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tv   Action News  ABC  December 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EST

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america runs on dunkin'. >> ♪ >> "action news." delaware valley's leading news program. with matt o'donnell, tamala edwards, karen rogers and with matt o'donnell, tamala >> ♪ >> good morning. it's 6:00 a.m. on this wednesday december 3rd and we're following a breaking story. >> the action cam is live where flames are engulfing a building, maybe more than that in montgomery county right now. we will have a full report on what is happening coming up. >> the coast guard is looking for a man who plunged into the christina river. >> and we have a preview of your weather and traffic. david is off. karen rogers is here along with matt pelman. good morning. >> good morning. we've got some light mist outside right now but the drizzle just starting to fall outside of our terrace so i grabbed the umbrella. storm tracker 6 live double scan and you can see that happening through the region along the i-95 corridor.
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this has been pushing up from the southwest just like we told you you would see this morning. there's not going to be a lot of rain today, just spotty showers. we're seeing a batch of it move through right now. 40 degrees in philadelphia, even in the lehigh valley well above freezing. 38 in allentown, 36 in reading. even in mount pocono where you had nearly a half inch of ice yesterday it's 35 degrees along the coastline you're in the low 40's so we are just talking showers through the region. roads aren't slippery, they're just wet. .3 of a mile visibility in mount pocono though. fog is reducing visibility in allentown to just a half a mile. we're better at philadelphia international airport at 5 miles and 4-mile visibility in millville but i think the fog will be a little bit of an issue this morning and keeping with the cloud cover through much of the day. by 9:00 a.m., 43 degrees. lots of clouds. maybe a spotty shower. by noon, 49 with a shower in one or two spots. by 3:00 p.m., 52 and at that point and thereafter the showers will be wrapping up, clouds will start to break by 6:00 p.m. and 48 degrees coming down from your high of 53. so, that's a lot better than yesterday when we were stuck
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in the 30's. details on that weekend call, we've got some some changes in accuweather forecast. that's next, matt. >> that sounds good. let's look ahead to that weekend. i'm ready for that. good morning karen rogers. we've been in and out of the fog here in camden at the ben franklin bridge. at the moment the fog situation doesn't look too bad and neither does the traffic situation for the cars rolling over the ben headed westbound towards center city. the lanes are a little bit wet but you're getting by without any major issues. we do have an issue on the new jersey turnpike this morning in woolwich township gloucester county it's a knack knifed tractor-trailer accident in the southbound lanes just south of exit two for 322. they do have the right lane blocked as they clean up that jackknifed tractor-trailer that ran off the roadway at this point speeds don't look too terrible. and there's a crash involving an overturned vehicle in marlton along center boulevard at quaker street. stick with lip opinion cots drive or 73 as an some alternates. camera time on the roosevelt boulevard extension south of fox street as you head towards ridge avenue and the schuylkill we had some earlier problems on the boulevard but right now everything is
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looking good, just some damp conditions out here in east falls. not looking good in narberth. montgomery out of slut down because of the fire location between old gulph road and brookhurst avenue. alternates would include bryn mawr avenue wynnewood avenue wynnewood road or route 30 lancaster avenue. matt and tam i know you have more details on what's going on there in narberth. >> indeed we do. very busy area for the morning commute. businesses are burning in lower merion township right now. erin o'hearn is following the very latest developments, she's live in our satellite center. good morning erin. >> good morning, tam. we've been on top of this story since that fire broke out around 5:00 a.m. that's when firefighters were called to the scene at the 900 block of montgomery avenue in narberth. let's take a live look at this block. you can see that smoke billowing from the building its a fast signss were. when firefighters got to the scene around 5:00 a.m. there were at least two commercial buildings on fire. and you can see it looks like they're trying to break into
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that fast signs building but again, the smoke still rising from the top. we also know there's a montgomery county district court 38106 is right down the block from this blaze. there's also a cell phone business and a dry cleaners in the immediate area of the fire and just to give you another reference of exactly where this fire is occurring, the staples in narberth is very close by. but you can see a lot of firefighters on the scene trying to get this blaze under control. as matt pelman explained, you can expect traffic delays as you approach this area, so try to avoid it during your morning commute. so far there are no reports of injuries, so that's good news but of course we're staying on top of this story and we'll bring you any updates over the next hour. for now we're live in the satellite center erin o'hearn channel6 "action news." >> thanks for details erin. developing this morning coast guard crews plan to resume their search for a man who disappeared into the christina river. a barge had capsized, tossed him into the water and that was more than 10 hours ago. "action news" reporter eva
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pilgrim is live near the port of wilmington following the search. eva. >> reporter: matt, the search is expected to resume this morning for the person who was throughout have fallen into the christina river near here, the port of wilmington when a barge capsized last night. this is video of the search efforts last night. just before 7:00 an employee with the norfolk dredging company called the coast guard after the barge capsized saying three crew members fell into the water. two were rescued quickly. crews are still searching for 25-year-old emanuel gatling. he was reportedly wearing an orange float coat. now, the search is expected to start again once the sun comes up. wilmington fire crews and the coast guard are helping in this search. we are live here in wilmington, delaware, eva pilgrim, channel6 "action news." >> eva thank you for that. and we're also continuing to follow this developing story that came in just about an hour ago. a robber held up a wawa in the
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west mount airy section of philadelphia. police are now taking a look at surveillance video hoping it captured some images of this culprit. the wawa is on germantown avenue and allen's lane. police say that robber barged in around 3:30 this morning and told an employee that he had a gun but the employee did not see a gun. the robber then took off with an unknown amount of cash. no one was physically hurt. it's 6:06 now. federal officials have come down on auto parts maker insisting it should expands its recall of air bags. but the company in question is pushing back. maribel aber is live at the nasdaq in times square with the latest details. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning, tam embattled auto parts supplier takata appears ready to supply u.s. regulators. the company won't take action ahead of a deadline to expand recall of flawed air bags. they wants the japanese supplier to issue a nationwide recall in the u.s. and says the decision is disappointing. takata insists the air bags
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are more likely to malfunction in high humidity areas. so shoppers looking for a deal this holiday season are skipping the mall and they're heading to the car dealership. total industry sales were up 4.3 percent in november. this is according to auto data and it marks the best november since 2001. chrysler faired best among the u.s. automakers posting a 20 percent increase. talking stocks the dow hit a 32nd high. futures pointing to a lower open. the philadelphia 76ers have yet to win a basketball game this year but that's not keeping the team from scoring deals. the officials will become an official partner of the site draft kings can. that's something for them. >> a win would be something for them. thank you maribel. >> playing tonight and they're playing a team with four wins. maybe they'll get lucky. >> keeping my fingers crossed. it's good they got the sponsorship. they have some fans, one or two. >> let's take a look at storm
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tracker 6 double scan around the region and you can see we've got some showers through the area. it's pretty light and it is just showers because the temperatures throughout the region all above freezing. i want to go in closer because the roads are getting pretty wet in new jersey and gloucester county on the new jersey turnpike salem heavier cells in middletown, in malvern it's damp as well. obviously you see the showers moving through the city, on 422 near pottstown so watch for the roads, they were damp already now getting a little wetter out there. let's head outside and see what it looks like. sky 6 looking live in hd. we can see some of the low clouds in spots. the visibility hasn't been a big issue in the city for the most part we've seen those visibility areas reduced up to the lehigh valley and we're looking at about 5-mile visibility right now in the city. the temperature 40 degrees right now so well above freezing. temperatures rose overnight. the dewpoint 38. still a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. the winds out of the south pulling up more mild air than yesterday at least and the pressure 30.19-inches.
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satellite 6 and radar showing the rain pushing through the area. we see breaks in the action. we're not getting very wet today just spotty showers moving through. we're getting the bulk of it right now and maybe some areas get clipped by this, you get a break and then maybe a few more showers in the area before it all ends and you can see this happen on future tracker 6 so this is a look at 11:30 in the morning and it may be dry in the city but some spotty showers here or there trying to build in. at 1 o'clock might be a little heavier as that front tries to finally push through. your evening drive time is looking a lot better. looks like the clouds will break by then and those spotty showers should be out of there for you. so, planning the day ahead, temperature-wise by 8:00 a.m. it's 42. lots of clouds. maybe a spotty shower in one or two spots, not terribly wet. by 11:00 a.m., 46. by 2:00 p.m., 51. we saw here there could be a shower in a few spots there and by 5:00 p.m. looks pretty dry and 52 with the temperatures and sky cover breaking a little bit for you after that high of 53 so we're doing better than yesterday when we were stuck in the upper 30's as far as that
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temperature. here's that front that's trying to swing through and as it does, it's allowing those showers to kick in but tomorrow things change for us. we get high pressure finally moving back in and it's going to be brighter for you. at least partly sunny skies. something of a december chill with 46 degrees for your high so feeling pretty cool but with that sunshine and dry conditions, i think you'll like it. here's your exclusive accuweather seven day. lots of clouds today. they'll break by the end of the day. some spotty showers. it's not terribly wet. 53 degrees for your high. finally the sunshine returns tomorrow, 46 degrees, it's cool but we get sunshine. friday more clouds back into the picture but it looks like the rain holds off until late friday night. 48 degrees for your high. the weekend is pretty wet, though. periods of rain on saturday and 52 and it now looks like on sunday we'll have occasional rain and drizzle, not constantly raining but very wet and damp at least for the eagles, 49 degrees for your high. monday staying pretty dreary with clouds and a few showers around and 50 now but the sun returns on tuesday, 48 degrees, looks like we finally break that pattern
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that's been plaguing us with these showers moving on and off. so, right now we have some showers moving through but not all day. >> okay. thank you, karen. it's now 6:11 and some are calling it a case of deja vu s a garbage truck nearly plows into a lehigh valley firehouse much like a crash that happened a few years ago. we'll give you details. >> officials are upping the ante when it comes to crashing criminalsly. >> if you're headed to see preston and steve at their x-finity live no problems getting there. there's a big problem in narberth anew crash in whitemarsh township. my maintere after the breakg . it causes, uh...deposit friction.
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>> welcome back. we've been on this breaking story for you. this is montgomery avenue there in narberth as firefighters there on the scene outside a couple of commercial buildings that had a fire break out around 5 o'clock this morning. you can still see some black smoke coming up from the top of that building, fast signs and the one next to it and you can see a number of vehicles and manpower they've got there trying to make sure they get that fire knocked down. we're keeping an eye on this and we'll continue to bring you the latest. >> in fact our coverage continues with matt pelman. >> there's a wawa down the street, a lot of people head to that neighborhood for breakfast. the royal bank is down the street in the other direction. you may be head thread for work this morning and you're not going to be able to get by along montgomery avenue all
6:15 am
lanes shut down as fire crews remain on the scene. a lot of fire apparatus out there attending to the fire. so montgomery avenue blocked off between old gulph road and brookhurst avenue. local alternates would include bryn mawr avenue to the north. you could stay down on wynnewood avenue and wynnewood road to the south or stay a little farther south on route 30 lancaster of a there along the main 39 get around the fire location. also getting word of a new accident scene here in whitemarsh township montgomery county along skippack pike at bethlehem pike. no delays, no construction, nothing in your way along the pennsylvania turnpike as you head westbound passing fort washington out towards mid-county but i want to warn you about a new work zone that begins today in springfield township delco. during the mid days 9:00 until 3:00 for the next few weeks they'll close saxer avenue. stay on 422 as alternates around that midday work zone. 420 to 422 where we get new restrictions beginning today. i've been talking about this a lot because it's going to
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impact a lot of you. they're going down to just one lane along 422 between stowe and route 100 on the bridge over the schuylkill river there, those new restrictions begin today and will definitely unfortunately cause delays. elsewhere on 422 eastbound approaching trooper we see a building crowd, we see some wet conditions but at least we're not jammed just yet. matt. >> thanks matt. a crash near a firehouse in the lehigh valley could have been much worse. a garbage truck driver says his brakes failed yesterday but managed to avoid hitting the lightsville volunteer fire company in lower saucon township. instead the truck snapped a telephone pole in half and crushed a parked vehicle. no one was seriously injured. but a crash in that same spot two years ago killed one person and destroyed the firehouse. also new at 6:00 officials in reading are hoping to install more state of the art surveillance cameras in the downtown area. the cameras are wireless and can can be moved around the city at a moment's notice.
6:17 am
each costs about $8,000. the greater reading chamber of commerce is already raising money. authorities hope to be able to install more cameras within the next few months. >> there will be a vigil tonight for missing west chester university student shane montgomery. it will take place at 6:00 in the evening on west chester it's campus. wet weather hampered the search yesterday. the conditions were not especially conducive for sniffer dogs nor the marine unit to search the manayunk canal and the schuylkill river. investigators still have not spotted the 21-year-old on any surveillance video that they've taken a look at. >> a cell phone carrier is being way aggressive during the holiday season to boost its subscribers. abc's reena ninan and t.j. holmes have tech bites. >> reporter: sprint wants to cut your monthly cell phone bill in half. >> reporter: new promotion offers at&t and verizon customers a chance to pay 50 percent less for comparable sprint plan. the deal begins on december 5th. that's this friday. >> reporter: about to get a new voice.
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>> reporter: the renowned british physicist has been given a faster computer to communicate. >> reporter: it uses predictive technology allowing him to type fewer contact terms it will help people worldwide who have motor neuron disease. >> reporter: it's the ultimate in home health. a rob boat able to wash your dirty clothes fold them away. >> reporter: robot developed at berkeley cost $280,000. we can't all get this. this is enough to pay for a full-time maid service to do the laundry and just about everything else for 15 years. >> reporter: and cook. >> reporter: don't forget tech bites, folks. >> ♪ >> it's now 6:18. pregnant with controversy. the supreme court hear as case today about a former ups driver who was denied light duty when she was pregnant. >> and join in our live web treatments affect your heart. dr. irving hurling from main line health will take your questions on and it starts at 4:00 p.m. we'll be right back. >> ♪
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wild start to the wednesday morning. >> wild. >> little wild on some of the roads. not for me personally. it's ben pretty mundane in here. as we head to morrisville bucks county it's not too wild but definitely wet along route 1 the super highway at pennsylvania avenue. the headlights there coming northbound towards the trenton-morrisville bridge. did get a little wild in marlton. a crash were a vehicle flipped over on center boulevard. head for lippincott drive or 73 to get around the emergency crews on the scene there. buses and trains, well, at least they're not too wild this morning. everything is on time at this point, karen. >> all right, storm tracker 6 live double scan showing we just had showers moving through so look for this along the i-95 corridor. it's been pulling up from the southwest. we can see not a lot behind it at this points so some showers through the area. the roads were already damp but it is just wet because the temperatures above freezing. i want to focus on the
6:22 am
northwest suburbs. even there we're above freezing. 35 in martins creek, 38 in pottstown, 40 even in center city. temperatures rose overnight. in the suburbs in new jersey it's 43 in bounce browns mills 40 in glassboro where it's wet along 55. and 40 in dover delaware. if you're headed tout travel we have some low clouds in spots reducing visibility especially in the lehigh valley but not so at philadelphia international airport. so, although we have that light rain we're not seeing flight delays. boston you're raining but no flight delays. looking good dry and clear and cold in chicago, 26 degrees. but no flight delays on the board so so far so good there. just looking at your transit planner in our area for the day ahead temperature-wise we're rising up to about 53. by 9:00 a.m., 43. by noon, 49. by 3:00 p.m., 52. by 6:00 p.m., 48 degrees. we'll have a chance for a spotty shower through the morning and afternoon. not a lot of rain but we're dry and clearing out by 6:00 p.m., tam. >> okay, thank you karen. hang today, the supreme court will hear arguments on a case that could have long
6:23 am
lasting effects on both pregnant women and the companies that employ them. pentagon go young was working as a driver for ups when she became pregnant in 2006. she asked for a temporary assignment that would allow her to avoid lifting heavy packages. she said other ups worksers had been offered such light duty work but ups for some reason denied her request. the court is weighing whether the company's actions violated the 36-year-old federal pregnancy discrimination act. >> the sixers can make history tonight if they lose again they tie the nba record for the most losss to start the season which stands at 18. they may have a chance to win. they play the minnesota timberwolves who own have four wins. while we're on the subject of losing the flyers did it the hard way in san jose last night. the sharks scored the winning goal with 11.5 seconds left. steve mason had made 25 saves but didn't stop that one, didn't have much chance. flyers play the ducks in anaheim tonight. >> it's 6:23 and 50-year-old
6:24 am
rainfall records are being shattered up and down the coast of california. i'll tell you why they're not very happy about that. >> we're also following the search for a man who plunged into the frigid waters of the christina river. eva pilgrim is live where the search parties have gathered. eva. >> matt, those search efforts are expected to resume this morning for that 25-year-old worker who fell into the river when a barge capsized here at >> ♪ with the card most accepted in the philadelphia region, you have the compassion and security of blue cross. giving you the confidence to move forward. independence blue cross. live fearless.
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>> parts southern california rain today. much of the state is drought ridden can which poses a problem when the rain comes down too fast. heavy rains yesterday caused flooding because the dry ground just can't absorb it. residents at the foot of wildfire scarred mountains are preparing to evacuate. a pacific storm is doing this also dumping much needed snow on the parched mountains of northern california. >> heartbreaking story coming to us from down south. two school buses collided in knoxville tennessee killing two students and an adult aide yesterday. officials have not released names but they said the children who died were in the third grade or below. another 27 people were injured. three of them seriously. >> 6:27. smoke is billowing from a commercial building in montgomery county. we'll have a report at 6:30. being attacked by a not so average pet. >> ♪ [prof. burke] it's easy to buy insurance and forget about it.
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>> ♪ >> breaking right now. flames have destroyed a building in lower merion township. building in lower merion just in. >> developing overnight, the search for a man who plunged into the christina river after a barge flipped over. >> and some wet foggy weather is sticking around for this morning commute. >> good morning, 6:30 now on this wednesday december 3rd. let's find out more about that weather and traffic right now with karen rogers, sees in for dave murphy and with matt pelman. good morning. >> good morning. you might want to grab the umbrella as you head out it's a bit damp with right drizzle falling outside right now. we have areas of fog, too. i want to start you with storm tracker 6 live double scan and you can see light showers moving through. we're not getting a lot of rain today but the roads are damp. they are just damp even the sidewalks and streets not slick because temperatures everywhere above freezing. but you see those showers pushing through right now. we'll have a few more spotty showers here or there through the day. 40 trees in philadelphia even
6:31 am
in the lehigh valley you're well above freezing. 37 in allentown, 35 even in mount pocono. so, fortunately those temperatures rose overnight as we told you they would. here's the problem with the fog, though with the more mild air moving in we have some fog in mount pocono, .3 of a mile visibility, about a half mile in allentown. we dropped a little bit at philadelphia international airport. now 4-mile visibility there as well as millville. so, watch for that as you're traveling. let's look at this day ahead. 43 degrees by 9:00 a.m. lots of clouds. by noon, 49 with a shower in one or two spots. by 3:00 p.m., 52. just enough showers to make it feel a little damp and dreary out there but we'll be breaking that by 6 o'clock. the skies clear a little bit and we look dry and 48 degrees coming down from your high of 53. but matt we know we don't need ice to make problems on the roads. how is it looking. >> karen i have issues this morning, that's for sure. not me personally but on the roads there are a lot of issues this morning including that fire location that we've been talking about in narberth that continues to shut down montgomery avenue. busy montgomery blocked between old gulph road and
6:32 am
brookhurst avenue because of the fire there at the fast signs close totowa what and the art of bread. if you head to either those places for breakfast you'll have a hard time getting by this morning. stay up on bryn mawr avenue, win woods avenue, win won road route 30 lancaster of a instead. elsewhere in narberth now there's a water main break. gaming avenue is woodbine avenue. a crash in whitemarsh township on to the side on skippack pike. turnpike eastbound heading past bensalem watch out for de debris in the roadway east of the interchange taking out the right lane and there's a new crash in northeast philadelphia it's on the ramp from woodhaven road eastbound to the southbound side of 95. so, coming away from franklin mills, philadelphia mills on woodhaven road eastbound you're hitting a delay because just the left lane getting by on that ramp to 95 southbound. also just getting word of an accident involving a pedestrian on the roosevelt boulevard northbound side at ryan avenue in the outer drive as you head up towards woodhaven stick with the inner drive instead.
6:33 am
matt. >> thank you matt. let's update our breaking news story. that fire you just mention they had broke out in a montgomery county business less than two hours ago has left that business in ruins. erin o'hearn has been following the fire fight live from the satellite center. erin. >> reporter: matt we have good news. we just heard from the lower merion fire chief and he said this four alarm blaze is now under control but this really was a tricky battle. firefighters arrived on the scene around 5:00 a.m. this morning to the 900 block of montgomery avenue and that's on the penn valley side of narberth. they found two commercial buildings on fire, and according to the chief, there were do you understand peco lines in back of the fast signs building. you can see the flames shooting up right there. now, unfortunately there was a water main break so that set firefighters back a bit. now, they attempted to fight the fire from inside but the situation quickly deteriorated. the firefighters evacuated and started dousing the flames from the outside of the
6:34 am
building and again they were able to bring the fire under control but not without major damage that that fast signs business and an unoccupied commercial space next to it. >> both groups. -- both roofs. one has fully collapsed. the second building the roof collapsed -- half of it has collapsed so far so need to be careful of that as well. >> reporter: okay and you are taking a life look at that scene right now in the 900 block of montgomery avenue. that block and the businesses on it will likely be shut down for the duration of the rush hour, so you'll need to find an alternate route. the royal bank building that is adjacent to where those flames were suffered some minor damage. again, police say -- fire investigators say there was an issue with the peco lines behind one of the businesses when they arrived but they won't be able to confirm the exact cause of the blaze until they begin their investigation.
6:35 am
but fortunately there were no injuries to those firefighter whose were battling that tricky situation this morning. i'm erin o'hearn live in the sat center. guys, back to you. >> okay, erin, thank you for all of that. and also this has been developing overnight, the search is expected to resume this morning for a man who fell into the christina river after a barge overturned. "action news" reporter eva pilgrim is live near the port of wilmington with the details. eva, i'm imagining they can't wait for the sun to come up so they can see some more. >> reporter: that's exactly right, tam, they are having to waiter for the sun to come up for the search to resume. here this morning for a person who is thought to have fallen into the christina river near the port of wilmington when a barge capsized last night. check out the video of the search efforts last night. just before 7:00 an employee with the norfolk dredging company called the coast guard after the barge capsized saying three crew members fell into the water. two were rescued quickly. crews are still searching for 25-year-old emanuel gatling. he was reportedly wearing an
6:36 am
orange float coat. again, that search is expected to start up again once the sun comes up. wilmington fire crews and the coast guard are helping in this search. we are live here in wilmington, eva pilgrim, channel6 "action news." >> eva thank you. new here on "action news" a nasty three-vehicle crash in west philadelphia sent two people to the hospital. the action cam was on the scene 54th and chestnut streets just before 1:00 a.m. one of the vehicles took out a traffic light pole. two victims were taken to the hospital with what are have us injuries. it is unclear what caused the cars to crash. trouble continues to mount for philadelphia native bill cosby. yet another woman judith huth has come forward claiming he molested her when she was just 15 years old. she said it happened in the bedroom of the playboy mansion in 1974. huth has filed a lawsuit. this is the first sexual abuse lawsuit cosby has faced in the nearly decade. cosby has remained silent on the allegations but his
6:37 am
lawyers have continued to maintain his innocence. >> a staten island grand jury could vote as early as today and at issue is whether an nypd officer should face charges for the choke hold death of man last july. police arrested eric garner who weighs about 350 pounds for illegally selling loose cigarettes. watch as officers take him down and you'll notice one officer with his arm around garner's neck. garner cries out and says he can't breathe before his body goes limp. the medical examiner ruled his cause of death was compression of neck but also found asthma, obesity and cardiovascular disease were contributing factors. community leaders are hoping there isn't violence like we saw in ferguson when the announcement is made. happening today, philadelphia kicks offer the holiday season with a christmas tree lighting event at dillworth park. mayor michael nutter will turn on the lights of the tree in front of city hall. grammy award winning artist estelle will be performing. join rick williams and cecily tynan as they host that
6:38 am
coverage. the rothman institute presents philadelphia celebrates the holidays is tonight at 7:30. >> rain should clear out by the time they do that. >> yeah, we're not getting a lot of rain today just spot materials looks like the fronts comes through just before the evening so it will be drier, skies will break a little bit. not too bad. let's take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan around the region and right now we have those light showers in some spots really just coming down as drizzle. i want to go the closer to some of these areas and we're seeing in salem county you're getting hit pretty good with this, in salem new jersey glassboro along route route 55, medford lakes in the city itself pushing through south philadelphia and then up in malvern just a little sprinkle as well as doylestown it is just rain out there. temperatures everywhere above freezing so that's good news. let's go outside, we'll see what it looks like and start this day and you know what, it's wet as we look at sky 6 at philadelphia international airport. not too many problems there with low cloud cover though. we've got 4-mile visibility now which is not too bad in some areas it's down to .3 of a mile so better there.
6:39 am
40 degrees right now in philadelphia, even in the lehigh valley well above freezing. 36 in reading. 37 in allentown. 42 in trenton. and in the 40's already along the coastline there. let's look at what you can expect with satellite 6 and action radar. we see that rain pulling through. it's pretty light and spotty at this points and we can see it's not a steady path of showers to the southwest. we're going have breaks and then maybe another shower coming through and it will hit parts of the area today, enough to make it feel damp and pretty dreary once again. future tracker 6 showing at 11 o'clock this morning we have a few spotty showers here or there. not everybody is going to get them. we advance this to 1 o'clock and it may ablittle heavier in spots. that's when the front is trying to actually push through. but then in the afternoon or late evening at least the clouds break a little bit. we're drier. so if you're headed out in the evening hours, that was a look at 7:30 and you've got no problems there. that's the call from accuweather. we have fog reducing visibility to about a mile. lots of clouds through the day and 49 degrees. you won't get quite as much rain in allentown. you saw how the nature of that
6:40 am
was pushing a little bit south of it. in atlantic city mostly cloudy skies and a few more showers there, 52 degrees for your high in atlantic city. here in the city we have clouds, it's milder at least than yesterday with a few showers, 53 degrees for your high. the winds today out of the southwest. so, that's the big change from yesterday pulling in the milder air mass again. by 8:00 a.m., about 42 with a sprinkle around. by 11:00, 46, lots of clouds. by 2:00 p.m., 51 degrees, still a shower in a few spots and by 5:00 p.m., looking drier and clouds breaking as well and 52 degrees. let's look at your exclusive accuweather 7-day forecast. lots of clouds today. and some spotty showers around 53 degrees for your high. finally the sunshine returns tomorrow. it's chilly, 46 but at least we're dry and we get some sun back. on friday, clouds roll in again, 48 degrees and it looks like the rain holds off until friday night, late night. saturday we have periods of rain. the weekend is looking a lot wetter. periods of rain on saturday, 52. even on sunday for the eagles we have more rain. it looks like occasional rain and drizzle at times,
6:41 am
49 degrees so it's a chilly rain, too. monday staying pretty dreary now. 50 degrees, mostly cloudy skies with a shower around and it looks like by tuesday we finally break this pattern. the sun returns and we get a cool high of 48 degrees. so, just a few showers around today. >> got you. thanks karen. >> thank you. >> 6:41 now and still ahead attack of the cat. >> feeding time turned a little dangerous in one atlanta neighborhood. we'll tell you more. matt. >> good morning tam. we're here in king of prussia along 202 at henderson road. we were getting reports of a crash in this area. we're not seeing anything in the camera. seeing the results of a accident on woodhaven road and we'll check one on the boulevard coming up. some missing brains in texas. we'll be right back
6:42 am
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6:44 am
>> 6:44. let's update our breaking news story and go back live on the action cam right on the lower merion narberth line where a fire has destroyed one business and then another building right next to it that we're told is unoccupied. the business that has been destroyed you can kind of see half of the sign there, it is called fast signs and they believe it started there. the fire has been placed under control and unfortunately for the owners of these structures they are now picking through the ruins. >> let's go over to matt pelman. he's got the very latest. it has created a mess on a very busy roadway for many commuters. >> a lot of people travel to the area to head to work or
6:45 am
maybe to the wawa or art of bred nearby for some breakfast and at this point this morning montgomery avenue remains shut down as the fire crews remain on the scene at the fast signs building. still spraying some water on that fire with all apparatus in the street no traffic is getting by on montgomery between old gulph road and brook hurt avenue. let's talk alternates. you can stay north on bryn mawr avenue, maybe stay south on wynnewood avenue, to wynnewood road or stay down on lancaster avenue route 30. we're dealing with that water main break nearby which caused a problem for firefighters along grailing avenue add woodbine avenue. a crash in the great northeast on the ramp from woodhaven road to i-95 southbound. right lane out of commission on that ramp so as you come away from franklin mills, philadelphia mills and heads towards 95, you're seeing big delays on the eastbound side of woodhaven road this morning. expect the slowing there. also seeing a little bit of slowing on the pennsylvania turnpike as you travel eastbound away from the ben p salem interchange because of
6:46 am
debris taking out the right lane. if you're traveling north on the boulevard up toward woodhaven and up toward the turnpike watch out for a crash involving a pedestrian at ryan avenue in the outer drive. stick with the inner drive. that's where bar bear are's auto lands is on the southbound side of boulevard but the accident itself is on the northbound side. this is the schuylkill expressway plenty of busy eastbound traffic headed in towards the city. midday 9:00 until 3:00 between the vine and south street we'll lose a lane. that's going to cause bigger delays at that point. matt and tam. >> okay, thank you, matt. this is new here on "action news." talk about another type of brain drain. about a hundred brain specimens preserved in jars of formaldehye are missing from the university of texas at austin. one brain is believed to have belonged to this man his name is charles whitman. he killed 16 people in a 1966 rampage at the university of texas. until the mass shooting shootinn virginia tech in 2007 that sniping rampage by when it man was the deadliest campus shooting in u.s. history. new here on "action news"
6:47 am
a pet siberian lynx attacked a woman. it happened yesterday in an affluent atlanta suburb. the woman was feeding the exotic pet when it lashed out at her. the owners of the animal were out of town and made arrangements for the woman to care for the pet. the victim is in the hospital with injuries to her head and state officials say the owner does have proper permits to keep this type of exotic pet on his property. >> a person suspected of having contracted the ebola virus is being tested after massachusetts general hospital in boston. officials say the patient had traveled to an ebola affected area and had been showing ebola symptoms. the patient is in an isolated area is that in stable condition. initial tests results are expected today. however, it could be several days before a diagnosis has been confirmed. there are no confirmed cases of ebola in the u.s. right now. >> it's 6:47. we're tracking some rain and fog in our area and you can see it right now on storm tracker 6 live double scan. traffic updates up next. >> ♪
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6:50 am
>> time now to can check in with "gma." >> amy robach joining us lie from the "gma" studios wearing white. good morning, amy, how are you? >> reporter: it's winter white, yes, matt and tam, great to be with you both this morning. and coming up next on "good morning america," lots of bad weather out west, rain pummeling the west coast. storms with torrential rain bringing fears of mudslides in storms with torrential rain our extreme weather team has
6:51 am
details. developing in ferguson a suspect arrested for making online threats against officer darren wilson and michael brown's stepfather now under investigation for his actions in the hours after that grand jury decision. did he intentionally start a riot. we're going to have much more on that. also, reese witherspoon is here and the legendary tony bennett and lady gaga performed live in times square. so much to get to. all coming up next on "good morning america." matt and tam back to you. >> all right. >> see you later. >> we're not seeing any of our winter white around here. >> yes. >> just wet roads as you head out this morning and a big old jam on woodhaven road traveling eastbound, there you can see it coming away from franklin mills headed towards 95. it's because of an accident on the ramp from woodhaven eastbound to 95 southbound. if you're trying to get to those southbound lanes of 95 i think i'd do so via street road or else academy road instead of woodhaven. still have this jackknifed tractor-trailer in gloucester county. jersey turnpike southbound south of exit two still taking out the right lane but our
6:52 am
crash in marlton along center boulevard has cleared. karen. >> storm tracker 6 live double scan showing that the light showers we had through philadelphia have been moving to the east so it's now mostly in new jersey and delaware. we can see in bensalem gloucester camden even burlington counties in new jersey just a sprinkle left near trenton and doylestown. through the day we'll see chance for sprinkles can. the temperature is 40 degrees. everywhere even the lehigh valley it's above freezing so it's a few sprinkles around. fog has been an issue, .3-mile visibility at mount pocono. 5-mile visibility at philadelphia international airport which is actually improved but nonetheless i was just detecting some problems here in philadelphia international with our flight delays. currently 97 minute flight delays at philadelphia international airport. call ahead before you head out. boston raining, still no flight delays but i would watch for that to occur. chicago, order ran -- order lando pretty try.
6:53 am
>> taylor swift one of many performers who kicked off this year's victoria secret fashion show. the pop star performed in a nighttime ensemble at london's earl court. the shake it off hit maker showed off her vocal lourdes while angels strutted down the runway beside her and arianna grande performed also during the show. tv on december 9th. ♪ baby. can i help you? no, uhhh i just brought a card... (sarcastically) for me? ♪
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she'll love it. thanks. in the morning. yep. as a toddler, i enjoy three activities. breaking things... spilling things... and just general destruction, in the abstract sense. so i, for one, am not a big fan of nest. you see, the dropcam is always watching... even when my folks are in another room. i rue the day that this product was invented. but i'm not 100% sure what rue means. nest dropcam. welcome to a more thoughtful
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>> ♪ >> top stories here at 6:56. an update on our breaking news. firefighters have gained control of a massive blaze in lower merion township montgomery county that tore through the fast signs business and an unoccupied structure. firefighters continue to pick through the ruins now at the scene. the search is expected to resume in delaware this morning for a man who went off a barge that overturned in the christina river. happened at 7:30 last night. two other men fell in but managed to reach dry land. >> because of that big fire in narberth montgomery avenue still blocked off this morning between old gulf and brookhurst. stick with bryn mawr avenue, wynnewood avenue or lancaster of a instead. karen. >> roads and sidewalks are damp but they're not icy. temperature profile you can see 34 right now in mount pocono in the upper 30's in allentown, for the right now in the city. lots of clouds and spotty
6:57 am
there and you can see temperatures get up to 53 degrees today. >> okay and in fact because of some of this low cloud ceiling we checked the faa web site. arriving flights at philadelphia international airport an hour and a half delay. we'll see you back here in 30. >> ♪
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. good morning, america. on the edge. record-breaking rain wreaking havoc on roads. power knocked out in an airport. mudslides force people from their homes, and the deluge not over yet. florida state storm, the biggest star in college football, forced to answer questions from a student. will the university take action after prosecutors declined to pursue charges? holiday travel alert. this explosive video showing the hidden danger in the cargo hold of jets. the batteries that power our cell phones and laptops. is there a justin jinx? the sports


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