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tv   Action News  ABC  November 24, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EST

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she is the moor of two children and one step child. her family said she would never leave without telling anyone. >> my heart is getting ripped out every day. every minute i don't he had called 911, the man managed
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to get inside through a window, they tied the couple up anticipate ransacked house, the man inside and saw the burglar leaving. >> i said i'm okay. i gradually wait until they pass me and i flew around the corner, i said hurry up, they are out back, they have the flat screen tv. police caught the man, but his partner ran away. they also the particular tried to break into one other home. >> speculation dominates as the people of furgeson, missouri and the nation await the grand jury decision. >> the panel weigh evidence in the shooting of michael brain. >> erin o'hern is live at the big board with the details. . matt and tam tensions continue to rise over the weekend when it became clear that no grand jury decision had been reached.
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nine votes were needed to indict this man, officer darren wilson in the shooting death of michael brown. ferguson has been unarrest since the summer. there was a reporter from the l.a. times who was injured in the protest. he said he didn't know how it was happened, but he was struck with an object over the head. the grand jury had a break over the weekend, barricades are set up under the saint louis county justice center. the testimony they are looking at is testimony from wilson himself and from the forensic pathologist the one family requested to perform an independent autopsy. they are looking at testimony from witnesses to the shooting who say brown had his hands up
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when he was killed. protesters say they will continue to demonstrate on the streets of ferguson. >> i don't think the protest are going to die, people want to see a change and a grand jury decision is not a change. >> one nearby school district canceled classes today and tomorrow anticipating unrest, law enforcement officials say they are prepared and do not want peaceful demonstrations to turn ugly. >> and a 12-year-old has died after he was shot by police in cleveland ohio who thought the youngster was brandishing a gun. >> he is sitting on a swing and pulling it in and out of his hands and pointing it at people. >> the officers respond to saturday to a call about a boy waving a gun in the park. police say it resembled a semi automatic pistol when the orange
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safety sticker had been removed. >> the officer toll him to show his handles, he pulled it from his waistband and pulled out the weapon. one of our officers fired two shots striking the young man. >> the officer was put on leave for the investigation. turkey feast has been set, a football feast, the 107 return for a touchdown set the tone for the eagles. lesean mccoy ran 130 yards. reporters asked mccoy about the criticism that the running back is having an off year. >> obviously you guys will
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write what you want, i'm fine with that. all the guys in the locker room they know what's up we're a team. >> running game got going that was big for us. >> now the cowboys rallied late to beat the giants 31-28 on the road. philadelphia and dallas are 8-3 going into the thanksgiving showdown in the big d. some were calling the catch during the game one of the greatest ever. he fell back stretching big time to snag the ball with one hand. he fell back into the end zone and managed to hold on to the ball for a touchdown. >> i'll tweet it out again, and decide if there was the greatest ever,. >> that was talent right there. >> an apartment building collapses in chicago, two women trapped inside, we'll giving you the latest details. >> ready, set, shop.
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black friday four days away, the biggest sales are already rnld way. >> reporter: this afternoon t-shirts it's going to be warm, eastern university is the college of the morning on 6abc, and we'll be right back with a fully loaded accuweather seven-day forecast.
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>> evacuation plans are in the works in buffalo, new york because of fears of massive flooding. there are seven feet of snow on the ground it is raining right now and it is 54 degrees. one prime concern is preventing more roof collapses. crews are moving tons of snow off the buildings. bulldozers are plowing streets and opening storm drains. we'll have more in the next half-hour. david it's going to get to 61 degrees in buffalo today. >> that's an awful lot of snow to melt that. >> reporter: people have been saying it's going to melt. it's not all going to melt, but there's an issue with flooding. around here we have some overnight rain that did pass through, you can see how the rain is beginning to taper off and break up a little bit. as we take a look at the two dimensional view this won't be
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too much longer before this is out of here, road conditions are going to stay wet for a while as it will take a while for that rain water to dry off. as we take a look outside, we have sky, there's the shore looking south along the shore, notice how the camera is bouncing a little bit, as well. as we looking at windy conditions today, and somewhat blustery out there. the temperature is mild, 64 degrees, very nice for this time of the year. winds out of the south at 25 miles per hour and at times we could get gusts over 30. it's going to be mild once the rain gets past us, but on it is blustery side. accuweather says we'll see the return of sunshine as the day goes on. 63 degrees by 8:00. some of you dealing with perhaps a sprinkle or drips coming down off the leaves. 67 by 11:00.
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2:00 p.m., 72 degrees, if we hit its a new record in philadelphia. 69 degrees at 5:00 p.m., so warm all the way. 70 in allentown, 67 in toms river, 72 in wilmington and dover. down the shore cooler, but not bad high temperatures in atlantic city and cape may, 66 degrees, i'm going to skip tomorrow. tomorrow will be cooler, no issues, on wednesday which is of course an enormous travel day around here, the day before thanksgiving, we'll be watching an asia of low pressure that's coming up the coast. there's couple of scenarios with this. record highs today forget bit about it on wednesday, this is going to come up the coast with precipitation pushing back toward philadelphia. the primary track of this produces rain south and east of philadelphia. we could be going from record warmth today and snowfall on
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wednesday. my hunch this is rain and changing over to snow. in the northern and western suburbs we could be looking at a dig ant snowfall. there's a second scenario that the storm remains so far off the coast we don't see much of an quact and -- impact and the precipitation is much less. i could see this starting as rain wednesday morning and changing to snow. the burr burbs will get snow out of this. what to expect on the ground, this is a preliminary amount this wouldn't be in the worst case scenario would come to fruition. on wednesday night we could be looking at one to three inches of snow? philadelphia. in the northern and western suburbs there's a bands of 3 to 6, again this could start earlier in the day and continue
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through the night and up around allentown and the poconos there's a chance of 6 inches or more out of this. the storm could stay to the east and won't be cool enough for snow. i would prepare for the potential of snowfall especially in the afternoon and evening wednesday. 72 is the high, tomorrow, partly sunny, cooler, 58. high of 40 on wednesday, the rain changing over to snow. the biggest impact in the northern and western suburbs. the good news it's out of here in time for thursday. thursday looks brisk and chilly highs in the low 40s, at least it's dry. friday, 37, brisk and cold high there. and back to the 40s for the coming weekend. a lot could change for the wednesday storm, we're trying to give you a heads up on it because it's a big travel day.
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>> 6abc is a shape shifter, if you put it on your desktop it fits that and on your tablet, as well and put it on your smart phone, as well. >> developing right now a building has collapsed in chicago trapping two women inside. neighbors reported hearing a large boom before the fall of the buildings. firefighters pulled the two women out of the rubble. they are in the hospital in serious and critical condition, crews say the women were the only people living in the building. they rescued a dog. the counts down is on for the 6abc 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade prep is going on. >> you can't hear the taps, because they are practicing on carpet. this dance number a parade staple is made up of kids and adults from all across the
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delaware valley. the parade producer, said this is a great way to pull in tap dancers from all around the region in a noncompetitive situation so they can come out and enjoy the art of tap dancing. if you can't make it to the parade, you can watch it life on 6abc, you'll get all the floats the music and the fun it kicks off 8:30 thanksgiving morning. >> experts say do not wait for the sales on black friday. century analysts are calling it black friday week ending single day black friday. retailers are kick off week-long sales event today to boost profits. cyber monday sales jumped 105% over black friday last year and that trend is expected to
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continue. a new google study said this holiday shopping season will likely be the most mobile ever. 50% of adults 25 to 50 are expected to shop online while standing in line at a store. a quick check of wall street, the dow and s&p finished in record territory, so futures are trading flat we have no idea what will happen at the opening bell. you have to wait until 9:30. >> san jose airport crews were shocked after a fellow imree -- employee got his truck stolen by a man who breached security. ♪this holiday season, my good friend gave to me♪
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use parental controls or the v-chip. learn how at >> 4:53, live look at the schuylkill expressway rape is bound to slow down that morning commute. >> let's go over to karen rogers, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, i'm checking out this accident on the schuylkill expressway, while this approaching belmont, we can see its westbound as you head toward gladwyn, police are on the scene slowing past city avenue to bell metropolitan, watch for this one. we've seen a few accidents at this early hour. now looking in delaware county, i-95 northbound it has been
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closed all morning long, it's still closed northbound 320 and the blue route heading toward the airport. emergency crews out there, debris on the road. stick to 291 or 213, two accidents one on i-95 one on the schuylkill expressway. >> this is new this morning, there's been another security breach at the airport in san jose in california. 49-year-old was found on the tarmac airport workers removed him and he stole a worker's truck out of the parking lot. there have been two breaches at san jose airport one of them a boy managed to stow away on a flight to had a by.
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>> happening today, the former chairman of the montgomery county republican committee goes to jail on sex charges. a former employee claims he gave her wine and assaulted her in her home last year. the sex happened while she was was passed out. kearns has opted for a bench trial. a misinterpreted lab report stalled the prosecution's case. the british boy band won
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artest of the year. taylor swift kicked off the night singing blank space. she received the dick clark award for excellence presented by diana ross. >> the mayfair tire slasher is arrested again for a similar incident in his new philadelphia neighborhood.
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>> good morning, it is 5:00 a.m., monday, november 24. here's what's happening. >> accuweather is tracking rain and record warmth for the start of the workweek. >> pennsylvania state police are looking for new leads into the disappearance of a 33-year-old woman from lehigh county. >> the thanksgiving day battle is set between the eagles and the cowboys. >> i think everybody will ignore the turkey and focus on that game. let's go over for weather an traffic to david and karen.


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