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tv   Action News  ABC  December 16, 2014 2:06am-2:42am EST

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tonight the seaf a bradley stone has expanded to doylestown, bucks county. the lawmen moved in after
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reports of a carjacking attempt, involving someone that looks like the alleged killer of six people. the entire communities are practicing shelter in place, the place want him off of the streets now. it is monday night. the big story on "action news" tonight is unfolding in montgomery and now bucks county. they are trying to track down the man that killed his former wildfire this morning and five members of woman's family. dann cuellar is live in doylestown. kenneth moton is at lower salford police quarters and annie mccormack. the hunt for stone, why? >>reporter:jim, they believe that they have good evidence that they believed that he was here. the canines picked up his scent.
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the police are searching nearby. chopper~6 hd in the area. they are looking for evidence. they believe they are looking for the weapon used in the attempted carjacking. the y.m.c.a. remains on lockdown. in nearby warrington are receiving robocalls from the police to stay indoors as the search expands to that area as well. they picked up his scent. they sent in one of the choppers with a infrared camera to hope that they pick up his heat signature with you no go. there were reports of shots fired but no one hit in doylestown. a man that resembled stone fled into a wooded area. earlier in the day there was an
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extensive search for him in pennsburg. the daughter was evacuated early in the morning. >> i got a bang on my door. it as swat team. we had to get out immediately. there was a problem on the street that was unsafe to stay in your house. >> it's scary. it's so close to home. >> do you know this guy? >> no, i am glad that i don't. >>reporter:the swat team used a loud speaker trying to persuade him to give up peacefully. >>reporter:a military-style vehicle took down a ramming door. it was a no go. they went into the rowhome where they believed that stone was hiding but no go. >> there is a search underway. the police were using a metal
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detector type device looking for evidence. believed to be looking for the weapon used in the attempted carjacking earlier. the search is expanding the authorities are worried that bradley stone is not going to give himself up peacefully. it looks like it's going to be a long night, jim. back to. thank you, dann. bradley stone served in the u.s. marines from 2002 to may of 2011. stone was deployed in iraq as he served as an artillery man. the deployment lasted two and a half months. he earned the rank of sergeant. kenneth, thre six murders, three different locations. tell us about the sequence of event this is morning? >>reporter:it took bradley stone an hour and a half to drive from
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one house to another to take down his ex-wife and her family. >> the montgomery county killing spree at the hand of ex-marine, bradley stone started in the early morning hours. >> mommy, no, no. he said let's go. we have to go. >>reporter:they got a 911 call from a resident at pheasant run apartments. they found 33-year-old nicole hill in an upstairs bedroom dead. the two daughters missing. >> at approximately 5:00 in the morning, shortly thereafter mr. stone delivered his two daughters to a neighbor in pennsburg. that was the last time he was seen by anyone. >> a half-hour before stone's ex-wife was discovered he was in lansdale where he shot and
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killed his 57-year-old former mother-in-law, joanne hill. and he believed that he got into his sister-in-law's home patricia flick. and then shot the father. the discovery was made at 8:00 a.m. >> it appears that the events that took place in souderton took place at 3:30 in the morning. last discovered first in time. >>reporter:because he dropped off his children in pennsburg that is why the flight team surrounded his home. of course, he was not there. with the on going manhunt other family members are placed in protective custody. the schools in the upper
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perkiomen school district are closed tomorrow. thank you, kenneth. we switch live to annie mccormack outside of the home of the alleged killers former wife. what do we know about her and the reason behind the deadly outburst? >> her co-workers at the mall love her and miss her immensely. she got engaged. they are concerned about his safety until the shooter is caught. all related to bradley william ex-wife nicole hill. a custody dispute was the catalyst. the ex- took the couple's two daughters and left them with
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neighbors. he killed his mother-in-law and sister-in-law. they watched their bodies removed from the home and remembered the couple's custody issues. >> there were custody battles. >> they are finding the sister patricia and daughter nina, and the father shot in the home dead. anthony flick was found with a head wound and transported to hospital. >> they were a nice family. they didn't bother anybody. so, you know it's scary. i hope that they get the person that did it. >>reporter:the neo are stunned that she is gone. they are grateful that the two daughters were spared. >> it's sad. our kids were very close to her kids. you no e my son would run up to
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her. she loves holding my baby. i am taking him. i am keeping him. she is a great lady. the community coming together for anthony flick remains in the hospital in critical condition. a gofundme account is set up in his name. 2,000 has been raised. annie mccormack. jim? >> thank you, annie. our coverage of the shooting spree continues on there you can find pictures and video from all of the crime scenes and continuous updates on this investigation. >> we are also following breaking news in glenolden, delaware county. they are investigating a shooting spree on glenfield avenue. there are three victims. two are suffering criminal injuries. the police do have the suspected shooter in custody. a philadelphia police that shot
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and killed a driver during a routine traffic stop has been placed on administrative leave. they pulled over an jrue tate browandrew tatebrown. tate brown was killed. his mother says that the killing is unjustified. she wants answers. >> what happened? why would you not disabled him. why are you trained to kill instead of disabled. >> the gun found in tate brown's car was stolen. he had priors, including five inform years for aggravated assault. the family said that he turned his life around and he was working for a rental agency
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which owns the car that he was driving. they added their voices against police brutal tonight. dozens stage a rally called i can't breathe and lives matter. firefighters battled a smoky blaze in paulsboro, new jersey. they were at west broad street at 6:40. two people in the home were complaining of smoke inhalation. they were treated at scene. >> they ignored a deadline imposed by the trump taj~mahal. they gave the union until 5:00 p.m. to terminate the contract eliminating pensions. carl icahn is promising to pump
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money into the taj if he gets substantial tax breaks. for the first time camille cosby is expressing herself in the midst of a scandal of her husband, bill cosby. he allegedly drugged and sexually assaulted women. >> he is the man that you thought you knew. there appears to be no vetting of my husband's accuser before stories are published or aired. still to come on "action news" tonight. we are learning more about the man that took 17 people hostage inside of an australian cafe. and barack obama delived a speciameageo trooped too in emergency. cecily? >> we have a cooldown that in
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the accuweather forecast. "action news" continues in a moment.
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australia is rnghe afternoon math of a deadly hostage crisis this morning. it happened inside of a cafe in the heart of the sydney. an iranian-born gunman took 16 people hostage. several hostages ran from t building. police moved in. in the barrage of gunfire the gunman has been killed and two others. he is man monis. he sent offensive letters to families of australian troops killed in afghanistan. the families of victims
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killed in the newtown massacre are suing the maker of the gun. the bushmaster ar-15 should never have been sold because of its power. and president obama visited new jersey today with a special message for the troops. thousands welcomed the president to join dick lakehurst with the applause and cheers. >>president baracamn com you and your families as americans we stand united. we are proud of you. we support you. we can never thank you enough. >> the troops should be proud of what they accomplished in afghanistan and the military's action fighting the ebola
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outbreak in west africa. don tollefson is going on trial january 5. he decided to be his own lawyer. he is charged with scamming sports fans that bought travel packages that they thought benefited charity. new evidence has come forward. 200 people are seek $341,000 in restitution. two coatesville officials are accused of stealing district funds. they announced felony charges against richard cumo and james danato. both resigned last spring. and the former philadelphia traffic court official william herd has been sentenced for two years in prison for a ticket-fixing scanl. that sentence h been handed down in federal court.
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we have the wrong graphic up there i believe. let me continue to tell you this story. the 69-year-old pleaded get back if january of eight counts of mail and wire fraud. now the philadelphia police and fbi are trying to track down a man that robbed a bank at 7:30 this morning. he handed the teller a demand note and took off with the cash. they believe that the same suspect held up the beneficial bank in chestnut on thursday. he is considered armed and dangerous. call the police with any information. 500 students in westchester are moved to a new school next year. they approved a redistricting plan that impacts all grade levels. 108 high schoolers have the
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option to graduate where they began. the plan will alleviate overcrowding. the four seasons hotel, the days are numbered on the ben franklin parkway. they announced that the luxury hotel will close down in june. a new one opens next fall. the brand has not been revealed. the four seasons will not disappear from philadelphia. it is said to move to the top of the new come cast skyscraper opening in 2018. let's get the latest accuweather from cecily tynan. i am tracking showers. they are not here yet. we have a dry night tonight. and sky6 taking a look live at the center city, skyline. in philadelphia we did get to see some sunshine today. it has been a week shrouded with clouds. temperatures dropping down to
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30s. a high of 48. that is 3 above normal. it was a mild day. trenton 33. wilmington 31. and closer to the ocean warmer. 43 at sea isle. >> you see how the cloud deck is beginning to advance from the west. ate system that will bring us showers. you see the lower pressure. that is missing from the north. it is taking the bulk of the rain with it. and that is what is moving here in the afternoon and evening hours. at 2:00, some clouds west of philadelphia, showers in the far southwestern suburbs, fills in at 7:00. if you are heading out you want your umbrella. this is a quick hit of rain by 1:30, wednesday morning. it's out of here. for the start of hanukkah.
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scattered showers. clouds breaking for some peaks of sunshine in the afternoon. it's mild. 52. the west wind will bring in cooler air for thursday and for friday. breaking tomorrow down. the morning is looking good. cloudy, light wind out the southeast. the afternoon is when the moisture moves in the showers. a tenth to a quarter inch of rain. the temperatures are mild tomorrow. the exclusive seven-day forecast, and breezy and still mild 52. thursday is colder. 44. wind chills in the 30s. saturday is a high of 40s. saturday night and sunday i am
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tracking the possibility of either rain or snow spending on the strength and track of a storm system developing to the south. high 38. and clouds breaking with sunshine a high of 40 degrees. all the computer models are not agreeing on what is going to happen on sunday. i'll keep you posted as we get closer to the welcome backworth the sounds of germantown.ek. 3 hunsingers joined in for a sing in. and jim kimmel live is coming up. >> thank you, jim. hello, philadelphia. here is some the magic waiting
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for you after the news.
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i'm the parent of a victim of sex trafficking. people need to know that even good kids from good neighborhoods are still vulnerable to this tricked environment where they're being taken off the street and put into bondage.
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it was a celebration fit for champions. the northwest raiders football team won the international championship. the pep rally was held at the lana young recreation center. we can celebrate one football victory this weekend. the one yesteay was not a good one. now the eagles have work do. in order to make the playoffs the eagles are going to need help. that the scenario after losing backto bacback-to-back games tho dallas. they hope that dallas loses one of two remaining games. the birds lose every tie-breaker in that scenario.
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and chip kelly is not thinking about playoff scenarios right now. >> there are no scenarios that can be played out in your head. i don't know if i it makes you feel better. i don't know how that helps you. it's going out to play washingtoseattle.and nick folesl needs more time. the redskins decided to go back to robert griffin iii after their loss to the giants yesterday. and we'll look at eagles gameday final. it comes your way at 11:35 here on channel 6. to the sixers were not fun to watch. they get smoked by boston. the league high, 22 loss of the season.
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routing for the sixers. they open the game on 11-2 run. the sixer trail by 19 at the half. and noelle, 19 points for him. kelly holding it. 30 points for this guy. the sixers lose 105-87. >> it's a fact that you dolay ay an egg. we are not making excuses. we were poor tonight. >> we catch up with rubin amar jr.
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together with you in the year's to come. it has been five days since the jimmy rawlins week. and as jeff was told no one is untouchable. we cannot li limit ourselves. when it involves players that are popular here and have a freight deal of success. that is something that we have to consider. >> when you have younger players that have something to prove. they have more hop in their step and more range. they have energy, that comes with youth. so i think that a little bit of that is important for us. >> they are heading in a new
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direction. thank you, ducis rodgers. "eagles gameday final" is next. is on tonight. now for cecily tynan, ducis rodgers, the entire "aco n team, i am jim gardner. good night.
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