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tv   Action News  ABC  December 24, 2014 1:36am-2:12am EST

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>>s iv at pens landing in philadelphi hea fog has spent much of the oe
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day the tri-state area mirrs and warmer air. > t is before the holida storm. doublen rad shows an enormo amount of moisture comi our way from the south. it'soig to make for a very wetis eve day. metloela magee is at the big board. whats e latest from accea? >> a tracking it from the nortan sor south direction. you sed the leading edge of that pratn er the ohio val south of our nation's capitol. theres more moisture to come. area over the northern sections of mississippi you see the moiur streaming in from the gulf mexico. it works in as early as tomorrow morng we a showing you the arrival of t rain as we press forward.
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rous of heavy rainfall preinto the delaware and lehi valleys. you ha at moisture to contend with. visil a concern. expt si we are down to 2.7 miles. slow trav concerns down to .7 in millville. thiwi mix out. we get breezy conditions the aftno hours. visit ease in the aftno we e calling for threqu of an inch to half inch of rainfall. it's pounding the roads. 60s on the way for christmas eve >nk you, melissa. loo live at the airport. doze of flights were scrapped toda dels were because of wet weatr d w clouds. today was a mild preview of the rai come. they will n be alone in the
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skies. tria ts that 70,000 fr the philadelpa area. that is a slight increase over last year. the passengers are to make sure thathe t patience. >> pack their patience. >> flights are delayed and kidar concerned to get down on time. we are persevering amu as we can. >'s 5% higher than last year that ar traveling by car. they are gti a gift the gas prisn lower levels in the last years. and traveling to date from
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jan 4, it will be an alle record. >yre hitting the roads and waiti for a loved one to get in on a flight. we updates on the rainstorm and traffic and airport delays. the system caused violent resus down south. four peo we killed by tordoi mississippi with sevel injured. theorag of in the city of columbia. twister touched down in louisiana, ripping off roofs and downing trees and power line not claiming any live i n at this hour geor h.w. bush has been admied to a houston hospital. the 90-year-old experienced shonef brth tonight. he will be monitored at houston
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methis hospital as a prect he spent two months at the same host bronchitis. no me details are released at this hour. driver was distracted by a shoin moving vehicle. it happened on west 3r 3rdtr inse f the vehicle they found two economy automatic handguns. thehae not found any victim of the earlier gunfire. it was hit-and-run tragedy on state road in the homesburg sectn of philadelphia a woman was hit at 5:15. she di lern the evening.
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share williams is live near the s of the accident tonh sharri >> and jim, one witness descbe what she saw as trauti. it happ right here behind me in the 8100 block of state road. many came to her aid, many people expect the driver that struck her. >> r the driver was knew thath hit her. she could, you heard the impact. >>re:l headed home aft work. it was rush-hour, 58 in the afteoo when a woman attempted to os state road. shead to the center divin lane that is as far as she got. >> sas struck by a tow tru. >>pot driver of the tow tru never stopped. >> a up to the cencenter line.
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she was gone. herel phone and purse hit my car. >>re:ai parked her suv an got out to where the wom landed. >>t was 50 or 100 feet away. i don't know how anyone could do that. one mihe are there and gon he ok off. he di stop. like, didn't, is u ease up on s or nothing. >>rth driver of the hitnow truck did not stop b. >> ho that they find him. he did an injustice to that poor woma
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>oreny got up to the woman she was still alive. she was taken to the hospital. that is where they died. she is 33 and a resident of philadi they do have her name. they are not releasing it as of yet. theow truck driver was on sta road. there we businesses that capd e route. they hope to track the driver home. we are live in philadelphia, shri williams "chann 6 tion news." >ha you, sharrie. this was the scene decemb when ke'asya gray was stk and killed. gina marie bennett was driving dru we hit the teenager and did not stop. thisas bennett's vehicle after the accident. they receed a tip from an auto
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body shop. >>ri gibney of pottstown is conct of having sex with a 17--o boy. the two met at high school fooal game. the charges say that gibney that has tee children sent the teenaged pictures of h charged with disseminating matia minors and corptof minors. >he detectives are on the hunt of a man. it happ the 1500 block of nor d street just before 5:00on. the f handed a teller a demd note. we spoke with several customers that inside at the time. the entire robbery was subtle. theyi know it happened unt the man fled. coroner ruled
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conusth the death of bra e a suicide. whi s did have a 3-inch deep s wound in his thigh, he diedf a cocktail of three drugs an anti-deprean a stimul a another drug. >> a f w released from the hospital yesterday. authorities are warning phides in kensington and hun park to beware of a man that is posing as an inspector of l & i what are the details her >> this imposter put on an act that fooled him with it. >i is good.
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it was something suspicious i would have asked por more quest. >or happened in west ansry a man with a clipboard was askg about a railing on his propt going have to come dow >> to keep that. >> w we have to rip it out. if you offer me $91, i can keep tha >> the way that he was tal - he sounded like an l & i person. he thth the guy was going come back and do the work. he a about a scam and called the o that confirmed it. s that is a guy. it fitting like a it.
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>>rwi confirmed that the imposter as struck two other times. > are deeply concerned about this this is the season where a lot of criminals use any type of actiti to gain access into peoe' homes. >>e is described as a black mal weighing 180 pounds. 5'8 >> t have for a busiss card. secd the department never asks for money. >ore are on the case. they suspect that the imposter may ke again if a man fittin thideriion pops up in your neighborod claimed to be from l & i you are to call 911. > t you, dann. theyre see seeking a new
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prede there announced her resna e is the 22nd president. marvi sampson will take over on an interim basis. > c of high-powered guns and surveillae video showing baggag handlers smuggling firrm planes. er i protests that resumen york despite a plea f the mayor to stop. e looking at soaking for chm eve. detls c up with the accuw forecast. re you may want to check your 401k. a cld game for the flyers when
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>>ref securi that is how the brooklyn d.a. descbe the case. he brought guns aboard 17 jetleris year as they travelm atlanta to new york. the officials say that henry got the gun guns from baggage handlr eugene harvey. the d.a. says it should convince the airline industries not to the allow people in the airport wit screening. >>a pie of the southwest jet's tail came off the tarmac. i the cyberattacks and
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thrts niew will hit the screen on christmas day. they ae showing at westtown movs in middletown, delaware. and in wilmington. thet canceled the film's relee. theom is about a plot to kilkg un. they are on the lookout for suspi behavior. >>wh people don't know they wanto say yes. when y are told no by someone thaha nothing to do with the unit states. >t movie will be shown in 24 stat. nortcnorth korea has been knockd offine times in the past two days. was a tribe the poli officers that were murdern saturday.
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elsheman t rale ignored de blasios requil after the fulll funal >he spent the final night of hanukkah echoing the demands of w york. they an end to violence the black community and an end to stop and frispoci in varis cities. >>n i the politis pledged their suprt t blue in wesst a group let by jim girlock and pat meehan. sanalas delivered a gift to the investors.
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the s closed at the record high. stos were driven to new mileon t u.s. economy grew in the fas pace in the third quart good news on wall street for the time being. tracking the weather in the north and south direio we are showing you that we are in a bit of a holding pattern rig now. all of that activity is off to the sth and west. it knocking on our door. it'go to be here in a couple of hours. comg from a south and north dirt pd r o the way. some of which will be heavy at time the high temperature in philel9 abov above average. it's7 in philadelphia. rea is 45. dover the upper 40s.
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beach haven 45. trenthe upper 40s. the visibili is a major concn. down to 2 millions in reading. u2 miles in reading.5 miles in . visil is a concern as moiur ss ov the area. you see the beginning of that raing in the ohio valley andov in the nation's capita in washington, d.c. wir tracking the northern sec mississipp youee tornado watches posted acrs region. we had a confirmed tornado or a posb tornado in columbia, misssi the mst is moving on in. here he rainstorm. the aa of low pressure. you tap into winds from the gulf
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of mexico. we could find anywhere fr thr-qof an inch to an inch rainfall. and record warmth for christmas eve. 60s are rare this month. not unh of. a high of 62 degrees. we hit 63 back in 1996. the record for that date 64 in 199 we e showing the moisture overs at 7:00 in the ifou are out and about in the morn you see we have periods rain. at 00 the afternoon, iyou are attending the services, make sure you have wet weather close to you. on and off rain as we go through theve hours. it's pushing offshore during the ear hours on thursday for chrtm day. by then we have improvement on the way. clouds pockets of sunshine. the i is that the winds pick up i the wake of that storm
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gusngp to 40 miles-an-hour. the temperatures the 50s. the seven day is warm and rainy. high 63. not b on saturday a high of 54. the temperatures ol down next sunday d beyond, jim. >elha you. we e happy to share great news abouyoa n ws" fami. it has grown with the birth of a baby girl. ril brauner is welcomed to the worl poria calls riley a great ey ar all doing so well
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tonht >ha holidays, america. i am john, it's tuesday decr . it's $lln. to w the jackpot you must have the fi white balls plus the goldeg ball. let's f can make you a millna 31. 56. up next 66. and followed by 10. your final white ball tuesday eveng is 4. now, for at ball number is 7. 31, 56, 66, 10, 4, and
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>> fs are tryi to get some moumt the end of the sean. >> e are. it's an eight-game rd trip. they are cruising. faciia tonight. there is no such thing as an ugly sweater. clagi off of the reboun the next two goals, wayne has three goals. and lecavalier is out of the dogus d on the ice.
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it does the matter. the flyers win third straight 5-2. >>th sixers season-high win stre is one. >ha the chances they can doublhe total against the hea an wade has the move he drops in 23. the he leads by 23 points in theecd half. they g it together in the thi quarter. mcdanipo off of the bench. mcdie on cleanup duty. and jeremy grant one of those ener players off of the bench. 84-8 the heat gets good hoops. sixs win 91-87. bactok wins for the first timin the season.
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>> a hanul of players see actis five birds were named to the pro bowl. lesean mccoy is selected. his numbers are down. he has 1200 yards rushing. darspis selected as a speal and a career high 14 and a half sacks this season. jason peters makes his seventh tri jere maclin and fletcher co eh, you don't want that one.
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multi-symptom relief plus nasal decongestant. breathe easy. sleep easy. start the relief. ditch the misery. let's end this.
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toghe with you. t the eagles pride. thais all that there is left to pl for this season. they wr things up against the giants braey fletcher is the poster boy on defense. and bill davis is thinking about yanki the quarterback job. it does not bother him. >> am fine. i play the game. i do the best i can with it. somes it doesn't go my way. i go battle. >> syracuse, it is a recipe for a letdown. may not. jay wright will not let that hapn we check out the end of the sixers' game.
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vilnoa fell behind early and able to win. 92-. the cats 12-0 on the year. la salle won tonight as well. k you, ducis. "jiy live" is coming up next. >fi rodgers and melissa magthreonew team, am jim gardner. good night.
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