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tv   Nightline  ABC  December 13, 2014 12:37am-1:08am EST

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this is "nightline." >> tonight -- >> the greatest racial disparity. the city of milwaukee is getting shot and killed. hello. >> the outspoken police chief who went viral. and tension with cops in the cross fire and those who are meant to protect. we are hitting the streets of milwaukee to see how it goes down. plus, iggy azalea, ariana grande. and joining the shower singer on hig big time fame. and angelina under attack. she is a do-gooder, who showed her dark side and tonight,
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good evening. thanks for joining us. heated protest tonights in one mid western city, echoing tensions across the country.
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you are able to meet the police chief making waves with his tough-talking approach to bridging the racial divide. he is not one to tiptoe around touchy subjects as i took to the streets to go with him and his men in blue. as we look at race, justice in america. >> nice to see you. >> he's the police chief who is not afraid to speak his mind. >> if some of of the people good a good god damn about the people in the community, i would take them more seriously. >> so outspoken, his e moeshlly charged tirade went viral. >> 80% of my homicide victims every year are african-american. >> wet, edward has his own ferguson to contend with it.
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an an unarmed man shot 14 times bay cop. and this man, derek williams, arrested and cuff in the back of a squad car, struggling to breathe. please sir, i can't breathe. >> dying in police custy. so reminiscent of the "i can't breathe" outrage that is sweeping the country. but the accusations of police brutality may surprise you. >> a lot of people want to talk. and day to day, the bullet holes in that window, i'm not getting protesters here. >> so we traveled to milwaukee to see how they are dealing with the ranging conflict. >> we are robbery issues, capital drive. >> the seven precincts share the
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crimes. we are with jackson. he takes us in a high crime neighborhood. he grew up in milwaukee. he is now a 22-yard veteran. >> make sure you get your home work and get it done, all right? >> all right. >> that is jackson in the central of the protest for hamilton, the homeless man who was patted down. they got in a fistfight. dontray hit him and he was shot 14 times. >> premeditated isn't even 14 bullets. >> but what chief did was unexpected. he fired him for not brutality. but for triggering the fight. do you they chiefs need to step up and fire copses in wrong doing? >> i think you are surprised.
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>> more than a dozen cases of officers fired nationwide in the past year in and half. but after manning's firing, a no confidence vote. 99.3% against the chief. >> and i have no idea how many people actually voted. >> the police unit denied our request from a sbre view. >> a lot of sfers misperceive hit to do with a use of force. and the reason i did it, he was clearly wrong and his judgment placed him in a jeopardy decision. >> it's an open wound in community police relations in milwaukee as everyone awaits word about an indictment. >> is it intense? >> it's not intense only here in the country. it's you see black and brown people that have shot down dead in the street. >> but the officer's
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determination is not enough. we stopped in on a barbershop where the kfrkss are in full gear. >> and the prosecution is better. >> it's a lot about poverty. and misguided parents. uneducated parents. we have a lot of drugs and guns and violence that goes on in the every day life of african-american people. >> what is more dangerous for the black man in the neighborhood? >> us. >> you say us? >> yeah. >> every time you see someone on the corner, you cannot assume they are selling drugs. >> just say ug, sometimes policemen show up and seen as harassing the folks. >> a lot of times it's community members calling in. they give a description and actions of what someone is doing. >> and if they call and say young black man with a hoodie, what are you looking for?
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>> whoa. >> suddenly the neighborhood. >> as we are driving away, officer jackson spots a bunch of men on the corner where a man was shot and killed last week. who know they are there for. as we turn around -- look at this person. >> he is leaving. >> we get them to stay and talk to you. >> they want to move us along. >> where do you move us to? this is where we live. >> what about the people in the neighborhood who feel threatened by convergence of men in the neighborhood. >> who are those people? >> me. me! i be threatened. >> across town on this day, chief flynn is about to address a new class of rookies. >> we also need moral courage and that is the hardest part of the job.
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officer safety is protecting your colleagues from bad judge t mentes that can put their careers at risk. never lose slight over. >> that among the rookie, officer ward. >> one of the greatest tools i have is my personality. >> what people have to realize is that police officers are people, just like you and i. they have good days, bad days, we are so, so, incredibly proud and we just hope and pry that he comes home safe every day. >> we ask a lot of officers and try to train them for it. but it's extraordinarily stressful and sometimes with the best of intentions, you are getting it wrong. sbp which is why they didn't fire the officers with williams. >> i think they made an error in
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judgment. but they weren't doing something maliciously. they just missed the symptoms. >> inted, any time a suspect says he can't believe, police must call an ambulance. his voice reminding those on both sides of the thin blue line we are all human. where does the emotion come from? >> the same cop that sheds a tear. they picked a baby up on the floor. this is an emotional job. the key with pleasing is to keep those emotions. >> we are backstage with the shower singer as a raises star is born. and later on "nightline,"
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♪ >> just like just gin bieber before her, becky j started out on yub tube. yes, the singer of the hit "shower" has come far since the posts at the age of 1. it takes more than a catchy tune. tonight, we take a look at the star that can transform the wannabe to the next beth thing. >> problemsly iggy azalea and
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ariana grande. they skyrocketed from obscurity to the top of the sharps in months in there. is a marketing machine devoted to handle out idols. and all eyes on her. >> hi, how are you? >> there we go. >> at
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youtube. >> and at 11. >> and very videos like to cover of can ya west's song went viral. and caught the attention of
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famed producer dr. luke. >> and i was like, yo, what's up. i'm dr. luke. >> and i'm like, hold on, dr. luke, the man known for number one hits wanted to meet me. what? >> they are inescapable. he is behind songs like "roar" katy perry and "timber" by kesha. >> i'm like n ten minutes, he offered me a deal. >> becky says the relationship with the producer and the record label is like a second family. and they hemmed her on the billboard hot 100 with a single "shower" ♪ dancing ins the mirror and singing in the shower ♪ >> and collaborations from pit bull on "can't get enough."
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she is positioned to appeal to a wider fan base on and tour, she is opening for the biggest names in music. >> i was on turn with katy perry. i got say it! i'm proud. >> oh, yeah, she is also the new face of cover girl cosmetics. >> i'm becky g, easy, breezy, cover girl. >> and all it comes with sacrifices. >> i will never know what a home coming is like and getting in trouble with the teachers. i don't regret making the decision that i made. >> we caught up with becky on set for the shoot of her latest video. >> it's visual. we are now recording the can't stop dancing music video. >> this is the first time we will get to see big girl becky. >> sometimes kit mean amping up the sex appeal. >> let's here it. keep the moments going.
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>> she says that the trademark tooth gap is here to stay. >> the fans love it and the haters hate it. >> are you going to lose the gap? >> why should i change myself to be what everyone wants know be. >> and like the hit "shower," it seems tagged for greatness. ♪ >> there have been critics that criticized "shower" saying it's overly poppy and it lacks the authenticity and attitude. >> those lyrics are feelings of what i was feeling. how can they tell me it's gnat real? it's not genuine. as an artist, you have a trite grow and evolve and change things up when you get to the top. >> she says she is still in
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control of her career and image. and answering critics in the j. lo cover "becky from the block". >> i have no problems speaking up. >> behind the scenes, the confidence, she says, comes from having a close knit family by herself. >> my parents are so cool. they are hip. they know what's up. and they will be like, that is showing a little too much. or, becca, i don't know. >> you are still daddy's little girl. >> yeah. >> all of this is for your little girl. >> i'm not used to showing up on sets like this and having it be about her. >> her parents have struggled financially for years. one point, the family of five slept in her grandmother's
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garage. >> when one struggles, we all do. >> i don't have the lesson and i need someone to drive me around and i need dad to be the breadwinner of the house. >> you know who is in the house. you need to get the party going. >> nowhere near where i want to be in my career as a teacher. and i feel like i am really starting to get into it. and it's -- it's only the beginning. >> for "nightline," i'm rachel smith in los angeles. >> angelina jolie is striking back tonight after the e-mail leak at sony is affecting hollywood's biggest stars.
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the awkward apology tour begins today. when their e-mail is hacked. what happens when one of the subjects of your exchanges is angelina jolie and you bump into her at an event. not afternoon is all smiles. >> reporter: tonight this image. the minute that angelina jolie and the hollywood producer locked eyes. and she bashed jolie for having a lack of talent and ego. pascal tells "the hollywood
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reporter" she has reached out to if al sharpton and jesse jackson about the heeling process. they made racial jokes about president obama, saying he might like the slave movie djengo unchained. >> you want us to kill the leader of north cee yanchts all this as sony's comedy about north cee in the middle of a cyber war, had its premiere last nights, a red carpet and no sbre views. >> there is no red carpet tonight. up. >> and late today, jolie releasing this video and pulling out of her own premiere for the movie "unbroken." apparently, not because of the scandal. >> i found out last night that i
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>> welcome to inside the eagles i'm your host jon dorenbos joined by my man donnie jones. between front and second on chestnut is famous, philadelphia famous restaurant prime stash and you will be able to check it out. we will go right back in the wolf's den where what is going on, that is right, we have evan mathis and jason kelce teaming up. should be a great time. >> our favorite, we have untitled competition game where i will pick a partner, you will pick a partner and i will compete against you, you test verse lsu, magician verse dj, all right here coming up. >> here we are with one of the best tightened to ever play the


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