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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  December 5, 2014 6:30pm-7:01pm EST

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welcome to "world news tonight." breaking now, the stunning turn of events. the rape case that made national headlines. and the apology, was it true? and which country was he allegedly helping out? and we show you the new body cameras worn by officers. is this a solution? and the monster storm about to hit. 30 million in the path. and with the new star wars coming, the legend here tonight. the unmistakable voice, and what they reveal.
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can you guess our person of the week? good evening, we begin this friday night with breaking news on several fronts. first, the explosive case, and a sudden reversal. seven young men accused of rape. an article in rolling stone. triggering protests at the university of virginia. but tonight, a stunning statement about the young woman at the center of the story. rolling stone saying that their trust in her was misplaced. here's linzie janis. >> reporter: discrepancies in jacki jackie's account are surfacing. rolling stone expressing regret
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that they never contacted the alleged attackers. but here's where doubt has been cast on three key allegations. first, the fraternity denies there was an event that week. and they say initiations only happen in the spring, and third, according to the article, jackie says that she was lured there by a member of the aquatic. jackie said she's standing by her story. tonight, uva students say they hope this doesn't discourage
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rape victims to come forward. uva's president saying this must not change how rapes are handling on college campuses. and rolling stone saying they were honoring jackie's request. and an american navy engineer charged with using spy craft to get his hands on the newest super carrier. and which country was he allegedly trying to sell it to? here's pierre thomas. >> reporter: a 35-year-old engineer has been charged with
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espiona espionage, sending plans to the egyptian government. this indictment shows classic tricks of the trade. hidden cameras, dead drops, false passports, and buried cash. but it was all a sting. investigators got a tip he may be dirty, and arranged for an undercover agent to meet him. the fbi claims he took thousands of dollars in cash, and give them unauthorized documents. >> thank you. and new york city and other cities bracing for more protests, we'll show you the body cams. will they make a difference, after the choke hold was caught on tape? the man 11 times, saying i can't
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breathe. ron claiborne, you have one of the body cams? >> reporter: this is what they look like. they're small and light weight. and some officers will be wearing them on duty today. meanwhile, new york city gearing up for more protests tonight. by the thousands, they surged through the streets of new york city. hands up in mock surrender. >> i can't breathe! >> reporter: "i can't breathe," the last words spoken by eric garner as he was being arrested beneath a pile of police officers. when you saw those videos, what did you see? >> i saw myself. i saw my brothers. i saw my uncle, my father, you know. i saw my sons. and i'm upset. it has to change. it has to change. >> reporter: today, two days after a grand jury decided not to indict officer daniel pantaleo, who placed garner in what appears to be a choke hold after trying to arrest him for selling illegal cigarettes, the
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nypd, starting its own internal investigation into what happened. >> if we find a breach of police conduct, we will file departmental charges. >> reporter: pantaleo could face disciplinary action, even termination. today, 27 officers starting testing body cameras, small cameras attached to their officers are supposed to turn the cameras on and keep them rolling any time they make an arrest, use force, or when an encounter escalates. the hope, to provide clarity in cases like this. watch as a dashboard camera records a police officer tackling a suspect. we have no idea why. now, watch the same encounter from the officer's body cam. the suspect suddenly becoming violent. apparently provoking the response. but gwen carr, eric garner's mother, for one, doesn't think body cams would have made any
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difference for her son. it's not just new york. also los angeles, philadelphia, and others testing out the cams. and they're going into the future. >> ron, thank you. next to the stunning images. blasting into space, and nasa launching the orion rocket. they hope one day it will help carry humans into space, to mars. and this perfect landing. what they did today that hasn't happened in four decades. here's david kerley. >> liftoff. >> reporter: tonight -- >> the dawn of orion. >> reporter: carried atop america's biggest rocket, orion went where no other craft built for astronauts has been in 42 years. out of low earth orbit, 3,600 miles away, sending back spectacular pictures of earth.
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the test flight of this empty capsule, designed to go to the moon or possibly mars. >> we can go to other places. we can do other things because we've made it flexible and adaptable. >> reporter: the key today, the heat shield. would it protect astronauts at 20,000 miles an hour and 4,000 degrees re-entering the earth's atmosphere? >> the moment of truth for orion. >> reporter: the heat of re-entry, the capsule survives. and multiple pictures of falling back to earth. its parachutes deploying all the way to splash down. nasa's success, just weeks after two private space companies lost a rocket and a space plane. for longtime engineers, it was an emotional day. >> so we've kind of now finally done something for the first time for our generation. it's a good day. >> reporter: a day closer for americans to reach deeper into space.
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but it will be years before astronauts are in an orion space capsule. with smaller budgets, nasa won't put people in the craft until 2021. but by any measure, today's flight was a welcome success. >> that was a lot of fun to watch. david, thank you. now to the brewing threat from the strongest storm of the year. look at this. the satellite image of a super typhoon. 180-mile-an-hour winds. more than 2 million people scrambling to get out of the way. rob marciano tracking it for us. >> this is a huge storm. the phillipines getting hammered by winds. the forecast, it's tracking north of where it hit last year.
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that could be bad news for manila. a slow mover, major flooding, and possible mud slides. >> and you're tracking winter weather tonight here at home? >> cold pockets across the northeast, pennsylvania, new york, through new england. and it goes up the ohio river, and saturday will be mostly a wet day from philly to boston. but tries up by monday. and president obama naming his choice for secretary of defense. ashton carter is expected to be easily confirmed as the president's fourth pentagon chief in six years. and chris christie, the report of the controversial
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closing of the george washington bridge, the report claiming that he had no idea of the closing. and 321,000 jobs created, unemployment at 5.8%. here's rebecca jarvis. where are the jobs? >> what is reassuring, the industries with the jobs tend to pay higher incomes. we've seen wages stagnate for almost a decade. >> thank you, rebecca. now to florida this evening, to a community where they've trapped and killed nine bears. one of them attacking a woman this week. matt gutman with the images of
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the bears taking over the neighborhood. >> reporter: from the trees to the trash cans. on wednesday night, attacking jean barber, walking her dog. tonight, florida fish and wildlife telling us this is the ninth nuisance bear they've trapped and killed in four weeks. just before that, a photographer capturing pictures of the same group of bears in trees. bear attacks on the rise nationwide, killing six ameri n americaninamerica americans this year. but central florida, ground central for bear attacks. this woman was attacked in her own garage in her hometown. and this man says if you were
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attacked -- >> cover your face and neck. >> reporter: experts all agree, never run. it triggers their predatory instinct. still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this friday. the conversations caught on tape. face to face, gio benitez tracki tracki tracking your stolen goods. when you're ripped off, where do your goods end up? and the big story from the vatican, even pope francis didn't know about that. and the iconic voice from star wars. one-on-one with the legend. what he reveals. our person of the week. brisdelle is the only fda approved, non-hormonal option proven to reduce moderate to severe hot flashes during menopause.
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stealing goods, and then resold. gio benitez, tracking down your goods and the alleged thieves. >> reporter: every day, your things get stolen. to catch thieves in action, we took popular targets to a professional tracker in san francisco. >> we can fit a small transmitter in here. it will lead us to right where the signal is located. >> reporter: a thief steals this bike, it's on the move. >> left the storage unit. >> reporter: we track it to a flea market. >> i didn't know the bike was stolen. >> reporter: it had passed
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through too many hands. and this bike, left more not even an hour. he's on the bike, but the police get him. >> suspect is in custody. >> was it worth all of this? a bike? >> reporter: hundreds of stolen bikes end up here in this warehouse. recovered by the police, who say you should write down its serial number so if it is stolen, you have a chance to get it back. gio benitez, abc news, san francisco. >> you can see a full report, "20/20," tracking it all down, at 10:00 p.m. tonight. when we come back, big news on joan rivers. this will make a lot of the fans out there very happy. (man) when i can't go, it's like bricks piling up. i wish i could find some relief. (announcer) ask your doctor about linzess--
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have more money than anyone knew. hundreds of millions of dollars tucked away in various accounts. and beyonce, the most grahammy nominated woman in history. and joan rivers, describing what she wanted at her own funer funer funeral. honored tonight. >> and the princes will visit the president and take in an nba game in brooklyn. when we come back, the swar wars legend reveali something
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and finally tonight here, one-on-one with a legend. the voice behind an iconic star wars moment. it turns out james earl jones says it was just an accident that he got the role. mr. jones. >> david, how are you? >> james earl jones, whose voice is legendary. >> no, i am your father. >> listen to this behind the scenes moment. the voice of the actor who wore
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the darth vader suit. >> you are part of the rebel alliance. >> now listen to the voice of james earl jones. >> take her away! >> about to turn 84, he's back on broadway. >> i've been on broadway some, but it's wonderful to be back. >> this time, playing a wise grandfather in "you can't take it with you." you said your grandfather had an impact on you. >> he was a farmer, a very simple man. >> leading james earl through a challenging childhood. your family didn't have much money. >> we had sugar that he hid away, but grew the rest of our food. >> and he was a boy that stuttered. spent years not talking at all, then wrote a poem in high
6:57 pm
school. there was a teacher that said, i want you to read this is, it's so good. the fact that george lucas chose your voice. >> that's an accident. >> you don't mind that now, do you? >> no, i'm very proud of that. and what was a stutterer. that's his darth vader. >> so many of his iconic roles. now, we study his caricature right there on the wall. and for this reporter, begging for a lesson? i do the news every night. and i can only dream of a voice with the kind of resonance that
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yours has. >> our voices are very similar, i'm afraid. >> you think so? and he revealed to me how he prepares. >> we yell at the seats. >> i'm going to practice this before the broadcast tonight. and make no mistake, they were all there for him. an honor. so we choose james earl jones. his 84th birthday coming up. we'll see you for "20/20" in just a few hours and "nightline" later on tonight. good night.
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this is "jeopardy!" introducing today's kids week contestants -- he's focusing on becoming a corporate attorney, because of his fascination with the law and the way contracts are written. from burlington, wisconsin, make it your business to clap for tyler van patten. [ applause ] she's hoping to become a teacher and inspire her students in fun and interesting ways, much like her teachers did for her. from johns creek, georgia,


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