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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 18, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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. making news in america this morning. winter blast. blinding snow, burying cars overnight and record cold rocketing to the far south. millions of americans waking up to january-like conditions. we're tracking it all. breaking overnight from the middle east. attackers storm a synagogue with knives an axes and guns. and a mass murderer, what we learned about the 26-year-old woman about to become pls charles manson. and down to the final four at "dancing with the stars." what happened that left alfonso ribeiro in tears. well, good morning you.
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we begin with a new round of bone-chilling temperatures from heavy snow from the great lakes to michigan and new york. >> buf is covered in white this morning. the blinding snow comes down as fast as 5 inches an hour. roads more treacherous by the minute as another blast moves with below zero windchills from minneapolis to louisville. more from tahman bradley. >> reporter: heavy snow and bitter cold. sub-freezing temperatures in parts of every state. nearly half the country covered in snow, and more is on the way. over the next couple days, the great lakes and northeast could be slammed by a foot of snow. >> i hate the snow, if it came the last day of winter, would be too early for me. >> reporter: across the frozen mess, they are clearing roads. >> work double the hours today until the snow quits and the roads are cleared. >> reporter: many highways are icy.
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at least 11 people have been killed in car accidents from minnesota to texas. officials are pleading with drivers to slow down. >> please, please, please be careful. and even if there's no snow on the street, it doesn't mean that there's not ice on the street. >> reporter: it's not just the wintry mix, the south was hit by an outbreak of severe weather. tornados, an ef-1 with winds of 105 miles per hour struck in georgia. in alabama, pat mcglof lin's trailer home flipped over. >> i crawled through debris, and felt how to get the door open and jumped out. >> reporter: the severe storms moved off the east, but frigid temperatures are here to stay. >> and that deep freeze has the country shivering in temperatures 15-20 degrees below normal. >> and tracking it with accuweather's jim dickey. >> good morning. we have a brutally cold air mass
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over the great lakes, brought in by strong, gusty winds out of the northwest. significant lake effect snow throughout the day. and very much localized. where the bands set up, significant snowfall, whiteout conditions, feats of snow in some cases. and the buffalo area with a heavy band here. and snow in place through the day, winding down tonight through wednesday. cold air to the gulf coast with many spots challenging record loess. falling to the single digits in kansas city, and 10 in chicago. comes close to the record. and across the northeast, and the values in the single digits from minnesota to pennsylvania. back to you. >> thanks. breaking overnight, a major escalation in the violence in israel. four killed in a terror attack in a synagogue in jerusalem. attackers burst in and assaulted
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worshippers with naives and axes. they were then killed by police in a shootout. believed to be palestinians. >> we came to pray. we were coming into the synagogue and heard gun shots from down stairs. and, you know, heard one shot, two shots, then a flurry of shots, five, six, seven, we all ran out. >> it is the deadliest attack in years. and it has resulted in increased security across the country. israel will respond harshly to the attack. terrorist attacks on the rise worldwide. there were nearly 10,000 in 2013, 44% more than the year before. nearly 18,000 people killed in those attacks. five countries, iraq, afghanistan, pakistan, nigeria and syria accounted for 87% of the deaths from terrorism. president obama ordered a review of how the government handles terrorist-related
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hostage cases. three americans have been executed in recent months. the u.s. refuses to negotiate, one american, a female aid worker remains an isis captive. they are looking at the isis video. it showed a number of isis fighters whos faces are not covered. one has been identified as a 22-year-old citizen of france. now to a community on edge at home. the governor of missouri has taken the pre-emptive step of declaring a state of emergency ahead of the grand jury decision in the fatal shooting of michael brown. protesters calling for justice shut down traffic as they worked to determine whether officer darren wilson should be charged. >> we are going to be prepared from the law enforcement standpoint, to make sure that people and property is safe. as well as the protesters, demonstrators. we have an opportunity to
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express first amendment rights. >> schools notifying parents that schools will be canceled when the decision comes down. residents told to prepare like it was a storm. and new extremist protesters following the grand jury ruling. violent extremists may try to infiltrate large crowds to attack police and critical infrastructures. and warning against cyber attacks that could shut down police websites and computer systems. in washington today, a big vote on capitol hill. the senate will vote on legislation to approve the controversial keystone pipeline. 45 republicans and at least 13 democrats are expected to vote yes. it's been a political football of sorts. it's not clear if the president will go along. protesters have installed a inflatable pipeline on the front lawn of the democratic senator,
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mary landrieu. she's a big supporter, saying it will bring jobs to louisiana where the canadian oil will end up. prices at the pump are the lowest national average in nearly four years. the lowest price is $2.39 in richmond, virginia, before 236 in santa fe, new mexico. and it's now $2.89 a gallon. down almost 5 cents a gallon in the past week. fill her up. a new study casting further doubts on the daily use of aspirin. and the cosby controversy widens, another woman comes forward with claims against the comic legend. and holy matrimony. who is the woman about to marry this man?
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more life savings are being returned to victims ripped off by bernie madoff. they will get a half billion as part of a legal settlement. that's recovered $10 billion of the $17 billion taken. he's serving time in jail for the ponzi scheme. the biggest deal of the year, announced, and it involv s s botox. they have agreed to be purchased for $63 billion, beating a $53 billion offer. it needs shareholder approval. and the shelby gt 350 is billed as having the most
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powerful engine ford has ever made without super turbo charge. the suspension makes adjustments depending on driving conditions. it will go on sale next year. and toyota, the first mass market car that run on hydrogen instead of gas. the car can travel 300 mile on a single tank of hydrogen and emits only water vapor. conclude go on sale late next year for about $45,000. in japan, they know how to do a good bugger, don't they? turn to burger king. the berry burger. sounds good. it debuted as part of bk's winter menu. looks dpligs. it's a regular burger with cranberries and blueberries. they are said to be cooked in red wine and adds to the sweet and the sourness. >> must try, must try. >> i'm game.
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and that sounded really scary to me, and i was like well can you fix it, can you paint it back on, and he explained that it was not something that grows back, it's kind of a one-time shot and you have to care for it. he told me to use pronamel. it's gonna help protect the enamel in your teeth. it allows me to continue to drink my coffee and to eat healthier, and it was a real easy switch to make. the latest round of heavy snow is zeroing in on the great lakes this morning. drivers in places like buffalo, new york, had to struggle through blinding snow coming down at 3 to 5 inches per hour not letting up any time soon. some areas could get up to three feet of snow. >> those white out conditions in western michigan, making for a tough commute. drivers across the country, watch out for slick spots, temperatures plunge and roads can be wet on the florida
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panmalgds. and flying today, no weather-related delays expected i probably jinxed it. ask a growing sex scandal surrounding bill cosby. >> it's challenging the future of a cosby stand up special on netflix and a sitcom in development at nbc. another accuser has come forward, selli inin inin ining t she was raped in 1969 and never told anyone. >> why not go to the police? >> i didn't think anybody would believe me. it's me saying something about bill cosby who's like a god to everyone in the world. he's mr. wonderful. he's mr. jell-o. >> cosby settled a civil case in 2006 with another woman who said he drugged and assaulted her. that settlement did not include an admission of wrong doing.
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we turn to wr charles manso. a marriage license has been granted to him and his 26-year-old fiancee. >> no date set, but the bride to bo, be, star, says they will wed next month. she moved from the midwest years ago to be closer to his california prison. he's serving a life sentence for a series of brutal murders. and in seattle, surveillance cameras caught this guy, in a played jacket, trying to get into a home. and the homeowner comes in a t-shirt and shorts and took the guy on. the intruder threw the first punch, missed. he is defending his home. he was able to sit on him while they called 911. the police showed up and made the arrest.
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authorities don't recommend this, but it worked out and was caught on camera. >> love that, sitting there. and this spectacle in prague, that's the president of the czech republic being pelted with eggs. his security guard trying to protect him with umbrellas. it was marking the 25th anniversary of the revolution that ended communist rule. but many say he has betrayed the revolution by being too friendly with russia and china. health alert. new questions about aspirin and heart disease. comes from a study with people with no known heart disease. taking aspirin did not prevent death, heart attack or stroke enough to warrant the list of bleeding from the aspirin. it's the growing consensus that aspirin may be good for those who already have heart disease. sports news, and congratulations. a new record for an american sports star. stanton's new contract is 13
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years and $325 million. he's with the miami marlins. being made official today. he led the national league in home runs last season. he missed the last 17 games after being hit by a pitch. it's about 25 mill per season. that's $154,000 every time he steps out there for a game. >> that's a record. >> that's good work if you can get it. >> put your hat in for it. last night's sports highlights include something that hasn't happened in a long time. >> the details from espn. welcome to the "sportscenter" set in los angeles. i'm stan verrett with neil everett. a big upset in women's college football. >> connecticut will not go undefeated. you can't win them all if you lose the second one. u con at stanford, she was unbelievable late. hits that shot there. and then it went to overtime.
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the bucket by stanford. and then connecticut. you've got to get a shot up. connecticut's 47-game winning streak ends. stanford beats urks conn. >> steelers and titans. ben roth listberger, playing another team that's struggling. 2-7, they had them down in the fourth quarter until bell gets in. 34 carries, 204 yards. steelers down 24-20. same score. first and ten, play action is going work when you run wale. hits antonio brown for the touchdown. steelers win it 27-24. they're second place in the afc north. everybody in that division is pretty good. >> yeah. your division everybody is not very good. >> no, nfc south, not very good. back to you. >> thanks, fellas. "the pulse" next. from tears to perfect scores and
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. time to check "the pulse." stories you'll be talking about today. season number 19 of "dancing with the stars" comes to a close next week. >> yes. last night the favorite, she's the shoe-in, just stop it right now. he's going to win this thing. alfonso ribeiro, battled it out after severe back pain. he was crying, he was emotional and in physical pain. they got a total score of 75. ounds great. but two couples are perfect scores. >> a picture frame was moved,
4:23 am
and janel parrish was fiery in the pa so double. but tommy chong was sent home. >> the key is to go shirtless. >> that wins it? >> the two guys with the shirts off. perfect scores. >> that's the key. next up -- what was that? >> a little tip from t.j. next up, designers are calling the world's tallest roller coaster. construction is set to begin in orlando, florida, next year. >> but the animated video is out. more than 500 feet around a large tower before beginning a long series of twists and turns and loops. the profrmer says no down time during the four minute ride. >> no down time. it just goes. they're really promoting this thing. it will be the center piece of an entire entertainment complex. if all goes well, the promoter says the first rides will be in
4:24 am
2017. >> why do people do it? >> i love roller coasters. >> you do? >> i love it. >> of course you do. >> a good thrill. love it. most wedding gowns are worn once. but one that wasn't be worn at all. >> it's 400 pounds. it's the largest beaded bridal down. it's nearly a million glass and crystal beads. >> took three years and nearly two dozen dress makers to finish the job. she would love to see it in a film or museum. and a youngster to show you. seems to be happy to see the start of wintry weather. he's a 6-year-old panda at the zoo in toronto. >> his name is dama, and he couldn't get enough of playing in the snow. sliding down a hill inside his enclosure, that's what they call bear bogganing.
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>> ♪ >> hey, i'm matt o'donnell. it is 4:27, tuesday november 18th and we're following abacking story right now. hatchet wielding attackers murdered several people as they worshiped inside a jerusalem synagogue overnighter. new video in just to the news room. happening today a key vote is expected on a plan to build a new casino in philadelphia or maybe not. we'll break down both sides of the debate. some are seeing lows in the 20's this morning. today we'll feature the coldest weather so far this season. west the accuweather team giving you complete coverage plus ferguson, missouri, is under a state of emergency. "action news" is next. >> ♪ his morning, the hype machine cranking up ahead of hunker games. it hits theaters on friday.
4:28 am
>> but they hit the carpet in l.a. last night. george pennacchio was there for us. >> reporter: like a moth to a flame, fans gravitated to the madness of mockingjay. the premier a spectacle. star jennifer lawrence walked, but her two leading men talked. >> this film is great. it's a great film. it's a further evolution of the characters and stories. and a much different look on the entire world. >> it's great. i have my family here, a bunch of my friends. it's fantastic, it's a fun time. >> you have to understand when you're in the games, you only get one wish. it's very costly. >> you're alive. >> it's not just about the games, it becomes about the world and war and the consequences of war. >> enter donald sutherland as the chief villain, out to get jennifer's character good. >> he is who he is, you know? and he's going to destroy
4:29 am
katniss everdean. en. >> prepare to pay the ultimate price. >> stos influential in popular culture, globally. >> one star's wiech wasn't expecting all this. >> she was say, all this excitement, i feel like i could give birth on the carpet. do it. >> and for one of the movie's little stars, one big dress. did you practice how you'll sit in the theater seat with all that fabric? >> okay. now you're scaring me. i didn't think about that at all. i don't know how it's going -- it's not going to work. >> reporter: the "hunger games" mockingjay part 1 hits theater coast to coast on november 21st. >> it'll win the weekend. >> you think so? no questions about it. >> just like alfonso ribeiro is going to win. >> you're all about him. next week. >> stay with us for "good
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morning america." have a g . >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and meteorologist, david murphy. >> ♪ >> back news on this tuesday morning. attackers use knives, axes and morning. synagogue. multiple people are dead including the killers. >> also breaking overnight, firefighters are called to a delaware county hotel for a carbon monoxide scare. >> and it is decision day. we're about to learn philadelphia's second casino will be built or if it will be built at all. >> but we begin with some a new video just in to the news room flames tour through the


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