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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 5, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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. good morning, america. breaking overnight -- thousands more protesters take to the streets. hundreds arrested across the country after clashing with police over the grand jury on that chokehold death. and the serious new allegation this is morning about reckless and dangerous behavior in another big city police department. breaking right now, church shooting. the you are vent manhunt for a 33-year-old in florida. a popular pastor shot down. two others killed, the desperate search underway. take a look at this, a blimp shaped like an sufficiev crashio the stands. how they made their great escape. seeking redemption.
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before mark wahlberg hit it big, he had a rap sheet. why he's asking for forgiveness 30 years later. should the original bad boy be given a clean slate? and good morning, america. welcome to t.j. holmes. >> hey, hello. just trying to make lara proud. >> always do. >> try not to mess up the seat here. >> it's interesting to see how the markey mark story works out. >> he's seeking redemption for his own kids. >> we're going to begin with the outrage in the streets. protests from coast to coast for the second night after the grand jury decision in the eric garner state. and we are in staten island with ron claiborne. >> reporter: good morning, george. i'm in the calm eye of the storm of protests that are sweeping the country. those protesters chanting i
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can't breathe, the last words of eric garner, and don't shoot. holding up their hands. this as we're learning more about the inner workings of the grand jury that didn't press charges against the police officer in garner's death. they came by the hundreds, then the thousands. surging through the streets of new york city. chanting a chorus of outrage over the death of eric garner. >> why was this man's lost for a petty reason? it's obscene. >> reporter: anger and clashes between protesters and police. more than 200 arrested. not just new york where the grand jury met, dman stragss in chicago, washington, d.c., raleigh, north carolina, and other cities. these protests as new details come out about the workings of the grand jury. we know they met for nine weeks, heard from 50 witnesses and watched four videos, including
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this one. showing the tense moments when first garner resisted arrest for allegedly selling loose cigarettes, then was wrestled into submission. abc news has learned that daniel pantaleo, the officer seen here with his arm on garner's throat testified that he was not applying the chokehold, but a takedown maneuver to control an unruly suspect. >> if you look at the video, it was a seat belt or takedown maneuver. one arm under the gentleman's underarm, and the other over the shoulder. >> reporter: he heard him and hurried to get off him. and garner's children speaking out, interviewed by yahoo's katie couric. >> i was disappointed. very disappointmented. and still like, why? you know. you see him die on national tv just like everybody else. why?
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>> reporter: and already one major consequence. the nypd is beginning a new program immediately to retrain all of its police officers, 35,000 of them, in how to deal with a suspect without resorting to physical force. and, george, beginning today, body cams, a pilot program to put body cameras on a new nypd officers in new york. >> seeing more and more everywhere. we have more on that. but you have breaking news. nasa launching the test flight of the new space capsule after delays yesterday. so critical to the space program as this type of spacecraft could one day take man to mars. david kerley is in washington for liftoff. >> reporter: good morning. we are moments away from the u.s. launching the new effort to get into deep space. you are looking at a live picture from just south of cape ka naf ral. we are seconds away from the
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delta 4 rocket carrying the capsule that could carry astronauts to the moon, even mars. let's watch. >> five, four, three, two, one. and liftoff. at dawn. the dawn of orion and a new era of american space exploration. >> the engines are in the first stage -- >> reporter: as you heard, it is called orion, at the top of the delta 40 rocket, and going to space. it looks like the apollo capsules. nobody on board. this craft will orbit the earth once, and the second orbit, heads 3600 miles into space.
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that's the deepest the u.s. has been since 1972. and then return testing the heat shield. the question is will it work like the craft was returning from the moon. it's a four and a half hour trip, splashing down off the coast of mexico. a $370 million mission, as i mentioned, this is the capsule that could carry us to an astroid or mars someday. four and a half hours. it'll be over. >> one more time. always so thrilling to see the liftoffs. tfrmgts really is. we are witnessing what could be the future of space travel. >> so we're going to move on now to another explosive case involving police and deadly force in cleveland. serious questions about the officer who shot a 12-year-old with a toy gun and the police department that hired him. pierre thomas has the developments. >> reporter: good morning. as the nation wress with police and race, this is about a child,
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and a police force that has been under federal investigation. this morning the cleveland police department under scrutiny for allegedly using excess i have force. the latest allegation involving a child on an incident caught on this surveillance tape. >> there's a guy here with a pistol, you know, it's probably a fake, but pointing it at everybody. >> reporter: they were dispatched, not told it was likely a toy gun. >> a black male on the swings. he keeps pulling a gun out and pointing it at people. >> reporter: in less than 2 seconds 12-year-old tamir rice is shot to death. it is in fact a toy. now serious questions about whether the officer should have been hired. tim lowe man had been resigning from a department that was thinking about firing him. the ohio police writing this scathing review, during dangerous loss of composure during gun range train, he does
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not show the maturity needed to be in our employment. we could not reach him for comment. but they never checked his personnel file before hiring him. >> he absolutely should not have been a police officer. >> reporter: cleveland's police force has been under federal investigation since 2013. the justice department found systemic abuse in 600 cases. on thursday attorney general eric holder announcing the findings. >> the cleveland police has a pattern of using excess i have force. >> reporter: most disturbing, excessive force complaints were not aggressively investigated. and supervisors endorsed unlawful conduct by officers. >> they saw a real pattern. much more on sunday on "this week." including my interview with new york city mayor bill de blasio. and the latest on the murder of the teacher and mother of three in abu dhabi. they have a suspect in custody
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after raiding her home. but there are questions about the motive. alexander marquardt has the latest. >> reporter: good morning. the police in abu dhabi say the suspect was targeting americans and there are signs she had plans to attack more. she may not have been acting alone when she stabbed the teacher and tried to bomb an american doctor. 48 hours after the murder of american teacher ibolya ryan, they surround the house of a woman they believe stabbed her to death in a mall a bathroom. they were going room to room, kicking open closets. this is who they came for. the woman called the ghost and drag her away. others were arrested as well. it's unclear if they're connected to the woman's plans. police say she is 38-year-old yemeni, covered head to toe in black robes. she heads into a women's
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bathroom and lies in wait. 90 minutes later, she comes running out, making her escape down the elevator and out of the mall parking lot. back in the bathroom, the bloodied murder weapon she allegedly used to kill ryan, a mother of three. and she wasn't done yet. police say she then drove across town to the home of an american doctor. she pulled a black suitcase and plant this homemade bomb before slipping out and driving off. luckily one of the doctor's children noticed the strange object, the bomb squad diffusing it before it went off. with clues from the two scenes, police zeroed in on the suspect. they found her car, blood on the steering wheel, that suitcase and evidence of more possible attacks to come. the question the police are working hard to answer this morning are who if any were the woman's accomplices. and whether she was operating
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alone or as part of a bigger terrorist organization. >> a lot to look into. and now the latest on the american hostage facing a death threat from al qaeda. the kidnappers in yemen say they will kill the photo journalist this weekend if their demands are not met. brian ross has the details. >> reporter: with the deadline 48 hours away, the family of 33-year-old luke somers is waiting at their home outside of seattle to see if al qaeda will spare his life following their heartbreaking plea for mercy. mother and brother posted this video on youtube wednesday, speaking directly to al qaeda. >> please show mercy and give us an opportunity to see our luke again. he is all that we have. >> reporter: somers was kidnapped in the capital city of yemen 14 months ago. he was working there as a freelance journalist. >> luke, if you are able to hear or see us, please know that
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we're doing everything possible to help you. >> reporter: the family also said it had no prior knowledge of the u.s. military rescue mission ten days ago launched against an al qaeda hide youth in the mountains of yemen. >> he is a photo journalist and not responsible for the u.s. government actions. we had no prior knowledge of the rescue attempt for luke and mean no harm to anyone. >> reporter: he had been moved several days before the raid. in fact the same time it was being approved back in washington. the white house press secretary denied any unnecessary delay. >> once there was concrete information and a plan in place, the president promptly authorized this mission. >> reporter: but the raid clearly angered his al qaeda captors who warned the u.s. not to try it again. >> i'm certain that my life is in danger. >> reporter: his friends who have been campaigning for his release say the only glimmer of hope is that in the past in al
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qaeda group has made similar threats but not carried them out. >> thank you for that glimmer of hope. and the other top stories now. we begin with a developing story in florida. police searching for the skpt in a deadly shooting spree. opening fire at a churn near tampa where his wife work,ed, killing the pastor. and they found his wife and another woman. the suspect's children were taken into custody. he was last seen driving a gold chevy suburban. police not yet discussing the motive for the attacks. overseas a monster storm taking aim at the philippines. nearly 32 million people are in its path. winds topping 130 miles per hour. tens of thousands of people have fled their homes, and there are fears the storm due to hit tomorrow could take the same path as a typhoon last year that claimed more than 7,000 lives.
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a shocking discovery at the vatican. hundreds of millions of dollars in secret funds have been uncovered. cardinal george pell who took over as the top money man said the funds were tucked away off the books. nothing illegal is being alleged. but the cardinal admitted that a church for the poor should not be this poorly managed. and a second suspect in the diamond district jewelry heist in new york city has been caught in maryland. he was caught on camera wearing a hat and overcoat after pulling off the robbery last month which investigators called an inside job. they matched fingerprints on an envelope at the scene. and the ford blimp came crashing down into the stands in the middle of the basketball game. the inflatable blimp usually flies around in the action, dropping goodies to fans. no word yet on what went wrong. no one was injured, and stadium workers carried it out through
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one of the tunnels. and finally, if you work at an auto repair shop and take a customer's car out for a joyride, don't to want get caught, don't run red lights. this guy did not get the warning. at 3:00 in the morning with a young woman in the front seat, he was caught red handed by a red light camera. i love the explanation, we were test driving at 3:00 in the morning. >> they're very hard workers. >> 24/7. >> dedicated. i totally think so. >> i'm sure. >> that was his mom, i'm sure. >> yeah. >> she helps out. >> another dumb criminal. thank you, amy. and turn now to actor mark wahlberg. before he was a superstar, he was a troubled teen with a criminal record and spending time behind bars. and now trying to clear his name, hoping to serve as an example that you can turn your
7:16 am
life around. paula faris has the story. >> reporter: before he was in the fighter, let it all out in the calvin klein ad, and even before he was markey mark getting down and dirty in good vibrations, mark wahlberg was a teenager with a pretty heavy record. >> stealing, robbing, doing dumb stuff. >> reporter: pleading guilty to assault in 1988 at the able of 16. spending time in jail after attacking a man while trying to steal alcohol. that attack leaving the man blind in one eye. almost 27 years later, he wants his criminal record cleared. filing an application asking or pardoned. i am deeply sorry for the actions i have took. since that time i have dedicated myself to becoming a better person and citizen so i can be a role model to my children and others. >> he wants to show others they can turn their lives around.
7:17 am
>> reporter: also among the reasons for his request, noting his past convictions impact him today. his record potentially denying him licenses for his businesses. also adding, he might like to be active in law enforcement activities and working with at-risk individuals. but he's had redemption on his mind for years. >> i did a lot of things that i regretted and i certainly paid for my mistakes. it wasn't until i started doing good and doing right by other people as well as myself that i really started to feel that guilt go away. >> reporter: the star, fighting to prove to the world that a person truly can change. >> oh, i've had a few tough fights, but the next fight -- >> reporter: for "good morning america," paula faris, new york. he's a huge success. ted 2 this year, and enor raj, the movie. in june. and wahlberg, the restaurant show. and he has 27 new restaurants
7:18 am
opening. lots of good happening in his life. and he would like to set an example not only for his kids, but for all. >> he has set an example either way. >> can't argue he hasn't turned his life around. >> that is clear. what's not so clear is the weather picture. >> not at all. this is the seventh super typhoon of the season for the pacific. it's going straight for the philippines this weekend. tomorrow is the day we're worried about. back at home it's a much quieter picture. today through sunday we're talking rain from little rock to cincinnati to leave -- cleveland, the local weather
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forecast 30 second away. weekend getaway brought to you by walgreens. >> reporter: hi, everyone, david murphy here with an update from accuweather. we have a sprinkle south of baltimore that might try to make it across the delaware bay and into southern delaware. everybody else is dry. we have cloud cover, perhaps a sunny break early, but eventually the clouds get thicker and we get rain. 48 is the high, mostly cloudy skies, the sprinkles and showers through the day, the best chance is later this afternoon and
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evening. tomorrow, cloudy and rainy especially in the afternoon and at night. >> it's not your fault, ginger. >> i wasn't trying to blame the messenger. coming up on "gma," bill cosby fighting back. going after one of the women accusing him of sexual assault. and the emotional day in the trail of the man who was accused of killing a teen in his garage. laying out the case the. and the startling video of thieves stealing christmas packages.
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>> good morning and good friday to everybody, i'm matt o'donnell. it is 7:26 december 5, we'll start with the schuylkill expressway. >> reporter: it was not a starl start on the -- stellar start on the schuylkill expressway, but
7:27 am
now that's gone. westbound side has the normal delays out to gladwyn. the crash by the zoo is clearing out of there. the crash northbound on the boulevard near hard -- harbison has reopened there. septa lines have are 15 delays inbound pay paoli and 201 and 12 have delays because of equipment problems. >> if you're flying out of the region, it's looking good. david murphy has the forecast. >> reporter: we're off to a chilly start, matt, look at the numbers, 36 degrees in philadelphia. we're getting a wind kicking around on the terrace. 29 degrees in allentown. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast we'll see clouds continue to get thicker today high of 48 degrees and there could be a sprinkle or shower through the day, the best
7:28 am
chance is later this afternoon or evening, you want to keep an umbrella handy tonight. cloudy tomorrow with rain arriving in the afternoon, this time everybody gets its steady at times through saturday night, it will be done on sunday, it will be brisk and chilly sunday, dry field for the eagles. >> volunteers take a new approach in the search for missing college student shane montgomery county. details at
7:29 am
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♪ wave our hands i put it in the air ♪ brand new video from beyoncé. 7/11, and check out the sweater. that's her -- yeah, she shows that's her version of the ugly sweater right there. makes it look great. give you a run for your money. you're the reigning champ in the ugly sweater contest. >> pressure is on. no one is going to look like beyoncé in one. we will explain the sweater obsession next. >> you're excited about it, george. >> i'm excited about everyone wearing the ugly sweater. >> we can dig up some video from you. >> last year, it was restrained and yet festive. also coming up this morning, we are going to talk about damaging testimony during an emotional day in the trial of
7:31 am
that montana father accused of killing a teen in his garage. what his hairdresser claims he said. plus "gma" on the lookout. we keep seeing startling videos of thieves stealing christmas packages off your doorstep. what you can do to stop them. we want to begin with bill cosby, fighting back in court against an accuser. a woman who claims the comedian sexually abused her 40 years ago when she was 15. cosby's lawyers calling her a liar who is out for his money. mara schiavocampo has the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. cosby himself hasn't responded specifically to any of the mounting sexual assault allegations against him, but this morning he is striking back in court documents. bill cosby under siege. and now this morning launching a counter offensive against the latest allegations of sexual assault. in it, new court filing thursday, cosby making his own accusations about judy huth, the
7:32 am
woman who filed a lawsuit against him this week claiming he sexually molested her when she was just 15. cosby's lawyercalling the suit a meritless and unsupported 40-year-old claim that was only filed after a failed extortion attempt. and the alleged victim unsuccessfully tried to sell her story to the tabloids nearly a decade ago. wednesday huth accused the comedian of childhood sexual abuse back in 1974. claiming he sexually molested her at the playboy mansion after serving challenge to her and a friend. >> she was a minor at the time. which does extend the statute of eliminations, but still not enough to salvage her case. >> reporter: cosby's attorney also seeking monetary damages and sanctions against huth and her attorney for the alleged extortion. approximately 17 women have now come forward with similar claims
7:33 am
against the 77-year-old actor in recent weeks. >> i believe that mr. cosby drugged me and sexual assaulted me that night. >> his behavior was like that of a predator. >> reporter: most of the alleged incidents well past the statute of limitations. but thursday the l.a.p.d. chief of police said he will investigate new claims brought to the department regardless of the year they occurred. >> we don't turn people away because things are out of statute. you come to us, especially with a sexual allegation, we will work with you. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, cosby's lawyer calls the litany of claims unsubstantiating, fantastical story. now for cosby, the fallout continues. late yesterday the navy revoked a 2011 honorary title and he's resigned from temple university's board of trustees and canceled shows in nine sfips
7:34 am
he's letting his lawyer do the talking. and now to the montana homeowner on trial for killing a teenager who entered his garage late at night. marcus carmen said it was self-defense. prosecutors say he set a trap. >> reporter: in a montana courtroom thursday, the mother of 17-year-old german exchange student in tears. marcus accused of killing diti in the garage after the exchange student walked in, allegedly looking for alcohol and set off motion censers and this camera. >> lots of things show this case is not justifiable use of force. >> reporter: he said he had been robbed before, was fearful and protecting himself when he opened fire, killing the teenager. >> he had to take the steps. unfortunately to take his life. >> reporter: prosecutors painting a different picture. >> the defendant left the house
7:35 am
to go outside and confront the person in his garage. we're going to hear that he trapped him in the garage, by his own words. >> reporter: but he denies that, and his wife testified they were scared of the thieves who hit them. it was her idea to set up the motion censers to catch the thieves in the act. >> i put that out there thinking, i don't know, i could run out and be like, got you. you're staying here until the cops get here. >> reporter: earlier a hairdresser testified that he was extremely angry about kids robbing him in the days before the shooting and intent on getting them. >> he said he's really tired and he had been sitting up for three days waiting to shoot some f'ing kids. >> reporter: he has pleaded not guilty. for "good morning america," neal karlinsky, abc news, seattle. >> okay, talk to dan abrams about this. what's the legal standard. if he set a trap, he committed a crime? >> no question.
7:36 am
what you heard the hairdresser say is the most important thing in the context of this case. including the potential for other witnesses. why is that so important? because if he was planning to do this, if he was looking to shoot kids, if he was setting a trap by putting a purse or something in the garage so that someone would come in and so that the alarm would get tripped and so he could then use his shot gun, there's no question that that's murder in the state of montana. called deliberate homicide. the question is, though, did that happen? because he says that's not the circumstances. >> and montana does give homeowners a lot of leeway. >> more than many places. because very often, even if someone is in your home, you have to feel reasonable -- reasonably feel that you were in danger. in montana you don't have to be protecting yourself, you can be literally trying to stop the commission of a crime. but you have to be reasonable and the force has to be necessary to stop the commission of that crime. and that's where the challenge
7:37 am
is going to be. even if he didn't set a trap, right, was it necessary for him to use that shotgun four times? and shoot twice, hitting him? that's going to be the tough legal question for the defendant in this case. >> especially as you pointed out, the hairdresser saying he was thinking about it. >> if the jury believes that, it's easy. it's a closer case if they're not convinced he was planning and plotting this. and then focused on the question of was the force reasonable and necessary. >> thanks very much. from what happened in the west, look behind me, this is mud all over a road, you're seeing now more rain. that was in portland, oregon. a lot of moisture has folk concussioned up to the north -- focused up to north. a parade of storms that's what you saw as we go into the weekend. we'll see heavier rains north of the bay area and along the
7:38 am
coast, washington state and oregon, one to two inch as we go through the weekend. it will be spread out, but something to note. it may affect your weekend. little rock there's low visibility, take extra time. let's look closer to home. >> reporter: thank, ginger, david murphy on the terrace. we have temperatures in the 30s and this afternoon we'll see a high of 48. and rain throughout the region. rain tomorrow. . >> thank you. >> that's how you'll remember me today. >> always. sunny and warm. and coming up here, startling video of thieves snapping packages off doorsteps in the daylight. what you can do to stop them. and the crew at sea desperately trying to hold on in the dark. how they finally made it to shore. - - whatd'ya get?
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okay. we are back now at 7:42 with "gma" on the lookout and how to protect your deliveries this holiday season. so many people getting packages shipped this time of year, making your porch the perfect target for thieves. what can you do to stop them? linzie janis has more. ♪ >> reporter: they're grinches. stealing christmas right off doorsteps across the country.
7:43 am
this woman in west virginia looking in the window and ringing the doorbell. then taking these boxes. loading them into her bmw. yes, a bmw. she even takes the wreath right off the door. or this woman, now behind bars after police say she pulled up her uhaul to homes across the san diego area, loading it up with her holiday haul. and watch this guy, casually taking a package off this front porch in maryland. or this porch snatcher in texas. the owner tracking him down after posting a snapshot on facebook. >> you feel violated. >> the more people buy online, through the internet. the more packages have to be delivered. >> reporter: how to do you prevent scrooge from haunting your home? >> have a plan, contact the delivery service, sign for the package. have somebody home. >> reporter: but if you aren't going to be home, have the package sent to an alternative location like your work or a neighbor's house.
7:44 am
u.p.s. says you can and in advance that the drivers put the package somewhere less obvious, like behind a shed. and the california startup doorman is trying to put grinches out of business with the new app. it allows customers to have packages delivered to one of the depots. and they can use the app to schedule a delivery when it's convenient for them. or you can try to catch a porch poacher in the act. installing a highly-visible home surveillance system. remember this woman? she turned herself into police, giving back every package, include that wreath. linzie janis, abc news, new york. >> i just sent packages to all of you. >> be on the lookout. >> yes. our porches need to be protected. we have more. so tune in, more on stealing and protecting your property on 20/20, hot pursuit, that's tonight at 10:00 p.m. eastern,
7:45 am
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you won't believe what this first grader can do. not afraid of anything, even sharks. t.j. holmes has more. the biggest thing in surfing is this big. it almost looks fake. you see big wave surfers and they're about the same size. and one guy looks a little different. please, do not mistake this kid for anything other than a pro. he's different in size, but not in style at all. he's the latest surfing sensation catching waves. no, that's not laird hamilton, that's a 6-year-old. yes. 6. steve robarson, a pint-sized prodigy, catching waves off of maui. >> i like having fun. >> he's baby steve, or uncle baby, but he's no knew be. >> like steve. he's having fun. >> reporter: and he's been riding waves since the ripe old
7:50 am
age of 2, and alongside surfers five times his age. it's a family sport. >> i like surfing more than my brothers. but not when they're talking to me like for 24 hours. >> reporter: but the waves don't intimidate him. >> i don't get scared. because i always know that god's with me. >> reporter: what about mom? >> when they first started, nerve wracking. but they have been doing it for so long, i don't worry so much. so proud of them. >> reporter: keep an eye on them. he's just getting started. >> i want to surf for the rest of my life. and when i grow up i want to be a professional surfer and do big airs. >> reporter: yeah, a professional surfer. this is no accident, his dad's a long-time pro surfer. >> they all look like surfers. >> absolutely. sponsors. >> 6 years old, you said that's a sweet age. this kid is taking on sharks,
7:51 am
literally. >> amazing. >> all me knows and does it well. and speaking of sharks. we have "shark tank your life" coming up. and what you can do to jump start your big business idea this morning on "gma." of the holiday season. we're selling "here comes your future daughter-in-law" confidence this year give exclusive carlos santana boots. only from famous footwear. victory is yours. transferred money from hisy bank of america savings account to his merrill edge retirement account. before he opened his first hot chocolate stand calling winter an "underserved season". and before he quit his friend's leaf-raking business for "not offering a 401k." larry knew the importance
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7:55 am
still ahead on "gma," an important alert about taking aspirin every day. why it may actually do more harm than good. and those ugly christmas sweaters, how they became such big business. all next.
7:56 am
hey, erchl, i'm matt o'donnell, 7:56, is looking at i-95. >> reporter: happy friday to you, matt, it's not so happy for a tractor-trailer truck driver, the truck broke down in the center lane. up ahead, the center lane a blocked, it's a slow go from academy on down to the broken down truck at cottman and slowing from allegheny to girard. we have a struck truck under a railroad overpass in phoenixville shutting down main street.
7:57 am
gay street runs parallel that's a good alternate. in belmawr there's a crash on 295 southbound south of the 42 freeway slow speeds coming down from warwick road. pennsylvania inbound and norristown outbound and 101 own 102 trolleys delayed. >> it's dry outside, let's take a look with david murphy. >> reporter: good morning, matt, we have a fair amount of cloud cover over the region and sunny breaks early on. high of 48 mostly cloudy skies and clouds building, in fact. there could be a sprinkle or shower during the the -- day, but the best chance is in the afternoon or evening. tomorrow another round of rain that continues through saturday night. sunday you wake up, it's dry, but brisk and chilly. >> nasa successfully launched
7:58 am
it's orion pace craft about an hour ago. details at
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and new warning this morning about taking aspirin. research revealing the risk could outweigh the benefits. who needs to watch out. and we're crazy love with this one. beyoncé rocks the christmas sweater craze just in time for the holidays. why ugly sweaters are now a big, beautiful business. ♪ and get ready for kate. the princess and prince about to touch down in new york city. where they're going, who they're meeting and what she'll be wearing. and why is george clooney now rocking the roman look? is he about to bring back a classic? all that and get ready to "shark tank" your holiday as we say -- >> good morning, america.
8:01 am
♪ and that's not all. our friend barbara corcoran in the shark tank this morning. >> go barbara. >> she's here. a very special holiday edition of "shark tank your life." you couldn't know it, can't take our eyes off her, she's surrounded by aspiring entrepreneurs. >> in a bay watch outfit, save her. and it's d.j. friday. so happy to have d.j.juss spinning. and he is surrounded by great dancers. and allegedly there are ugly christmas sweaters amongst us. ugly is a great thing when it comes to ugly christmas sweaters. >> i don't think it's happen. very nice sweaters over there.
8:02 am
>> if you can imagine all those great dancers wearing ugly christmas sweaters, we know. >> it's happening in idaho. and we asked for pictures, and this couple from idaho sent us these. very good inspiration for anyone looking to ugly it up. those are actually -- >> very nice. >> plugged in somewhere, right? they're bright. >> keep sending them in. >> battery operated. >> every elementary school is happy with the trend. >> are you already planning yours? we have a very big contest. ginger, i heard you have been hard the a work with the suing machine. >> watch out. >> and cameron diaz is here talking about her star turn in "annie." very funny. now the news from amy. good morning. we begin with more video coming in from the spectacular liftoff in florida this morning. nasa's orion spacecraft blasting
8:03 am
off on a test flight. now orbiting earth twice on an unmanned mission before splashing down in the pacific ocean. nasa hopes to use orion to take astronauts to the moon, mars and beyond. at least 200 people were arrested in new york while protesting the grand jury's decision in the eric garner case. thousands blocked roads, bringing traffic to a halt. clashes with police. and protests were in cities from chicago to boston to seattle. and they are accused of using a chokehold. it's prompting change. new york's mayor has announced new training for all officers, some of whom will begin wearing body cameras today. president obama making it official this morning. nominating his defense secretary. ashton carter is not well known to the public, but has wide respect for his time at the pentagon, including two years as the department defense chief. he will be the fourth defense
8:04 am
secretary if approved. and this boat slamming into the reef during an around the world race. they were stranded for three days until rescuers finally arrived. everyone is okay. the boat took a major hit. the hope is the boat to be repaired to rejoin the race. a costly mistake in louisiana. a glitch at the pump had the station selling gas for 29 cents a gallon. the news, as you might imagine, spread like wildfire on social media. within minutes, cars were lining up around the block. it took the station eight hours to realize they had a problem and fix it. all while customers cashed in. gas, by the way, has not been that cheap since 1956. most of us with a flat tire on an icy road would call someone. this driver got creative, removed the tire, found his son's sled in the trunk, jammed
8:05 am
it under the tire and voila, he was back in business. it stayed in place long enough to get him to the repair shop. good for him. i'll try to remember that. >> lots of points for creativity there. thank you, amy. and health news now, a new warning about taking aspirin. we have been told it helps prevent heart disease, but the risks may outweigh the benefits for younger women. this was a before big study. >> absolutely. this is choosing the right therapy for the right person. healthy women, some on a low dose aspirin every other day. compared to taking placebo, and used mathematical models to do risk versus benefit. found some benefit with heart disease and some cancers. but the risk was not worth the benefit, especially in younger women under 65. >> who does it benefit? >> look at the risks versus benefits. we know there are benefits to taking aspirin.
8:06 am
heart disease, gastric cancers, colon cancer, some types of stroke. but there are risks. bears repeating, bleeding with aggravate users, some are allergic. it stat if ied women based on age. that's key. 65 and under is young. >> what's the most important thing? >> don't start or stop with aspirin without checking with your doctor. for the first time, stopped the gender bias. looked at women. so much was studies based on men and this looked at women. we need a lot more of this. >> thanks very much. you see lara getting up right now. going over to the social square. >> going. all right, guys, let's get to the "gma morning menu." this is what's coming up on the broadcast. in "pop news," you may not move like beyoncé, but how you can dress like queen bey. and kiln aare and kate on theiro
8:07 am
the big apple. what's on the packed agenda? i know what's on our packed agenda. this gal who can dance, by the way. we are going to "shark tank your life" coming up with the one, the only, barbara corcoran. and ugly christmas sweaters are everywhere. getting so excited for our own competition. it's heating up right here in times square. i love those. hi. >> hi. >> that's a winner. that's a winner. that's a winner. of course! vo: meet maggie. smile! woah, this takes really good pictures! vo: maggie wants some hands-on experience. hands-on experience...with samsung. but she's been going about it all the wrong way. i have? yeah, you have. vo: luckily for maggie, there is a place for her to touch, try and play with all of the devices she's been dying to get her hands on. the samsung experience shop, only at best buy. ♪ now, that's a burger. and now you can pay and go when you're ready.
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8:13 am
♪ detroit. >> well, they are ready for the weekend out there in times square this morning. everybody happy, everyone excited. d.j. juss helping everyone along as well. one of your favorites. >> i love this song. hard to smile when you hear that. and also very easy to smile looking at t.j. filling in for "pop news." >> filling in for you. "pop news." yes. i did this last week, no problem. now you're sitting here, i'm nervous. we have a compromise. my all-female producing team allowed me to do a beyoncé story, i allowed them to show pictures of george clooney. you remember this video, the 7-11 song, 40 million views on youtube. now people are paying attention to a particular part. this part, it's an ugly
8:14 am
christmas sweater, does she wear an ugly anything? a lot of people picked up on that. you can now own that sweater. it's for sale on her website. it's called the ugly holiday ski lodge shirt. it'll cost you 40 bucks -- >> and you'll look just like beyoncé. >> that's the claim. 40 bucks and you can be beyoncé. does that qualify as an ugly christmas sweater? >> it's not ugly enough. and she is amazing-looking. as you know. >> now to the pictures of george clooney. >> thank you. >> let me get to george clooney. he's doing his best glad yay or thing. this is "hail ceasar." these are the pictures from the set of the new movie. a lot of people look at this, many men might have a man crush on george clooney. that's important, because man crush is one of the words now been added by the oxford dictionaries online. they added about a thousand words, it's an intense
8:15 am
admiration from one dude to another. something else that was added, duck face. you know what duck face -- >> i don't know what this is -- >> no, i don't want to define it -- >> i missed that, what is it? i didn't see it. >> thank you, i'm not going to tell you what it is. ginger is going to show you what it is. it's a what it is when people take those pictures, have the lips stuck out. that is duck face. you see a lot of celebrities do this. she can define it better than i can. another word that has been added as well, five second rule. surprise that hasn't -- >> hasn't been in the dictionary. >> i've been using that for years. >> that's a mantra. >> warn you and the producers, i have done george clooney three years in a row. the streak is over. >> oh, yeah. >> starting now. >> that's a man crush. >> it is? okay. well, then it's over. >> a safe halloween costume until now. the last thing, ariana
8:16 am
grande, she got smacked in the face by an angel wing. a victoria's secret, this was the result. they got a picture of her in the weirdest pose with that face. now everybody went crazy with this. this became a viral meme. and now everybody is -- now she's ducking farrell's hat. and she is stressing about making it on to santa's naughty list. and the statue of liberty. but it was a weird moment. she got hit. they caught her in the weird moment. put out a tweet, #bangbanginto my face. >> we had fun with "pop news." >> great job. >> over to ginger. right away all i could see was a pink nose, it's chilly, but this is mild, we'll be mild going into the weekend. we'll be talking about rain and
8:17 am
the timing of the rain. low pressure system is creating issues in kansas and ohio. there's winter weather that will come along with this in the higher elevations in central park and new york. that's when the rain starts in new york city, by the way, overnight tonight. the milder air is in amarillo back to the southwest. >> reporter: thanks a lot, ginger, david murphy on the terrace. a fair amount of cloud cover around this morning, temperatures in the 30s. we have a high of 48 later, mostly cloudy skies overall, while there could be a quick sprinkle or shower this afternoon, the best chance this afternoon. saturday, cloudy in the morning, rain steady at times, 55 the high. dry for sunday, brisk and chilly, 46 for the eagles game. # pay attention.
8:18 am
but this guy had a real good scream. can you do the duck face with me? all right. we'll go back into you. >> thanks so much. well, kicking off the heat index this morning, the countdown is on for prince william and princess indicate east arrival in new york city. it is their first visit to the big apple. they have an action-packed schedule to make the most of every minute. london's calling. the british invasion is coming to the big apple. william and kate land this weekend and will take the city by storm. a visit fit for a king and future queen. a chance for a little romance alone in the city that never sleeps without their little prince george. >> i think that the focus will very much be on kate, on what she is wearing on her growing baby bump and on this next royal baby. >> reporter: the first time ever the world's most famous couple has seen new york or d.c.
8:19 am
the royal couple will pay their respects at the 9/11 memorial and see some of the sights the tourists can't miss. prince william on the observation deck at the empire state build wac quick trip to d.c., and benefit at the metropolitan museum of art. and the home away from home, the carlisle hotel. we have seen royalty, heads of state, celebrities walk through these doors. and in just a matter of days, their turn. george and amal, and even william's mother, princess diana graced these halls. it will be hollywood royalty meeting real life royalty. >> we're hoping they might meet jay z and beyoncé at the basketball game. who would miss the opportunity? >> reporter: lebrebron james wi william and kate. and a reception for tinsel town's a-list.
8:20 am
william and kate following in a young charles and dye's footsteps. they were taking turns. and what would it be without a little glam and glitz? william and kate won't disappoint. i brought afternoon tea at 8:00 a.m. to toast the royal dumcoup. and scones too. >> all very good. >> thanks. let's get to it. next on the heat index is the big business of ugly christmas sweaters. we at "gma" have aappreciated their beauty for years. now everyone seems to love them, and abc's sara haines has the details. >> reporter: the days of raiding grandma's closet are over. now ugly yarn wear has become a beautiful business. >> searches for ugly sweaters have gone up 300%. >> reporter: with mnls of dollars in revenue expected this season alone -- how has this
8:21 am
become a trend? >> fueled by social media. and pinterest and facebook and instagr instagram. >> reporter: evan and nick quit their day jobs in 2011 and cashed in when they cofounded tipsy elves. >> last cyber monday, sold as many in that one day as we did in the first year. they have subtle and unique designed. most people have to do a double take. >> reporter: forever collecti e collectibles and nfl team logos, they are expected to sell $10 million worth by the end of the season. walmart, target, forever 21 and multiple online markets are getting in on it. and macy's and nordstrom, sweater kits. and rent a sweater, rent the runaway, four days for $15. but they don't stop at knits, you can get leggings, dresses and jump suits.
8:22 am
>> the growth of this is going on for a few more years. >> reporter: get your ugly on and get the sweater fest going strong or strange all season long. and i don't think this is really ugly. i'm kind of in love with it. this is not only a trend your family can get in on. a diy sweater or planning a party or something else, it's the -- the founders of tipsy elves says it shows an ability to laugh at yourself. it unites everyone. i wanted to make a sweater for you, lara, it's your style. you and your husband dancing towards each other on christmas eve. >> that's so beautiful. bring that in, i will put it on immediately. thanks, sara. do you have a favorite crazy holiday sweater? if you do, we would love to see a picture on facebook, twitter or our website on yahoo. send them to us. thanks, guys i'm here with barbara corcoran, a holiday edition of "shark tank your
8:23 am
life." we have had a fascinating discussion off camera. last time, tough loss to robert in the showdown. >> you had to bring it up. >> not only bring it up, show it. was that a fainting spell? >> i'm not watching. >> there she goes. you have recovered ? >> no. i can't stand robert. never talk to him again. >> we have a game show. look at the aspiring entrepreneurs. they're ready to go with great ideas for the holiday season. but only two. >> you look ridiculous. >> that's a way to encourage you. they're going to try to sell barbara. only two can do it. the first one, chris. and you're going to be going up against ashley cadet. they are going to get their pitches ready, barbara. what are you going to be looking for? >> i'm going to be looking for something that makes common sense backed by somebody who
8:24 am
could actually sell the damn thing to me. >> you also want to see some fun. >> i want to see fun, people to want buy from people they love, and not suspicious about. i don't trust either of you. >> speaking of fun. just a couple weeks ago saturday night live put its own spin on "shark tank." and somebody took a little twist on you. >> oh. you sure can bring up all the bad stuff. >> let's see her. >> she's great. >> i like your products. but the only thing i eat for breakfast is a single vitamin and two diet cokes. i'm out. >> oh, my gosh -- >> you like it, right? >> i love it. it's a compliment. she's a hoot. but i look so much prettier than her. and that's the truth. >> it is the truth. there you go. chris is ready to go. ready to do the pitch? >> ready. >> let's see it. >> the keys to an amazing breakfast and an amazing holiday gift. this is the keyboard waffle
8:25 am
iron. you have your custom, prep, pour, flip and eat. the favorite type of waffle, this does it all, pumpkin spice, blueberry, banana and peanut butter. for a friend, coworker, it's the perfect way to sweeten someone's kitchen. find us on kickstarter and make waffles that are delicious. >> first reaction? >> it's a great one. i hate the plug on a waffle iron. takes up too much space. this slips in any little crack. >> good job. now it's ashley cadet's turn. what you have today is the -- what is the name it here? >> this is the do it yourself holiday catch kit. >> go for it. >> okay. mr. mcknit is a holiday-themed patch kit. we have sharon here, she's not looking too festive. we solved that problem. >> wow. >> and here i have my cell phone. it was not ready for santa.
8:26 am
but now it is. put it here. put it there, put it anywhere. with mr. mcknit you can decorate a tote bag, a wine bottle and make your own ugly christmas sweater. mr. mcknit contains pom-poms, jingle bells and more. you can buy one kit, you can buy one patch. the choices are endless with mr. mcknit. >> all right. okay. we're going to come back with the winner after the break. but we have to take a break right now. and barbara's going to have the winner. she's thinking hard. and we'll be back in just a minute with all that. and cameron diaz is here with us as well. >> they take the cue from the camera.
8:27 am
>> 8:27 chopper 6hd is live over breaking news, this is the scene of a gas leak in bristol township, bucks county happening on the 7900 block of bristol pike. emergency crews responded to the scene a half-hour ago. that's obviously where the leak has taken place. hopefully they have shut off the gas right now. they are evaluating the situation. they want to make sure everyone is safe. they want to repair the pipe in a high pressure line. that could be dangerous, matt pellman is watching the traffic situation. >> reporter: it's a mess, route 13, bristol pike. an on going construction zone. all lanes are shut down between
8:28 am
haynes road and mickey d's. let's go outside to i-95 broken down truck in the work zone from cottman avenue. it's gone, but heavy from academy to cottman an the betsy ross bridge to girard. we have delays on the septa paoli liep inbound and -- line inbound and norristown outbound. >> dry and cold. >> reporter: we're 37 degrees in philadelphia. allentown below freezing as is reading. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, today's high in philadelphia, chilly, 48 degrees, mostly cloudy skies, there would be a sprinkle or shower at times, the best chance is later this afternoon and evening. it will get wet in parts of the region. tomorrow, rain in the morning and rain in the afternoon and 55 is the high. >> police will use new tactics
8:29 am
in the search for shane montgomery. full details at
8:30 am
♪ happy crowd out there in times square this friday morning. all bundled up. d.j. juss heating things up inside. and i'm back here with barbara corcoran. time to announce the winner of the "shark tank" holiday edition. >> it is so easy. it is chris with his waffle iron. >> okay, chris. >> all right. >> look at that trophy. all right, chris, congratulations. big smile right there. and you're going to take home that trophy. and also you're going to get some one-on-one time with barbara to talk about your product. maybe take something out of this. >> my pleasure. >> congratulations. and continue to "shark tank" tonight at 9:00 eastern, 8:00 central on abc. over to lara. i'm joined by cameron diaz.
8:31 am
you're a regular here. >> i am. i have been here 30 times this year. >> please come back. >> your dressing room is almost ready. >> almost done. right now she's starring in annie, giving the iconic role a new spin. she has the five girls in the tiny new york apartment and bestows upon them her different version of motherly love. >> read a book, blue on this. put this together. it's a kitty cat. >> what should i do? >> pray. >> i tried. it hasn't worked yet. >> show time. you guys act well-cared for. >> we love you, miss hannigan. >> take it down a thousand. nobody's going to believe that. get over here. well, hello there. >> so, cam ran, i want to ask
8:32 am
you, how did you make miscellaneous hannigan your own? >> i feel like carol burnett is one of my favorite comedians. i love her work. and i want it to be like having this larger than life character that you can then sort of feel the humanity. you don't want hee eher to go t far. you have to love her in the end. for me, the original miss hah any began took place in a time where women weren't validated where they weren't married. if they weren't married, they failed. in this culture, so focused on celebrity. and this miss hah miss hanniga doesn't feel worthy of love because she lost her chance at stardom. she's lived her life sort of very sad and feeling not worthy
8:33 am
of love. she treats -- she treats the kids the same way she treats herself. until she learns to love herself, can't be who she is. >> you managed to do that, and also really funny. >> thank you. >> and annie's a musical. you had to sing. yesterday, we were talking about how it's your first time, no, it's not your first time singing. this is, i think. do we have a little clip? ♪ don't know just what to do with myself ♪ ♪ i useed to doing everything for you ♪ ♪ learning everything for two >> obvious from my best friend's wedding to starring in a musical. >> they're two extremes. you can't sing that bad if you can't sing at all. you know what i mean? >> i see. >> you know what i'm saying?
8:34 am
it's called acting. so, yeah, that was -- that's me acting like i can sing really bad. and then this is me acting like i can sing pretty good. the truth lies somewhere in between the spectrum -- in that spectrum. >> fun. and the producers created a game. candid cameron. i wish we had good music. swirling lights and in a booth with smoke. we found the music. any super power, what would it be? >> i think fly. why not? fly. >> yes. last costume you wore? feel free to -- >> oh. i think miss hannigan. >> last gift you gave or received? >> i -- let me see. the last gift i gave is my cooking. it's a gift. any time i cook, it's a gift.
8:35 am
>> and then finally, it's tgif. so your idea of the perfect weekend. >> you know, i like especially being in new york and it's nice and cool and cozy. it's just a little sleep in. a nice little walk. stroll in the city. a little, you know, brunch. a little hang. >> a little red wine. >> chill. sure. >> fireplace. >> why not? >> cam and i have to go. cameron diaz, so fantastic to see you again. see you next week. >> thank you, appreciate it. by the way, i'll be back. i'll be here checking out the wallpaper they're hanging in the dressing room. >> i'm managing it. on the cover of next month's cosmo, new book. hope you see cameron diaz and annie, it's in theaters december 19th. christmas and just a couple weeks away. what better way to celebrate than giving the gift of joy to a child in need. the macy's believe campaign
8:36 am
helps grant wishes for children with life threatening medical kbs write a letter to santa, and they will donate up to a million dollars to make-a-wish. and a letter submitted online can make a child's wish come true. like this one for a 10-year-old boy named alfredo. for his entire 10 years of life, alfredo has been a fighter. born with a congenital heart defect, the san antonio fourth grader struggles for air. >> he gets tired more easily. and sometimes his heart rate goes to 200. >> reporter: the condition requires him to frequently use oxygen, sometimes a wheelchair. but it's never stopped him from embracing the fighter within. and it's that fighting spirit that drew him to wrestling and his hero, wwe super star, john cena. >> john cena!
8:37 am
>> i like that if he's champion he doesn't go bragging about it. >> reporter: alfredo says he learned to master all sorts of john's move and last month got to study the moves up close when make-a-wish surprised him and his family by fulfilling his wish to meet john. >> it's been my lifelong dream. now i'm going to meet him, i feel really excited. >> reporter: hello, alfredo. pleasure to meet you. >> reporter: the fun didn't end with the meeting, there were gifts. >> right now the champ is officially here. you wear it very well. looks great on you. >> reporter: then a backstage tour and ringside seats to watch john in action. for john, alfredo is an inspiration. >> it is such a gratifying feeling to be able to see the joy in the kids and the families faces. >> reporter: for alfredo, the meeting was the ultimate dream come true. >> i can look back and say today
8:38 am
is the day i met john cena. i shouldn't be feeling bad. don't be stressed out. and just relax. >> love that smile and that fighting spirit. you can help grant a wonderful wish like that one for al grhim. drop a letter at macy's or submit online. go to "good morning america" on yahoo to find out more. and out to ginger now. thank you so much, amy. guess what? i stole it is her first birthday, can you wave to the camera. it's going to happen. we'll try through the weather. let's get the forecast. you look good. we've got some visibility issues in normman, oklahoma. virginia beach. mild weather coming up through the weekend. the central partly of the nation getting it first, through sunday it will move into the north an east, some of those places will
8:39 am
see two to three inches of rain. that's the big picture, let's check closer to home. >> reporter: thanks, ginger, david murphy standing beneath mostly cloudy skies, temperatures 38. sprinkle as showers possible this afternoon better chance in the evening. tomorrow, cloudy in the morning rain in the afternoon and at night. e baby. i'm taking it, george. >> don't steal that baby, ginger. we have brooke from "dancing with the stars" and so many other creative products. and now helping parents and kids with our parent company, disney. great to see you. >> happy holidays. >> yeah. disney and magic academy. >> i'm impressed with the concept. three things differentiate is. using characters that our children know and love and trust, mickey mouse and donald duck to make learning fun.
8:40 am
it's based on an incredible amount of research. you know, the possibilities are endless. when you really try to introduce fun in the learning process. and i'm also going to be cure rating the parent app. building a community. >> what does that mean? what are you looking for? >> choosing articles, sharing information and feedback with other parents around the globe. two parts to this. an ability to connect. parents can follow the learning journey, do it in real time. celebrate their accomplishments. shy is at home playing the game, i can follow his process and send him a digital high five. which is something he thinks is super cool. he says you're interested in the game i'm playing. >> you get it. >> you get it. and i can reward him for certain things. so it's a great way for parents to connect and follow the process. >> you have some experience with this as the ceo of modern
8:41 am
what have you learned about -- what are you taken away from how to deal with technology and kids? >> well, you know, it's a different time we're living in. we know that it's overwhelming. and you sort of as a parent have to accept we're living in a digital space right now. there are hundreds and thousands of apps to choose from. it's about balance for me with my kids. i have a couple rules. no tech at the dinner table, no tech in the car. i don't want to be just the driver. i want to engage in a conversation. it's about choosing the right games. something like this where we can make learning fun and it's a win-win for everyone, parents and children. that's what it's really about. a little bit of balance. a little bit of junk, a little bit of learning. >> i got to get better on that one, no games in the car. good at dinner tomb, nime, not car. >> i have to keep it real. >> thank you again. disney academy is available today. and coming up here
8:42 am
8:43 am
8:44 am
the movie "wild" is based on the memoir of cheryl strait, a woman who tried to cope with the
8:45 am
death of her mother on a hike. laura denver plays the mother, a deeply loving mother who tries to guide her daughter through life. take a look. >> do i regret my abuse of alcohol? no. not for one second. because it got you. and your brother. see how it works? it isn't easy. but it's worth it. >> as a mother, i got teary just watching that again. so happy to welcome oscar-nominated and three-time golden globe winner laura dern. >> thank you. >> the heart of the story is the relationship that your character has with reese witherspoon's character. her mother bobby was the love of her li her life. you played it perfectly, how did you prepare? >> thank you. cheryl was with us 90% of the
8:46 am
time. she carries in her cells the memory of her mother. and such a beautiful and authentic way. just being in her company, you know, i had the privilege of getting to know her mother. and it was just amazing. she's become such a muse for me and i think everybody who reads the book and now gets to see the film, what an incredible woman she was. >> and you have such a connection now with cheryl. i understand you all vacationed together? >> we did. we all love each other so much. we're so excited to be in new york and doing press so we can hang out and have dinner and be together. we took our families to big sur this summer. she got me hiking a little bit. it was amazing. >> you got to watch reese hike with those heavy, heavy backpacks. and just the cinematography, and being out there in the wild as you were shooting this, had to be a remarkable experience. >> it was incredible. and reese was profoundly fearless taking this on. it was a real physical journey
8:47 am
for her and emotional. she's amazing in it. and people will say to me, were you sorry you didn't get to be in the wilderness? i'm really happy with my part of the film. >> a warm, cozy home. >> yes. >> i understand you and reese were able to get a private careening with your own parents. can you tell me the reaction? >> it was amazing. we shared it with our parents and sitting there together with our mothers and my father was an amazing experience. and, you know, you hope in your life you get to the life where you can show them the gratitude you feel for things that are often missed earlier in life. they are pearls of wisdom. and so it was amazing. they talked to the screen a lot. i will say. but it was also very moving and beautiful. >> so many messages in this film. so thank you so much for being with us. and i cannot wait to -- urge everyone to go see "wild" in theaters now.
8:48 am
laura dern, thank you. >> thank you. things are going to get more wild. things are going to get more wild. speaking of wild, my grandkids bought this nest learning thermostat. programs itself... connects to their precious phones. i don't like it. being cold builds character. walking back and forth to the thermostat builds leg muscles. when the internets come to life and all these gizmos turn on us, these kids won't be able to run away on those shriveled little calves. will they love their nest thermostat then? i don't think so. the nest learning thermostat. welcome to a more thoughtful home.
8:49 am
8:50 am
well, look what -- >> if he bites me is all i heard. >> i heard, yeah, if he piebite you, no worries. welcome to jack hanna, director emeritus of the columbus zoo. he's brought furry friends. including this guy who can not sit still. >> just go over there. >> this is the one you're worried about biting. >> yeah, they're in the mongoose family. they can eat a cobra. >> i'm thrilled bout that. >> put a banana on you. >> the one thing they like to eat. let him walk on your neck. >> walk on my neck? >> it's sharp claws. act like you're a tree. >> act like a tree?
8:51 am
>> yes. they are in the mongoose family. they eat the coffee bean, it goes through their sbes tin and into the ground. >> people eat them. it's like a delicacy. >> he lives in asia. >> they're endangered? >> they're threatened. >> look how adorable these cheetah cubs are. >> just in time for international -- >> cheetah day was yesterday, yes. it's the most endangered cat in africa right now. it's the fastest land animal in the world. only 5% of the cubs survive after three months. >> how would are they? >> 5%. these are 6 weeks old. and the mother will consume them on the first litter. >> oh, no. >> because she's -- the second time she's fine. these came from -- out of a park in texas. the zoo did a great job raising
8:52 am
the cheetah. it's the most endangered in africa. you notice the dark marks. the cheetah was only one of the cats to hunt in the heat of the day. most cats don't hunt in the heat of the day. they hunt at night. >> you got the calm one. >> i love this beauty. you have a bush baby. >> yes. >> i don't think i have seen one. and i'm supposed to get a hat like yours. >> i have never done this before. this is a hat -- >> this is the thing you were worried about. oh, great. >> no, no. go ahead. >> oh, my. >> no, lara, hold on -- hold it. hold it. there. i'm not -- i wasn't trying to do that. >> what should i do now? >> just sit there. >> don't move. >> lara -- lara -- lara -- i'm serious, okay. what they do it, the reason i have the hat is, they can leap 30 feet at a time.
8:53 am
this is serious, everybody. >> okay, this is serious, everybody. >> they mark their territory by urinating. that's why the hat is there. that was nice of me to do that. >> are you kidding me? >> i'm not kidding you. this is a nocturnal animal. >> i thought you were producting my safety. >> i was, that's why you have the hat on. it's not on your head, it's on your head. >> thank you, jack. everybody, we love jack and the work you do. and this bush baby is delightful. >> they can jump 25 feet at a time. >> we can see. >> but i don't want him to pee on my head. next time i hope we have longer. i can tell you more. >> jack hanna, saturda
8:54 am
8:55 am
♪ ah, ♪ h it. ♪ push it. ♪ p...push it real good! ♪ ♪ ow! ♪ oooh baby baby. if you're salt-n-pepa, you tell people to push it. ♪ push it real good. it's what you do. ♪ ah. push it. if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do.
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♪ ah. push it. i'm pushing. i'm pushing it real good! our thanks to d.j. juss and to jack hanna. have a great weekend, everybody. >> family and friends of missing college student shane montgomery are planning new tactics for today to try to figure out what happened to him.
8:57 am
the group will visit bars throughout philadelphia not just in manayunk where he disappeared 8 days ago. the reward has grown to $40,000. let's check in with matt pellman filling in for karen. good morning. >> reporter: matt, 422, eastbound side slowing disabled vehicle is off to the side with the tow truck on the scene. we have a gas main break in bristol township blocking route 1 between haynes road and levittown parkway. in moorestown, burlington county they are milling the roadway, the road being flynn avenue stick with new albany road instead. gloucester county jersey turnpike southbound past exit 2, still restrictions there. matt have a good weekend. >> let's go to david murphy for the accuweather forecast. >> reporter: we have cloudy skies overhead for the most part, temperature is getting
8:58 am
better, but we're cold 39 degrees in the city and around the freezing mark in in allentown. the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast, high of 48. clouds build a couple of sprinkles during the day, the best chance of rain is late this afternoon into the evening. it won't be everywhere all at once, the northern suburbs are wetter than the south. saturday, rain building in, and everybody gets it saturday afternoon and saturday night. >> coming up on "action news" at noon, the birth in colorado that set a rocky mountain high. the surprise was a huge surprise for her mom. the doctor said she would be 7 pounds. she was more than that. "live" with kelly and michael is next. i'm matt o'donnell have a great friday and great weekend!
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, film and now broadway star jake gyllenhaal. and megan boone. plus the top 10 prens your family will love as we wrap up "live's" holiday gift guide. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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