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tv   America This Morning  ABC  December 11, 2014 4:00am-4:31am EST

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. making news in america this morning -- severe storms. a super soaker striking the west coast, schools closed and preparations under way as people prepare for a deluge they haven't seen in years. areas in the east buried in snow. tracking it all. former vice president dick cheney lashing out about the torture report. when he says about the tactics. and a driver crashes into a lake. a good samaritan jumps into action with a car sinking fast. and more fallout from the hollywood hacking scandal. a powerful producer taking aim at angelina jolie.
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well, very good thursday morning to you. people along both coasts waking up to a mixed bag of extreme weather. look at the radar, the more powerful of the two storms, a super soaker on the west coast, high surf and rain along with fears of flooding and mudslides. relentless weather from east to west. the rain falling overnight in san francisco. the beginning of a barrage not seen in years. sandbags lined the streets and schools across the bay area are closed today. >> the house just went. it's -- it's devastating. >> this week's high surf eating away at the shoreline in washington. pulling these houses right into the pacific. >> storm is supposed to hit in the middle of the night. so what may just look like a little bit of water on the road could be deeper than it actually looked. >> drivers warned to be caution and stay home if they can. in southern california, ten foot waves expected bit end of the
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week. >> stoerked. it gets really close to shore. some of the biggest waves. >> a rare blizzard warning for the sierra, that could see 3 feet of snow that's plaguing parts of the northeast. already 20 inches of snow near syracuse, new york. the interstate shut down for over seven hours. high winds peaked at more than 60 miles an hour. >> it's very windy. a lot of the trees in the backyard, worried about them coming down. >> the streets covered in black ice. causing this 15-car accident. >> couldn't stop the car. it was so icy. >> we turn to accuweather as millions brace for the worst. jim dickey tracking it all for us. >> good morning. snow winding down across the northeast. the nor'easter weakening moving inland.
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snow from burlington to the west and portions of pennsylvania. and as it comes to an end, not before many spots in new york picking up 6 to 12 inches of snowfall. storm getting going along the west coast. rolling up along british columbia on the west coast. and that's going to lead to significant rainfall. widespread 3 to 6 inch rainfall amounts for california. rain working down to southern california by friday. powerful winds too. wind gusts 40 to 70 miles an hour. leading to power outages in california. now to high-level criticism of the senate report on torture. on the fox news channel former vice president dick cheney calling it, quote, full of crap. >> the cia is lying. >> reporter: more fallout from the bombshell report that revealed the use of torturely the cia. colorado democrat mark udall
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claimed that the cia is not coming clean and president obama isn't doing enough to hold the agency accountable. >> the president needs to purge his administration of high level officials who were instrumental to the development and running of this program. he needs to force a cultural change at the cia. >> reporter: human rights groups are calling for the prosecution of top cia officials. >> from our perspective, accountability is the firmest and surest way to ensure this never happens again. >> reporter: a united nations special investigator is demanding that those responsible for crimes against international law be brought to justice if they travel overseas. but the white house said they did a review of the operatives and decided not to pursue any type of prosecution. >> the president has confidence in the criminal justice system. >> reporter: the cia pushback has been quick. john brennan saying it helped save lives. and former vice president dick
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cheney defending the program, telling fox news -- >> i would do it again in a minute. >> reporter: if anyone is prosecuted overseas, the justice department will fight the charges. >> thanks so much. and also the house votes on a massive $1.1 from spending plan to fund the government through next september. democrats are complaining, it weakens campaign finance laws and wall street regulations. republicans don't like it, it doesn't challenge the immigration policy. and some schools will be exempt from the school lunch program backed by the first lady. and blocks the recreational marijuana in washington, d.c. approved by voters last month. a more peaceful scene in northern california as protesters continued to rally against police brutality. smaller crowds for the fifth-straight night of demonstrations. briefly shutting down two train
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stations and disrupting a guest speaker on the campus of uc berkeley. and a wild scene on a busy manhattan street, an out of control car mowed down six people near the macy's store. and then slammed into a clothing store. the driver may have been drunk. the victim's injuries are serious but not life-threatening. and bill cosby, now facing a defamation suit from one of his accusers. tamara green said he damaged her reputation by branding her a liar publicly. he said he assaulted her in the early '70s. she was more of one of women ready to testify against him before he settled a lawsuit in 2005. now that the nfl's owners have unanimously approved the personal conduct policy, the
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wait is on for a response from the players union. they will put on paid leave pending an independent investigation. roger goodell retains the authority to rule on appeals with disciplinary measures. >> the policy is comprehensive, it is strong, it is tough. and it is better for everyone associated with the nfl. >> not so fast say the players who's union was left out of forming the new policy. seahawks cornerback said it's another example of the nfl making things up as they go along. now that she's won the nobel peace prize, malala yousafzai wants to be pakistan's prime minister some day. she wants every child to get an education. she was shot in the head by the taliban two years ago demanding that right. she is the youngest nobel laureate in history.
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and straight ahead on the chopping block. the menu items you will no longer find at mcdonald's. and the chilling details of the school shooter. and a driver loses control, his car plunging into a lake. the quick thinking that saved his life.
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welcome back. well, surprising new numbers overnight about americans and medical debt. nearly 20% of u.s. consumers, that's 42.9 million people have unpaid medical bills. coordinate a new government report.
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people are confused by insurance forms, hospital statements and doctors bills. they don't know how much they owe. plunging oil prices are good for the economy, but bad for wall street. the dow lost 268 points yesterday because the global oil glut is going to continue. a barrel of crude oil is selling for about $60 a barrel. that's the lowest in five years. but it's lowers gas prices and more money to spend in the stores. good for christmas. but plunging prices aren't expected to help with air fares. they are expected to soar 26%. and major reason is the fuel prices, they are not passing those on to consumers, they have commitments to buy fuel at higher prices. so it will be a while before the fares come down. and mcdonald's has big changes to its menu. they will be deleting more than a dozen items. and to keep up with competitors, mcdonald's will roll out a
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now the morning road conditions, lots of slick and snowy highways across the northeast. a dry ride for drivers in the middle of the country. damp streets from san antonio to dallas. heavy rain soaks roads from the west from seattle to san francisco. and if you're flying, airport delays are possible in new york city, boston and san francisco. well, a look inside the mind of a school shooter. telling police what drove him to kill. in his taped interview after his arrest, aaron ybarra told police he felt nothing but hate when he killed one student and wounded two others. he says he doesn't shed a tear for his victims. the first guy i shot at, he didn't take me seriously. i hate it when people disrespect me. i didn't feel anything, i didn't feel how my loved ones felt. >> he was diagnosed with a form
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of psychosis. despite the confession, he's pled not guilty. the driver of the suv lost control of the vehicle and flew off the road and landed on the roof of a garage. homeowners were awakened by the crash. >> my wife thought it was an earthquake. she was really freaked out. and i didn't even notice. i think i -- i probably had just fallen asleep again at the moment it happened. so i didn't -- i didn't hear the big noise that she did. >> amazingly, they were not hurt, though the cars parked inside the garage were damaged. and what's more amazing, police are investigating this crash as a hit and run. the driver got out of the suv and took off. and a heroic act by a college student in florida, jumping into a lake to save an elderly driver. the 92-year-old man was unconscious after his car plunged into the water. he dove in, pulled him out, and
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performed cpr until he started breathing again. he took it in striede saying he was in the right place at the right dime. and people in florida shaking their heads after a man won the $3 million jackpot. he was recognized, and the lottery has taken down the photo. there's no florida law from registered sexual offenders from playing or winning the lottery. cutting down on salt is the key to low blood pressure, but cutting down on sugar may be more important. hypothalamus is affected, causing the heart rate to quicken and blood pressure to rise. and the man we told you about yesterday. found alive on his boat after 12 days. 67-year-old ron inn gram is back
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on land now. he was on a coast guard ship that towed his boat home as well. he was further out to sea, and couldn't use the radio for a week. on tuesday, the navy and coast guard came to his rescue. >> i thought i was going to die. i hung in there. took mental discipline. but these guys are real heros and they save people's lives. >> he survived by eating fish. his son says it is motivating him to reconnect with his dad who he hasn't seen since the '90s. cam newton said the crash is putting things in perspective. police are not blaming him. he will not need surgery, but his coach says he will not play in sunday's game. he is expected back at the panthers facility today. and the sports highlights. we get those from espn. >> hi people who are watching news. here's the sports.
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i'm kenny. neil and stan aren't here. basketball, golden state, riding a 13-game win streak. hosting the rockets. clay thompson, good at shooting. made that one. under five minutes to go, tied at 89. this man. warriors up two. three minutes to go. green, to seth curry. featured in an espn promotion. and the warriors have won 14-straight. it's like a franchise record or something. how about the clippers, nine-straight wins, everybody winning a lot of games. chris paul. goes for blake griffin. i'm sure a lot of you are ian hill fans. later in the second, puts up five. paul, jordan, yep. and that call, and can jump high. they do that a lot.
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crawford, he wants to shoot and he's allowed to. 103-96, the clippers have won again. once again, in the word, beating nebraska 74-73. look that up in the newspaper and check me out. >> okay. up next in the pulse, the hollywood feud. the leaked hollywood producer e-mail calling angelina jolie a spoiled brat. and the u.s. navy showing off its new laser weapon. i'm j-a-n-e and i have copd.
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the perry chan gulf of mexico. it took out an incoming speedboat, blowing it up with no laser beam visible. it's a rat and efficient, and costs 59 cents per shot. hollywood tonight, it's a unique scene at the premier of the interview. they get involved in a plot to kill north korean leader kim jong-un. but there are no interviews at tonight's red carpet event. they are the target of an embarrassing hack attack. they released studio e-mails, and one of the e-mails a powerful producer calling angelina jolie a minimally-talented spoiled brat. the date has been set for david letterman's final broadcast. the 67-year-old letterman will host the final late show on may 20th. capping more than 22 years of hosting late night on cbs and nbc. if he makes all the scheduled
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>> good morning, i'm tamala edwards, it is thursday, december 11, slow down we're tracking flurries for the morning commute. storm tracker 6 live double scan is tracking a little batch of flakes hgd our way. a trade is in the works for short stop jimmy rollins. we have reaction ahead of the official announcement. we have details on a deadly incident involving police in the lehigh valley. what the district attorney said killed the man that sparked a police chase. dick cheney responds to the new torture report. "action news" is up in two. 7 and winds from seattle to san francisco. well, finally this morning, in an attempt to begin repairing relgts relations with people in low income and minority communities, police are working out to children.
4:28 am
one program that's working well is shop with a cop. we have the details. >> reporter: have you heard of officer friendly? well, you ain't seen nothing yet. one assignment for dozens of cape cod police officers, brighten the holiday for a group of young people. >> most kids don't even get to do this. it's a once in a lifetime -- that's all it really is for us. most of us don't get to do this with our family. >> these kids are underprivileged. they don't have what a lot of other kids have. and to do this, it comes from our heart. >> reporter: there was small talk over a restaurant lunch. >> normal job. it can be dangerous. you see it on television. it's all of that. but you don't see this side. which is actually my favorite part of the job. >> reporter: after lunch, shopping. a real treat, especially for austin after his recent house fire. >> this is a really good way to help get clothes and everything else like that.
4:29 am
it's really nice. >> asked him if he wanted to drive the cruiser. but he elected not to. i don't know if my chief would like that. >> reporter: lots of laughs and a ride in the police cruiser, all part of what this annual shop with cops program is all about. >> i'm getting a pair of boots. >> reporter: community donations make it possible. each child receives a $200 gift card. the day pays dividends. it builds trust that could prove to keep these children on the ball later in life. >> at the end of the day, they tell us this is the best day of their lives. >> reporter: at the end of the day they are wished a happy holiday, and they know the officers mean it. rondella richardson. >> that's a great program. still upset about my speeding ticket. that's it for america this morning. stay with us for "good morning america." as we mentioned, they'll have full coverage of the golden globe awards. have a great thursday.
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>> here's what's happening thursday, december 11.>> phillg to the trade of jimmy rollins. >> we have information on aillg police-involved shooting in the delaware lehigh valley. >> let's go over to david murphy, and matt pellman who is in for karen rogers. it's slippery out there today. >> reporter: we have a showe


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