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tv   America This Morning  ABC  November 27, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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making news in america this morning, a messy mix of rain and snow causing a holiday headache for travelers. hundreds of flights canceled. will it all move out before the turkey is on the table? we have the latest track. breaking overnight over 100 protesters arrested in los angeles. demonstrating against the grand jury's decision in the michael brown case. plus, the protests spreading to other countries. we're live with the latest. caught on camera. a gun to the head and forced into an elevator. new video of a dramatic hostage situation. and brining with boehner. showing off thanksgiving cooking tips. well, happy thanksgiving morning to you. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm ryan smith.
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we begin with the nasty winter storm making a mess of thanksgiving plans across the northeast. northern new england is getting slammed with more than a foot of snow. knocking out power to hundreds of residents. >> a travel nightmare for much of the east coast as millions took to the roads and skies of the more from abc's elizabeth hur. >> reporter: the game plan, simple, plan ahead and leave early. sounds easy enough but when millions of travelers have the same idea and add to the mix a nor'easter, you guessed it, holiday headaches were inevitable. >> it's rough because we keep getting texts it's delayed so i'm hoping we can get out. >> reporter: in the air hundreds of flights were canceled and thousands delayed. new york airports hit the hardest causing a ripple effect across the country. on the ground, heavy snow snarled traffic and the roads were littered with accidents just west of the i-95 corridor. >> we're urging motorists to drive with additional care and allow more time to reach their destination. >> reporter: the storm left
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thousands without power on the east coast. parts of the midwest, also digging out from almost a foot of snow and in iowa, drivers are battling black ice. a perfect storm for millions of travelers inconvenienced, absolutely, but some are taking it all in stride. >> it doesn't do you any good to get you upset. it's mother nature. these going to do what she's going to do. >> reporter: the weather may be clearing up today but officials say remember, some airlines are still playing catch-up so expect delays and pack your patience. elizabeth hur, abc news, new york. >> that snow is finally winding down across new england this morning. but the roads are still treacherous. >> accuweather meteorologist jim dickey tells us what's in store. hi, jim. good morning. >> good morning. and happy thanksgiving. good news here on this thanksgiving, the storm that caused so many travel issues yesterday, that's departing taking the snow with it. early on still heavy snow but early afternoon it will be out of air.
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cold air drawn back behind it. chilly day but a better time of traveling across the east. still some snow showers into the great lakes. the nation's midsection, nice one across florida into southern california. reena and ryan, back to you. >> thanks etch. breaking overnight over 100 protesters have been arrested in los angeles as they try to block traffic. the demonstrators still angry about the grand jury decision in ferguson. >> they had marched to a federal building and police headquarters but were turned away by lines of police in riot gear but if ferguson itself it was relatively calm overnight with the crowd dwindling. abc's karen travers is there and she joins us this morning. karen. >> reporter: good morning, ryan and reena, the people in ferguson say they just want to get back to normal. the demonstrations have quieted down and there were no reports of violence overnight but the anger here is still simmering. snow brought a much needed quiet to ferguson, missouri overnight. national guard troops stood
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watch at the city's police headquarters but the number of demonstrators dwindled and there were no major clashes or violence. >> we are tired against police brutality and you bothering us for no apparent reason. all people ain't thugs. >> reporter: earlier in the day angry demonstrators marched through downtown st. louis and stormed city london ask for justice for michael brown. michael brown's family's reacting to abc's exclusive interview with officer darren wilson. >> his right hand immediately goes into his waistband and his left hand is a fist at his side and he starts charging me. >> reporter: brown's parents say they don't believe his account. >> my son was running for his life and i believe that he asked my son to stop and i believe that's what he did. he stopped, he turned around to get down on his knees like the
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officer asked him. >> reporter: does the cleanup continued in ferguson, a message of hope. >> i want people to look at these businesses and see something else, see how people have come together and supported them. >> reporter: and on this thanksgiving holiday many residents here in ferguson say they're grateful for their neighbors and community for providing much-needed support during a very difficult week. ryan, reena. >> karen, thank you very much. karen travers live in ferguson. a promising development in the battle against ebola. researchers say an experimental vaccine appears safe and has triggered signs of immune protection in the first 20 volunteers it tested. and there were no serious side effects. the death toll from ebola now surpassed 5600 with most of the cases in guinea, liberia and sierra leone. newly released video shows how a frightening hostage drama unfolded in norman, oklahoma, earlier this month. you can see the gunman in the
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lobby of an office building holding a weapon to the employee's head and shot his way into a legal office and took more hostages. after four hours police negotiated an end and everyone got out safely. new details about what bill cosby said under oath before settling a lawsuit with an accuser ten years ago. in a newly unsealed 2005 deposition cosby testified he gave "the national enquirer" an exclusive interview about a sexual assault allegation that he eventually settled out of court with. in exchange he said "the inquirer" would not print the story by a second accuser. meantime, a university of tennessee has canceled -- university in tennessee canceled his december appearance amid allegations made by women accusing the comedian of sexual assault. president obama has taken what he calls his most talked about executive action this month, that would be the annual ritual of pardoning one turkey
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from the fate of becoming some family's thanksgiving meal. but as he sent them on their way, he did have one not so complimentary comment about the lucky birds. >> i will tell you, though, turkeys don't have the best-looking heads. you know what i'm saying. you think they're beautiful? >> i think they're beautiful. >> you guys want to pet him. >> nah. >> i don't blame them. sasha and malia not getting thor that bird. the president added that the pardoned turkeys named mac and cheese were never in danger of becoming dinner because they were named after a tasty side dish. forget the puddles on the ground, the forecast looks good for the macy's thanksgiving day parade much that's because the winds won't be too high and these balloons will fly high over the parade today. >> thousands of people turned out last night in the rain to watch the balloons inflate and then be tied down until right about now.
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in fact, the parade prep has become something of an event itself. >> i'm excited to show my kids. they've never seen it before. >> that will be so exciting for them. >> absolutely. happy holidays now pay up. one airline charging more for bags but only until after the new year. a new video surfaces of a young boy waving avoided. the brazen crime here caught on camera.
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well, the federal government
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wants a nationwide recall of japanese made air bags or else. the highway safety agency is ordering takata to expand its recall to the entire country, not just a few states with high humidity and it wants it to be done by next tuesday. if takata doesn't comply it could be fined $7,000 per vehicle to a maximum of $35 million. and you might want to call it mean spirit airlines. the low cost carrier is raising baggage fees for the holidays. it will cost an extra $2 to check a bag on spirit airlines between december 18th and january 5th. spirit's fares are about half that of other airlines but it also manages to get an average of $55 in fees. the smoking rate in this country is now at its lowest level in almost 50 years and that record has been kept on this thing. less than 18%, not only that, despite the big increase in
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population, there are now fewer smokers in the u.s. than 1965. and on average, each smokes few fewer cigarettes. big five-day weekend, the third installment of "the hunger games" is supposed to stay in first place and "horrible bosses 2" expected to open in third despite bad reviews. time has run out for a space age landmark. the kennedy space sen ser clo clockdown clock has been dismantled. it went up for the apollo flight and since then counted down every other launch. it's being replaced with a look-alike that uses state-of-the-art technology earn stead of more than 300 lightbulbs. when we come back the quick-thinking sister that saved a family member during a fire. john boehner in an apron. that's right. the tough talking house speaker like you have never seen him before.
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morning. those heading out today especially in the northern new england area. slippery across the great lakes into montana, flooded roads and snowy mountain passes. an appeal for calm in cleveland from the parents of a 12-year-old boy shot by police. >> yeah, this comes after a videotape of the shooting was made public at the family's request. here's abc's tom llamas. >> reporter: this tape made public at the request of tamir rice's family. it shows the 12-year-old on a cleveland playground holding what appears to be a weapon, police roll up, confronting tamir. it takes just seconds, the passenger door opens wider and officer fires striking the boy who later died. >> shots fired. male down. black male, maybe 20, black revolver, black handgun. >> reporter: but tamir's gun turned out to be an air soft pistol that shoots soft pellet, not bullets. >> there's a guy in here with
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a pist pistol. >> reporter: that 911 call noting three times in the call the gun could be a fake. but dispatch apparently didn't relay that to the responding officers. >> he keeps pulling a gun out of his pants and pointing it at people. >> reporter: the officer who fired his weapon, 26-year-old timothy loehmann on the job only eight months, police say he ordered rice to put his hands up before he fired. >> the facsimile weapon in this incident is indistinguishable from a real firearm. >> reporter: that's because it was missing this orange tip designed to signal that this is not a real firearm. police in new jersey showed us the difference. this is an air soft pistol similar to the one used in cleveland with the orange tip removed. so i'm just two feet away from you. does this look like the real thing? >> absolutely. >> reporter: the family say they believe the situation could have been avoided. the two officers involved are now on administrative leave. tom llamas, abc news, new york. >> well, stores in chicago are
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on alert after a growing number of smash-and-grab robberies. this one captured on video. a minivan crashes through the metal security doors and into the store's glass door, several people came out of the minivan and several others came in from other cars waiting outside. in all 20 people ran into the store twice grabbed thousands of dollars in merchandise, all in just 2 1/2 minutes. also caught on camera two armed men robbing a gas station game machine using a machete, the clerk tried stopping them. when he saw the weapon he ran. after using all that force, thieves only got away with a couple hundred dollars in loose change. but were eventually arrested. whale watchers in southern california got an extra special treat. during a trip off palas verde they saw a pod. a's rare sight in california and probably traveled from waters south of the state. a pennsylvania girl is enjoying hero status after
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rescuing her little sister from a raging fire just the day before thanksgiving. when their home went up in flames yesterday morning 12-year-old linea collier scooped up her 4-year-old sister carrying her through safety through the smoke-filled house. >> my sister was carrying me. i saw the fire all up there. >> i told her to keep our eyes shot so she don't get hurt. >> reporter: even though the family lost all their material possessions they're so grateful no one was hurt. such a lucky story there. >> absolutely. how about a little sports? >> oh, yes. absolutely. so let's talk to our friends at espn. you know that turkey we're slow roasting all night, your kitchen is on fire. i'd look that that. listen to the sports and then do that. >> he's kenny mayne, aim stan verrett. the cavs and wizards. first quarter, kris humphries miss misses. lebron james with the rebound. up ahead to kev lon.
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james with eight assist, love, 21 points. third quarter, looking at this by paul pierce. lebron james with 29 points in this game, fourth quarter, cavaliers up 13. james. put them on the line, 10 rebounds and 8 assists. cavaliers back at .500. lakers aren't as good as they used to be playing the grizzlies at home right across the treat from us. lakers down 6, already in the fourth quarter. kobe bryant. grizzlies up three. about two minutes to go in the fourth. ary's just estimating. mike conley, pick and roll, gasol, good. gasol had 19 each. lakers down 4. linsanity, bryant missed that badly. and the grizzlies win it, 99-93. >> ooh, 3-12 for l.a. >> not good so far but better than philadelphia. >> yeah. >> there's that. happy thanksgiving. >> indeed. back to you.
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>> ouch. the heart of all philadelphia fans, kenny, thank you. up next in "the pulse," behind the chaos and destruction a positive story unfolds out of ferguson. turns out everything has a discount on black friday, even this house. you've been part of this family for as long as i can remember. and you just mean so much to all of us. the holidays wouldn't be the same without your crescent rolls. we got you a little something. we got you jeans. it's about time. pipin' hot pillsbury crescent rolls. make your holidays pop!
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time to check "the pulse" and on this thanksgiving, a story of renewal and hope for one business owner in ferguson. >> that's right. natalie dubois's bakery was hit by protesters and broke the glass of her storefront and damaged the baking equipment. >> that's when neighbors rallied to support her. a gofundme has taken off with more than $200,000 in donations and still counting and she says she's never felt such love. >> such a good story. such tragedy. >> absolutely. now an adorable video out of london showing a little girl who decided to take matters into her own hands literally. >> the 2-year-old, her name is tallulah, gave herself her first haircut. >> oh, my gosh. >> this, of course, was to the surprise of her dad and she appears to be pretty proud of taking care of business on her own. >> did you cut your fringe off? >> yeah, i didn't want it to be in my eyes.
4:23 am
>> right. >> she's adorable. look all the hair she cut off. tallulah promised to go to her parents first next time. >> but for now she can look forward to it growing back. >> i can't believe that. oh. there are all sorts of bargains on friday. it television, cars, toys. take a look at this house in southern california. if you make an offer tomorrow the owner will knock off $10,000 from the asking price. >> nice, she really, really wants to sell her house and she's hoping for the sort of excitement we see outside of the stores on black friday. well, how much -- >> come buy my house. you can camp out. i'll make hot chocolate. whatever you want. just buy my house. >> did she say hot chocolate? >> a winner. >> the first offer on the house fell through after all the furniture was sole. she needs to move back home with her 93-year-old mother so good reason to sell that house. hopefully she'll get a buyer soon. >> the realtor has never seen a
4:24 am
black friday sale on a house before, he said. neither have we. most families have at least one expert when it comes to cooking a thanksgiving turkey and that includes our congressional family on capitol hill. >> and the self-proclaimed expert is speaker john boehner who espouses the brining method. among the ingredients that go into the boehner brine are water, bay leave, kosher salt, peppercorn, garlic and 16 ounces of pure maple syrup? >> what? >> i put it in a pot and bring it to the point where it's about to boil and turn it off. take a bucket, put a bag in there. put the turkey in there after i rinse it off, pour the brine over it. put out outside if it's cold outside. >> i like that turkey. his real secret is to cover it with foil after its cooked and let it sit for about an hour. >> i'm not sure michelle obama would agree. for some of you your local news
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>> george, happy thanksgiving, i'm tamala edwards, thursday, november 27. we're dealing with the aftermath of that storm. it dumped snow and rain across the region. a lot of people may have waited until today to drive to their holiday destinations. final preps are underway for the 6 6abc dunkin' donuts thanksgiving day parade. we're live at inflation station. what could be better than a thanksgiving day showdown between the eagles and the cowboys. it's a fight for first place. your official eagles station has completely cover. "action news" is up next. mornin imagine working your shift at a burger king then finding a backpack stashed with about 100,000 bucks and no identity inside. >> it would be so easy to keep
4:28 am
it and say nothing but in the true spirit of thanksgiving, that's not what the finder did. reports katie marzulo from kgo in san francisco. >> i see the bag right here. >> reporter: the assistant manager was the first one to spot the blue backpack, abandoned in a booth at the burger king on north bass come avenue in san jose. >> i try two, three times to see if they're still here and wait 3:00, nobody came here. >> reporter: she took it to the back and called the owner. he opened it hoping to find some i.d. or a phone number. >> i opened the zipper. i see lots of money in there. cash money hundred dollar bills stacked up like half of the bag. >> reporter: his first thought? >> i said, wow, and today is my birthday, oh, my god, it's my birthday gift. >> reporter: it was a fleeting thought. he immediately called police. >> i've been in this country 26 years and i work two jobs for 15 years continuous before i bought
4:29 am
this burger king so very hard-working guy so i don't want that money. maybe belong to somebody. >> reporter: officers came to the restaurant and opened the bag. along with the money they found candy, a little bit of marijuana and a bank deposit slip. police are now working with the bank to find the bag's owner. a customer we talked with is shocked about the money and so moved by the story she stopped to thank the assistant manager for her honesty. >> i would have done the same thing but to watch -- to know that someone else did it makes me feel really good. >> reporter: and just in time for the holidays. in san jose, katie marzulo, 7 news. >> thank you for that wonderful employee. how about that? you know you have that temptation. i know the manager thought it was his birthday, great gift but they did the right thing. >> so speaking of today, when you're in the turkey coma tune in to robin roberts' special "thank you america." she canvases the country in search of these unsung heroes and goes out, surprises them and in a moment that
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>> you know what's happening on this thursday, november 27. 6abc is about to turn a parade loose on the benjamin franklin parkway. a live report from inflation station is coming up. >> a long rush for christmas savings will be a reality. details on the black friday deals. >> the eagles take on the cowboys in a thanksgiving day divisional rival game. >> that's going to be a great game. let's g


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