a bit of a rut in the season, right? >> yeah, she's not going to college. she got kicked out of college a couple years ago. >> that one -- >> she's a crazy child. but, yeah, she's not -- she's in a rut. see her try to pull herself out of it. >> and we to want give everybody just a little sneak peek. this is tomorrow night's episode. on this episode, "won't you be our neighbor," they are trying to convince a couple to rent the neighbor's house. take a look. >> by the way, i love those shoes. >> thanks. george's firm does pr for ten shoe brands. if we end up living here, we'll be swimming in shoes. >> i've had that dream. >> are you ready to pull the trigger? >> yes. >> i'm a size 6. >> i've that had that dream too.
8:46 am
nothing as it seems. and hilarity ensue will you explain your connection with swifer and aspa, and why this adorable dog is here? >> he's mine. i've teamed up with a swifer. it's something i use to clean up after him. so i am able to spend more time with him. and they have joined up with the a spca because a main concern for future pet parents is the cleanup. >> of course. and people are worried about -- oh, i'm allergic. can't adopt. >> hair everywhere, mud throughout the house. and so the swif f'er and a spca, had an event this past weekend. people who adopted pets, they were given a sweeper. if you follow swiffer today. they are giving away 100 green
8:47 am
boxes of products. >> awesome. and rescue, please. i have three dogs, all are rescues. it's the way to go. a spca and swiffer. thank you for sped spreading the word about ped adoption. how have you been doing? you have been in the papers, you had to get a permanent restraining order from an ex-boyfriend. i can't imagine having to go through that in public. being in the public eye. how are you doing? >> great. working on "modern family" and spreading awareness for aadoption and cleaning up after your pets. >> focusing on the positive. >> yeah. >> the smile is bright. the show makes the smile. thank you for being with us. "modern family," it's a good one. and it's on on wednesdays at 9:00 on abc. just pick a camera, any camera. coming up, little big town is performing
8:50 am
8:51 am
and a looks like i have joined little big town. fresh off the release of their sixth album, "painkiller." where did that come from? >> it's a song jimmie and karen wrote, it's about your love killing your pain. >> robin, it wasn't about the drink in key west. it could be. and you are also about to go on tour. you start out november 8th. >> yes. "painkill "painkiller" tour and very exciting. >> and a big duet with ariana grande? >> we just announced that yesterday. >> how did that get going? >> a little bit of rock and roll. our people and her people and a crazy idea. and gosh, she's such an incredible talent.
8:52 am
so, yeah -- >> great to see. now music right now. quit breaking up with me. >> yeah. ♪ ♪ forever ♪ forever ♪ forever ♪ ♪ you say it's over when a little finger ♪ ♪ but you are calling before i turn on my ringer ♪ ♪ and i answer cause i love to hear your sorry for the 400th time ♪ ♪ well ♪ you try to leave me but you can't do it ♪ ♪ cause not the only one who puts up with your ♪ ♪ secretly you love making out with me right after a fight ♪ ♪ well ♪ we're alwaysfixing something
8:53 am
that was never broken ♪ ♪ off again like somebody you need ♪ ♪ get back together every time you're going through it ♪ ♪ then so when you gonna quit broken the way ♪ ♪ ♪ you have been my -- we finally get alone ♪ ♪ but we don't feel right when everything is going wrong ♪ ♪ and we're back in the heaven of up and down ♪ ♪ well ♪ i hate your daddy ♪ you hate my mama ♪ the one thing we don't seem to hate is all the drama ♪ ♪ and we never can remember what the hell that we were yelling about ♪ ♪ well ♪ we're always fixing something that was never broken ♪
8:54 am
♪ we're only in love again like somebody ♪ ♪ get back together every time your throwing a fit ♪ ♪ so when you gonna quit breaking up with me ♪ ♪breakin up with me ♪ ♪breakin' up with me ♪ ♪ i don't know it you think you're going ♪ ♪ because you're stuck with me forever and you know it ♪ ♪ forever ♪ forever ♪ we're always fixing something that was never broken ♪ ♪ we run it up again like somebody you need ♪ ♪ get back together every time
8:55 am
you're throwing a fit so when you gonna quit ♪ ♪ breaking up with me ♪ yeah ♪ when you gonna quit ♪ breaking up with me ♪ >> oh, yeah ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, i love that. i love you throwing that in there. jimi, kim, karen. how are you? good to see you. little big town, people. >> so good. >> thank you. >> you know how much we enjoy it whennial come by here. >> we love it. >> we hope everybody has a fantastic day. >> have a great one. we'll see you tomorrow. >> take it easy.
8:56 am
>> ♪ >> 8:56. we're still talking about transit delays where a car struck a woman along septa tracks this morning. it happened at the woodbourne station in levittown bucks
8:57 am
county at 7:00 a.m. a woman was rushed to the hospital with multiple injuries from the accident. here's karen rogers with more. karen. >> and you can see matt we have restrictions on woodbourne road from this right near butternut lane. no trains running. on the maps we may have big problems with the west trenton line. all service is suspended between west trenton and neshaminy falls and the rest of the service inbound seeing half hour delays. we have a bunch of accidents coming in to us. this one involving an overturned truck in bucks county on 611 near 132. you can use valley road to avoid it. this accident in west amount ton burlington county has woodlane road closed at 295. a medevac en route to the scene. a very serious accident. stick to rancocas road as your alternate n marlton an accident with fire police directing on the scene brick road at sagemore drive. i-95 northbound at the vine street expressway matt we're seeing six cars off to the side. initial reports was that it's an accident but i'm worried they might have flat tires here, too. >> thank you karen. seeing some shadows out there. that means the sun must be
8:58 am
out. here's meteorologist, david murphy. hi, david. >> it has broken through nicely this morning we talked this morning on the broadcast how the morning was probably going to be brighter than the afternoon. take a look at temperatures. we're still in the 50's a little bit cool but at least nothing like the 30's which is where we were this time yesterday in a lot of spots. your exclusive accuweather 7-day mostly cloudy later today, 68 degrees is the high. after about 3, 4, 5 o'clock starting out in the northern and western suburbs we're going do start to see some spotty showers. and then tomorrow a better chance of periods of rain and drizzle through the day. matt. >> thanks, david. coming up at noon a live report on the sentencing of africa. one of the people accused of acting as a ringleader in the one of the people accused of acting as a ringleader in the drug
8:59 am
revealed through the work of its scholars and graduates. it has inspired strength and purpose. an enduring symbol of passion and excellence that is not static, but moves among us. a feeling...a shared experience, a reminder that we are connected for life. we are penn state, making our mark on the world.
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noups nouns it's "live with kelly and michael." today, star of the film "john wick," keanu reeves. and from the new series "the flash," tom cavanagh. plus, performing her big hit hideaway, keys keys. all next on "live!" [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪