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tv   ABC World News Now  ABC  December 15, 2014 3:30am-4:01am EST

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breaking news this morning on "world news now" -- the siege in downtown sydney. the terrifying ordeal in australia's biggest city. the dramatic developments and pictures coming in. the crisis at sony. hackers releasing more damaging and embarrassing information from the moviemaker. what the company is planning to do today. on the spot. a woman busted for stealing three eggs from the supermarket. what the police officer decided to do. the act of humanity and generosity that you have to see. in "the skinny," barbara walters' most fascinating people of the year. so many headliners and celebrities and only one person topping that list. it's monday, december 15th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >> good morning to you. i'm reena ninan. >> i'm t.j. holmes. we start with breaking news. the tense hostage situation in
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australia paralyzing downtown sydney. >> several terrified captives managed to escape in two waves, running to the safety of waiting police officers. you can see the terrified looks right there on their faces. >> the hostages were taken by a gunman early this morning in the busy district of australia's biggest city. it's not far from the opera house where tonight's performances are canceled. we get more from abc's gloria riviera. >> reporter: these pictures. a hostage situation in a shop in the busy business district of australia's capital city. >> i heard some witnesses say that they went to go in and saw a man with a sawed off shotgun. >> reporter: heavily armed police in s.w.a.t. gear surrounding the area, closing down busy streets and evacuating nearby buildings. >> we don't yet know the motivation of the perpetrator. we don't yet know whether these are politically motivated, although there are some indications it could be.
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>> reporter: australian tv airing this image of people inside holding a black flag with white arabic writing. others holding their hands up against the window. >> there were people sort of standing in the doorway. they looked and saw a policeman at the edge of the foyer. he yelled at me to get out. i walked toward him and he ushered me quickly around the corner. >> one of the gunman, or the gunman, appears to be middle aged with a black headband with white writing on it. >> reporter: they also confirmed to abc news they are responding. >> a lot of tourists are being ushered away from the opera house, the harbor side itself. they're all marshaled back toward the city end. >> we are being tested today in sydney. the police are being tested. the public is being tested. >> reporter: gloria riviera, abc news, washington. >> so many people so surprised at the beginning of this
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not knowing who the hostage takers were, what their motives were. and we also know "the daily telegraph" has the headline, the cbt attack. and the instant we changed forever. >> there are so many -- this is an ongoing situation. so many questions to be answered about what's happening there and everybody around the world keeping an eye on this and trying to find out is this the start of something else. we're in that day and age where people are thinking terrorism, but you have people all over the world, places like new york, london and other major capitals and other major cities are keeping an eye on this and thinking, do we need to be on alert? stay with us on abc news. we cover this siege in sydney. look for instant updates on and more details on "america this morning" and "good morning america." scandinavian airlines is denying reports that there was almost a collision with one of its airlines. the swedish military sounded the
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alarm over the weekend saying the russian jet had come dangerously close to colliding with a passenger jet sparking concern about russia's possible intentions. a spokesman says the incident has been blown out of proportion and there was no danger. no doubt it was a bird strike that forced an emergency landing in baltimore on friday. passengers on board the southwest airlines flight snapped pictures of flames out the window and saw a hole in one of the wings. ground crews were awaiting as they approached, but the pilot brought the plane in safely with no injuries. there were 142 passengers and 5 crew on board. in a desperate attempt to contain the growing scandal over leaked e-mails, sony is asking media outlets not to publish any more of the documents. experts say that's not going to happen and may do even more damage to sony's already tarnished reputation. more embarrassing secrets were revealed over the weekend. here's abc's linzie janis. >> reporter: more documents
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exposed in a fresh document dump by the sony hackers. and a new threat from guardians of peace, the group claiming responsibility for the cyberattack. promising a large christmas gift, including larger quantities of data which they say will put sony in its worst state. >> i really do believe we'll know who the actor is before the end of the month. >> reporter: some of hollywood's biggest names already humiliated in the massive breach. new stolen e-mails reportedly show two executives mocking will smith's kids, and a sensitive george clooney apparently losing confidence after bad reviews for his movie "the monuments men." executives also reportedly discussing a possible destiny's child biopic, a female spider-man movie, and a role for kanye west in a feature film. as for who these hackers are, cyberexperts say they could be linked to north korea. >> the profile of the hackers definitely is -- leads us to
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believe it's an activist or hacktivist phenomenon. it mirrors the attacks leveraged against south koreans in march of 2013. >> and how they likely got into sony's computers serving as a warning for all of us. >> linked within an e-mail that you click on that puts a malware, a virus, in those systems. >> reporter: the blows keep on coming for sony. abc news learned sony will hold a town hall with its employees on monday. reena and t.j.? >> thank you so much. more fallout from the growing abuse scandal involving bill cosby. a prestigious professorship partly funded by cosby at atlanta's spellman college has now been suspended. cosby briefly spoke about the scandal in an interview over the weekend. he said he expected only black media to uphold journalistic standards when it came to the study. he said it was his wife's love and strength of womanhood which have allowed her to weather the accusations. big test for obamacare just ahead.
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new customers have until midnight tonight to sign up for health care coverage that will begin january 1st. it's also the deadline for those already enrolled to make changes that could lower their premium. and state insurance websites are bracing for heavy online traffic throughout the day. it looks like more teenagers are turning to e-cigarettes, raising concerns it may lead to nicotine adduction. a small study in hawaii found 29% of ninth and tenth graders say they used electronic cigarettes. researchers say teens who only smoked e-cigarettes had better grades and came from more stable homes. those who also smoked traditional tobacco cigarettes were more rebellious. they concluded teens perceive e-cigarettes as safer. the biggest meteor shower of the year lit up the night sky this weekend. they caught shooting skies as they streaked across the sky. bits of rock and dust flying off a dying comet and burning up as they enter the earth's atmosphere.
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just before dawn, skywatchers could see as many as 20 an hour. some wild weather including tornadoes across the heartland. a tv news chopper was flying as severe storms rolled across central oklahoma. at least two dozen tornadoes were reported. neither resulted in any damage or injuries. some saw golf ball-sized hail and heavy rain. another rare tornado touchdown in kansas. no serious damage was reported. one indication of how unsettled conditions were, just as that storm was rolling through, residents along kansas' northwestern edge were getting snow. should be a wet commute in the san francisco bay area, but luckily forecasters say the system moved through the region and another one later this week won't bring as much rain as last week's major storm. both systems will bring rain to southern california as well. as for the weather in the rest of the nation, snow from the northern rockies through the dakotas and minnesota. showers along the gulf coast. heavy rain in the middle of the country. sunny in florida. >> temperatures there in the mid-70s. the northeast corridor will see low 40s into 50s.
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74 in new orleans. only 47 in chicago ahead of the "monday night football" game. 66 degrees in the southwest. and 50 in seattle. miss south africa is the new miss world. a 22-year-old medical student named rolene strauss. she won the title and crown last night in london. >> her special project is helping others to get their education, particularly in her homeland. she'll be taking part in education-themed events through the coming year. >> she says she's going to keep her new crown on as long as possible, paying close attention that it doesn't mistakenly fall off during the celebratory hugs she expects. >> we came in third. >> you came in third? >> miss usa. we came in third. >> usa, oh. >> we came in third. still a good showing. >> absolutely. we'll take that. >> i'm all about my pageants. coming up in "the skinny," barbara walters' most fascinating. her own pageant here, if you will. all the stars celebrating taylor swift's birthday.
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partnership in many different areas. speaking of searching, there's a woman this morning just outside of birmingham, alabama, who found an unexpected act of compassion from a very unexpected source. >> from that singem act sprung a torrent of activity from around the area. here now abc's steve osunsami. >> this is the day helen johnson thought she was going to jail. she admits to this police officer that, yes, she just stole three eggs. but she tells him she has five children at home and only $1.25 in her pocket. >> she started crying. she said, i need help. i need help, officer. i need to put food in my babies' stomachs. that's what got to me. that's what hit me the hardest. >> reporter: what the officer did next started an outpouring of donations and good wishes from around the world aimed squarely at the people and police of tarrant, alabama. he ran inside, paid for the eggs and told her to take them home. >> he bought me not three eggs
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but a dozen. >> reporter: more than half a million people watching the video online started sending food to the police station for families across the city. these last few weeks with so much distrust on the streets, a police encounter to celebrate. >> you want some eggs? >> reporter: they went to her home with armfuls of groceries. >> thank you, sir. >> reporter: she said their understanding is overwhelming. steve osunsami, abc news, atlanta. >> she went two days without food. two days without eating. >> you know, we've been -- we've really got to keep a list. we have had in the past few weeks some of the best stories i have seen out of humanity. >> your heart is warming, t.j., holmes. >> what do you mean warming? it was lukewarm before. >> no, you're right. it's really great to end the year with these incredible stories. clearly a family that really
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needed some help. she has two daughters, a niece and grandchildren between the ages of 1 and 3 and they live with her, and she's on disability. it's really nice to see police officers have a heart and know there was something more to this. >> we should all do that. there is something more to all those folks you see that you don't pay attention to. everybody is going through something. cool of him to recognize. when we come back, barbara walter's pick for the most fascinating person of the year. also, angelina jolie will be missing the big premiere of her new movie. she'll explain herself why. "the skinny" is next. >> announcer: "world news now" continues after this m
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♪ skinny so skinny ♪ we start with the moment we look forward to every single year. finally revealed last night on abc. >> barbara walters revealed her list of the most fascinating people of 2014. who made the top spot? >> amal alamuddin, you can see mrs. clooney. >> she somehow managed to lock down the world's most unattainable bachelor. >> how did she do it? she's well educated. passionate about civil rights. she's gorgeous, which doesn't hurt anything either. amal, however, did not sit down
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for a one on one interview and barbara claims, she claims this will be her last most fascinating special. >> no, barbara, we don't buy it. >> she told us that last year. >> we want her back. no one does the special the way barbara walters does it. but amal, i agree on this one. she's one of the most fascinating people. >> she's fascinating because we still don't seem to know a lot about her. we're still like, who is this lady? >> as much as i would have loved barbara to interview her, i kind of like the fact she didn't agree to the interview. that aura of mystery still surrounds her. next up -- taylor swift celebrates her 25th birthday with a blowout to end all blowouts. >> she kicked it off by performing at the new york city jingle ball. you can see her -- this was off stage. this is the party at her apartment we're told? they were downtown waiting at her pad. who was waiting there? a who's who of entertainment royalty. >> jay-z, beyonce, justin
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timberlake and gal pal model karlie kloss. >> that's a good party. i would have been late to work for that one. >> you totally would have been. >> clearly i was on time so i didn't get invited. another big hollywood name who won't be partying any time soon. >> angelina jolie took to youtube. do you notice anything different about her? wait until you hear what she's announced. >> i just wanted to be clear and honest about why i will be missing the "unbroken" events in the next few days which is that i found out last night that i have chicken pox. so i will be home itching and missing everyone, and i can't believe it. >> chicken pox? if that's what chicken pox looks like, i'd like to have chicken box. she may be the most beautiful chicken pox lady in the world. >> maybe the lighting has something to do with it. >> mac makes a special chicken pox makeup just for her.
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>> i don't believe it, t.j. >> she can't believe it. the film means so much to her. she's directing in this film "unbroken." we wish her a speedy recovery. yes, chicken pox looks good on her. finally, the pictures people all over the world people have been gushing over. >> the british royal family. he's getting big. that's little prince george there. >> there he is on the steps of kensington palace. these photos were shot last month. he's 16 months. come on, he -- how can you deny he's the cutest little thing. >> that's a cute kid. let's check out the birthday candles. >> comedian/actor tim conway turns 81. >> don johnson, 65 years old. >> "oc's" adam brody turns 35. >> michelle dockery, better known as lady mary crawley on "downton abbey," 33 years old. happy birthday, everybody. coming up, holiday shoppers beware.
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just comes too quickly. ten days. ten shopping days before christmas. as millions of shoppers scramble to check off their holiday list -- >> now we've got a warning for you bargain hunters. a shocking new study is revealing how very few deals really exist. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: everywhere you turn, dazzling deals and discounts. but before you buy, listen to this. there's plenty of offers you can afford to miss.
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>> we spend more than $54,000 this season. only less than 1% are good deals. >> reporter: president review website the wirecutter has scoured the internet and found thousands of internet offers. >> what is the bait? >> the bait is that emotional impact of seeing the word deal. >> take a look at this breville smart toaster on sale at macy's for $250. compared to its regular price of $417. sounds like a huge discount. but dig a little deeper and you'll find that same toaster available on best buy, crate & barrel and amazon for $250 for the last year. >> really great products but not many good deals. >> reporter: how do you know when a deal is really a deal? track the price action with websites like camel camel which let you see prices on products over time. for example, this 40-inch
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flat-screen tv coordinaurrentlye for $348, but just a few days ago, it was $30 less. many retailers are willing to price match on the most popular gifts of the season. ask and you shall receive. rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> camel camel camel. rebecca has so many websites to remember that it's like, you can't keep up, but she's the best. >> seems like it's so much work to get the stuff but it's work to get the deal. >> but i've got lots of deals for you. >> do you now? >> how many lumps of coal can one person put in three boxes? >> it must have been heavy. >> reena, i appreciate getting anything. >> you're welcome. >> i really do. >> i used camel camel camel to get the best coal. don't miss updates on our fan page >> announcer: this is "world news now," informing insomniacs for two decades.
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making news in america this morning -- siege in sydney. breaking developments as a gunman takes hostages at a popular cafe, forcing them to hold an islamic flag against the window. some able to escape. ores left inside. breaking overnight, the last escapee from an alabama prison break now captured. the help of a 24-hour tip line led to the catch. a coach grabs the player by the hair and throws her across the floor. why did she get kicked off the team while he's still coaching? and barbara walters' ten most fascinating people of the year. who made the cut? and why her number one locked down more than just the top spot.


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