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tv   Action News  ABC  November 25, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EST

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edwards, karen rogers and >> good morning everyone, it's 5 o'clock on this tuesday, november 25th and breaking this morning. >> angry and outraged crowds pack the streets in ferguson, missouri to protest a grand jury's decision not to indict a police officer in the death of michael brown. >> a more detailed description of the shooting death of michael brown emerges from the grand jury investigation. >> a seasonable day is on tap. accuweather is tracking a coastal storm that brings cold rain and even some snow. >> start with the warmth of this morning with dave murphy and karen rogers. good morning. >> starting out good but the first thing i want to talk about matt is tomorrow because that's really the big weather issue of the week. we have a winter storm watch that yesterday was only up in the poconos but it has been extended all the way down to the delaware river. southeastern pennsylvania, mercer county including trenton and points north and out past lancaster. we're looking at rain tomorrow morning, probably developing before dawn in some
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neighborhoods and then changing over to wet snow from the northwest down towards the line of demarcation around the i-95 corridor. right now not looking at any precipitation other than a couple quick moving sprinkles and showers down along coastal delaware. temperatures not bad. we have dipped to 57 degrees in philadelphia. 57 in allentown right now, 59 in wilmington, 62 in millville and 57 in sea isle city. and while these numbers will probably bounce back a little bit during the morning hours, it does look like generally we're going to see them slide slowly as we go through the afternoon. catching the bus this morning we're in those mid to upper 50's between 6 and 8 o'clock. partly cloudy skies and cool conditions out there. and as we roll through the day it will not be as warm as yesterday but still very seasonable for this time of year. 55 by 9 o'clock. up to 57 by noon which i think is going to be your afternoon high. we might still be on it around 1 o'clock or so but by 3 o'clock down to 54 and 50 by 6 o'clock. obviously tomorrow is a big ticket day in the weather department and we'll have future tracker 6 showing you the arrival of this
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precipitation including that change to show all coming up in a couple minutes karen. >> enjoy our dry morning commute while we can. looking live on the vine street expressway near sixth street no problems here. the vine was very briefly shut down when there was some concerns that protesters might go onto the roadway. right now you can see everything opened, fine, no issues out there on the vine. looking live at 202 at 422 construction. we still see flashing lights out here partially blocking the ramp from 202 northbound to the schuylkill eastbound but we expect that to clear momentarily. we have a downed tree causing an issue in bristol, newportville road, they shut newportville road down near zimmerman lane. over in burlington county the turnpike connector eastbound we've got construction here and that's going to be blocking the left lane for about another hour or so, so you'll still see crews out there. in florence township right now 295 southbound past route 30 watch for construction here that's also causing some problems until 6 o'clock, matt and tam. >> all right, karen, thanks.
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the county of ferguson missouri erupted in violence. at least 150 shots have been heard throughout the streets while protesters have torched buildings, police cars, smash edwin dose and looted stores. >> the violence broke out last night shortly after a saint louis grand jury decided not to charge officer darren wilson n august wilson shot michael brown an unarmed black teenager. police say no officers or civilians have been killed or seriously injured but looters have broken into several businesses. a number of cars have been set on fire. the police arrested after least 29 people and the violence comes after president obama urged those who were upset with this verdict to protest peacefully. >> we are a nation built on the rule of law. and so we need accept that this decision was the grand jury's to make. there are americans who agree with it and there are americans who are deeply disappointed, even angry. but i join michael's parents in asking anyone who protests
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this decision to do so peacefully. >> police officials say officers have not fired a shot but the same officials say the night of violence has been the worst by far since michael brown was killed. >> "action news" reporter katherine scott is live at philadelphia city hall where people also reacted overwhelmingly peacefully to the decision in ferguson. katherine. >> reporter: matt, this decision sparked protests across the country and philadelphia was no exception. philadelphia police did have a plan in place in the event of protests. there was a large police presence and the protests here were peaceful. >> hands up, don't shoots. >> reporter: hundreds of protesters and supporters of michael brown showed their disappointment and their shock across center city last night after hearing the grand jury announcement that came out of ferguson, missouri. >> we'll get through this together. >> this wasn't even for a conviction, this was just to go to trial. so, i just think we're at a time now where we have to
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change the narrative not only of what we think of ourselves but what america thinks of us, we're going to stop being murdered like this. >> reporter: demonstrators demand action against ferguson police officer darren wilson hoping the u.s. justice department will now step in. mayor michael nutter was among those to express disappointment. >> i did not hear any explanation and more importantly a justification for why that young man was shot 10 times. >> reporter: protesters marched through the streets. philadelphia police officers fanned out and received help along the way from the pennsylvania state police and the fire department. officers say the demonstrations were peaceful and that only two were taken into custody when the protesters tried to marion to i-95. police say they will be there to facilitate future protests. >> people are allowed to express themselves, express themselves loudly, intensely and that certainly was done,
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certainly people in this crowd made their feelings known but that is their -- that is their absolute right to do so and our job is to make sure they have the right to do so. >> reporter: and it's unclear if the two taken into custody will actually be charged. protesters are expected out here again this afternoon around 3:00 for a march. we are live at city hall, katherine scott, channel6 "action news." >> thank you, katherine. now, the 12 members of the saint louis county grand jury have been investigating this case for more than three months. they offered details of why they didn't see enough evidence to indict officer darren wilson. erin o'hearn is live at the big board with the details on what the grand jury said but also what it didn't say s erin. >> it's a lot of unexplained issues, matt. we wanted to break down some of the documents for you. first let's show you a few new pictures of officers wilson photographed after the shooting. these were presented as evidence as well to the grand jury and you can see that this here, it's a little difficult to see in this picture but that's the most visible injury and it's located on the side
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of his face. and if you take a look at this one, even with the ruler, it seems to take up the bottom half of his jaw. and this is a photograph that was never seen before of the gun that officer wilson used and during the testimony, ferguson -- during the testimony in ferguson he was asked if he had ever used excessive force before and wilson replied i've never used my weapon before. now, wilson went on to say that he did have mace on him but didn't think a nonlethal weapon would be effective. wilson also testified that his original goal was to arrest brown after identifying him as a possible suspect in a shop theft. wilson went on to say that brown slammed the police cruiser door on him and hit him two times and that wilson believed "the third one may be fatality at a if he hit me right." wilson and brown continued to charge him. wilson said it looked like he was almost bulking up to run through the shots like it was making him mad that i'm
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shooting at him. that was his quote. wilson said he was unclear how many shots he fired. now, witnesses to the shoot hemoglobin said wilson continued shooting at brown even when the unarmed teenager had his hands up but the head prosecutor in the case addressed those conflicting accounts. take a listen. >> eyewitnesses accounts must always be challenged and compared against the physical evidence. many witnesses to the shooting of michael brown made statements inconsistent with other statements they made and also conflicting with the physical evidence. >> now, family had often described the six-four response teen as a gentle giant. wilson described him as an overpowering hulk hogan. i felt like a five-year-old holding i don't and to hulling hogan. that's just how small i felt just from grasping his arm. a lot of details. >> thanks. stay with "action news" and for continuing
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coverage of the grand jury's decision and the reaction in ferguson, missouri, in philadelphia and across the nation. >> the other big story of course we're watching today is this incan coming coastal storm and what it will mean during this holiday week. >> going into it no problem. storm tracker 6 live double scan shows that you we are basically dry. there's a little bit of shower close to cape may and llewes delaware and rehoboth but that looks like it's going to skirt past you pretty quickly and not be much of an issue. as we take a look outside we're looking at a fair amount of cloud cover over philadelphia but there will be some sunny breaks today and overall we'll call eight mix of clouds and sun. starting out fairly mild, 57 degrees in philadelphia, still holding onto 62 in millville. these numbers have actually been dipping a little bit over the last couple hours and probably will continue to dip and then only bounce back to about 57 for an afternoon high today, so we are looking at cooler conditions than what we had yesterday but still probably a little above average. there's that rain i talked about off the coast. there is a fair amount of cloud cover but we will see some breaks as the day goes on and overall a mix of clouds and sun. up in allentown today, 55 is
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your high, clouds and sun mixing. less wind than yesterday. yesterday was very blustery across the region and at the shore we're going for a cooler high of 62. again, less wind and that mix of clouds and sun at the shore. in philadelphia, a high of 57 degrees, a mix of clouds and sun, less wind than what we had yesterday. winds out of the west at just seven to 14 miles per hour. again this 57 is the afternoon high. we'll probably hit it early in the afternoon. technically a couple hours ago we were over 60 and that will probably be the official high of the day but just so you understand we're in the 50's today. by 11 o'clock, 57 degrees, probably holding that into the early afternoon. then by 2 o'clock we're down to about 55 and by 5 o'clock we may dip to 51 degrees as cooler air begins to come in. overnight by 3:00 in the morning in fact we could start to see some rain pushing in from the south and during our morning broadcast we very likely will have rain just rain to start out all the way up to the i-95 corridor and we go up to about 10 o'clock and we're still looking at mainly rain but after about 10 o'clock or so in the northern
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and western suburbs some wet snow may start to mix in and then later in the morning and in through the afternoon we see a total changeover to wet snow. it will be a heavy wet snow that's falling in the northern and western suburbs and i actually think this could move all the way down to philadelphia by about 2 o'clock or so. and then you see how it continues right through the rush hour. that snow line dipping farther south, at least briefly, into parts of south jersey. good news is that it does look like this is all going to get out of here fairly quickly tomorrow evening and we should see improvement on roads and of course with visibility as well. northwest suburbs will quickly change to wet snow as you just saw probably by about 10 or 11 o'clock in the morning. philadelphia metropolitan area and areas close to i-95 will see rain for the morning and then during the afternoon at some point we'll get in changeover to the thick wet snow. and in south jersey and delaware, it's mainly rain with maybe just a couple of flakes at the end that aren't going to matter very much. couple models for you. the first one the european showing a coating to an inch just south of philadelphia in through parts of the city but then that one to three very close to philadelphia and then it really steps up.
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i do want to show you the gfs, another model that is not nearly as goodsy aggressive with the snow and this is also a possibility. we may go lighter with the snow in philadelphia and that 1 to 3-inch band going up close to allentown with the three to six beyond that. hoping for this because the less snow we get the less problems we have on the roads. the call we're going to go for now, though, we're going to prepare you for a general one to three falling during the afternoon and early evening in the i-95 corridor. this probably produces mainly wet roads but you'll want to take it slow when the snow is coming down. the farther you step up into the northern and western suburbs the better chance of 3 to 6 inches and perhaps more compromised road conditions. for drivers i think it's rain changing to big wet flakes across most of the region during the morning and afternoon. that will reduce visibilities. the worst area along i-95 will be during the afternoon or what i mean to say is the worst timing of this will be during the afternoon near i-95 when that heavy wet snow is falling and really the best
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travel is probably later at night when the whole thing is over and the work crews have been out there getting the roads in better shape. your exclusive accuweather 7-day, partly sunny and cooler today, 57. tomorrow a high of 40 with temperatures falling in the afternoon as we see that change to snow. it's mainly snow north and west of philadelphia and mainly rain south and east with philadelphia in the middle. it is all done fairly early so that by thanksgiving roads should be fine, you should be able to drive around. we're going to be in the 30's in the morning, though, and it will be on the cool side for thanksgiving. the parade probably in the 30's most of the time and a high of 42 and shoppers on black friday highs only in the upper 30's. >> okay. but you really want to have that deal. >> yes, do. >> it's 5:13. "action news" will be on earlier than usual tomorrow as we track that storm. we'll be on at 4:00 a.m. with the latest from accuweather. it is now 5:13 and we have more news coming up that you didn't see last night. a high speed pursuit out west turns into an hours long standoff on the roof of a building.
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>> ♪ >> 5:16. let's update our breaking news story as protests continue in ferguson, missouri, and the violence continues and so does the destruction. this is a live aerial view of perhaps a business, a residence, we don't know exactly, that is on fire. lots of smoke coming from the structure. lots of firefighters there on the scene trying to put this fire out. just one of the many things that is happening in ferguson right now, a story we'll
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continue to follow on "action news." >> absolutely. but for now let's head over to karen rogers. she's taking a look at what things look like with your track. good morning. >> that's right, we're going to do our suburban traffic report for those waking up early in the suburbs and trying to head out the door. this is what it looks like right now in fort washington, 309 approaching the pennsylvania turnpike. you could see the roads are clear and dry. yesterday we had so many issues early in the morning and for now we're look tag different scene so far. things are quiet out there on 309. let's take you to construction here on the turnpike. it's eastbound near norristown blocking the left lane and the center lane but should be wrapping up pretty shortly out there. we have one issue coming in to us from limerick, this accident that brought down a utility pole. they're still waiting for crews to fix that pole. look for game farm road at hockle road, some restrictions here. you could stick to mind run road as your alternate for that one. in bristol bucks county newportville road is closed. we have a downed tree blocked right near zimmerman lane. stick to bensalem boulevard as your alternate for that one. let's take a quick look at your commuter traffic report.
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this is the one you get to be a part of when you download the free waze app which i have on the ipad. looking at route 55, we can move up and over 55 if you're going to head towards all that construction on 42 as you head towards the ben franklin or walt whitman bridge. not seeing any issues out there right now. let's check those temperatures. ridiculously mild. 56 degrees in quakertown. 59 in center city. it's a good start to the day with these temperatures. not as warm as yesterday but when you're starting off at 62 in hammonton, it's all right, tam. >> thank you karen. a california man led police on a high speed chase then spent hours barricaded on a rooftop. the chase began yesterday afternoon and ran through a los angeles neighborhood a number of them in fact at speeds topping 100 miles an hour. the suspect crashed through a gate at an apartment complex and made his way to the roof. police eventually arrested the man. the suspect was wandered for drive by shooting. we have new information on a house fire in gloucester city camden county. investigators say 67-year-old
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lorraine smolenski died saturday afternoon. the second victim a 27-year-old woman left the hospital on sunday. the fire broke out on the home on the 300 block of highland avenue on friday. the cause of the fire is not clear but it is believed to be accidental. >> flyers goalie steve mason was perfect against the new york islanders. if you don't count the shootout. mason kept the puck out of the net during regulation and the islanders goalie didd a well. then new york got the game winner during the shootout. flyers lost their fifth straight on the road. islanders are off to their best start in the first 21 >> ♪
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>> 5:21. the town of ferguson missouri suffered through a night of looting and burning and it continues right now. protesters torched at least one dozen businesses more than 150 shots have been fired but police say they didn't fire any of them. despite widespread destruction, there are no reports of serious injuries. police arrested at least 29 people. the violence started moments after officials announced that a saint louis grand jury would not indict officer darren wilson in connection with the august shooting death of michael brown an unarmed
5:22 am
teenager. >> going to start off your traffic by taking a live look outside. let's show you what the roads look like. clear and dry in chadds ford delaware county. no problems on route 1 baltimore creek at creek road. had doon heights, 295 southbound has construction blocking the right lane. it will be out there for another half hour or so. david mass transit is on time. >> all right, karen, at the big board we are cressing the kids in sweatshirts today because we are hanging in the 50's for most of the day. won't be as windy as yesterday so maybe you don't need the hoods up and we're rooting for widener university our college of the morning on 6abc. as we take a look at the bus stop and el station, as i said we're in the 50's right now, probably still at about 55 by 9 o'clock and then 57 by noon and that's going to be about as high as we get during the early afternoon hours. after that we're back to 54 degrees by 3 o'clock and 50 degrees by 6 o'clock. down at the airport, as always, hoping for green aircraft on the big board and that's what we have. that means no major delays, all no, sir chicago and down in orlando we have
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precipitation. if you're headed to either of those big travel destinations you probably want to check with your airline to make sure everything is okay, matt. >> ♪ >> thank you david. lovers of the famed budweiser cyldesdales can can stop worrying. a story said the iconic horses would no longer be part of budweiser's strategy. cyldesdales will continue to be featured in super bowl ads this coming february. >> teach the horses to you get on instagram and text. yogurt has become a popular statement on many grocery lists but not all yogurt is as healthy as you think. here's health reporter and registered nurse ali gorman with a previewism yogurt is a good source of calcium protein and probiotics but if you're watching your waistline you'll want to choose wisely because some yogurts aren't as healthy as you may think. >> some of the yogurts can have four or 5 teaspoons of sugar in them. >> reporter: from low fat to
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fat greek almond soy and coconut we'll compare options on diet detours on "action news" today starting a the 4:00. >> going to health check. the fda sounding the alarm about a procedure that can spread cancer in women. u.s. regulators updated their safety warning about laparoscopic powered morcilators. the device breaks up fibroids. can spread undetected cancer cells throughout the abdomen. the fda says the risk is only justified for a fraction of patients. johnson and johnson halted sales of these in april. >> penndot getting ready for that big snowstorm tomorrow. i guess big would be a bad way of describing it. we'll show you how and have the updated forecast. >> violence erupts in ferguson after a grand jury decides not to indict a police officer in the killing of an unarmed we'll give you a live update from missouri ahead at 5:30 a.m. >> ♪
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okay, who likes yams? for all your thanksgiving recipes, visit >> ♪ >> look at this. happy feet. right now the ben franklin parkway is playing host to parade practice. several groups rehearsed their routine last night for the big event coming up thursday morning. hundreds of talented local youngsters will take part in the 95th annual 6abc dunkin'
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donuts thanksgiving day parade. our live forecast kicks off after 8:30 a.m. with rick williams and cecily tynan. >> news of the grand jury decision to not indict a police officer in michael brown's death continues to spread sparking nationwide protests. >> leaders from ferguson to the nation's capital say the heard. we'll have more when "action news" comes right back
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>> breaking right now violence on the streets of ferguson, missouri. fires, looting, gunfire, protesters tear up a community after a grand jury announces it will not indict a police officer involved in a deadly shooting. >> the protests spread across the country including right >> the protests spread across we're live with more on what happened and what's still ahead today. >> road crews are getting ready for snow. it will arrive right around the time everyone is preparing to head out for a thanksgiving celebration. and accuweather is of course tracking the storm. >> so let's go right over at 5:30 now on this tuesday no


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