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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  December 11, 2014 7:00am-9:01am EST

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. good morning, america. breaking right now, millions on the west coast battered by one of the worst storms in half a decade. homes destroyed by fierce winds and rain. roads crumbling into the ocean. cools and highways shut down. fears of mudslides and flash floods as parts of the northeast start to dig out from the huge snowstorm. new this morning, hollywood exposed. to sony has private e-mails leaked. adam sandler and angelina jolie among the a-listers criticized behind closed doors. hollywood's digest scandal ever? heroic rescue caught on camera. how he pulmoled the driver to safety and brought him back to life. and counting stars.
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who will go head-to-head in the first big awards nominations of the season? and could it be the leading ladies of thursday night in a golden globe showdown. which one is golden this morning? >> consider it handled. and we do say good morning, america on this thursday morning. a tale of two coasts right now. powerful storms on both sides of the country. >> the east digging out from the nor'easter. some places were more than 2 feet of snow. in the west, that already being felt. houses on the ocean destroyed. and the powerful pineapple express is bringing torrential rain. emergency is in effect, schools closed. ginger is going to start it off. >> sounds benign, the pineapple
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express sounds nice. it's an atmospheric river from the waters around hawaii. it's like adding gas to a fire. that's the storm hitting now in parts of northern california, oregon and washington state. this will trail in and bring wind warnings, flood watches, and blizzard warnings in the northern sierra. the entire state of california, all of informed anevada and ore. this is a huge deal. we have 5 to 7 inches of rain possible just north of the bay area. you put that on some of the burn cars and it is a disaster. add a 50 mile per hour wind, see power outages, and trees down. that's why rob marciano is dealing with it all, bracing for it like so many others. rob. >> reporter: ginger, as you know, california needs the rain. but this storm's going to bring too much in too short a time. the mudslides and the flooding. and the trees are weak from the
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last storm. there are going to be power outages in what is likely to be an historic storm for this date. the west coast bracing for a torrent of water and wind. expected to be the worst weather to hit california in five years. its first target, the pacific northwest. take a look at these homes, dangling above the water. large chunks of land cracking and falling into the rough waters below. the beach, known as washaway has been eroding for decades. two homes lost, and another fleeing, saying his home may be next. >> i new it was going to happen sooner or later. >> reporter: heavy rain across washington, flooding streets like this one. drivers trying to get through. in northern california, winds are pick up speed and could reach 70 miles per hour. in san francisco, the great highway along the pacific ocean, shut down. dozens of schools closed and the
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weather service warning anyone on the road to package emergency survival kit. nearly a foot of rain expected. fears over new mudslides, emptying debris basins, hoping it will be enough to protect against another zoodisaster lik this. and down through this -- >> looks like we're having tr troubles. but go ahead and start. from west to east, it's an ugly 48 hours with the nor'easter. you saw, 2 feet of snow in parts of western new york. what's happening now. and that's what so many folks are waking up to. and there's a bit of snow left, especially in the lake effect snow. right around buffalo, as if we needed more. thanks. turn now to the blowback from the explosive senate report on the torture after 9/11.
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vice president dick cheney blasting it. and an unprecedented press conference this afternoon. this is vintage cheney. >> reporter: indeed, this was classic cheney. when he was vice president, he signed off on the interrogation program and believes it was justified and saved lives by preventing attacks. in an interview last night on fox news, he said that the cia personnel that carried it out should be thanked, not blamed. >> we did exactly what needed to be done in order to catch those who were guilty on nec9/11 and prevent a further attack. and we were successful. >> this report says it was not successful. >> the report is full of crap, excuse me. the work that was done, i think, absolutely essential and absolutely crucial. i think we were perfectly justified in doing it and i would do it again in a minute. the cia did one hell of a job and they deserve our gratitude.
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>> reporter: not surprising to hear him talk about the interrogation program like that. although he's much more blunt, his views are not different from president obama's own cia director who said this program helped prevent attacks on the united states. >> and john brennan, he is going to be giving what i said was an unprecedented press conference at the cia this afternoon to confront all these charges. >> reporter: this is something we almost never see. a cia director inviting the press out to langley to have a press conference. an interesting one this afternoon. >> thanks very much. and now the latest on that major hack attack against sony. first the movies were leaked, and now private e-mails are going public. revealing some of hollywood's big secrets and unflattering messages about stars like angelina jolie and adam sandler. abc cecilia vega is in los angeles with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. sony, a billion-dollar company,
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produces some of the biggest hits in hollywood and depends on the relationships with the biggest stars. but those relationships may be in jeopardy this morning. >> the sony hacking scandal. >> and it is not pretty. >> reporter: this morning hollywood abuzz as tinseltown's dirty laundry is laid out in plain view. >> what a mess. >> reporter: the hacking scandal now even messier after e-mails about the a-list of the a-list were leaked. reportedly showing that top producer criticizing angelina jolie's talent and ego. and other e-mails make racial remarks about president obama. bashing adam sand her's movies, and a talent manager gushing at leonardo dicaprio, trying to woo him to play steve jobs. >> it's a public relations disaster the likes of which hollywood has never seen. >> reporter: the stars not commenting and sony not
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addressing most of the claims. but it did say in a statement to abc news it has had an enormously successful partnership with adam sandler and we intend to be in business with him forever. sony losing millions from pie rated movies. the guardians of peace accessing a list of phone numbers, employee's social security numbers, and aliases stars use to protect their privacy. >> this is extremely damaging. >> reporter: right now the fbi investigating whether north korea could be behind the attack. realuation for the new movie the interview. >> you want us to kill the leader of north south korea korea? >> reporter: premiering tonight, there will be no interviews. and sony laying down that unusual edict saying there will
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be no cameras or reporters allowed on the red carpet tonight. and now with the leaked salaries and deals, could this be fodder for future lawsuits? this breach has a lot of people very angry and nervnervous. >> i'll bet it does. and the nfl, commissioner roger goodell has issued a new code of conduct, including harsh harsher consequences. >> it's the nfl dogged all year about their criticism of handling of domesticing violence cases. coming two months earlier than the super bowl. in the wake of the ray rice scandal, and hoping it stops violent acts off the field. >> being part of the nfl is a privilege. it is not a right. >> reporter: this morning nfl team owners approving new get tough penalties for players accused of violent crimes. >> the policy is comprehensive. it is strong.
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it is tough. and it is better for everyone associated with the nfl. >> reporter: under the new rules, players charged with a violent crime will be immediately put on paid leave. the nfl will launches it own investigation of each case, not wait for authorities, and the commissioner himself will be taken out of initial disciplinary proceedings, but will retain final say on appeals. the policy coming in the wake of multiple domestic violence controversies, including an arbitrator's ruling that the league bungled the punishment of nfl star ray rice. but not everyone is a fan of the new policy. seattle seahawks star richard sherman saying i think the way the nfl is making things up as they go along is poor management and the players won't stand for it. even as they try to chart a new course, the rice case is haunting them. espn now obtaining transcripts from rice's punishment hearing
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that show the lead investigator never contacted police about the now-infamous elevator video, seemingly contradicting the commissioner's public statements. the nfl not commenting, instead looking forward. >> we're going to have people make mistakes. and we to want make sure we do everything to prevent that from happening. >> reporter: the policy takes effect immediately. but some people wonder if it goes far enough. some say the commissioner still has a say over the final appeal process, he's still involved in the discipline process. >> the pressure not going to stop yet. thanks very much. and to amy with the other top stories. >> good morning, everyone. we begin with staggering new figures out this morning about ocean pollution. the largest-ever study now estimates there are 5 trillion pieces of plastic floating in the world's ocean. that is nearly 700 pieces of plastic for every person on
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earth. enough to weigh 270,000 tons. and experts fear that's a conservative number with much of the plastic eaten by fish and other species. in washington, a plan to avoid a government shutdown hit a snag with a midnight deadline. they had agreed, but now some democrats are outraged at measures that would roll back wall street regulations and loosen spending limss for campaigns. and republicans want tougher immigration language. and wall street insider trading. an appeals court has overturned the convictions of todd newman and anthony chasten saying there was not enough evidence they knew the person gives them the tip had benefitted from the trades. this could jeopardize dozens of other insider trading convictions. and a steep control in oil prices may be saving you big money at the gas station, but
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it's hurting your 401k. worries about the effect on the oil industry sent the dow on a nose dive, plunging 268 points. well, police here in new york are searching for a pair of brazen fur coat robbers targeting high end sfoerps this thief stuffed a sable under his jacket. that coat, by the way, worth $180,000. and finally, few things more beautiful than a mother-child reunion. especially if it involves a panda. watch as the world's only surviving set of panda triplets were reunited at a zoo in china. there you see mama giving them a big panda hug. >> so sweet. >> and apparently the mama bear can only handle one cub at the same time. >> i understand. >> totally get that. totally feel your pain, mama pan panda. it took a few months, but now the handlers think she can handle all three. it was a beautiful reunion.
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>> thank you. >> you're welcome. >> thank you, amy. thank you for that. now to a frightening accident in the heart of new york city. right outside of macy's in the busy holiday shopping season. a car jumping the curb, injuring six pedestrians. gio benitez is on 34th street with much more on all this. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, robin. you said it, it was busy here. and right behind me, that is where the accident happened. pieces of the car are scattered all over the place here. the most seriously hurt, an 18-year-old with leg injuries. right in the middle of new york's iconic harold square in the busiest shopping season of the year, this car slamming into a group of pedestrians. the car jumping a curb in front of a packed forever 21 on the famous 34th street, right across from macys. seven people, including the driver, loaded into ambulances
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and rushed to the hospital. all this on the same day a car in california went airborne, landing on the second story of a home. that driver on the run this morning after fleeing on foot. incredibly research shows more than 60 vehicle into building crashes happen each day. that's why this morning researchers at texas a&m are conducting crash tests to highlight how sidewalk barriers can keep a car from getting on to a sidewalk and hitting a building and people. >> these are innocent people. walking into a store or a doctors office, and somebody made a mistake and they're getting to pay for their injuries or life with somebody else's mistake. >> reporter: a potential mistake that has left seven people in all with serious injuries. and so as they start to pick up the pieces here, word that the 34-year-old woman behind the wheel may have been drinking when she was driving.
7:16 am
charges are pending, robin. >> people were worried about tha that. i had no idea it happened that frequently. 60 plus times a day. thanks very much. appreciate it. we haven't heard from melissa rivers until now. >> until right now. speaking publicly for the first assign since her mother's death three months ago. and her words in her mom's spirit, touching and funny in the face of heartbreak. reena ninan has the story. >> reporter: the daughter of the late comedian joan rivers receiving a standing ovation wednesday. >> okay, now ya'll are going to make me cry. for me the last three months and six days, not that i'm counting, having different. >> reporter: speaking publicly for the first time since her mother's passing at the hollywood reporters 2014 women in entertainment event in los angeles. >> my mother was fearless. and i don't mean she didn't have
7:17 am
any fears, i mean, that even though she was only 5'2", she stood tall and walked through them. and that is what made her such a brilliant performer. >> reporter: recounting stories about the 81-year-old funny woman who unexpectedly passed away after undergoing a throat procedure at this new york city medical clinic. >> she was willing to say what others were thinking and too frightened to admit. she never apologized for a joke and no topic was taboo and she was fine with that. >> no man has ever put his hand up a woman's dress looking for a library card. >> reporter: details of her will on tuesday, leaving her money to a living trust, making melissa the coexecutor. and leaving with the trademark wit. >> if my mother were here, she would be grateful and proud, and beyond herself. she would be at the table beaming while discretely shoving
7:18 am
silverware in her purse. >> reporter: reena ninan, new york. >> exactly why we loved her. and absolutely generous to a fault. $150 million fortune split amongst her family, of course, and her loyal employees all got something. and also a lot of charities she bequeathed money to. remembered everybody who meant something. >> well done. and to ginger >> now the cold we are talking about, south florida, miami had a high of 56. same temperature as seattle that was the warmest seattle temperature on record. waking up in atlanta, 34. montgomery, alabama, 29. tallahassee, 36. orlando, 41. charleston, south carolina, close to the freezing mark.
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we got a look coast to coast, but now we get a look at the local weather forecast, brought to you by walgreens. >> reporter: storm tracker 6 live double scan shows you there's a couple of snow showers coming down out of the northwest, but they are falling apart in most cases, nonetheless we did get overnight snow. anywhere you see snow on grassy surfaces be take it slow on adjacent sidewalks and roads. it's cold with temperatures in the 30s. 39 is the high today. a couple of more snow showers
7:20 am
won't bring any more accumulation in all likelihood, but it will be windy anne chilly today. coasts. right in the center, a mild sandwich. i'll tell you how mild coming up. and new trouble for bill cosby. he could now face an accuser in court. and caught on camera, the dramatic rescue as a college student jumps into a lake, saves a man in a car filling up with water. and brian ross confronting the company that military families says are taking advantage. introducing the citi ® double cash card.
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>> breaking news at 7:26 a police officer from cheltenham, montgomery county was struck by a car. chopper 6 over where it happened as the officer was investigating an accident on washington lane. now, the officer was rushed to abington, memorial hospital. no word on a condition at this point. matt pellman is in for karen
7:27 am
with more on the resulting back ups. >> reporter: matt you can see the slippery patches out here, including this one washington lane at township line road in cheltenham. alternates include greenwood and summit, stay on 611. i would say church road is a possible, but there's a crash there, as well. meeting house road another accident scene. icy conditions along 100 southbound there's an accident. exton, past 202 slick in this area, in fact a vehicle went down the embankment, that's flashing lights. we have snow showers out there, david murphy is tracking that. >> reporter: a flurry on the terrace, matt, storm tracker 6 live double scan is showing you the northern and western suburbs have snow showers there. there's a decent one in berks county and extending into
7:28 am
northern montgomery county. we had other snow showers overnight that caused icy and slippery patches from philadelphia up to up north. take it easy on the roads. the windchill is making it feel like the 20s. high of 39, snow showers through the the day. >> we have information on how to help the children of a philadelphia fallen firefighter at and details on funeral plans. ♪ me and you, a holiday rendezvous ♪ ghirardelli squares peppermint bark. rich chocolate layers and festive peppermint. a ghirardelli original. ♪ a little reward for all the things you do ♪ get them before they disappear.
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. gravity is nominated for best film. it's the story of how george clooney would rather float away into space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. >> tina fey and amy poehler killing it last year at the golden globes. they are hosting again. and george clooney got the last laugh. >> so funny. a big buildup, and lara is in the social square with the nominations. >> i'm not alone. chris connelly is with us, the entertainment expert. so many great tv shows and movies. we are going to talk about them all. >> maybe a shonda showdown in best actress tv.
7:31 am
people like kari and viola. >> win-win. and then an abc news investigation, brian ross confronting the company who salesmen military families say are taking advantage of them. are the families being lied to? we will expose it all. and begin with bill cosby. he could come face-to-face with an accuser in court claiming he harmed her reputation a decade ago by having his publitist call her a lawyer. we have the story. >> reporter: she's one of more than a dozen women accusing bill cosby of sexual assault. but tamara green could be the first to face him in court. green first publicly accused cosby of assault in 2005, revealing via video conference wednesday that she has now filed a defamation suit claiming cosby damaged her reputation when his
7:32 am
representatives publicly branded her a liar. now 66, green alleges it happened in the early 1970s when she was an aspiring model and actress. she says he drugged and sexual assault assaulted her. when she went public, the statute of limitations was up. >> if she claims that the direction of cosby reiterated a statement that happened nine years ago, that would breathe new life into the case. >> reporter: back in 2005 green says cosby's camp claimed the super star didn't even know green. when green came forward again earlier this year w, cosby publicist this is a ten-year-old discredited accusation. she said it's for her and other accusers. >> she realized there was an opportunity to have the
7:33 am
allegations heard in the court of law where the truth can be told. >> there's no doubt as to the veracity of bill cosby. he's a rich and powerful man. this will give us a forum to speak our stories and tell our truth. >> reporter: cosby's lawyer telling abc news overnight, we are confident we will prevail and pursue claims against the attorney who is filed this action. you heard it there, cosby's team going after some of the lawyers bringing suits against the comedian. if green's attorney looks familiar, he represented paula jones who sued then-president bill clinton in 1994 for sexual harassment. now to a dramatic rescue caught on camera. a college student driving into a lake, racing to save an elderly man who crash into the a lake. >> this story involves the right person at the right place at the
7:34 am
right time, and all while a camera was rolling. >> i'm going to turn the car sideways. >> reporter: check out this heart-stopping video. a college student rushing into rising water to rescue a man who drove his car into a lake. pre-med student alton noticed the car plunge as he ate lunch across the street. >> i ran over, took my shirt off and threw everything and dove into the water. >> reporter: watch as he makes his way to the vehicle. the driver unable to free himself. >> banging on the window, sir, wake up, wake up. nothing happened. >> reporter: grabbing a hammer, alton breaks the window, pops the lock and opens the door. >> popped his seat belt off, put my arm under his shoulder and got him out of the car. >> reporter: as he carries the stranger to shore, he stops breathing. the future e.r. doc wastes no
7:35 am
time administering cpr. his pulse comes back, and while recovering in the hospital this morning, many are calling alton a hero. but he disagrees. >> i'm not a hero. that was my calling for today was to save this guy. i was in the right place at the right time. >> reporter: and remarkably when he couldn't reach him on the first attempt, he shouted out i need a hammer and an onlooker had one and gave it to him. >> everything felt right. >> incredible story. >> he was the right person in all ways. it was his calling. >> he was a hero, by the way. >> we have fog issues anywhere from new mexico to texas, oklahoma to nebraska. it will burn off eventually. salt lake city, 62. denver 60. it changes big time as you get to the weekend. the fog that i was talking about
7:36 am
and teasing, too, many wondering will i be in that? the cuts off the northern great lakes. atlanta in the 60s, dallas, 70, as they start the weekend. if you're looking forward to a reprieve, you'll get it. denver, 59. minneapolis, 36. that's the big picture, let's get a check close to home. >> reporter: thank, ginger, there are snow showers around, and take it easy on the roads. windy today, 39. another snow shower is possible, with little or no additional accumulation. streaming from. but they're okay. >> honolulu looks good every day. coming up, we have been told to worry about salt and blood
7:37 am
pressure. now new research on the that could really be the problem. and brian ross confronts the company who's salesmen are accused of exploiting military families. it's an abc news investigation. kay jewelers presents -- the leo artisan diamond. ♪ my love you shine so bright... ♪ yes! the design of its facets produces an incredible level of brilliance. from the creators of the first diamond certified to be visibly brighter. now at kay, the number one jewelry store in america. ♪ love you shine so bright. ♪ ♪ every kiss begins with kay. am i forgetting something? no holiday's complete without campbell's green bean casserole. wish you were here. ♪ [ doorbell ] [ gasps ] ♪ [ gong ] [ wisest kid ] m'm! m'm! good!
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. and we're coming up on 7:41, back with a report on military family who is say they're being taken advantage of by sales people pretending to have their best interests at hate. outraged families came to abc for help, and brian ross is here
7:41 am
with the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, george. for members of the u.s. military, making sure their families are safe while they serve overseas is a big concern. a concern we found was being exploited by some unscrupulous sales people working for one of the biggest home security alarm companies. in its commercials and online ads, the vivint alarm company says it's proud to protect those who protect us. but the actions of some of the sales people have left military families furious. including marine jason plumber, injured in iraq, who wrote to abc news fixer to say he was lied to. >> dear abc news fixer, i asked if we could terminate our contract with military orders. they said it would not be a problem. >> reporter: but when he had to retire because of his injuries,
7:42 am
they wouldn't let them out of the contract. >> we'll get one lump sum of a bill close to about 2,000. >> being a veteran and everything. and then this company tell use that you'll be able to get out of a contract. it was like you're getting stabbed in the back. >> and we're down. >> reporter: kristin chambers had the same problem when her husband was ordered to a new base across the country. >> i have now found out we cannot cancel our contract. i felt like they just said, sorry, sucks to be you. we're not helping you. >> reporter: and from fort bliss, texas, kristina, angry about a brushoff after she tried to cancel after heading on to the base. >> i have never seen a company give so many run arounds.
7:43 am
i thought i could cancel. >> reporter: the company has been investigated by seven state attorneys general and has an f grade from the better business bureau. >> the sales people are saying one thing, the contract says another. >> reporter: executives at vivint would not agree to be interviewed for our report. >> you do not have an appointment. >> reporter: nobody will give us an appointment. when we showed up to ask questions, a team of security guards showed up. we're leaving. don't touch anybody. their security system seemed to be working just fine. while the military families say they got the brush off from the company, it was a different story when abc news contacted them, they agreed to cancel the contracts. it always works to resolve concerns, including those of the seven attorneys general. but the better business bureau
7:44 am
says they are trying to avoid bad publicity and keep the f. >> you helped them. >> got the money refunded. >> that's on 20/20 tomorrow night. and for tips on how to avoid getting scammed, check out the abc news fixer on our website. getting it done. and coming up here, angelina jolie on how to say no to your kids. what to say when they want that toos and you have them. and the big names as hollywood awards season officially kicks off. >> on my good days, i can --
7:45 am
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. well, we are less than an hour away, wow. hold on. i just need to groove for a minute. less than an hour away from who could be going for the golden globes. we will have them live for you. that's why chris connelly is here. with everything you need to know before the big announcement. >> good morning. thank you for having me. lots of films and performances still awaiting public assessment. they are revvingup the movie awards show season with far more wide open categories than we have seen in a long time. right now mysteries abound. >> we must march. we must stand up. >> reporter: of immediate intrigue are the fates of two yet to be released epics directed by women. both period pieces with up to the minute relevance. angelina jolie's "unbroken."
7:49 am
the world war ii saga of an olympian turned p.o.w. and ava's sell ma, the story of dr. martin luther king's campaign for voting rights in the deep south. >> what happens when a man stands up and says enough is enough? >> your father was a drunk. >> reporter: birdman's placement in the comedy categories all but assures a best actor nod for michael keaton. a comeback kid riding a wave of long overdue appreciation. and hollywood sometimes orders off the menu when it comes to tv. there's an outside chance that we could see both viola davis -- >> how to get away with murder. >> reporter: and carrie washington get best actress nominations. who's up for a shonda showdown next month? the answers are just moments away.
7:50 am
that would be a lot of fun to see if they went head to head. . but a lot of talk about the movies. selma an interesting topic of conversation. can it get the press that it could? >> i saw it this weekend. it is so powerful. but it's not out yet. >> if they could have put it out tomorrow, must have. it's ripped from the headlines material. >> very timely. >> all right. a lot more to talk about. we will be carrying the golden globe nominations right here live this morning. don't miss that. and coming up, steals and deals, great toll day gift ideas, starting at just $5. we'll be right back.
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. and still ahead on "gma." we are counting down to christmas with amazing deals and steals. tory johnson is here with all the big savings. and then to stretch or not to stretch? your fitness dos and don'ts coming up.
7:56 am
>> hello, everyone, i'm matt o'donnell, 7:56 december 1. a half dozen schools are opening on a delay they are at matt pellman is filling in for karen, matt. >> reporter: we have a plethora of accident, including this one in cheltenham, washington lane and township line lane. a police officer was out investigating the crash and struck by another vehicle. washington lane blocked off as you can see, stick with greenwood and summit avenues. i might say stick with church road, but there's a crash there,
7:57 am
as well, at meeting house road. the speeds are down from royersford east to 23. a bunch of other icy spots, in limerick, one along knifer road at ridge pike. and 724. elsewhere in chester it is snowing on the 30 bypass by 340. crowded situation, as well. matt. >> let's see where the snow showers are right now, but heading over to meteorologist david murphy. hi, david. >> reporter: all right, matt, we have light snow on the terrace, not sticking to anything in philadelphia. looking at storm tracker 6 live double scan this is a prong of snow that continues to push down out of the northern and western suburbs. you want to slow it down on the roads, we have a lot of areas outside the i-95 corridor and up to the north and west, where roads are slick in spots. 35 degrees in philadelphia. temperatures dipped a little bit, below freezing in allentown and reading. 39 is the high today. windy conditions, a couple of snow showers through the day and
7:58 am
brisk tomorrow, matt, with a high of 40. >> authorities searching for missing college student shane montgomery are analyzing a new piece of video that has surfaced, details at ♪ ♪ hershey's spreads.
7:59 am
bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious.
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and blood pressure break through. where there's more to it than cuing salt. new research saying what could really be the problem. and angelina jolie is a big fan of tattoos, but she says her young kids want their own ink. thousa how to say no when your kids want to be just like mom. plus workout myths. should you stretch before you sweat? is it time to bend the rules? and reese and benedict's perfect kiss. why they are locking lips and it's caught on camera. and the golden globes morning. the star-studded nominations. a showdown between how to get away with murder and "scandal"? as we say -- >> good morning, america."how t
8:01 am
away with murder and "scandal"? as we say -- >> good morning, america. and that blanket could come in handy this morning. but the cold not stopping the smiles out in sometimes square. and robin, welcome back after a few days working on something special. >> it's a giving time of the year. i was down in orlando and disney world. a big surprise that will be coming in weeks ahead. disney park's "frozen" christmas celebration. and rob marciano was helping out, and sara, and tim tebow. we have performances by ariana grande and trisha yearwood. it was spectacular being down there. a little bit warmer. chilly for them. i wasn't complaining at all. >> you know this, you were there last year, the folks at disney know how to do it right.
8:02 am
>> great surprise. leave it at that. great to have you back. and how about the deals and steals, tory johnson. look at tory. a shopping cart. >> oh, my gosh, can i do this? can i make it happen? yikes. this is tougher than the grocery store. >> these are all starting at -- >> $5. >> how great this feels. >> thank you, tory. good night, everybody. >> yeah. >> robin, we're ready. >> that is nice. >> see you later for deals and steals. >> we will flip. a whole bunch of good holiday gift ideas coming up. we begin with the ferocious storm ginger has been telling us about, hammering the west coast. from seattle to san francisco, and expected to be the worst weather to hit california in years. more than a half a foot of relentless rain. hurricane force winds.
8:03 am
schools in the bay area are shut down for the first time since nech 9/11. millions of people bracing for the potential for mudslides. the director of the cia is expected to come out swinging day when he meets with reporters for the first time since that scathing so-called torture e report was released by democrats. john brennan is deftding the agency, saying that the harsh interrogation techniques prevented attacks. and former vice president dick cheney said it is full of crap. and said that president george w. bush was aware. and sony is scrambling, trying to disrupt sites sharing the hacked information. hoping to slow the spread of stolen documents, including e-mails bashing angelina jolie and adam sandler. they are thinking that north
8:04 am
korea may be behind the attack because of the the new movie the interview. gas prices are down, but some airlines are still raising fares because of high demand and because they buy fuel ahead of time and have not benefitted from those lower prices left. a california couple has a calm, cool police dispatcher to thank for helping them to deliver their son. in of all places, the parking lot at 7/11. little liam wasn't waiting until they got to the hospital. dad called 911. >> did you loosen the cord? >> yes. >> okay. do not cut it. is that the baby crying? >> yes, it was. the dispatcher knew who she was doing. liam is her 13th baby she's helped deliver in her 20 years on the job. mom, baby and dad are doing great. congratulations. and finally the most adorable picture of the holiday
8:05 am
season. you thought it was the pandas last hour. but this is from a mall in maryland. little baby scarlet decided to take a nap on santa's chest, and santa decided to join her. beats the crying baby hands down, guys. >> i want to take a nap now. >> adorable. >> thanks, amy. and health news now, and a new warning about hi blood pressure. we have been told that cutting down on salt is a key remedy, but cutting down on sugar may be more important. dr. rich besser is here. >> heart disease is the number one killer of men and women, and high blood pressure is the risk of the disease. but the focus has been on salt. cut down on salt, get rid of the salt. that's how you treat blood pressure. but this morning, two researchers are saying that sugar is more important. in particular high fructose corn
8:06 am
syrup, that raises your blood pressure. that's what we need to focus on. >> what? after all this time, i could remember my mom snatching the salt from my dad. don't use that, larry. what are you telling us? >> i think your mom was right. if you have high blood pressure, you're at risk, you have to pay attention to the salt. but i think there's more to it than that. paying attention to the added sugar has benefits as well. the place you're going to find those hidden the most, processed food. loaded with salt and sugar. >> i feel like every story comes back to the processed food. is that bottom line advice? cut it out? >> you can replay it every time. so much of health comes down to this. cut back on the processed food. it's loaded with things that lod
8:07 am
sugar. focus on fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats and proteins. it'll take care of the problem. >> you will take question on twitter throughout the morning. >> that's right. and "pop news" and weather cup here. >> i'm heading, thank you so much. and here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu" in "pop news." why jennifer aniston takes the cake. plus angelina jolie has tattoos, she's open about that. how can she say no to her kids when they want tattoos? we'll get into that story. and tory johnson is here with terrific steals and deals. we're talking 80% off. see what she has for us. how appropriate. let's bundle up. "good morning america" coming up in times square. stay with us. ♪ you don't need to think about the energy that makes our lives possible.
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8:11 am
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8:14 am
so is this. time for "pop news." we begin with the nomination for the 21st screen actors guild awards. they have been announced and jennifer aniston has a lot of friends in the hollywood community. snagging her first s.a.g. nomination for her role in the film "cake." congratulations. i know that means so much to her. she has tough competition. going up against julianne moore, reese witherspoon, felicity jones, and rosalind. that is a tough category. all terrific. a lot of great fare this year. and a "modern family" show down in the outstanding performance in the best actor category. ty burrell and eric stone street going head to head. it's a win-win. they're all just so good, and the writing gives them the opportunity to flourish. just a quick shoutout to edie falco, now the most-nominated actor in s.a.g. history with her
8:15 am
role in "nurse jackie." talking tv or film. congrats to you. and the norwegian tv station that brought viewers non-stop coverage of a barge moving down a river, showed nothing but a train chugging down the tracks. and then there was the 12-hour knitting marathon. they have done it again. the slow tv programs, okay, they're not people getting swallowed by anacondas, but they're big hits. ratings gold, i dare say. and now they have struck gold again with a 60-hour choir marathon. the choirs all over the country. and even one here in the u.s. made up of people of norwegian ancest ancestry. they sang a paul book, 899 psalms straight. 2 million people tuned in over the course of the marathon.
8:16 am
>> one song at the same time. >> that's beautiful, george. and finally, a lesson in how to take the holiday experience to extreme elevenlengths. way beyond the ugly christmas sweater. the showdown is tomorrow, robin roberts. now time for beard baubles. this is real. holiday ornament sets for the facially-endowed. the trend is taking off. beard baubles website, there is one, officially ran out of the colorful sets because of high interests. things will not get too hairy if you're interested. i just wanted to say hairy. they will be back in stock soon for your holiday party. and just show you, this is an example in person of what they look like should you be considering this for your ugly sweater competition. no, no, i have much more than beard baubles. >> i hear you're bringing props this year? >> i wanted to bring livestock. and they refused. >> what? >> they had to draw the line somewhere. >> oh, my.
8:17 am
oh, darn. >> i heard that george has something up his sleeve. you -- everybody has been so top secret about it. that is airing tomorrow. >> we don't have livestock. >> i was denied. management said, no, we draw the line at farm animals. >> competing under protest. heat index coming up. go to ginger with a check of the i want all of you to see the picture of my dad. this is my dad and now i know what to get him for christmas. let's go ahead and talk about weather, shall we. look at the windy gusts throughout california. we could see thunderstorm warnings and water spouts, you could see it throughout the next 24 to 48 hours. it's going to be a rough go from north to south. the snow is wrapping up as we end today and start tomorrow.
8:18 am
that's the big picture, let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: thanks, ginger, david murphy on the terrace. we have light snow falling right now and there are snow showers around. others that came through earlier, created slick conditions on roads so be careful driving and walking on sidewalks. 39 degrees windchills in the 20s most of the time and spotty snow shower is possible through the day and early evening. brisk tomorrow, high of 40. not as harsh with less wind on saturday, high high of 42. cele. >> girls weekend. all right. let's head back inside. thanks, ginger. i hope they have fun. in the heat index, the trouble with tattoos. angelina jolie opening up about how to deal with the issue. her kids want them, she's got them. how can she say no? reena ninan has the story.
8:19 am
>> reporter: it's no secret that brad and angelina's body of work extends beyond the silver screen. we're talking about tats. they have dozens between them and not afraid to flaunt them. now it's presenting a parenting problem with their six children. >> you're their role model. their going to emulate you. >> reporter: joe lee says her kids' interest in tats has horrified her husband. but she feels hypocritical. they're asking about tattoos, how can i say no? >> lots of parents have, they don't want their kids to go down that road, but when they have done it, it's hard to say no. >> reporter: how do you say no when your little ones want to be like mom and dad. if you have regrets, use that as a teaching tool. >> looking at tattoos, piercings, getting pregnant at a
8:20 am
young age, or drinking when you were a teenager. let them know if you had the chance to do it over again, you would have done it. >> reporter: she modified part of her billy bob thornton tattoo. >> when you're an adult, and you can make your own decisions, i will support you. >> reporter: adopt a do as i say, not as i do. >> they are children. >> reporter: and secretly revel in the fact that your kids want to be just like you. >> come on to daddy. >> reporter: even if you're not a big shot movie star. for "good morning america," reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> any thoughts? >> we got to wait. >> 18. >> it seems pretty simple. you're the parent. it's not the same. >> yeah. >> even though you have it. they're a child. >> yeah. >> who are you saying has it? >> not doing a vote of who has tattoos.
8:21 am
>> double christmas issue of radio times magazine is available now in the uk or digitally on the news stand on apple. and the science of stretch. are there really benefits to warming up your muscles before you exercise? or should you wait until after you're done? abc's sara haines has the dos and the don't the. >> reporter: football players, yogis on the mat, team usa soccer team, they stretch out before they work out. but is it all really worth it, and does stretching keep you safe from injury? while studies can't prove that stretching decreases your chance of injury, it has serious benefits. >> being able to move through a greater range of motion. most people feel better after they stretch. >> reporter: i met up with a new york city trainer to answer the question, to stretch or not to stretch? >> stretching is amazing. i think it's the best thing that you can do period. >> reporter: in order to knock
8:22 am
out the workout, i needed to know thousand kehow to keep the safe. >> pain-free zone. some people think that pain is gad good, it's not. it is going to the brain, stop. >> reporter: before the stretch, a dynamic lateral lung. >> that looks awesome. you look agreed. >> next, a must-do stretch for anyone who sits at a disk all day long. someone in need of a little extra push before that after work workout. feel it through your hips. feels so good. >> you're doing all this stuff, and the body is saying, okay, getting ready to do something. >> reporter: and this is the money move for those of you with lower back pain. >> walk back your hands. >> reporter: why would anyone not do this, it feels amazing. and after the workout, time to slow it down. >> it's going to feel amazing.
8:23 am
>> reporter: in my bum. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: this terrific twisted stretch will keep you from feeling sore the next morning. the big point is not that anyone thinks stretching is bad, it's whether it's useful or not. there's a difference between static stretching, p.e. class, save that for after. and do dynamic moving stretches on the front end. >> it's working for you. >> and a big thank you to equinox for letting us shoot there. >> and a big thank you to you for inspiring me to work out again. >> i might be flexing. >> over to robin. >> looking good. and deals and steals time. right to the website to get the deals. tory johnson has the discounts. look away, sara, we have some cake here. you have been good. >> lara will step in when she sees the cake. i love this company, it's sweet lady jane.
8:24 am
and their relationship with neiman marcus, an oprah favorite. one of los angeles' most popular bakeries. that's the old fashioned chocolate. three types, the raspberry lemon cakes. all delicious. just gorgeous for the holidays. normally $30, slashed in half, $15 today only. it's good, right? >> very good. this is really personalized. >> this is the one i had you all working on for me. this company is called normal. it's anything but normal. they create custom 3-d printed earphones. download the app, take a bunch of pictures, you submit the pictures, it's simple. you get custom earphones. you choose the colors and design the case. an amazing gift. and you can do a gift certificate. normally $199, these are slashed by 55%, $90 including shipping.
8:25 am
>> it does not take long to download the app. free app too. >> free app, yes. something i love from massi. these blankets are so incredibly soft. they're beautiful. ten different colors for you to choose from. big assortment. isn't it beautiful? faux fur. normally $175, slashed by 78%, $39. >> we're going to be fighting over these. >> next up from sea wonder. these are belts with initial buckles. and you'll see this belt, this particular one, is reversible. so brown and black leather which i love. you can choose silver or gold initials. normally for the pair, $76, slashed by 62%. 29 bucks. >> love it. >> and last but not least, kinects. they start at $5. there's tinger toys, and five bonus deals.
8:26 am
starting at $5. including one from our favorite, radio flier. >> and thank you to the companies for providing the deals. head to "good morning america" on yahoo to get the codes and links. and five exclusives online. holidays are coming up. also coming up, the golden globe nominations.
8:27 am
>> source yourself tell "action news" that a new piece of surveillance video shows missing college student shane montgomery around the time he vanished. he is seen stumbling across the bridge over the manayunk canal and disappearance into a nearby parking lot. # 27:00, matt pellman is here, filling in for karen. >> reporter: it's been a tricky morning commute. one accident north of this camera location it's a stop and go ride on i-95 northbound through 452 to the accident scene. we would a crash northbound approaching allegheny, but out of the way. northbound is busy, southbound is busy from cottman to girard with normal morning delays. on the schuylkill expressway there's an accident close to montgomery drive, the bigger
8:28 am
delay is on the eastbound side heading toward center city. 422, the flurries are coming down and the speeds are down, as well. a slow go from royersford to 23. >> we have snow showers on city avenue. here's david murphy. >> reporter: right now it's light on the terrace, take a look at storm tracker 6 live double scan we see that single prong of snow out of the northern and western suburbs, sliding to the east, much of philadelphia is seeing that, especially the northern tier and northeast philadelphia. be careful on roads, a lot of them are wet, but as matt pellman told you we've had accidents. the farther north and west you go, the more slick it will be. 32 in allentown and reading, careful driving and walking around, matt. >> this just in the cheltenham police officer who was hit by a
8:29 am
car this morning is listed in stable condition at abington memorial hospital with internal injuries. hlove" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
8:30 am
if you thought last year's ugly sweater showdown was epic, and it was, then what you will see tomorrow will leave you speechless. "good morning america"'s most epic ever ugly sweater showdown is on. tomorrow. outside, bundled up. i don't know if they have ugly sweaters under their jackets. lara is strutting around. you are the defending champion. who cares if you bribed the judge. >> is it what you wear? >> thank you for asking. >> just trying to get a tip. >> can i tell america, though. i was upstairs, and everybody is so top secret. i was asking my gang what george is doing. we don't know, but there are
8:31 am
electronics involved. >> i don't think i know what i'm doing. find out tomorrow. >> i've heard it's very intense. all of you taking it to a new level. >> okay. right now, a live shot of the beverly hilton hotel. and golden globe nomination this is morning. and in just a few minutes, the big winners and the reaction. but now to amy. yes, the highly anticipated bibbly cal epic, gods aexodus o tomorrow and i sat down with him. >> i'm to the division to the north. the raw division in the center. to the south. >> we should concentrate our strength in the center. >> you should concentrate yours on fight. leave the generalship to me. >> we are so excite to have joel
8:32 am
back with us on "gma." >> thank you for having me. >> and obviously it starts off that ramses and moses are brothers. but you can see the tension in those moments. >> yeah, he is depicted as the overlooked son of the pharaoh. and disregarded. and moses is held in higher esteem. >> it was all brotherly lo with christian bail. >> you saw me in the gold outfit. christian would make fun of me. >> didn't he say you had gold underwear on? >> i think he's made it his mission to educate the world that i had some fancy pair of gold underpants. >> but it's false. >> no. it's false. i nearly ran out and grabbed myself some gold underpants from american apparel.
8:33 am
>> he is a complicated character. what was the most challenging aspect of portraying him? >> in many ways it was throwing my mind into -- of course, the beauty of the books of exodus, why it's so res nant, we are not treating each other with equality. it underpins the story. the need for us to do that. i get to play the fascist figure in this. and that was as interesting and as enticing as an actor as it was difficult on a psychological level. >> it's a story that's been told for centuries and centuries. and i understand that you have said that this role brought you back to life. >> yeah. in many ways. i don't want to make it sound like i was on death's door or anything like that, but every now and then i have these moments where i question what i do for a living. a lot of guys do it as well. how important is what i do?
8:34 am
do i love doing what i do? and every now and then i'm not so good with it. and i have, you know, things going on in my personal life. ridley scott calling me. you know, you just need to go to work. and it reignited my passion for a lot of things. >> you were unbelievable. a pleasure to watch you and have you here. >> pleasure being here. thank you. >> exodus: gods and kings opens nationwide tomorrow. and out to ginger with the final check of the weather. >> we are n tampa is almost, as cold, in pensacola, pretty, the windchill is 34. atlanta, 34 degrees, that's the big picture, let's get a check closer to home. >> reporter: thanks, ginger, david murphy on the terrace. we have light snow in parts of the region. take it easy as the roads are
8:35 am
slippery. today's high, 39. 40 tomorrow. ginger, thank you. and coming up, the golden globe nominations. ♪
8:36 am
8:37 am
all right. everybody ready? you ready? >> we are ready. >> it's the moment everyone's been waiting for. time to find out the nominees for the 72nd annual golden
8:38 am
globes. we have kate beckinsale, peter, paula path patton, jeremy piven. a nation of thousands, all at the beverly hilton hotel. let's here what they have to say. >> good morning, everyone. and welcome to the nominations announcement for the 72nd annual golden globe awards. with us are kate beckinsale, peter, paula patton and jeremy piven. peter, please get us started. >> best performance by an actor in a mini series or motion picture made for television martin freeman, fargo. woody harrellson, true detective. montana you mccon may, true detective. mark ruffalo, the normal heart. billy bob thornton, fargo. best performance by an actress in a motion picture drama.
8:39 am
jennifer aniston, cake. felicity jones, the theory of everything. julianne moore, still alice. rosa lind pike, gone girl. reese witherspoon, wild. best motion picture comedy or musical. birdman. the grand budapest hotel. into the woods. pride. saint vincent. >> best performance by an actor in a television series drama. clive owen, the nick. lieb shooifer, ray donovan. kevin spacey, house of cards. james spader, the blacklist. dominick west, the affair. best television series drama.
8:40 am
the affair, showtime. downton abbey, pbs. game of thrones, hbo. the good wife, cbs. house of cards, netflix. best performance by an actor in a supporting role in a motion picture. robert duvall, the judge. ethan hawke, boyhood. edward norton, birdman. mark ruffalo, foxcatcher. j.k. simmons, whip lash. best performance by an actor in a motion picture comedy or musical. ray fiennes, the grand budapest hotel. michael keaton, birdman. bill murray, saint vincent.
8:41 am
joaquin phoenix, inherent vice. christoph waltz, big eyes. >> good morning. best performance by an actress in a mini series or motion picture made for television. maggie gyllenhaal, the honorable woman. jessica language, american horror story: freak show. francis d.c. dormant. francis oh connor, the missing. allison tolman, far go. best performance by an actress in a supporting role in a motion picture. patricia arquette, boyhood. jessica chastain, a most violent year. keira knightley, the imitation game. emma stone, birdman.
8:42 am
meryl streep, into the woods. best director, motion picture. wes anderson, the grand budapest hotel. ava duvernay, selma. david fincher, gone girl. alejandro gonzalez, birdman. richard link letter, boyhood. >> best performance by an ann actress in a motion picture comedy or musical. amy adams, big eyes. emily blunt, into the woods. helen mirren, the hundred foot journey. julianne moore, maps to the
8:43 am
stars. >> quvenzhane wallis, annie. best performance by an actor in a motion picture drama, steve care carell, fox catcher. >> benedict couple ber ber batch. >> jik gyllenhaal. >> selma. >> eddie red main, the theory of everything. best motion picture drama, boyhood, fox catcher, the imitation game and the theory of everything. >> congratulations to all our nominees. and please join us for hollywood's biggest celebration on sunday, january 11th, for the 72nd annual golden globe awards hosted by tina fey and amy poehler live on nbc. good morning. >> good morning to you, sir. abc's chris connelly is here. >> that's early.
8:44 am
>> come on, guys. come on. what jumps out most to you? >> immediate thing is a very good performance for birdman. a number of acting nominations and a best musical or comedy nomination. and a disappointing performance for angelina jolie's movie, unbroken. >> boyhood got a lot. >> it's in there, has been all along. >> imitation game as well. >> imitation game with cumberbatch is in there. >> so happy to see whiplash get a nomination. >> he is a likely front runner, in the same way that patricia arquette is in the front for boyhood. they're in it to win it. >> "modern family" didn't get the nod. >> with tv, it's like getting a nod from the incredibles. i don't get a nod. i get a stacks from the now. we have transparent.
8:45 am
cutting edge from amazon. we have, you know, the affair is in there as well. so that's kind of what we would expect to see. >> you're deserving of an award with that imitation. >> i have only watched that movie 300 time and big hero 6 getting nominated for the animated movie. >> conn conn, ladies and gentlemen. we are going to have the director of selma. ava duvernay is on the phone. you have to be very, very excited. i was very fortunate to be in santa barbara for the screening this past weekend with oprah and everyone. and just your thoughts on getting this golden globe nod. >> oh, we're in toronto. it's snowing outside. i'm with one of my best friends in the world, david, we're very, very thrilled that the film was recognized. what a morning. >> what a morning, indeed. and, david, congratulations to you as well with your
8:46 am
nomination. and i'm telling you, it could not have been yaeds easy to pla icon like martin luther king jr., but you did it brilliantly. you must be pleased as well this morning. >> thank you. i'm really grateful for you saying that. yes. i'm very, very excited. you know, it was a long journey to getting this made. it's just so gratifying that people are seeing it, enjoying it. that we get to celebrate this great man, this great movement. and as we all know, it's a very timely time for this film. so there's just so much about it that i feel blessed about. >> you must wish that this movie were coming out tomorrow given how closely it hues to things that are going on right now. >> you know, if there's one thing i have learned about this movie, is that its timing has been pretty perfect. i think the fact that this film is very much in the swriet geist, and people are going to be, i hope, anticipating seeing it. and we just cannot wait to share
8:47 am
it with the world. and we hope they'll embrace it as it has been embraced by us. >> ava, there are many directors who took on the project and for whatever reason they left the project. you stay ed on it. and you came on. and everyone felt once you became a part of it. what was it about this story that resonated with you that you said has to be told? >> you know, the fact there hadn't been a major motion picture with dr. king seemed criminal. i'm not sure why it was the case. it came together when the right group of people came on board. so thankful to the producers. and a cast member, oprah win free. the whole team. they wanted this film made now. perhaps that's why it took so long. we are to thrilled. >> it is timely. we will be talking to you more. sitting down with oprah over the
8:48 am
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>> we are back with chris connelly. >> julianne moore, and clearly her performance changed the way people look at things. people see julianne moore as being a strong contender. she's been up for the races a lot. and people think she deserves a role like this. and reese wither ston, a great chance and another successful book. and gone girl. and felicity jones, that's a coming out party for her. that's a competitive race.
8:51 am
and so see aniston showing up strongly gets people excited. >> no ben affleck. >> which is surprising. he got some good attention. very strong performance from the brits in the best actor drama. you have benedict cumberbatch and harry redmayne. i think keaton is the favorite in the best actor, musical/come day. a great comeback story. great memories of him in movies like mr. mom and night shift and stuff like that. >> batman. >> that little movie. that little batman movie he did. >> he plays -- the movie is about somebody who's making a comeback. and he is too as well. >> art imitates life imitates life that kind of thing. >> yes, sir. >> and boyhood, it's been strong since it came out. it's going to be a contender through the oscars. and did well. >> john legend, nominated for
8:52 am
best original song, glory for selma. how are you feeling this morning? congratulations. >> he's speechless. speechless. >> you know, he is married to -- maybe doesn't want to get to the phone just yet. >> we will try to get him back on the line in (vo) nourished. rescued. protected. given new hope. during the subaru "share the love" event, subaru owners feel it, too. because when you take home a new subaru, we donate 250 dollars to helping those in need. we'll have given 50 million dollars over seven years. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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back here, talking golden gloe globes. and on the phone, jake gyllenhaal nomination for best performance by an actor in a motion picture drama for night crawler. congratulations, jake. >> thanks, robin. thanks so much. >> it was really brilliant. when you were here, we felt that -- no one is surprised by this, jake. >> no, that's really sweet. robin, first of all, thank you for being so sweet each and every time i come on the show. so nice of you. it was a labor of love, the movie. it was a nice honor. a really nice honor. >> your whole family is doing well. maggie got a nomination as well for honorable woman.
8:56 am
>> and i am doing a show with ruth wilson. ruth wilson got nominated too. i'm surrounded. >> you're going to have to do a lot of table hop. wear comfortable shoes to go from table to table. congratulations. >> thank you. i have yet to talk to my sister, but i'm really excited for her too. she's incredible in the show she did. and i'm just like, i think it's the best work she has ever done, really. and it's nice to see her recognized. it's cool. good morning. >> jake, congratulations. very well done. have a great day, everyone. >> developing at 8:56 a police officer from cheltenham, montgomery county was struck by a car and is in stable condition at aning ton hospital.
8:57 am
-- abington hospital. it happened as the officer was investigating and accident on washington lane. we'll have a live update on "action news" at noon. matt pellman has an update on the crash scene. >> reporter: the matt, washington lane is blocked off at township lane road, greenwood or summit avenue possible alternates. a crash at church an meeting house road. two weeks to christmas, it's looking like it, this is five points, 309. the snow is coming down. state road is closed at 309 because of appear accident, cat hill road an alternate. vehicle fire along broad street at cherry street. we have 202 we have a problem decent amount of snow in the area. >> our snow is moving through the area. let's go outside to david
8:58 am
murphy. >> reporter: down to flurries, matt, we have that prong of snow coming down from the northern and western suburbs. it will push east of philadelphia. but there's additional snow pushing from the north in through northern chester county. we'll be in and out of the snow showers through the morning and a couple of more this afternoon. 36 degrees in philadelphia. we've popped above the freezing mark in allen allen be -- allentown. people on the west coast are getting ready for the biggest storm in a decade. find out how they are preparing on "action news" at noon. "live" with kelly and michael is next with jamie foxx. have a great thursday everyone!
8:59 am
9:00 am
announcer: it's "live with kelly and michael." today, academy award winning actor jamie foxx. and star of the series trantran, jeffrey tambor. plus, we continue our holiday hits week with a performance from anthony hamilton. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] announcer: now here are kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] [cheers and applause]


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